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Every Bucket From Donovan Mitchell's 71-Point Historic Game | FULL HIGHLIGHTSisaacoros on the floor

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Every Bucket From Donovan Mitchell's 71-Point Historic Game | FULL HIGHLIGHTS

isaacoros on the floor for the Cavs,Mitchell in tour Caruso off to a coral a,40 fires a three and knocks it down yeah,Donovan got move it jammed up on the,drop,s it back to Mitchell Mitchell free to,shoot finds Osmond out of the has it,nice job nice little top pass there by,Donovan Mitchell Donovan makes a nice,move over the top of the Kobe's head,there with the basketball kicks it to,the corner as the defense collapses so,difficult to deal with Isaac so strong,Mitchell pulls up he knocks it down boy,I tell you those are his shots talk to,him before the before the game it's a 31,possession,as Mitchell appeals to Allen Allen,floats over to roses and gets it to go,yes sir need more of that from Jared,Allen keep the boots off of that,backboard good job,Mitchell lines of a three tiger knocks,it down it's okay just keep Let it Fly,some energy here if they're going to go,into halftime going to look at some film,and make some adjustments but make some,plays right now there you go nice,Mitchell now has 10 points out of the,corner dumps off to Osmond Osmond breaks,to the foul line,now Mitchell Mitchell across the lane oh,what a shot by a mission,Donovan has his head up,Jake's on Caruso for a long time,Mitchell has a chance for the four-point,play there's a flicker that flame spot a,bite that's what we need he's just,picking up the aggressiveness put some,Caruso old skates bucket,once again,bottom Cavs are shooting 40 percent the,Bulls 54. they told down the alley,finger rolls and scores now has 19.,going to the basket deep into the clock,a lot of times,get that shot blocked,Mitchell grinds his way inside floats,and score yeah he's gonna have to just,pull the load tonight he is a low big,strong,very very you know because you're trying,to get away from him because he's really,strong and he's coming right at you,match over the basket gets the roll he,created more of that space Donovan,Mitchell is heating up here in this,third quarter,Mitchell works on Caruso got bumped by,Williams puts it up and at home,has a chance for three Russo can't do,anything with him help is late but,there's the foul nice job,China Chicago it almost sense that Billy,Donovan you want him taking that shot,not bad defensive stand by the Cavs,Mitchell crossed over his van and Levine,as Donovan Mitchell continues to cook,here in the third okay either way the,Cavs won't argue we'll take it,Mitchell,Ken funner he's got it Mitchell gets,bound,one quarter and he is absolutely put the,Cavs on his back and they are roaring,back can you see the foul right there on,the elbow,Cavaliers are right back within striking,difference distance 10 point ball game,right now this is great great news for,Cavaliers fans they found a a recipe,wrong rebound as he darts into the,basketball Mitchell with his head up,relays the love love for three,knocks it down nice job by the Cavaliers,they can pass that basketball,Mitchell draws a double Osmond's wide,open he's got it love it straight,himself is played by Donovan recognize,the Double T,Levert picked up by Williams goes to,Mitchell Mitchell penetrate lays it up a,hand,that Mitchell's show continues Mitchell,has already played 37 big minutes,here tonight just under eight to go,Mitchell pulls up it doesn't matter,but the Cavaliers Donovan Mitchell he's,everywhere taking this personally he is,going after these moves that's all right,around corrosive in the back and lays it,up an end oh what a gorgeous move by,Mitchell who now has 48.'s got to keep,putting the heat on him,Mitchell off to love love wide open for,a three he's got it perfect nice job,Kevin Love winning the games you're,supposed to win and then battling with,those other teams DeMar DeRozan now has,35 points Mitchell inside his floater,doesn't go he gets it back hooks it up,and in Donovan Mitchell has 50 points,here tonight,just couldn't quite get enough behind it,the rosie steps up but DeRozan does not,box out,the Bulls have committed 27 fouls and,eventually the Allen Allen dunks and a,foul called Jared Allen had a chance for,three this man comes over to help,everybody's coming over to help oh,Donovan Mitchell Jared very smart taking,advantage of that opening stepping into,it fair enough he has played 42 minutes,has Donovan Mitchell zigzags inside,floats it up and floats it in 52 now for,Mitchell my goodness Donovan Mitchell,Mitchell in toward the rose and knocked,him down finds Levert Levert for three,then he knocks it down that is a huge,bucket Levert has been just one for nine,from the field two possession game get a,good shot quality shot a lot of time,left no Panic H steam has two timeouts,remaining Mitchell,knocks it down it we didn't know,what we were gonna get you get a big,dream that puts us right back in the,little Mitchell where else to the back,it puts it up Allen with a good follow,out to Osmond back to Levert Around the,Horn to love Mitchell wants it good play,to keep that ball in bounds Mitchell,close to Allen Allen done,we're almost to foul there I

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How Good Was Wilt Chamberlain Actually?

How Good Was Wilt Chamberlain Actually?

we'll Chamberlain is often considered,the most dominant force that played the,game of basketball and one of the,greatest players of all time,we already had the top 10 amazing facts,on Chamberlain on this channel and in,this video we'll try to further debunk,the myth that is will be stilled we'll,try to answer the question of how,dominant he really was why he only won,two championships and why he didn't,really like to dunk so stay tuned most,versatile athlete ever Wilt Chamberlain,was the strongest NBA player ever and,numerous stories confirm this Arnold,Schwarzenegger once said that will could,lift him up like he was nothing,and multiple 240 pound NBA players said,the same thing Chamberlain was an,undefeated shot put her in college and,his record benchpress was five hundred,and fifty pounds at the age of 59 wilt,was still benching 465 more than some,bodybuilders in their prime other than,strength Wilt was also extremely fast,and agile she could run a 40-yard dash,in 4.6 seconds and his personal best at,100 meters was ten point nine which is,mesmerizing for a guy that is seven foot,one allegedly at a Hollywood party NFL,Hall of Fame running back Jim Brown,raced Wilt on a dare and Wilt one Brown,who was still in his prime demanded a,rematch but will beat him again will was,also extremely athletic with a vertical,leap of over 40 inches with some reports,saying it was even 48 inches which would,qualify for the highest NBA vertical,ever and he was doing that at Chuck,Taylors which makes it even more,impressive with crazy strength speed and,jumping ability it's safe to say Wilt,was the best athlete ever,LeBron's and Usain Bolt's of the world,would give him a run for his money but,neither of them could match his strength,the best shot blocker ever when there is,any talk about wilts people usually,start with 100 points in a game and 50,points per season his offense made him,famous and it sold tickets and,newspapers,but what is rarely discussed is,Chamberlain's defense while he probably,was the best defender in the league and,yes that also includes Bill Russell Wilt,and Russell were the premier shot,blockers in the league,it didn't count shot blocking but if it,did hakeem olajuwon wouldn't be the NBA,all-time leader in blocked shots when,Walter Bellamy first came to the NBA he,had one of the best rookie years ever,averaging 31 points six points per game,to this day Bellamy's scoring is the,best ever by an NBA rookie behind only,Wilt Chamberlain of course who averaged,37 point 6 in his inaugural season the,first time Bellamy played Wilt they both,met at half-court and Walter introduced,himself hello mr. Chamberlain I'm Walter,Bellamy wilt then replied with hello,Walter you won't get a shot off in the,first half,wilt blocked Bellamy 9 times in a row in,the first half when the second half,began will walked over to Bellamy and,said ok Walter now you can play he did a,very similar thing to Magic Johnson in,1980 at UCLA campus magic would play,pick up with various college and NBA,players in the offseason lilt showed up,and got in the game after magic oh the,non-existent found a 43 year-old,Chamberlain got mad there will be no,more layups in this gym and he blocked,every one of magic shot after that and,ran him out of the gym,Wilt is also the only guy to block,Kareem skyhook the most unguardable move,in history will played against himself,and then everyone else,wilts mother emphasized to him that he,is different because of his size that,he's going to be stared at and that he,must use it in a good way and always be,well mannered and kind so will grew up,an extremely good natured guy and on the,basketball court he received a lot more,punishment and knocks in the paint that,he would give away he knew that he could,beat everybody up but he refused to do,so,former NBA player and coach Jack McMahon,said it best the best thing that ever,happened to the NBA that God made Wilt a,nice man,he could have killed us all with that,left hand this behavior was reflected in,the way he played the game as well,wilt was the biggest strongest and most,athletic player in his era he could have,easily dominated the game with his,physical prowess alone but unlike Olivia,newton-john will didn't want to get,physical at least not all the time,nobody loves Goliath wilt said to Sports,Illustrated explaining that he wanted to,show the world he's a skillful player,not just a brute force he also admitted,that him playing a finesse game and,trying to be a versatile scorer actually,hurt his career what hurt me was that I,wanted to be a consummate basketball,player and I wanted to be able to shoot,the ball instead of just taking it to,the basket and dunk it as I should have,I had great satisfaction shooting,fadeaway shots,hook shots finger rolls and a lot of,times that was a negative more than a,positive if I just went out and took it,to the basket every time I'd have,averaged 70 or 80 points a game wilt,said things that were extraordinary,we're just ordinary

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yo what's going on guys shake and bake,back and today Who am excited for some,throwback pegs um some decent leads bro,will Jamie with big-time and will best,dope so I am gonna be pulling some packs,especially for this car right here I,would love to pull that that being safe,there's also an artist guild war which,it's got unique Hall of Fame badges,that's tone but I don't know man not a,huge fan at that Bob love Billy,Cunningham actually has a really nice,stats he might have the best stats out,of all of them and a Bobby Jones so,there's new throwback deluxe packs and,everything like that I will be opening,those all from probably a couple boxes,and really quickly if we come over to,the throw bags boom 10 new throwback,76ers and 10 new throw bags for the,bowls some interesting cars Toni Kukoc,Joakim Noah Horace Grant there's some,cool car to else in the Sixers George,mechanic done dikembe did Dawkins I,don't know there's a couple cool cards,in there um probably won't ever use any,of them maybe besides a theme team or,anything like that y'all can see I got a,Kentucky lineup that we're gonna be,running but I don't know if they're,dropping moments cards today at the,point of me recording this 97 cards away,bro I really haven't done too many of,the schedule ball games I've been kind,of slacking bro I have only done like,maybe four or five more of them I need,like I still have 20 something to go,like 28 or 29 to go so yeah I'm kind of,slacking bro I need to do that but I,think I'm gonna do that all today but,let's get into this um luckily I'll have,this video up for y'all and not higher,uploaded the video earlier on LeBron,James lock up make sure you get that if,you did not so I have a couple videos,out for y'all today oh oh,diamond in the first pen Billie,Cunningham I think right or is it Bob,love it's one of the two baby and in the,very first pack Hey look at that that's,gonna be Bob love I'm pretty sure Oh,night or is it Cunningham I thought he,was a small forward okay he's a power,forward Billy Cunningham hey he's got,some of the best dads that's actually,not yo look at him with the hair bro yo,I need,I hear how you got that his hair looks,way better on his card didn't do in real,life,I mean not on his card in his player,model than doing his card but you know,what I'm saying but first bags diamond,bro that's a good sign I think if we,pull the pig time in it this would be a,really good box,but yeah obviously we want to get these,Ted's done we want to get all these new,cards this should put us again there's,five new throwback elites we just pulled,one of them if we get the 18 new cards,from these sets because there's wait,eight yeah there's nine on each of them,cuz I already have the toque employers,so it's 18 plus we just both one of the,elites and it'll give me 19 new cards,and yeah plus two likes like what as I,said there's still 30 freaking scheduled,games I have to do so I might just sit,here for like I don't know like 20 hours,and play those and grind them out so,y'all won't see another video later,tonight you know what I'm doing I also,have been playing a lot of freaking,what's it called I've been playing a lot,of triple threat means me like I,probably matched up with someone y'all,something I'll probably beat me I,probably some of y'all whoa look at,these bags bro we call the diamond we,pull the pink diamond and it swelled,let's go yo my back sir oh what a,freaking bag right there man buteven,I was trying to the man but I got way,too excited I've always kind of liked,the throwback just because like,sometimes the elites aren't too crazy,but like I don't know man I feel like,we've had some pretty solid luck with,the deluxe boxes like the other boxes,not really but throw these packs right,now in ten packs we pulled the pink,there's nothing else for me to want to,pull I mean there is the other release I,suppose but we just pulse it I think the,two best guards in the first few packs,what I was going through two boxes do I,need to know okay we probably will still,do another one because we need to finish,this sentence I don't want to spend some,empty I don't,empty net I am delirious right now how,the heck did that just happened what yo,I'm gonna have people in the comments,saying is this a fake box conspiracy,theories 2k juice in my back odds,another diamond ah but it's not a player,it's gonna be a diamond contraband I'll,take that as 30km team man Wilt,Chamberlain got a contract now yo I kind,of don't need like galaxy open world now,that we just got this I won't check out,the stats for those guards holy crap man,what a frickin box and we still got one,pack to go um we probably didn't finish,the set but I mean am i complaining,don't we just both picked up at will bro,let's check out the what's it called the,collections we really only need a couple,more cards and bro I might not need to,do another box pro is one boxing up now,we'll do one more I think maybe but holy,crap dude like that's insane,we got Wilt Chambe

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Emma Myers on Preparing to be a Werewolf in Wednesday and Her SEVENTEEN Obsession (Extended)

Emma Myers on Preparing to be a Werewolf in Wednesday and Her SEVENTEEN Obsession (Extended)

-Thank you for being here.,You are making your talk-show debut, is that correct?,-Yeah. -Ah, welcome.,Yeah, that's what I'm talking about.,Thank you very much for being here.,-Oh, thank you for having me.,-I also heard that you're also filming a movie,now with our pal Jennifer Garner...,-Yeah. -...who I love her so much.,Please give her our -- -Oh, I love her.,-Yeah, she's the best. -She's incredible.,She's so sweet. -She plays your mom?,-She does, and she reminds me of my actual mom,,so it works out for the best.,-Is actual mom here?,-My actual mom is here. I don't know -- I can't see --,-Actual mom, are you here?, Actual mom.,Yeah, actual mom!,Hi, mom!,-I knew she was going to cry. I knew it.,-Aww! She's got to be proud.,You got to be proud of your girl here.,Was your mom excited that Jennifer Garner is playing her?,-Oh, yeah.,I think my dad was more excited, though.,-Emma, I wanted to ask you about this,,because I read this online, that you're a big fan of a band,and you like to -- When you're talking to people,,you like to introduce this band to people,if they don't know of this.,-I will introduce if people ask me to,,but I'm not going to --,-Well, I would like to ask you.,-Okay. Then I'll introduce it to everybody.,-Yeah. What is the name of the band?,-Seventeen. -Seventeen.,-Uh-huh. -Now, you're into this band?,How long have you been into Seventeen?,-I was 15, so about five years ago.,-You're 15 into Seventeen.,-Yeah.,-And we have a photo of Seventeen, okay?,This is Seventeen? -Yeah, that's them.,-Wow. A lot of people.,-Yeah. Only 13, but...,-There's 13 people in Seventeen.,-13 in Seventeen, yeah.,It's a whole thing.,-So there's 13 people in Seventeen.,-Okay, I'll explain the numbers, okay?,There's 13 of them, so it's 13, right?,And there are three different groups.,You have hip-hop, performance, and vocal.,And then there's one team.,So 13 plus 3 plus 1 is 17.,-Okay. Yeah, alright. I'm in.,-Yeah. -I like that.,-I know. It's a good thing.,-Do you have a song I should download or get on my playlist?,-Ooh! My favorite song is --,I think everybody would kind of like this song called "To You.",-Okay.,-It's really fun. It's upbeat.,It's got a great story behind it, so...,-I just like you're so charming selling this.,It is everyone's favorite song right now.,Yeah, we love it. -Yeah, yeah.,Everybody listen to it. -Yeah.,Let's talk about "Wednesday.",It is the second-most-watched show in the history of Netflix.,People can't get enough of it. ,Jenna Ortega was just on our show,,and she's phenomenal.,And you go, "Oh, my gosh, who is this kid?",And then you show up in this scene, I go, "Wow!,Who is this kid? Oh, my God.,Look at these talented actors." I mean, you're phenomenal.,Did you know of "The Addams Family",going into this, that you were --,-I had watched the '90s movies growing up,,but I didn't know it was, like, a TV show,and there's a comic and everything.,I had no idea.,So, then, when I got the role,,I kind of dove into it, and I love it.,It's so fun.,-And you knew -- You go, "Well --",You probably get the script, and you go,,"I think I want to play Enid, I'll play the roommate,",or do you want to -- Do you go, "I want to be Wednesday.",-I'm not a good Wednesday. -You're not a good Wednesday.,-No.,-Could you play Wednesday at all?,I mean, do you have any Wednesday in you,or are you just positive?,-I'm -- Wednesday does not come to me naturally.,Enid does.,And I think Jenna did such a flawless job with Wednesday,that if I even tried, it would just be a disgrace.,-No! You're so funny.,-It would not be --,-But are you an optimist? Are you a...,-Yeah, I'm an optimist.,I think that's one of the only things I have in common with,Enid is that I am an optimist.,I don't like wearing colorful clothes.,I don't -- I'm not an extrovert. I'm an introvert.,-Oh, really? -Yeah.,-But what you just said, I'm...,It's very interesting,,because I would think that would be Wednesday.,-You'd think, but I just can't pull it off.,-Yeah, I know. No, I'm a disgrace.,I mean, I really am. I'm a total disgrace.,But then you get to turn into a werewolf.,-Uh-huh. -Yeah.,Was there werewolf training? -Mm-hmm.,-I'm being serious. -No, I'm serious, too.,-So they go to training -- -Oh, yeah.,-Yeah. And you got to -- -Yeah, the whole thing.,We did this werewolf boot camp one time,,because there's Episode 6,,where the parents come and all the family comes.,I had four or five brothers,,and they really had to get them into the werewolf spirit.,So they asked me to come in and do, you know,,werewolf boot camp, and I was like,,"Okay, what does this mean?",-Werewolf boot camp. So, that's --,-Yeah, it's like --,-Professionally, people do this for a living?,-They, like -- -Werewolf boot camp.,-I've never done so much parkour in my life.,It was me, like... -I'm assuming.,-...running on the floor on all fours,,leaping over things.,I had to -- We had these stunt guys pretending to be sheep,,and we would, like, crawl around them in a circle.,-Mom, were y

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Black Twitter | Legends Of Chamberlain | Comedy Central Africa

Black Twitter | Legends Of Chamberlain | Comedy Central Africa

ah damn ever since trump got elected,y'all be taking extra slap white girls,got too much carbon i got to find me a,righteous hotel with them brown nipples,apostrophe from now on my name is queen,lapostrophia i have discovered my,african roots on black twitter i am,inviting you nubian kings to my first,annual net turn up so please come grove,and jamal,uh-uh not you pow-wow but i'm more nick,than all you niggs,ah damn ever since trump got elected,y'all be taking extra slaps ah milk my,turn up is for uplifting the black,experience and you my melanin star,brother or as my grandmother would,proudly say a honky i don't know what,that mean but if i don't go they don't,go don't be there sorry milk this party,only for black,i know exactly why you're here hi i'm,shoshana your certified melanologist,how'd you find out about us yelp,snapchat or kardashian sex tape,all that just show me to the black beds,okay super serious question how often do,you want to be stopped and frisked a lot,a whole lot,slow down mclemore straight to acon,requires a manager's approval there's,paperwork it's this whole process let's,just get you started with a nice golden,chris brown it's our biggest hit hell,jer i finally get to fix guys mistake,welcome my comedic hotels of the black,twitter verse what's this for i didn't,leave my wallet in el segundo oh one,cannot twerk in the uniform of the,oppressor instead we will shake out in,the robes of glory i ain't wearing this,cool to kente claw did they leave yeah i,think my god,hey grover,wait up my power sister let's get freaky,in the dashiki,i'm a monster and i'm coming,that buffet is on point they got bernie,mac and cheese tri-tip called quest,keisha coleslaw and for dessert cuba,pudding junior hey it's kind of boring,but somehow it works,this hotel party is not the way they,should call it a no-tail party my ,yeah the itis is setting in this,janky-ass party need a kicker,what's cracking my necks,milk is that you it's chocolate milk,hemi and thanks to the rachel dolezal,tennis salon i'm blackish my niggs

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5 Stories that PROVE Wilt Chamberlain Was Not Human

5 Stories that PROVE Wilt Chamberlain Was Not Human

if you've been following this channel,you know this is not the first time I've,said a player is not you but you also,know that I save that title for players,that are on a different less I'm talking,about guys like Jordan Kobe Pistol Pete,Maravich Anthony Dave guys that were not,only NBA stars but they were also,different and so today we're going to be,talking about one of the most different,players the NBA has ever seen we're,talking about former Harlem Globetrotter,Wilt Chamberlain that's what he's best,known for right and in this video we,have too much to talk about so we're not,gonna mention his staff instead I'm just,going to share story after story about,Wilt Chamberlain that will blow your,mind,I promise and one quick note before that,I just want to say God we are 30,000,subscribers away from 1 million so if,you want to join this journey before we,get to 1 million if you want to get to 1,million together then make sure you,subscribe and let's get this God for now,though let's look at five stories why,Wilt Chamberlain was not human number,five a 50-inch vertical leap let's start,out by saying that as a pure athlete,wilt could easily fit into the NBA today,I know this because he wasn't only a,great athlete in the 60s he wasn't only,a special hat lino wilt was an absolute,freak and alien he was there I say not,human a little cheesy I get it but to,show you what I mean the first thing,we're going to talk about was the man's,vertical leap now we're not sure exactly,how high will could jump that wasn't,something they measured in the 1960s,regardless some from his era has,estimated that Wilkes vertical was,around 48 inches while others have said,that it was as high as 54 inches so even,if his vertical was on the low end of,the spectrum there we're still talking,about a 7-foot one center who apparently,had a vertical leap that was comparable,to Michael George that seems crazy,I get what let's just take a look at,this video we can see here that during a,game wilts arm almost reaches the,of the backboard so if you think a 54,inch vertical leap is a little,unbelievable fine let's just agree,though that the man could jump that was,a major reason for why he was so,unstoppable at the time not only was he,among the tallest people in the world he,also had the highest vertical in,basketball,this allowed will to leap over his,defenders for easy layups he was able to,sky for rebounds that other men of his,era could only dream of grant wills,jumping ability was legit,the game tapes certainly proof and the,thing is the stories we have from Wilkes,time only further this back for instance,while at Kansas Will's coach Bob Allen,was pushing for basketball to be played,on 12 foot rig which was strange but,what was even stranger was that wilt was,able to routinely dunk on those 12 foot,rings and actually that should be no,surprise because according to Sunny Hill,will could grab a quarter off the top of,the backboard keep in mind the top of,the backboard is 13 feet tall and,perhaps the most incredible thing wilts,jumping ability achieved was an actual,rule change because there was a time,when wilt would take three steps back,from the foul line the roll the ball at,the backboard run jump from the,free-throw line rebound the mist and,dunks to make sure that every foul shot,he took went in s this was legal at the,time and of course it isn't now because,a basketball had to change its rules for,will table number four freakish string,when players from his era talk about,Wilton they refer to his strength as,almost some godlike ability for instance,Johnny Kerr the former coach of the,Bulls during wills final years in the,league has been quoted as saying people,talk about the strength of Shaq I think,we'll could have picked up Shaq and,thrown him through the hoop yes and a,time before modern weightlifting,routines have become popular wilt has,been described by many as the strongest,basketball player they had ever seen,he used the strength to casually body,defenders on his way to the best,to throw away his opponents when they,challenged him for rebounds to,intimidate everyone the moment he,stepped on the court this strength is,one of the biggest reasons why wilt,supporters claim he would still be a,star in the NBA today and while I'm not,going to take a side in that argument,because it's impossible to prove one way,or another the fact remains that will,strength was freakish and it scared,people former Celtic Casey Jones,remembers that once will used one arm to,stop Casey and lift him off the ground,with his feet dangling Casey remembers,that his legs were still shaking when he,went to attempt his free throws and as,for his teammates there was a time when,Paul Silas was about to get in a fight,and instead well picked him up turns him,around and said we're not going to have,that stuff to which Paul responded yes,sir and trust me there are other stories,stories of wilt picking up to 200 pound,grown men up into the air by their,shirts like so

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Making the Case - Wilt Chamberlain

Making the Case - Wilt Chamberlain

basketball is special the size of the,court and the lack of pads or helmets,give fans the most intimate experience,of a team sport that exists and because,of the different styles that basketball,allows for players develop their own,distinct identities and signature styles,through their creativity Flair and,athleticism,and although no player succeeds alone,the scoring volume and two-way nature of,the sport give individual stars a nearly,unprecedented amount of control over the,flow and outcome of a game for this,reason players are constantly compared,to their peers into the legends of the,past in order to answer the most,hotly-contested question in the sports,who's the greatest to ever do it,for many the question is redundant they,believe in only one right answer,they are answered others might have,their own personal stance but,acknowledge one or two alternatives but,I believe that there's much more nuance,to the question of greatness,and more answers to it than you might,think by my count there are eight,players in NBA history that have a,substantial claim as the go it's a,subjective thing though I can't give you,a definitive answer all I can do is make,the argument so today I'll be making the,case for Wilt Chamberlain as the,greatest basketball player of all time,we'll the single most dominant physical,force basketballs ever seen that's the,case right first I tell you that Wilt,Chamberlain was and remains the most,outstanding anomaly of physical,superiority that has ever played,basketball then I tell you about how his,air specific advantages didn't exist and,that Bill Russell had better teammates,which is why he won so many more,championships than Chamberlain that's,how the Wilt Chamberlain argument always,goes if I follow that script beat for,beat I'll be making a video that's,already been made a hundred times,so let's write a different script we'll,hit some of the same notes and see some,of the same landmarks but maybe we can,end up somewhere we haven't been before,when it comes to Wilton Norman,Chamberlain,where did wilt come from I don't mean,where did he grow up I'm not making a,biography I mean what did basketball,know of wilt before he stepped into his,first NBA game in 1959 we know about the,hype surrounding LeBron Jordan being,taken third in the draft magic and,Larry's college rivalry and I think it's,important to know and understand what,wilt was before he became the Big Dipper,wilt was the first basketball superstar,coming out of high school he had over,200 colleges vying for his commitment a,level of attention completely unheard of,for a high school prospect at the time,he committed to the University of Kansas,largely because of head coach fog,Allen's deep ties with James Naismith,basketballs inventor of course freshmen,weren't normally allowed to play on,varsity in those days so daring his JV,season the NCAA introduced sweeping,changes to rules like offensive,goaltending and inbounding violations to,try to mitigate what they perceived as a,threat to the competitive balance of the,game they even introduced rules that,would prevent Wilt from dunking the ball,from the free-throw line for his foul,shots after they got wind that he was,doing so in summer scrimmages and so,began the influence of basketballs,Goliath a name fit for Chamberlain not,just because of his size but because of,the danger that he seemed to pose to the,game's very foundations despite the new,regulations in Chamberlain's first,varsity game he scored 52 points and,grabbed 31 rebounds single game records,for,Kansas that still stands today his first,varsity season concluded in the NCAA,championship against the undefeated,University of North Carolina the matchup,was broadcast on an unprecedented number,of radio and television stations due in,large part to Chamberlain's mythical,status,the Jayhawks fell to the Tar Heels in,triple overtime,despite Chamberlain's best efforts for,which he was named the tournament's Most,Outstanding Player and sow the seeds of,Wilt Chamberlain's enduring basketball,legacy were planted an outstanding,player who put forth Herculean efforts,and gave us superlative performances,that were nonetheless negated by losing,after one final year at Kansas,Chamberlain joined the Harlem,Globetrotters in order to earn money for,himself until he became eligible to,enter the NBA in 1959 will joined the,Philadelphia Warriors by the time he,retired in 1973 with the Los Angeles,Lakers wilt had changed basketball more,than any player before or since here are,some of his records highest PR précised,career movie all-time leader in the NBA,Suns in a missile game average for a,season game and release officials in,blocks and is rebound per game average,wilt holds more records than anyone else,in basketball if someday in the future,every tape of basketball is destroyed,and all of the media and commentary,about the game is lost leaving us with,only the record books people will come,to the conclusion that Wilt Chamberlain,was far a

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Did Wilt Chamberlain REALLY Do THIS?!

Did Wilt Chamberlain REALLY Do THIS?!

game Bobby I'm about to go write 150 on,a piece of paper after the game I'm,dripping sweat take a picture who's,gonna prove that I didn't do it okay,well no disrespect no disrespect but,like I'm never putting up 150 I,understand that doesn't look as,believable like you know 100 is not,believable to me,that was unbelievable that was an,unbelievable it's not that the 100 from,rule is unbelievable me believing that,Wilt Chamberlain went 28 or 32 from the,free-frow line is not believable,like nine for ten,twenty if you look at Wilt Chamberlain's,season that year because I I went and,checked I could check it again Will,Chamberlain that whole season that was,by far the most free throw attempts he,took in the game and by far the highest,percentage he had in the game I highly,doubt Chamberlain a 50 free throw,shooter gets the most free throws he's,ever had in a game in that season and,then also shoots his higher percentage,in that game bro he was feeling it I'm,not going live Mars no sometimes listen,sometimes it can happen sometimes you,catch it he you caught fire you win,Rhythm you win motion and everything's,going in it could happen Mars it could,happen,that was it that was an epic game oh the,the other games where he had 30 plus,free for attempts 56,52,57 he scores 100 issues 87 from the line,how am I meant to believe that that was,a good night that was a good night it,was a good night,by six percent the other nights where he,shot above 80 he took five free throws,and the other game he took 11. you,expect me to believe he tripled the,volume percentage you could have a good,night,I'm with you bro there's no I get it,there's no way he's scored 100. second,of all there's no way he was just,buckets from the free throw line like,that it's impossible for me to believe,that he shot 87 from the line,what that's crazy that's crazy I mean I,get it I get it I get it,82 free throws I'm saying sometimes you,could just be there's me sometimes you,just feeling it man that's all I got,that's tough to hit 28 free throws in a,row not in a game,wait he hit 28 in a row no no I'm saying,he was 20 what did you say March 20th,from 32 I mean it's just that's just,ridiculous well that's that's the reason,why he got the hundred piece because it,was his best free throw percentage ever,like right you know like that's,that was the time where he was like you,know what like today I'm concentrating,I'm locked in you know what I'm saying I,didn't I didn't take I didn't drink on,alcohol today you know I've been doing,that I Spit on the white people today,yeah it didn't spit on nobody in the,elevator you know what I'm saying they,Kareem was in the elevator this is why I,don't this is why I don't believe in,will sometimes so guess who will score a,black man spinning on a white person in,the 60s I mean with Jack Johnson you,should do wild too it was also the,New York Knicks so the Knicks just want,to just stay giving up terrible games to,everyone so I just Wilt Chamberlain cat,that's where it started that's where it,started for New York where team where,guys just so over there and just letting,us drag all over the court it was Wilt,chamber he set the tone,everyone,New York I know I know for a fact I'm,the worst free throw shooter on the,screen right now so what I'm gonna do is,I'm gonna go to the gym I'm gonna shoot,32 32 3 000 until I make 28. I'm gonna,record it and if I can make 28 out of 32,then it's realistic because no I've,never done that before hell no bro I,couldn't I couldn't make three free,throws I know I know it is Mars but this,is all I got you know I'm saying I'm not,going to the NBA career 51 free first,year and make 28 and 32. I'm I'm sorry,choice

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