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Elon Musk now owns Twitterthere it was the bird is freed Elon,musk's first tweet as Chief twit which

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Updated on Jan 26,2023

Elon Musk now owns Twitter

there it was the bird is freed Elon,musk's first tweet as Chief twit which,is what he's apparently going to call,himself now the owner in the 44 billion,dollar takeover of Twitter that was a,nod to Elon musk's desire to see fewer,limits on the content that can be posted,on his social media site,Mac de Gabriel Selassie is in Washington,good morning Heather well Elon Musk is,really doing a lot of talking with his,tweets as you said last night he posted,the bird is freed and just a few minutes,ago I was checking and he wrote let the,good times roll so from his words to his,actions he's really making a Mark here,take a look at this footage of him,earlier this week walking into Twitter,headquarters with a sink making a,reference to letting it sink in and then,of course when he officially became the,owner yesterday he got right to slashing,he fired some of those topic Executives,including the chief chief financial,officer and the CEO as well now this,whole thing has been quite the roller,coaster it was actually back in Spring,that musk first made moves at a hostile,takeover agreeing to a deal then trying,to back out Twitter took him to court,over it and now of course it is all,settled but there is a lot that we,really don't know what changes are,coming to the platform who will be,replacing all those fire top execs there,are way more questions right now than,answers but what we do know is that,previously musk had called himself a,free speech absolutist and he said that,he he had flagged that he would relax,some of Twitter's content moderation,rules and that is what had a lot of,critics worried that this could open the,door to more hate and disinformation on,the platform and because of that here,come the warnings just this morning the,European Union's commissioner tweeted,this in Europe the bird will fly by our,rules obviously a direct response to,musk's tweet about the bird being freed,Heather so so more on that point macta,because we certainly know and a lot we,don't know about where he's going to,take the platform but we know he does,not like the permanent bans on people,who have repeatedly broken the rules so,what does his ownership mean for people,like Donald Trump that is what many,people are wondering because we do know,that previously musk said that he would,reverse the ban on uh Donald Trump trump,of course was banished from the Twitter,verse after the January 6th Capital Riot,we now that Elon is the owner of Twitter,no word yet if he's going to actually,follow through and allow Trump back onto,the platform you also have the artist,Kanye West that's now known as yay,blocked on Twitter too after he went on,an anti-semitic rant musk is friends,with him he said he talked to him about,the Tweet so is musk going to unblock,him these are the questions that a lot,of people are wondering now yesterday,did put up a statement saying quote,Twitter obviously cannot become a,free-for-all hellscape where anything,can be said with no consequences but,what those consequences would be is just,one of the many details we don't know,right now that's Mac to gabra Selassie,in Washington

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How The World's Richest Person Bought Twitter | Forbes

How The World's Richest Person Bought Twitter | Forbes

twitter's board has decided to sell the,company accepting tesla billionaire elon,musk's offer of 54.20,per share in cash which values the,company at around 44 billion dollars,shares of twitter added to recent gains,and jumped more than five percent on,monday after the social media company,formally accepted the buyout offer,the transaction was unanimously approved,by twitter's board of directors with the,deal expected to close later in 2022,pending shareholder approval,twitter was until recently expected to,decline musk's offer to buy the company,but the board appeared to be more,receptive to musk's acquisition offer in,recent days,especially after the tesla billionaire,revealed in an sec filing last week that,he had secured 46.5 billion dollars in,financing,musk has secured 25.5 billion dollars of,fully committed debt and margin loan,financing for the deal and is providing,an approximately 21 billion equity,commitment according to a press release,earlier this year musk became the,richest person in the world,unseating jeff bezos who held that title,for four years prior,the tesla and spacex chief is worth,268.2 billion dollars,that's over 96 billion dollars more than,bezos ranked second on the,list even after selling billions of,dollars in tesla stock late last year,and owing taxes on the gains from those,sales,musk is estimated to be,117.2 billion dollars richer than on,march 18th 2021,when forbes finalized last year's,billionaires list,musk's first time on the list was 10,years ago with a net worth of 2 billion,but in the last 2 years his net worth,really took off,musk owes his status as the world's,richest person mostly to tesla's soaring,and volatile stock price,the volatility can be partially,attributed to musk's erratic reputation,on twitter,for instance when he challenged russian,president vladimir putin to single,combat after spacex started sending,telecom gear to ukraine,tesla's stock has been criticized by,some analysts and investors and musk,himself,for being priced too high,but shares have continued to climb,gaining another 35 percent in the last,year,this happened despite widespread,automotive chip shortages stricter,regulations of chinese user data that,the company uses for its self-driving,systems,and the recall of hundreds of thousands,of teslas in 2021,musk owns about 21 of the company but,has pledged more than half his stake as,collateral for loans,wall street analysts were largely split,when musk first went public with his,unsolicited offer to buy twitter earlier,this month,some experts predicted that the soap,opera would end with musk acquiring the,company while others remained highly,skeptical and downgraded twitter's stock,amid the uncertainty,the vast majority of analysts maintain a,hold rating on twitter shares as the,market waits to see what happens with,musk's potential takeover

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Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologizes after Elon Musk lays off staff

Twitter founder Jack Dorsey apologizes after Elon Musk lays off staff

Welcome back.,President Biden,is calling out,Elon Musk saying the billionaire,bought a social media platform,that, quote, spews lies across the world.,And, quote,,The president's remarks,follow news,that Twitter,laid off thousands of employees,,including 15% of its trust,and safety workforce.,Just a week after,it was acquired by Musk.,CNN tech reporter Brian Fung,is following the story for us.,So, Brian, good to see you.,Let's talk about these massive cuts.,I mean,,and they come just days,before the midterms.,In fact, civil rights groups,say it could,jeopardize the platform's ability,to safeguard the democratic process.,Is Twitter,Is there anybody left at Twitter,to even respond to the critics?,Well, Fred, Twitter is saying,that it's still committed,to protecting the election,and that none of its content moderation,policies have changed.,But as you pointed out,,civil rights groups,and leaders are saying that,even though Twitter,may still have,these policies on the books,,the layoffs could make it harder for them,to enforce the policies,that it does have.,Meanwhile, you have major advertisers,pulling out of,spending on Twitter advertising,,and that's caused sharp declines,in revenue at Twitter,,according to Elon Musk.,And, you know,,to shore up,revenue, Musk,has this kind of harebrained plan to,charge people for verification,,to have that little blue,checkmark next to their accounts,,which some experts have said,could have unintended consequences,if it's rolled out,in the post-election period,or even before the election, potentially,without proper testing.,You could potentially see, for example,,you know,,some people,paying to have that blue checkmark,and then changing their names,to impersonate official accounts or,or try to spread misinformation,under a verified account.,And how would the company respond to that,with a smaller workforce?,It's unclear.,Twitter, of course,,laid off,15% of its,trust and safety team,,but 50%,of its overall workforce,amounting to about,3700 people across the overall company.,All of this, of course, coming,just days before the election,,injecting further uncertainty,into an already chaotic situation Fred.,And Brian,,I think a lot of us,have been reading,all about what a lot of former,Twitter employees have been saying.,But now what about the former CEO?,How, you know,,what kind of reaction,is coming from the former CEO?,Yes.,Well, Jack Dorsey,,the former CEO of Twitter,,just tweeted about a half hour ago,Let me read what he said.,He said, Folks at Twitter, past,and present are strong and resilient.,They will always find a way,,no matter how difficult the moment.,I realize many are angry with me.,I own the responsibility for,why everyone is in this situation.,I grew the company size too quickly.,I apologize for that.,Very interesting tweet,from from Jack Dorsey's,taking accountability or,responsibility for having,grown the company,too large,and thus putting the company,in a position,where layoffs may have been necessary.,But not really addressing,some of the other,election security or election,integrity questions,that are swirling around Twitter,at this time.,That's a very sensitive time, Fred.,Yeah, a remarkable sequence of events.,Brian Fong, thanks so much.

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elon musk it looks like he's going to,get the deal done elon musk went out on,april 14th and he said that he was going,to buy twitter for 54 and 20 cents a,share about 43 billion dollars now this,was right after he'd spent about 3,billion personally to go ahead and,purchase about nine percent of the,business he became the largest,shareholder and everyone said what's,going on the world's richest man he's,getting in the game twitter obviously,came forward and tried to get him to,join the board of directors but elon,said i ain't joining the board of,directors on april 14th he said i made,an offer and he put out a link to the,sec filing now this morning at 9 12 a.m,the most legitimate source on the,internet breaking 9-1-1 said twitter set,to accept elon musk's original 43,billion offer according to reuters now a,lot of people are wondering why is the,richest man in the world trying to buy,twitter well it's because he says that,he wants to preserve freedom of speech,he says he doesn't care about the,economics of the deal everything got way,more serious when they realize the guy,who's tweeting out memes about bill,gates and other things he's not just,trying to buy twitter as a media stunt,he actually has the money why elon musk,went and he got 46 billion dollars of,funding some of its equity capital he's,putting up some of it comes from morgan,stanley and other lenders but he got the,cash and nobody else had the money or,the appetite to buy twitter twitter had,no other suitors it's just elon with his,46 billion dollars pulling a stare down,with the twitter board of directors and,so what is he going to do once he goes,ahead and buys twitter well he's got,this tweet here where he says that his,number one thing that he's going to,focus on is that he wants to defeat the,spam bots or he's going to die trying,and guess what there's lots of people,who they don't like the idea of the,world's richest man actually buying,twitter and so they're all talking about,how they're going to delete their,accounts our boy joe here had a great,tweet,he said you can find me on instagram at,vlogmas his twitter is the new i'm,moving to canada if donald trump becomes,president no you're not,stop virtue signaling on the internet if,you really thought that you were gonna,move to canada you should have done it,if you really think you're gonna stop,using twitter go ahead we won't miss you,so ultimately what we're going to watch,here is it looks like twitter's going to,accept this offer and elon musk is going,to get his hands on what i personally,believe is one of the most influential,pieces of technology in the world,now the theory that elon could be buying,twitter simply because it's the,marketing department for tesla and it,preserves his ability to continue to,market tesla it's pretty interesting but,i think it's probably more likely that,he simply saw the opportunity for a,company that was in distress that didn't,have its way and imagine if you're the,ceo of this business you step in you've,been there for less than six months and,already you've got somebody who has,raided the company and it's gonna take,it over and fire your ass he's almost,bullying the twitter board right he said,i'm going to buy twitter they said we're,going to do a poison pill make sure you,can't buy twitter it goes cool i'm still,going to end up buying twitter by offers,he's straight up putting their heads in,a toilet game of swirly and then he's,sitting there and he's going back to the,teacher and he's like i'm still a good,guy so the only thing i think about if,twitter is one of the most influential,and important things for free speech is,it that great that he's going to take it,private yes why why is that like so much,better because they don't have to answer,to shareholders right so every every,quarter now he has to do these calls,right and it's public markets his,stock's going to trade a lot it's more,volatile you have to answer to a bunch,of more people now he's going to be able,to do all these things in private,without having to answer to other people,for sure but the volatility of the,company isn't going to change on a,day-to-day basis yeah but i think that,answer to other people kind of keeps,them in check a little bit rather once,you take it private you can well here,here's what i know they've been a public,company for almost a decade and they,ain't got no free speech anywhere you,could you couldn't find free speech if,you spent 10 years looking for not only,these morons are taken down they're,still literally satire websites that,have been taken down,think about this for a second the,president of the united states got taken,off the platform but vladimir putin's,still on there the ccp has,state-sponsored media still on the,platform i don't want to hear ,about we protect free speech,because they are literally the digital,version,of just like the the uh uh what they,call um uh the killing squad where they,just line people up and just shoot them,because they disag

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Dr. Fauci responds to Elon Musk teasing 'Twitter File' release

Dr. Fauci responds to Elon Musk teasing 'Twitter File' release

well we are still awaiting the latest,installment of Elon musk's Twitter files,or his must tease the fauci files many,are wondering where are they and what do,they say well Dr Anthony felchi,responding on a CBS News podcast saying,quote I have no idea what he's talking,about I mean there's a lot of,misinformation conspiracy theories,disinformation going on I have nothing,to say to him I want to bring in dpcm,capital chairman and CEO and former Uber,Chief business vice president Emil,Michael Emil good morning to you and,first off let's start with we'll get to,Uber in a second but let's start out,with this fauci uh you know look these,Twitter files have been pretty explosive,and what we had now learned is that the,government had no problem telling,Twitter and Facebook and Instagram what,to put out there and what not to put out,there fauci seems to be one of the most,controversial figures of this time frame,when it comes to Twitter what do you,think is going to be happening,I think I think what you'll see in the,Twitter files is uh regarding Dr fauci's,a little bit more of what we already saw,which is that the government was going,to Twitter and going to these other,social media networks and saying we want,this off we want that off we want that,off and and some of the things they want,to offer for pretty shocking uh they,wanted just you know some comedians off,they wanted uh they wanted to you know,push propaganda out about some of their,objectives to the American people not to,porn adversaries so I think with The,Foundry files what you're going to see,is a lot of government trying to say uh,to back up claims about Mass working,about the vaccines being foolproof and,so on and trying to Silence the Critics,who are questioning whether those things,were actually true and I think that's,what we're going to see a lot of in the,factory file deployment we should see,this week all right uh David Nelson jump,in here,uh Emil you know I'm looking at this and,it seems like uh you know Elon Musk is,kind of setting the stage here and it,seems like most of what we learned about,about Twitter in the last several months,is he's taken over the company is that a,lot of the worst conspiracy theories,have proven true and it seems to have,silenced some notable critics especially,from Stanford from the medical community,in terms of what might have been an,alternative way to handle covet uh any,thoughts on that,yeah I mean I I think you know what,we've learned is that,um what science is supposed to be is uh,people using facts and data to come to,conclusions and where the data is not,clear we want to hear different voices,so that we can come to the right,conclusion and we saw in a lot of ways a,wholesale uh effort by some parts of the,government to stop that critique stop,that debate and we learn now like you,said that many of these critiques were,true and I think that's bad for the,American people and I think Elon for,making Twitter uh more honest in that,respect and showing us what happened so,hopefully it doesn't happen again well,the employees that had the fauci fan,club we just showed that tweet to our,viewers I thought I was a nerd I would,never be in the faucy fan club I'll tell,you that I'm a pretty big geek uh,Bloomberg is reporting at least a dozen,Twitter employees working in the,Departments that handle content,moderation hate speech harassment they,were let go,what is Elon Musk doing at Twitter we,were talking about it actually in the,commercial break what do you think his,end goal is here for Twitter,I think the end goal is to,um frankly use as much computing power,and algorithms to take out what's,actually hate speech and actually he,doesn't want on the platform because,it's going to hurt advertisers because,people don't want to hear it because,it's incitement or fighting words or,things that Supreme Court has said are,not free part of free speech and,therefore it's hard to judge,um you know him taking out any uh,category of people or a number of people,not knowing what he's going to replace,them with I'm quite sure given the,technologist that he is and we've seen,what he's done with rockets and,spaceships and flying cars and,satellites what he's going to replace,them with I guess in a lot of places,we're going to see his computers do a,lot of this work there'll always be some,manual overlay but I think sometimes the,Press overreads into these matters and,says oh my God he's going to allow hate,speech on the platform that's not his,intent and I don't think that's what's,going to happen Okay Before I Let You Go,I've only got about 45 seconds on Friday,a judge ruled Uber doesn't have to pay,to excuse to raise New York City drivers,pay because the Taxi Limousine,Commission had not justified their case,Uber says taking on extra costs would,increase fares by 10 percent Drive their,business away but some are saying this,was really underhanded by the Limousine,Commission here in the city what do you,say,yeah the the limousine t

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Tucker Carlson: Biden trusts Beijing more than he trusts you

Tucker Carlson: Biden trusts Beijing more than he trusts you

good evening and welcome to Tucker,Carlson tonight they always accuse you,of the very things they're doing,themselves if there's one rule you can,keep on your fridge write it down put it,in your wallet to evaluate the behavior,of the people in charge it's that they,blame you for their sins every single,time,the latest example arrived this week,when we learned that Joe Biden fresh,from lecturing us about how Donald Trump,is a criminal because he had,unauthorized possession of secret,documents that very same Joe Biden,himself had unauthorized possession of,secret documents but don't worry it's,not a big deal unlike you in that,despicably orange Donald Trump Joe Biden,is a good person Joe Biden is so,virtuous he has transcended temporal law,it's not a crime when he does it,so that's the frustratingly familiar,headline from this week's story which,you've probably seen by now but the,details of the story are actually pretty,interesting,so a week before these last midterm,elections Joe Biden's lawyers were for,some reason rooting around in a locked,closet in the Washington office of,something called the Penn Biden Center,for diplomacy and Global engagement,and while in that locks closet Biden's,lawyers found a Sheaf of Highly,classified government documents,so the first question here is why were,Joe Biden's lawyers doing this in the,first place and we can't say for sure,because they haven't told us but it is,weird lawyers don't typically search,locked closets yours probably don't but,Biden's lawyers did and we'd guess they,did because they understood that,Republicans were about to win back the,house and with it Congressional subpoena,power,so they were likely conducting a cleanup,operation preemptively trying to get,ahead of a scandal they knew was coming,and of course they hid what they found,in that closet until after the midterm,elections because there's no reason to,influence voters too much,with information,so there's that,and then there's the question of these,so-called Penn Biden Center at the,University of Pennsylvania what is that,exactly the whole idea of an academic,Biden Center is pretty funny Joe Biden,is a he's always been a even,before the dementia for decades in,Washington ask anyone who lived there,Biden was famous as the dumbest member,of the Senate people made jokes about it,so why would an ivy league university,name a think tank after a man who can't,think and then pay him nearly a million,dollars a year for not doing anything,good question a little more on that in,just a minute,but first a word about classified,documents now this is not a partisan,Point not attacking anybody it's just,the truth,these people you see on television,huffing and puffing about vital State,secrets on both sides by the way not,just Democrats everybody vital State,secrets they're either lying or they,don't really understand how Washington,works,how many legitimate vital State secrets,are there well actually not very many at,all in a democracy the government has no,right to hide what it's doing from the,public except under extraordinary,circumstances,it's fine to classify the Normandy,invasion until it happens it is not fine,to spend 60 years hiding the fact that,the CIA was involved in the murder of a,president,hiding your involvement in the Kennedy,assassination is not a national security,precaution it is Criminal behavior and,it's made possible by a classification,regime that was designed not to protect,this country but to protect and enrich,our permanent political class which it,very efficiently does,oh but our enemies Screech the morons on,TV if we to classify these documents,whatever they are if we do that our,enemies will learn our secrets,please,China already knows our secrets all of,our secrets the Chinese government has,hacked every agency in Washington and,everybody knows that and nobody seems to,care,divide Administration cares so little in,fact it's just suspended a,counter-espionage program designed to,stop Chinese spying,in other words the Chinese can know but,you can't know Biden trusts Beijing more,than he trusts you,so the media's job its only job really,is to push back against attitudes like,that and to seek the truth reporters are,the people who are paid who for a living,find out what your government is doing,and then tell you about it so democracy,can continue,but there are very few of those left,Julian Assange is in prison for his,efforts Ed Snowden lives in Exile,and the News organizations that remain,are so thoroughly controlled by,government agencies that even the,suggestion of more public transparency,drives them to Hysteria watch CNN and,MSNBC for example react to the news that,republicans in Congress might tell us,some of what the thoroughly corrupt,Intel Community has been doing in our,name a house committee where Republicans,can shred at the Integrity of the,federal government and tell America that,your government is spying on you and,coming after you that is at the heart of,this tear down

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Twitter files publisher: 'Every conceivable wing' of federal enforcement sent censorship requests

Twitter files publisher: 'Every conceivable wing' of federal enforcement sent censorship requests

and as we said we know about it because,of Matt taibi who has been at the center,of it he joins us tonight Matt thanks so,much for coming on so I I would just,offer audience,um your extensive reporting on this,which is on Twitter and on your sub,stack but to summarize having looked at,these documents for weeks now how deep,was the penetration of Twitter by U.S,law enforcement and Intel agencies,I think we can say pretty conclusively,after looking at tens of thousands of,emails over the course of these weeks,that the government was in the,censorship business in a huge way that's,I think provable now and not just one,agency really every conceivable wing of,the enforcement agencies of the US,government were in some way or another,sending moderation requests to Twitter,and in many cases those requests were,being fulfilled and they were coming,from everywhere from every place from,the NSA to the HHS to FBI DHS,and even what they call other government,agencies which I think is code for the,CIA so we have reports from all over,from States from police departments,everywhere,so that's prima facie illegal it's,unconstitutional government cannot,censor political speech it could not be,clearer our assumption is that this was,made possible because of Hysteria about,Russian penetration of our politics is,that is that your read of it,absolutely yeah I think the the thread,that I put out yesterday traces the,history of what happened particularly in,the fall of 2017 Twitter is somewhat,naively thought that they would not be,sucked into the russiagate phenomenon,they really thought this was going to be,Facebook's problem alone but when it,started to become politically very,difficult for them and people like the,ranking Democrat and the Senate Intel,committee Mark Warner the senator of,Virginia uh put pressure on them there's,an email that talked about how he was,pressuring them to quote keep producing,material for them ultimately Twitter,ended up caving and by the end of the,year they had an internal guidance which,I think is very significant where they,said publicly we will only remove,content at our sole discretion privately,we will remove content any content,that's identified by the United States,intelligence Community as a foreign,State actor conducting cyber operations,so if the Intel Community says we take,it down we're going to take it down,and and of course a lot of the people,who were censored were not foreign State,actors in at least one case that you,documented this was a journalist and I,have to ask there are a lot of different,non-profit organizations that purport to,defend free speech on behalf of,journalists I won't even bother to name,them but there are a lot of them,have any have any of them weighed in on,this and raised holy hell,no and that's been a profound,disappointment,um you know for me personally I I gave,to the ACLU for years I'm one of those,sort of died in the old uh liberals and,grew up that way I'm deeply disappointed,I think a lot of people uh who are sort,of politically on that side of the aisle,are missing the boat on this they don't,understand the gravity of the situation,they're thinking about this in partisan,terms it's not a partisan story this is,a story about the architecture of the,intelligence community and law,enforcement getting its hands on speech,and on the ability for of people to,communicate with one another through,platforms like Twitter and Facebook and,they're doing this in a very profound,way much more serious than I thought it,was at the beginning of this story and,in relative terms Twitter is a smaller,player when you have Facebook and Google,that that dwarf it in size I mean we've,got to assume that those two companies,are as penetrated as Twitter has been,don't we,yes and and there's evidence for that uh,certainly we've seen uh that they had,what they called weekly uh or monthly,industry meetings with the DHS and the,FBI uh and those included a number of,companies including Facebook in some,cases Wikipedia Pinterest uh there were,a whole series of companies that were,included in in these communications How,Deep The penetration goes in those other,companies I can't say but I do know that,they had very close Communications and,in Twitter's case the number of requests,that came in was really overwhelming,your previous guest Michael,schellenberger talked about how they,were paid three million dollars by the,FBI they were underpaid they were doing,so much work for the government in terms,of reviewing these documents that they,should have been compensated a lot more,for their work how can it be a free,Society or a democracy if law,enforcement and Intel agencies are,determining what we can say,well people are hiding behind the Fig,Leaf of well they didn't formally ask,they didn't demand that you do it but,um how much of an ask is it really how,voluntary is it really when the FBI or,the NSA or the CIA or the DHS come see,your company and presents you with an,Excel spreadsheet of

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Genshin Twitter gets OWNED!!

Genshin Twitter gets OWNED!!

imagine getting ratioed this hard in,public oh my God the embarrassment,well there are haters for the new,character already but this time the,genjun impact Community is not having it,no more they say you want to run a,crusade against our waifus no no no no,Layla a new character that just got,announced today alongside of nahida is,announced for the new Banner uh well the,one to take place for patch 3.2 and,people were already upset about it but,this time this time,rather than everyone uniting to be upset,we saw people clap back in a super Petty,fashion and I live for it so let's jump,over and take a look so here we have the,golden Comet,I'm typing that's it that seals the deal,I've been playing Genji for two years,and and all my time of playing I've,never seen an anniversary it's bad,I've had enough of it until you add a,proper POC representation I'm taking my,skills to Tower of fantasy where they,know how to run a game,oh my God the irony,the irony of this one you're racist as,high as if you're saying that the,brown people are invalid because they're,not the type of brown people you want,that's cringe honestly so weird of you,second part right wait listen if you,want to have darker skin tones of the,games like that that's cool I'm not,gonna tickle your opinion from you but,saying that there's no proper,POC representation,homie,homie bad look bad look also the fact,that you mentioned Tower of fantasy as,the game that you want to run off to,Tower of fantasy with one of the,sketchiest companies ever,developing that game,what,what representation are you looking for,over in Tower fantasy that's the real,question what is happening,you wild for real okay okay now we get,to the fun part now we get to the real,fun part the replies into comments cause,my God it got ratioed,the comments are mostly like cool cool,like good for you,um okay bye,it's so good but here comes my personal,favorite so true ratio Lord has walked,into the room and it's this one they,literally copied what they wrote put it,in quotation marks and put a nerd Emoji,that's it that's it hitting 940 likes on,that ish it is beautiful,so yeah just a little bit of light fun,going on this morning uh,because we all knew that Genji would,have some sort of drama going on as soon,as they announced new characters but,just to see it kind of get clapped back,at is really satisfying for Twitter,anyways I'm Gonna Catch You guys later I,actually have a flight to catch I'm,heading home I've actually been away for,the past few weeks uh but yeah I should,be heading home today slash tomorrow and,I'll be back with more context,make sure to stick around the channel,for when I pull for Cena because I'm,gonna be pulling for him and Candace as,well as playing the our Conquest on,stream here on YouTube so yeah alrighty,I'll catch you guys later bye bye

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