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I Turned Wordle Into a Twitter Botwhat if anyone on twitter could,collectively play a game of wordle


Updated on Jan 19,2023

I Turned Wordle Into a Twitter Bot

what if anyone on twitter could,collectively play a game of wordle today,i decided to make that happen i gave,myself just three hours to create a,wordle twitter bot and at the end of the,video i let my viewers try it out which,was a huge mistake i set up this twitter,bot and we're gonna try to play wordle,through it why,because i would love to see the chaos of,twitter users collectively trying to,solve a wordle so,here's how it's gonna work you have your,bot first it'll pick a random word from,just a list of every five letter english,word and then it'll send out a tweet,saying yes,these are all the replies in the sea of,replies,and the bot will pick the top reply,that is,also a five letter english word and then,from there,it'll tweet out the guess and how it,compares against the word so if you,don't know how wordle works basically if,you guess a letter bro i got i got them,all wrong so if you guess a letter that,is in the word it turns yellow then if,it's in the word in the correct position,it turns green,so the bot will tweet out some sort of,representation of that like this is,something i tested,this might be a good ui layout and then,the cycle will just repeat until you run,out of guesses or you get the word right,luckily i've made some twitter bots,before so i have everything i need right,here for,reading and like sending tweets you know,all like the twitter stuff i already,have pretty abstracted it's not the,cleanest code,but that's that's expected for someone,like me what is the wordle dude wordlen,4 let's get it so now that i have my my,wordle fix of the day let's start the,timer,and let the chaos begin,i'd say the first step is actually just,to pick a random five letter word,here's this list of five letter words,don't know how accurate this is but like,it looks good to me is there curse words,in here let's let's check,all right guys,this is just for science um,oh no,the first step here would be to,pick a random word,this seems good to me,just gonna quickly borrow some code,all right sweets let's see if now we,have a,five letter english word,wordle teaches me new words every day,from there i don't know if you saw these,but i want to like turn the word into a,string of emojis uh can just map every,letter to,the corresponding,looking emoji letter discord makes it,pretty easy to grab emotes l m,n,o,p,i hate my life q,r s,t that was my quick tutorial on the,english alphabet for anyone learning the,language hope that helped now what i'm,gonna do is just make a function that,just converts a string to a string of,emojis,we've done it our five letter word,as emojis now i think what we gotta do,is loop through every single reply to,the tweet out of all the ones that are,valid guesses find the one with the most,likes this should work it should get the,top liked reply that's a valid guess,reply with a five letter guess someone,guess sore good good word uh that's,that's not that's not a good word let me,let me get out of the screen,the moment of truth,it has to work this time because,everything adds up has to work,this is like truly the moment of truth,if this doesn't work then we're kind of,screwed we're like halfway cut into our,time,and we're still debugging like parsing,replies actually oh it works,we did it,we have finally parsed replies for,guesses the only thing left is to,actually create the the game so now if,you guess the word right you win but,you're not going to guess the word right,because there's no like visual feedback,for your guess and how it matches up to,the word,so that's the next step easy,so i'm not sure like everything is here,correctly but everything is here which,is good enough to test,see what the word is the word is,u-n-k-e-t,there's not an a in that word there's,not an a in the word unket yet it's,printing a yellow square that's probably,the worst possible outcome,something like this should,maybe work i don't know,i i've said that a ton of times and it,hasn't but,moment of truth m-o-p-e-r,so there's a p,it works it works,we did it the game is done i should also,print out the current turn so i'll do,like wordle number 16 like one out of,six or like six out of six i just wanna,do that really quick uh,the lose messages and stuff should be,good i honestly think the game is like,playable now with time to spare too wow,imagine being a god programmer,ratio okay there's an i in the third,position,i think we all know what it is,i have no idea 30 seconds is not a lot,of time to guess ooh okay an s and an e,there's an i,sailing,i don't know that's not a word is it,what,what,how is the word this close to penis uh,peebus,p-liz,perez,bro there is an eye here who who gets,perez bro,i should make it tell you the word what,was the word it was pedes,what the frick is a peed is bro all,right gonna make a few quick changes 60,second delay seems more manageable and,when you lose it has to tell you what,the word is,let's get some easy dubs on wordles guys,five letter guess that's a great guess,there's an e

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இது TRENDING கேம் - Wordle - How to Play?

இது TRENDING கேம் - Wordle - How to Play?


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Making a Twitter Bot that lets you play WORDLE!

Making a Twitter Bot that lets you play WORDLE!

i recently made a twitter bot that lets,you play wordle on twitter,if you haven't heard of wordle it's a,popular word game that's all over social,media lately and you play by trying to,guess a five letter word in six tries or,less,now there are already hundreds of wordle,clones out there but i wanted to make,one that lets you play on twitter rather,than having to copy and paste your world,score on there,the first step was getting a list of,words that the bot can use to choose,solutions and check guesses,apparently the developer of wordle was,pretty lazy because the list of words,can easily be found when inspecting the,source code one for the solutions and,one for the guesses,in fact the list of solutions are in the,order they appear daily so the solutions,are always known beforehand,i copied these lists and started working,on a script to try the game on the,command line first,it starts by randomly choosing a word as,a solution and then continuously accepts,player guesses as input,for each guess it compares this letter,to the solution and prints out the,letters with a highlighted color,finally it exits the game if the player,guesses the solution or runs out of,tries,i also define different messages to the,player based on how many guesses they,took to find the solution or a failure,message if they guess an invalid word or,run out of tries,it was finally time to test the script,so i played a few rounds of the game,the script was working fine but there,was a problem twitter didn't have,colored text or highlighting so i,wouldn't be able to tweet the text with,color,instead i have to programmatically,generate an image that displays the,guesses and tweet the image,to do this i found a python imaging,library using this library i create a,blank image and draw a colored square,for each letter writing the letter on,the square,it does the same for all the guesses and,draws blank squares at the end for the,remaining unused guesses,once i had the image generation working,it was time to create the bot so i made,a new twitter account and gave it a nice,profile,to programmatically tweet with my script,i signed up to the twitter developer,program in order to access the api using,the api i'm going to retrieve tweets,mentioning and replying to the bot and,then tweet responses back to the players,i then updated my script and imported,the tweepy library to interact with the,api setting up the client using my,authentication keys,next i wrote a function to read all,recent tweets mentioning or replying to,the bot and a function to tweet,different responses once the bot,retrieves all of its tweets it generates,a response based on the contents,if the tweet contains the keyword new,game it starts a new game session and,chooses a random solution replying with,a tweet to start the game,the bot also stores data to keep track,of each game session such as the user id,solution player's guesses and so on in a,json file,if the tweet contains a player guess it,checks if the word is valid and replies,accordingly if the guess is valid it,generates an image and replies to the,tweet updating the session data with the,new guess,at the end it tweets out a message based,on how many guesses the player took to,get to the solution,i then played a game with the bot and,this is how it turned out,the bot was working fine but i realized,it was hard to keep track of which,letters were already used the actual,game had a keyboard at the bottom of the,screen for this so i decided to add this,in as well i wrote another function that,loops through all the letters and draws,them with the appropriate colors at the,bottom of the image and this is how it,looked,in order to not have the bot running on,my computer 24 7 i chose to deploy it,using aws lambda functions since they,have a free tier up to 1 million,requests which is more than enough for,my case,so i created a new lambda function for,the bot and uploaded my code,i had to make a few changes to the code,before deploying such as storing the,game sessions json file in aws s3,instead of locally i then scheduled it,to run every two minutes and created an,s3 bucket to store the game sessions,json file,and with that the bot was finally done,and now anyone can play wardrobe on,twitter without a daily limit,a few people have played it so far and,it seems to be working fine,the bot does get lonely sometimes so if,you want to try it out you can tag it,twitter handle with new game to play,wardle on twitter,as always don't forget to like and,subscribe if you enjoyed the video it,really helps with the youtube algorithm,thanks for watching and i'll see you,next time

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Wordle: jogo sensação do Twitter vai ganhar versão para tabuleiro

Wordle: jogo sensação do Twitter vai ganhar versão para tabuleiro

e o jogo de adivinhação de palavras,gordão que é uma espécie de cruzadinha,virou uma febre no Twitter desde o,início deste ano a novidade para os fãs,é que agora ele vai ganhar uma versão,física para Tabuleiro vamos acompanhar,o,UOL é parecido com as velhas cruzadinhas,na internet ele funciona assim uma,palavra dia cinco letras deve ser,adivinhado em até seis tentativas com,limite de uma partida por dia mas o,visual vai se materializar o New York,Times comprou o jogo em fevereiro deste,ano fechou parceria com a Hasbro empresa,que fabrica nos Estados Unidos o,Monopoly versão original do Popular,Banco Imobiliário e vai produzir uma,edição física do joguinho Word ou ficou,famoso entre falantes de inglês no,Twitter rede social que foi o ponto de,partida para o sucesso,usuários começaram a publicar na,plataforma seus desempenhos na versão de,tabuleiro War dou vai se tornar uma,diversão em grupo no mundo real um dos,jogadores vai pensar em uma 15 letras,para o restante adivinhar após os lances,de cada um por mestre do Tabuleiro vai,mover os quadrados amarelos e verdes,sobre as letras corretas no lugar das,teclas no celulares os jogadores vão,escrever seus lances com marcadores em,pequenos quadros brancos quando uma,rodada terminar basta limpar os quadros,e jogar novamente por enquanto o Word ou,de qualquer game nome da versão de,tabuleiro será vendido apenas na América,do Norte pelo preço de,19,99 Dólares o equivalente a r$ 110 da,data de lançamento ainda sujeita a,alterações está marcada para o dia,primeiro de outubro,e,essa foi uma semana marcante e histórica,para astronomia e para a ciência o mundo,acompanhou as primeiras imagens,impressionantes captadas pelo telescópio,espacial James webb ele cumpriu o,objetivo dele mas o Curioso é que o,maior telescópio da história pode ir,muito além do que a gente imagina vamos,acompanhar,o James webb,pudins web entregou mais do que o mundo,esperava além de registrar imagens em,impressionantes de galáxias quanto,celestes imagens de bilhões de anos o,maior telescópio já criado o trouxe de,bônus o registro do planeta Júpiter a,missão primária do James web é observar,galáxias de eventos astronômicos,os dentes da terra mas ele também é,equipado com uma série de instrumentos,que podem ajudar a encontrar vida em,outros planetas um dos instrumentos é um,espectrógrafo um dispositivo que,dispensa a luz de um objeto de tal modo,que permite aos pesquisadores,determinar quais compostos químicos,podem estar presentes,não está descartada a possibilidade de,existir vida no nosso sistema solar,principalmente em locais onde pode,existir água em estado líquido como na,lua Europa de Júpiter Mas esse não é o,trabalho do James web missões para,encontrar essas amostras são,extremamente difíceis e requerem,escavação e uma série de coletas,ainda assim o James web pode encontrar,potenciais amostras na superfície de,outros planetas,o nosso sistema solar A essas alturas já,sabemos da existência de milhares de,Esopo planetas como são chamados os,mundos que estão fora do nosso sistema,solar,orbitando outros sóis cientistas,acreditam que vários desses planetas,podem ser potencialmente habitáveis,agora com a entrada em operação do James,web essas teorias podem finalmente,começar a ser transformar em observações,1

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Solving Wordle using information theory

Solving Wordle using information theory

The game Wordle has gone pretty viral in the  last month or two, and never one to overlook  ,an opportunity for a math lesson, it occurs to  me that this game makes for a very good central  ,example in a lesson about information theory,  and in particular a topic known as entropy.  ,You see like a lot of people I got kind of sucked  into the puzzle, and like a lot of programmers I  ,also got sucked into trying to write an algorithm  that would play the game as optimally as it could.  ,What I thought I'd do here is just talk through  with you some of my process in that, and explain  ,some of the math that went into it, since the  whole algorithm centers on this idea of entropy.,First things first, in case you haven't heard of  it, what is Wordle and to kill two birds with one  ,stone here while we go through the rules of the  game let me also preview where we're going with  ,this, which is to develop a little algorithm  that will basically play the game for us.  ,I haven't done today's Wordle, this is  February 4th, and we'll see how the bot does.,The goal of Wordle is to guess a mystery  five-letter word, and you're given six  ,different chances to guess. For example, my  wordlebot suggests that I start with the guess  ,"crane". Each time that you make a guess, you  get some information about how close your guess  ,is to the true answer. Here the gray box is  telling me there's no c in the actual answer,  ,the yellow box is telling me there is  an r but it's not in that position.  ,The green box is telling me that the secret word  does have an a and it's in the third position.  ,And then there's no 'n' and there's no 'e'. Let  me just go in and tell the wordlebot about that  ,information...we started with "crane",  we got gray yellow green grey grey...  ,Don't worry about all the data that it's showing  right now, I'll explain that in due time.,Its top suggestion for our second pick is "shtik".  Your guess does have to be an actual five-letter  ,word, but as you'll see it's pretty liberal  with what it will actually let you guess.  ,In this case we try stick and...all right!  Things are looking pretty good. We hit the  ,'s' and the 'h', so we know the first three  letters, and we know that there's an 'r'.  ,So it's going to be like s-h-a something r  or s-h-a-r-something. And it looks like the  ,Wordle-bot knows that it's down to just two  possibilities, either "shard" or "sharp".  ,I's kind of a toss-up between them at this  point, so I guess probably just because it's  ,alphabetical it goes with shard, which...hooray!  It is the actual answer. So we got it in three.,If you're wondering if that's any good, the way  I heard one person phrase it is that with Wordle,  ,four is par and three is birdie,  which I think is a pretty apt analogy.  ,You have to be consistently on your game to  be getting four but it's certainly not crazy.  ,But when you get it in three, it just feels great.,If you're down for it what I'd like to do here  is just talk through my thought process from the  ,beginning for how I approach the wordlebot.  And like I said really it's an excuse for an  ,information theory lesson, the main goal is to  explain what is information and what is entropy.,My first thought in approaching this was to take  a look at the relative frequencies of different  ,letters in the english language. I thought,  okay, is there an opening guess or an opening  ,pair of guesses that hits a lot of these most  frequent letters. One that I was pretty fond  ,of was doing "other" followed by "nails". The  thought is that if you hit a letter, you know  ,you get a green or a yellow, that always feels  good, it feels like you're getting information.,But in these cases even if you  don't hit and you always get greys,  ,that's still giving you a lot of information,  since it's pretty rare to find a word that  ,doesn't have any of these letters. But even  still that doesn't feel super systematic,  ,because for example it does nothing to consider  the order of the letters. Why type "nails" when  ,I could type "snail". Is it better to have  that s at the end? I'm not really sure.,Now a friend of mine said that he  liked to open with the word "weary",  ,which kind of surprised me because it has  some uncommon letters in there like the 'w'  ,and the 'y'. But who knows, maybe that  is a better opener. Is there some kind  ,of quantitative score that we can give to  judge the quality of a potential guess?,To set up for the way that we're going to rank  possible guesses, let's go back and add a little  ,clarity to how exactly the game is set up. There's  a list of words that it will allow you to enter,  ,that are considered valid guesses, that's just  about 13,000 words long. But when you look at  ,it there's a lot of really uncommon things  things like "aahed" or "aalii" and "aargh".  ,The kind of words that bring about  family arguments in a game of Scrabble.  ,But the vibe of the game is that the answer  is always going to be a dec

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Roberto Tyley - Building a Wordle-solving tweet-bot in Scala

Roberto Tyley - Building a Wordle-solving tweet-bot in Scala

this is my talk uh writing a world,solver in scotland it was actually going,to uh like briefly it was going to be,writing a world of solving tweetpoint,skull but i didn't get to the tweeting,part so it is writing a word or solver,in scala,um,now um,like we all like love wordles right um,but the uh wordle solver that i'm going,to show you uh it's they're not like the,way humans solve wordles like,it's not like oh there's an i and a g,and we um must have an n between them,for an n sound it's not a linguistic,theory i haven't written uh that was the,royal solver like that the way i've,approached i've taken is that she tried,to find the best choice from all,available words even the really quite,unusual obscure words that like a human,wouldn't think of using because,sometimes they can get better results,so,um if you want to write um,a word or something there are like three,questions you want to answer if you're,going to write a word or solver they get,like increasingly harder as you go along,so the first question is what words are,possible what were the possible correct,answers given the feedback our guests,have gotten so far so that's like the,first and sort of easiest question to,address then there's like what's a good,choice of guess for our next move so,that might be like doing a small bit of,look ahead to think about like okay,what's the consequences of making our,guess,and then finally the hardest question,is what's the best possible guess you,could conceivably make in this situation,like for the start word and then for,your subsequent words what's the best,play um now we're probably gonna run out,of time before i fully cover this final,one but in the q a you're welcome to ask,me more about it uh okay so next slide,uh what words are possible,okay so,there are actually about 2 300 common,words that can be the answer in the,world an additional 10 000 or so,uncommon words that you're allowed to,type in,so the first step is to get hold of that,list of words uh they're in the,javascript source code so they're not,hard to find,so if we go to wordle,and we inspect source,we have a look in here,uh and we just like search uh for like a,word we know that's in there like uh,perky was an answer a little while ago,so here we can see like these are all,the words in the source they're in the,order that are gonna happen,uh and so all 2300 words are there in an,array followed by uh the additional 10,000 uncommon words in a separate array,so i've copied and pasted this out,and i've stuck it into,a,a sort of sorted uh file just so that i,don't have to spoil wordle for myself so,like they're in alphabetical order and i,don't know what's going to happen the,next day so that's good i've put a star,against the ones that are the common,words the ones that can actually be the,answer um wow cavill is considered a,common word i didn't know that um but,then the other ones these ones are so,obscure that they will never be the word,lancer,so,um,see,now so for our first move,we know that there's gonna be 2300,2300 possible words but as soon as we,enter a guess,uh we get feedback that helps us to,narrow down that set of possible words,so,supposing i have to do,this that's my first guess,and i hit this,and we get feedback so,every letter is correct,or,incorrect or misplaced,so that's like three each letter can,have three different values of feedback,uh so three fixed values that sounds a,bit like a scala enum valley a scalar,through enum so yay so we can and that,was a scalar three edom so uh if we have,a look,so if i,here we go there's a scarlet three enum,uh it's got incorrect misplaced and,correct so misplaced that's the yellow,one incorrect it's white and correct as,green,so uh,that is is a nice clean representation,of of just a single letters feedback but,the information we get after a guess is,for all five letters so it makes sense,to have a representation that holds all,five letter feedbacks at once so i've,called that a word feedback so here's,the test for word feedback,um here we go so you can see that a word,feedback takes in five values,um and represents them together,now,um,it's you can see that it's like most the,time the test it's actually kind of more,concise just to use the emoji,representation so this this could be a,bit tricky for for people with red green,color blindness but for me it's been,quite handy it's quite nice concise way,of representing,the feedback and tests,okay so,now to work out which of the 2300 words,are still possible correct answers after,getting this feedback for our first,guess we need to see which of those 2,300 words those possible 2 300 words,would give us that feedback for our,guests of aside if they actually if they,actually were the target would,so,uh,so what we want is a method,that can reproduce wordles logic for,giving feedback on a word so we want a,method like this,it's uh,it takes in like a candidate a guest,that we might type in,and it tests it against like a potential,actual word the th

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Just Chatting — 6/16/22 — Some Wordle. Maybe Twitter. Maybe poetry.

Just Chatting — 6/16/22 — Some Wordle. Maybe Twitter. Maybe poetry.

hey what up guys,i'm about to get started right now,i uh,new look i decided to zoom out the,camera and see how people feel about,that,uh this thing looks really long it's,like a little distracting here,but i don't think i can change that so,whatever,so uh today i'm just having a hard time,waking up my brain is,not functional,oh you know what i need to bring my,coffee over i'm going to bring coffee,over,joe what's up good to see you,uh,just uh gonna bring some coffee over let,me do that real quick,yeah well,yeah i am a little tired look,yeah thank you,uh,i uh,so what happened with the coffee just,now is um,my girlfriend drink it all so i don't,have any coffee left,but you know what it's probably a good,thing i don't want to uh i don't want to,have too much coffee in the morning so,that's a good thing um andy,yeah i um,right now in korea because i'm trying to,i'm trying to stream for um for at least,like the us kids as well,so i'm trying to wake up at 5 00 a.m in,korea,and what that means is i should sleep at,around 9 or 10 because then i get like,eight or seven hours of sleep,um,so yesterday i slept at 9 30. but then i,woke up at three and then it oh my god,it was just so hard like i s i kept,waking up and,yeah i don't know my but my body's not,adjusting yet this this um,what do you call it oh jet lag this jet,lag is messing me up,get pranked yeah maybe i should have,like a filter,for my eyes,anyway,yo i wanna like get my brain started so,i'm gonna go into wordle,where the word a word a word a wordle,word a wordle okay that's not it,hey my shortcuts are not working,hang on,god i hate it when my uh shortcuts don't,work,yo uh joaquin what's up,joaquin,uh let me know what you think about the,wide-angle view,anyway actually you can kind of see my,even when i do this you can kind of see,my,expressions although it's still pretty,tiny especially if you're on the phone,that's pretty tiny,um,how am i doing yeah as uh as joe was,mentioning i am tired i uh,i try to wake up at 5 00 a.m,so,uh,so i uh,so i slept at 9 30 but,dude i am um i'm tired like because i,woke up at,three and i couldn't go back to sleep,okay so what i'm trying to do right now,is i'm trying to update the youtube chat,so that at least shows in the stream,uh,where am i i'm in seoul i'm in seoul,uh seoul as in seoul korea not,yeah,what other souls are there in the world,um so okay now the chat should show up,okay showing up,and um oh my god wrong,wrong page,okay,and then,i guess yeah,right now it's uh 6 52 a.m in korea so,uh in new york it must be 7 52 p.m right,hang on let me see if there were any new,comments on youtube first no no you know,what youtube comments are a little,tiring for me so like i want to start,with something easy,all right wordle time,join the voice,actually we could but the problem right,now is my computer cannot handle,dual streaming,dual streaming to uh discord and voice,at the same time in the future i'm i i,i'm gonna pay big money to get a better,computer,as in so in one month it's gonna arrive,or less than one month it's gonna arrive,and i should be able to do dual,streaming to discord and um and youtube,but,yeah right now if i try it it's gonna,destroy the stream it's going to make,the stream unusable so,uh so for now if we want to discord,events we have to do it separately,uh i was looking for something what was,it looking for oh the zoom,zoom zoom zoom okay awkwardly zooming in,on my forehead all right here we go,all right let's go,uh wordle,let's wordle,let's wordle turtles,well oh wait hey it's squid,i was trying to say squirtle but then,obviously that's way too long oh my god,not a single letter okay but you know,like obviously,q is not a very common letter and d,is fairly uncommon i mean not is less,common uh the most common words are like,true like,c is very common s is,common oh wait i already used this um,hang on,trade,d is pretty oh why are you d,trader,drink cr,drake how do you use the,crate,wait a e c r a t e oh yeah c is also,pretty common because you know we get ch,and th and stuff like that let's do,crate all right great,uh,r a i got an r and an a in the wrong,position right now um,now we have a gh,to use,p,and oh i didn't use the nm's yet um,ramp,no s though,we have a cramp,clamp no no we already use a c,ring,wrap,wrath rat shred rap,rap rap rap,my brain's not working,wh,worth,now that is a word that works it's,definitely not the right word oh and,also the a is in the wrong place okay,because it can't be here it can't be,here,can't be here,uh how do you get better at reading you,know uh you know you don't read a little,just kidding uh i can give better advice,after i get through this i'm i'm really,i'm really focusing on this one letter,right now,where where,so hey god,either the a is here,right which makes some sense,and then we have oh we have o as well so,we could have like a,wait a o is ao a thing,wait do we have a brazilian here we have,pow as in bread and pow as in dick,something like that right,i forgot

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Lunch Money: 270: The Fed, Twitter, Wordle & More!

Lunch Money: 270: The Fed, Twitter, Wordle & More!

lunch money time let's get after it,what's going on today in the world whoa,that was fast well let's go why don't,you ever say like get your lunch money,right anymore while wall street's trying,to get rich the rest of us just trying,to get our lunch money right it's a,reading test to see if the audience is,reading the bottom here which says while,wall street is trying to get rich the,rest of us are just trying to get lunch,money right,hey you pay attention here we go okay,ready,the today the federal reserve is widely,expected to raise,its fed funds target rate by a half,percentage points,point point not points but investors are,worried why are investors worried well,the first thing is that obviously the,fed flooded the market with cheap,capital over the last two years or so,they literally just were printing cash,left and right the elected officials,were handing out fiscal policy like it,was candy and all they were doing was,stuffing it in every exotic corner the,financial system they were sending 1200,checks they were going ahead and buying,all sorts of different assets anywhere,they could possibly try to stimulate the,economy they were doing it that also,included the cutting of interest rates,you remember back in march of 2020 in,april they had two emergency rate cuts,down to a zero percent rate environment,that meant cheap capital for everyone,when you start to think about that then,you get into this world where you say to,yourself all right if there's going to,be cheap capital i'm going to go borrow,money i'm going to go and i'm going to,invest and so that's exactly what people,did now as asset prices exploded as,inflation took off etc the fed's sitting,there oh buddy we are two years into,this game i cannot let us go ahead and,keep having this high inflation so what,are they gonna do they've got to start,to tighten and it means that they're,going to stop doing the asset purchases,they're going to go ahead and start,raising interest rates they're going to,raise the 25 basis points but the stock,market said oh no more cheap capital and,just falling out of the sky people are,losing money tiger global down over 40,percent year-to-date many other hedge,funds also suffering massive losses uh,as well now the key to this is that the,market is pricing in this afternoon we,are going to get a 50 basis point rate,hike we'll go from 0.25 to 0.75 percent,the only problem with that is if they,continue to do it all of a sudden then,we are going to have to see,what will occur what is going to happen,if they go ahead and they raise the 75,basis points will the market sell off,more or not nobody knows but remember in,q1 there was a economic contraction,meaning that we actually had negative,growth in q1 and if the fed continues to,raise interest rates into an economic,issue,that ain't good it just gets real bad,from there i don't know what do you,think,i think that i honestly i have no,opinion on this i'm just confused why,they haven't done this,before why why now,why didn't they already do this well,because again,they're cycles right so basically the,whole idea is that uh stock prices were,crashing everything was crashing in,march of 2020 oh we got to step in,we have to feel like we have some sort,of control let's step in when we step in,drop interest rates print money that was,the whole playbook stock market comes,flying back economy's good but still,unemployment was high there's all kinds,of issues oh supply chains inflation's,transitory all the nonsense they were,telling everyone and so just until the,end of 2021 they're like maybe inflation,isn't transitory but my question is did,they know that they would have to do,this or are they doing it because they,can't stop,there are constant cycles where they,know that they need to stimulate the,economy which is quantitative easing and,then there are points where they need to,do quantitative tightening the problem,is normally when they are doing,quantitative tightening it is because,they are doing it before the recession,comes we are in a recession right now a,recession is two consecutive quarters of,gdp uh gdp contraction we will get the,gdp contraction in q2 i believe and so,we are already in the recession it's,just that now they're starting so late,with the quantitative tightening and,it's why i continue to always say like,you can get inflation or you can get um,a recession pick your poison in some,crazy way we have recession and,inflation at the same time double whammy,not good for anybody in the economy,all right ready let's go,hester pierce purse,oh purse yeah only because she's,corrected me before i learn i learned,from experience,it wasn't spelled pierce the normal way,so personally it makes sense okay so so,hester per she's a member of the sec um,is she a former commissioner uh i,believe she is a commissioner she is the,commissioner she is a commissioner,there's multiple commissioners in the,sec yes okay,the sec,uh is going to increase the head count,to 50 people for

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