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Twitter VS Will Smith & Chris Rockdo you guys remember that youtuber from,the beginning of rewind 20


Updated on Jan 29,2023

Twitter VS Will Smith & Chris Rock

do you guys remember that youtuber from,the beginning of rewind 2018 yeah well,his name is will smith and he was,recently invited to this year's oscars,and at this event he ended up having a,confrontation with another content,creator called chris rock here is what,happened,oh that's hot,that's hot jaina i love you g.i jane 2,can't wait to see it all right,it's javascript that was a nice one okay,i'm out here oh,richard,oh wow,wow,will smith just smacked the out of,me,out your mouth,wow dude,yeah it was a gi jane jump keep,that was a,greatest night in the history of,television,so we are here,to uh give a documentary out to give an,oscar so unsurprisingly after this,happened twitter lit up immediately with,a bunch of reactions and memes to the,situation wavywebsurf says will smith,has done the impossible and finally,usurped kanye as the king of unhinged,awards show moments newsweek says will,smith confronted chris rock at the,oscars and jordan peterson responds by,saying confronted hassan says it was a,perfect slap incredible execution heels,planted firmly fired from the hip,connected immediately great,follow-through wheat skin says minecraft,speedrunner vs will smith grand finale,rematch showing that will smith just,slapped the diamonds out of chris rock,omni says will smith i want to be a,vessel of love also will smith hmk says,so you were telling me will smith splat,the out of chris rock then,proceeded to win his first oscar as best,actor bro julia alexander says chris,rock it's time to bring this to the red,table i think it's beautiful we're all,trying to move past will smith hitting,chris rock knowing full well that we are,likely about to watch will smith get an,oscar again in 10 minutes and all we'll,be thinking is remember when he hit,chris rock 30 minutes ago will smith,tweets out welp real talk i'm not the,person you were upset slash happy with i,make podcasts and video games for a,living at the risk of making people,pissed off at me instead of that other,guy the world would be a better place if,we stopped answering words with violence,chris tyson says being the official,chris on twitter backfired after chris,rock got slapped my mentions are full of,boomers tagging at chris rock now ricky,berwick says keep me out of your mouth,keep the jokes out of your, mouth,no no not funny turn off the effects,keep the jokes,out of your mouth,ricky berbick also posted this tweet,titled will smith slaps the out of,so how me gina smith and that caillou,reboot huh keep my wife's name out your, mouth how about you keep those,dicks out of your white smell huh,young says chris rock's recovery,from that slap was smoother than jada's,head he also says despite black actors,only making up six percent of the oscar,winners quarantine koof says chris rock,is like 4-2 and weighs at most 85 pounds,yet even with a running start will,couldn't lay him out i think will even,hurt his wrist that's why he was crying,after he sat back down lol i hope that,was acting otherwise that man throws,slaps softer than a five-year-old girl,now how the do you hit another man,and you're the one who ends up crying,laughing my ass off someone,needs to teach this man how to fight,laughing my ass off chris rock,after getting hit by will smith will,smith after hitting chris rock mudahar,says i just got home and saw will smith,slap a dude laughing my hats off cj,rosenblum says what chris rock saw the,quartering says there was zero reason,the oscars should have given that award,to will smith after assaulting chris,rock on stage pimp master yoda responds,you're right they should give will two,oscars for actually making the show,worth watching marcel says every woman,in the world is going to be expecting,will smith levels of defense from their,mans when they go out now will smith got,the male birth control early he then,posted this twitter video,oh that's hot,that's hot boogie298 comments on the,situation by saying wow turns out will,smith kind of sucks as a person remember,back when he was funny and family,friendly and cool i mean like i get it,jada has alopecia and has lost her hair,and chris rock just made a ball joke but,learn to take a joke my man and if you,can't handle the joke maybe don't go to,the oscars or maybe settle it like an,adult afterwards and not on screen for,millions to watch and consider this is,coming from a guy who recently learns,his lesson not to take too,seriously and like you know fire a gun,at a stalker lol a bunch of other men, his wife will smith silence another,man makes fun of her hair will smith,angry someone commented on the will,smith's situation in a now deleted tweet,and mel responded to it by saying will,just played right into the stereotype,not cool aggressively paranoid then,responds what stereotype,maria shriver says will smith says he,wants to be a vessel for love love is,not violent love is not what was,displayed on a global stage tonight we,should never get to the place where we,sit and watch a movie star hit some

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i lost my favorite bone today,i mean i was talking borax,agree or disagree,i know some of you are normal but um,good sorted that out,uh daniel,what was your first reaction when you,read about the oscars slap,i was annoying i was really annoyed,loads of loads of,well first of all i woke up on the,monday morning,and i got texts from american friends,going,oh that poor chris i was gonna lose,chris,and then i saw a hell yeah i,mean that's the main thing i don't know,why,i don't want to talk about it too much,because i don't know what's going on in,his life i don't know why i did it no,one knows why he did it,he's got issues,i mean it was,obviously it was double shocking that it,happened at the oscars with everyone in,tuxedos i mean of course you see that,thing,in bars,on a saturday night but not the most,privileged people on the planet slapping,each other also the main thing for me,was totally unnecessary there was no,justification that annoyed me when,people were saying oh we deserved it you,shouldn't shouldn't tell jokes about,people,and the one that i blocked someone the,other day for saying no words are,violence too no they're not no they're,not no,no they're not violence is violence,words aren't violence,i tried to avoid it,i couldn't,and i had like a gig a warm-up gig the,next night and you can't go out there,and not address it initially when it's a,big thing like that because people are,going what's he gonna say about it so i,just went out and straight away said i,got no,will smith material and they laughed out,of recognition,and uh,and i said you know i trended on twitter,that day i was i trended i wasn't even,there nothing to do with me because,people were saying what would what would,ricky jerez have said what would what,would have happened with your face well,nothing and,i said this live i said nothing would,happen to me because i wouldn't have,told,a joke about his wife's hair,either told a joke about her boyfriend,but no,don't you don't hit someone over a joke,right however bad it is and it wasn't,bad that was like the tame this joke,i would have ever told i,jesus,someone said it was joking about her,disability,well i'm going a bit thin so i'm,disabled that means i can park right up,next to tesco's now,and i'm,i'm fat that's a that's a disease,and then i'm fat and balding,i am,i should get benefit,so uh thank you very,much be kind to animals

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Will Smith Reacts To Chris Rock Blaming Him For Dave Chapelle Incident

Will Smith Reacts To Chris Rock Blaming Him For Dave Chapelle Incident

was that will smith,dave chappelle was recently attacked on,stage by an armed man and fans are,calling it the will smith effect,in fact chris rock witnessed the attack,and he made a joke about will smith,slapping him at the oscars,and since chappelle's attacker was,severely beaten by chappelle's entourage,and quickly arrested fans and some,celebs are again calling out hollywood,for being hypocrites and giving will,smith an easy pass,but how does will feel about all this,and what has he been up to since the,infamous oscars flap on wednesday may,4th dave chappelle was performing at the,hollywood bowl in los angeles as part of,the netflix as a joke fest and while he,was finishing his show he was suddenly,tackled by a member of the audience,wielding a replica handgun with a real,knife blade inside the attack happened,shortly after chappelle joked about,planning to increase his security in,light of the controversy surrounding his,jokes about the transgender community,lesbians get mad at me let me tell you,right now it's true,these transgenders,these put me dead chappelle's most,recent netflix special the closer,triggered a huge online backlash and,after netflix ceo ted sarandos defended,chappelle saint chappelle's special,didn't cross a line netflix trans,employees staged a massive walk out the,walkout divided both fans and,celebrities with actor elliot page the,matrix director lily wachowski and,comedian wanda sykes voicing their,support for the fallout and jay-z,caitlyn jenner and joe rogan defending,chappelle dave chappelle is 100 right,caitlyn jenner tweeted this isn't about,the lgbtq movement it's about woke,cancel culture run amok trying to,silence free speech we must never yield,or bow to those who wish to stop us from,speaking our minds,well chappelle definitely didn't stop,speaking his mind and even after he got,tackled on stage by an armed attacker he,turned to the audience and joked about,the attacker being transgender,it was a trans man,and as you can see in the video the,attacker was quickly subdued by,chappelle's security with chappelle,later telling the audience he stomped,the man backstage,always wanted to do that chappelle also,gave a shout out to jamie foxx and busta,rhymes for stepping in and helping take,down the attacker,make some noise for fox,i think,that's how you do it,but jamie and busta weren't the only,celebrities who witnessed the attack,chris rock was also there and he joined,chappelle on stage to make this joke,was that will smith,what's also crazy is that chappelle,talked about the oscars slap shortly,before being tackled and said he and,other comedians should get more security,buzzfeed news reporter brianna sax who,was sitting in the audience when,chappelle was attacked later tweeted,what is really surreal about this is,that chappelle talked about chris rock,and the slap new reality facing,comedians having more security with him,and his wife being worried about him now,sax also shared a video of the attacker,being taken away on a stretcher and she,said the man got his ass kicked by at,least 10 people,in photos published by daily mail the,young man who attacked chappelle is,shown being removed on a gurney in,handcuffs and sporting injuries,including a twisted and possibly broken,arm bruised and swollen face and a,bloody nose,the police later identified the attacker,as 23 year old isaiah lee and according,to the new york post lee is a rapper who,once wrote a song named after dave,chappelle,lee apparently raps under the name no,name underscore trapper,and his verified spotify profile has,close to 6 000 monthly listeners,track 2 of lee's album born and die in,the trap is called dave chappelle and,the lyrics include a reference to lee,walking into the hollywood bowl the,venue where the attack on chappelle took,place,according to police records lee was,listed as being five feet 10 inches tall,and just 140 pounds and his address was,that of a los angeles homeless shelter,lee was initially booked for felony,however la county district attorney,george gascon's office declined to file,felony charges against lee,the da's office explained that since lee,didn't actually use the weapon and,chappelle wasn't injured a felony charge,was not warranted,according to abc gascon's office,referred the case to the la city,attorney mike feuer recommending a,misdemeanor charge because the evidence,is presented did not constitute felony,conduct,however fuhrer said in a statement that,this alleged attack has got to have,consequences and added that his office,takes protecting public safety extremely,seriously and are going to vigorously,prosecute this case,in the meantime fans and celebs alike,have been sharing their opinions on the,attack and many of them are saying will,smith set a dangerous precedent when he,slapped chris rock during the oscars,ceremony,dave chappelle is the first casualty of,the will smith effect one fan tweeted,and another twitter user said dave,chappelle was attacked on stage all i,have

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Katt Williams Calls Out 'Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock': "It Was Planned"

Katt Williams Calls Out 'Will Smith Slapping Chris Rock': "It Was Planned"

for comedy app news i'm john abba we're,now two months removed from the infamous,oscars collab between will smith and,chris rock and people are still offering,their opinions on the matter one figure,who has held his silence was none other,than cat williams as scott was preparing,for the release of his latest stand-ups,comedy special world war iii on netflix,he stopped by the naked podcast hosted,by carrie champion where she was able to,interview the legendary comedian about,his career his newest comedy special as,well as the oscar slap from kat's point,of view the whole thing was a setup i'm,in the production business i understand,what it's worth doing for ratings i,understand what it's worth doing when,the industry is canceling one black guy,so the question is hey your quarterback,just got sacked did we know we were,about to sack your quarterback we,absolutely did it was a play buddy we've,been rehearsing it working it out making,sure that at some point when you get to,this level we can make sure we can knock,you from a 20 million dollar man to,putting in the news that people won't,hire you anymore and your career is done,cat decides to make his point even,clearer by stating that everything that,happens in a business that's based off,of pretend that seems like a setup,usually is,we have to understand that these are two,giants in our field if you're a black,person this is the two guys too big and,too good to be involved in what they're,in it would make sense if it was me and,michael blackson slapping each other not,will smith and chris rock when two large,boulders come together and you can't see,chris rock winning at all he's,humiliated if you were gonna slap a,comedian he was the number one to slap,head of the coons so slappable and if,you're gonna slap him you just need the,greatest guy the one who's shown us his,best behavior since the 90s that guy is,the one who will have to slap him in,order for that type of ratings we need,and attention to be on this thing cal,would also point out that in the,specific scenario only the artists are,losing money but someone is making big,money off the scandal saying they killed,this 20 million dollar guy referencing,will smith but they reaped 60 million,dollars in benefits the two would come,to a conclusion that the reason why the,slap was magnified was because of who,was involved if you put any other names,together the police are out on stage,they've cut the commercial so you didn't,see what happened,there's a certain way things are handled,when it's not intentional when things go,so smoothly but they seem chaotic that,means that there was forethought in a,plan even if it looks like janet jackson,just had a wardrobe malfunction there's,no such thing somebody benefited in all,these situations there's a business,involved and there's real money involved,and somebody is benefiting from this,thing that looks like oh that just,happened no,no way no way the topic of the,conversation then switched from the,oscar slap to the hollywood bowl tackle,cat said that it would be hard for a,homeless person to get in the hollywood,bowl never mind rushing the stage there,is a business where they fiddle with the,perception of the people and that's part,of your job back in the day it was,called propaganda,now it's just business they decided that,they were finished with will when he did,after earth with jaden from there,they've done what was necessary to take,him from a 20 million dollar movie to,put him in a position where maybe it can,appear he has a nervous breakdown and is,now unemployable cat doesn't think the,motive is racial because he used back,pit nanjing lena jolie as examples of,movie stars who once made 20 million,dollars a movie who are now hung out to,dry cat would reiterate one last time,that this was a business move at its,highest level so what do you guys think,about cat stance about the oscar slap do,you agree let's talk about them on the,comments below and save the day for more,original news and comedy by subscribing,here to our youtube channel and follow,common hype across all social media for,comedy have news i'm john alba

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i got cancelled on twitter (will smith & chris rock)

i got cancelled on twitter (will smith & chris rock)

welcome guys it's the ethan klein,channel back in action,new and improved we got a new camera,that looks great,i took a little break from the channel,when uh,bruises,saint bruce to the divine here was was,born,and how old is bruce now man i mean he,was born 2-2,a few days,friday,three days,three days he's gonna be two months old,pretty incredible man,time has flown by,it's been nice it's been great he's such,a good,baby he's such a um,he's a perfect baby he doesn't complain,much,he eats he sleeps he started playing,recently right,he's smiling a lot he's smiling and,laughing he gives these beautiful pure,smiles,and he's got these little laughs he goes,so cute,theodore's doing good the dogs are doing,good everything's good at home,so i just i'm back i want to show you,guys the new setup here got a fresh new,camera what is it called,the it's,sony a7 it's a dslr while i was using,intentionally when i started this,channel i wanted to be as low effort as,possible and so,i literally just used the crappiest,plug-and-play,webcam i could find,but um i i think it's time to upgrade,boy look at us i wanted to prove the,concept to myself first before investing,you know,but here we are,you know i just wanted i came here,basically just to talk a little bit,about um,the will smith chris rock,situation we did a whole podcast about,it,yesterday,but i wanted to supplement,the uh,conversation a little bit after being,called a racist pig on twitter about uh,i don't know twenty thousand or man more,like two hundred thousand times probably,um,i don't know we had a long discussion,about it,yesterday,and i really just want to reiterate like,there is a there's a conversation that,you know there's this malcolm x quote,right that we looked at yesterday about,how black women are the most uh abused,people in society right,and i guess a lot of people see through,that prism,of,you know a continuation of chris rock,abusing,a black another black woman which i get,right like so okay there's that history,there's a history of chris rock,um,making fun of her,at a previous award ceremony in 2016,when she was boycotting it because it,was too white and,so chris rock and,in a way broke the picket,and came and then called her out like oh,well you weren't even invited anyway so,okay there's some people that have a,problem with,with chris rock and i didn't know that,going in one of the callers,explained that all to me,which i i'm i'm thankful for,um,but you know listen as somebody,who,has,who just recently had someone come to my,house and threaten violence on me for a,really dumb tame joke,um,as someone who's friends with a lot of,comedians who,now more than ever people feeling bolded,to go attack comedians on stage,um,it just seems,that even with all that context which is,important right and interesting to know,it just doesn't justify what happened,and i and i you know i just think it's,really sad that i can't have an opinion,about that without being called racist,200 000 times on twitter and in the,comments and stuff like,the man hit another dude,for a joke it doesn't even really matter,if you think it's tame or not,um i'm sorry but like,the precedent that it sets,when you have,hordes of people defending that action i,mean you have a lot of people,you know criticizing will smith,but the amount of people who are,right or dying like i saw a youtube,video today of a girl who said uh,will smith slapped chris rock and he,deserved it,i'm sorry guys but like just,enabling violence in this way is insane,it really is and i've seen tweets of,people saying like well i saw saddam,hussein executed on tv when i was 12,which is a funny response and obviously,violence is very very normalized in,american society,i mean in so many different ways right,like our movies our violence are violent,our tv shows are violent,our culture is violent our government is,violent right in so many different ways,but like,this is different it's like i do think,it's different in a way it's a ma it's,just a person like you and me going up,and slapping a man in the face,for telling,a joke okay and like let's be honest it,was you know,it was it wasn't the worst joke like,even in all the context he could have,said something if he wanted to insult,her condition,and all that,he could have said something way worse,it was like let's just assume he was,trying to criticize her for a condition,he could have done it in a way more,offensive way okay and i don't even,think he knew she had that condition i,don't think people are following,her life that closely i think it's a,little,ridiculous to assume everybody knows,that,um,you know i don't think,comedians are responsible to check,people's personal uh history at the door,and know everything going on about every,single person,like we can't just have the norm be,resulting the violence when someone,offends you somebody there's different,levels to this and i don't,understand why people don't think that,don't see that,i saw one of the common uh responses

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Twitter had a NIGHT with the Will Smith Chris Rock Oscars Slap...

Twitter had a NIGHT with the Will Smith Chris Rock Oscars Slap...

shout out to chris rock for not rubbing,his face after the smack i know he,wanted to,little duval let me cut all my wolfman,jokes out my show,sam jackson hugga will smith like he,wants us back to out of chris rock,for years,sometimes the content just writes itself,there's nothing i have to do here,there's nothing i have to do this is,going to be a moment we're going to,remember where were you when we'll smack,the absolute ever living holy breathing,water-winding,life,out of chris rock now a lot of people,initially saw it and they're like oh,this is stage right this has to be say,is this a joke this got to be a joke,right let's watch the footage man let's,watch the footage and i'll let you,decide all right,jada i'm so scared i ain't gonna lie i,ain't gonna lie oh,the heat is coming i love you g.i jane 2,can't wait to see it all right,it's javascript that was a nice one okay,i'm out here oh,oh ,oh ,oh,wow,wow will smith just smacked the out,of me,oh wow oh ,it was a gi jane jump keep,oh my god that silence is eerie,greatest night in the history of,television okay,okay,god damn,god,damn,he's still he's not even looking at him,that form was sweet i don't watch the,oscars i didn't know like this was,gonna happen if i knew like this,was gonna i watch every second of the,oscars i think this picture is my,favorite yo,chris's face,we gotta go to twitter we gotta go to,twitter i know twitter gonna be crazy on,this we gotta go to twitter,honestly i think twitter is the best,place to be on a day like today i'm not,gonna lie i first saw this late last,night literally i was about to sleep i,was about to be asleep and then i saw,this uh pop on twitter right before,i went to bed and so that kept me up an,extra like two hours so y'all getting,this in the morning but shout out to,everybody going hard with the jokes last,night let's appreciate them the next day,let's have a good time um i'm i just,opened my twitter i'm not even doing,this is the first thing,that pops up on my screen jayden tweeted,and that's how we do it okay jaden talk,your but your pops won't slide on,august yeah that's um that's a fair,point gideon i don't i don't know if,that's the right time for that but god,damn it,i know that ain't who i think it is,let's just start with let's just start,on my twitter let's start with my tweets,and the ones that i personally found uh,immensely funny and then we'll go from,there we'll go from there so kodak black,lord what the hell christopher thought,will smith was going up there for to,give him a hug that's what i'm saying,when he is walking up to him head down,not making eye contact,bruh i like that is the telltale sign,that that is about to do some,nonsense all right that nigga's about to,slap the out you or punch you or do,something it's going to be a situation,nigga's been playing with them all right,chris rock i hate to have to be you but,like somebody had to get done in there,officers might have hookah and anyways,like here bro oh my goodness hold on,what is this i have to see what this is,damn bro,why why why you had to cut come on,bro this had me set bro smoking,that that got chris rocked i'll, sleep will smith rap alongside,some get g with it at the uh off after,party and that's the thing this ,won,this won,this had the most real,street moment we've seen out,of this career from the time this, got into the industry all right, was talking about oh oh we don't,cuss in his,raps he's a goody two-shoes rapper oh,he's a goody two-shoes rapper oh he's,you know he's a good kid good kid oh no,he's soft he's popcorn he's eating sweet,like candy y'all impressed this man for,years,for years,and uh chris rock just got it that's,just crazy but,this is insane,this went from slapping his ,went on stage,slap the said,yeah what are you gonna talk about my,wife,i'll take that award too,i'm talking about oh yeah let's go dance,in my tongues all right i,want to catch you over here doing that, again all right we'll have a,problem all right oh this is,amazing,it's just amazing what is this,so,oh my i don't know what the is,going to do okay over here,chris declines to file police report,after will smith's slap at oscars yeah,no you gotta respect chris rock too if,he filed for the police after like, would have been on his ass too,number one he slashed you to your face,in front of millions of people you don't,do that's one thing but we can,understand that there's politics,involved there's media coverage all this, the moment there's a lot going into,it that's at least understandable you,get slapped like that and then you file,a police report for getting slapped, smacked up the host of one best,asker this the most gangster i ever,seen i'm telling you bro oh no what the, is this,talking crazy you get slapped like chris,rock,like chris rock,i feel like will smith,i feel like will smith,y'all think this is too much can it cook,this very gangster,oh my lord,oh i'm crying,yo these not freezing cold takes,never takes a night off bro that's why

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Chris Rock Bashes Will Smith For Fake Apology Video

Chris Rock Bashes Will Smith For Fake Apology Video

chris,i,apologize,to you,my behavior,was,unacceptable,and i'm here,whenever you're ready to talk,will smith just released a video,apologizing to chris rock for slapping,him at the 2022 oscars ceremony but,chris is not here for it,will already apologized to chris in,writing via instagram but his move,didn't go over very well with fans and,they slammed him for being fake,but will's video apology did even worse,and both fans and chris are now bashing,will for playing the victim,so what did chris say about will's,latest attempt at an apology,in case you somehow missed the whole,will smith and chris rock drama here's,what went down at the 2022 oscars,at the 94th academy awards on march 27,2022 chris made a joke about will's wife,jada's bald head which caused will to,walk on stage slap chris across the face,and then yell at him to keep jada's name,out of his mouth,oh,richard,oh,wow wow,back in 2018 jada revealed that she had,been diagnosed with alopecia a medical,condition that causes hair to fall out,from some or all areas of the body i've,been getting a lot of questions about,why i've been wearing this turban yeah,well,i've been having issues with hair loss,and i'm gonna tell you it was terrifying,when it when it first started you know i,was in the shower one day and then just,handfuls of hair just in my hands and i,was just like,oh my god am i going bald,jada later decided to shave off all of,her hair and in december 2021 she shared,a video on instagram saying she had,embraced her condition mama's gonna have,to take it down to the scalp so nobody,thinks she got brain surgery or,something jada wrote in the caption,adding me and this alopecia are gonna be,friends period,and this is exactly why a lot of fans,blame jada for the way will reacted to,chris's joke at the oscars,see will initially laughed at the gi,jane joke but then he realized that jado,wasn't amused so he stormed on stage and,slapped chris on national television,to make matters worse all the celebs,rushed to comfort will while chris just,stood there looking completely,humiliated,moments later will won the oscar for,best actor for his role in king richard,and he received a standing ovation from,the audience,during his acceptance speech will,apologize to the academy and the,audience but not to chris and he tried,to justify his behavior by saying that,love will make you do crazy things,i want to apologize to the academy i,want to apologize to my all my fellow,nominees,love will make you do crazy things,finally after intense backlash from fans,and fellow celebs will issued a written,apology to chris via instagram the,following day,in all of its forms is poisonous and,destructive my behavior at last night's,academy awards was unacceptable and,inexcusable will wrote adding that he,accepts jokes at his expense as part of,the job but a joke about jada's medical,condition was too much for him to bear,and he reacted emotionally,i would like to publicly apologize to,you chris will continued i was out of,line and i was wrong i am embarrassed,and my actions were not indicative of,the man i want to be there is no place,for violence in a world of love and,kindness,will concluded by saying i deeply regret,that my behavior has stained what has,been an otherwise gorgeous journey for,all of us i am a work in progress,as for jada two days after the incident,she shared a message on instagram that,read this is the season for healing and,i'm here for it,but fans were not feeling how will and,jada handled the incident and they,slammed them both for being narcissists,one twitter user said as you can clearly,see in this full clip of the slap will,was laughing at the joke until he turned,to see jada was not pleased then he,walked on stage jada is a narcissist and,will has a hero complex wild stuff,and another fan added healing seriously,yeah chris rock is healing his cheek,with ice after you command will to do,something about the compliment you,didn't like,what's wrong with you that was a hell of,a compliment being compared with g.i,jane,but what caused even more outrage among,fans is that will didn't really suffer,any serious consequences for physically,attacking chris,will wasn't even removed from the oscars,ceremony and instead they calmly asked,him to leave which he refused to do,finally following public backlash the,academy announced they were banning will,from attending the academy awards and,related events for 10 years,but many celebs thought this wasn't,enough and they called out the academy,for setting a dangerous precedent,here's what wanda sykes had to say about,the incident during her appearance on,the ellen show,and i just felt so,awful for my my friend you know chris,and uh,and it was it was sickening it was,absolutely i physically,felt ill and i'm still a little,traumatized,me too and for them,to,let him stay in that room,and enjoy the rest of the show,and accept his award i was like how,gross is this jim carrey felt the same,way and he said celebs who gave wil

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Will Smith Hits Chris Rock At 2022 Oscars

Will Smith Hits Chris Rock At 2022 Oscars

man the slap heard around the world what,happened at the oscars last night is,probably gonna end up being one of the,biggest moments in television history,it's been trending on twitter since the,moment that it happened in fact the,words chris and will currently are,trending with over 1 million tweets it,seems like everyone has already seen,what happened at the 2022 oscars last,night between will smith and chris rock,and it's probably going to be one of the,biggest moments of the year already i,mean just the the magnitude of what,happened last night it's pretty much,unlike anything we've ever really seen,before i mean when was the last time you,can remember during something as coveted,as the oscars someone coming on stage,and literally assaulting the person on,the stage the only other like comparable,moment i can think about is when kanye,west stormed the stage and took the,microphone from taylor swift and even,then he didn't assault her or anything,like that right will smith straight up,rocked chris rock no pun intended but,smacked him into next week and now,everybody's talking about it so in this,video i'm going to show you guys of,course what happened if you haven't seen,what happened yet or if you just kind of,want to refresh on what happened and,then i kind of want to talk about some,of these takes that i've been seeing,going around on the internet about this,and kind of talk about everything,because well there's been a lot of,interesting takes when it comes to this,whole situation before we get any,further i want to say if you want to,support the channel in a very awesome,way make sure to check out shopkins down,below the link is in the pin comment,description get yourself a piece of,merch we just released led gaming mouse,pads and we have all kinds of other,products that you'd be interested in so,if you're a big fan of the channel go,ahead and check it out and consider,supporting the channel with a purchase,anyway one of the biggest moments of the,year by far i'm gonna go ahead and show,pretty much the entire context of what,happened i've seen a lot of videos kind,of circulating on social media that,really only show like the immediate,moment of what happened they don't show,like the full joke or anything,beforehand i kind of want to just give,you guys the full context and also show,you what was said afterwards,jada i love you g.i jane two can't wait,to see it all right,it's javazone that was a nice one okay,i'm out here oh richard,oh wow,wow,will smith just smacked the out of,me,wow dude,yeah it was a g.i james keep my wife's,name out your mouth i'm going to,okay,well i could oh okay,that was a,greatest night in the history of,television okay,okay,so we are here,to uh give a documentary out to give an,oscar out so that was basically the full,thing of what happened during the oscars,last night you may have only seen the,clip of will smith hitting him but that,joke beforehand is what actually kind of,incited everything so if you didn't know,unfortunately jada pinkett smith suffers,from a condition called alpoesia which,is a condition that causes you to lose,hair from your scalp or from other parts,of your body pretty much randomly right,so for instance if you have alpoesio you,might notice one day you wake up and big,clumps of your hair start falling out of,your head right it's a pretty sad,condition to deal with i mean that,destroys people's confidence in,themselves it is a very unfortunate,thing to have to go through right and i,actually didn't know until this all,happened that she was suffering from,something like this apparently she's,made it public before but i had not seen,any sort of comments or anything about,it so it was new information to me but,that's the reason that she ended up,shaving her head and that was what the,whole joke was making fun of her for,chris rock called her g.i jane to like,mock g.i joe or whatever and everyone,kind of took it well at the beginning it,seemed like you know there was some,laughter from the crowd even will smith,himself was laughing at the beginning,but jada pinkett smith did not laugh at,all in fact she was very visibly,offended by the joke and then when will,smith kind of realized that his wife was,well offended by it he then went up and,smacked chris rock open handed across,the face then of course going down uh to,a seat again sitting down and repeatedly,saying keep my wife's name out of your, mouth so first kind of thoughts,on this whole thing i i don't know if,there's a better way that chris rock,really could have handled this situation,man i mean,that's got to be embarrassing right just,getting completely bitch-slapped on tv,in front of everybody millions of people,around the world are watching you,basically get emasculated by will smith,on tv and dude didn't fight back right,like me personally you know i'm not some, tough guy or something like that,right but i would at least feel inclined,to defend myself like i feel like most,men in that situation if t

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