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Xbox Roasts The Hell Out Of PlayStation Fanboys In Viral Tweetkeep that same energy keep that same,e


Updated on Jan 15,2023

Xbox Roasts The Hell Out Of PlayStation Fanboys In Viral Tweet

keep that same energy keep that same,energy in your hole,skip,everybody your favorite man with an ass,is now on Cameo you could get your own,personalized video message sent directly,from me to you link to my Cameo Below in,the description I look forward to seeing,you there so I hate fanboyism I hate,partisan politics I hate tribalism in in,any way shape or form I I think it's the,biggest detriment to society because,people are more concerned about their,team winning than being objective and,calling out companies or politicians I'm,not going to make this video political I,promise,for the wrong doings that they do,because it's their team,we always have to support our team even,when they're being scumbags I uh like,yeah when a company or a politician is,doing something where I applaud them,when they're doing something wrong or,stupid criticize them so they do better,mind-blowing idea so one of the memes I,see going around for Halloween and,there's a bunch of funny ones is and you,but you should do this seriously is you,should check your kids candy when they,go trick-or-treating you never know,there's a bunch of shady people out,there check your kids candy make sure,it's sealed make sure there's nothing in,it that's absolutely a real thing but,Microsoft did one that's funny poking,fun at Fanboys and it's beautiful uh,this is on Twitter please check your,candy this year we found troll posts in,ours and they won't stop repeating the,same thing over and over and over and,I just literally dealt with this the,other day but I don't want to call,anyone out uh look a Snickers bar,PlayStation better Playstation better,you don't want to see that in your candy,both consoles are just fine I like the,series S I like the series X I like the,PlayStation 5. I've had fun with all of,the consoles this ninth generation,including the switch stop okay you like,one brand better than the other you,don't have to fight about it online,grown men don't have to fight about it,online to prove that their platform that,they have no Financial investment in is,better than the other one but it,happened still to this day and it's the,most pathetic thing in the world and I'm,gonna bring you up the most classic,example of fanboyism biting someone in,the ass and if of course we're gonna go,to crop gamer keep that same energy keep,that same energy so this is I remember,making a video on this when this,originally happened back in 2016 this is,when Quantum break uh was coming out uh,the crap gamer at this time was a super,die hard I don't really watch him,anymore I don't know what team he's,batting for now uh but he was Die Hard,Xbox he white knighted for them he,probably would have shaved Phil,Spencer's chest if Phil Spencer asked,nicely that's a weird thing to think,about but that probably would have,happened well,crap gamer was angry that Quantum break,was also coming to PC,like mad to the point that he added Phil,Spencer on Twitter and Phil Spencer,professionally roasted the ever living,crap out of him and it's amazing and it,proves the point what I'm talking about,in this video so let's start with crap,gamer Phil you didn't stop to ask the,hardcore fans that stuck by Xbox if this,is even what we wanted it's not they,don't have to ask you anything they,don't care about your emotions they care,about what will be most profitable for,them and expanding their base also to PC,and having more people buy their games,especially at that point because the,Xbox one was still struggling it kind of,struggled the entire generation wasn't a,failure by any means but didn't do,PlayStation 4 numbers,that they wanted to get a bigger,audience I but that's beyond crap gamer,he was just fanboying and that's all he,cared about and crop gamer continues and,sad to say I canceled because if gaming,he was looking forward to is coming to,another platform I canceled my Quantum,break pre-order as I said I would you,weren't up front on Quantum break going,to PC and I love that Phil Spencer,replied and it was the best reply he,could do it was still professional and,it just threw crap gamer deservedly,under the bus,and Phil Spencer replies with this you,canceled a pre-order for a game you want,to play because someone else gets to,play the game on Windows and of course,crap gamer replies on principal Phil it,wasn't listed and suddenly it gets,listed a month before it releases and,crop gamer was right about that I love,that I get to play the Halo Master Chief,collection on my eye Neo Air Pro looks,great runs great on a pretty OLED screen,thanks Phil Spencer well anyway Phil,replied one more time and then let it go,and then the crap gamer just continued,to cry in the replies I've said it over,and over we are focused on the best,place to play for gamers and it's not,about creating walls I mean it's a good,point I've always said like I understand,the Viewpoint of games also being on PC,and console how it could de-incentivize,people to not buy the console but now as,I as time goes on I

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FINALLY - The Bethesda Update We Have Been Waiting For

FINALLY - The Bethesda Update We Have Been Waiting For

earlier today Jess Gordon released an,article that finally confirmed the,rumors Xbox and Bethesda are planning a,January event to give us a look and,likely some release dates for some of,their largest upcoming games and the,phrasing of some of their games is,actually pretty critical here because,one major game may be absent from this,event the event itself is likely to be,called developer direct and reportedly,this is going to be hosted by both Xbox,and Bethesda jointly it's going to be,streamed on January 25th at 12 pm,Pacific time and this overall is a,pretty big bump to Jazz Court in stock,he was the first to report about hearing,rumors about an event like this back in,December after Xbox was absent from the,game awards although at this point it,has not been officially confirmed it,feels like a very well substantiated,rumor several other insiders have come,out saying they have heard similar,things and I'll even throw my own hat in,the mix I have reasons to believe this,is a 100 legitimate event and it,wouldn't be shocking to me if Bethesda,confirms this officially tomorrow but,overall I'm quite convinced that this,event is legit and I mean even though VP,of Xbox games marketing Aaron Greenberg,on Twitter said this should be a fun,week this could be related to the Oreo,collab but I feel like it could be,around this upcoming event and this,January event being real may have even,confirmed another leak we got just a few,days ago but first in his article Jess,Gordon continues on to share some,details on the event itself from what we,understand this won't be a full-blown E3,scale kind of show and will be a more,intimate look at some of the upcoming,exclusives reportedly we're going to be,seeing coverage of redfall Minecraft,Legends Forza as well as content from,xenomax online Studios and although that,is a nice list of games it almost feels,like something is missing from the list,oh yeah that's because Starfield is,apparently not going to be at this event,Starfield missing this event has easily,been one of the biggest takeaways in the,community from this recent reporting,from Jazz Corden does this mean,starfield's getting delayed again what's,going on well just Gordon gives us some,further context around this on Twitter,he mentions that Starfield being absent,is the part he is not 100 sure on but,how he always said this would be a,smaller show over overall and that is,one of the important details here it,seems like if you go into this expecting,a full-scale e3 like event you're going,to end up disappointed but instead it'll,be a very focused look at just a few,games that Xbox has coming out redfall,Minecraft Legends and Forza are all,decently well covered at this point it,feels like the big thing they're going,to reveal is the release date for those,games although something that could,actually be a pretty big announcement,from this event is around xenomax online,studios in his article Jess simply,states that we're going to hear about,content from xenomax online Studios and,although that could just be ESO Cinemax,online Studios is also working on a,completely new AAA MMO that has,seemingly been in progress for five,years supposedly it's going to be a new,IP and it seems like that could be a,pretty big announcement especially if,that's a game coming out in 2023 but,looking back at Starfield missing the,show does that confirm a second delay,well to be honest I'm more on the,optimistic side around all of this I,think one of the promising aspects of it,being called a developer direct is that,this is going to become a regular thing,almost similar to how things work with,Nintendo Direct or even PlayStation,state of play basically these are,smaller more focused events that happen,periodically as opposed to Xbox approach,which many years has just been okay,we're going to show a tone at E3 and,then Summit the game Lord but otherwise,we don't have many events of our own now,perhaps we will have Xbox events,scattered all throughout the year just,speculates in his article we've heard,Starfield may even be skipping this show,for a bigger marketing beat later on so,I could see a timeline where the first,developer direct focuses on just these,four games in total while a second show,pops up maybe in late February or maybe,even March that is going to be solely,focused on Starfield a deeper dive into,the game overall a more proper look at,some of the gameplay systems in action,and probably some quotes from Todd,Howard that will age well or poorly,obviously as of right now that's really,just speculation again even to Jess's,own accord he's not 100 sure as to,what's going on with Starfield but,obviously with this whole situation thus,far he's been very accurate for,literally months now again he called,this back in December it's not like this,is the first time he's gotten things,right he's been a prominent Source on,Xbox happenings for a while now either,way to me Starfield missing this event,is crazy it's one of the most,anticipat

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Xbox FINALLY doing a new Showcase...BUT NO STARFIELD?! - January Direct

Xbox FINALLY doing a new Showcase...BUT NO STARFIELD?! - January Direct

a big do leak that just came out that,says that apparently we're about to have,a massive deep dive showcase about the,Xbox games coming out in the first half,of 2023 this is going to be a developer,showcase that's going to give chance for,games like redfall Forza Motorsport and,others to finally shine to finally be,talked about and hopefully have some,actual concrete release dates the,problem is it seems as if Starfield will,not be there but let's take a look at,the leak and all the details including,the dates of this event and how long,it's going to be in this video uh hi,how's it going I'm Dreamcast guy be sure,to like this and subscribe if you,haven't already now starting things off,we're going over here to Windows Central,this leak directly comes from jez Corden,this guy is pretty much the king of Xbox,leaks I'm not sure how he's not,blacklisted from how much he manages to,let slip over here on his website now he,says this Xbox is going to help host a,new developer direct games that are,going to be shown will be from Arcane,Bethesda and more here is when now I do,like the name developer direct I think,this is honestly a really good very,spiffy very uh very expletive title it,says like Hey we're going to be talking,to the developers now here is when it's,going to be I'm most curious about that,January 25th at noon uh apparently is,when it's going to happen although it,may be subject to change they're,planning on showing off specifically,redfall Forza Motorsports and Minecraft,Legends now,um as good as these games are,specifically I am very very excited for,redfall I feel like redfall is getting a,huge amount of hate online people are,treating it as like a weird left for,dead knockoff apparently it plays much,more like something along the lines of,uh Far Cry it's going to be a big map,lots of vampires to kill lots of Co-op,action and fun that can happen Forza,Motorsport as well I'm very excited,about mostly because I just finished,platinuming uh Need for Speed Unbound,I'm still very much in a racing mood now,I will admit as hype as I am about this,and I want to go deeper into the article,and all the details I am incredibly sad,that apparently they are not going to,have Starfield at this conference,according to Jess Gordon his,specifically says that apparently this,is supposed to be a big showcase but not,quite a full-blown E3 style presentation,it's going to have some cool upcoming,exclusives but apparently they want to,try and give Starfield probably its own,showcase a bigger marketing beat later,on Starfield may not be there it may be,skipping the show that kind of sucks and,to me I think it does kind of signal,that perhaps Starfield is coming out,much later in the year uh it sounds like,this is supposed to be their big games,for the first four months of the year,probably going to get something like,Minecraft Legends Red Bull and Forza,Motorsport maybe as like the February,March and April games or maybe like a,June game in there and we'll probably,get Starfield towards the end of the,year maybe but here's the article itself,Xbox fans have been waiting for a while,for information on this year's slate of,Xbox games because honestly let's face,it as good as these Xbox trailers have,been lately I mean we don't have release,dates I've been saying this the number,one thing I want from Xbox right now is,a concrete schedule I have Game Pass I,have my Xbox series X right here I play,it all the freaking time I mean you can,see I have my custom controller with my,name etched onto it I want big huge hype,train moments I want to know when,I want to know specifically I want to,know specifically I want to know exactly,I want to know exactly when I'm playing,that next huge XBox exclusive and right,now as good as these details have been,as good as these developer interviews,and stuff have shown off I want to know,freaking release dates ASAP but here we,go I heard this Xbox showcase a while,ago I've been teasing it on my podcast,called Xbox two but now we're being able,to lock down a variety of information,coming out January 25th it's going to be,on all the Xbox official channels now,here's the other part of this that's,interesting which is the fact that,they're very much acknowledged in this,that Xbox gets criticized a lot,specifically for the fact that they've,had a very very light batch of,exclusives through all of 2022. now some,people are going to take this as me,being a hater or me trying to beat up on,Xbox I'm not doing that I'm saying Xbox,needs games they need to have that hype,cycle they need to have that next big,release date it feels like Microsoft is,very much of course focusing on the Xbox,game pass ecosystem whether it is on PC,or console or even people playing it on,phones you know the whole point is to,get as many tens as millions of people,possible signed up for Xbox game pass,and you know what does that release,dates big games the hype cycle actually,matters so right now I mean stuff like,this last yea

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Share to Twitter on Xbox One

Share to Twitter on Xbox One

what's up everybody this is scratch got,a quick video here for you I actually,got a comment in one of my videos about,sharing to Twitter and linking and,unlink in your social media account so I,just wanted to make a video really quick,to touch on that I was going to include,it in some of the changes videos about,sharing and about the settings so you're,gonna see some of those in this video,but we'll talk about all that stuff in,another video if you guys have questions,about it feel free to leave those down,below and we'll get into it but let's,just jump over here and we'll bring up,the guide menu again I'm pressing this,button right here which brings up this,guide and then I'm using my lb and RB to,go all the way down over here to system,and then I'm gonna click on the settings,and then I'm gonna come down here to,you'll see the account in the newly,consolidated and much simpler version of,the settings you come here to account,and you can look at your linked social,media accounts so I have mine gated so I,just got to put my code in here real,quick but you can link your Facebook,Twitter and your discord currently and,you'll notice here that for Facebook,it'll actually find friends so if you,link your Facebook and your friends link,their Facebook's,and your friends on Facebook you'll show,up in the suggested friends you can you,can go look for that in the friends tab,right here specifically is Twitter so I,have all my stuff linked so I could,unlink it and switch to a different,Twitter if I wanted to maybe I have like,a blog one and a personal one or,something like that,you could you could jump between them,here and then of course you have discord,which I've made a video about on the,channel already but it just shows the,games that you're playing on the discord,app while you're on Xbox one same as it,does for like steam and other services,like that but you can you can link all,of them here so then what you can do is,you can press the you can press the,Guide button again and then we're just,going to go over here to where it says,capture and share and if you just did it,while you're playing a game you can,share your last capture or will go to,recent captures in my case and I'll show,you just how easy it is to do it so I,have hello neighbor I just I made a,video about that I don't remember what I,did but I'll just use this one as an,example so I can bring it up and you can,see I can put it in my activity feed I,can send it in an Xbox Live message,there are some other sharing options,here like onedrive,club but specifically we're talking,about Twitter here so we have our linked,account so I'm gonna click on Twitter,and you'll see that it comes up here to,share to Twitter under my Twitter handle,and then it hashtags the game and the,hashtags Xbox share so I could just,share that if I wanted to but what I,like to do is obviously type in it and,I'll just show you here if you can kind,of see this whenever I select this if,I'm in the Xbox app on my phone it'll,take it to the text there so I can just,easily write something this easily video,soon something like that but you can see,as I'm typing on my phone it just shows,up here it's way easier than going,through and trying to although they did,improve this a little bit but it's just,kind of easier to just do it on the,phone,that's what I do and then when you're,all done you just press share now and it,will go up this is uploading don't go,anywhere and then that's gonna show up,on my Twitter so if you watch this video,go let me know on this post and say that,you saw this in the video or something,like that and I'll know that you guys,made it this far so thank you for,watching if you want to stay up to date,with stuff going on with Xbox and just,the community in general be sure to,subscribe and put the notification bell,on so you can be alerted when these,videos go live and if you guys have any,questions or want your video made about,a certain topic just like I did this one,you can leave that down in the comments,below and I'll sort through them and I,will pick ones to do or reply with the,ones that I've done so thanks for,watching and I will see you guys all in,the next video

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Xbox's NEW Showcase JUST LEAKED - Starfield Is Missing...?

Xbox's NEW Showcase JUST LEAKED - Starfield Is Missing...?

salutations everybody it is Maddie here,today happy Monday what a great way to,start off the week today we finally have,news that we've been seeking out really,for about a year or so now but quite,honestly it's ramped up in demand in the,last month or so following Xbox's no,show at the game awards today we're,talking about a significant showcase,leak and it's not really about the,content that'll be there but rather the,format and what it means for the future,of Xbox but don't get me wrong what's,gonna be in there and what might not be,in there is of great interest to you so,ladies and gentlemen 2023 is off to a,rapid start there's so much to talk,about let's not delay any further if,you're new here you're into Xbox news,and information you're in the right,place consider subscribing let's begin,by heading over to Windows Central,gaming where Jess Gordon dad of Xbox had,the scoop he starts off by writing Xbox,will host a new developer direct game,show with Arcane Bethesda and more,here's when I heard that there was an,Xbox showcase on the horizon back in,December as we discussed on our Xbox 2,podcast but I've since been able to lock,the information down with a variety of,sources familiar with Microsoft's plans,it seems the show will be called,developer direct and may be part of a,new initiative from Microsoft and Xbox,to offer information on upcoming games,more frequently outside of the major E3,and Game Awards marketing Beats from,what we understand the developer direct,show is slated for January 25th at 12 pm,Pacific Time on Xbox's official channels,on Twitch and YouTube although these,dates may be subject to change the show,will be hosted by both Xbox and Bethesda,with deep dives into redfall Minecraft,Legends Forza Motorsport and content,from xenimax online Studios from what we,understand this won't be a full-blown E3,scale kind of show and will be a more,intimate look at some of the upcoming,exclusives as such we've heard Starfield,may even be skipping this show for a,bigger marketing beat later on,the developer direct showcase will,hopefully be the beginning of a more,frequent marketing cycle for the company,as many fans have asked Microsoft to,look to Nintendo's direct Style Show to,keep the news cycle going we expect,Microsoft will make the show official as,soon as this week so be sure to keep an,eye out and it seems like that very well,may be true as Aaron Greenberg has,already tweeted that this is going to be,a fun week and he's excited to see it,progress so we'll talk about star field,and its potential absence I don't want,to overreact until we officially know,but don't worry I have my thoughts on,that what I want to talk about is what,we have a pretty good feeling will be,there but I think more importantly is,this format number one,Shameless copycat look the best artists,are copycats and here we have Xbox,having something literally with,directing the name developer direct,there you go and it makes sense right a,direct line to developer a intimate look,at the games that'll be there this is,something that's sorely needed for Xbox,as they continue to grow I think since,they acquired Bethesda it was needed but,then as you see Game Pass ramp up with,Day One deals in there with just games,you want to show off going to Game Pass,in there when exclusives ramp up on a,third party capacity something like a,high on life or your first party Studios,which are eventually gonna have a ton of,stuff to show with not enough showcases,to hold it with those major marketing,beats and then you also have Bethesda oh,and by the way if the Activision deal,goes through that's a whole slew of,games that you're going to have to have,room to talk about and eventually you're,either gonna have bloated segments,within showcases that are three plus,hours long which for many sounds pretty,good but for me no let's spread the,wealth a little bit which is what option,two is okay we're gonna have a lot of,stuff to Showcase across all these,different channels all these different,Outlets let's do this show that's a,little more intermittent in between the,Big Marketing beats and give fans,something to chew on you see Xbox's,biggest mistake outside of I think,announcing things too early was not,feeding fans any form of information on,those already announced projects now I,totally respect their approach of we're,not going to force say playground games,to talk about Fable until they're well,and ready that approach is definitely,the healthiest but some type of word of,mouth update on the progress of it or,how it's looking would help in a lot of,these games how's the vowed going you,know I think the idea of pretending that,a vowed wasn't promised to be shown very,soon and then we haven't seen it for,multiple years now could be concerning,depending on who you ask so hopefully,this show will alleviate that as it will,serve as more so a distraction for many,from the other other games they're,looking forward to so I think this,format again is muc

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How To Get The Twitter/Instagram/xbox logo on your Xbox profile (verified on Xbox)

How To Get The Twitter/Instagram/xbox logo on your Xbox profile (verified on Xbox)

what's up youtube,i'm finna show you how to get the,verified,twitter instagram and the xbox logo,if y'all want these other logos make,sure y'all subscribe,leave a like and comment which logo i,should do a video on,go to your settings go to online safety,and family,privacy,xbox live privacy view details,online oh not online,profile then go to edit name,then once you're at edit name you want,to click it and clear out whatever your,name is,alright once you back on your phone go,to safari then type up youtube,then you wanna type up my youtube,channel,and make sure y'all subscribe make sure,y'all subscribe right now,then after you subscribe you want to go,to the dangerous fortnite montage,click the description all right yeah,click the description,go down and copy,and paste the twitter xbox insta into,your bathroom,once you copied it you want to go to,notes make a new note in the bottom,right corner,you want to paste the whole thing,then click done,and then after that you want to select,whatever one you want so i'm going to,use the twitter one,the question mark next to the tutor then,you want to go back over,to xbox app go to,open remote control click the bottom,left keyboard,and you want to paste whatever you,copied,then click return then look at your xbox,and after you've done that the twitter,thing should be right here,uh whatever logo you pick then you click,start,um you can just have like a dot or,anything,for your last name so i'm just gonna put,a random logo,click start again then you want to go,over,to your profile and in the,top left it should be whatever you pick,you

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DISGUSTING! Limited Run Games bent the knee for THIS?! PlayStation and Xbox should DUMP them!

DISGUSTING! Limited Run Games bent the knee for THIS?! PlayStation and Xbox should DUMP them!

foreign,I'm sure you're well aware of what's,going on with limited run games but in,case you're not we give you a quick,little recap,so you have this Niche company that,makes physical games,based on digital only releases so,basically you want a physical game,they're going to make it for you,and I used to say this is a pretty cool,service unfortunately they've revealed,themselves to be not so,good and intended when it comes to,everybody,they're only looking for one side of the,aisles business and that is of course,hardcore leftist views only,their Community manager was a Christian,woman,and she was fired because of a statement,she made about bathrooms,and because of that one account,that we're going to go over the history,of that account today,but one account got this woman fired,not multiple not a horde not a mob One,account,and there's some interesting things,about that account that have come out,over the past 24 hours showing you the,kind of person that limited run games,backs 100 percent,versus the one they got rid of,a woman with traditional Christian,values they got rid of her but they're,going to keep someone who has done some,pretty nasty things and I'm going to,show you,but there was another thing that came,out,uh this this website Tech Raptor has a,article limited run games apparently,fires Community manager,over phobic tweets,from what I saw as one tweet about,bathrooms and it's not phobic or is,anybody it was concerned,over,bathroom safety,which by the way,has happened a couple of times but I'm,not going to get into that in this video,what I want to talk about here is what,apparently kicked off the Target that,was put on,the community manager who they uh,completely docks in the Google algorithm,here,apparently this all started because she,was very excited to play Hogwarts Legacy,a game that is surrounded in controversy,owing to the transphubic views of Harry,Potter author JK Rowling,and then of course the actual design,lead designer who left the company,they're still going after this guy too,but because Carolyn was excited,about playing,Hogwarts Legacy,reset era,decided to Jump On In and cancel this,person,uh this has been left out but reset air,was also going after the woman,hey uh why does limited run games have a,phobe as their Community manager you up,fired,so here they're given purple Tinker who,we're going to get into in a second,full credit here for bringing this up,but here's uh here's something right,here oh no,she's looking forward to playing,Hogwarts Legacy the more I see gameplay,the more excited I get it's hitting all,the marks I've been wanting for a Harry,Potter game,you want to know why I bought Hogwarts,Legacy twice it's because so many people,are upset about it I bought it for steam,I bought the deluxe edition for Steam,and I bought it for Xbox too,because there's somebody that I played,on the Xbox I want to probably stream,the game too,might as well,but this this is apparently red flag,just being excited for Hogwarts Legacy,so,this has not been good for limited run,gaming who are losing followers every,day,is now Tuesday lost more,they're losing business left and right,and I think that that's great what's,funny about this see how they're,unfollowing people here,but notice how when they unfollow people,it's also on days where they lose a lot,of subscribers that's somebody that they,followed that blocked and unblocked them,probably or just blocked them causing,them to lose a follower and someone that,they were following,so that's funny people they were,following,have made it so they can't follow them,anymore that's pretty that's pretty,funny comments still turned off by the,way can't comment on anything they post,totally sticking their head in the sand,they know they screwed up this is,probably hurting their business because,they're not a huge business keep that in,mind let me run games not a massive,business,so,when you stop giving them your business,it matters this is not a huge company,if a lot of people abandon limited run,media,or limited run games,uh you hurt them,in fact I would say this is a good,opportunity for somebody else to step up,and start offering physical games for,companies that don't want to do it,because you could probably steal a lot,of business from them I'm never giving,them a dime again,ever,but let's take a look at the history of,purple tanker,someone who has done quite a bit,actually,this is an interesting one this has been,making the rounds,uh here's a a former take oh by the way,purple Tinker running massive damage,control right now on this,uh teenagers aren't effing babies the,line between child and adult is very,blurry teens deserve respect,part of respect is self-determination,not some holy adult saying this is what,you want even if you disagree,the existence of the term statutory rap,denies personhood and self-determination,to a whole class of people,what she's saying here basically is that,uh adults should be able to take,advantage of young kids,a

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Redfall May Be The Hit Arkane and Xbox Need - Ultimate Preview

Redfall May Be The Hit Arkane and Xbox Need - Ultimate Preview

redfall seems to have a chance to be a,huge hit and it's not only because of,arcane's reputation Game Pass or the,popularity of the developers previous,titles with Gamers it's not because,redfall devs have stated that the open,world Shooter's much larger than prey's,Talus 1 location which is 720 meters or,45 average gray whales I've done some,digging and in the last couple days the,developers have also begun to open up,more about what redfall is redfall's,been in development since right before,prey shipped it's made by a studio with,a stellar reputation for storytelling,and gameplay by developers whose own,worries during the creation of it is,refreshingly familiar to a lot of Gamers,even if it's almost alien in comparison,to other companies PR speech this is,Carrick with ACG let's dive into redfall,why discuss this now well it wasn't,always that clear for a long time what,the game was gonna be up to four player,open world immersive shooter in a land,where longevity experiments have turned,the already corrupted men and women into,vampires with many of the powers that,you'd expect but thankfully none of the,Romantic idolation I think we can all,agree one video one interview doesn't,make or break a game a developer can,tell you their games about Giants but,then not admit that you play as an ant,the context is lost until we experience,it in the same way that a game can look,fun in a twitch stream but may not,resonate with you when you get your,hands on it however lately the,Developers for Arcane have done an,interview about redfall and in,combination with other interviews and,details wrapping redfall into a,blood-covered package of understanding,is not as difficult as it once was,nevertheless even the developers have,expressed how much of a departure this,is stating maybe we stretch too much,this time we probably should have picked,either an open world or cooperative,multiplayer but if redfall comes,together at the Quality level we think,it will then it will be a different,Beast it's really tremendous it does a,lot of cool stuff but it at its core it,is a four player shooter but also a,co-op Arcane single player game you can,jump in and out of an open world title,where you move around the game world and,fight off vampires but at any time can,return home to your base and continue,the story whenever you want this was not,always exactly known since redfall CGI,dust into the future comparisons to back,for blood and now the ancient left for,dead haven't stopped redfall's a,multiplayer shooter in which a group of,players must work together to eliminate,the vampires from an open world location,in New England it was natural for people,to draw some parallels given how similar,the games looked initially and given the,genre's widespread appeal left for dead,undoubtedly is going to be brought up a,game so old a large number of Gamers,experiencing redfall for the first time,weren't speaking in full sentences when,that title came out though it's Sequel,and that experience have built on the,original title success we also can't,forget the now refreshed and ultimately,much better than its original release,would have had you believe back for,blood there's Remnant From the Ashes,Killing Floor World War Z payday,creaking lineage aside a recent,developer interview with Games Radar as,well as reading those other interviews,have sort of allowed us to get the,details and make it clear what,comparisons should be made for this,title and others,arcane's Far Cry now I get it that might,be a scary proposition Far Cry games are,so afraid of a single moment of downtime,the developers probably have a breakdown,if you have like more than 11 seconds,without a badger attack the game's usual,release is a buggy State a broken one,with random symbols scattered across the,game world so that every seven seconds,you're highlighting some goal as if,everyone in the world couldn't acquire,their unsubscribed ADHD meds from a,dubious subreddit however the developers,pointed out that the Game's new,locations the hunting vampires cruising,through decrepit towns and hammering,humans with high Firepower assault,rifles all are going to occur in a much,larger world than prey an open world,environment and for many gamers a small,group Excursion open world game,comparison to Far Cry makes sense but,the developer themselves have compared,it to not only Far Cry but stalker a,classic in and of its time that is a,massive swath between the two though,identified by those two key points on,opposite ends of the experience Spectrum,from open world shooter games this,explains the developers ideas for the,wide ways that you can deliver the story,versus the distinct trajectory that's,intended when it comes to the,multiplayer but still that's a bit too,wide if that were true it'd be like,saying your rocket will either go to,Mars or to another star but either one,is going to be a success though,technically it probably would be redfall,aims to deliver a familiar setting,though c

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