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Why Matthew Yglesias Thinks There Should Be One Billion Americansshould i give you like like the rea

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Updated on Jan 15,2023

Why Matthew Yglesias Thinks There Should Be One Billion Americans

should i give you like like the real,answer of how i came to write this book,or should i give you like the the book,pitch answer give us the real answer,um you know so,i'm a writer i've been writing a lot of,stuff an agent reached out to me and,he's like hey matt you know i'd be,interested in representing you and you,know talking about some book ideas and,stuff and i said i don't know um but we,went to get some breakfast tacos and,talk about stuff and he was like well,what are you interested in and i gave,them like,five six seven different things that i'm,interested in,and it kept being like ah but i don't,really know if that's a book,i don't really know if that's a book and,i agreed with him frankly this you know,but so i'm really interested in housing,i'm interested in immigration policy i'm,interested in transportation um i dabble,a little bit in,kind of,how should we frame things in politics,and trying to get progressive people to,be more patriotic,i see one of you up here it's got an,american flag in your background and i,love it um you know but these were all,kind of,topics it wasn't really a thing,and,so you know we had a nice time but we,didn't really come up with an idea and,uh sorry i was out with with a friend of,mine a little bit later and you know we,were having some beers and getting,pretty pretty thick into it and you know,it was like how about this for a title,what if i had a book and it was called,one billion americans and he was like i,don't know and it's like what's that,book about it's like it's about how,there should be one billion americans,um and what i liked about the idea was,that it ties together a lot of different,things that i am interested in so if you,read the book you know one chapter is,really about um,welfare state design and,the case for,investing more money in supporting uh,families and children and also a theory,of how we should design programs that do,that there's a chapter that's about,housing there's a chapter that's about,regional development policy um as you,guys know in in chicago um chicago is a,really big city it's doing well it has,some problems but it's there but a lot,of other midwestern cities you know are,in really deep trouble i mean detroit,cleveland st louis,the smaller ones you know milwaukee,akron have just seen their populations,greater,and so i'm interested in in those,problems of those places i'm interested,in urban transportation issues you know,how can you make buses run better,how come chicago why the l has much,lower operating costs than the subways,in new york or los angeles san francisco,dc um and i think a lot of people don't,know that don't know what's good about,that uh but our construction costs,everywhere in the united states or sky,high um,so a billion americans is a thesis that,poses a lot of really obvious questions,like where are these people gonna go,how will we get around what will we do,and so i was able to pull in tons of,stuff that i was writing about that i,was covered that i'm kind of fascinated,by,um and sort of use answering the billion,americans question as like an excuse to,delve into all these topics,but there is also a thesis that i,believe in and that i stand behind and,so you know the the pitch version,is uh,well you know donald trump was president,and a lot of us we were very concerned,with you know how that happened and how,it went and the theme of american,greatness and i saw that you know to,truly be great we have to embrace our,destiny in the world and you know i have,a whole official argument that i suppose,i can give you,wonderful,why don't you tell us that a little bit,in the book the premise is to just is,really that you know the vehicle to get,to one billion americans,through immigration,would be through potentially,pro-natalist policies tell us a little,bit about how,you know the u.s might embark on,tripling its population,sure um so there's two real ways that a,country can increase its population uh,one is to import more people from abroad,the other is to grow our own here at,home,i think that we should do both of those,uh some people fall in for a kind of,either or framing um you know i think,there's compelling arguments for each uh,one important one that i think a lot of,people don't realize is simply that,in surveys,people have fewer children than they say,they would ideally like to have and,we've been falling kind of further and,further behind people's stated goals and,it's not because you know people um,the economics of having kids have gotten,worse uh when you ask people why don't,you have more kids than than you do,the number one reason they give is the,cost of child care the number two reason,is well i didn't have enough financial,stability,uh the number three reason is about,trouble finding the right partner but,then four and five are other things,related to cost and so sometimes people,will say,oh you know we shouldn't do all this,prenatal stuff it's just you know people,don't want to have children a

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Why Matthew Yglesias Thinks There Should Be 1 Billion Americans

Why Matthew Yglesias Thinks There Should Be 1 Billion Americans

the jurogan experience um,how much pushback have you gotten from,this idea because it seems like,a lot of people think that,overpopulation is a,giant problem and then when you say we,should triple,plus the amount of people in the united,states we want to compete with the rest,of the world,i would imagine a lot of people are like,what are you smoking matthew iglesias no,that i mean the book's really good so,everyone who reads it is just like oh,you convinced me and this is,there's no pushback at all um no i yes,uh there is,concern about overpopulation that's,something that,you know so there's people from the,right they don't like immigrants they,don't like immigration,why do they see it through that let's,start with that because this is a,country of immigrants it's a it's a very,strange thing,to have a country that is entirely,comprised of people who came from,somewhere else other than native,americans,right entirely comprised and yet,there's a giant population that doesn't,like immigrants,yeah i mean look some of it's a question,of taste you know people like different,places people like different kinds of,things,i think the best parts of america are,places that have a lot of people from,different places,to me you know whether that's that's,austin where we are,new york where i'm from it's like it's,cool like that's america at its best,some people don't like it uh there's,also the legality question though right,starting in the 1980s and 1990s we built,up a substantial group of people who,were living here,illegally i'm for you know what started,in the 80s is that when it really,started,yeah i mean that's when it really took,off was it because the regulations were,made more stringent well so what,happened was in 1996,uh they they changed the law they said,irera is the acronym for it,and they made it a lot harder for people,who had come here without papers,to quote unquote get legal so even if,you put roots down even if you were,married to an american citizen,there was no way to obtain legal status,they also made it harder to cross the,border so it used to be,people would come over they'd pick,vegetables in california for a season,and then they'd just go back right,they'd go back to mexico take their,money with them,get a nice house they made it harder to,cross the border so people would stay,and people who stayed had no way to get,a legal status here,so unauthorized population it built up,it built up it built up,there's a movement on one side to say,well we should create a path to,citizenship for those people most of,them,they're living here peacefully they're,working hard they're not doing anything,that's where i stand but there's people,who say look you know they broke the,rules we got to be harsh so we've been,arguing about that unauthorized,immigration,so viciously and i think we've lost,sight of the fact that you know we can,just create,legal pathways for people to come you,know some people will say,well my my grandparents my parents,whoever they they came the right way,they they didn't easy then exactly,and it's totally true so my,great-grandparents they came to this,country,at a time when there was no restriction,yeah my parents as well they just came,over from italy,yeah not that hard so good for them,right and so like yes like we should,have a legal process,for people to come we can have rules you,know try to make sure,you're like say you should be working,age right you should come here,get a job pay taxes you can't just like,come across and collect social security,yeah fair enough but obviously you're,okay with children,coming across as well like whether,they're adopted,once they get here or whether they come,here with their parents or,i mean we should make it possible right,yes we should make it possible that's a,great way of putting it and that's how,you can not have people,breaking the rules that's to me but you,know a lot of people on the right don't,see it that way now on the left,there's some folks you know people are,concerned about the environment,yeah i mean i'm concerned too i don't i,don't want to breathe polluted air i,don't want like cities underwater,uh but there's a strain of sort of,eco-apocalyptic thinking,you know where people say oh like we,can't handle it like only,degrowth is gonna is gonna save us and i,i just don't think that's right you know,i am bullish,on technology right we've got more and,more clean energy sources we've got,better and better electric cars,there's more stuff we can do with,electrification we need to take those,steps,but we can have a prosperous sustainable,society,that has plenty of people in it that has,high living standards,uh things like that so we don't need to,worry about that a lot of americans also,just,overestimate how many people are here so,a billion,sounds like a lot it's it's about triple,our current population,but that would give us the population,density of france,it would give us about half the density,of germany uh way less than half the,dens

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Calling Trump a toddler is an insult to my 2-year-old

Calling Trump a toddler is an insult to my 2-year-old

There’s a common sort of idea out there that Trump is a toddler, he’s a child,Acting like a toddler, having a major meltdown...acting as a child...the mind of a toddler...he’s,a giant toddler, and there’s nothing going around inside his head,And what people mean by that, I think,,is that he has poor impulse control.,Something the way he’s wired, where he can’t help himself...can’t seem to help himself...he,can’t control himself...he just can’t seem to help himself, Howie!,And it’s a way, it seems to me, of trivializing some of the wrongdoing that you see from Donald,Trump.,When he said to Billy Bush,,He’s not saying he doesn’t understand the consequences of his actions,,he’s saying that based on his experience,in life, there will not be consequences.,And that’s actually really different from a child’s perspective on the world.,A real toddler misbehaves all the time.,I mean, José, earlier this week, he stuck his foot in a serving bowl.,He sometimes likes to try to attack small birds at the park.,But if you explain the rules to him, he normally follows them.,It’s a constructive process.,And Trump is...old.,He’s been around. He's not learning.,Donald Trump is a man who has had a lot of different brushes with the law.,The very first time he appeared in the New York Times, it was because there was a federal,investigation into illegal racial discrimination in houses that he was running.,Soon after the election he paid a $25 million settlement for defrauding students at a fake,university.,The first time he tried to move beyond the real estate business, he had a casino in Atlantic,City, the Trump Taj Mahal.,He build the casino with a lot of loans, a lot of debts,,And in December of 1990, he comes to this moment of crisis where he doesn’t have the,funds to make the payment,,if he can't cover the interest.,So what happens is his father sends one of the family attorneys down in a car to Atlantic,City with over 3 million dollars.,And he has him go buy chips from the casino, giving cash to the Taj Mahal,So in effect, that’s a loan,And eventually, the New Jersey Gaming Authorities,ruled, and he had to pay a fine for it.,But if you look at the balance of considerations, right,If he hadn’t taken the illegal loan, he would have lost the whole casino.,With the illegal loan, he pays a fine, but it’s not that big of a fine, and he keeps,the casino.,And that’s basically the impunity lifestyle of Donald Trump: this calculated decision,was made that to break the rules would be better for Donald Trump, even if he got caught.,Looking for loopholes, and working with smart lawyers to find them is what you’re supposed,to do.,We have very much normalized a culture of rule breaking in American business,,And Trump is an extreme example of that, but extremes tell you something about what’s,going on beneath the surface.

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Is income inequality actually decreasing? | ft. Articles from Noah Smith & Matthew Yglesias

Is income inequality actually decreasing? | ft. Articles from Noah Smith & Matthew Yglesias

all right income inequality Noah Smith,Matthew Iglesias one says inequality,might be going down the other says,incumbent equality has been falling for,a while now,income inequality Talk of the Town,oftentimes from members of the left of,center community for good reason,incoming equality empirically isn't good,for a number of reasons uh and so,insofar as you can limit income,inequality to a reasonable degree with,taxing and spending and economic,structures that's probably a good thing,and so let's uh get a survey it looks,like of where income inequality is in,terms of how high it is how low it is,the structures of it,and what's perhaps been causing it to go,down according to Noah Smith so let's uh,and Matthew Iglesias so let's start off,with Noah Smith,one name you don't hear aloud these days,is Thomas piketti in 2013 the French,Economist burst into the popular,Consciousness with the publication of,capital in the 21st century the basic,thesis was that useless was that unless,extraordinary forces wore a massive,government action intervened capitalism,would naturally tend towards greater and,greater inequality that thesis is,summarized by the famous and pithy,formula are greater than G meaning that,if the rate of return on capital is,greater than the growth rate of the,economy as a whole inequality,mechanically increases in Kitty's,telling only the extraordinary,combination of the Great Depression the,New Deal World War II and Rapid post-war,growth managed to stay to save us from a,social collapse due to spiraling,inequality in the early 20th century and,now we're back in the danger zone here's,the famous graph with some labels I,added the top one percent share of,income depression and redistribution,here the first Gilded Age here War here,income inequality goes down down down,rapid economic growth and the second,Gilded Age where income inequality,appears to be going up quite a bit in,fact particularly going up in the U.S as,the U.S is the yellow line here,and this is looks like it ends in 2010 I,wonder if that's for a reason,the Kennedy's Book was perfectly time to,coincide with an explosion of leftist,political sentiment and popular unrest,in an age where everyone needs data to,back up their arguments the Kitty's,inequality numbers were something solid,and tangible that people could point to,and argue that capitalism was naturally,unstable and that the US was in a moment,of deep crisis progressives hammered,home the message of a second Gilded Age,in and day out day in and day out in,fact they are still hammering at home,Robert Reich former labor secretary,under the Clinton Administration,well-known Progressive today we're in,the second Gilded Age just like the,first when America's wealth was in the,hands of a few a conspicuous consumption,existed alongside homelessness and,hunger monopolies destroyed competition,money corrupted politics and government,slided sided with railroad Barons over,the workers,inside the econ profession meanwhile the,book sparked its share of fiery debates,the most dramatic moment was at the 2015,American economic Associated meeting,when paquetty suggested that his critics,were bought and paid for by the rich in,uh the more stayed forms of papers and,blogs economists found any number of,reasons to take issue with piketti he,ignored the costs of capital,depreciation he ignored the fact that,much of the income from Capital was,actually income from Land his theory,relied on some questionable assumptions,about savings rates Etc some even argued,that piketti data piketti's data itself,was unreliable,but essentially no one questioned that,inequality had risen a lot in the U.S,even if there was disagreement on the,exact amount,as long as income and wealth kept,getting less and less equitably,distributed,in the U.S academic criticisms of,Kitty's data in theory would remain well,academic although if you stalworth,Defenders of laissez-faire capitalism,insisted that inequality wasn't a,problem these arguments fell very flat,most people don't think that a society,can experience perpetually Rising,inequality without running into some,sort of major social problems so for a,number of years many of us thought very,hard about ways that inequality could be,curbed before it got completely out of,hand I was in that camp that wanted to,uplift the incomes of society's poor,members via cash benefits and faster,economic growth but anyway then an,interesting thing happened inequality,started going down a little bit the,plateau and slight decline of U.S,inequality first let's talk about wealth,inequality which tends to get a lot of,press in the U.S this is the type of,inequality that the new socialist,movement as well as left-leaning,economists like Gabriel zuckman have,tended to focus on the most as you may,have noticed stocks crashed this year,into a lesser extent house prices fell,too a stock crash will tend to hurt the,rich a lot more than it hurts middle,class and poor people since the rich,collectively

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Matt Yglesias And 1 Billion Americans | Chapo Trap House

Matt Yglesias And 1 Billion Americans | Chapo Trap House

foreign,moving on here,um let's go let's go in a different,direction now,um this is I want to return here this is,this is an excerpt from a new book,that's coming up that I wanna I wanna,dive into you with you guys I have not,read this yet I've been aware of this,book coming out for some time and my,number one question with it is what the, is this about and I'm hoping that,you know with with Matt and Virgil on my,side here we can we can force the,meaning of this,yeah we can get to the bottom of this,I'm talking of course about our put on,our detective caps it's our good friend,Matthew glacias who has a new book out,he has a new book out called,um one billion Americans the case for,thinking bigger and there is this in New,York Magazine we're not thinking big,enough we need one yeah one billion,that's too many what are you talking,about so is one million to not big,enough should I be thinking bigger than,a billion one trillion Americans I could,barely conceive of a billion I don't,think it's actually possible for a human,being to fully imagine a billion of,something guys I gotta tell you I don't,think there are enough chicken tenders,hypothetically possible on this planet,to feed a billion Americans,this is an excerpt of uh Maddie's new,book uh one billion Americans uh that,was a ran in New York Magazine last week,and uh like I said I I have only glanced,at this because like my uh just like,when I started to start reading it I,felt like you know a robot that had been,put in some sort of logic it sounds like,it sounds like he wrote this book after,getting into a long late night Twitter,feud with a third world maoist and now,he's just like upping the ante on the,other side saying oh you want you want a,a a a a dictatorship of the third world,proletariat in the United States well,guess what I think there should be a,billion Americans , you I mean I think it's like the,funny thing about Matt is that uh Maddie,uh rather is that he's uh he's worn a,lot of hats,um in the various books he's published,he's he's sort of he's he's done the,Garb of an expert in a number of,different topics and and Matt I think,you're right that this this book is sort,of an attempt to synthesize all of those,sort of like uh wonkish enthusiasms that,he takes up as hobbies to write it like,you know he was a defense policy expert,for a while then he was a housing expert,for a while he started out as a business,and markets guy for slave or,whatever,um so like this new book it's like that,old Daily Show Joe where all the,correspondence when they would do a,correspondence segment uh that was like,a talking head segment they would get,like you know like a a fake expert title,and it was always different every time,yeah like senior also by the lapod,analysis or whatever yeah right right by,the way um Chris when does this episode,come out like every episode we ever do,the same day that we record it like what,time I don't know like nine okay then,this isn't relevant,right I don't know maybe you Bill and,Ted is on sci-fi right now,but that's not this information isn't,going to be useful to The Listener First,Look say that for your only fans,please if you want to tell people on,your only fans what is on the TV that,you're looking at at the moment that,you're typing it and keep that ,there,all right okay all right fine all right,we're talking about the case for adding,672 million more Americans by Matthew,Iglesias like I said I I've I've not,read this yet I don't get it and I'm,just I'm hoping I need your guys help,here what to make of this what what,point is he is he like what what what's,going on here uh so I'm just going to,start reading here the United States is,not full in fact it is empty right now,the country has about 93 people per,square mile many many countries are far,denser than this and not just,city-states like Singapore or small,island nations like Malta South Korea,has 1 337 people per square mile and,Belgium has 976. if you tripled the,population of the United States adding,new Americans only to the lower 48 and,leaving Alaska and Hawaii intact and,unchanged the main part of America would,be only about as dense as France and,less than half as dense as Germany a,transformation on that scale is almost,impossible to imagine in large part,because of the American political system,has fallen into a state of torpor and,dysfunction driven by among other things,the absence of the shared sense of,purpose that once bound the national,experiment but while contemporary,politics is terrifying in certain ways,it has also opened up again the,possibility of goals and projects and,ideas probably the biggest opportunity,in a general station for new ideas to,take hold so here is one big one a,billion Americans this gives us a new,shared sense of purpose well because he,wants the Rocky Mountains to be as,densely populated as Queens,I I I think I think he's sort of trying,to give like a like a nationalist gloss,to like his sort of uh sort of yimby,urbanist

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Yglesias: intellectual crackhead - Unqualified Reservations - Mencius Moldbug (Curtis Yarvin)

Yglesias: intellectual crackhead - Unqualified Reservations - Mencius Moldbug (Curtis Yarvin)

matthew iglesias anatomy of an,intellectual crackhead,mencius moldbug december 6 2007,unqualified reservations,narrated by skeptical waves,matthew iglesias anatomy of an,intellectual crackhead i hasten to say,that i have nothing against matthew,iglesias though i have picked on him,before,perhaps my real problem with the man is,just that he's younger than me but also,more prominent than accomplished in any,case i'm sure iglesias is perfectly,pleasant in person although if he reads,this he may want to at least fantasize,about macing me,let's just hope he doesn't team up with,trifantalities,needless to say this crack thing will,come as a surprise to him it goes,without saying that a successful blogger,such as iglesias especially one with the,skills to get hired by a genuine party,organ such as the atlantic does not,think of himself as being a crackhead a,crack dealer a crackpot or in any way,shape or form involved with the crack,industry the crack rights lobby,grassroots crack organizations etc etc,etc intellectual or otherwise,oh no,iglesias is a fully paid member of the,reality-based community,of course if you or i were good friends,of iglesias people he met at an art,opening or a reception for frequent npr,guests or a cocktail party for the obama,campaign and we had all had a few drinks,or tooked up a little or whatever at,least enough to consider ourselves past,the usual public decorum of podenomy,agosh we could probably identify a few,individuals and institutions with names,you would recognize who while being very,much agosh really impeccably agosh not,even ghostly on gosh like al sharpton or,something do strike iglesias as a bit,acquainted with the cocaine badger or at,least it's progressive equivalent the,social justice badger perhaps,but iglesias is a moderate darn it he's,not one of these coast kids he knows,there's crack on his side of town he,just believes that he's not one of the,ones ingesting,of course how he can maintain this,belief while steam shoveling these piles,of snow up his beak is open to question,and indeed it is this very question we,shall answer today,do you imagine a iglesias in a sort of,npr malibu marin hot tub dream world,doing organic lines off a naturally,finished sustainable redwood coke plank,while beautiful in turns from yale,caress's shoulders and tell him about,their goals for environmental justice,regardless of the actual facts i feel,this is exactly how we must see him as,camus said one must imagine sisyphus,happy iglesias work as a shill for the,state will never be complete any more,than sisyphus will and if said state,isn't compensating him according to his,actual talents at darn well should be,the man is a top-notch writer for,cripe's sake,no i have no information at all about,iglesia's personal lifestyle and i'm not,sure he'd indulge in this sort of plural,pejorative drug humor but iglesias,definitely knows there is such a thing,as a progressive moonbat and he,definitely doesn't consider himself one,and there is certainly no possibility,that iglesias has just drawn the line,between pragmatic centrist and,progressive moonbat in the wrong place,that not only he but also almost all his,so-called conservative opponents are,best defined as progressive moon bats,and intellectual crackheads,why there is no possibility of such a,thing,the line always goes down the middle and,as long as you're in the middle you're,sane by definition not to mention sober,right,well okay maybe not right but i'm sure,iglesias has duly considered and,rejected this interpretation of his,pragmatic centrism after all he's a very,intelligent and obviously thoughtful,young man,i exaggerate of course,there really is no possibility that he,is an intellectual crackhead we are just,going to run a few tests just to be sure,first a definition,an intellectual crackhead is anyone who,happens to be engaged in the generation,incubation or dissemination of,intellectual crack,intellectual crack is any nonsense that,is widely and confidently believed by a,large population of full-grown adults,perhaps we can take this book as the,original bible of intellectual,crackology in which case intellectual,crack is just a snappy way to say,extraordinary popular delusion,there is only one procedure for dealing,with an intellectual crackhead,first identify him,second ignore him,third persuade others to ignore him,fourth if all these precautions fail see,if you can borrow some of his crack,because it must be awfully good stuff,being an intellectual crackhead is sort,of like being a zombie when the zombie,uprising happens you stop worrying about,zombie profiling if someone displays the,first sign of zombism exposed muscle,tissue oozing eyes partial amputations,etc etc you assume he or she is a zombie,and react accordingly you have two,categories zombie and non-zombie there,is no point scale for degree of zombie,nature or whatever it's a binary flag,note that this is exactly how normal,sensible educated people today think of,the

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Making It in the Online Journalism Biz | Robert Wright & Matthew Yglesias

Making It in the Online Journalism Biz | Robert Wright & Matthew Yglesias

hi matt,hey bob how you doing doing great how,are you,couldn't be better let me introduce this,i'm robert right you are matthew,iglesias,journalist prolific generator of takes,publisher of the slow boring newsletter,that's not a judgment it's the actual,name of the newsletter which we'll talk,about later,uh but first i want to talk about,another branding issue um,if all goes according to plan then by,the time this is posted which will be a,little more than a week after we're,taping it,the youtube channel that this appears on,will no longer be called,blogging heads,dot tv,a brand that is uh 17 years old,uh i started blowing heads tv in 2005,with mickey caos and greg dingle,uh rather,uh it will be called non-zero,and by the way that's your brand that's,my brand it's becoming i guess more so,that's the name of the newsletter i,publish,uh,i would i ventured to say it's not a,less inviting title than slow boring but,we can get into all this,uh and the uh if people have been,listening to us on the right show,podcast feed uh in the past,that will be called non-zero or strictly,speaking if you're looking for it in an,alphabetically arranged list robert,writes,non-zero so it'll be right before all,those,t podcasts that start with v,now um,i wanted to have you on well i i would i,would be happy to have you on at any at,any moment matt it's a trip down memory,lane,in this case it really is because i'm,someone who remembers what a blog is,there's that,uh and uh,and you remember what it's like to be a,very early blogging head because,you were,uh,the,second non-bob mickey,blogging head,uh,the we mickey and i guess did the first,dozen or two,with just the two of us then we started,branching out we our first guest was uh,eric umansky who is now pro publica was,in it slate i think,you were the next one wow,i didn't even realize that well i'll,tell you i just went back and looked at,our first conversation yeah and people,look at all the archives the easiest way,you can search youtube but the easiest,way is go to the site,click archives uh scroll down to,2005 ours is in january 2006.,and first of all let me say that,if you showed people this video and that,video,and asked them in which video i was,older they would get the answer right,yeah they would get that right you know,they would have a harder time with you,congratulations oh yeah you're not,timeless we've aged timeless and ageless,um but uh,these were primitive times,technologically now i don't know if you,remember this are you drinking is that a,starbucks coffee you're drinking right,now no it's a coffee from the coffee bar,or s street,spot another sign of how things could,have changed because i don't know if,you're you probably won't remember this,but,i,i've gotten in touch with you via your,blog yes which was called something like,matthew iglesias you've always you've,always devoted a lot of resources to,coming up with these,alluring names and um,i,uh you know invited you on but first we,had to figure out if there was a way to,get your computer record video because,folks laptops did not come with web,games and you probably don't remember,this we were in the starbucks on dupont,circle,and i was down in dc for some reason,yeah i had a sony webcam uh about the,size of a of a cinder block i know i,remember it well you were this was we,were really,i mean it was you but it was pushing the,limits of the technology because at that,time you couldn't record a video call,yeah right there were two separate,videos recorded in a somewhat ham-fisted,way we were talking on the phone right i,think to have the actual conversation,and then kind of,hacking it together x post to make it,seem like what we do now,right which is have a video call and,then just record it do it right,and uh,i i mean i still remember the morning,after having my coffee and thinking wait,a second you could do it this way,because this was the result people,didn't have broadband okay they had,these dial up isd but some people had,a version isdn or even a little bit of,you know but by and large you just,couldn't as you said you couldn't do,what we're doing now so i still remember,when i thought wait a second if you just,recorded each video locally somehow,splice them together and then greg,dingle is tech genius,uh handle the rest,so,i want to talk about,uh,whatever you want to talk about kind of,but certainly how things have,changed maybe reminisce a little about,the golden days of blogging yeah uh,which which this tapped into,uh,blogging heads because there was this,whole new species of journalists called,bloggers,and they weren't on cable tv they had,arden fans no one knew what they looked,like,uh except maybe through photos but,so one thing this did was uh,show people what they look like i mean a,lot of your early blogger friends ezra,klein ross dalton,and so on,uh,eli lake i don't know if you had a blog,per se but uh you know they were,megan mcardle,well wilkinson yeah will wilkinson was,an ear

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Matthew Yglesias: 'Digital Media Has Become Less Friendly To Trouble Makers'

Matthew Yglesias: 'Digital Media Has Become Less Friendly To Trouble Makers'

all right boys and girls we are back,with another edition of the federalist,radio hour i'm your host ben dominic you,can email us as always at radio,federalists dot com follow us on twitter,at fdr,lst i'm happy to be joined today again,by author and uh dc bureau chief of slow,boring,uh matt iglesias thank you so much for,taking the time to join us today,oh thank you for having me matt's latest,book is one billion americans,uh he is the host of the weeds uh at vox,but he's also someone who uh leapt,from those uh those sort of heights in,order to,enter the world of sub-stack newsletters,which are,so hot right now just like cancel yes,um matt i i have to ask you,why did you make the decision to do that,yeah uh you know i i got my start uh,long ago,in media as a blogger um as it you i,think,yes uh if i'm not mistaken you know and,i did that for a lot of years i was,blogging as a college student,i had a number of jobs at the american,prospect at the atlantic,at slate where i was primarily blogging,started vox with ezra klein melissa bell,other people who sort of had that,blogger background,and we started an institution and,eventually it really moved away from,that as a genre of content,and there were good reasons for that um,you know i think,totally reasonable ones and i also,fired myself from a management role,there,which i also had good reasons for i mean,this was long ago you know to sort of,just be a writer,but then i found myself in a certain,point,i was a founder of vox but i wasn't,managing,vox i wanted to mouth off on twitter all,the time,uh but colleagues if they disagreed with,me would be like oh you know you're like,it's like your name's on the door you,know so i was not,unreasonable i think for people there to,want me to act as,a you know institutional ambassador and,things like that but it's not really,what i wanted to do,i just kind of want to like do my own,thing and i saw these sub stacks taking,off,and they have a lot of the,old virtues of blogs as in our day,but they also have a business model,behind them,in a way that blogs did not so it was,very appealing to me to give it a shot,and you know a month into it it's gone,really well,i'm having a lot of fun i've got a lot,of subscribers i,spent a lot of time negotiating a deal,for myself with sub stack that turns out,to be less favorable,than if i just done the defaults so i,kind of really,wait wait tell me about that well so,okay so they've been doing a thing,i don't i don't know if i'm telling,tails out of school here um so part of,sub stack being so hot right now,is they got uh money together,to sort of do with select,people um financial sort of one year,financial guarantees that,reduce your your sort of downside risk,you know because i think my wife would,have killed me if i'd just been like,hey i want to quit my job and write a,newsletter,so it was good it was a bit it was a big,part of what made it possible,uh but then you know they the normal,stuff just anyone if you go sign up on,substance you can start a paid,newsletter,you do a 9010 split with some stack um,if they give you a sort of you know,advanced style deal,they take a bigger piece of the of the,back end so like i spent a lot of time,wrangling with them about the details of,it and stuff like that,uh but i actually have like a ton of,subscribers and i i would have,been better i should have just had more,confidence,so why do you think it is,that you you and your sort of particular,style of writing,because i think you definitely have a,style that is kind of recognizable,uh appeals to uh an audience,of that significance um in this moment,what do you think it is that sort of,it's like are people just longing for,the the blog level conversation of like,2006,like well i mean there's two there's two,aspects to it right,i mean part of what i think made me a,good blogger and i will,shoot my own horn and say it was good i,write a lot,you know and that's similar with,substance right so you're paying for,just one person's output so it's good,it's good for that person to be,productive but i am,also a um,i don't know i'm like an annoying person,i like to write,stuff that antagonizes people,and i mean that not for its own sake but,like to me,what is most interesting to do is to,make,trouble and i think that,digital media has become less friendly,to,troublemakers um i used to work at,slate and we made a lot of trouble there,like that was our whole thing,well you were you were there during kind,of the golden age of slate in fact i,would say when when the kind of making,trouble was kind of their business,you know right and that that was the,whole thing it was like slate's deal,was was making trouble i mean i remember,one time there was like a meeting there,and they were like,uh traffic's down like everybody's got,to come up with nuttier pitches,and so we we sat around and we got like,zanier stuff going,um that is really not the ethic of,vox but really it's not the ethic of the,current iteration of sla

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