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Zendaya Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQi'll tell you what these like wikipedias,s


Updated on Jan 18,2023

Zendaya Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ

i'll tell you what these like wikipedias,sometimes are crazy,sometimes they do know a lot but like,sometimes they are so off base that i'm,like,what and why hey gq,i'm zendaya and i'm going undercover on,the internet,this is actually me,okay uh let's check twitter,who is your favorite harry potter,character at hogwarts house,people may say this is basic but i'm,gonna go with harry potter himself,and gryffindor why because when i went,to the harry potter museum for my,birthday,they told me that when they asked people,who their favorite character is,people never say harry somehow because,he's the lead character and he,is like the chosen one people decide not,to choose him because they think they're,being cool,but he is the chosen one people all,right and he's been through a lot,since he's a g so i'm going with harry i,feel like i'm a gryffindor because,out boys love lions so i just feel like,that just it just feels right,and harry's,alright now let's check out some youtube,comments,two months ago how the emmy got there,that fast,fun fact everyone who participated in,emmys,there was somebody standing outside of,everyone's,home i believe with a hazmat suit and an,emmy and,if you win you got to keep the enemy and,if you did not,they took it so there was a lovely young,woman,outside of my house with a hazmat suit,and darnell,who is my like my brother and my,assistant when he heard the news he,grabbed it and ran in with it so that's,how i got there so fast,replied can you believe that there are,kids out there who only know zendaya,from spider-man and the greatest showman,and not from shake it up at her disney,days i feel so old,there was also someone today through,their car,or through my car that saw me that said,she was like holding her phone and she,was like,through her mask you know saying like i,used to love shake it up,and this is like i have a video on my,phone of like me dancing to it i think,for her like,elementary school something i don't know,and it was just so cute,because obviously she's grown now and,it's just cool,to see the fact that people have grown,with me and taken this journey with me,so,yeah i appreciate anyone who has seen,anything that i do,or cares at all but yeah i love seeing,the people that have grown up with me,because we're all kind of done this,thing together okay,next uh zindaya hi what do you remember,from casey undercover and who are you,still friends with from that show,i remember a lot and it wasn't that long,ago that's the kind of funny thing is it,feels like a long time ago it was like a,different phase of my career but it was,actually,the last thing i did before i went and,did euphoria so,i remember everything and yes i am so,close with mostly everyone from that,show,they really were my family kadeem,partisan is one of the closest people to,me is like a mentor,a brother camille is like my brother for,those of you who probably know i hang,out with him all the time,he plays video games with me he's taught,me to play video games in my adult life,veronica everyone everyone i'm very,lucky,one question on a scale of 1 to 10 how,much do you still love,cup of noodles here's the thing,i'm a vegetarian and it always says it's,chicken flavor,and i always thought it was like well,that's just like a flavoring it's not,like real chicken in there,but i saw something that said it was,like essentially chicken powder and so i,was like well,i can't eat this because it has chicken,in it and i felt like a fraud because,i've been essentially eating chicken,powder so,i cannot eat it anymore so i've since,gotten rid of,cup of noodles and topped ramen all,together,which is yeah i feel horrible that i,didn't know that i don't know i guess i,just thought it was like artificial,flavoring but i guess,there is real chicken,in it i've never said that out loud,sucks,okay cora,how doesn't they dress so well all the,time i have a secret weapon his name is,la,roach he is my stylist since i was,literally 14 years old i've never been,with anyone else,he is my fashion soul mate he's taught,me a lot,about not just fashion but,self-confidence,and i think self-expression through,clothing and i'm not always,fashionable you know like i got a cool,shirt but like i will admit,under here are some nice basketball,shorts posted,zendaya i really don't work out me how,i don't know man i don't enjoy working,out i really wish i did because i feel,like it would be good for me,and i tried in quarantine i did like,maybe five days consistently i was like,you know what this is gonna be my thing,like i gotta keep my body active but i,gotta do this,uh it didn't last very long and the way,that i got myself to keep going every,day,to work out was like i would put on,different wigs,and pretend to be different characters,because i just was craving acting i,guess and i would just like do these,funny skits for darnell because it was,just me and him in the house and,every day i'd surprise him with a new,character and i walked downstairs read

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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #12

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #12

Will Ferrell is overrated,sorry but he just screams it's gotcha,Jon Hamm is a soft boy with a dad bod,hashtag truth you Chris Rock you are,grownups too,well if you lost all your money in,divorce,you'd be all grown ups too - I'd rather,plant poison ivy plants in my anus,before hearing another word about Kim,Kardashian and go ahead and do that,please,Maisie Williams looks like a very young,grandma,hashtag David Harbour hey I'm ready to,be punched in the face bring it back,it's nice I just cut a fart that smells,so bad they added David Spade as a,supporting character that's not bad,hyukoh addition for that I didn't know,if I got it,Jake Gyllenhaal's smells like hot dog,water haiku like a beaut beautiful,beautiful things say a Benson dais feet,smell like Funyuns,let's check shall we know smells like,success to me kid only to grow up,looking like a creep yes Fred Savage I'm,talking about you that's true,Tiffany Haddish has a big-ass mouth you,can't bring ratchet ass like her,no we're just Shep well you know what,why don't you shut with your 14,followers but thank you for introducing,me to them you think Martin shorts had,sex,I bet Martin shorts never had sex,the older Mark Hamill gets the more he,looks like Yoda seriously,seeing that guy lately he's Yoda me and,burn this is Sarah Paulson you I,have mixed feelings about you right now,guess what mother flick I have mixed,feelings about you too cap cap says Jeff,Goldblum is starting to annoy me now,like okay dude you're quirky we get it,you have some weird sweaters good for,you I I know what you're talking about,believe you me if I was in your shoes I,might feel the same way like my new,shirt thanks for watching if you liked,that video click the subscribe button,and if you didn't like it will you hurt,my feelings

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zendaya and darnell answer some twitter questions ft. noon | zendaya the app

zendaya and darnell answer some twitter questions ft. noon | zendaya the app

i just tweeted everybody that i was,going to answer some questions for a,video that i'm making right now so,that's what i did and we're going,through twitter yeah seeing some of the,questions do you want to start darna can,you say something in spanish hola como,estas me espanola tuquito,okay,how do you deal with stress,though your sis been stressing over here,for a month now and i'm not living how,do you deal with stress enough i go to,the gym,yeah that's not how i deal with stress,honey no i gotta get it out all that,frustration,how do you deal with stress i don't,that's the problem exactly i haven't,no but it's not work working out would,just stress me out honey i've been,trying to deal with my stress i think,the thing the problem is i don't know,when i'm stressed because i internalize,it,and it just becomes like i don't even,realize that i'm stressed until i,realize that i'm stressed,i tried sudoku work for a little while,tried coloring puzzles work little,puzzles and coloring and things like,that hanging out with the family like,yesterday we just had like our day for,us,we just had a day with like the family,came over and we just had a pool,party kind of thing stuff like that just,trying to keep my mind off the stress,but also a big part of like dealing with,stress is confronting the things that,make you stressed and getting them out,the way have you guys stolen each,other's clothes yet yes he steals my,clothes i steal her clothes i'm only,having this right here as his but,because it's kind of cold,but you wear my stuff sometimes but,mostly if you wear my stuff and i'm,using my hair products yes i use that,and my lotions and my masks and my,everything yeah that's why his skin,looks so good,he's still on my,most re-watched movie i think right now,is probably get out i've seen get out,like six times yeah in the past three,days,it's like ridiculous if you could only,wear five outfits for the rest of your,of your life what would it be dragon,pants for sure,i mean sweatpants t-shirts,slides you know like something really,cozy,you have to have like a nice bomb summer,outfit you'd have to have like,a dress up,outfit you'd have to have,hats for sure for me i need a hat a,semi-dressed up outfit it's like i tried,but i'm not trying to be too much,there's so many options,at noon coleman said,what's my middle name so noon wants to,know his middle name nunes middle name,where is noon,back there being a good dog,you have to think of that oh he's,slobbing on me,he's laughing on me son,noon,make cuteness,i don't know i don't know we have to,come back to that one how do y'all get,along watching the nba finals go don't,have sorry z we don't we don't get along,he just is back,on each other when the cavs win again i,just rub it in their faces,her and her mom,and her dad and her whole family,at darnell aven what made you want to be,z's assistant i'm amazing,who would well i felt like,and this is the honestly got true i felt,like if somebody else was her assistant,they would be doing it because it would,be their job i would be doing it out of,love and it will get done right and,it'll be like,protected and stuff like that it's not,just a job for me,does donnie the person call you darny,first who is that they call me darny,twinkle marie ew,accept your vegetarian habits first of,all he's the one with the habits i eat,normal he can't eat anything he can't,eat nothing see new's sick of it too,it's just my belly is really sensitive,my belly is really sensitive one day we,went,it was a del taco,and they didn't make his burrito the way,he wanted it twice and he was like i'm,done i'm just i won't have it i just,won't eat it and i was like we can go,somewhere else or not like where do you,want to go like there's a chipotle like,what do you want to do he's like no no,you just you don't underst i was like,well darnell it's just a little bit of,cheese i'm sure no you guys just don't,understand me you've never had to live,the life that i've lived it's blind,first of all i'm that close to tyler,okay it's a burrito,if i okay let me tell you the pizza,cheese was like a couple sprinkles of,cheese no not even a couple sprinkles,you know the the shaved cheddar the,shaved cheddar is like,a piece of nude's hair isn't how big it,is she goes she goes it's not that big,of a deal you can just eat it right,he's like,you can just eat it right and i was like,no and i was like yo i think i'm joking,i was like i can't have dairy and then,that's what i said it was like this this,little ass piece of cheese is not gonna,do anything and if it does i will,personally hold your hand while you take,a big sh but it's not gonna do anything,i'll be sure to call you in next time,i'm just letting you know wait you'll,understand it you won't do it again

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Tom on his Twitter war with Zendaya

Tom on his Twitter war with Zendaya

Tom Peter Parker is a YouTube sensation,in the movie yeah do you think that,makes him the ultimate superhero for the,Millennial Generation and being very,relatable yeah I think it's just a,really nice way of sort of grounding him,in today's society by showing him sort,of like using Instagram and stuff like,that it's a very cool cool way of just,grounding him and making him a,millennium I could just help with social,media and like do use them yeah I have,Instagram have Twitter I'm not very good,at Twitter though too many words,I think should respect its bones but the,you know I have first idea of both yes,you use it to connect with fans thank,you yeah I think the best way for me to,connect with fans is on Instagram you,know because I can see the pictures,they're posting and what they want to,see is that but I can leave little,comments all of this like that possible,to see through when you log into,Instagram your phone might just like,explode well I think put on the,notifications off oh my,I can imagine if Xander Turner,notifications on my phone I think a,phone would just explode yes you know to,good forty one thirty two million I have,no idea how many minute she's got,so many millions of hours excluding I,try to have a Twitter war with her the,other day like really really good,friends who one she wants obviously she,was one of the friends you made you in,this shoes who were the other friend who,made how everyone you know Jacob,especially Jacob who plays Ned and he's,like one of my best friends and him,Harrison and I like a little trio and is,pretty awesome how is this cream test,with Robert Downey jr. intimidating you,know it's the only intimidating but I,love stuff like that I love being put,into situations where I have to be on my,toes and and you know trying to figure,things out it was a great time for me I,really enjoyed it it went really well,obviously Here I am today but no I loved,it it must have felt really intimidating,like the call to years of your life,from our distance - now how how to do,our change in every way you can imagine,I have literally not stopped moving,since I've got cast on this movie and,yeah been living at the suitcase for,quite over what's next for you next to,me is a movie called Claire's walking,I'll be on my way to Montreal in August,start shooting I think we're there for,four or five months and on hand they,assault by the sci-fi movie about humans,living in on another planet,Jesus yeah who are you playing I play,character Todd Hewitt who is the sort of,leading man of the movie and Daisy,Ridley plays a character called viola,Yeah right you have and I already never,done my research it I don't know,anything about funny to read a book but,I'm going to get to that I've got a week,off next week so I'm gonna do that I'm,majoring into it,thank you so much sweet Adrian are you,excited to see Tom playing Peter Parker,have you wished the latest third trailer,to the movie what do you think of it,leave comments below thumbs up and,subscribe to my channel for more,interviews reviews and blogs such a very,soon guys bye,yeah

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Trying Celebrities Favorite Foods - Merrell Twins

Trying Celebrities Favorite Foods - Merrell Twins

that's disgusting look how massive this,thing is it's as big as my head for some,reason that tastes like bubble gum,you're crazy,that was actually pretty good Toronto,this is gonna make me gag Ronnie you,gotta grab that big ball of cheese,brownies it's really hot oh and it all,split off this is the best celebrity,thing I've had all day,hey guys I'm Veronica I'm Vanessa and,today we are trying celebrities favorite,things it's basically we have a list of,different things celebrities like to eat,or drink so we're going to be testing,those things and letting you guys know,if they're good or not I think they're,probably okay we got stuff from like,lizzo to Haley Bieber to Zendaya's,favorite Starbucks drink let's get,shopping we have a list of some things,it's kind of a lot got Haley Bieber's,pizza toast yeah it's on her Tick Tock,and we got lizzo's nature cereal which,sounds interesting I think Kourtney,Kardashian's avocado pudding let's go,let's go make sure to subscribe okay,we're gonna go now first things first,we're at Starbucks and we've got three,drinks we're gonna be trying so we've,got Khloe Kardashian's drink which is,the most confusing thing I've ever read,in my life Khloe Kardashian's Starbucks,order is venti seven pump no water chai,latte what even is that what is the,seven pumps I think it's seven pumps of,chai with no water,latte next is Harry Styles drink which,is a vanilla latte with a shot of,caramel creamer that one sounds pretty,good and then the other one is Zendaya's,Starbucks drink which is a decaf Caramel,Frappuccino with caramel and chocolate,at the bottom and all around oh my gosh,it sounds like a lot of sugar going on,but uh we're gonna try those three,drinks and Ronnie's going to order them,she's kind of nervous,I don't even know how to explain,Kourtney Kardashian here's what we do we,pretend we're ordering for people when,they're like seven pumps of what you say,that's what they put I don't know what,that means then it seems like oh these,poor girls are ordering for this person,let's go we're gonna get our drinks,um,sorry I cracked my back oh wait Snooki's,exfoliator cat litter plus water yeah,we're not doing them here we go here we,go Ronnie's actually really nervous this,is a good test for her I'm gonna wait I,can pull up,pull out she's stalling she could pull,up I'm nervous you're nervous because,now you're nervous may I please have,grande decaf caramel frappuccino and can,I have the caramel and chocolate at the,bottom the syrup's on the bottom yeah,and then uh can I have a grande vanilla,latte please with a shot of caramel,creamer do you guys have that we have,caramel syrup we do not have caramel,creamer okay we can try it I don't maybe,we could do that then all right can we,please have a venti seven pump no water,chai latte ah just give me one moment to,type that in okay and anything else um,actually one more drink please work and,I have a tall Chestnut praline latte,with oatmeal celebrity siding Ronnie,Starbucks order drink praline chocolate,latte you did so good she knew,immediately what that meant seven pump,no water chai latte I think it also,helped that she could see my face going,then I got the drink for myself because,I did such a good job good job recording,myself what did you just ask,Ed Roblox character in this jacket no I,feel like there's like there's like a,lot of extra fabric it's just kind of,like it's very boxy well when you do,that yeah yeah you look like one,actually,apparently they got rid of that they got,rid of the sound apparently the oof was,there like a lawsuit I don't know can we,get an oof oof from now on all of our,oofs in our video is going to be this,sound no oof no,this is the venti chai tea latte no,water seven pumps of chai that's,disgusting I don't know what that even,means look how massive thing is it's as,big as my head wait won't it be hot yeah,what if we tried Zendaya's first yeah I,do not think I ordered it correctly,Ronnie skipped out uh she didn't say the,end all around part I got scared I,thought I was asking for too much all,right you do the honors,straight up I've got syrup didn't you,yum it's so good all that was was just,straight up sugar,I'm just not the biggest fan of,Frappuccinos but you wanted something,that's really odd for some reason that,tastes like bubble gum you're crazy now,think of the pink little bubble gum like,that's a nice blue and yellow wrapper,you mean after the flavor has gone away,yeah after you've draken it no the,flavor that removed after the flavor is,going away for the bubble gum you've,chewed it long enough to the point where,there's no bubble gum flavor like a,rubber gum no I mean from beginning to,end like I'm talking about the bubble,gum it has some flavor at the beginning,and then it ends and I'm talking about,this tastes like the end of the bubble,gum no it does tastes like the whole,experience,bubble gum listen let me show you what,bubble gum I know what you're talking,about the little ones that come in

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Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10

Celebrities Read Mean Tweets #10

,Watching Hugh Grant and his,Stuttering pathetic charm is as,Appealing to me as closing my,Scrotum in a DVD case.,Are these real or do you,Make them up to be especially nasty?, ,Kate Hudson is a dead-eyed,Trash bag that smells like low tide., , ,Greg Kinnear,Stars in holy who,Gives a coming soon.,Chris Evans is a stupid,Bearded sweater wearing dumb,Dork.,Melissa McCarthy is the Medea,of white people.,Jane Lynch had bigger, than Ultimate Warrior.,Norman Reedus, I can fit two,Firsts and a leg in my .,Hit me up.,Okay.,I'll do it.,Tongue punch in the fart box,is a neglected phrase.,Use it today.,Example: Margot Robbie deserves,a tongue punch in the fart box.,Wow.,Anthony Mackie is probably.,Angry that he looks like a, Aardvark.,Judd Apatow has completely,ruined manhood.,Olivia Wilde's forehead is,the same size as my left ass,cheek.,and I weigh 250 pounds.,So I'll let you imagine just how,big that must be.,Paul Rudd is the most boring.,vanilla dude.,You know he just sits at home,with his wife having a bland,spaghetti dinner, talking about,his day.,That's pretty funny.,Why does Ryan Gosling always,Look like he's trying to squeeze,a fart out without making any,noise?,Has Zac Efron ever been in a,Film where he didn't play a,total douche?,I've never seen one of his,Films, I'm just judging by his,face.,How how I loathe Nickelback.,P.S. you Wanda,Sykes.,Russell Crowe is delightfully,paradoxical in that he is a huge, with a small penis.,Bryan Cranston looks like Jim,Carrey impersonating Matthew,McConaughey.,All right, all right,,ALRIGHTY THEN!,I keep forgetting that Kiefer,Sutherland isn't dead.,Well, whoever wrote this, if it,makes you feel better, it's not,for a lack of trying.,Oh, yeah, and you.

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Mean Tweets Live

Mean Tweets Live

I'm now convinced Jeff Bridges is he,crazy and not in the cool way just in,the disturbed hobo shouting at sparrows,and sidewalks laughs it's very,interesting critique I will take that to,heart,kristan valve seems like such a,her vagina is probably in Alcatraz for,peanuts,if you find benedict cumberbatch,attractive I'm guessing you'd also quite,enjoy staring directly at the cat's anus,well someone did and she put a ring on,it,some people ask me who has the biggest,penis in Hollywood,easy Bette Midler,Liam Neeson is a butterface in that his,face looks like a butt eat fart breath,nice,it's from acts John algĂșn and Jarnell,good G Nance doesn't emily Blunt's eyes,make up for that horrendous sound that,comes out of her mouth,hashtag British accent in case you,didn't know what he meant,I made Salma Hayek movies her voice,annoys me and they never show us her,boobs man,his Andrew Garfield trying to do his,utter best it looks like a tennis file,that lives in an RV,you can act add 10 CK is Jack Black Mary,cuz that's gross,Halle Berry's boobs are lopsided well,when they're real that happens,conspiracy-theory,tobey maguire is just a hamster in a,robot not me though because it's spelled,differently not to sound mean but Naomi,Watts has such a blah face I look at it,and there's just nothing like a blank,space where features should be,hey George Clooney your haircut sucks oh,and so does your sense of humor I'm on,you all night boy,I'm really sick of seeing the rock,blah-blah-blah-blah Dwayne Johnson,blahblah candy ass movie star blah blah,blah,go suck it I'll give you something sock,when it paltrow you ugly-ass big bird,looking shut up

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Zendaya gets picked to play Aaliyah in upcoming biopic TWITTER GOES CRAZY!!

Zendaya gets picked to play Aaliyah in upcoming biopic TWITTER GOES CRAZY!!

hey guys it's your girl teen I want to,go ahead and shout out your name page,oh my goodness there's been so much,controversy going on with this whole,Aaliyah biopic folks have been going,back and forth over the past 48 hours,ever since it was announced so unless,you've been living under a damn rock I'm,sure you guys about her by now that,zendaya has been casted to play Aaliyah,Haughton in the new biopic so a lot of,folks were shocked when they made this,announcement a lot of folks were,thinking that was gonna be Keshia chante,from 106 & Park because Keshia chante,had auditioned and there are all these,pictures of her you know looking like,Ally on the internet and you know now,that thought that Keisha was a shoe-in,and I never really thought about you,know then they are doing it but it's,causing a lot of controversy a lot of,folks saying that she should not be cast,as a Lea other folks are saying that she,should I'm gonna go ahead and show you,guys some of these memes and some of,these comments and I will come back with,the rest of my commentary,all right you guys you've looked at all,the comments and all the means so like I,said it's causing a lot of controversy,online a lot of folks are saying this,and they should not be it it's not fair,so a lot of folks have a lot of issues,with zendaya coleman playing alia some,folks upset they're saying that she,shouldn't play alia because she's,biracial and Leos black other folks are,saying that they don't know who the,hell's in bigot is other people are,saying that she's much too young,because when Ali was alive and dad was,like a really little girl so she doesn't,even know who alia is or she didn't,realize who Leah was until she got much,older so a lot of folks have so much to,say about the situation some of the alia,fans even started a petition online to,basically get some day away from this,project so after all these controversies,and dad finally decided to speak out on,the whole situation she did an interview,today I'm gonna go ahead and show you,guys what she said generally you know I,worked really hard on and I auditioned,for and I was really really psyched to,hear the news and they're they're doing,in Alien movie from lifetime and,basically I will be being a alia I'm,getting like nervous saying,I'm so like I love her so much in the,fact that like she I don't know if,anybody see my videos or anything but,she's influenced so much of what I've,done so far that just to be able to be,her and I'm like I watch all her,interviews and all her music videos and,so just to be able to be part of it and,it's based off a book that was written,about her called more than a woman so,I'm really excited and I think that you,know yeah awesome nice result and it's,just about honoring her life and all the,amazing things that she did and only a,short span of time she like took over,the world and you know she had not,unfortunately not enough time on this,earth to do so but like I said I just,I'm so excited and I think it's gonna be,a man yes well we're very excited for,you when you start filming have you,ready started I'm very soon yeah yeah we,haven't started filming it I mean I'm,getting like a wig fittings and stuff,like that like because I don't you know,I want to like I only like this right so,I really want to make sure it's,transformed completely and people are,able to see her so just make sure you,got your Tommy boxes out you know boxes,out some baggy jeans gotta have your,local interview the chorus folks are,also naming other people who supply,aliens sent his eyes and data so a lot,of folks is saying Keshia chante other,people are saying Oh legal price and a,lot of folks that you've been saying,down Richards because Dom Richards,recently got a lot of plastic surgery,she got her nose done and everything,else and strangely enough she does not,resemble Alya you know and down Richards,to me was always a beautiful girl even,before the nose job but her nose job,definitely doesn't look bad like it,definitely fits her face you know which,is interesting enough we're talking like,this on Facebook cuz usually don't see,decent plastic surgery especially on,black folks but her nose job really,looks good you know but I don't think,there was anything wrong with her before,but I could see Donna playing this,because Don is we all know she has a,beautiful voice and Donna can dance her,ass off Donna has been dancing since she,was a little girl so I could definitely,see diamond playing this as well but,with that being said a lot of folks want,to know my opinion how I felt about the,situation,I feel like zendaya is a 17 year old,girl,I feel like faulty,to fought back attacking her and then,the day off the girl did was audition,they decide to cast her all she did was,audition for the role you can say is yes,or no I think that folks should wait,until everything comes out to pass,judgement you know and say I'm not gonna,get up in arms because a lot of folks,did the same thing the little mama and,keke

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