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Yesux Yesux aux sang yawg yaw Maixà à,cài đặt để suy nghĩ về rùa rắn độc lên,ba nhưng xuyên suốt ở X

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Yesux Yesux aux sang yawg yaw Maix

à à,cài đặt để suy nghĩ về rùa rắn độc lên,ba nhưng xuyên suốt ở Xanh đeo mà mai bò,dáng bo lao Mai mua cho 3p vào chùa áo,khoác bò mài khó quên Khmer ở lát chả cá,ở quê mày cũng chờ vui cho ta mò vào dù,gmat taka mau lại anh like bom đèn chùm,đèn Pha Lê Hà,sao lưu và bài Bụi chờ gió nỗi nhà mai,trúc chờ gió để dù dù áo xanh độc để vui,đi chú ở xa nhau nhau mà mai mỏi là ngọt,ngào này màu chào 3p đợi chúa ai còn mày,khó quên gỡ mai họ ăn Đấy bác chả cá,thác tôi quên anh cũng chả của cho phạm,mòn vào chúa acman tin Chúng là cá bom,Ai ăn like chí ôm đầy chú lê lê lê đôi,nhà à,Ừ mai YouTube chờ đón Lê ha Lê nuôi ngày,mai rút lui nhà bài của chờ cho à,Cô Đôi nhà bài Bụi chờ gió à,ừ ừ,ừ ừ

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Count Yawns using Facial Keypoint Detector | AI for Fun Series

Count Yawns using Facial Keypoint Detector | AI for Fun Series

hi youtube,due to the ongoing pandemic and health,issues we could not put up,any video in the past two months but now,we are back and we will try to keep,bringing you content on a regular basis,last time we saw how we can use a facial,key point detector model,to track the key points of our eyes and,to give us a beep whenever we blink our,eyes,it was a fun use case to do and in that,video i mentioned,that we can use the same technique or,the same model,to do another use case which is to count,how many times did we yawn in a given,session,so in this video we're going to discuss,that same use case,it would be a nice continuation from the,previous video since we would not have,to modify,our code too much so let's,go to our code and check what all,modifications will we have to do,for this new use case so in our last,video,we had this index.html which was the,main page,of our project and we had this,controller.js which had all the,controlling logic,for the deep learning model which,basically,detects the facial key points we also,had this index.js which,had all the logic which we had written,and which is our business logic,and we also had some other files which,we used,uh to build that project but,we don't we will not be needing uh,variables to store two distances because,earlier we were tracking,the blinking of our eyes but now we're,just we we will just be concerned,with uh our mouth so let's just check uh,on the mesh map uh to see which points,we will be using,in in our project you would remember,that we had used this,map earlier and we had figured out,which points we will be using uh,for our purpose so we'll do this we'll,do the same exercise this time,as well and we'll just zoom in to the,area,which is of our concern,so here we can see that point number 12,13 14 and 15 seem to be of our use if we,want to use the averaging logic which we,used previously we can take a pair,of points such as 38 and 268,and 82 and 200 sorry,86 and 316 so let's see what works best,but,basically we'll be using the distance,between,the upper lip and the lower lip to track,whether we are opening our mouth,more than a certain extent or not to,track um,yawns so let's see what all things do we,need to modify,in our code so this is the code in its,previous state,from our blink detection project,and we'll just go ahead and remove all,the unnecessary things,so we would not be needing two uh,variables to store our readings so we'll,remove one and i'm removing,the right eye and you can might as well,remove left i with no issues,i had also added a couple of more,functions to track,uh to just vary threshold on the page,so these functions basically deal with,that,let's just open this html file once and,check and i'll show you real quick,what modifications that i made up make,after the video,okay there is my face and so i basically,added,uh like a slider threshold so that i can,vary the threshold,itself and you can see if i vary the,threshold uh too much,in the wrong direction the computer will,start beeping,even if i have my eyes open so,that deals with that and this check,button basically deals with putting this,space mesh on and off,so yeah that's and uh the all the other,things,stay the same so let's just remove,what we don't need so we'll remove this,and um,smoothing is fine we don't need,two lines on our chart so,we will remove that we will remove one,of the lines which is,the right eye so let's remove that,okay and we need not,have right eye right eye goes,then this part also goes because this,deals with,right eye and this condition,goes away this,okay so we have removed everything which,deals with right eye right that's cool,so now let's see what changes do we need,to make in our index.html,clearly we don't need we want to change,the,project title,um,number of yawns,using facial key point,detection model,cool and yeah,we might also want to add a,tag which will basically,uh keep a track of the,yawn counts so we will just call that,beyond tag,and we will just,have a default string which,will appear on the page when the home,page is open,which can be yawn,once counted,is equal to zero yep,so that's that's it and we can maybe,call this,have this as an h3 tag okay,so everything else can remain same,because we don't want to,we don't need anything else to change,basically,instead of alarm threshold maybe we can,have,just threshold because we don't have we,will not be having an alarm,this time cool um,so we can save this and go back to our,we don't want to change anything pretty,much in the controller.js because,this is standard code for the facial,keyboard detection,and we've just added um you know one,hook,within this uh whole file which will be,this call processing function uh which,will basically take,the code to index.js and that's all we,want to do in this file,so we need not change anything basically,in this one,okay let's get back to uh index.js,and we will start writing our business,logic,to countions so predictions xval,uh threshold re

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oh my gosh okay what who made this list,people are always wondering what is the,best Las Vegas hotel to go to and I have,my top five hotels that I go to in the,hotels that I wouldn't go to but I kind,of want to review another person's idea,of the top hotels and see if that's,actually something I agree with so,here's my take on tripadvisor's top 10,Las Vegas hotels of 2022. okay so I'm,excited to see this list you guys I've,never actually fully like thoroughly sat,through and reviewed the list so these,are just my first impressions reactions,to this list so starting at number 10 we,have the Paris Hotel so this is number,10 and best value of 365 places to stay,in Vegas and it has 37 000 reviews as of,December 2022 and if that is number 10,I'm just curious to see what is ahead,because I actually like the Paris Hotel,I think it's very Monumental and it,actually has great value in rooms and,attractions so to be honest I thought it,would be a little higher than number 10,but if you do decide to stay there you,can't go wrong with it I promise it's a,great Hotel lots of amenities you just,really get the Vegas feel it has a Great,Buffet great shopping it's connected to,Planet Hollywood or super close to,Planet Hollywood I think it's actually,connected to Bally's but great location,on the Strip as well so yeah that's,coming to number 10 I'm really excited,to see what's ahead but okay let I don't,know I personally feel like that should,be higher but let's get to the next one,okay so number nine is the Vdara Hotel,and Spa and I've never actually stayed,there I I need to do that in 2023 I need,to stay at the door but that one I,believe is located right next to the,cosmo so I definitely see why that is on,there and I have a feeling I know where,this list is going so yeah again I feel,like that's a nice hotel too like great,location great shopping great,restaurants and the Madara I believe is,more like condo style so definitely get,a bang for your buck that one has 20,984 reviews so yeah I'm really curious,like if that's number nine we probably,have some really really good hotels,can't go wrong with staying there if,you're looking at the Madara can't go,wrong either okay number eight number,eight is the Luxor okay you guys are,going if you guys don't know my biggest,background story all that you guys have,to watch some other videos and I know,this kind of sounds crazy but I've,actually never stayed at the Luxor,because I've always thought of it as an,older hotel and it's on like the old,part of the strip so for this to be at,number eight it's definitely a place,that I'm gonna have to go visit and,check out in the new year because I'm,kind of Blown Away that this is above,the Paris hotel but let me know if you,guys have stayed at the Luxor do you,think it should be on higher than the,Paris Hotel I feel like location,the Paris Hotel would beat it out but I,know it's older it has history has a lot,of attractions there so,yeah and I did not know it's all,inclusive huh okay we're gonna have to,check that out in the New Year okay so,going on to number seven oh my gosh okay,what who made this list I guess it's,based on value so I'm gonna have to like,be okay with that,I do not agree with this at all if it's,based on value and prices we'll go with,this but number seven is the Excalibur,I've stayed there before and it's not my,cup of tea but it is very entertaining I,could say again it's on the older part,of the script so it's near the Luxor and,Mandalay Bay they do have that one,restaurant where you put the Hat on or,they did and like they write stuff on it,and they like make fun of you and stuff,and they do have a lot of attractions,it's just very much old Vegas very smoky,inside and yeah I don't know if it,deserves number seven TripAdvisor like,who is coming up with this and it only,has 21 000 reviews I don't know if I was,you I would personally skip out on that,Excalibur and stay somewhere else check,out one of my videos from before but,yeah,I don't know about the Excalibur,personally personally personally okay,moving on to number six okay,okay number six another one I haven't,stayed at and I believe they're actually,either tearing this whole down down or,redoing it but it is the Mirage great,Historic Hotel 31 000 reviews I don't,know if this trumps the first two I,don't know if it trumps Paris and I,don't know if it trumps vadara,personally I just I don't know I know,I'm talking to you guys from my bedroom,and if you guys haven't seen my other,Vegas videos you're probably like what,the heck girl but I don't I don't know,about the rods jumping it I'm literally,kind of Blown Away right now I'm like,what are they talking about I got it,okay I gotta get there I'm pretty sure,they're redoing the Mirage we'll come,back to this in a second but okay let's,keep it going number five is the,Venetian now we're talking now we're,talking Venetian is one of my favorite,hotels ever rooms are huge they have the,canal right they have great sho

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what's up guys anime handle is here and,today I have a special treat for you,guys this is Wow a Japanese candy,subscription service by the Japanese,sweets & snacks media company mog mog,basically they send you out Japanese,themed candy boxes with different themes,every month for a price ranging from 15,to 35 dollars per month depending on,whether you get in an small medium or,large box so they sent me out a review,box to test out some of these candies,and kind of get my thoughts on the,service to see if it's kind of worth it,to get you one of these wow boxes now if,you do end up wanting to get one I have,a discount code down in the comments and,description where you can use my,discount code to get a discount on your,first box now these boxes come straight,from Japan it says it on it has on the,shipping label it's from Tokyo Japan so,that's kind of neat it's kind of cool to,just get something things a pan and you,know cause it's like the box came a long,way so it's like it's kind of dope go,ahead this box alright so I finally got,this box open I forgot to tell you the,three different themes that you could,choose from right now I think are fun,and tasty Kauai and beauty,and classic anniversary wild locks now,this is the fun and tasty wild box so,we're gonna get up into this just when I,give another thing to wild box for,sending this out alright alright so,March 2016,Wow box March 2016 and it has like the,nutrition facts for everything inside,this box in case in case you would,happen in case you care about that type,of stuff I'm not really you know I'm I'm,gonna eat it all right now some bubble,in there just to make sure everything's,okay alright so there's a lot of stuff,inside this box as you can see none of,this stuff has today there's barely any,English on these on these I can good,evening,I'm gonna just take these out and then,decide,beside which ones we're gonna be using,some of them have like English riding on,them this is like caramel corn I don't,know if this is like some little noodle,type type stuff like oh this is like,hockey team Gert it's like oh no and we,got to start trying some of this stuff,right now,all right so you wanna start off let's,start off with a drink,I don't know if this thing I I feel like,it's gonna it was me it was it was made,to to that's how that's I think,that this will be okay to drink because,they want its ended if it's not okay to,drink it smells like lemon it's like it,says it's T plus yogurt so it's like I,smelled a yogurt inside of here later,all right,i'ma drink,I,it's like tea and yogurt combined it's,like I taste the yogurt and I taste the,tea it tastes better once it goes down,so dude this is pretty dope like I'm,just nervous trying some of this stuff,all right what's the other one is you,want to try the splatoon a protein,flavor at once oh it's us some more rap,candy inside of here it's like it looks,like a warhead it almost,that's it pretty good,then you crunch them down this is good,you ever go to Japan or you ever get a,wild box,he's 14 one super good next let's try,like he's like he's like hot fry hot fry,type of deal things like they're pretty,it looks like how America's you have my,Cheetos or something I thought it would,I must smell a lot of this stuff before,I like probably it it looks like a,Cheeto like,has the same texture in life,the aftertaste is good but like the,initial flavor Thomas you were like,flavor just don't get it later hmm,all right let's try this uh this grape,flavor it's like a green break that,looks like feels like the texture of,like a licorice or something like that,let's go ahead eat try this oh snap oh I,think it's like tap me or something it,doesn't smell smells like I don't know,it's lovely,tap yes it has like white white in the,middle it's like green,hmm,let me take another bite just tastes,like a weak tie see what this tastes,like,here's like a weird taffy it's not that,bad though not that bad and let get to,those since it's like the biggest thing,I thought this is like a chocolate a,chocolate thing it's like,like a crunch bar almost like a zebra,it smells like it smells like a you know,like Pete Reese's peanut butter things,like,and just tastes like our lunch more I,was like a weird just like a weird lunch,mom like what is it all there's candy,inside of here peppermint gum Church,pepper mix that you have time to buy it,it's not like a bite type deal that's,like hard shoes taste like nope nope,flavor,those are good because it has like a,glass would like a beer King one might,be that oh yeah,smells like root beer it's like the,little beard gummy things this is a,start,these aren't bad they're like no those,puffs bird things that we sell around,holiday time wait what,it's otherwise it looks like so I guess,I'm gonna just like eat the sugar powder,that's in here with a spoon it tastes,pretty good I must see if this ugly,little crunchy snack thing is what they,look like,we another take,I'm not feeling these that much,jawbreakers type l

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NARUTO STORM 4: SASUKE Uchiha PLAYABLE Characters - Which FORM is Best

NARUTO STORM 4: SASUKE Uchiha PLAYABLE Characters - Which FORM is Best

what's good with my ninjas enemy on this,year with a storm for discussion nice,ascii and Chia he's in the game but,considering that there's a lot of,different variations of Sasuke that,we'll have to choose from when we,actually get a hold of the game when I,say that I mean we have Sasuke chapter,689 we got Sasuke an actual character is,confirmed a playable character not a,costume,sasuke from naruto the last movie the,one with the bandages EGC so and then,speculation was I'm I'm thinking that,they're gonna put Sasuke from boruto,naruto the movie in the game considering,we just got news that boruto and sora de,will be playable characters as their,forms from voting arts for the movie so,we got oh and sarra de from the board to,a movie that has yet to come out so why,wouldn't they throw in sasuke who was,borrachos tutor in that movie so,definitely high possibility that,boruto movie sasuke will be in there so,those are the three versions the last,and boards of the movie sasuke so my,question is who will be the best Sasuke,to use and not so storm for thinking,from the Naruto universe perspective not,really in a gameplay aspect but really,like who is the best Sasuke out of all,those three use knowledge from the,series to basically come to my,conclusion that's what I'm using I'm,using knowledge from the series so let's,start off with Sasuke chapter alright so,Sasuke saw him in the trailer he's,basically the flagship Sasuke,for the game considering he's like yeah,the flagship Sasuke so we saw him in the,trailer he has the Rinnegan in his left,eye it's fairly new to him so he really,isn't that accustomed to using the new,Rinnegan powers but he still knows how,to use some powerful techniques as we,saw in this storm for a trailer where he,used the actual meteorite falling from,the sky I'm not really sure if he used,the teleportation,technique that he got from his,we attained renege on I have to look,back through the combos to see if they,use that but he definitely has perfect,Susanoo which is definitely something,very powerful and he's definitely in a,bad already state has the Massa rocks,and stuff like that alright so let's,move on to Sasuke the last,so this Sasuke appears two years after,chapter so this is a two year older,Sasuke than the previous Sasuke so two,years went by after chapter seven,hundred Sasuke has lost an arm and he,refused to replace it with a jetsam arm,so now he's rocking one arm yes people,he's a swordsman with one arm he wears,the bandages he wears the baggy clothes,so he has the Rinnegan almost I can say,that he definitely has mastered his,newly attained techniques considering,that this is two years after we even saw,him in action in the knocks of the last,movie where he shattered that meteor,coming from the sky with one blow with,the Chidori and then he vanished out of,nowhere using his Rinnegan ability to,teleport so this Sasuke definitely is,more experienced and using the Rinnegan,techniques than the chapter 700 Sasuke,considering that he's had time to mold,his abilities and basically make them,freak so that Sasuke is definitely a,powerful character and we definitely,have to be on the lookout for him to be,playable and storm for because he's its,own character we might get a new move,set you know the move said looks the,same we might get some new stuff in,there so definitely keep your eye on,gnar to the last Oscar alright so for,the speculation character,Sasuke from boruto dinars for the movie,he's an adult character he has a child,sorta at the moment of this movie and he,I would say that he is quite rusty in,terms of battle battle readiness I could,say because it is shown in an art so,guiding on the seventh Hokage scarlet,spring month that Naruto and Sasuke are,clearly rusty when they're fighting the,villain in that,and they let a lot of stuff slip by them,that they normally would have not let,happen if they were actually not as,rusty as they were because Sasuke is not,really battling anyone anymore he's just,watching over the village Naruto being,Hokage he really doesn't battle that,much so they're just chilling making,sure the village is in good shape not,really battling some immense type of,enemies as they did before the time,skips oh yeah cuz but thinking smartness,wise I think this Sasuke is definitely,the wisest considering he's he's been,through a long time compared to the,other two versions he's the oldest so,definitely with age comes that wise sort,of nature he I mean his abilities,definitely are like way more events than,they were from an hour to the last and,Sasuke chapter 700 because it was stated,in the manga that Sasuke said he,actually learned how to teleport to,kavita's dimension so that takes like an,immense of type of knowledge of your,abilities that do so he's definitely,perfect I want to say / I can't say,perfected but he's definitely got into a,higher higher high tier level of using,the Rinnegan considering that he said he,teleported acharya is dimensioned he's,on some li

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SUAB HMONG COMMUNITY: Jay Xyooj lub koob tsheej hriav kev xaiv tsa 06/08/2018

SUAB HMONG COMMUNITY: Jay Xyooj lub koob tsheej hriav kev xaiv tsa 06/08/2018

yonder on de nuke town in ji-sook,o-katsu Vinci Columbia amantani hot,odontology huh,rashanda inca e mono joshandem,manila taal into antigua you know cool t,energy at kujaku to insulate cocoon,mantra graph will pay to little Chino,till tonight absolutely come on Omaha go,to one Jason elements like War II to,house representatives or windows in,portion is I know my own LTE Yosha,kangaroo issue Bank Angola ha ha cha cha,cha cootie Mitchell monk told Takata to,know ye o pancali my young Chicago,e or shortly ciao you know mental,Malucci lord transyl yet,I thought funky analogy sorry to genome,josh adkins Alpha fraternity utility,oncology loser,nacho Cano soprano how your furniture to,nucleus a Jong un año de la Pietra QT p,capuchin monkey nutrition is a nor the,menorah sutra Tortola who energy society,to no Kuni no hemocyanin pombe atacama,kamila Shiho Timon Pumbaa Krakatoa,Cassini boom,more sumo Eurodollar to try to sue,Lacandon or a coup Congo Hojo Pedro Mota,watch a taco McCamey Lucia Tamang pocket,now total endow even RTG Wanaka me from,nature Chang a cootie shot attention and,you control Itachi ever had a mentos,Dollar saloon bombast atomic a militia,term open bar and you know your miss,Jana,hakuna hoonjae song cor 2:2 mas ANCA,little cloud or state representative,newton-john sang a sign or man or bait,alternate 16 Chang energy upon him so,what Latour Kong Balu tones our guru,summer campaign you'll try to clean,water Zhang Zhang Liu Bei the pneumatic,comical Toto and the Pekerman democrats,a good word to tea was the,representation a contradiction be,generally good but they're not,super-happy to toss away senator from,her,representing Fuli council member dr.,congresswoman Betty McCollum,representative Jimmy doctor fan ha / -,no - ting ting,monitor monitor sha ha ha Oh Kim Jong,heartily good for the bank to open Toto,hongo oculata to shortly Hamza,Li Chen Ying ko Jinyoung mija at aquatic,are you to talk Masha aha Manju tapas in,shorter time when new ship or 13 to,country a koala you have all the shooter,bow hatchet and a year at all,ludo local William the represent borscht,or attend to cleaner popular channel,decoded water Hornet or coalition cocoon,bam puppy to achieve macaque accord the,gentler the opponent at all Luke or even,dupa to state representative shown in,chance Anatole chanted English Yugi,Santa you know go to the clinic lordship,advantage Beijing hello,sure electro Puckerman site much a new,no good rotten auravie more general,manager Kadena traveler Ssangyong,Korando human yet mucho mucho,a cotton cotton or a,he's a janitor lu lu : do you two know,Kubasaki me turn on the vanity a minute,remote control Sam be a tomato for sure,la bomba Taku,- mom - no yeah kind of fanpage,and a good looking at of and I sat,down with equal who Naruto pang a shaky,condo or tena koutou King jacuzzi in,Turkey candy cocky your bottle to,Hokkaido be there are basically on a,game that could the King coochie coo coo,bay to cake on under Muslim hatch italic,or more language on Rocco velu Jesus on,opening asana Hamelin dunno happy had,set up a missing,heito isaku sound or tote and roto,eternity green channel energy the Torah,but Chang on delegate open bar report,our Timon yet Portola on Sunday at all,taco to come to you or misrata Jonah,yeah bit more mature Claire go hollow to,condo that you may occur due to England,owe me two thousand G commit protocol, taleh who sang or church or Sherman,some news high-energy me junior aloo,business guitar chenggang page blow,torch on top a consumer genetic Denis,Chang Coutinho no Babu Harper to,illusion more about the picture try a,clinometer in Telugu Sumitra at the,table a coup d'etat major transfer,signature memo me Lou,Sadler meaning me Lucy hull,poor thing punch uppity so much of the,talk to tally your me the manager,meeting some poor channel or who taught,Roku to Setauket o GE pay or he may he,also was she in no kunda info a chief or,house calm as she mache Kaluga website,Dungy for house calm good Mahanta shot,and may your thoughts aku ha modular who,to boot so ugly,no mama Papa go to the lounge a shamanic,us they represent another how Lou House,District dr. sham be large another how I,see st. Paul,you know cassava and jó napot oh good,choice I town jail I move to stay,represent jalapa jacket motifs in,general more little shorter how to,assign our Lumumba - Alana Rocha I owe a,lot of pop or market solution of Jaco -,okay cool ooh term they bet your house,representing more Ocean City that's not,sure they are talented she sang a key or,a state represented walk away to a,Kinokuniya pockemon democratic we'll,take a loop tell type on my Aloha Lindo,a ticket on or any Ava's gonna try to,move Takuto Louise the vertical plow,awesome holiday Shabbat so good ito yung,pay another hallelujah district how,North Minneapolis College internship,layer cui zhongshi Achaia,Kunta I coach Ilan yet I'll remove topic,or pollute the city of Minneapolis,she's telling the chinchilla online your,McLean loot

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El Sasuke | Online Ranked Ep. 1 (Naruto Storm 4 Ranked Gameplay).

El Sasuke | Online Ranked Ep. 1 (Naruto Storm 4 Ranked Gameplay).

oh nice haha way that way,tim is extremely powerful I see let's do,it though,Oh hold that grab and what that he not,to support children,her,this man is most vampires grow,hold up,look,cool,this man has no loss,Oh,kazoo,come the on number in this man ,out of here I chipped down with me,rolling around the shoot as good with,school was good,No, 00,Oh,who are you summon a boy Oh whole,dish so mmm yet its kind I have no,choice this man or it's a lot,sorry for your record Brooke please,yourself you're gonna wake gotta stop,them fast,oh you got around you got going around,all right, autos coen brothers fine with that,you almost got hey boy oh boy you hella,close to losing hella close to losing,you lost boy get the out my,feet it's over for you son,oh nice grab but to lose at this point,I'm just doing that last minute ,before you take this l the ,slice your 100% ratio,got Sasuke tobirama and are we all right,I think this kid is recording a ranked,episode aside let's have a nice match,this man is recording a rink of us over,I don't have my Mike Tindall this is,like Sean no,Oh,you wash boy,all good ,and it ships,Yetta sky,ah,oh nice haha belay that Wayne bet haha,that was funny boy no stop ,sending you invite dude no offense I'm,gonna fight I wanted,Oh,he,we only randomly,Oh,it is absolute,you,oh go get away we don't know,but no world thank you sir,I nice match me a game even though,you're fighting,it,early,00

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i'm going to give you guys some free,real ninja insights on naruto storm for,these are valuable insights coming from,your boy anime analyst just think of,them as free chicken samples at the mall,fan chapter one let's go the save replay,feature from Naruto generations is,making me return and now our tow storm,for you know that little notification,meaning that came up to ask you if you,want to save this battle please click,yes or no and then you have the little,librarian you brought the little token,this to be able to save your,replays even though we got finessed,because why do you need tokens to, save your replays but whatever,that is making a return and now just on,for I really don't see the purpose even,though it's less stressful because we,have the share button now and you know,how everybody uses the share button we,got all these share button and youtubers,on the share button gangsters oh and,these streets so we got we,already got a lot of people using the,share button but you know hey they just,do the replay feature back in there even,though we already have the share button,but you said I probably would have,enjoyed that feature more if it was in,Naruto revolution armor break well the,armor brake system and naruto storm for,it's actually more detailed than we,actually thought it armor break is,unique for each and every character from,what I've seen from the gameplay so that,means like each character they look,different battle damage that it's not,just some generic battle damage that,happens to each character like a few,scratches and a certain piece comes off,every character has like a unique a,armor break that makes it look kind of,raw though Roz one that I've saw seen so,far is probably kisame because he,actually gets his holy akatsuki cloak,taken off and he just looks like some,raw fish man from uh from a, yugioh Carter so no no what I'm,trying to say is armor break as raw as,hell and I really didn't know that we,unbreak on beer also especially my boy,Toby around with the armor break with,the blue tape a navy suit underneath the,arbor that go look raw most of you,already know this but the new particle,effects and like a little miscellaneous,a terrain effects some shits are,actually pretty raw actually like very,clearly saw,that was wrong when I saw on some,new gameplay that minato when he spins,around and does the Rasengan at a minute,oh he actually has like a streak of blue,chakra coming from the Rasengan that,spins around with them so that kind of,shows like the movement of chakra chakra,is not just some stiff ass a,energy it's like it actually moves,around when you move the so it,actually looks cool I think that are the,crease sound effects know why because I,was looking at some new game play of,course and I saw that when Rock Lee was,kicking somebody's ass like these kicks,like and then was giving them kicks out,and like it actually sounded like a,legit high quality kick sound it didn't,sound like some generic and I should,actually sounded like somebody was,getting like kicked and like some high,quality Taekwondo game or some like,that team awakenings are making a debut,an hour to a stone for this is exclusive,to naruto and sasuke right now the,Kurama no AKA kurama encased in the,Susanoo is the only team awakening that,would be an archos going for so you can,expect to see a ring that's Naruto,Sasuke old p as hell combo just because, want a team awakened and,she that cool around my go also I'm,going to make a little public service,announcement if you buy this that's an,instant l that's just an L I've been,seeing a new trend and in our top games,where I saw on Abbey jumps can actually,they're throwing in a whole bunch of,people in these team secret techniques,that aren't even on your team like we,saw with the Hugo ultimate 22 even,though it's only three people in your,team hiashi comes out and actually helps,the Hyuga clan with the air palm,whatever that was also it's been,and shown in the be jumped at the,jinchuriki have a team ultimate you too,and they're costly every team ultimate,you to sit there can only be three,people on the team that means that,random other are just,jumping in and the,the battle and yo cut scene and just,helping out so I mean I guess that's a,new thing they're doing I'm calling it's,warm secret techniques though I mean it,looks cool regardless i'm already care,but one last thing ren bout useless as, what the what the that,play what's going on people I'm analytic,I got some new game faces on for kind of,various attitude,play ain't tobirama was even in here's,our school,it is kind of works I think there's,right there so this should be pretty,much,these are dummies

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