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Elon Musk Twitter Buy Explained: Why He Offered $43 BILLION!elon musk has offered to buy twitter,let


Updated on Jan 25,2023

Elon Musk Twitter Buy Explained: Why He Offered $43 BILLION!

elon musk has offered to buy twitter,let's get all the facts,twitter has become kind of the de facto,town square,really important that people have the,both the,the reality and the perception,uh that they're able to speak freely,within the bounds of the low elon musk,offered to buy twitter at 54.20,per share valuing the social media,company at 43 billion dollars according,to a regulatory filing in a letter to,brett taylor the chairman of twitter's,board of directors musk said twitter has,extraordinary potential i will unlock it,an hour after the story broke musk,tweeted i made an offer,muska's offer to buy twitter is the,latest in a string of events between the,billionaire and the social media site it,comes just days after he decided not to,join twitter's board of directors after,acquiring a 9.2 stake in the company in,march,the nearly 3 billion acquisition made,musk twitter's largest shareholder,until the vanguard group increased its,stake and bumped him from the top spot,once news of musk's bid hit twitter,there were mixed reactions,musk's followers and supporters,expressed excitement that he might own,the social media platform but many more,voiced concern at the idea of the,reportedly richest person in the world,owning twitter and adding the company to,his numerous business assets however,musk says he's not looking to make money,from twitter,that is he doesn't view the acquisition,as a financial investment instead he,sees it as a service for public good my,strong intuitive sense is that,having a public platform that is,maximally trusted and broadly inclusive,is extremely important to the future of,civilization i don't care about the,economics at all an avid twitter user,musk is also one of the site's biggest,critics musk tweeted a poll to his 81,million followers in march asking,whether users believe twitter was,protecting free speech,he said the poll results in which,roughly 70 percent of 2 million,respondents answered no would be very,important,as part of his original agreement to,join twitter's board musk had pledged to,cap any investment at 14.9 percent while,serving a two-year term with the,agreement now scrapped musk is free to,add to a stake if musk acquires twitter,he says he wants to increase the,public's trust of the platform by making,it a place of inclusivity and true,freedom of speech a necessary feature of,any functioning democracy he adds during,an interview at the 2022 ted conference,in vancouver musk said that he values,truth on april 9th he shared a tweet,reading truth is the first casualty with,an image from a yougov survey showing,the most trusted media organizations,since announcing his stake in twitter in,april musk has posted several tweets,about what he'd change at the company,and one which has since been deleted he,asked whether twitter's san francisco,headquarters should be turned into a,homeless shelter because no one shows up,anyway in another he asked if twitter,was dying,as one of twitter's largest shareholders,musk already has a lot of power he can,team up with other shareholders and push,for any changes he wants to see musk,also has a tendency to sway public,opinion with his tweets after tweeting,tesla would no longer accept bitcoin as,a form of payment multiple crypto coins,took a dive when he said tesla would,start accepting dogecoin for some,merchandise the cryptocurrency surged,he could use that power and influence to,try to bring changes to twitter without,buying it if he does acquire twitter,musk proposed a number of changes he,would make to the social media platform,including an edit button something he,told his followers about a few weeks ago,twitter has been working on an edit,feature since 2021,something musk didn't acknowledge during,his ted conference interview,musk's edit button would be time,sensitive and also zero out any retweets,eliminating scam bots and bot armies on,twitter would also be a top priority for,musk,he noted during his interview that they,bring down the site's product value and,make it worse for users,musk said you would also make twitter's,content moderation practices more,transparent he added that users should,know whether tweets were being promoted,or de-emphasized manually or,algorithmically,he cautioned against permanent bans from,twitter advocating for temporary,suspensions instead,musk believes twitter's coding structure,should be transparent as well,if he purchases twitter he said he would,post its open source data on github a,popular form for coders so people can,access the company's data identify flaws,and offer solutions,musk is an avid twitter user with over,81 million followers,however he admits he doesn't really have,a strategy for his twitter account his,tweets are reflections of a stream of,consciousness it's impressive,considering that neither tesla nor,spacex companies he owns operate a,marketing or public relations department,news and developments at both companies,is often shared first via muscu's,twitter account,muska's in

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The Real Reason Elon Musk Wants To Take Over Twitter

The Real Reason Elon Musk Wants To Take Over Twitter

he claims it's about free speech,what do you see as his real end game,here,elon musk has never been an advocate for,free speech he's an advocate for speech,without consequences,he has used twitter to do everything,from harass and belittle people who are,critical of him or of tesla to uh commit,securities fraud and what he wants is,for the platform to be more hospitable,to him and to people like him who think,that,well he's called twitter a quote warzone,unquote that shouldn't have any rules um,he doesn't like to recognize the fact,that his speech has power and that it,carries the weight of his office as a,ceo and of his money and all of that,intimidation that that can bring um,and even in regular life,elon musk does not think that speech,matters he is always uh,pushed back against,any labeling of racist language uh when,there was a problem with,racist harassment at his factories back,in 2017 he basically told people just,don't be jerks and if anyone apologizes,for using racist language just you know,if they're sorry accept it well fast,forward five years and now tesla is,being sued for discriminatory behavior,uh the company is uh,basically allowed racism to fester the,factories to the point where um black,people were relegated to a corner that,was known as the plantation i mean this,kind of horrible behavior this uh,disrespect for the meaning and the,weight of speech comes right from the,top at tesla and i don't think that we,need that uh,that,vibe,i guess at twitter at all,well fellow billionaire mark cuban says,musk is messing with the sec,could musk get in trouble with,regulators,well uh,i mean he doesn't really care if he gets,in trouble with regulators he's already,um paid 40 million dollars in fines to,the sec for using twitter to lie about,taking his company public um he,constantly violates the settlement uh,for that issue and he doesn't really,i mean for him,all these fines and stuff they're just,parking tickets because he's so wealthy,so,he doesn't really care,you

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Elon Musk: "MrBeast Is The Next CEO Of Twitter"

Elon Musk: "MrBeast Is The Next CEO Of Twitter"

has Elon Musk decided to step down as,CEO of Twitter has the entrepreneur,found his successor in the person of the,popular blogger Mr Beast The Social,Network Twitter is waiting for shocks,again I'll tell you all about it now,Elon Musk is a true champion of,democracy he arranges votes on a number,of issues and does as the people say,Elon Musk quotes the Latin phrase the,voice of the people is the voice of God,thus saying that it is the voice of God,thus saying that it is the voice of the,majority that should decide what changes,will be in the future this was the case,with the restoration of Trump's account,and it was the same now when the,entrepreneur arranged a vote asking,whether he should resign from the post,of CEO of Twitter well what is it people,made their choice by voting for elon's,departure musk said he would respect the,final results of the survey of the more,than 17 million people who voted in the,poll which musk published himself 57.5,in users agreed that the billionaire,should no longer run the social network,in sight he said he would abide by the,ruling but whether he would abide by it,remains to be seen it all depends on,whether someone wants to replace him,Elon Musk said he would be happy to step,down as CEO of Twitter if he could find,a replacement after it became obvious,that many users want him to no longer,leave since the famous billionaire took,over the social media platform a few,months ago many have been concerned,about the future of the site there were,quite a few people who wanted to become,the new directors of Twitter but the,most popular of them was none other than,Mr Beast one of the most popular,bloggers on YouTube worldwide at the,moment 126 million people have,subscribed to it and it is on the third,place in terms of the number of,subscribers Miss fees posted a tweet,today asking if he could become the new,CEO of Twitter musk later replied that,it was not out of the question that Mr,Beast would have a chance to take the,position although he has not yet,actively retired musk has made it clear,that he intends to retire as soon as he,you can find someone for the position,according to a brief Twitter exchange,earlier today it could very well be Mr,Beast since musk acquired Twitter a few,months ago numerous controversies have,Arisen around his management of the,social networking site the overhaul of,musk's Twitter verification as a result,of which trolls posed as the main,accounts became one of the most high,profile stories of the year the decision,to change Twitter's verification system,sparked a flurry of criticism from many,app users prompting musk to conduct a,survey asking users if they would prefer,him to step down as CUO if musk is,serious about responding to Mr Beast,this will be an interesting turn of,events Mr Beast seems to be too,preoccupied with breaking YouTube,records and creating his popular high,budget videos however if mer Beast is,chosen as the next CCO of Twitter it,will be another huge step forward for,the content creator the next few days,and weeks will undoubtedly show how,seriously musk takes this potential,offer but who will take over the,management of the social media site in,musk's absence will remain a mystery,until then still don't know who Jimmy,Donaldson is this is the YouTuber Mur,Beast a real sensation of the modern,internet musk is confident that Jimmy,will be able to repeat his success on,YouTube and on Twitter they both have a,similar work based philosophy that Elon,Musk and Mr Beast are working very hard,to achieve High results Elon Musk is,known for his almost insane for some,work ethic working an average of 16,hours a day and seven days a week Elon,Musk thinks Mr Beast is more than,qualified to take his place as CEO of,Twitter he is the person who will be,able to realize musk's idea of Twitter,reaching its greatest potential Mr B,said that as soon as he takes the post,of head of Twitter he wrote what he was,going to do first my first task is to,make sure that the creators really want,to post videos on Twitter and not just,link to other platform on December 19,Elon Musk started another revolutionary,change on Twitter the technical support,account of the social network warned,that from now on users will be banned,from creating accounts whose only,content will be links leading to the,platforms of Twitter competitors the,message said that Elon musk's company,will no longer allow free promotion of,some social platforms on Twitter,Facebook Instagram in particular were,discussed reduce the competition that,Twitter faces from giant social media,platforms and by implementing this on,Twitter Mr Beast will have to deal with,Spam and fake accounts if he wants to,achieve significant success on Twitter,Twitter's engineering team will have to,authenticate all Twitter accounts to,make sure they are legitimate however,this will have little impact on the,company as it will only reduce the,number of Twitter users he will need to,do more numbers are extremely im

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Why is Elon Musk buying Twitter and what does it mean for the platform?

Why is Elon Musk buying Twitter and what does it mean for the platform?

tesla ceo elon musk has reached a deal,to buy twitter for about 44 billion,dollars regulators and shareholders,still need to approve the sale before it,can go through but musk is on track to,own the social media giant sometime this,year so for more on the sale we want to,bring in uh dan patterson to join us to,give us a little more clarification so,dan great seeing you,twitter sort of resisted musk's earlier,attempts to buy the platform though i,guess when no one else is asking you to,dance because i don't think there were,any other people really nobody else came,in,it's hard to resist,what happened why did things change i,didn't even know twitter was for sale,hey it's good to see you both uh look in,a word uh money uh so twitter's board,and and other executives close to the,firm and appeared last week to kind of,rebuff musk's uh offer but that's what,happens in public what happens in,private very different story uh look,there just wasn't competition there,weren't a lot of other suitors here,there's talk for a brief period of time,that maybe cisco would step in or,another very wealthy individual that all,seemed to be a lot of noise there just,was no one else with the capital,and the desire to buy twitter,like elon musk,much like the real world uh when it,comes to buying twitter elon had very,few peers,so dan help me understand um,what does elon musk's purchase of,twitter mean for the platform and and,you know it's interesting to me i know,that there are people on that there are,conservatives and republicans who are,celebrating this and there are liberals,and people on the left who are you know,running around scared out of their minds,about what this could potentially mean i,find that fascinating because,as as karis swisher pointed out on cbs,mornings this morning,the majority of people are not on,twitter as i've been saying for a long,time now i only know people that are in,dc or in the media bubble or,people who like to make a lot of noise,that are on twitter i don't know anyone,in my family and i have a lot i have,teen you know my nephews are teen boys,you know pre-teens and and you know,about to go to college they're not on,twitter they think it's for all people,and and insiders so so explain to me the,strategy here and why you see the,consternation or the exuberation from,some in the political sphere,glad twitter is for old people and,insiders look that's reality uh twitter,is not the largest social network in the,world but it is,uh at least in our world it's the most,influential it's the most important,social network what musk really bought,was uh just like we had a celebrity,president now we have celebrity ceos he,really bought himself influence and,power uh so it doesn't really matter,that twitter isn't the biggest social,network in the world that's not what the,competition is the competition that elon,is in uh is for influence it's for power,it it is to make himself uh the most,buzzy ceo in the world and he did that,by buying twitter that doesn't mean that,he has a tick tock dance lined up,doesn't mean he's going to go viral on,instagram it means that he put himself,where the media lives vlad where you and,i live and we amplify signals uh so elon,just made himself,a signal in the room emery said that,yesterday yeah that we i said,specifically i feel like we amplify some,of these tweets because as you point out,the vast majority of people are right,they're not on twitter but then somebody,a new major news organization picks up a,tweet right whether it's from,the former president when he was on,twitter or anybody and that gets,amplified and then people who are not on,twitter,are saying hey did you hear right right,it's true but you know it's not just,about i think the free speech,unregulated speech whatever i mean the,richest guy on the planet but he still,needs to take out a loan for this yeah,right so he's still gonna have to,furnish them and twitter's never been,profitable let's talk about money so i,you wonder about other changes about how,do you make it profitable right is it,good is there gonna be a subscription,right you know sort of set up or,whatever i care i i and i wonder if does,he i mean he's got a lot i mean i guess,you could use what any of his other,companies to pay off his loans yeah but,is anybody talking about that at all dan,about like how do you make twitter,profitable and does he have a plan for,that,uh look elon took out uh,about 21 billion uh from morgan stanley,uh he also borrowed against his tesla,stock and added a a about 13 billion of,his own cash in order to do this in,order to ironically take twitter private,uh meaning it's his company he can,censor whoever he wants and he can,amplify whoever he wants it is,his company now uh we could see new,features uh he says he hates advertising,which is the bulk of twitter's revenue,we could see an additional subscription,service but the best way to describe,potential oncoming changes to twitter,it's kind of like that shrug emoji we,

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Does Elon Musk really want Twitter? Here are both sides of the issue

Does Elon Musk really want Twitter? Here are both sides of the issue

question this morning is musk really,better off owning Twitter now John Ford,is here to weigh in John what do you,think yes Andrew he is better off I know,it sounds crazy Twitter was suing to,make him buy a company he didn't want,but Elon Musk had promised to buy it,signed contracts passed up on the,opportunity to inspect the property,before closing it was looking more and,more like a Delaware judge was going to,make him follow through on his word now,could he have continued this fight in,court on the chance he would have ended,up not having to spend tens of billions,of dollars sure,but must reputation the reputations of,his friends were starting to get muddied,the legal process was airing out his,text messages and he was about to have,to testify under oath the most crucial,thing at risk here was the musk Mystique,that sense that Elon Musk is a real-life,Tony Stark wisecracking,multi-billionaire genius who solves the,planet's problems getting owned by a,second-tier social network in Chancery,Court and embarrassing your investors in,the process doesn't fit the narrative,this way he has to buy Twitter sure but,with Tesla stock he cashed in at a much,higher price than where it trades now,having another Global brandness,portfolio heading into a downturn isn't,such a bad thing if musk can conquer,electric cars space and Twitter trolls,maybe he really is Iron Man okay but,social media networks have come with a,lot of baggage lately as you know so,well the political Fallout from owning,Twitter,could ultimately cramp his style don't,you think,ouch on the other hand Andrew owning,Twitter is going to be a nightmare for,Elon Musk to the point where he might,want to give it away why because even,though Twitter will be one of his least,profitable Ventures it's going to be the,most destructive and distracting Elon,you were offended you weren't invited to,the White House for Tessa well guess,what you're going to be invited to the,capitol for Twitter all the time and the,US is probably one of the easiest,governments to deal with it's going to,be so much fun explaining your hands-off,content moderation stance to EU,Regulators who think Twitter's fueling,extremism and then trying to build and,sell electric cars there and then,there's China where Twitter's not,allowed to operate the dance of,advocating for free speech around the,world and then building and selling,Teslas in China is going to make your,feet tired real quick so what's musk to,do well if he is the majority owner and,decision maker at Twitter all of his,other Ventures become political,footballs on the global stage Elon,musk's next impossible engineering,challenge is this make sure Twitter,pursues his laissez-faire speech values,but structure Twitter in a way he can,legitimately claim he doesn't control it,I think Landing a rocket and using it,again might be easier I'm with you that,was a really good thing,especially well there's every CEO of a,multinational,in this country has tired feet,you know what I mean he's gonna have a,lot of tired feet he does make a locker,but he's like we're all in bed we're all,in bed two things but the uyghur we're,all we all do you think he can still,back out of it that's one question and,shoot no okay so let's just take that,then off the table,at this point it's over I mean but what,do you make of this idea of this x app,which would basically be him bringing,back the idea of what PayPal was,20 years ago right when he started,working on that this idea is going to,create a super app do you think that,part is real and do you think that he,can create something that's meaningful,in that regard far be it for me to say,what Elon Musk can't do but there's that,difference between keyboard courage you,know all the people on Twitter have it,when you're on TV and they're like oh,you're and then actually having to,follow through on what you threaten to,do,um it's hard like the thing I've been,saying just privately is you know people,think that somebody who's a billionaire,and a genius can do anything but just,because he can do electric cars doesn't,mean he can draw a goat really well like,better than,I have a hard time betting against him,though because he's proven all of us,wrong every single time Carl Icahn bet,against him and is about to make a lot,of money though if he sold and if he,sells quickly because he knows what,actually happens next is that's you know,there's a reason it's not a 5420 right,now yeah but that premium has come up in,a big way up yeah

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What is Elon Musk doing to Twitter? – BBC News

What is Elon Musk doing to Twitter? – BBC News

the world's richest man has been showing,us how he'll run one of the world's,biggest social media platforms,mask put a car in,brought Rockets back down to earth,he gets remarkable things done,and when in 2017 Elon Musk tweeted I,love Twitter someone replied you should,buy it then,two weeks ago he did and well Elon,musk's second week of Twitter ownership,is proving to be just as Helter Skelter,as the first two weeks back Elon Musk,posted this video of him arriving at,Twitter's HQ let that sink in he told us,two days later he announced comedy is,now legal on Twitter which maybe some,people's way of describing what's,happened since,Mr musk's first move was on Twitter's,blue ticks these verify who someone is,and denote some level of importance Elon,Musk didn't like it calling it a Lords,and peasant system instead he said,anyone will be able to buy a tick power,to the people he tweeted blue for eight,dollars a month and this people power is,of course also a new Revenue stream musk,added to all complainers please continue,complaining but it will cost eight,dollars,and he added that the idea for charging,for insults and arguments came from,Monty Python I just paid no you didn't I,did I did,listening to the demands for eight,dollars David Frum of the Atlantic urged,Mr musk to stop because it makes you,sound like an angry squeegee man the,advice though has gone unheeded and in,the middle of last week,things moved up a gear musk posted about,an unsubstantiated conspiracy theory,about the hammer attack that,hospitalized Paul Pelosi husband of,senior U.S Democrat Nancy Pelosi there's,a tiny possibility there might be more,to this story than meets the eye he said,there was also more than a tiny,possibility that this would amplify the,misinformation and though the Tweet was,deleted that's exactly what happened,trending on Twitter is the lie about,this guy because Elon Musk pushed it by,this point the musk Twitter experience,was not to everyone's taste for,advertisers this is all about risk,they're working with someone who is,inherently unpredictable,in a high stakes high profile situation,so they're pulling out Elon Musk blamed,activist groups for the Fallen ad,Revenue insisting nothing has changed,with content moderation,something had changed though musk was in,charge and he was tweeting and acting at,speed thousands of jobs were cut to save,money and then across the weekend people,started changing their profiles to Elon,Musk to highlight the risk of,impersonation if anyone can get a Blue,Tick U.S comedian Kathy Griffin did this,on Monday her account was suspended and,for a moment talk of Comedy being legal,was paused as Elon Musk explained going,forward any Twitter handles engaging in,impersonation without clearly specifying,parody will be permanently suspended,and while the self-proclaimed Free,Speech absolutist was fleshing out the,details of his content moderation rules,Kathy Griffin then appeared again via,her late mother's account tweeting I'm,back from the grave and Monday wasn't,done there Elon Musk wanted to talk,politics too on the eve of the midterms,he posted shared power curbs the worst,excesses of both parties therefore I,recommend voting for a republican,Congress and while Elon Musk was,worrying about curbing the worst,excesses in Washington nothing was,curbing his Twitter account with rival,social network Mastodon labeled master,betadon,watching all of this was Dan primac of,axios it's not so much the concern of,you know the hellscape right now it's,the chaos he seems to be largely making,this up as it goes along Elon Musk has,emphasized the work he's doing on Bots,and spam and on Wednesday he also,informed us Twitter will do lots of dumb,things in the coming months,that process may already be up and,running but this is Elon Musk he uses,disruption to great effect and so while,he may do some dumb things in the coming,months,that doesn't mean in the long run he,can't make it work

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Elon Musk vs. Twitter: Inside the 6-Month Battle | WSJ

Elon Musk vs. Twitter: Inside the 6-Month Battle | WSJ

- Twitter has been on a rollercoaster,throughout 2022 ending on October 27th,in one of the biggest tech takeovers in history.,Going back earlier this year here in April,,Elon Musk made a massive 44 billion bid,for the company but just three months later,,he called it off.,Twitter sued.,Musk sued back.,- Oh yeah, Twitter.,(audience laughing),- Then he changed his mind again.,- This has been a drawn out fight,between Twitter and Musk with a lot of twists,and turns.,- Those twists and turns take place,on a timeline that has not only influenced stock prices,but has also sown uncertainty among employees,and as Twitter says,,contributed to a 1% decline in revenue.,So how did Musk's flip flopping,on the deal lead to a six month battle,that threw off Twitter's business.,His tweets, statements and text messages,,as well as court documents tell the story.,The timeline starts here,on January 31st when Musk started buying,up shares of Twitter,and he started sharing his opinions,about how the platform works.,- He did toss out a lot of ideas,on how to change Twitter,,how he thought he could make Twitter better.,Things like emphasizing free speech,,things like changing,how it approaches content moderation.,- After months of buying,,Musk publicly disclosed a 9.2% stake,in the company.,His first tweet of the day said simply...,The next day Twitter announced,that Musk would be joining the board.,- Musk is one of the most prominent users,of Twitter but he's also been one,of its loudest critics.,Twitter invited him to join the board,to try to bring him into the fold and work,with him on these issues.,- Musk tweeted,that he was looking forward,to making significant improvements,to Twitter in the coming months.,- At first, when he was talking,with Twitter's leadership, it was pretty friendly,but then a friction tension started to emerge.,- As Musk was gearing up to join,,he was still criticizing the platform.,Tweeting "Is Twitter dying?",CEO Parag Agrawal texted Musk,,"It's my responsibility to tell you,that it's not helping me make Twitter better,in the current context.",To which Musk responded,,"I'm not joining the board.,This is a waste of time.,will make an offer to take Twitter private.",- Musk would be the new owner,and I think the thinking is that,if Twitter's private he would be able,to take more risk in trying to overhaul,or jumpstart their business.,- It didn't take long for Musk,to act on that promise.,Formerly announcing his 43 billion bid to take,over the company, the number was later revised,to 44 billion.,In an interview with TED that day,,he explained his decision.,- My strong intuitive sense is,that having a public platform,that is maximally trusted,and broadly inclusive is extremely important,to the future of civilization.,- On April 25th, Musk,and Twitter officially reached a merger agreement.,But even as Musk was lining up fresh financing,and cheering more ideas for the platform,,he had a surprise in store.,- The billionaire CEO announcing just hours ago,that the $44 billion deal to take Twitter private,is now on hold.,- Musk tweeted that the deal was temporarily,on hold as he was waiting for more information,from Twitter on the number of spam accounts,on the site.,- We know that Musk had talked about bots,before the deal but then he started having,more concerns or saying he had more concerns,and he started questioning kind of the health,of Twitter's business.,- Musk expressed interest,in a lower price for the company,at the "All-In" Summit on May 16th.,- You can't pay the same price for something,that is much worse than they claimed.,- Twitter's CEO addressed Musk's bot claims,,tweeting in a thread that the company estimated,that less than 5% of reported monetizable daily active users,are spam accounts and they don't believe,this specific estimation can be performed externally.,Musk replied with several tweets,but one was just...,Musk continued to push himself further,from the deal, threatening to walk away,in a letter to Twitter saying he believed the company is,actively resisting and thwarting his information rights.,Musk's reversal was followed by a flurry,of coverage and commentary.,- Yep, I feel like Elon is pretty close,to saying, "I'm so sorry.,My two year old took my iPad and clicked buy,so I didn't know what... (audience laughing),So we're cool?,We're cool, right?",- He officially tried,to call the whole thing off,at the beginning of July.,- I mean, at the start,,Musk was really pushing for this deal,and Twitter was kind of resisting and then,it kind of seemed like their positions changed,and Musk was the one trying to back out,while Twitter was saying,that they wanted to close.,- Four days later,,Twitter formally sued Musk,in an effort to force the merger through.,- So Twitter said they did share information,about how they handled spam and fake accounts,with Musk but Musk kept demanding more,and that was a big part of the legal fight,that was going on.,- The filing took aim,at Musk's flip flopping

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The Real Reason Elon Bought Twitter For 44 Billion!

The Real Reason Elon Bought Twitter For 44 Billion!

all right let's do it let's talk about,Elon Musk buying Twitter it's a topic,we've been largely avoiding as a tech,focused Channel but now that this has,officially made the leap from,speculation to confirmed Twitter,purchase we probably need to examine,what this means for Elon and his,portfolio of business ventures because,this will undoubtedly have a wider,ranging effect ostensibly Elon says that,he is buying Twitter because he wants to,protect free speech and democracy in a,series of text slides posted to his,Twitter feed Elon wrote it is important,to the future of civilization to have a,common digital Town Square where a wide,range of beliefs can be debated in a,healthy manner without resorting to,violence which I think is something that,most people could easily agree is a,great idea but we seem to be having a,much more difficult time agreeing on how,that architecture should be built and,who should manage it Elon Musk probably,isn't the best candidate for the job but,he's not the worst either and one thing,that we can safely say for sure is that,Elon did not buy Twitter to make money I,don't think you'll find one person who,would claim he got a great deal,purchasing a social media company for 44,billion dollars in this economy,particularly as we watch The Old Guard,at Facebook slowly crash and burn so,what's Elon up to with this whole,Twitter situation why is he doing it,let's try and work that out,foreign,let's try and remember how we got here,in the first place because it's been a,while,this all started back in March when Elon,started musing that he's given serious,thought to building an alternative to,Twitter little did we know that Elon had,already started buying up massive,amounts of Twitter stock and had,approached the board and CEO of the,company to talk about the potential of,taking his own seat on the board then in,April public regulatory filings revealed,that Elon has actually gathered up a,nine percent stake in Twitter shares,worth about three billion dollars the,following day Elon is offered a seat on,the company's board of directors on the,condition that he stopped buying more of,the company CEO parag agrawal tweets it,became clear to us that he would bring,Great Value to our board,less than five days later Elon,reportedly messaged Twitter's board,chairman Brett Taylor and said fixing,Twitter by chatting with parag won't,work drastic action is needed Elon,declines his seat on the board a few,days later on April 14th a Securities,filing shows that Elon has made an offer,to buy the company outright for 44,billion dollars then there was the,months-long back and forth where Twitter,said they didn't want to be purchased,and try to thwart what they called a,hostile takeover then they changed their,mind and accepted elon's offer then Elon,started saying that maybe he didn't want,Twitter because they couldn't properly,account for the spam Bots and fake,accounts and by July he had decided he,wasn't actually going to do the deal at,all but Twitter had seemingly warmed up,to the idea of the whole hostile,takeover thing and they sued Elon to,force him to buy them Elon countersuit,and then the whole situation kind of,went on the back burner while the the,lawyers said about their work that,brings us to October where things get,interesting again Elon tweeted on the,fourth buying Twitter is an accelerant,to creating X the everything app and,followed that up by writing Twitter,probably accelerates X by three to five,years but I could be wrong so that was,our first real signal that Elon had,bigger plans for Twitter than just,dialing back censorship and making the,platform more open he wants to leverage,the Twitter platform to finally create, whatever that is apparently it,will be everything which tells us,basically nothing what we do know is,that Elon made his decision to yield his,court battle just days before he was,scheduled to take the stand for his,deposition by Twitter lawyers it's,almost certain that this would have been,a hostile grueling and likely revealing,cross-examination that may have played a,part in his choice Elon was given until,October October 28th to come up with the,44 billies which he collected from a,variety of Partners and investors that,range from personal friends to Silicon,Valley Tech Titans to even a highly,controversial contribution from the,Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia and finally,on October 26th Elon walks through the,front door of Twitter's San Francisco,headquarters carrying a kitchen sink,announcing let that sink in the next day,Elon fires CEO parag agrawal along with,the majority of Twitter's top Executives,they're escorted out of the building by,security Elon installs himself as the,sole director of Elon did,clarify that his time as Chief twit will,only be temporary but for now at least,he's flying solo and for sure we could,get into all of the hot takes flying,around from unnamed sources familiar,with the matter who say that Elon is,going to lay off three

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