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White Sox Dave Lets It Fly On Twitter Spaces | Barstool Rundown - November 9, 2022foreign,bang bang

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White Sox Dave Lets It Fly On Twitter Spaces | Barstool Rundown - November 9, 2022

foreign,bang bang it's the rundown you boys,ready ready brother let's do it all,right let's Enter the Matrix let's do it,all right it's the rundown November 9th,presented by New Amsterdam Vodka oh love,some vodka on the Rocks perfect New,Amsterdam Vodka was born from an,uncompromising passion for great vodka,did you know,that that's what New York was called New,Amsterdam I did know that did actually I,should yes and then Gotham I believe but,there's not a Gotham vodka uh but they,have a commitment to Excellence enabled,New Amsterdam to produce vodka of a,superb taste and unparalleled smoothness,they just feel it about a million times,New Amsterdam is a premium 80 proof,vodka made from some of the finest,quality grains from the America's,Heartland Midwest the backbone of of,America we've got Chicago right here,Ohio is Ohio part of the Midwest is the,huge people absolutely absolutely I,think it has Midwest values but I think,it's East still it still is like,location wise people get really worked,up about whether or not Ohio,I don't care is Sport division so,they're always in the central right what,the what the league is right but I think,Pittsburgh is I would never consider,Pittsburgh Midwest you know I think,that's I think it's I think it's the New,York City of the Midwest maybe but,I don't know what that makes Chicago but,uh but yeah oh five times the shield I,said a million five close enough uh but,that's how they get the unparalleled,smoothness and filtered clean crisp,finish New Amsterdam Vodka is slightly,sweet on the palate smooth enough to,drink on the rocks it mixes well with,juice and soda or make a classic New,Amsterdam mule,we've got the New Amsterdam Bar right,over there I'm sure you guys have have,made yourself a cocktail after hours of,course over there alcoholic all right uh,topic number one Brooklyn Nets they do,not hire IMEI udonka who is that how I,said I say his name,he was the coach for the Celtics that,got caught banging someone and got,suspended for one season the entirety of,the Season Definitely Maybe okay and,definitely yeah I don't know if it's for,the season yeah so the the Nets were,gonna hire him after they fired Steve,Nash they decided against hiring uh,email and then they went with their,interior interim head coach who's been,on the staff for a while I didn't really,recognize who he was I think he was a,Spurs assistant for a while played his,college ball in like the 90s at Kansas,um,Jacques Von Joc Von Von Jacques sounds,like a goalie for the Canadians 100,um he's a new interior head coach in a,room I need to learn how to say that,word interior,directionally correct,um,I just don't get how organizations in,the year 2022,like 99 of their goal is to not get,canceled or and avoid PR disasters,even even sniffing the dude from the,Celtics I was banging everyone's wives,and moms and sisters and brothers and,dogs and well,why would they do that why would they do,that because it's just a PR nightmare it,doesn't matter how good he can coach,because all that matters is not getting,in the you know not falling victim to,the cancel mob and make what they get I,mean it didn't seem like what he did I I,don't know this yeah now that it hasn't,come out for so long and this happened,I'm starting to think he probably did,something a little more up but I,don't know he's a good coach the Nets,have this window where they got these,incredible players like yeah I kind of,get what they were doing but he must,have done something crazy nothing wrong,with a little up right yeah nothing,more than a little It's gotta be,there's gotta be an extra layer to have,to be but also maybe maybe KD and Kyrie,would respect a dude who's going out,banging people's wives and getting,suspended I mean Kyrie it's hard to reel,them in maybe this is the guy how long,is he out for right now I don't know,because I thought you were tired I,apologize,uh yeah like community service before he,he came out with a video today again,talking about his but I thought he,was going to retire higher I thought he,was like yeah I'm done with this you're,gonna spin me seems like he's that kind,of dude pull a move like that it seems,like he doesn't actually care about,money or,anything yeah I think he's probably made,enough money at this point I would,assume he has but,what was that top tweet he'd talk about,this tribe oh the the you're not down,with the tribe hanukkah's coming up I'm,down I don't I am all the sacred names,of God don't just read this affirm it,right now say it through your heart I am,all the sacred names God your turn I am,Jehovah if there's anything worse is,that what it is Yahweh without the,vowels I guess,um if there's anything worse worse than,someone who like is unaccepting of,religion it's someone who tries to cram,religion down your throat the worst the,worst somehow worse uh uh all right,let's go to the topic Kyrie I hope we,don't have to talk about him in a long,time yeah of course I'm sure uh So,speaking of soccer we w

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REKAP Rush Hour ūüöó - Poles says he‚Äôd have to be ‚Äėblown away‚Äô to take a QB with 1st pick

REKAP Rush Hour ūüöó - Poles says he‚Äôd have to be ‚Äėblown away‚Äô to take a QB with 1st pick

back back welcome into the recap rush hour  for Tuesday January 10th I'm David Kaplan  ,hope you're having a great day it's brought to you  by your Chicagoland Chevy  ,dealers let's get right into this football news  with Ryan poles meeting the media this morning up  ,at halice Hall quote I would have to be blown away  to take a quarterback with the first overall pick  ,they are focused on Justin Fields they like what  they saw this year and they said we need to see  ,continued development so I do not see a scenario  where Ryan pulls is going to be blown away by  ,Bryce young or will Levis or CJ Stroud or anyone  else Anthony Richardson from Florida uh rocketing  ,up the draft board and forcing him to trade a guy  who is a huge presence in that building several  ,players have talked about his leadership qualities  I don't see a scenario where the Chicago Bears are  ,trading Justin Fields he left the door open that  much so if you're another team thinking I got to  ,get that pick or I got to get that kid you better  come with a huge offer speaking of huge offers  ,Chris Ballard the Colts GM at the media today  took responsibility for the mistakes that he's  ,made as Colts GM at the quarterback position and  other and when the question was asked would you  ,pay a big price to move up he said yes so Ryan  pulse make sure your cell phone is charged my  ,man because you're going to get a ton of calls  about that number one pick one of the targets  ,that the Bears absolutely will be looking at is  Jalen Carter the three technique inside Mahler  ,run stuffer from the defending World champer  national champ Georgia Bulldogs who won their  ,second straight last night just annihilating an  over match TCU team Jalen Carter announced this  ,morning he is headed to the NFL draft also Mike  McCarthy there's been a lot of speculation that if  ,the Cowboys don't at least win at Tampa in round  one that he could be in big trouble with owner  ,Jerry Jones Jones who does a regular Radio Show in  Dallas said today quote I have complete confidence  ,in Mike McCarthy I am not thinking about making a  change whether that's the truth or not he remains  ,to be seen if they lose to the Buccaneers on the  road we'll find out what Jerry thinks I'm sure  ,in short order a couple of other notes baseball  Carlos Correa who failed physicals after agreeing  ,to a deal with the Giants now failed the physical  with the New York Mets he said that's okay I got  ,somewhere else I'm gonna go he's agreed to  a six-year 200 million dollar deal to return  ,to Minnesota to play for the Minnesota Twins  basketball Steph Curry returning tonight against  ,Phoenix he's been out with a shoulder injury  for quite a while and we say our prayers for  ,Liam Hendricks the White Sox star closer who is  a great dude my dealings with this guy have been  ,nothing but first class just an awesome guy he's  been diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's lymphoma and  ,he began his cancer treatments yesterday so  we say a prayer for him don't forget godavia  ,shirts and get that take that Green Bay t-shirt  have a great rest of your day I appreciate you  ,tune into captain j-hood in the  morning on ESPN 1000 take that

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Full press conference: White Sox introduce Andrew Benintendi | NBC Sports Chicago

Full press conference: White Sox introduce Andrew Benintendi | NBC Sports Chicago

without you guys,you guys should come around the front,just go ahead and just present the,Jersey Club right now oh okay,right here,oh,foreign,thanks for joining us before we get,started we also want to welcome Andrew's,family Dad Chris his mom Jill and his,sister Lily coming from Cincinnati thank,you for joining us uh we've got Pedro,and we have Andrew here uh please let us,know who you're directing your questions,to during the course of the press,conference raise your hand if you do,have a question you guys are ready to,get right into it yep so raise your hand,if you have a question we'll get started,we'll start on your left with Scott,merkin,hey uh this is for Andrew to start with,welcome to Chicago um you were you had,interest obviously in other teams,besides the White Sox and this free,agent process what swung you to the,White Sox what was the kind of the,deciding factor that you liked about,this organization,yeah I think the thing for me is that,um you know from the day one of the off,season there was communication,um now there was constant interest,throughout the entire process and,um you know just talking about it with,with PD um with Rick and,um and you know the rest of front office,and everything so it's uh glad to be,here at this you know it's good to you,know be here with the team that's been,wanting me from day one so I'm pumped to,be here,left Jake,hey hi Jake Cohen AP this is that,awkward part where I ask you to talk,about the person sitting next to you but,how much did your how much did your,relationship with Pedro factor into kind,of um your decision-making process when,it came to picking the White Sox yeah I,mean it definitely played a factor um,you know obviously being within the last,two years in Kansas City,um was familiar with you know how he,went about his day his routine,um the way he you know the early work,the the preparation everything like that,is something that you know when I was in,Kansas City it stood out to me,um you know obviously it's easy to joke,around with them and everything like,that so um it's a relationship that I'm,glad to have so far in the next five,years it's going to get even better,uh Lamont Pope on the left,hey Pedro yeah just how does Andrew sort,of fit the brand of baseball that you,want to see from the White Sox,well he's a very versatile player and,what I mean by that obviously he's a,left fielder but he's a very versatile,player as far as where we're gonna,where we hit him in the lineup he's done,everything in the game he said for,average he's hit for some power he,definitely runs the base as well,um he fits really well into what we're,trying to uh do here,um,I'll I'll go ahead and share this little,quick story,um I went in for my actually When I Was,preparing for my first interview,um with with Rick and and some of the,guys,I identified Benny as a great fit for,our ball Club but I didn't mention uh,his name that particular day and it,wasn't until the second interview with,uh Kenny and Rick that one of them,mentioned hey what do you what are your,thoughts on Andrew benintendi and I'm,like,okay you mentioned it not me so now let,me let me talk about them so,um he fits perfect he fits perfect in,this ball Club he fits perfect in this,park,um he's exactly what uh what we were,looking for this offseason this off,season,spinning,Andrew uh you've been able to play,against this White Sox team for the last,couple years obviously before that in,Boston too but uh what what do you see,when you when you've looked across the,field at this group of guys most of whom,are going to be coming back next year,and being your teammates and what do you,see from from this collection of players,yeah um especially the last two years,obviously playing a lot more frequently,the playing the socks a lot more,frequently in Kansas City,um,obviously the first thing that stands,out when I think about that team is the,pitching staff uh you know the tough,arms and the bullpen the tough starters,um but then it's just a bonus on the,other side too is the talent at the,plate um the at-bats that guys have the,the speed the power so I'm excited to be,a part of that,um you know obviously watch it from afar,but the last few years but uh to be a,part of that lineup to be a part of you,know this team it's I'm excited to get,things going,straight ahead on the left Jesse Rogers,hey Andrew Rick talked last night about,your offensive game you've had more,slugging other years more contact you've,mentioned cop hitting it Kaufman maybe,impacted that where do you see it where,the as it evolves over the next few,years would you like to get a little bit,more slugging back in along with that,contact,oh yeah I think everybody would love,that but I think for me,um you know playing in Kaufman in 2021,um I got pretty frustrated just flying,out we just about it all the time these,long fly outs uh where I'm not the,biggest guy who's you know it's going to,take everything I can hit a ball out of,that stadium so you k

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The White Sox made the Andrew Benintendi signing official & have a left fielder to play left field

The White Sox made the Andrew Benintendi signing official & have a left fielder to play left field

it's officially official Andrew,benintendi is a member of the Chicago,White Sox he along with everybody else,was able to finally talk about it on,Wednesday how long have the White Sox,been chasing after his services and why,is he wearing a number 23. also Rick,Hahn explains why Ben attende is a good,fit and Pedro grifol is hoping the,Chicago White Sox get ready to play,October baseball you are locked on White,Sox your daily Chicago White Sox podcast,part of the locked on podcast Network,your team every day,hey sex fans welcome to locked on White,Sox thank you for making lockdown white,sacks your first listen each and every,day we're free and available on all,platforms follow us on Twitter at locked,on socks also subscribe to that YouTube,channel of ours uh just search locked on,White Sox hey I'm your host Nick,morowski a lifelong Die Hard Chicago,White Sox fan recording this podcast uh,just blocks from the ballpark in,beautiful Bridgeport you can find me on,Twitter at Nick underscore ggtv hey,really appreciate you letting me steal,some of your time to talk off season,White Sox lockdown white sacks is part,of the lockdown podcast Network your,team every day it's cold gray and we,haven't seen the sun in about a month,but spring training is fast approaching,pay Pedro grifol and Rick Hahn remain on,the same page as they finally discussed,their courtship of the new left fielder,and Andrew benintendi likes what he sees,in the White Sox but is he just being,polite uh welcome back to lockdown White,Sox this is the off-season mode of this,podcast if you haven't realized we have,shifted to three episodes a week instead,of the traditional five but again if,there is some major news and the White,Sox front a big trade that maybe finally,happens the episode number can always be,modified we can sneak in an emergency,episode I'll look for episodes and,Tuesday Wednesday Thursday uh next week,got a call to action going on right now,and it's going really well really,appreciate,all the new subscribers we are trying to,get this YouTube channel up to a,thousand subscribers and uh it's,basically because I'm trying to get,locked down White Sox to be at the top,of the AL Central we are trailing,lockdown Guardians Twins and Tigers and,I just will not stand for that so please,help us out really do appreciate if,you're interested uh to subscribe and,we'll get that number up there as soon,as possible I think we can go way past a,thousand especially uh by the start of,spring training that's a goal uh also,just a quick plug for mailbag,Wednesday's big success in our last,episode get those questions comments in,uh you can get them in at locked on,socks at, or if you're on Twitter quite,a bit just send me a direct message at,my personal account or at the lockdown,White Sox Twitter page again that email,locked on sax,,it is official uh Andrew benintendi is a,member of the Chicago White Sox Ben,attendee's deal again first reported,back on December 16th it's the largest,in team history a five-year 75 million,dollar contract of the White Sox have,signed a left fielder to play Left Field,I'll repeat that folks,the white sacks have done the,unthinkable they have signed a left,fielder a natural left fielder to play,Left Field uh it seems like a headline,from the onion but the sacks have not,gone the conventional routes as of late,and when it comes to Corner outfielders,refreshing to have a gold glove caliber,defender in left field here's what,Andrew benintendi had to say on,Wednesday I'm glad to be here it's fun,to be a part of something where you're,desired you're wanted there was constant,interest throughout the entire process,Ben attende said during the press,conference on Wednesday it's good to be,here with a team that wanted me from day,one during the presser Ben attendi,talked about his offensive abilities in,2021 I got pretty frustrated just flying,out we joked about it all the time these,long layouts I'm not the biggest guy,it's going to take everything I can to,hit a ball out of that stadium so going,into last year I was thinking that let's,just hit for a higher average and higher,on base and hopefully this works or else,I'm going to be in a world of trouble,I'm just trying to be a complete hitter,playing in this Stadium of course,talking about Guaranteed Rate field a,lot of those long fly outs will turn,into doubles in home runs without even,trying to change anything whatever the,team needs me to do whatever kind of,player they need me to be that's what,I'll try to be when asked about having,the largest contract in White Sox,history he elaborated a bit the way I,approach it is it doesn't matter what,the contract number is it's about,winning games,it's about playing hard no one really,cares if you don't win games in the end,it's all about winning and being a good,teammate the first thing that stands out,about this team is the pitching staff,Ben attende said the tough arms in the,bullpen the tough starters and it's just,

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Mariners vs. White Sox Game Highlights (4/12/22) | MLB Highlights

Mariners vs. White Sox Game Highlights (4/12/22) | MLB Highlights

and one additional great joining us,today,hall of famer,harold bain,this velasquez he's gonna have to keep,the ball in the ballpark although today,won't be the liveliest park we've seen,what wind there is is blowing to the,right field corner,as hanniger hits this ball in the air,left field side oloy is back there,and he makes a catch young 23 year old,matt brash today making his major league,debut,you're in the five spot last year in the,miners 19 start 6-4 record a 2-3-1 era,swing and a miss filthy stuff from matt,brash and his first strikeout of the,majors goes to luis robert two batters,into brash's career,pretty good hitter too keep that in mind,he makes the former mvp,look like he hasn't picked up a bat for,a while he strikes out jose abreu a,couple of strikeouts a one two three,inning for rash you daniel suarez d.h,one out of nobody on,suarez jumps on it a deep charge hey,eugenio suarez,his first as a mariner is a line drive,screamer and he puts the mariners in,front one nothing,suarez with his first hit yesterday it,was a double,maybe a little more relaxed now solid,line drive,for the back of the sox pen and the,mariners have the lead one to nothing,one two,that balls tag center field robert going,back to the warning track robert is,there to make the catch and collide with,the fence that ball threatened to leave,luis had other ideas than that becoming,a hit two down,this was a terrific play by luis,hopefully he's okay after that collision,with the wall grimacing a little bit,right by xfinity he catches it collides,with the wall gets it back in fine play,by luis in center field,winker gave it the reverse jordan he,gave it the the tongue out when,something bad happens he thought he had,had a double instead,on the ground backhand jp crawford off,balance throw right on target,in time and garcia retired,say what garcia can get down the line,that is a great play,showing some range,there you go showing some range,backhanded play look how quickly he gets,rid of it and a lot on it,perfect throw to tai france,you want to either throw something that,you can hit on the ground or,you can get a strikeout let's see what,terence has in store,it's a ground ball,to shortstop and mishandled by crawford,the sox will take it thank you very much,and we're tied at one as you can see the,hips start to shift he was thinking,about the throw he wanted to and,you know you have to make sure one,especially with tim going down the line,he's one of the faster guys around and,it ties the game at one,timid shorts smothers it off the ground,and,they get the out the ball fell out of,garcia's glove and so on the exchange,one down,and france will be safe at first lurie,really didn't have to hurry at second,base because this is a one hop rocket,france doesn't have good speed if he,just came across the bag took his time,he could have cut him down and that's,one of the things the sox have got to,work on couldn't get the throw off so,the inning does stay alive and ronaldo,lopez comes on and he inherits a couple,of base runners two and two from lopez,strike three,all right to the very edge of the corner,hannigan disagrees that pitch was right,there that was the perfect pitch called,by phil cousy it had a part of the,outside corner and a great way to get,out of the inning,with the score tied at one two and two,on robert,roberts scalds his ball deep into right,center field luis got him,2-1 sucks,the first lead in this ballpark,in 22.,luis hit the daylights out of it last,time that end the third inning into a,double play,this time,that slider didn't slide all that much,and he was able to take it opposite,field a line drive rocket,that ball's drilled to left field eloy,is back at the track ello made the catch,yes he did one down,boy that was a terrific play,again the wind blowing in kept it in the,park,normally,that is long gone into the bullpen two,balls and two strikes,two walks in the inning one strikeout,the lead on the line,he,got him,bummer terminates winker and the sox,keep the lead,this is a big insurance from 90 feet,away,on the ground to short crawford defeat,frazier to turn and lloyd beat it out,sprinting down the line,it is 3-1 socks,knowing that if you can just beat the,play the sox will move up by,another run and liam hendrix,trying to wrap it up 2-2,there's the slider,and there goes terence one goal three,and two,he struck him out the mariners have the,lead run at the plate with the powerful,jesse winker looming,to center and it drops in for a base hit,crawford green waved home j.p crawford a,headlong slide he is safe and jesse,winker with two outs in the top of the,ninth inning has brought the mariners,within a run the crowd,on home opening day,readies the cameras a strikeout is what,they want footage of,and a strikeout is what they get sox win,3-2

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White Sox vs. Astros Game Highlights (6/19/22) | MLB Highlights

White Sox vs. Astros Game Highlights (6/19/22) | MLB Highlights

talk about Christian Javier on the mound,he'll start tonight three and three,three twenty 63 strikeouts on the season,what does he have to do to be successful,you know the thing about him is is that,it's going to be a lot of fly balls a,lot of swinging misses a lot of pop-ups,he gets a lot of ride on his four seam,fastball one of the best in the game so,many of the players are either in or out,of the Sun and depending on where they,move they will drift in and out that's,the strikeout of bendek for foul balls,to sit back next pitch see you later,95. the lucktick and Velo from Javier,the 25 year old from the Dominican,Republic Michael kopeck tremendous when,he's on the field and there was a big,time scare in his last start when he,landed and he heard a pop and I can't,think of a worse sound for an athlete to,hear than a pop in your knee Jose Altuve,will leave things off the second baseman,yeah with a hamstring injury early to,start this season and when he came off,the IL he has been raking ever since,now two of them laces that one in the,left field and Jose Altuve about faced,that four seam fastball,he's aboard,got him after that last swing,Michael kopeck and his catcher went,right back to it for the strikeout or,Alex bregman third baseman a little,inconsistent but as he told us before,the game down on the field he feels like,he is so close he is not chasing pitches,like he has in years past this one is,squared up right center field and that's,in there Alex spragueman delivers,perhaps another indication in his mind,it's working now you have Runners at,first and third,for Kyle Tucker no one to Tucker and,Tucker serves one into leftist hit there,that's going to catch that one one run,is in bregman hustling for third he's in,there as the ball gets away and now down,to Second goes Kyle Tucker a little soft,serve ice cream into the left and it's,one nothing Houston let's watch the,secondary right here as soon as he sees,where the ball is hit he commits now,to go to third,left fielder going away from the,baseball and as soon as he's going away,from the baseball he's like okay I had,this I've got this,called strike three and Corey Blazer,early has got a wide Zone north south,it's a little skid mark across the arms,second inning they've had a base runner,on for Reese Maguire,and this one until left and going back,is spratly he is at the wall and he's,not going to get it bounces off the base,of the wall Berger didn't get a huge,jump he's into third into second with,the double is Reese Maguire the unique,configuration here at Minute Maid Park,Bradley had a kind of go around where,the Crawford boxes are,missed a couple of fastballs didn't take,advantage of an opportunity and the,White Sox will strand two hit hard,anywhere on the ground because sometimes,bad things happen when the ball's on the,ground there's a another strikeout,and right back up the middle ranging to,his right Harrison and the tag is,that throw drag to bring you off the bag,dubon able to evade the tag of Abreu so,he is aboard Burger hit by pitch his,first time up bended up stranded at,third,yeah incredible amount of noise that,ricocheted off the wall it was out in,there as Burger strikes out tell you,this as a hitter you go up and you're,thinking Christian Javier has been,dominating with the top part of the zone,I'm gonna cheat fastball,all right here's Julie goreiel his,brother Lourdes Korea with a big home,run for the Blue Jays today that's right,back up the middle fielded nice play by,Harrison this time a better throw,and they're a two down Astros leading,one nothing J.J matichevic at the plate,struck out his first time still looking,for his first big league hit oh for,eight,to the left field going back and looking,up and tougher bucks as it is JJ,madagavik he hits his first home run in,the majors second player on this,Father's Day to have his first hit be a,home run in the major leagues it's,two-nothing Astros J.J matajevich how,about JJ right here he's not waiting,around so the Astros only had seen three,pitches this inning and,all of a sudden on the fourth pitch the,Chicago White Sox and Michael kopeck,thought he was taken instead,93.6 miles per hour off the bat,ends up for a home run,Bluehost Fernando tatis Jr Luis Robert,won a four with 200 hits 100 RBIs 100,runs in under,175 career games,right center field going over is,McCormick diving he had no chance to get,it it'll go to the wall,Roberts chasing around a guy in front of,him and that's mendick he's coming in to,score and Maurice Robert doubles hard to,the Gap in right center field and it's,2-1,you know this is a big mistake there's a,couple things here that the Houston,Astros are doing they're playing deep,they're playing no doubles McCormick,with the run-up first you cannot die for,this ball unless you are sure to glove,it he is far from it no reason to leave,your feet you have to cut in front of,that ball take a deeper angle rare head,for Castro into right field and he is,aboard to lead of

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Tigers vs. White Sox Game Highlights (7/10/22) | MLB Highlights

Tigers vs. White Sox Game Highlights (7/10/22) | MLB Highlights

foreign,a pretty good one at 3 34. a lot of,strikeouts 68 and 72 and two thirds too,many walks he would be the first to tell,you that 35 in those same 72 and two the,lead off man is aboard and Riley green,that'll bring up Javier Baez,pounded left field Jimenez looking up,that ball is out of here,that'll shut him up a two-run blast in,the first,Javi Baez launches to left,and two batters in the Tigers take a,two-nothing lead some guys just embraced,being the villain on the road Javier,Baez has done just that here in Chicago,gets him,Drew Hutchison going to the mount for,his fourth start era of 4.3 not going to,strike out a lot of people he has been,walking some and this is a guy that's,been taking off the 40 men three,different times only to be reinstated,Harold Castro his 20th started third,base after having a last couple of days,off and gets tested here on the backhand,behind the back throw up in the air off,the glove of Torkelson,oh my goodness,played it off the add board and threw a,one-hop strike to Javier Baez tanab,Andrew Vaughn,they're gonna challenge this but how he,got rid of this ball so quick when it,was a backhand yeah he's out great great,tag Again by Hobby he's really got a,knack of catching the ball and slapping,that glove on the would-be base runner,quickly,popped it up,Torkelson drifts under it,and he's got it,Drew Hutchison with a solid first inning,up two nothing Robbie Grossman leads off,the Tigers second,Grossman grounds to Vaughn,James Crux coming out,the pitching coach and manager and you,really have to ask yourself at this,point I mean are we talking knee,or are we talking something in the arm,and the reason being that historically,guys who have,foot ankle and knee issues eventually,come up with an arm problem,and I think what Ethan is saying look if,you have anything that's troubling you,let us know because we cannot afford you,to be hurt,this one ripped down the left field line,a couple of hops before it reaches Eloy,Jimenez Torkelson wants another double,he's got it standing up with one out,here in the second runner at second,bottom of your screen that's Torkelson,with two outs,swaying and a miss on the slider,so he's battling his way through a,couple today Hutchison and the Tigers up,two nothing Hutcheson facing the number,nine one and two hitters Rhys Maguire,Johan moncada and Andrew Vaughn first,pitch is up the middle on the backhand,oh myez what a play oh,oh,that reminded me of Lou Whitaker right,there with that arm running hard to his,right back hands it across his body out,feel grass he throws the first to,Spencer Torkelson to get Reese Maguire,sliding head first into the bag what a,play Byers he is special so far so good,for Drew Hutchison not just some very,hunched over as he gets the signs,and that will be another hit for Leary,hasn't hit it hard but,he's two for two,he takes off and a roller to Torkelson,and then he'll have to step on first,the one two swinging to miss he got him,with a live fastball 94 up in the strike,zone Maurice McGuire Strikes Out third,strikeout for Drew Hutchison they've all,come in the space of the last seven,batters the Yuri's still out at second,Joan moncada will come to the plate try,and bring him in,no we're gonna have to play a little,Earl Weaver ball right now A bloop on a,blast it can be so we're gonna line five,in the left Center that's a base hit,kind of a jam Job Line Drive Castro,around second will head to Third,Torkelson one for two he doubled back in,the second one two from Lambert gets,slider off the,office Richardson had that quick one two,three third on I believe just five,pitches Gavin sheets is one for two with,a single and a ground out that's worked,it from 0-2 to 3-2 here's the pitch,is gone and we are tied,cabin sheets put a charge into a 3-2,pitch 2-2,I want to face the guy on Deck with base,runners aboard,pops it up to left field Grossman,shielding his eyes battling the wind and,he dropped it,he finally gets his glove up the shade,and then he knows he has to make up room,and as he's running I'm sure his head,was bouncing a little bit,we haven't seen Robbie make an error in,a long time not since June 13th,of,2018. a span of,440 games AJ Pollock's gonna face,Gregory Soto they're closer here we go,makes it 3-2 so they have their first,lead of the day now we've got to bring,you 90 feet away so let's see if Eloy,can give the socks some insurance 10,pitch line drive over the closet,Torkelson at first a brave can walk home,that's one more for the Sox as Pollock,pulls into third four to two White Sox,big crowd fans on their feet,Torkelson deep left but Pollock is there,and they do get the split they win the,final two,of this home stand,off to the road for eight over the next,seven days boy that was a gutsy win,where there's not much better than when,you fall down early it stays that way,for a long time and then you come back,and win the ball game

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White Sox vs. Rangers Game Highlights (8/7/22) | MLB Highlights

White Sox vs. Rangers Game Highlights (8/7/22) | MLB Highlights

yeah important for spencer howard as you,guys are talking about to put a good,outing together you get that competition,right among each other i think that,certainly helps and the pitchers have,been really good lately and spencer,howard no doubt wants to contribute and,aj pollock will lead things off and a,2-2 is squibbed toward first and lowe,will take care of it,so that'll bring up luis robert batting,second for the chicago white sox today,a lot of injuries and a lot of missed,time as robert lines one into left field,but boba thompson is there,and there are two outs so it's up to,eloy at the game-winning homer a couple,of nights ago,that's into right,and,garcia will cut it off and eloy will,have a long single so two out single the,batter is abreu he's d.h,and that will get in the center field,and eloy will have to stop at second and,again remember that play in the right,field corner if that's a double it's one,to nothing a couple men on chance for,andrew vaughn,ground ball corey seeger fields over to,marcus simeon for the fielder's choice,and the inning is over lucas giolito,going to the mount for his 20th start of,the year is era up over five you look at,a lot of strikeouts very few walks and,left-handers don't hit him because of,that change-up right-handers have,giallito ready to deliver his first,pitch to marcus simeon throwing in the,upper 90s,well here's a chopper hit off the back,but what a play by josh harrison no,throw,but a pretty incredible adjustment even,to get a glove on that marcus simeone,will certainly take the infield hit on,what looked like was going to be a,routine ground out so that'll bring up,corey seeger now,moncada will charge and he'll get one,and he'll get him both,low is the batter nate hitting 281 15,homers 45 driven in,this one is lined into center field and,will get down for a two-out base hit,nathaniel lowe is on adolescent 20 on,the home stand but with seven runs,batted in five last night,loved by harrison inning over a lot of,ground balls for lucas take by harrison,and it's a one-out walk and here comes,larry garcia,bounced toward left and through well,that's a great effort by duran but he,just couldn't get there in this fast,turf and garcia's got a hit runners tag,from second to third that's harrison,liuri stays at first they're on the,corners for aj and he drives it,into left to give the sox the lead,jumped on that first offer and it's one,to nothing innings still alive for,robert with two on,and here is pitch number 20 is lined,into right field but right at adoles,garcia so with one out now and a runner,at first base leo tavares will step in,foul tip and back to back k's two down,here in the second brings up duran who,has three home runs and two have been,against the sox,garcia to harrison and the threat has,been extinguished jose abreu will hit,with one away and no one on,and that is in the left jose's two for,two singles day at the park at the,moment let's see if vaughn can do some,slugging howard is missing his spots by,plenty take advantage of it driven out,into deep left center,you wanted power you got it two-run,homer,three-nothing it's like he was listening,you're just really seeing the tip of the,iceberg with andrew juan so giolito,definitely has the change-up going here,today righties this year are actually,doing pretty well against the geolito,change simeon has a single already one,for one,line drive base hit for marcus simeon,who pull up that first big turn so corey,draws the walk and the ranger is,mounting a threat here runners it first,and second one out trailing three to,nothing and that brings nathaniel lowe,to the plate lifted in the air shallow,right field paula coming over he is not,going to get to it,and marcus simeone is around third he,will score easily and the rangers are on,the board an rbi single didn't have to,hit it hard he hit it in the right spot,and the rangers now trail it three to,one lead off man on first out of the,inning and we're back to the top of the,white sox lineup aj pollock gave the sox,the lead with the rbi single in the,second and he drills it out into the gap,thompson will cut it off leori to third,he'll be held by joe and it's a double,for pollock rangers will play the,infield in three on the left side,against robert see if the sox can turn,this into an advantage that'll get it,done and maybe some more,over his head,two runs will score,robert the second he's got a double,one for three and as you mentioned he's,hit the ball on the button all day and,now after the long visit from jonah heim,manager chris woodward is headed out no,that's gonna be it for spencer howard,brett martin coming on rangers trailer,by four he's on face eloy with uh robert,standing on second base and one out,right-handers have really hurt him,left-handers he gets out a lot and he's,greeted with a base hit,robert the third joe's going to send him,here's the throw to the plate,and he's safe and it's six to one jawan,monkatta will hit white sox have him,loade

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