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Twitter Employees Shocked Getting Fired After Not Workingpurchase Twitter for 44 billion dollars,he


Updated on Jan 12,2023

Twitter Employees Shocked Getting Fired After Not Working

purchase Twitter for 44 billion dollars,he inherited a company that had not,turned a profit for eight of the past 10,years they were having trouble,attracting new users they're having,trouble,the revenue,now that it's a private company but,analysts have been able to piece,together an assessment from the,company's last regulations and musk's,public statements,s p data showed that Twitter had less,than 600 million dollars in net debt,before the Takeover talks now post,acquisition they have 13 billion dollars,in debt and that's a major burden on,their shoulders,the company last year generated just,over 630 million dollars in operating,cash flow while this new debt could,potentially swell its interest payments,to more than one billion dollars a year,that's a lot of money that they have to,pay down with cash and where are they,going to find that cash just one week,after taking over the company,suffered a massive massive drop in,Revenue and was losing over four million,dollars a day the journal has reported,that a number of big advertisers,analysts have pointed to this you know,being a significant decline in Revenue,as major companies leave over concerns,over what's the the future of the,business model what's the vision under,musk to make ends meet musk has moved,quickly to slash cost chat including,country company staff by half chat chat,why is everybody plugging watching,filings showed Twitter had 5 500,full-time employees at the end of 2020,and 7500 a year later based on the,company's most recently disclosed median,pay figure the layoffs of about 3 700,people could save Twitter roughly 860,million dollars,15 of Twitter's 5.57 billion dollars in,costs and expenses last year analysts,have noted that this could do more harm,than good because some of the companies,engineers and developers and marketers,are heading out the door the billionaire,owner has also been trying to add,subscription Revenue with the Twitter,blue service,users a blue verified check mark if they,pay 7.99 a month it's unclear whether,there's enough demand for that people,living jobs subscription revenue is,potentially a new outlet I generally,think with every with big emerging tech,companies there's going to be a lot of,bad weeds in your uh Workforce because,of uh just just how it is this is my own,opinion okay and and there's a lot of,survivorship bias result based analysis,and you think that everybody's good at,their job because the company successful,overall right but I think it's very,important in these in these times to,make a layoffs for people that aren't,actually good and it's okay to to,downgrade and and start from another,Point Break It Down restart that was it,older people are losing jobs okay that's,that's the real world people get hired,for a job maybe they're giving me,they're not after some after long it,loves a lot of analysis they get fired,they get another job on to you,what what do people feel like people are,entitled first of their entire life,regardless of their performances,a new opportunity to make up for the,revenue that's been lost amid the recent,Advertiser accidents in an all hands,meeting with Twitter staff on November,10th musk warned that bankruptcy is a,possibility for the company analysts and,academics it's a competitive world of,capitalism okay you get paid for a,service you get paid for something not,good at it you might get you might you,might get lit off and you might run out,of a job it happens okay people say oh,I'm loyal to my company no you are not,you're lying you shouldn't be,loyal and you're not and they're not,loyal to you either okay do you do you,really think that if the company is,having problems paying their bills and,they're like yo dude what I mean really,we're having some troubles right now man,are you loyal I really think a half half,your uh half your salary and continue,working for us realities you know what,we're gonna say no no,because you know what you're worth it,and you know what happens when they have,to cut costs right you know what we're,gonna do they're gonna fire you that's,it you want to service done you can do,that service you're done,it that's just how it works,there's no loyalty in business that's it,stop being a loyalty stop being loyal to,companies and employers they don't give,a about you don't give a about,them either boom these Financial,challenges continue to mount there could,be other options he could raise Equity,uh he could buy back debt from lenders,potentially at a very deep discount in,the event that the company does going to,Banks the more loyal you are to,companies and businesses the more of a,liability you are to yourself this,is not musk's preferred option,and that likely means that those funds,will be entirely wiped out,um what direction hello Felix try making,your own World Cup bracket predictions,healing Pac-Man,Monday in the life of Twitter employee,welcome to a day in my life as a Twitter,employee so this past week went to SF,for the first time at a Twitter

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Is Elon Musk Killing Twitter? | xQc Reacts

Is Elon Musk Killing Twitter? | xQc Reacts

I couldn't have been more wrong when,Elon Musk took over Twitter I was,convinced there really wasn't a lot he,could do to make it worse,absolutely slapped me around here and,spit in my face letting me know that no,it always could get worse I already made,a video talking about it's eight dollars,a month for the check mark on Twitter,his verification his pay to win opinion,scheme where you can pay eight dollars a,month to have your check mark and you,get priority in the search and replies,and all that I already talked about that,at length the main thing the main,takeaway there is I just find that to be,really embarrassing to publicly display,that you pay for a service like Twitter,is more shameful than letting people,know that you pay for furry porn so I,just thought that would be a little Boy,Scout badge people would always point,and laugh at you for and that was the,worst thing about it I just thought it,was silly especially because you don't,even get an ad-free experience you're,paying eight dollars a month and he says,you only get half as many ads which is,just a fat L imagine paying a monthly,subscription and still getting ads yucky,but today Elon Musk actually made a much,more concerning announcement regarding,this new program where if you don't pay,eight dollars a month for Twitter if you,try and use Twitter for free as it's,always been you're basically Shadow,banned at least that's how it sounds,coming,um,don't pay eight dollars your tweets will,be suppressed by an algorithm I'm not,making this up yourself from his,mouth your replies aren't really going,to be seen he says verbatim you'll have,to scroll far to see unverified users,which sounds like going forward you'll,need to cough up eight dollars a month,in order to have a voice to anyone with,their brain even remotely functioning,properly you'll recognize this is the,exact opposite of free speech which he,claims to Champion for the platform but,I'm just going to publicly beg all Elon,Musk meet writers to hop off his ,for just a check maybe it's still free,speech though but a few seconds here put,away your little sausage fingers before,writing your comment about how upset you,are that I insulted your savior and just,listen just join me on a magic school,bus ride through this absolutely,terrible idea and why this is such a, outrageous program so how do you,prevent the use of the n-word we should,be able to figure out the software how,to moderate this and prevent that from,happening is that true or not what I'm,trying to achieve with this sort of,enabling everyone to be payment verified,with with Twitter blue is to try to get,as many people payment verified as,possible it's only eight bucks a month,um although for some people that were,complaining about that and these are,people who pay more with the net for,their latte Elon was asked his strategy,for combating his speech racism again,that was really a touch though holy ,him usually Elon musky yeah if something,things are pretty good about the general,population that was really a touch,autism all that and he brought up the,payment subscription plan as a way of,fighting against it but I wanted to,highlight let me know,come,yay no this part here where he Compares,this the price of a Starbucks latte to,the subscription plan because he loves,this one this is for some reason like,his Smoking Gun he's already posted this,dank meme it's all in a certain amount,like this this sort of this is very,dumb,um,it's only a certain amount it's really,lame for people who really can't afford,trading around on a tight budget okay,it's only 10 bucks it's a 50 bucks,inside budget you need to make space for,that okay,he did in the create space here it's,eight bucks and I've actually had less,the sun on something else okay you're,budgeting okay saying it's only eight,bucks when you think about it makes,sense in reality it's not it's an out of,touch take shut up aim about it so this,is pretty much his anime signature,finishing move this is his Kamehameha he,really thinks this is just a Checkmate,like ah so you'll pay eight dollars for,a Starbucks latte and it only lasts you,30 minutes but you'll cry about eight,dollars a month for Twitter and it lasts,you 30 days curious so you'll pay eight,dollars for a drink and it only lasts,you a couple of minutes but you're gonna,go ahead and whine and throw a temper,tantrum for the same price for having a,voice on a platform,very interesting I'm not a Starbucks,enjoyer I don't like Starbucks I don't,go there maybe the drinks are overpriced,couldn't tell you you say broke his book,that but the reality is probably what,your budget I don't mean to install you,right,you probably don't even have,realistically right the disposable,income to spend money on this literally,and you're and you're parading this like,oh dude these are a bunch of brokies,literally you probably don't have to,this is like some luxury Goods,that you buy eight bucks for some, this is actual trash,that you can comment on

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chat what else,oh look at that what is that,have to reach,es,I just wanted to say thank you for your,story,another,one,okay,holy,foreign,waiting,Chad is that the force captain,hey yo that's dripping,oh okay,not today,thank you,what's that,oh wow,it's a smart Kitty,that's a cute cat though,what is that,yeah both,bye,ouch why,don't I don't get it,what a turtle,huh,oh that was nice,that was chill I like that,is it an emu,that's a sweet ride there,what is that,person was that jello,you know bro ass ain't playing you got,this whole leg up in the engine,bay,yo ,wait this is insane my holy ,holy,foreign,working,oh did we see that no smoking strings,excuse me what's the actual what the, man away,Jesus,wait,what the with no shoes on there,oh I don't miss something holy ,actual PTSD,what is that,a goat,dude there's no way,it's a dog wait I don't think I don't,even think it's a dog,it's not a dog yeah,it's more like a goats huh,dude there's no way,as my parents taking my phone but I'll,be using this for a while so if y'all,need me just send me an email I'll make,sure to put my email down below,so what do they call them,foreign,oh my God,that's so cute what is that chat,chameleon,that is sick,ow,is that a cow,that's cool,that's cool,see that's a kangaroo,can I help you it's so fluffy,that looks dangerous,pretend that sheep,what the ,okay there's absolutely no shot,oh that's a missile one foreign,missile,you know it's the hardest thing,I don't know what that is again you see,it,is why not,yo this is X x on the video,anyone knows that boy,I don't know he's just so sorry,anyone knows that boy,I don't know he's just so sorry

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xQc Reacts to 'Twitter Level Predator Exposed' by PewDiePie

xQc Reacts to 'Twitter Level Predator Exposed' by PewDiePie

what are you doing here today,is this some kind of setup or something,today we're checking out to Catch a,Predator the primers,reactor reactor,for this show you've probably seen it,creep goes to underage person's house,Chris Hansen comes in says how can you,do this he says I don't like this I'm,Gonna Leave Chris Hansen goes yeah,that's a psych you're a race,order canceled,episode but that changes today is this,some kind of setup or something,I'm just on my way to the beach I love,that line so much I'm just on my way to,the beach what what I am in an underage,woman's house,I hate when this happens every time I go,to the beach this happens,could happen to anyone I swear,he's Michael Willis screen name generic,white male,well he ain't lying about that one all,right 50 years old and he's been,chatting online with a girl who calls,herself jolanda and who says she's 15.,he lies to her about his age typing I'm,30. you probably don't want me around,you I'm cute though build good,what this is not a funny show I don't,care that he lied that he's 20 years,younger but saying he's cute no get out,of here,built kid get the out of here then,he says we'd have to keep us a secret,because of the age difference younger,girls like you don't come along often,I'd want you again and again I'm,confused I thought he was just going to,the beach picture of his penis to the,girl,why you've already censored 95 just,don't show it God damn it it was 15.,and how did you meet her,well of course online you act like I,should know that,well yeah I mean it's a common thing now,no no,don't group me into this all right yeah,yeah it's a common thing do you know,PewDiePie met his wife online it's not,no before we continue quick word from,sponsor,buy one get one no excuses you are,welcome I expect to thank you you're,welcome gfuel's biggest sale of the year,is back I'm gonna explain this slowly,because I know it's really complicated,buy one,okay,wait what was it,you buy well you get one look this is,the one emergency design isn't it cute,lingonberry the greatest flavor God has,gifted upon this Earth anyone that,doesn't say it's their favorite flavor,is either insane delusional or just,simply should be killed that might be a,little far actually,look at the customers in bed hey the new,Shaker silver PewDiePie Shaker will also,be available the science dude at G Fuel,and I have cooked up something special,for you guys I'm beyond excited to,introduce to you PewDiePie limited,edition sour Edition all the G fuel,flavors whenever sours they're the best,so obviously the best of the best sour,PewDiePie limited edition it's delicious,I don't think it was possible to perform,better than Perfection it is included in,the buy one get one so definitely you,know get this one and it'll be probably,a limited edition it is also a great,time to try out different flavors Mega,Man's blue bomber is delicious I love,that one Naruto Pamela Peach also,delicious and why not smell the ring,cream some tears that's it definitely,take advantage of this it's the biggest,sale of the year but what was it again,buy one get one sorry I feel like I have,to yell sometimes doesn't mean I don't,love me,unless you buy one get one okay then I,remind generic white male that jolanda,told him she was 15. what away,Oscar,give this man all of them what no way,once he get out of prison he can have an,acting career that's for sure I have the,transcript of your conversation with,jolanda,you know what I don't want this cookie,built good uh too many cookies you know,what fine you can have the cookie,I don't want it anymore,there's always like a switch for these,people the first they're like they try,and light a way out of it what,me no,I'm gonna go,I just want to get to the beach come,here just one second sir some cheese,won't be going to the beach today as he,heads out the back he stumbles off the,porch what is the arms of the Fort Myers,police station yeah,I'm just going to the beach quickly take,them down to the ground in Florida where,it's relatively easy to get a permit to,carry a concealed weapon oh God I love,he's clearly not captain or whatever it,is you Americans call it I love how many,cops they have a child could have,arrested that man he was not he did not,have a good physique but no let's let's,throw five cops in the news officers,aren't taking any chances so yeah he's,done newer episodes now as well and,they're also pretty funny I know they're,not are they supposed to be funny am I,anyway let's check it out my house is,your house he's coming to meet a boy who,he thinks just turned 13.,I'm sorry what back up,13.,he's supposed to be 13. the Creed comes,in and be like what the hell is this,you look like you're 25. what,it's like those uh teen drama shows the,actors are like 30 and they play,like 14 year olds and you're like what,the what is this there's an end to that,I thought it was forever,there's some older ones I wanted to,check out as well,option was was one of those characters,who h

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xQc Reacts to 'I hate twitter' by PewDiePie | xQcOW

xQc Reacts to 'I hate twitter' by PewDiePie | xQcOW

we can watch it ready let's go I hate,Twitter I think about deleting mine all,the time what I don't like is that,constant posturing that goes on there,people just can't seem to help,themselves from pointing out what is,good and what is bad or how others are,bad and you are good to a point where it,almost becomes fiction just to satisfy,this need and I don't mind that this,happens I understand that it does but,what annoys me most about it is that it,gets rewarded through social media we,get likes we get engagement thing about,certain things it's very popular,a classic example could be JK Rowling,changing the sexual identity,retroactively Leon her characters as a,way to posture for social virtue points,this to me is a good example because,most understand that it's complete, but it's not always easy to,tell what is genuine online contrasting,this using sports as an example,previously we have for thousands of,years rewarded the winners the people,who act the ones who run the fastest,swim the fastest and score the most,goals and retire don't reward the ones,who say they run the fastest but thanks,to social media this is someone become,backwards you get rewarded for saying,things that make you seem virtuous,rather than acting on it obviously this,is not nearly to the same extent but it,explains why the site has become such a,cesspool of opinion and how more often,than not the people who boast about,being virtuous often reveals to be,hiding the fact that through action they,are not I feel like there's so many,youtubers that could call out but what,is virtue then and what makes someone,actually virtuous well luckily this was,answered by ancient Greek philosopher,Aristotle according to Aristotle the,path that leads to virtue is also the,path that leads to happiness adapt in,life I find it kind of humorous with the,neverending self-help books that exists,that still tries to answer this question,today when it was answered over 2,000,years ago by the ancient Greek word,eudaimonia what does this mean,keep watching will explore please watch,first I just want to say I think it's so, cool the more I study ancient,Greek philosophy the more I'm just,amazed by it first we had Socrates one,the arguably greatest philosophers of,all time who taught using that word,loosely by the way Plato,my favorite philosopher or an amazing,writer and Plato then created his famous,school the Academy which iris tatl then,enrolled in and Aristotle has been,described as the great the one,philosopher I mean what a lineage but,wait it goes on Aristotle also taught,Alexander the great I didn't,know this how insane is this the guy,that took over the world anyhow,in the book Nicky McCain ethics by,Aristotle it wasn't actually written by,Aristotle it's notes taken down from his,lectures by his son Nicky mcian some,argue this is the most important work of,philosophy ever written and in it we get,the answer what is virtue according to,Aristotle virtue is habit what this,means is that it can't be taught,you can't teach someone how to be a good,person or how to act the right way,instead it's something that comes,through practice one good act doesn't,make you a virtuous person instead it's,something that you have to keep,practicing through action and through,habit can achieve after reading this I,find myself looking at my own upbringing,and how habit has shaped Who I am,I never realized this how much of my,whole life and my whole being is based,on habit my moral my choices if you,strip down this idea of right action,through habit you could compare it to,machine learning or self taught AI which,actually works similar to how a human,brain functions and learns just in a,massively simplified way I wish my brain,were like that one time jumping that'd,be fantastic then I could look at my,mistakes and not descend once again for,example if self taught AI wants to learn,how to walk they need a motivating,factor for that to happen it could be,moving from point A to B in the shortest,amount of time and that's the function,that they need to maximize when it,learns it tries different behaviors many,times over and over until it finds the,most satisfying can which achieves that,function basically developing habits of,behavior to achieve their goal so then,looking at as humans what is our,motivating function what is it that,drives us every day to get out of bed,the answer according to Aristotle is,happiness happiness is the root function,for all our actions if you make an,example out of this you could say what,if you want a hundred,and dollars what would you do with that,amount if you say you want to buy,something materialistic like a car you,can then ask again well why do you want,a car you may answer Oh to get from,point A to point B well why do you want,to go from point A to point B you may,answer to achieve a certain goal and why,do you want to achieve a certain goal,well achieving goals makes you happy,similarly if you said well I want to,save my money because I hope

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The Andrew Callaghan SA Allegations

The Andrew Callaghan SA Allegations

I don't get it there,Andrew Cala oh,I've got receipts I've got photos of us,I've got text messages but you shouldn't,need that you should believe me and you,should stop supporting Andrew Callahan,you shouldn't need any proof of anything,bro what okay hold on so they were at it,they were out drinking they went to dive,bars so it's not like they were out they,were having fun and then,well what is this editings okay real,quick making this video and I'm shaking,because I've,tried a couple different times and,haven't been able to get my point across,but,um I don't like seeing abusers get,platforms and my abuser Andrew Callahan,also known as all gas no breaks,shut up Goblin I've tried to come to him,person to person and try to get him to,take accountability for what he did damn,shut up he assaulted me is so skewed so,I will tell you that he did eventually,get consent and that's the main point is,that he eventually got consent because,he won't be down she told me he needed a,place to stay for the night he had some,sort of falling out with one of his crew,members or whatever and I was very clear,about the fact that we are not hooking,up,he gets in my bed and wears me down to,the point where I eventually do agree to,do things that I wasn't proud of what,and I wasn't proud of them and thought,it was my fault for so long that I,continued to be nice to him after the,situation he wouldn't leave my house the,next morning,um and then as time went on and I,processed things I thought you know what,just because eventually I said okay,whatever because I was trying to just,get the whole night over with so that it,could be morning so that he could leave,um I don't know if there's more context,or there's like uh maybe some some text,something like that okay well somebody,says it's chat chill and do it but I'm,against the way the way that I did I I,don't want to be like rude or whatever,I'm just it's just that the alligator or,things this years are saying,um so far is like I'm not gonna bother,it doesn't discount the fact that I told,him no so um,prior to this I said I'm tired I'm not,really feeling it I came up with any,excuse that I possibly could to just get,him off of me you know what I'm gonna,borrow you're not I'm actually gonna go,back five seconds in this video,good to just get him off of me I'm not,really feeling it I came up with any,excuse that I possibly could to just get,him off of me,you know what,I'm gonna borrow from uh I'm gonna,borrow from good friend of the stream,I'm gonna borrow from good friend of the,stream Mr girl here,I think that you should respond to these,things in the same way that you would if,somebody asked to your cat,if you don't want to have sex with,somebody,respond the same way as if they were,gonna your cat right if somebody,wanted to your cat you wouldn't be,like ah I think they're kind of tired,um I don't know if like they're in the,mood you'd be like bro no,you don't my cat stop no boom stop,but like when you do like the whole like,you're kind of making excuses like I'm,not really in the mood blah blah blah it,kind of it sounds like it almost sounds,like and I'm not saying that this is,what it is and it guys are but,they are because they follow stupid,because they shouldn't but it sounds,like an invitation to keep pushing right,that's what a guy's gonna hear like okay,well you're not tired well how tired are,you really like you know maybe we can,blah blah blah right like that's what it,it always comes off as like okay well,maybe if I just push a little bit harder,maybe I get her to agree you know,okay,um found a way to coerce me into things,that I didn't want to do and this is,really hard for me to say I never,thought I would come forward but it's,even more hard to have to relive the,trauma that I endured every single day,by seeing this man as a social justice,Warrior as someone who cares about human,rights get a platform whoa whoa whoa,whoa you shouldn't be some whoa whoa,guys guys I'm trying my best okay I'm,trying my best okay okay everybody needs,to understand everything take a step,back I get from being out okay,everybody step back from outrage okay,listen to my words and not your feelings,for one second okay I do this all the,time as much as I can okay let me watch,something especially when it's drama,involved okay I like the B I like to be,uh impartial in a way in a way wait hold,up that if,somebody says something that is true or,another thing that is true right they,say things even if there's ten things,that are true if they say one that are,false I will still call them out for the,thing that is that it is false okay if I,it's the same thing as the entertain,mechanic okay because if I guess if I,say eat your vegetables goes about a,good time drink water go to school get a,good paying job and also,um if you see somebody down the street,you should probably smack them whoa wait,a minute hold up um yeah I mean what I,said previously was correct right but,the last one's like what the don

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xQc Reacts to 'Twitter Just Changed Forever'

xQc Reacts to 'Twitter Just Changed Forever'

you close God the Day of Reckoning is,upon us you know what did you close Cod,yeah yeah,the Armageddon the Bible warned us about,has finally come true the demon of,Dogecoin has taken over Twitter,like the video it was on campus they,asked question people I forgot his name,some massive changes internally if it,took only a matter of minutes with Elon,Musk at the top of the Twitter food,chain for him to let WrestleMania run,wild and start firing people oh my God,my ears oh my God Twitter Executives,okay,the CEO the CFO and the chief legal,officer all of them were immediately,just let go by musk now of course,they're not leaving without some wait,who left,wait the three Thompson Executives whom,was fired Thursday will walk at a door,with about 187 million of muscle money,uh for a CEO CFO and,um clo,compensation they're getting a lot of,money in this firing but even still he,just took three of the top Executives,and just said pack your bags you're,going home but before I get into those,am I supposed to feel bad for like near,billionaires boys am I supposed to feel,bad is this the time or what changes I,want to go over the reception to this,news because I've already seen no okay,we're gonna be Tantrums being thrown,about it and overall people are more,divided than my butt cheeks on how to,feel about all this so I want to give my,perspective right away I'll toss my take,out there I think this is just going to,be a huge nothing burger that most,people are going to forget about in two,weeks because there's not going to be,any meaningful noticeable difference in,the platform itself with Elon Musk at,the helm yeah,isn't necessarily a platform problem,it's a people problem it's just ,dumb stupid idiots on there and since,everyone has a voice that's Amplified,because of just how big Twitter is those,things gain steam gain traction then you,have people always arguing with each,other over this stupid as Biff,cheeseburger over here is talking about,how women are sexually abused because,it's their own fault for what they're,wearing and then that ends in like a,giant viral conflict where people are,somehow debating this as if it was ever,even like a legitimate argument in the,first place but besides just the,incoherent ramblings of a raving lunatic,so I don't even think the Twitter the,biggest problem with Twitter is with the,platform itself it really feels to me,like the main issue is just the people,Twitter is a more toxic place than,Chernobyl Twitter is like the Modern Age,equivalent of using asbestos in everyday,life just slowly killing your brain,cells instead it's just awful and I,don't know what Elon Musk could possibly,do to make it better but I also don't,think there's anything you can do to,make it worse I think currently Twitter,is in the worst possible state it could,be and even if he starts unbanning,accounts I don't see that somehow making,the platform worse like it really feels,like it's genuinely Rock Bottom like the,bedrock in Hell itself so really the,only way to go is is up from here but I,just don't see it happening I can't,imagine a world where all of a sudden,Twitter rallies and becomes a positive,Force for good in the world but maybe,I'll be proven wrong maybe Elon Musk has,some Grand Vision for the place,though I highly doubt that he has any,plan at all besides he thought it'd be a,fun joke and he wipes his ass with 40,billion dollars so why not buy it so,anyway that's my whole take on it oh I,will say though as I've been very,upfront in the past I'm not a huge Elon,Musk fan I'm not like a die-hard,musketeer or whatever the super fans,call themselves or the cult-like,following he has with crypto Bros who,Huff copium every single day replying to,all of his tweets praying that he'll at,least give them a crumb of attention to,try and save their dying coin yeah,overall I'm just not really an Elon Musk,supporter and even I don't think this is,going to somehow plummet Twitter into an,even deeper status but some,people really seem to think so I won't,go through a ton of them in fact I,really only want to look at one most of,the responses were very pretentious and,exaggerated about how this is like going,to ruin the entirety of society this is,going to plunge us into a deeper divide,and everything's ruined now that Elon,Musk has Twitter which one I want to,focus chat,what if you make a trillion dollars,right like gen battles right and,you buy all the top companies,right like most of them like social,media all of them and you just tank,them and troll them and you pretty much,just destroy them are you allowed to do,that or not,okay buy one kill it buy one kill it bye,and one by one then,there's one that I saw floating around,all over the place and it said the Gates,of Hell opened on this site tonight as,if they weren't already there are,pedophiles using Twitter openly Zoo,files that get viral posts talking about,how Zoo file acceptance is important,Twitter is already the gates of hell and,we are constantly taki

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xQc Reacts to Bill Nye Answers Even More Science Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

xQc Reacts to Bill Nye Answers Even More Science Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

two minutes but let's try it we'll say,we go to Stannis or some of your science,questions this is silly I have to eat,also more things you stream so much,supremo if the earth is round and get,this so is the air wait there's more not,only is the earth gravitationally,pulling on the water the water is ever,so slightly gravitationally pulling on,the earth and sea this is Isaac Newton's,insight he saw the Apple fall off the,tree and he realized that not only is,the earth somehow pulling the Apple down,but the Apple is mutually,gravitationally pulling the earth up,like dude that's so out there I know I,know miss misery,how charming my dad I don't get the,Internet at seriously cities to come,from so thinking's we are able to store,information for example an alphabet or,numbers can be represented by a code,that everyone's agreed on a cosy for,Susie or some sardines obvious some type,are ultra mega PO goo Google music to,get the stream stopped excuse me yeah,there's a I'm in it for Thomas of binary,bits this is to say either ons or offs,and you sir,miss miseries dad I'll bet you you're of,a certain age you remember Morse code,Morse codes the same thing it's either a,dot or a dash a dip or a dah so we've,taken it to a whole nother level of dits,and DAHS where we are able to store and,transmit billions and trillions and,quadrillions and sex till Ian's of bits,to represent language,numbers you know that works but yeah the,reason why I think I'm convinced was so,big that the technology to write to,store and read bits was big right and,the squares that would put the data on,but it was a zero or one was big right,so overall that the disk or the things,that would they would put that on had to,be bigger I'm a technology you want to,make smaller,smaller that micro squares now whether,they were being read by a very very,small needle but that says whether it's,a zero or one and then when in your,computer right you delete something if,you tell your computer yo dude this,entire area or these are now available,for reef or rewriting right instead of,erasing them is that it would take too,much too much time right it is there's,like marked as you know available now,did right here's what and it's a,magnetic needle that changes that,changes the polarity right the magnetism,of every square from a zero to one,calculations and you are a part of this,greater whole what a time to be alive,man,way to go Chelsea Briggs whoa did a,meteor just hit my home state of,Michigan everyone is calling me is the,world coming to an end,my presence here or no you can't see it,but there's a crew of camera and audio,people here I don't think the world,ended as we know it just judging in so,far as you were have a chat and the text,I bet the world didn't end for you,either so once in a while a meteor,streaks through the sky now for fun I'll,give you these three words meteor means,something streaking through the sky,meteor has to do with the sky in Greek a,meteorite is what you call it when it,makes it all the way to the Earth's,surface as an intact rock an asteroid is,different the comet is different just,that's four words but yeah meteors come,into our atmosphere streak through the,sky all the time meteorites once in a,while if you like to worry about things,check if a meteor comes close it means,it could have hit the hurt then right ha,why did why doesn't hit it you're living,at a great time because we discovered,that the ancient dinosaurs were almost,certainly wiped out by a great big,asteroid or a cluster of asteroids mid,to nawat why can't I walk through solid,objects of all I made of his neurons,protons and electrons so let me say I,think you tossed in the word and burns,up when you may have meant new,but neurons enable you to think about,this and keep in mind that protons and,electrons are not all you're made of,there's also some energy driving these,things around making them interact and,there are this fabulous subatomic,particles the subatomic particles are in,turn made of others even smaller,particles quarks and so these things all,interact and if you like to wonder about,things this is a great thing we are made,of protons neutrons and electrons and,the reasons are gonna wrote doubt and,they had no neurons listen you can't,walk through solid objects the reason,objects like you are solid it's because,these things especially the electrons,repel each other so when you try to push,on something the electrons repel each,other they were so strongly that we,perceive it as a solid object all the,electrons neutrons and protons came,together and they are almost entirely,made of exploded ancient stars so you,and I are made of Stardust you and I are,at least one way that the universe knows,itself I hope that fills you with,reverence I hope you stop and think,about that at least once every day,middle school spend that zoom - drew,that's - because nothing is gained and,nothing is lost everything is,transformed,so everything when you're born you're,just you're sur

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