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Elon Musk now owns Twitterthere it was the bird is freed Elon,musk's first tweet as Chief twit which

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Updated on Jan 12,2023

Elon Musk now owns Twitter

there it was the bird is freed Elon,musk's first tweet as Chief twit which,is what he's apparently going to call,himself now the owner in the 44 billion,dollar takeover of Twitter that was a,nod to Elon musk's desire to see fewer,limits on the content that can be posted,on his social media site,Mac de Gabriel Selassie is in Washington,good morning Heather well Elon Musk is,really doing a lot of talking with his,tweets as you said last night he posted,the bird is freed and just a few minutes,ago I was checking and he wrote let the,good times roll so from his words to his,actions he's really making a Mark here,take a look at this footage of him,earlier this week walking into Twitter,headquarters with a sink making a,reference to letting it sink in and then,of course when he officially became the,owner yesterday he got right to slashing,he fired some of those topic Executives,including the chief chief financial,officer and the CEO as well now this,whole thing has been quite the roller,coaster it was actually back in Spring,that musk first made moves at a hostile,takeover agreeing to a deal then trying,to back out Twitter took him to court,over it and now of course it is all,settled but there is a lot that we,really don't know what changes are,coming to the platform who will be,replacing all those fire top execs there,are way more questions right now than,answers but what we do know is that,previously musk had called himself a,free speech absolutist and he said that,he he had flagged that he would relax,some of Twitter's content moderation,rules and that is what had a lot of,critics worried that this could open the,door to more hate and disinformation on,the platform and because of that here,come the warnings just this morning the,European Union's commissioner tweeted,this in Europe the bird will fly by our,rules obviously a direct response to,musk's tweet about the bird being freed,Heather so so more on that point macta,because we certainly know and a lot we,don't know about where he's going to,take the platform but we know he does,not like the permanent bans on people,who have repeatedly broken the rules so,what does his ownership mean for people,like Donald Trump that is what many,people are wondering because we do know,that previously musk said that he would,reverse the ban on uh Donald Trump trump,of course was banished from the Twitter,verse after the January 6th Capital Riot,we now that Elon is the owner of Twitter,no word yet if he's going to actually,follow through and allow Trump back onto,the platform you also have the artist,Kanye West that's now known as yay,blocked on Twitter too after he went on,an anti-semitic rant musk is friends,with him he said he talked to him about,the Tweet so is musk going to unblock,him these are the questions that a lot,of people are wondering now yesterday,did put up a statement saying quote,Twitter obviously cannot become a,free-for-all hellscape where anything,can be said with no consequences but,what those consequences would be is just,one of the many details we don't know,right now that's Mac to gabra Selassie,in Washington

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How The World's Richest Person Bought Twitter | Forbes

How The World's Richest Person Bought Twitter | Forbes

twitter's board has decided to sell the,company accepting tesla billionaire elon,musk's offer of 54.20,per share in cash which values the,company at around 44 billion dollars,shares of twitter added to recent gains,and jumped more than five percent on,monday after the social media company,formally accepted the buyout offer,the transaction was unanimously approved,by twitter's board of directors with the,deal expected to close later in 2022,pending shareholder approval,twitter was until recently expected to,decline musk's offer to buy the company,but the board appeared to be more,receptive to musk's acquisition offer in,recent days,especially after the tesla billionaire,revealed in an sec filing last week that,he had secured 46.5 billion dollars in,financing,musk has secured 25.5 billion dollars of,fully committed debt and margin loan,financing for the deal and is providing,an approximately 21 billion equity,commitment according to a press release,earlier this year musk became the,richest person in the world,unseating jeff bezos who held that title,for four years prior,the tesla and spacex chief is worth,268.2 billion dollars,that's over 96 billion dollars more than,bezos ranked second on the,list even after selling billions of,dollars in tesla stock late last year,and owing taxes on the gains from those,sales,musk is estimated to be,117.2 billion dollars richer than on,march 18th 2021,when forbes finalized last year's,billionaires list,musk's first time on the list was 10,years ago with a net worth of 2 billion,but in the last 2 years his net worth,really took off,musk owes his status as the world's,richest person mostly to tesla's soaring,and volatile stock price,the volatility can be partially,attributed to musk's erratic reputation,on twitter,for instance when he challenged russian,president vladimir putin to single,combat after spacex started sending,telecom gear to ukraine,tesla's stock has been criticized by,some analysts and investors and musk,himself,for being priced too high,but shares have continued to climb,gaining another 35 percent in the last,year,this happened despite widespread,automotive chip shortages stricter,regulations of chinese user data that,the company uses for its self-driving,systems,and the recall of hundreds of thousands,of teslas in 2021,musk owns about 21 of the company but,has pledged more than half his stake as,collateral for loans,wall street analysts were largely split,when musk first went public with his,unsolicited offer to buy twitter earlier,this month,some experts predicted that the soap,opera would end with musk acquiring the,company while others remained highly,skeptical and downgraded twitter's stock,amid the uncertainty,the vast majority of analysts maintain a,hold rating on twitter shares as the,market waits to see what happens with,musk's potential takeover

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Elon Musk Just Launched His Own Social Media To Beat Twitter!

Elon Musk Just Launched His Own Social Media To Beat Twitter!

elon musk just launched his own social,media platform that seeks to be twitter,and other microblogging sites such as,facebook instagram and whatsapp the,tesla billionaire made the move after,the twitter board blocked his bit of,taking the giant communication side,private join us today in this video as,we explore elon's new and insane social,media platform that is giving twitter a,run for its money the tesla founder and,ceo has been having the idea of,launching a social media platform for,quite some time but the idea was revived,late march just a few days before he,could buy a 9.2 stake in twitter on the,25th and 26th of march he criticized,twitter over its failure in promoting,free speech and democracy before posting,a tweet that reads,is a new platform needed,elon's tweet went viral as the internet,was flooded with the news of elon musk,developing a new platform,one twitter user who seemingly needed,the tesla ceo's take on the issue,replied to musk's tweet with a question,and a comment that says,would you consider building a new social,media platform elon musk,one that would consist of an open source,algorithm one where free speech and,adhering to free speech is given top,priority,one where propaganda is very minimal i,think that kind of platform is needed,the response of the world's richest man,on the issue clearly showed that elon,was up to something serious as he,responded in a tweet that says,am giving serious thought to this,you can rest assured that something big,is in the pipeline when a genius like,elon says that he is seriously thinking,about something by the way if you didn't,know elon musk uses the first,principle's thinking method where he,boils down things to fundamental parts,that are true and starts reasoning from,there,i thought you should know as such you,can trust that elon has carefully,analyzed the social media industry and,found its weakness which he will fix,using his new social media platform,elon musk's conclusions are not based on,rumors or imagination the business,magnate perfectly understands how to,collect credible information that he,uses in making conclusions,as a way of diagnosing the problem that,is ailing twitter he posed a poll on the,communication platform that reads free,speech is essential to a functioning,democracy do you believe twitter,rigorously adheres to this principle,roughly around 2 million people,participated in the online poll 70 of,them said that twitter does not respect,free speech,with that elon had his answer and,decided to do something about it his,first move was to make an offer of,taking twitter private for 43 billion,dollars,to his utter disappointment the twitter,board devised a plan that was going to,make it difficult for musk to buy 100,stock in twitter the multi-talented ceo,believes that twitter can only be,reformed when it is private while,attending the ted 2022 conference the,tech icon made it clear that he has a,plan b should the twitter board continue,frustrating his bid of taking the giant,communication side private,and your guess of elon musk's plan b is,as good as mine he is going to launch a,giant social media platform that will,rival twitter if you could be wondering,whether we really need a new social,media platform considering that we,already have numerous social media sites,a simple answer yes we need the new,social media platform as the current,ones have just too many flaws,the good thing with musk's new social,media platform is free speech where,everyone is allowed to say what they,think and feel,twitter on its part has a habit of,censoring speech that they do not agree,with on their platform,a very good example twitter banned,donald trump from their platform in his,final days in office back in january,2021,trump was also banned from facebook,instagram among other platforms as a,result the 45th president of america,decided to launch his own social media,site that is known as social truth,trump's social media platform is not,that popular as it is only available to,ios users,android users and anyone outside the us,are not able to access the social media,platform,most social media users will agree that,they need a new platform that makes,their algorithms public we definitely,need other social media sites as the,current ones are very toxic,most social media sites such as facebook,and instagram are very addictive which,is not healthy,the platforms have been made in such a,way that most people will get glued for,a long time instead of engaging in,productive work,instagram on its part promotes the,concept of fake lives as people will,only post pictures that only show their,bright side of life consequently other,ig users are likely to get stressed as,they will see that they are not doing as,well as the other peers on the site,therefore we need a social media site,that is not addictive,snapchat on its part has wreaked a lot,of havoc among the teens there are,numerous cases of young people who have,committed suicide after they have been,troll

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What happened to Twitter after the Elon Musk takeover?

What happened to Twitter after the Elon Musk takeover?

late in the evening on October 27th Elon,Musk officially took ownership of,Twitter and wasted no time overhauling,basically everything about the company,in a matter of days he's fired the board,of directors installed himself as CEO,and made a string of increasingly,chaotic product decisions he's talked,about relaunching Vine he's talked about,establishing a new oversight board for,moderation decisions the biggest new,project is getting all the verified,accounts to pay eight dollars a month,for their blue check and if the,engineers can't ship an update in the,next week they're fired looming over,everything is the threat of massive,layoffs touching nearly every part of,the company whatever happens this is,gonna have a huge and lasting impact on,what it's like to use Twitter so what is,Elon musk's version of Twitter,actually going to look like Twitter was,part of the first wave of social media,companies founded just one year after,YouTube and two years after Facebook but,where those two became billion dollar,businesses Twitter has really struggled,lots of people use the platform but as a,business it's inconsistent at best,struggling for profitability through a,rotating cast of CEOs as Mark Zuckerberg,put it it was like they drove a clown,car into a gold mine as of last quarter,Facebook has about 10 times more users,and makes 10 times more money than,Twitter from April to June Facebook made,a profit of 8.4 billion dollars and,Twitter lost 344 million dollars that's,a lot of money to lose in three months,and after 15 years of fitful,profitability Twitter was looking at a,very real possibility that the company,would just run out of money into that,mess steps Elon Musk even as Twitter was,failing as a business it had become,really influential with a core set of,users particularly people who work in,the media so when Twitter made,controversial moderation calls like,Banning Trump or blocking a New York,Post article it could have a huge,overall effect as Elon became more,prominent on Twitter he also became more,prickly about the platform's moderation,choices and unlike basically every other,person on Earth he even in a position to,raise tens of billions of dollars just,to buy the thing this is not a a way to,sort of make money you know having a,public platform that is maximally,trusted and broadly inclusive is,extremely important to the future of,civilization I don't care about the,economics at all so in in theory this,approach could work whatever you think,of him Elon Musk has a long history of,running mission-driven companies and if,you squint a little you can imagine,Twitter being run the same way but,basically everything Elon has done since,he made this offer has made the deal,seem like a slow-motion disaster after,charging in hard with the 44 billion,dollar offer he spent most of the Year,trying to weasel out of the deal because,of some pretty specious claims about bot,activity eventually caving once Twitter,took him to court,now Elon really owns Twitter he's made,himself CEO and he can do whatever he,wants but mostly what he seems to want,to do is make life difficult for the,people who actually work there you can,argue some of this makes sense Twitter,really does need to reduce its costs and,the whole reason Elon bought it in the,first place was because he thought they,were doing a bad job but the fact that,it's happened happening so quickly and,haphazardly raises the real possibility,that there just won't be anyone left to,keep the platform running Twitter's,reputation is social media's ugly,duckling also works against it here,anyone with the skills to really help,Twitter succeed could make a lot more,money at Facebook or YouTube and they,wouldn't have to deal with working for,Elon at a company like SpaceX or Tesla,you might stick around because you,really care about electric cars or,private space flight but at this point,it's hard to imagine anyone really,feeling that way about Twitter then,there's musk's view of free speech his,basic idea is that Twitter should do,less moderation which is a reasonable,enough idea but in practice it's meant,gutting Twitter's trust and safety team,at the same time that the platform is,seeing a huge surge in tweets using,racial slurs whatever you think about,the abstract ideas in play this is not,going to tempt in any new users or,advertisers what's left looks an awful,lot like a death spiral where staff,chaos creates user experience problems,which leads to fewer users and less,money which leads to more staff chaos,and more platform issues for all elon's,experience he's never run a social,network before and he's not going to,have a lot of Runway to turn Twitter,around,if he really can't,he may have just bought a 44 billion,dollar trash fire,thanks for watching uh it's been a busy,week of updates but you can catch it all,on the,did you like the point that was like,that's what that's what

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elon musk it looks like he's going to,get the deal done elon musk went out on,april 14th and he said that he was going,to buy twitter for 54 and 20 cents a,share about 43 billion dollars now this,was right after he'd spent about 3,billion personally to go ahead and,purchase about nine percent of the,business he became the largest,shareholder and everyone said what's,going on the world's richest man he's,getting in the game twitter obviously,came forward and tried to get him to,join the board of directors but elon,said i ain't joining the board of,directors on april 14th he said i made,an offer and he put out a link to the,sec filing now this morning at 9 12 a.m,the most legitimate source on the,internet breaking 9-1-1 said twitter set,to accept elon musk's original 43,billion offer according to reuters now a,lot of people are wondering why is the,richest man in the world trying to buy,twitter well it's because he says that,he wants to preserve freedom of speech,he says he doesn't care about the,economics of the deal everything got way,more serious when they realize the guy,who's tweeting out memes about bill,gates and other things he's not just,trying to buy twitter as a media stunt,he actually has the money why elon musk,went and he got 46 billion dollars of,funding some of its equity capital he's,putting up some of it comes from morgan,stanley and other lenders but he got the,cash and nobody else had the money or,the appetite to buy twitter twitter had,no other suitors it's just elon with his,46 billion dollars pulling a stare down,with the twitter board of directors and,so what is he going to do once he goes,ahead and buys twitter well he's got,this tweet here where he says that his,number one thing that he's going to,focus on is that he wants to defeat the,spam bots or he's going to die trying,and guess what there's lots of people,who they don't like the idea of the,world's richest man actually buying,twitter and so they're all talking about,how they're going to delete their,accounts our boy joe here had a great,tweet,he said you can find me on instagram at,vlogmas his twitter is the new i'm,moving to canada if donald trump becomes,president no you're not,stop virtue signaling on the internet if,you really thought that you were gonna,move to canada you should have done it,if you really think you're gonna stop,using twitter go ahead we won't miss you,so ultimately what we're going to watch,here is it looks like twitter's going to,accept this offer and elon musk is going,to get his hands on what i personally,believe is one of the most influential,pieces of technology in the world,now the theory that elon could be buying,twitter simply because it's the,marketing department for tesla and it,preserves his ability to continue to,market tesla it's pretty interesting but,i think it's probably more likely that,he simply saw the opportunity for a,company that was in distress that didn't,have its way and imagine if you're the,ceo of this business you step in you've,been there for less than six months and,already you've got somebody who has,raided the company and it's gonna take,it over and fire your ass he's almost,bullying the twitter board right he said,i'm going to buy twitter they said we're,going to do a poison pill make sure you,can't buy twitter it goes cool i'm still,going to end up buying twitter by offers,he's straight up putting their heads in,a toilet game of swirly and then he's,sitting there and he's going back to the,teacher and he's like i'm still a good,guy so the only thing i think about if,twitter is one of the most influential,and important things for free speech is,it that great that he's going to take it,private yes why why is that like so much,better because they don't have to answer,to shareholders right so every every,quarter now he has to do these calls,right and it's public markets his,stock's going to trade a lot it's more,volatile you have to answer to a bunch,of more people now he's going to be able,to do all these things in private,without having to answer to other people,for sure but the volatility of the,company isn't going to change on a,day-to-day basis yeah but i think that,answer to other people kind of keeps,them in check a little bit rather once,you take it private you can well here,here's what i know they've been a public,company for almost a decade and they,ain't got no free speech anywhere you,could you couldn't find free speech if,you spent 10 years looking for not only,these morons are taken down they're,still literally satire websites that,have been taken down,think about this for a second the,president of the united states got taken,off the platform but vladimir putin's,still on there the ccp has,state-sponsored media still on the,platform i don't want to hear ,about we protect free speech,because they are literally the digital,version,of just like the the uh uh what they,call um uh the killing squad where they,just line people up and just shoot them,because they disag

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Who Owns Twitter? -

Who Owns Twitter? -

hello everybody welcome to, youtube channel,today we will be answering the question,who owns twitter,so right off the bat twitter is owned by,the ceo and the co-founder,jack dorsey to get a better and,healthier information,let's go over twitter's about website,and get a more accurate information so,here's how we can do that,simply click on the search bar and type,twitter about,and then click on the first link that,shows up which will direct you to the,about page of twitter,once you're there scroll all the way,down until you find,about the company underneath twitter inc,here you can see additional information,about the company which is twitter,twitter is an open surface that is home,to a world of diverse,people perspectives ideas and,information,so as you scroll down you can see more,information,here you can see the team,our leadership our board and leadership,team guided by twitter's principles are,shaping our next era,of growth and social responsibility they,represent our team our culture and our,purpose,so the cto here as you can see is parag,agrawal,the cmo is leslie berlin and jack dorsey,is,the ceo over here when you click on bo,on the bio you'll be seeing the,information about the ceo and the,co-founder,jack dorsey co-founded twitter inc in,and returned as chief executive officer,in september 2015.,additionally jack co-founded square,where he serves as ceo and chairman,so as you can see if you click on,bio underneath each names you can get,more info about that very person also,jack dorsey,understandably has a twitter account as,well and the username is right over here,so when you open it up you can see some,information,and his own posts on his twitter account,so to give you an answer to the question,jack dorsey is the creator of,twitter and he is the currently he is,currently the ceo,of twitter as well,to go over some of the things that we,have covered so far what you can do if,you're on twitter or some other website,you can simply go over twitter,about on google search bar and click on,about twitter,and once you're there you can scroll all,the way down until you find,about the company under and,here,you can find underneath our leadership,the people who take part in the business,for example matterella the customer's,lead,and ned segal the cfo chief financial,officer,and then you have jack dorsey the,chief executive officer the ceo and when,you click on the bio you can get some,more,information about jack dorsey so thank,you for watching,don't forget to comment and subscribe,you can find more information by,clicking the links in the description,we interrupt this video for a very,important yet very brief introduction,for our website, you can buy instagram,followers with instant delivery in 2020,but before we tell you how let us talk,about our features,and options you can buy instagram likes,followers views comments and reels on,,you can also buy backlinks from quality,websites,we also provide services from tiktok,facebook twitter,youtube and soundcloud and many more,you may have several questions in mind,like why are instagram followers,important,because buying instagram followers helps,your account get more visibility since,instagram has more than one billion,users around the world,and it is one of the most popular social,media platforms,there is no doubt that it is a highly,preferred platform nowadays because it,offers a very useful friendly,interface although it was seen as a copy,of the famous snapchat back in the day,instagram developed itself very quickly,it offered so many features that people,can't even stay away from using,in addition instagram came up with so,many creative features that even caught,facebook's interest,you may have further questions like key,reasons to buy instagram followers,when we started using social media in,its early times,it was purely for entertainment,yet social media is not just about that,anymore today we can see many brands,companies and,other organizations using social media,for profit purposes,since instagram became a popular,platform we can see various types of,uses of it,either for entertainment or for business,purposes,and if your purpose is to make money on,instagram you don't have to have a,business profile at,all you can be an influencer with your,personal profile as well,since instagram offers short content,such as content videos,influencing on instagram is not,difficult in fact it is fun,benefits of buying instagram followers,there are many benefits of buying,instagram followers buying followers,will save you time and grow your account,you may desire to do it in an organic,way however it is not always possible,let's say you have opened a souvenir,shop and you want to promote it,instagram is a perfect way to do so,however you have made,a lot of investment for that store and,you want to start making money as soon,as possible,if you try to gain followers organically,you will need to spend time

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Elon Musk Officially Owns Twitter

Elon Musk Officially Owns Twitter

whether he likes it or not Elon Musk is,now in charge of Twitter he's been,working off and on throughout the year,to purchase the company at various,points he tried to weasel out of it,pretending that he had issues with Bots,or something but no as of right now he,does actually own the company and that,has consequences some will be coming,over the next few months but some are,already here the CEO has been fired and,the CFO has been fired and the head of,legal policy trust and safety is gone,The General Counsel is fired and uh,those that's a leadership uh but uh,regular workers for Twitter are already,being fired as well apparently members,of a data engineering team have already,been booted an entire team of data,Engineers these are of course these are,not absolute massive millionaires these,are regular people but right-wingers,will greet this news and the news that,might come soon he's a promise that he,would fire something like 75 of the,company he apparently told investors,that they're all wokesters so they,deserve to go I personally think that,they're people struggling to get by in a,difficult economy but best of luck to,them as they transition out of Twitter I,guess,um and there are other consequences as,well he is apparently very worried and,should be that advertisers are not going,to be interested in spending large,amounts of money on a site that he is,going to do apparently whatever he can,to turn into the next parlor or truth,social or getter or whatever other,right-wing social media site exists that,people notably have not left Twitter for,and so they're apparently telling people,including a dozen clients of group M,this is an ad buying agency saying that,uh particularly if Donald Trump is,reinstated they might pause their ad,spending Elon Musk has not done a ton to,try to reassure Twitter users that he,has their best interests at heart but,he's already put a statement to try to,placate The Advertiser saying that he,was buying the company to have a common,digital Town Square where a wide range,of beliefs can be debated in a healthy,manner he said that Twitter cannot,become a free-for-all hellscape where,anything can be said with no,consequences,the issue is that his most devoted fans,have been supporting him because they,want Twitter to be a free-for-all,hellscape where anything can be said,with Rel with no consequences they say,he's not ready to make a decision yet on,things like reinstating Donald Trump he,says he's going to be forming a Content,moderation council with widely diverse,viewpoints which honestly sounds a lot,like the status quo except probably,Breitbart will be involved or something,so anyway there's a lot of moving pieces,to this and we don't know how soon major,changes to the platform could happen we,can expect that there is going to be,more well for instance racial slurs,already uses usage of the n-word is up,500 percent from the day before so,that's exciting times and will likely to,have more ads and more attempts to uh,milk us for private information anything,that can make money for Elon Musk so,there's a great ironic twist in this,story about the Twitter Executives that,I want to get to in a sec uh first on,the hellish landscape well look why do,you think the rules exist in the first,place like the right wing makes us and,this is why I lost a lot of respect for,Elon Musk over the last year right,because this guy has a reputation of,doing amazing things right so you can't,discount Tesla and SpaceX and all these,things that he did right so do and don't,be simple-minded about it but it's not a,black and white issue I mean the guy's,the richest guy in the world it took,some doing to get there right uh and,that he started with Emerald mine so,it's a little bit easier for him than,the average bear but okay he got there,so but I give you that as context but,over the last year he's kind of seemed,like an idiot and so with the right wing,goes oh my God we need free speech on,Twitter they're discriminating against,us and he's like oh my God is that true,okay yeah yeah we definitely need free,speech did it ever occur to you to ask,free speech for what like hey wait a,Twitter's already a hellish landscape,seems like they got a lot of free speech,what's missing did he Wonder right well,I will tell you what was missing,according to the right wing over the top,racism over the top anti-Semitism uh,calls for violence all the different,things that every social media platform,logically came to the conclusion,that's really bad if we allow that like,here let's take empty sandwiches hey if,we allow that and we put Kanye back on,and he's saying all these things about,you're going a death con three on Jewish,people by the way the person who,attacked me to see Pelosi's husband,today horrible I'm over the top,anti-semite okay so okay you let those,guys back in and then next thing you,know there's millions of comments get,the Jews get the Jews you're gonna,really you're gonna allow that that's,insane so

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Elon Musk JUST Promoted MrBeast To CEO Of Twitter

Elon Musk JUST Promoted MrBeast To CEO Of Twitter

Tesla billionaire Elon Musk has just,promoted American YouTuber Jimmy,Donaldson popularly known as Mr Beast to,the position of Twitter CEO why did Elon,quit as Twitter's chief executive,officer will Mr Beast make a good,Twitter CEO what improvements and,changes should we expect to see under Mr,BEAST's leadership and why is the choice,of Mr Beast a Make It or Break It for,Twitter join me today in this video,where we will explore how Elon has just,promoted Mr Beast as the new CEO of,Twitter it's Now official Twitter is now,under the leadership of 24 year old,YouTube King Jimmy Donaldson after Elon,short stint at the Helm of the American,microblogging platform came to an end,before we look at why musk chose the,pioneering YouTuber let us first get to,understand who Mr Beast is in the first,place as I have just hinted Mr Beast is,a successful American YouTube,personality who is known for his,pioneering YouTube videos that focus on,expensive stunts his YouTube channel,going by by the name of Mr Beast is the,most subscribed individual and fourth,most subscribed Channel overall with,over 123 million followers as of late,December 2022. it is behind Sony,entertainment's television channel with,148 million followers the kids channel,Coco melon with 150 million followers,and on the top spot is the indian-based,T-Series with 232 million followers it,is incredible that Mr Beast has achieved,such great success at just 24 years of,age there is no doubt that this is a,reflection of his hard work and desire,to succeed musk is confident that,YouTube's Mega star will replicate the,same success as Twitter we can,rightfully say of him he has been,faithful to the little that he was given,and now it is time to reward him with,more the talk of the transition from a,YouTuber to the CEO of a giant social,media platform such as Twitter but how,did the 24 year old YouTube King land,the prestigious role at Twitter Mr Beast,Quest for leading Twitter again when,Elon made a tweet saying should I step,down as head of Twitter I will abide by,the results of this poll as you would,expect musk's tweet went viral,attracting more than 347 million views,with 17.5 million people voting on the,poll,57.5 percent of the people that,participated in the poll voted in favor,of Elon Musk stepping down as Twitter,CEO you can be sure that many,professionals are eyeing the position of,Twitter CEO but few of them are bold,enough to do what Mr Beast did the,successful YouTuber also supported,musk's exit in a tweet saying if you're,going to keep doing stuff like this yes,and what is this musk is doing that,should see him relinquish his position,as Twitter CEO just the other day Elon,initiated a new policy on Twitter that,prohibits the promotion of third-party,social media platforms on Twitter some,of the social media sites that are,singled out in the policy are Facebook,Instagram Mastodon Trump's truth social,tribal post and Noster,despite the difference in opinion,between Elon Musk and Mr Beast on the,policy issue the YouTube personality,went ahead requesting for the job as the,CEO in another tweet that reads can I be,the new Twitter CEO in his usual format,Elon Musk quickly responded saying this,it's not out of the question and that is,how the American YouTuber landed his job,as the Twitter CEO but what must Elon,have looked at before promoting the,YouTube content creator to the top job,in a social media platform that he,greatly cherishes if you're familiar,with Elon musk's hiring criteria you,will agree with me that he always,employs the smartest people make no,mistake Mr Beast is a very intelligent,person in case you didn't know he,started his YouTube channel back in,2012. he was only 13 years old he is,just a genius and you know Elon Musk,also made a gaming software Blaster at,just 12 years of age which he later sold,to PC and office technology in this case,it is true to say that genius attracts,genius other than intellect musk was,extremely impressed with Mr BEAST's,philosophy of hard work a brief look at,Mr B stunt video you will quickly notice,that he goes all the way in ensuring,that he comes up with the most unique,and entertaining content for his viewers,for instance in 2017 the YouTuber,published an almost day-long video of,him counting to one hundred thousand the,stunt took him 40 hours it's just insane,he has even attempted a stunt of staying,underwater for 24 hours although it,ended up failing due to health issues,all in all it is indisputable that Mr,Beast has the guts to do what he sets,his mind on this makes him the perfect,fit for the position as Twitter CEO musk,is Keen on having an employee who will,work beyond the office hours of eight to,five even at a personal level as Twitter,owner Elon is known for his insane work,ethics where he works for more than 16,hours a day seven days a week which adds,up to more than 110 hours in a week by,now it is clear that Mr Beast is more,than qualified for the Twitter her job,he is the best person to imp

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