TikStar - TikTok Analytics Platform offers Monitor Campaigns, Growth Statistics

TikTok Triangle Model helps you become a popular tiktoker

  • 1
    Billions of TikTok creator elements for learning
  • 2
    Popular topics For creating high quality videos
  • 3
    Real-time tracking For better-and-timely data
  • 4
    E-commerce analysis For fund incoming with high efficiency

How We Work

Extract popular segments from Tikstar Data

You can find out that who the most popular creators are and what the most interesting videos look like recently by query searching on our platform. A serials trends with amazing elements are hiding in them.

Master TikTok popular content

Popular Videos indicate that people like to watch this type of videos.

Attaching some popular hashtags and music to your videos will win more views and likes.

Add popular music to your video and it will quickly become popular

Clearly visualization for analysis and Deeply analysis for commercial value

TikTok Monitor=Minute-Level monitor and Real-Time dashboard for analyzing including products of your competitors!

TikTok Compare=Achieve more improvement through comparing whatever you what to compare with others.

Earn money through TikTok to improve income
Guide users to follow other social accounts or personal pages

Through fan accumulation attract fans to follow other channels.

Brand cooperation order

Cooperation to earn advertising fees and licensing fees.

E-commerce + live broadcast

Coming soon...