zac efron plastic surgery twitter

Zac Efron's Plastic Surgerywhat i did want to show you is okay you,know zac efron is right,heartthro

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Zac Efron's Plastic Surgery

what i did want to show you is okay you,know zac efron is right,heartthrob do you fight think he's,handsome,here i'll show you zac efron and the,heartthrob,yeah i mean yeah he's handsome i'm not,gonna argue that he's,not handsome you stuck that frown,i didn't say that,okay you think he's a good lover i can't,tell is that girlfriend a good lover,do you think he's a tender lover or no i,don't know thank you i gotta call,him thank you dan,okay well the point is is that he got,some kind of plastic and i say this was,peace and love again because you know,i'm not i know people get plastic,surgery it's a personal thing and it's a,choice and i,you know whatever you want to do to make,yourself feel good god bless,but he got plastic surgery,and i just don't know man i just,wait so what did he do i don't know i,don't know what he did but he got,he did something right yeah it looks,like his jaw's swollen,but he looks like one of those plastic,surgery memes kind of oh yeah,the lips he did like someone else now,he's reminding me,i don't know who though i can't put the,name chin,jaw and d lips what is d i'm sorry and,lips,yeah he did something to his lips and,jaw but i just i was like,looks so different you know i saw him,recently in a netflix document he was,looking at his handsome usual self,but man,i don't know you looked more like zack,travolta now,zach travolta i guess my point is,is that i mean our wishes that's real,are we sure this is real yeah what dan,send it to me,uh ian but um it was all over it was all,over twitter,oh this is all over twitter so people,are having kind of a similar reaction,yeah it's trending on twitter poor guy i,feel bad for him actually,because first of all you don't do this,unless you're like deeply insecure about,your looks,right so like he obviously had some kind,of issue with his physical appearance i,don't know what because he's like,perfect face,but now he's gonna he was always known,as like the perfect,face guy good looking guy you know yeah,so he was obviously really insecure and,now everyone's clowning him on twitter,let me pull up those tweets now i'm,really curious to see what people are,saying,right me too um let's see,twitter search zach ephron,but this just goes to show you man,handsome beautiful people,this guy oh no he looks like shrek,no well not like ogre strike handsome,shrek,handsome shrek no he does look like a,cgi character he looks like cancer,together,i'd kill her to look like a handsome,check,so this is him before the i mean that's,great,yeah that is that i don't see any issues,of course,only he sees it that's the problem,that's right i guess i should relate,because i'm,like that i see a million issues in my,cell phone zac efron,that's not him but you get the point,that's what he's going towards,but the mean yeah oh yeah ruthless bro,zac efron why,they're not happy but the po i guess the,point is that i'm trying to make is that,you know,just be happy with what you got people,because if zac efron's insecure to the,point of,mingling his face like this then you,just gotta work it don't worry and guys,i just,i really want people to understand that,plastic surgery never helps,it never helps it no it only makes you,look weird,in your opinion let's not say it,as a fact and you don't in your opinion,when it works well you don't notice it,is the thing okay,i guess i guess there are some minor,things people do for sure,i don't know once you start doing like,face slips and and,and filler it's like whoa yeah yeah,i just i like people that age gracefully,i think it always looks better you don't,think that you agree gracefully well,yeah sure,he clearly didn't think he was aging,gracefully,okay ethan okay jeff,oh you know rob lowe that i think that's,what i was trying to think oh yeah,he does look kind of like him now,totally see that,yeah and rob lowe you rob lowe,right,i mean i don't like saying if i would, someone okay you're attracted i'm,married,yeah okay you're married to me what are,all these images can someone find me,roblo,i'm just gonna come but you you find him,attract i do too,i'd him you can watch if you want,okay,why don't we try to be more family,friendly like we just,started the show why even say the f word,family friendly,who are we making before eight year olds,wait this doesn't look that bad there's,got to be better photos than this,on the right side ones before ones after,uh this photo is weird,what is this one on the right this,comparison shot with a little,this is the worst thing i've ever seen,what am i supposed to take away from,this,telling him before you were a weirdo,you don't have a better one now he's a,stone guy from the 70s,you

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Zac Efron's Face Blows Up PLASTIC SURGERY Conspiracies On Twitter

Zac Efron's Face Blows Up PLASTIC SURGERY Conspiracies On Twitter

all right what is going on guys today,we're gonna be talking about the,notorious zac,efron he's an actor everybody should,know this guy he's well known now the,reason,why i'm talking about this guy is,because it's trending all over,literally i'm one of the few people,that's touching up on this ,because i see all over tick tock oh that,guy from the zac efron,basically this guy is trending about,having a new face,i mean you see the thumbnail that i,popped up before the video before you,guys clicked this video you saw,my thumbnail it's like that's a huge,transition,right is this cgi or is this like,makeup i don't know but it could,be a lot of things and so today we're,gonna dwelve into what this,is where it came from why is this even,brought up,where is this found all this okay,so without further ado,let's begin so there is this article,that's posted about zac efron it's,talking about how the fans speculate,about new appearance of his face,basically all over social media and,especially on tick tock,i literally i was laying on my bed right,guys laying on my bed,scrolling over tick-tock you know i'm,looking at the ass cause,let's be honest that's why i have,tick-tock to look at the booty but you,know hey guys that's not about the video,let's just talk about that later,and so i'm looking at the ,tick-tock feet of mine and all of a,sudden,i see somebody just pointing a green,screen talking about zac efron changing,his face and i'm like whoa,this guy went from looking like,oh that you know baywatch uh,lean physique that he had back in the,day with that nice uh,what's the word he looked really,good right he's a good looking guy and,then all of a sudden,he turns into the guy from the,incredibles and i'm like what the ,is going on,so yeah let's uh read this article to,see uh basically,what's going on here where this came,from so it says zac efron has been,trending on social media after partaking,in a video call you know on facebook so,wow okay it was on facebook i didn't,know that i thought this was,on because i did hear about this video,call in particular about this whole ,i thought this was on like instagram but,okay facebook yeah this is facebook on,instagram oh should i drop my phone,the greatest showman actors fans have,been commenting on his facial appearance,after zach collaborated with bill nye,the science guy to celebrate earth day,so earth day was a couple of days ago,and i guess uh,uh bill nye in particular you know this,guy is the pinnacle of science i,mean,if you're around my age you're 19 years,old even 20 21 22,like we all know who bill nye is from,back in you know,middle school and like in,elementary we know the bill nye the,science guy is he's a g,so i guess he got on a facetime call,with all these actors and celebrities,and,you know just talking about earth day,while some fans have commented on how,nice it is to see him on screen,others have questioned whether zach's,face looks different uh and then it,shows the picture right here and just,judging by his,physical structure of his jawline in,particular it looks like it's changed a,significant amount and i don't know if,this is a prank,but i do see a slight bit of size gain,on his physique,just by looking at his arm development,so i don't know if this guy's on,i mean all right listen i'm gonna,theorize on what he's doing and why his,face is the way it is right now later on,in the video let's just keep ,going okay so there's a video actually,of zac efron it's around the one minute,mark,uh the video is i think 11 minutes or so,he's talking,all right and i guess they're talking,about i'm not too sure maybe it's earth,day or music i don't know but,anyways let's just watch a part of just,seeing his face okay,see what the is going on what,everyone's speculating about okay,broadway musical spectacular,bill wow i mean i knew you were smart,but,i think you're a genius literally the,clip is less than 10 seconds,what can i speculate from just judging,by his physical appearance right did he,get,uh you know plastic surgery done did he,take uh some sort of anabolic right did,he ,you know start hopping on gear and then,all of a sudden his face is blown up,right,due to depending on whatever the ,he's taking right listen,uh i would have speculated that maybe he, hopped on hgh right he's trying,to gain,size and then you know his facial,structure starts developing and getting,a little bit bigger but that happens,over the time right,it doesn't seem like this was a uh,what's the word a long,progressing time period of this just,like happening over time right it seems,like this happened from one,minute to the other so,i don't think it's that because that,wouldn't happen even if you were to take,a high dose like,it wouldn't just physically,change your facial structure immediately,that happens over uh you know years at,least a decade or so right so i don't,know if it was steroids i don't think it,was,is this fake i don't see why it would be,fake because there's,multiple celebr

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zachary david alexander ephron what did he do it's  all over twitter he did an interview there's a  ,picture from that interview where his face is  swollen and everyone said he's had botox he's  ,had plastic surgery today i'm gonna look at those  pictures a couple from when he was even younger  ,we're gonna look at what may have been done but  i know one thing everyone's talking about that's  ,dead wrong and it shows the misconception  with aesthetics today all i heard over in  ,the internet over social media was he had botox he  had botox it was botox botox doesn't do anything  ,like that it doesn't volumize the face if you  want to know what it does go to my videos that  ,show all about botox how it works the before and  afters watch it being injected on this channel  ,it's not botox but let's dive into some pictures  and see what exactly he may have done so one of  ,the things we can see that was done early on  is his smile if you look at the teeth there's  ,a gap between the teeth and the teeth certainly  look different in this picture very common for  ,people have dental work especially in hollywood  but i want you to pay attention also to the nose  ,and the chin the picture that's in question is  this one this is what everyone's talking about  ,and what they're looking is volume here looking  at the chin projection they're wondering did  ,he have lip fillers done and one of the other  questions was something along the jawline or jaw  ,implants why does his face look so big why does  he look puffy and a lot of people wonder if he's  ,done something similar to what the weekend  did to understand it let's go back to 2017.  ,what you see with a youthful face is that v line  so you see that there's not a lot of fat down in  ,the jaw area and the eyes are nice and wide open  look at the browsers i'm gonna make a comparison  ,with the brows for the picture people are looking  at now if we look at 2020 still a little bit of  ,volume here but still has that nice v-shape  he's always had good lip volume but if you  ,look here at the edge there's no lip at the edges  and it's common to lose it when when people smile  ,but notice the size of the lip again the brow is  still lifted here and there's volume in the cheek  ,if we do look at this picture however we start to  see some facial aging what is that descent of fat  ,that's why we're always lifting faces again pay  attention to the lips look at the eyes not a lot  ,of sag now let's look at the picture in question  and compare when we come to this picture of note  ,the face is bigger there's more volume lower now  this could be one of a few things but let's pick  ,apart the lip filler certainly there's more  lip volume here so we know something happened  ,there's more volume in the lower jaw area i want  to pay particular attention look at that square  ,chin so a larger face overall only a few  things can do that and there's two options here  ,number one is if he did have plastic surgery and  was recovering from it there would be a degree of  ,swelling and one might say well why would he ever  do a chip implant he's always had a stronger chin  ,but let's go look at his profile real quick if  we look at this picture here and we were to draw  ,what we call the ae or ricketts line that i talk  about all the time you can see that the chin isn't  ,necessarily as strong as maybe a hollywood chin  would be certainly a great jawline and chin but it  ,wouldn't be unusual to add a little more forward  projection especially now because the chin is in  ,let's go back and look at that picture i want to  close picture in for you so you can compare the  ,chin before to the chin now i zoomed in on the  chin so we can see a before picture over here  ,and the one in question not as high res as we  want but it was taken from a video certainly  ,had a nice shape to his chin but it definitely  seems more defined now so that is what people  ,are talking about a chin implant jawline surgery  it certainly is possible surgically if it was  ,recovering if he was recovering from a facelift  you could have swelling and a chin implant could  ,be part of it the other things that can cause  a swollen face however are systemic things  ,things that people might put in their body or have  done that would cause systemic swelling being on  ,steroids for like an allergic reaction let's  say and we know someone else had one of those,we also know zach sometimes works out for his  films and if you see in the in the picture in  ,that interview even looking at him here you can  see he looks like he may have gained some weight  ,he certainly has big traps maybe he's been working  out and overall what we're seeing is a bloating of  ,the face if we're going with the surgical option  one can see from this picture that if he didn't  ,gain overall weight it's not botox like people  are talking about but it looks much more like  ,dermal filler if it's not water fluid and weight  for one reason or another whic

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Zac Efron Finally Breaks His Silence On Huge Face Transformation

Zac Efron Finally Breaks His Silence On Huge Face Transformation

the ultimate question everyone has been,talking about since 2021 did zac efron,really get facial surgery and what did,he have to say about it all over a year,later we finally have answers if you,were first introduced to former teen,heartthrob zac efron via high school,musical then you might have trouble,recognizing him now that sentiment,reached a fever pitch in april 2021 when,efron gave a promotional short to spread,awareness about earth day unfortunately,for him the meaningful environmental,message of the interview was lost amid,widespread speculation that he had,surgically altered his famous face in,the clip zack's cheeks appear puffy and,his jaw looks to be about twice the size,that it once was the rumors were,especially heightened because at the,time he had just made a permanent move,from hollywood to australia which some,found surprising soon social media was,flooded with hot takes about efron's new,look one fan wrote zac efron is,naturally attractive i don't know why he,keeps messing up his face with cosmetic,surgery another said i don't want to,live in a world where people like,jennifer aniston and zac efron feel like,they need plastic surgery ephron's good,friend kyle sandolans came to the,actor's defense on his radio show,claiming he'd be aware if ephron had,done anything according to page six he,said it's like getting a picasso and,having a kid finger paint all over it,why bother though it was all anybody,wanted to talk about at the time zach,refused to address the rumors it would,be over a year before he'd chime in on,the narrative and what he had to say is,sure to raise some eyebrows according to,zac efron all that speculation about his,new look was a waste of time because he,never changed anything about his face in,a september interview with men's health,efron explained that his jawline,appeared swollen during his earth day,bit because his muscles were over,enlarged thanks to an old injury not,from some kind of cosmetic injection he,said the masseters just grew they just,got really really big zack was shocked,at the public reaction as he had never,given his new look much thought he,continued if i valued what other people,thought of me to the extent that they,may think i do i definitely wouldn't be,able to do this work still ephron isn't,immune to the pressure of modern beauty,standards just because he's never,surgically altered his face doesn't mean,he hasn't gone to other physical,extremes during the interview ephron,detailed how his baywatch diet nearly,destroyed his health he gave his opinion,that the chiseled baywatch was not a,realistic standard saying i started to,develop insomnia and i fell into a,pretty bad depression for a long time,something about that experience burned,me out i had a really hard time,recentering,so that was that was the most extreme,i'd ever gone i think i was in ketosis,that entire film,since then ephron has worked hard to,focus on what's important to him he's,living full-time in australia and hosts,a show on netflix that spreads,environmental awareness after all some,things are more important than looks by,2020 zack had gotten fed up with,hollywood and needed a break he set his,sights on australia and has reportedly,never looked back as a source told,people in january 2021 he loves,australia and considers it his home as,of now he has no plans to live,permanently in la again the actor is,reportedly the proud owner of more than,300 acres just north of swanky byron bay,and since covet regulations eased he's,leaned into a more transient lifestyle,he returns to la sparingly for business,and personal reasons per men's health,otherwise efron is a nomad he said i'm,in a van trying to travel and see as,much of the world as i can or just,hiking in the woods and camping so there,you have it la and unsolicited opinions,about his face are officially in,ephron's rear-view mirror

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Zac Efron Explains TRUTH Behind Plastic Surgery Rumours

Zac Efron Explains TRUTH Behind Plastic Surgery Rumours

zac efron is finally setting the record,straight on his face transformation more,than a year after plastic surgery rumors,circulated yeah the men's health cover,star revealed that the reason behind,that transformation was that he,shattered his jaw while running in his,house with his socks oh so it does not,sound fun what happened here zach told,the magazine that he slipped hit the,corner of a fountain passed out and woke,up to his chin quote uh his chin bone,hanging off his face that's the visual i,don't oh right oh my god i would lose it,and unfortunately for the baywatch star,things just didn't get better from there,as his facial muscles got really really,big to compensate for the injury which,led him to work with a physiotherapist,to counteract their growth and of course,eagle eye fans took notice as rumors,started to spread in april of 2021 that,he had gone under the knife normally not,something that zack himself would pay,attention to his mom start on the basket,noticed and shared with her son who had,taken the social media break and that's,not all so zach opened up about the,34 year olds opened up the 34 year old,shared that he didn't love his baywatch,bod telling the magazine i had a really,hard time recentering ultimately they,chopped it up to taking too many,diuretics for way too long and it messed,something up yeah so thankfully zach is,on the mend now sharing why he doesn't,keep things too strict when it comes to,his onset,diet probably the one role that i had to,change the most for was probably,baywatch,that movie i adopted a really really,specific eating regimen clean fish or,meat with sweet potatoes like that i,just did that the entire film so that,was that was the most extreme i had ever,gone i think i was in ketosis that,entire film,skier run was really fun i just got to,eat whatever i wanted so when we were in,thailand which was a good place to do it,i love thai food there's so many,delicious things they could do with crab,but some of the best foods they,discovered were like noodle dishes like,ramen the soups and stuff they have out,there,jeez now i can't think of any of them,so sometimes when you're on set i give,myself permission now to sort of let up,and eat what i need to eat if i'm,craving something i'll just have it it's,not the time or the place to put,pressure on yourself unless you really,need to be shirtless that entire film,what am i talking about which tends to,be the case for me sometimes,yeah,he actually looks great there and when i,say great i mean you know i for sure,thought he had done something to his,face just because he did look so,different when those photos started he,actually looks more like himself there,so that really was the case about the,whole job,and if you just imagine how puffy that,was the way the muscles were growing,back uh yeah you know that makes sense,yeah because he actually looks different,even here now he looks more like himself,uh i think it's you know i,appreciate whenever zach comes out and,talks about,um things that he's gone through uh,things that he's sorting out,um because he's been in the spotlight,for so long right he's one of those,people that's been there for so long and,what he said there about uh baywatch,about his body and bail watch you know,people really celebrate a lot for guys,when they look super jacked and they,look like superhero drawings but in,order to get there and maintain that,that's not just like a lot of hard work,like that's a lot of,probably unhealthy practices that you do,in order to maintain the appearance of,of all that you you're not eating,properly diuretics is one big thing i,had no idea i even had to ask you is,like so diuretic's like what are you,talking about like,like getting it all out yeah you know,that's we've touched on this subject,every now and again but as much as we,like to celebrate um when our our,favorite actors are are looking really,buff and whatever for a role we do have,to remember the other side of that,could lead to some really unhealthy body,image issues and,and actually unhealthy,your body actually reacting in a very,bad way to prolonged um what you call it,bad practices yeah and it's nice to hear,that he's not putting that much pressure,on himself anymore but i'm always,surprised because you think hollywood,they have the best of the best when it,comes to trainers and nutritionists i,just always assumed if you're gonna have,a body like that you have people you,know working on you all the time and,that you're doing this in a healthy way,but to hear yeah to get that body which,was quite the body in the movie yeah,that's unfortunate to hear that yeah i,really appreciate when an actor will be,like this is what i look like in the,movie and this is what i look like on,tuesday because i'm not going through,that like regimen the entire time that's,a lot but i'm here for the dab bod still

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What's Up With Zac Efron's Face | Expert Plastic Surgeon Weighs In

What's Up With Zac Efron's Face | Expert Plastic Surgeon Weighs In

hi there i'm dr jonathan zelkin board,certified plastic surgeon,here today to answer questions about yes,zac efron,why when i have a million better things,to do am i going to sit here talking,about,a celebrity well i was in the operating,room,two or three days ago and the,anesthesiologist said to me,um haven't you heard about zac efron,what happened to his face,he knows that i do a lot of,reconstructive work in plastic surgery,and a lot of cosmetic work too and he,wanted my expert opinion on,what happened what what tragedy happened,to zach efron's face,and so i said oh gosh did he did he hurt,himself,he goes no just just google it you'll,see and i did,and so i see as there was with a lot of,other celebrities an,uproar like i'm talking front page news,on zac efron's new look so for those of,you who are not in the know apparently,he gave a talk on,a show with bill nye about earth day,celebrating earth day on,the 22nd of uh this month budget,broadway musical spectacular,bill wow i mean i knew you were smart,but,i think you're a genius and uh he looks,a lot different,and the change in his appearance has,sparked the outrage of many and the,concern of others,and so naturally i did my best to catch,up,on who zac efron was and what he used to,look like and what he looks like now,and there's a few points i want to make,okay first of all,what a good looking guy he is let's not,kid ourselves here,uh and second of all he does look,different uh and third of all,he's never given a statement or an,announcement as far as i can read on the,internet,about anything plastic surgical,related and so i will say that that,trumps everything else,the guy doesn't want us knowing what's,going on if anything at all is going on,so it's really none of our business but,since you've made it this far in the,video i will do you,the true service of telling you what i,think,first of all when i see him smile and,animate his lower lip i see his left,lower lip come up higher than his right,lower lip,which is suggestive of some injury,remotely to his left marginal mandibular,nerve,which causes basically depression of,this part of your lip so if you injure,it in a punch or a fall or something,like that,this part of your lip elevates and you,have an asymmetric smile i see that,i also see pictures of him a few years,ago versus now he's still good looking,now it's not like his face is botched or,something crazy happened,and i will say his jaw looks a little,bit more square and fuller on along the,left side of his jawline than his right,side,okay so there is some kind of,augmentation to his chin,and jawline but that augmentation,can represent swelling from any type of,procedure,involving the mouth could he have had,fillers yes he could have could it be a,chin,implant and jawline implants yes and a,guy who is raised as a child,actor with a very masculine yet kind of,a baby face,may be subjected to forces that compel,him,to augment his jawline and look more,commanding if he's not already,buff and you know chiseled looking,enough i mean this is a way to make it,more exaggerated is it possible that,he's had that and he's had early,post-operative swelling or even worse a,complication,sure possible but is it also possible,that he's had,things like hormones like hgh and,steroids and other things that can cause,overgrowth of the mandible that's a,possibility but i think it's less likely,to show up,this acutely finally is it possible that,the guy had his wisdom tooth out,or a plate removed where he had a jaw,fracture in the past,absolutely that's possible too so it's,not really our right or our place to,speculate,i will say it's plausible that there is,some sort of augmentation to his jawline,but that source of augmentation may be,elective and it may not be so i would,plead you all to stop your search on,what happened to zac efron right here,and celebrate his ongoing good looks and,just wait for the swelling of whatever,happened to his jawline to settle,because i'm sure he's going to look a,lot better than you and me at the end,thank you so much for taking the time to,watch this video,and feel free to comment below

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The Truth About Zac Efron’s Face Transformation

The Truth About Zac Efron’s Face Transformation

I know you had a you had a pretty bad,accident like a few months ago right I,actually did yeah I actually broke my,jaw I'm observing your jaw to see you,had a wired shut and I want I did I was,like running through my house and I,slipped and fell and hit my face maybe,it's trying to get plastic surgery you,wouldn't get that come on you got a good,job man oh my God,you're just starting,no it was funny it sucked I almost died,but we're good but you're good now yeah,good,what's up guys Derek more,today we are revisiting jawgate the Zac,Efron debacle from last year where he,showed up looking nearly unrecognizable,seemingly in a overnight time frame like,the guys looked you know like a High,School Musical you know pretty face,um one of the best looking guys in the,industry for years you know he's seen as,the pretty boy,um Baywatch lifeguard guy you know Zac,Efron the ladies man now all of,a sudden he shows up to this Bill Nye,interview or promotional or whatever it,was last year and looks nearly,unrecognizable resembling you know,classic handsome Squidward is kind of,what a lot of people were saying and,that sort of plays into potentially some,of the motivations behind it but a lot,of people are wondering is this and I'll,get into what I mean by that later but a,lot of people are wondering is this,plastic surgery is this you know wisdom,teeth removal did he injure himself is,he using copious amounts of human growth,hormone was one of the you know,prevalent ones as well as anabolic,steroids that cause bloating in your,face like you see a lot of mass added,here the guy is like an entirely new,chin essentially his jaw is way wider,all of a sudden these features are more,masculine and protruding a lot of people,would say not in a positive manner,though because it's so dramatically,different from the before that it almost,is essentially a different human,entirely like this is a side by side of,an interview that he did,um I don't know like a late night show,here on the left looking like his normal,self and then him on the right during,the promotional video that kind of took,the Internet by storm and had people,freaking the out and a lot of you,know speculation ensued you know a lot,of uh you know theories were drawn Etc,and um a lot of people thought it would,just go away you know people thought it,was just a temporary thing he probably,had his wisdom teeth removal like this,is a very very famous and well-known,social media influencer that I believe,is also a plastic surgeon super popular,on Tick Tock and YouTube and he,basically said I think this is wisdom,teeth removal this was uh last year,around August and this was months after,the reveal and here it is diagnosis,doctor diagnosis Zac Efron's face,everybody is talking about Zac Efron and,how strange he looks has he had plastic,surgery to reshape his jawline Botox or,fillers I don't think so I actually,think he's had dental surgery not,plastic surgery that's why he's swollen,in these areas if you've had your wisdom,teeth taken out did you look like this,that is a wild stretch of a ,reach in my opinion and I don't like,anyone if you've had wisdom teeth,removal we can all attest to some,swelling significant irritation blah,blah blah but for it to remain for a,year and a half at this point like we,are closing in on the end of 2022 well,you know coming in on Q4 here pretty hot,and Zach still looks the same this is a,shot of him at a promotional for some uh,event the other day and I did you know,I'm kind of like a chronological,timeline in this last video about you,know the changes and whatnot how he's,looked historically some of the you know,very very bold claims as well like this,is plastic surgeon Dr Michael obang Zach,looks very healthy he might be on,supplements such as HGH and testosterone,he might also have had some facial,features facial fillers to build his,cheeks so it's like you know obviously,right up my alley the HGH testosterone,Calamity doing like bodybuilding,aggressive in order to undergo like,crazy Acro megalike development changes,so what we'll get into because this is,now a long-standing thing this is not,just a wisdom teeth removal as asserted,by a Tony Yoon MD or uh you know,probably not an injury either let's be,honest the guy you know if he fell and,had some like I don't know like a break,in his jaw or something and he has some,swelling from uh you know wiring his,mouth shut or whatever is it going to,like stay with you for a year,and a half if this is what he is looking,like it seems to be permanent changes,that is just what he is living with at,this point and I think you know his fans,and whatnot should accept regardless of,what the outcome was that this seems to,be something that is sticking around I,don't think that this is something that,is going to go away and it seems to be,representative of his current look at,this point any time he is shot by the,paparazzi or at official events he very,much looks like this at this point but,ag

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Zac Efron Responds to Marvel Looking to Cast a "Zac Efron Type" | The Tonight Show

Zac Efron Responds to Marvel Looking to Cast a "Zac Efron Type" | The Tonight Show

-Oh, it's good to see you, buddy.,-It's been a long time since you've been by the show.,I'm happy to see you. -It's great to see you, too.,But I love your beard.,-You like it? -Yeah.,I think it really suits you, and I dig it.,-Coming from you, I appreciate it,,'cause I want to talk about your --,You have a great mustache in this movie.,- Yes. -Look at this.,Talk about facial hair. I mean, look at that.,-Yeah. -That's a real one.,-Ah, It was actually fun to grow.,The director looked to me on the first day,,he goes, "That's real?",Yeah, -Yeah, exactly.,-He was even -- -That's when you know it's good.,When somebody goes "That's not real, right?",-Yeah. -Yeah.,People with real beards look at me,,They go, "Nice try, Jimmy.",Yeah, you're going for it.,I congratulate you, by the way.,Last time -- Since last time I saw you,,you won an Emmy for "Down to Earth.",-Right. -Your show on Netflix.,-Thanks, man. Thank you.,They love it.,Here's one of the reasons I love you.,You're very talented. You can do everything.,But you're very adventurous.,When you do these things,,You do stuff that I wouldn't find fun at all.,But I like watching you do it because it's exciting.,You like swimming with crocodiles and stuff like that,and bungee jumping. -Yep.,Stuff that -- I couldn't do any of that stuff.,-Yeah, I mean, it all kind of makes you nervous,before you do it.,-Is there anything you wouldn't do?,-You know, I guess. On swimming with sharks.,I did swim with tiger sharks out in Hawaii,,and I love the people that I went with,,but they invited me to go free diving with Great White sharks,,and I just -- I was like, why on earth would I do that?,That's just asking for it. -Oh, good.,So I drew the line -I'm so happy you drew the line!,Yeah, you're like, hey, I'm an American treasure.,I'm Zac Efron. I'm not doing this.,-Yeah. -Yeah.,There's a big downside. I didn't want to.,That'd be a disappointing way to go.,-Can I ask you about --,There's a rumor --,There's some casting calls in the Internet.,Marvels looking for a Zac Efron type.,-Really?,Wow, they could just call me.,- Yeah, I know.,I was going to say..,if you don't want to do it.,And then I thought it'd be funny.,Seth Rogen, who we love, tweeted out.,"Crap, I was gonna submit myself for the Zac Efron type.",- That's hilarious,-Isn't that funny that he would do it?,-That's really funny, yeah.,-Could Seth play you a Zac Efron type, you think?,Seth? I think, yeah.,Seth could do it, If anybody could.,He would -- I would cast Seth in anything over me, so...,-Yeah. Yeah.,-Have you been ever approached by Marvel?,It was just -- That was funny.,They were saying a Zac Efron type, but you...,There was a rumor that you were going to be,Wolverine at one point.,-Really? Dang. -Yes! The Internet.,-I don't know. -The people want this.,-I think Hugh's still doing that pretty well.,I got to give it to him. -Yeah, but you know Hugh.,You were in "The Greatest Showman.",-Yeah, you're right.,But that was a different movie with musical.,He'll let you do it. -Okay, yeah.,Yeah, he's -- you know him? He's a good guy.,-Yeah, I guess I had my foot in the door on that one.,-I should go talk to him. -Why not be Wolverine?,I would love to see you as Wolverine.,I can see it. -Yeah,,I would get a beard like yours. -Yes!,I'll give you my beard.,I'll shave it off and you can have my...,-All right. -...clippings.,-If it happens. -Let's talk about it.,Yeah, all right.,Let's talk about your movie,,"The Greatest Beer Run Ever.",This is a true story?,And I almost can't believe that it is a true story.,-Yeah, it's really wild, man.,So it all really happens.,Chickie Donohue is this guy lived in a small town,in Inwood, New York, when he was younger,,and all of his friends were all fighting in Vietnam,,and he was just sort of stuck at home,and he felt really powerless to help them.,And simultaneously there was a lot of bad press,coming through about Vietnam,and sort of the anti-war movement.,And he just wanted to show some support for his friends.,So he decided to get a duffel bag full of beer,and actually go to the Vietnam front line,and deliver each of his enlisted friends a beer,just to say thank you.,-That's the craziest thing ever.,It's a real story. And he's a real person.,-Yes. -Here he is.,-It really happened. -Here's you and Chickie,right here.,-Yeah. And it gets a lot crazier than that,,as you can imagine. He gets into some high jinks.,-Oh, my gosh. And it's directed by the great Peter Farrelly.,-Yeah, Pete Ferrell's in it.,I mean, war is pretty sensitive subject matter, you know,,It's like we took it really seriously,,and Pete has this amazing way,of going through really kind of tough,,you know, situations and sort of serious subject matter,with this amazing underlying humor.,-It's kind of unbelievable. When you watch,,you go like, wait, someone actually did this.,He went to Vietnam and he's giving beers to his buddies.,You're like, this can't be real.,-I know. I kept like I was reading the script.,I was like,

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