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The Current Problem Twitter Is FacingI spend a ton of time on Twitter,um a lot of people know me kno


Updated on Jan 18,2023

The Current Problem Twitter Is Facing

I spend a ton of time on Twitter,um a lot of people know me know me,through Twitter and an observation that,I have with it which I don't think most,people make or have thought of I think,people are aware of yeah you've got the,avatars you've got a lot of bots people,with fake names you can't hear vocal,tone,um you can't see body language all those,things lead to dehumanization I think,another thing that leads to the major,empathy Gap though with Twitter is that,conversations happen backwards if you,meet someone in real life you always,start with commonality you start with,greetings and building Rapport and,finding out the things that you have in,common hey what's your name where are,you from you know what are you doing,like you start with all of that stuff,you don't start with a hot political,take or a super oh yeah controversial,take on religion or on this or on that,whereas on Twitter because it's just,this chamber where you literally go in,and you just say whatever you want about,any topic and then you get back the,responses I think that all of that,Rapport build is is missed out on and so,oftentimes the for your first exposure,to someone is something that's very,contentious or controversial or,aggressive or outrage inducing and so on,and so you have a natural reaction to,just you know react with with very,little empathy and then very quickly and,then you have the performative aspect,because it's so public and very quickly,people are just you know attacking and,speaking to each other in a way that you,know for sure they wouldn't speak like,that to each other no they wouldn't have,their guts to do it in person I agree I,mean I think you hit it right on the,head and and I don't I'm not sure,exactly why Twitter is more that way,than Instagram but I do know that if I,can take the same post right whether,it's a nice picture of uh my wife and me,or various family members together or,whether it's you know uh a teaser tape,for the new Predator investigations on,True Blue,um,when I put on Instagram will be so much,more positive in its reaction Chris,answers this Chris answers that this is,great the goat blah blah then one on,Twitter well you ought to make it free,why do we have to you know is it it's a,constant stream of criticism and,complaint and it complaints more so than,Instagram and I I guess it's I think you,hit it on the head,um I think you know there's there are,perhaps less restrictions,um but I I know the the bot situation on,Twitter,um is is horrifying because I've had to,have my people you know remove thousands,and thousands of accounts I blocked them,over the years that were not real people,that were generated attack Bots by uh,people who have been the targets of one,of my investigations for instance and,you know or are behind a misinformation,campaign you see a lot of it over the,years and it's made me less active on,Twitter than some of the other social,media platforms because of it I just,don't you know why put up with the grief,why expose a nice picture of your family,to the Bots and,you know creeps,yeah I haven't I have two more theories,on why that why that difference may,exist between say Twitter and Instagram,I think number one is just that there's,more anonymity on Twitter yeah on,Instagram people tend to use their real,names more and real images more and then,another one is I think that um I think,that when I think people when they're,angry or agitated or,kind of seeking a fight I think they're,more likely to log into Twitter I think,that people log in to the the apps,different apps in different movies so I,think when people go on to Instagram,they tend to be leaning in a more,positive mood whereas when people log,into Twitter they're logging in there,specifically because they're already a,bit agitated they're kind of looks like,something they're like they're looking,for a fight a bit more right I mean,Twitter's angry ants you know yeah you,should go at it Instagram,is more of a situation where you have,people wanting to share their nice,photos from Thanksgiving perhaps I guess,maybe yeah but I think you're right I,think you hit it on the head I think,that's that's Twitter

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How @Zuby Blew Up On Twitter

How @Zuby Blew Up On Twitter

is it wrong,no,why don't you tell them about how you,broke the woman's deadlifting record,with ease,um yeah okay so this is going back like,three and a half years ago time flies in,February 2019 I posted a now famous or,inFAMOUS video on Twitter of me doing a,the video was a 230 kilo deadlift and I,said something along the lines of I keep,hearing about how biological men have no,strength advantage over women in 2019 so,watch me destroy the British women's,deadlift record without trying PS,identified as a woman whilst lifting the,weight don't be a bigot,um at the time I posted that I had 18,000 followers on Twitter so I thought it,was going to get a couple laughs you,know a few retweets whatever very,quickly I realized that I had done,something I didn't exactly know what it,was but the video Hit 10 000 views in,about 10 minutes and it just kept,growing and growing by the time I went,to bed that night it was three hundred,thousand woke up in the morning half a,million hit a million later that day and,it just kept going and going and going,at one point I remember this I was,gaining,about a hundred followers an hour,for weeks on end so I hit 20K 30k why,has it kept kept on going I mean today I,think I'm at I don't know 860 000,something Twitter followers but this,video put me on the map for millions of,people including some very high profile,people like Joe Rogan whose podcasts,have now been on twice uh Ben Shapiro,Candace Owens Tucker Carlson Piers,Morgan all these media figures around,the world and then so many people who,have ended up becoming fan supporters,and followers of what I do,um main thing I actually do is making,music I'm also an author I run a podcast,called real talk with zooby I'm a public,speaker so it's been a wild ride over,these last few years but that is how it,all started with that deadlift video so,to this day if you if you Google search,British women's deadlift record I think,my name still comes up right at the,beginning and my Wikipedia page so,foreign,no it looks like no woman's been able to,break that record just yet so there we,are,um so this inspired our topic today,which is our modern women men,um and we're going to react to,um a clip from Matt Walsh and I just,want to get you know since we have a,full panel full of women today,um,um everyone's take on it yeah,there you go there,with the fluidity of these things,how do I know if if I'm a woman you know,I,that's a great question I like scented,candles yeah I've watched Sex in the,City yeah,um yeah,yeah so how do I know yeah Matt that,question right there like that question,is,like when it's asked with a lot of,curiosity right that's the beginning of,a lot of people's like gender identity,development Journeys if my mom who gave,birth to me is,a woman,and my wife is a woman though I haven't,asked her,maybe I should,um,but if they're all women and also the,boy who sits down with you and says I,think I'm a girl,actually is one then then what is a,woman,um,I don't care if you think you're a,sheepdog,and you come into my store it don't,matter to me just don't come in and try,to shove that down my throat if it,makes someone feel better what about,their feelings I don't give a about,them,they're on a Star Wars universe,Jar Jar Binks,pansexual do you think,transgender,um,why why that why would I use it it's,just truth,well it ain't true,not a gender Studies major or are you no,no okay how do you know that you're a,man how do I know that I'm I guess,because I got it there,so what foreign,what is a woman,why do you ask the question,I just really like to know,what do you think the answer to that,question is,well I'm asking that's why I came to a,college professor who who's,this is your this is what you do,what other kinds of answers have you got,a lot of like this where you're where,you're not answering I've got a lot of,that so I think it's interesting that,you that you say that some of the people,you've you've interviewed have been I'm,reluctant to answer it and I think that,has a lot to do with the way the,questions that preceded it and the the,way that you've conducted yourself in,the interview how have I conducted,myself how do you think you've conducted,yourself,beta,I just really don't want to answer the,questions do you I I came today very,willing and enthusiastic about answering,questions about women's and gender,sexuality studies which is what you,wanted to do you want to answer,questions about women's studies and so,shouldn't the the first answer you,should be able to provide is what,exactly as a woman well it's it for me,it's it's actually a really simple,answer and that's a person who,identifies as a woman but what are they,identifying as a woman what is that,as a woman,do you know what a circular definition,is,I do,it's sort of like what you're doing,right now where a woman is is a woman,because you're seeking what we would,call in my field of work and essential,shout out to Matt Walsh,so my first question for the panel,is what is

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Why Can't The Elites Just Be Honest About This?

Why Can't The Elites Just Be Honest About This?

hi everybody Welcome to Unapologetic,today we have a special guest on the,show you'll find out just who and we're,going to be talking about elon's,takeover of Twitter and what it means,for the left and the far right pipeline,let's get into it,thank you,welcome in guys today on the show we,have Zooey music zoobie what's up happy,to be here I'm happy that you're happy,to be here we wanted to bring you in,because you're you're basically the,Twitter King you're very well known for,your concise Punchy statements on,Twitter and you just passed what 900 000,on the platform which is insane yeah I,just checked and it's at 906 now oh my,gosh oh yeah I've gained uh crazy I've,gained 22 000 I think since um Elon took,over four days ago oh my gosh it's,unbelievable so do you think that it was,just him taking over that people were,suddenly hopping on the platform or do,you think some things I was suppressed,yeah I've been suppressed since um,October 2020. and if you go and check,out his Twitter profile you'll know,exactly why,what have I done now I mean based on,based on the leftist standards for the,platform of this long you are like come,at it you don't care you're saying the,statement and you are just being real,despite all the ideology that's,circulating on the platform were you,always like this,yeah privately yeah um I was in 2018 I,started to publicly use my platforms to,talk more about what's going on in the,socio-cultural realm due to a number of,reasons I just started to speak out more,and um I had a couple tweets go viral,which put me on the radar honestly of,millions of people the most famous one,being the being the infamous deadlift,Tweet back in February 2019. yeah you,have to remember when I posted that I,had 18 000 on Twitter it's just amazing,and that was after I've been on Twitter,since 2009 so it took me 10 years to get,to 18 000. right and then another three,and a half years and it's now,approaching a million so it's insane to,think of just like when when people,create this sort of echo chamber on,these platforms across the board,somebody who's willing to cut through it,and speak truth is going to Skyrocket if,they allow them to yes and that's the,issue yes uh so let's get into Elon,buying Twitter I imagine this is,something you're pretty excited about,you think yeah I'm very happy okay good,very happy because it went was going,back and forth yeah and um you know when,it was first announced that first week,it was announced,um I gained 75 000 followers that week,insane because the limiters came off my,account like I can very clearly tell,like people don't know people are,familiar with Shadow Banning but I think,most people don't know that Twitter can,social media platforms can just suppress,accounts and they can remove followers,they artificially remove followers from,your account so my follower account was,suppressed from what it's supposed to be,and so the Fetters came off and then it,kind of seemed like he wasn't going to,buy it and they came back on and my,growth slowed down by 95 again yeah and,they've come back open and you know I'm,back to gaining 100 followers per hour,yeah which is what it's supposed to be,it's just the same the same exact thing,happened to me I think I grew like 10,000 more followers on Twitter and I had,barely even used Twitter you guys know,what I'm working on it I'm working on it,guys uh and they are actively,suppressing people so it's interesting,to see somebody like Elon come in and,just immediately have have changes like,this happen I want to get in with you on,the left's response to Elon buying,Twitter because there's been some,interesting takes it's really,interesting because they're trying to,combat this idea of allowing free speech,on these platforms isn't it telling that,only one side of the political aisle is,concerned about the other side being,able to speak it should be yeah I mean,so look we both there are so many,ridiculous and bad and we consider,detrimental and potentially dangerous,decide Society out ideas that are out,there floating around right and we're,not trying to ban sensor and de-platform,at all right at all we're inviting them,yeah so it's so interesting to me that,only you know Elon Elon Musk musk is not,even some right winger no right it's,just that he's an advocate for,freedom of speech and allowing people to,debate and have conversations so the,fact that some people are so terrified,of that meanwhile trying to claim that,Twitter oh never had a bias before it's,like well if they never had a bias,before then why are you so afraid of,them not having a bias now exactly and,it's so clear that they're just scared,of losing their stronghold on the,American mind and on what people see and,I think there's no better example of,this than watching these people on MSNBC,talk about Elon taking over Twitter,let's hear it from the horse's mouth,it's so important to talk about the kind,of upsides of Twitter because it's easy,to laugh about oh you know Twitter's

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Zuby Broke a Female Deadlift Record | Joe Rogan

Zuby Broke a Female Deadlift Record | Joe Rogan

the Joe Rogan experience well you know,we live in the times where everyone's,saying is right-wing so so it let it be,so high don't know well if you're not as,progressive as humanly possible you're,alright well yeah exactly pretty much,I've seen all sorts of titles levied on,to everybody including including,yourself so yeah for people don't know,zoobi won the World Championships and,women's powerlifting you identified as a,woman for a brief period of time yeah,nine second lift it's all you have to do,yeah I mean this is the world we live in,dude that that thing blew the internet,off but it's crazy I'm saying how far it,went mad yeah I know I saw that people,there it is let's yeah yes I identify as,a woman whilst lifting the weight don't,be a bigot,you know I think I think when you first,talked about that I had like 40,000,followers it's now well over 100 and 115,and when I posted it I had 15,000,followers so I've gained 100 and I've,gained like yeah like 105 thousand five,thousand followers it worked a video,congratulations yeah thanks man really,does highlight how preposterous,these new world rules that we have,regarding gender but to their credit the,US powerlifting Federation I believe,that's the name of the organization they,just banned transgender women from,competing okay they just said out rap,just flat there's enough enough of that,I think if you want to compete I don't,think there's anything wrong with,transgender women competing but I think,they should compete against transgender,women just like how we have men compete,against men and we have women compete,against women let's have transgender,women compete against transgender women,let's not deny science and biology yes,to make people feel better and just to,support some strange progressive,ideology yeah I think if they if the,goal is that's why I think the goal is,more about it's more ideologically,driven then I think it is actual,inclusion driven because if it's just,about inclusion then yeah you can either,just have an open category like most,men's categories already are they're not,actually restricted to men it's just you,know the best of the best so anyone can,do this so either that or if there are,enough athletes in whatever the give,Sporto competition is then yeah you can,just have a different a different,category and that way everyone can be,included without stepping on the feet of,half the population that's a bold move,by the men say anybody can be in here,that's how it is in pool you know men,can't compete in the women's division of,pool but women can compete in the men's,division yeah it's the same in most,sports most people aren't aware that,most people think that they're they have,specific restriction saying only men can,do them but that's actually quite rare,well there's a lot of successful female,to male athletes working females,transition to males and dominate male,sports okay,I made it up what is this what is going,on well have you seen this there's a,soccer player's wants to be in the NFL,as a kicker,Khurshid there's a video of her doing a,place kick of a 55 yard or yard field,goal recently that's incredible that's,really far no one coming out or anything,was just like in practice but she nailed,it which is pretty far yes well can you,tackle kickers they can get hit yeah,they're not during the actual play of,the kick they're not supposed to be,touched but for sure they're in the play,of the field so mmm well that's ,up that's not good that's where the,problem is Carla love yeah yeah but stop,yeah it's a bad idea

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What Happened to Mainstream Music?

What Happened to Mainstream Music?

as someone who is in the music industry,and has been for a long time what are,your thoughts on where it is now and,also how it's changed since you've,gotten involved do you think it's,overall improved do you think that a lot,has been lost in this digitization do,you think that it's a combination what,are your perspectives on that,better now it's better for the artist I,think the disinformation,disintermediation is amazing I mean I,think of like the SoundCloud rappers and,Lil Peep and and that whole genre and,how that really blossomed because of,this intermediation to the point where,the actual kind of tagging of the genre,you know has the word SoundCloud in it,which is emblematic of the,disintermediation and I think that's,amazing so there's obviously you know,less barriers to entry but then there's,also more noise and more competition uh,whereas before there's a limited amount,of Gatekeepers and if they chose you you,had a higher probability of success,whereas today uh I think it's harder to,get noticed although easier to get your,stuff out there still presents its own,challenges but I think net net it's,better for the artists but I still think,record labels uh who operate with,certain models and certain niches have,uh value still but it's less and it has,to be more kind of targeted uh bands,still need branding they still need you,know often kind of the next his entity,to help connect them with other artists,artists and and get them that networking,boost they still need financing for,certain things whether it be marketing,or you know even just tour support or,whatever it might be so I still think,labels have a a have a role it's just,less uh and I think both artists and,labels have to be more choosy when,choosing each other now because they,they both either have more options or on,the label side more risk so,do you think something has been lost,with the decline of the physical medium,both in terms of the quality of the,music itself and the way that people,actually consume and listen to it,because I think that in my opinion I do,think something has been lost,um I think that the focus shifting from,short singles and things that work on,Spotify or apple music playlists away,from the Full Blown album as a body of,work has changed the way that people,make music in various ways across genres,but I also think that in the past people,used to you know put an album on and and,play it all the way through now when I,see people especially young people,listening to music that's it's all over,the place right it's it's skipping,around all the time it's playlist it's,listening to the first 30 seconds first,one minute then getting bored and,skipping around and I do think that for,not all artists but certainly for some,artists I I wonder if it's created a bit,of a fast food culture for music,um I don't know if that's something you,know technology is going to be,technology and it's going to do what it,does but as an artist and a music fan,who's in my mid-30s,I I do remember you know even when I was,14 or 15 yeah the excitement of a new,album and waiting for the physical CD to,drop and going it getting it as you said,looking at the artwork looking at the,liner notes listening to it all the way,through not just jumping around all the,time there was something there was,something special about that in the,anticipation in the consumption and I,also think that you know certainly in,hip-hop and in rap music I think that,you know people don't make I think the,album quality has declined I I think,that things have been so focused on,making a hot single making uh you know,something that can catch attention on,playlist I don't know if you've noticed,even in hip-hop I mean the average song,has shrunk from three verses to one to,two verses right people barely even make,three verse songs anymore everything's,been cut down and I understand that,because of the format but I am thinking,that something may have been lost there,yeah I think there's it's like anything,else in life it's it's the trade-off,Dynamic right I think you do kind of,trade off uh some of that holistic,experience of a full album listen for,the increased discoverability of,streaming of people having a risk-free,access to music through a streaming,service whereas before they might not,try you out because they didn't want to,Shell out whatever it might be 16 17 for,for a CD or even ten dollars for a full,album download right so I think that,discoverability is the upside and the,downside is yes you're going to have,more of this a la carte environment,where people are just consuming you know,one or two songs and they try out they,may not get the full experience of an,album to really digest your art and,figure out uh you know really what,you're trying to convey,um but you know I think for me from,being more into like the rock side uh,you know talking about you talk about,two two uh two chorus songs I mean,coming from the punk rock World,everything's short fast you know,that's norm

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Elon Musk buys Twitter: Zuby tells Dan Wootton why the Left are speaking out

Elon Musk buys Twitter: Zuby tells Dan Wootton why the Left are speaking out

i think what's most interesting dan is,that the people who are screaming about,this and ranting or raving they are not,afraid because they fear that they will,be censored or that they will be,deplatformed,they fear that people who question or,challenge them,will not be,censored or deplatformed so a lot of,people have been telling on themselves,this week the fact that political,neutrality,is even controversial and for something,for people to,uh have backlash against they're,essentially telling on themselves by,admitting,that they didn't believe that twitter,was previously politically neutral nor,that it should be,yeah indeed indeed because,literally,all elon musk has actually pledged to do,is uphold the laws,around freedom of expression and freedom,of speech i i just cannot understand,subi why it is some sort of highly,controversial position,well i think it's controversial because,over the period of time i've been on,twitter myself for 13 years which is,quite scary in itself but over time this,platform and many others have become,increasingly sensorious they have moved,to d-platform people who primarily are,on the right side of the political aisle,not exclusively people on the right side,of the aisle but this is something that,slowly crept up more and more especially,around election times especially in the,usa,and so i think a lot of people have,assumed that all of these big tech,companies are essentially supposed to be,political agents to some degree that,they're not supposed to be platforms of,freedom of speech that they're not,supposed to be neutral i think many,people feel the same way about the world,of music and entertainment they feel the,same about hollywood they feel the same,about academia they've gotten so used to,this left-leaning bias the concept of,neutrality frightens them i know which,is just so disturbing so disturbing to,me because,essentially what they're saying is they,want a platform where views that they,don't agree with are slapped down and,something really interesting has,happened on twitter this week zubin i've,seen you you tweeted about it too and,donald trump jr was tweeting about it,and neil oliver was tweeting about it,too all of a sudden,uh the three of you have started to gain,loads of followers and it seems like,this is something that's happened to,people who are considered at least not,to be on the left of the political,spectrum nigel farage was talking about,it earlier this week too so is this a,coincidence zoobee,or is this something twitter has done or,is it the fact that conservatives are,actually returning to twitter now that,elon musk,has revealed that we're completely,taking control of the platform,let me tell you something really,interesting dan in the past 72 hours,since the announcement was made that,elon musk is going to buy twitter i have,gained 55 000 followers,in the past i'm so jealous,yeah 55 000. now you have to remember in,january last year i actually lost 25 000,in a very short period of time,so my account has actually been,throttled and i noticed just two three,days ago whenever the announcement was,made that that those limitations,instantly came off there are people,commenting who are saying that they,haven't hadn't seen my posts or many,others for the past two years there are,also some people who are coming back to,twitter so there has been a boost in the,users but a lot of people who were,previously shadow banned or throttled um,they no longer are,explain to me that term shadow ban,because obviously we've got to,acknowledge the fact by the way that,about,75 percent of the population never use,twitter because it's a it's a hellish,hellscape of uh vile abuse on the whole,but the reason that it's really,important obviously is because the,journalists use it the politicians use,it it is uh the platform that drives the,news agenda internationally,so this term shadow banning i hear it a,lot,what does it mean,sure so those people who are not on,twitter that's very wise and intelligent,of you,um,you're living a happier life you're,living a happier life let me guarantee,that shadow banning is essentially when,someone is not banned or deplatformed,but the algorithm is adjusted to turn,down the volume,on their account this can mean that it,is harder to search for them you type in,their name and it doesn't come up this,can mean that their tweets and their,posts are artificially limited so,instead of going out to,a thousand people we're going to turn,that down so it only goes out to 400,people,there are all sorts of methods that they,can use and things they can tweak in the,algorithm very subtly behind the scenes,that restrict somebody's reach so it's,not the same as an outright ban it's,more like turning down the volume on,them

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Rapper Zuby Identifies as Female to Break Women's Weightlifting Record... to Prove a Point

Rapper Zuby Identifies as Female to Break Women's Weightlifting Record... to Prove a Point

a male British rapper has broken a,women's weightlifting record while,identifying as a female to highlight,what he calls the absurdity of claims,there's no biological strength,difference between men and women,I keep hearing about how biological men,don't have any physical strength,advantage over women in 2019 so watch me,destroy the British women's deadlift,record without trying P.S I identified,as a woman whilst lifting the weight,don't be a bigot,zuby's a viral tweet got over a million,views and comes amid a backlash against,the growing number of athletes,identifying as female in women's events,British Olympic swimmer Sharon Davies,tweeted that women's sport must be quote,protected from people born as men,however the world's first transgender,world champion cyclist Rachel McKinnon,hit back insisting trans women athletes,have no unfair advantage,now Olympic rules State men can,participate as women without having,surgery as long as they undergo hormone,therapy to bring down testosterone,levels,we're now joined live by the rapper,behind the viral video zubi thank you,for joining us now why do you think your,weightlifting record video went viral,and what have been some of the responses,to it,so I think the video went viral because,in a very clear way it demonstrated the,entire notion,um it dispelled the entire notion that,there is no inherent biological strength,advantage that men have over women I,mean that's something that we've known,for thousands of years it's the reason,why men's and women's sports are,segregated and always have have been to,maintain fairness so I think the video,went viral because it touched on a,timely issue and it was somewhat amusing,and comical people did find it funny but,underneath all that I think it did bring,light to uh important conversation,that's a lot of that's happening all,over the world right now,and what kind of responses have you,gotten to that video,wow a lot of them it's been it's been,difficult to keep up with it I mean as,you said it's had over a million views,now and thousands and thousands of,comments from all over the world I would,say that 99 of them have been very,positive lots of people have found it,amusing a lot of women actually have,reached out to thank me for voicing up,about the issue and demonstrating what,the actual reality is and there's been a,very tiny amount of negative backlash,I'd say out of the thousands of comments,I would say less than 20 of them have,been negative,this is of course a very touchy subject,has anyone accused you of insulting,Transit gender athletes and if so how,would you respond to that,well according to their own logic they,have no proof that I myself did not,identify as a woman whilst doing that,video so by their own logic I could,easily accuse them of being transphobic,or being bigoted by claiming that I in,fact was not a woman at the time that,video was recorded because they have no,proof of that they've said that one can,self-identify as whatever they want and,they therefore the onus of proof that I,identified as a man whilst doing that,the burden of proof is actually on them,do you see a problem with the current,Olympic rules on transgender athletes,that they just have to prove that a year,before that their testosterone levels,were under a certain level,absolutely because testosterone is not,the only difference that gives men a,physical advantage over women especially,in strength and speed there are other,factors as well if someone's gone,through puberty as a male you've you're,likely to be considerably taller,especially at the extreme ends you're,going to have a different bone structure,you're going to have bigger hands bigger,your entire musculoskeletal system will,still remain that of a man so if I were,to take some hormone blockers and,suppress my testosterone levels for 12,months I still would be I'd still have,considerable physical advantages over,someone who's been a woman for their,entire life so it's not just as simple,as the testosterone levels,so in your opinion is it ever possible,for a transgender woman to be physically,equal to a biological woman,no because the the DNA and every,chromosome in that person's body is,still male and as I said if they've gone,through puberty as,as a male as a biological male there,still will be inherent differences so I,I've I have no nothing against I don't,think anybody in this debate has,anything against any individuals or,groups it's merely about maintaining,fairness and not distorting reality,um in a way that could actually be very,harmful and perhaps even you know could,actually ruin women's sport if it's led,to go to its full conclusion really,opponents of having transgender people,competing in women's sport have,suggested creating a separate,competition for transgender women or men,as it may be is that transphobic then,having an additional League no not at,all that would actually be,potentially fair I don't know if there,are enough athletes for that to be a,practical ide

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Zuby Shares The Story Behind 'OK Dude'

Zuby Shares The Story Behind 'OK Dude'

let's talk about okay dude i want to,know,i want to know all about that i know you,got banned off twitter for saying one,quick statement then you've released a,song about it it's all happening,yeah okay so um all right so,back in february i had february i was,right,these things always happened in february,um i had a i just had a tweet going,viral,like i tend to have multiple viral,tweets a week and i done one,on five tips for single women on how to,land a great,guy and i think the list was um,uh be in good shape grow your hair long,be sweet don't be annoying and learn how,to cook and uh,which i think is great it's just quality,advice by the way um,quality yeah i think i think it upset,people because everyone actually knows,it's true um and you know the truth,hurts,but um yeah the list went very viral and,um,i was getting all kinds of comments both,you know positive and negative which is,fine like sometimes i kick the hornet's,nest and i know it's going to happen,but um i i always check my responses,from people who are verified,and i saw a verified account respond to,it and they said something like um,i'm 90 sure i sleep with more women than,you,and this is terrible advice,and i literally quote tweet it and i,just said okay dude dot dot dot and that,was it,um nothing came with this you know a,week later i was on a train back from,london,and i received an email from twitter,telling me that i have been,locked out of my account for violating,their hateful conduct policy,and i had a little bit of info about the,part says you know you know may not,harass or threaten people based on their,race religion ethnicity sexuality etc,and i'm like,i'm i've been on twitter for 11 years,like i'm pretty sure,pretty sure i don't do that you know i'm,pretty sure i'm very decent to people,um and then i scrolled down and it had,it said we found that this particular,tweet violated our hateful conduct,policy,and it just says okay dude,so i'm like wait wait wait what's what's,going on so i go on twitter and i i,can't get into my thing it says,my your account has been locked you know,you violated the policy etc,and i'm just like wait what is what,what's going on and i'd even i'd even,forgotten about the tweet because it was,so innocuous,right like it was and um and then uh,yeah,it said i had two options it said if you,um you can delete the offending tweet,and your account will be reinstated in,48 hours,or if you think we've made a mistake you,can make an appeal and i was like look,i'm not going to admit to a crime,that i haven't committed so i made the,appeal saying,i haven't violated this policy i've read,through the whole thing okay dude,absolutely does not violate that policy,and they did a manual review emailed me,back the next day saying we've done a,manual review,and we can confirm that this indeed does,violate our hateful conduct policy,so either so if i wanted to get my,account back i had to delete the tweet,so i had to delete the ok dude tweet um,in the meantime though because my fans,are awesome hashtag ok dude and hashtag,freezubi were both trending on twitter,and uh i was my follower account was,still going up and up because i could,still see,i just couldn't you know i was locked,out i couldn't use it but i can still,see what's on twitter,and um it became a big thing i posted,about it on my instagram and facebook,and,a few youtubers even made videos about,it and it became quite a big thing,and then um yeah i long story short i,can't i came back with a vengeance,um i made an okay dude t-shirt for,myself and then i,saw that yeah i i i that's actually now,my highest,selling shirt i ended up selling selling,hundreds of okay dude t-shirts um i,decided to write a song called okay dude,and um i shot a music video for it and,everything so,the the the song was in sp it wasn't the,song wasn't specifically about,the incident but i wanted to just,address,some of the some of the wider things,brought on from it and it was like okay,so,if you want to play that way then this,is kind of my this is my thoughts on all,of that so,the song the song is a little bit sort,of anti-woke i guess,um but yeah i just i just had fun with,it a lot of people say it's one of my,best songs so far so,yeah i believe when when life gives you,lemons then um,make lemonade with it so uh why was that,offending tweet,why was that the offending tweet was,this person a transgender person was,that the issue,well you know i don't get any,explanation there's no explanation,but the only the only thing fathomable,is that yes i now know in hindsight,because i look i don't,i don't google everybody who i'm,responding to,but it does turn out that this is a,transgender person this is a male who,identifies as a woman,and i mean and also keep in mind that,the tweet they wrote was about them,bragging about how many women they sleep,with yeah right which is not exactly,something that you think,like is coming from a woman right right,it's like it's like it's like a very,so so i i

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