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BREAKING: White House UNLEASHES epic Twitter thread exposing Republican Hypocritesthis is ben micell


Updated on Jan 20,2023

BREAKING: White House UNLEASHES epic Twitter thread exposing Republican Hypocrites

this is ben micellas from the midas,touch network the white house digital,and social media team just did an epic,tweet thread that i have to read for you,just totally humiliating and,embarrassing the radical right,extremists like marjorie taylor green,and the other radical right extremist,republicans who have been going on their,radical extreme media or writing their,own tweets whining about how biden's,plan would forgive debt of individuals,making less than one hundred and twenty,five thousand dollars would forgive ten,thousand dollars of their student loan,debt so people like marjorie taylor,green have been going on tv and saying,oh it's completely unfair for the,government just to say okay your debt is,completely forgiven but first these,radical right republicans routinely,forgive the debt of billions and,billions and billions of dollars of,billionaires and corporations run by,billionaires that's who they focus on,helping not,average working class americans like,biden's plan but guess what,it gets deeper,these radical right republicans all took,out ppp loans themselves to the tune of,hundreds of thousands and in some cases,millions of dollars that the government,forgave,they had the government forgive their,own debt for millions of dollars and,they're out here complaining about,forgiving ten thousand dollars of,student loan debts for people making,less than 125 000 so in the first tweet,the white house focuses on marjorie,taylor green and they quote tweet a,video of marjorie taylor green going on,a radical right extremist network saying,oh it's just completely unfair for our,government to say okay your debt's,completely forgiven play this clip but,for for our government just to say you,know okay well your debt is completely,forgiven obviously they have an agenda,for that they need votes in november so,the timing is a pure coincidence there,as well but it's completely unfair and,taxpayers all over the country taxpayers,that never took out a student loan,taxpayers that pay their bills and and,and you know maybe even never went to,college or just hard-working people they,shouldn't have to pay off the great big,student loan debt for for some college,student that piled up massive debt going,to some ivy league school that's not,fair yeah the white house points out,congresswoman marjorie taylor green had,183,504 dollars in ppp loans forgiven next,the white house talks about radical,republican congressman vern buchanan and,this is what vern buchanan's tweet was,as a blue-collar kid who worked his way,through college i know firsthand the,sacrifices people make to receive an,education biden's reckless unilateral,student loan giveaway is unfair to the,87 percent of americans now this is what,the white house says congressman vern,buchanan had over 2.3,million dollars,million dollars in ppp loans forgiven,next the white house focuses on a tweet,by mark wayne mullen mark wayne mullen,goes we do not need farmers and ranchers,and small business owners and teachers,in oklahoma paying the debts of ivy,league lawyers and doctors across the,united states which is a false,representation of what,biden's plan is but the white house,points out congresswoman mark wayne,mullen had over 1.4,million dollars in ppp loans forgiven,really,really next they focus on kevin harn,kevin haarn tweets to recap in the last,two weeks the party of the people has,supercharged the irs to go after,working-class americans that's been,totally false and totally debunked but,that's their,big boogeyman that they try to do so,that these billionaires don't get,audited and they can become tax cheats,but that's what they say then he goes,it's entirely and totally unfair well,guess what the white house points out,congressman kevin hearn had over 1,million dollars in ppp loans forgiven,and the white house continues mike kelly,987 000 in ppp loans forgiven,congressman matt gates 482 321 in pp,forgiven really all of you are,complaining that people who,truly are,deserving,of having the amount of loans forgiven,that the biden plan encompasses you,radical right extremists are criticizing,biden when you're out there taking out,millions of dollars in ppp loans,while you're members of congress,while you are members and getting that,forgiven it's unbelievable it's beyond,hypocritical but we should expect,nothing less from the radical right,republicans they don't really have any,philosophy other than their extremism,other than what their dear leader cult,leader donald trump tells them and,you know just beyond hypocritical this,has been myself from the minus touch,network hit the subscribe button right,here great job to the white great job,for the white house team hit the,subscribe button this november is,rovember midas touch just released its,brand new collection of road member,t-shirts and pins to let the country,know what's at stake this upcoming,midterm election go to, to grab yours,that's

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Biden White House Expertly TROLLS GOP Hypocrites

Biden White House Expertly TROLLS GOP Hypocrites

here at the young turks we hate,hypocrisy we've in fact been engaged in,a multi-year war against it and this,week we got a powerful ally in,dark brannon in the white house who took,to task any number of different,republicans who decided that student,loan debt being cancelled that is,unacceptable but all of their financial,skeletons in their closet are perfectly,fine but are they because the white,house had some receipts they started by,targeting marjorie green pointing out,that when she says it's completely,unfair,for loans to be forgiven well she'd had,no problem with nearly 200 000 in ppp,loans being forgiven for her and while,she was the first she was by no means,the greatest and not only because she's,marjorie green no other congress people,had far more in loans forgiven,vern buchanan,2.3 million,mark wayne mullen 1.4,million matt gates had nearly half,a million dollars,uh forgiven no word on if it was via,check or venmo i'm not sure um but it,almost seemed like as this list of,tweets in the thread from the white,house got longer and longer and longer,and got more and more retweets well over,a hundred and fifty thousand i began to,wonder if i was the only person who,didn't take out ppp loans during the,pandemic it seemed like everybody else,was dipping pretty deep there but anyway,um it was great to see them doing that,to really succinctly very easy to share,pointing out the hypocrisy that's what,people want to see and it wasn't just,that they were showing that the other,side was bad at the same time they were,defending one of their major,accomplishments when people look back on,biden's first term the cancellation of,student loan debt is going to be one of,the main things they remember and all,too often democrats even when they,finally accomplish something and that's,not common enough,they don't then defend it they like,they're a little bit shy they're a,little bit nervous i don't know if we,should really run on this it might be,make people uncomfortable no defend it,strongly and that's what they're doing,and you love to see it,yeah so the two elements of the story,first of all the white house fighting,back to which i say yes queen,finally,finally okay all right there you go,yeah why why don't like these are look,guys i've told this to you on the air,for 20 years and,you must have been wondering the same,thing why don't they do it why don't,they do why don't they do the simplest,things and they just didn't think yes,yes they finally did something really,simple and as we're going to show you,just gonna show you in a second,there's like,and i and i wrote this on twitter,yesterday,like nearly every right winger,complaining about student debt,forgiveness,has had a much larger debt forgiven yes,they just think that they're entitled to,it they don't even realize that that is,forgiven but he's like nobody in fact,i'm going to steal one of john's,i'm going to go to number seven my old,friend kurt schilling,and i beef every once in a while on,social media okay,uh he says,my body my choice you're alone my,responsibility this load isn't,forgiveness such as your lazy,unaccountable uneducated children being,covered by hard-working debt-paying,americans,okay now,let me give you,what curt schilling did,back in 2012 schilling's video game,company 38 studios defaulted,on a 75,million dollar loan from the state of,rhode island he told esquire in 2017,that he lost 50 million of it on his own,fortune from the of his own fortune as,well from the debacle which he called,the most painful time in my life but,kurt let's get this right,good america's president,okay,so where's the 75 million,give us give rhode island to 75 million,and then we'll let you run your mouth,again until then,have that decency to shut up about it,yeah it's like eddie izzard's line about,you know if you murder one person it's,like oh wow yeah you definitely go to,jail yeah for life maybe even the you,know death sentence but if you kill like,5 million they're like congratulations,do you want to be president like in,throughout history that's how it works,it's the same with republicans and loans,it's like once you've defaulted on 50,million,welcome to the club baby boy like that's,like how it works meanwhile he's right,about one thing jank which is he's,calling people children yeah a lot of,people were actually children when they,got suckered into these loan schemes,with incredible interest rates in order,to go to college because they were told,this is the only way a to get a good,paying job and the only way you can,actually get to college is no no we,can't lower tuition we can't have like,actually fair tuition prices that i,don't know keep pace with like the,minimum wage or just generally inflation,no we're they're gonna skyrocket um and,you're gonna have to pay it by the way,and like to say nothing of,disproportionately who holds those loans,uh black americans uh black women in,particular but i just want to remind,people everyone's like it's it's the ppp,l

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‘The Five’ reacts to White House downplaying bombshell Twitter censorship revelation

‘The Five’ reacts to White House downplaying bombshell Twitter censorship revelation

the world's richest man blowing the lid,off of political censorship at Twitter,and it has many in the media mad about,that Elon Musk promising more smoking,guns after giving journalists Matt taibi,a treasure Trove of internal company,documents concerning the suppression of,the hunter Biden laptop story taibi,posting the revelations tweet by tweet,saying tweets were routinely removed at,the request of both political parties,but Democrats had the advantage due to,political leanings of the Twitter staff,Twitter Justified the decision to,suppress the laptop story using its,hacked materials policy but that,required an official law enforcement,finding of a hack and that never,materialized tahibi says this led the,company to take extraordinary steps to,suppress the story removing links and,posting warnings that it may be unsafe,musk says there's more to come,Twitter was acting like an arm of the,Democratic National Committee it was,absurd I think there will be more,smoking guns because the obvious next,question is well what happened after the,election,the media not only downplayed it they,also attacked the messenger dozens of,reporters accusing Matt taibi of doing,PR work for the richest person in the,world and others in the Press doing,their best to downplay it,putting those things back on the,platform uh it juxtaposition with the,argument that he's all about free speech,um really undermines the central some of,the central tenets of free speech it,sort of shows is a real struggle at an,important platform for how to deal with,something so outrageous so explosive and,and what to actually do with it there is,a long-running theme through Republican,politics right now that big Tech has,censored conservatives and that is,enough that is enough to have,Republicans say aha I I this is exactly,what we have been talking about,and the White House says the story is,not even worth your time,Twitter was so haphazardly pushed this,distraction that is a that is a full of,old news if you think about it,um and at the same time Twitter is,facing very real and very serious,questions about the rising volume of,anger hate and anti-Semitism on their,platform and how they're letting it,happen and you know the president said,last week more leaders need to speak out,and reject this,okay okay that they had days to plan an,answer and I was not that is not the one,I would have thought that they would,give uh Greg if a tweet falls in a,forest is the media gonna cover it no,but it's great I love a news story that,is outside the news control yeah it's,it's like releasing it tweet by tweet,and everybody's sitting there like this,going ah and then they have to pretend,like it's not happening which is what's,going on the real story about that,accusation that musk is doing uh that uh,uh taibi is doing uh PR work for musk,that's not the story the story is the,cut and paste of it all it was a uniform,response of I don't know dozens of blue,Checkers that said the same thing he's,doing work from us he's doing what so it,was clear it's something again that we,always suspected to be true and now is,being verified that there are marching,orders we just don't know where they,come from but there was some tweet there,was there was a sentence that was sent,to all of these people that say he's,doing PR for the world's richest man,that showed up everywhere and that tells,you that the media often relied on this,amount the on imaginary numbers uh if,you were going to speak up against the,media or say something they didn't like,they would create the mob out of a,singular message and that message would,be you better shut up that in itself is,its own form of censorship to create,this mob of like oh my god look all,these people feel the same way and it,also shows you that the media does not,come up with the stuff themselves it's,spoon-fed to them by whom I don't know,somebody in the DNC it says that it's,it's amazing that the media this is the,best part the media now functions as,Bots the NBC disinformation,correspondence is a bot Ben Collins is a,bot the thing that he tweeted was,tweeted everywhere else how hilarious,hilarious is that that the,disinformation specialist is himself a,disinformation bot he should call,himself out he might get a promotion,Miranda I also talked about the other,source of this which was that Twitter,said that they had to have a hacked,materials policy Okay so,who was helping them decide that they,needed to have that well Miranda Devine,she has an idea listen to her here,the FBI had come to Twitter and told,them in their weekly meetings before the,2020 election to look out for a hacked,materials a hack and leak operation that,they believed was going to be about,Hunter Biden and it was going to come in,October so of course when Twitter saw,our story in October about Hunter Biden,they censored it immediately,what's interesting is that um so they,had this we talked about the 51 National,Security folks that signed that letter,that said oh this i

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Classified Files Found in Biden's Former Office, Trump Calls for FBI to Raid White House

Classified Files Found in Biden's Former Office, Trump Calls for FBI to Raid White House

Welcome, welcome, welcome to "The Tonight Show," everybody., You're here.,It seems like there's so much going on right now.,Prince Harry's new book came out today.,The horror movie "M3GAN" is a hit at the box office.,Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot was over $1.1 billion.,And Papa John's just unveiled,these new doughy snack balls called Papa Bites.,There's a lot to go over, so let's just jump in,and cover it all at once. It's time for a "News Smash.",♪♪,First up, Prince Harry.,Today, his new book called "SPARE" hit shelves,,and it's full of details about his life, his relationships,,and his exit from the royal family.,Long story short, everything changed when he married...,"M3GAN.",The --,The horror movie is doing great at the box office,,bringing in over $30 million.,It's made so much money,,the producers feel like they won...,the lottery.,Tonight's Mega Millions jackpot,was one of the biggest of all time, over $1.1 billion.,Wow. That's a lot of...,dough.,Papa John's uses it to make their new snack,called Papa Bites,,but don't eat too many -- you only have one heart.,You don't have a..."SPARE.",The book talks about how Harry didn't get along,with his brother, his stepmother, or his...,Papa.,Seriously, don't overdo it on those little bites.,They're so high in calories, they could....,kill you.,"M3GAN" is a terrifying doll, kinda like Annabelle,or even Chucky, the...,redhead.,Harry didn't have just one reason to leave England.,It was more like...a billion.,And that's -- that's enough money to live like a...,prince.,Harry is speaking out against his powerful family.,And you've got to admit, that takes...,balls.,These treats might be too much for some people,,but stoners are looking at them like...,jackpot!,In conclusion...,so much to tell...,Will it sell?,What's that smell?,Run like hell.,This has been a "News Smash.",♪♪,Oh, my goodness.,Thank you, everybody. Everyone is talking about this.,President Biden's lawyers,were cleaning out one of his old offices,from before he was president.,And you're not gonna believe this,,but they found that Biden had 10 classified documents.,The documents found were from Biden's time as vice president.,Today, Obama was like, "Nothing to worry about.,If Joe had access, it wasn't important.,Don't worry about it.",Yep, Biden was shocked and said,he had no idea how the documents got there.,Then Hunter Biden was like, "Okay, so don't get mad...",Of course, former President Trump,wasted no time weighing in.,He got on his social-media platform and posted,,"When is the FBI going to raid the many homes of Joe Biden,,perhaps even the White House?",Good point.,It -- It would be suspicious if classified documents,were found at the White House.,Speaking of the White House, the Biden administration,is considering a nationwide ban on gas stoves,,which has been linked to health problems.,Today, Americans were like,,"Better play it safe and order a Baconator from Door Dash.",Yep, gas stoves could be banned soon.,The best way to heat something up will be to open three apps,on your iPhone at once then use it as a hot plate.,Tssss! Get that sear you want.,That's right -- gas stoves are a problem,,but somehow deep-frying a turkey is still perfectly legal.,I don't know. And on your back porch, no less.,Guys, the horror movie "M3GAN",is the biggest new movie out in theaters.,In fact, it's such a huge hit,,they're already working on a sequel.,Yeah. Take a look at the trailer I just saw.,-The surprise hit of the year is "M3GAN.",And coming next year, be sure to catch the heart-stopping sequel,,"M2GAN" -- or "M3GAN 2.",Or is it "M23GAN"?,"M32-GAN." "M2G3N." "2GM3N.",Eh, screw it! Go see "Murder Doll 2.",COM1N9...,Oh, come on!,-Interesting.,Well, switching gears, I read that Babies "R" Us,,which went out of business in 2018,,is opening a new flagship mall store,,which is crazy, because the mall,didn't even know it was expecting a Babies "R" Us.,Classic story.,You think your family is done having Babies "R" Us,,and then a few years later, you're ready to try for more.,Well, listen to this. A new study found that,eating healthier can increase your chances of living longer.,That's not all they figured out, though.,Check out some of these other new scientific findings.,First up, fire hot.,Next, if you stay underwater for too long, you could "drown.",And, finally...,Meanwhile, I saw a new study that said noise from a ship,can disrupt crabs while they're trying to mate.,Or, as crabs call it, getting yacht blocked.,Apparently, all sea life is knocking on the bottom of boats,like, "Hey, we're trying to make caviar here!",Yeah, it's things like this that can make a sea creature's,sex life flounder, you know?,-More? -One more.,-Okay. One more.,-Of course, when crabs do mate, the most embarrassing part is,the next day when they have to do the sideways walk of shame.,That's it. Come on. I had to do that one.,-Come on.,-That's never... -No, yeah.,-Get this.,In London, for the first time since the pandemic,,dozens of

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REACTION: White House DELETES Tweet Praising Biden On Social Security After Twitter Added ‘CONTEXT’

REACTION: White House DELETES Tweet Praising Biden On Social Security After Twitter Added ‘CONTEXT’

the White House has deleted a tweet,seemingly giving the Biden,Administration credit for increases in,Social Security payouts the original,tweet read seniors are getting the,biggest increase in their Social,Security checks in 10 years through,President Biden's leadership wow imagine,that Twitter then added a context note,to the Tweet which reads seniors will,receive a large social security benefit,increase due to the annual cost of,living adjustment which is based on the,high inflation rate President Nixon in,1972 signed into law automatic benefit,adjustments tied to the Consumer Price,Index now Twitter has said that context,is written by people who use Twitter and,appears when other users rate it helpful,now White House Press Secretary Kareem,Jean-Pierre had this to say when asked,why the White House later deleted the,Tweet the Tweet was not complete usually,when we put out a tweet we posted with,contacts and it did not have that,context so in the past we've pointed out,that for the first time in our in over a,decade seniors medicare premiums will,will decrease even as their Social,Security checks increase that's a little,bit of context that was not included,this means that seniors will have a,chance to get ahead of inflation due to,the rare combination of rising benefits,and falling premiums and and let's not,forget as as you've been hearing me say,for the past few minutes about Mega,republicans in Congress and their,continued threat uh to threaten Social,Security and Medicare proposing uh,proposing to them on the chop proposing,to put them on the chopping blocks every,five years threatening benefits and to,change eligibility so those are the,types of contacts that would normally be,with a tweet like that it did not it did,not have that contest it was it in,complete tweet as I just mentioned and,so that's why you saw the digital team,take that action,okay a couple of things Democrats,cuts and credit for,this bragging about the idea of uh,seniors getting more money because,inflation has gone up and trying to,cover that up saying oh it's just an,incomplete tweet is obviously ridiculous,but here's the problem the thing that,you could really brag about is the thing,that Nixon did back in the 70s is which,is to make sure that there is a cost of,living update that's that that pegs the,cost of living to the CPI like that is,what is protecting seniors from what,frankly the rest of Americans are going,through right now and it's important,because they don't have they're,particularly vulnerable obviously,because they're not earning incomes,anymore they can't go out just get,another job although regretfully a lot,of seniors do have to do that what,democrats should be focusing on and,arguing for is why isn't it that minimum,wage and other kind of benefits aren't,similarly linked to CPI and also they,should be foregrounding this argument,about Republicans very explicitly saying,that they are going to put Social,Security and Medicare on The Chopping,Block only getting that message out,because you had a goof up on Twitter,Meanwhile by Biden is making these,speeches about democracy ending and mega,Republicans all of this when you just,saw your friends when the mega,Republican line is ridiculous to the,extent that there was something real,that she said in there about the,material interests of struggling,Americans it gets completely,disguised in the middle of all of this,saved democracy matter Republican stuff,that's going to cause a lot of people,rightly or wrongly to tune out right you,know it's interesting this kind of con,so the note is the the way in which,context was added to this tweet by,Twitter is very interesting and people,are only beginning to understand what's,Happening Here I this is a pilot program,the Twitter it has nothing to do with,Elon Musk takeover this is a pilot,program they came up with I don't know,like a year two years ago I I remember I,was I spoke with two people at Twitter,about it they want to tell me about it,because they knew I had a lot of issues,with fact checking going on on other,social media sites so they wanted to,show me this was their idea for fact,checking and it has recently been rolled,out to Twitter at large so more people,are seeing these notes now they're very,interesting and they are extremely,different from what other from what,Facebook for instance does with fact,checking which is deputize a handful of,ideological extremists to correct your,ideological extremists they're well I I,have I have repeatedly had articles fact,checked and then they get blurred and,they get de-prioritized on Facebook and,I've said no that their their claim that,my factual argument is wrong is it's,itself false and I've appealed to,Facebook because I know people there and,they said oops we're sorry and they've,like that's happened a bunch of times,okay so I mean they're no more they're,not objective they're no more yes we all,are ideologically extreme in some ways,they're in the frame they're not,refe

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White House 'keeping a close eye' on Twitter 'misinformation'

White House 'keeping a close eye' on Twitter 'misinformation'

this is something that we're certainly,keeping an eye on we have always been,very clear,and that when it comes to social media,platforms it is their responsibility to,make sure that when it comes to,misinformation when we when it comes to,the hate that we're seeing that they,they take action that they continue to,take action again we're all keeping a,close eye on this we're all uh,monitoring uh what's what's currently,occurring,well that was White House Press,Secretary Kareem Jean-Pierre yesterday,with more propaganda saying that the,Biden Administration is tracking,so-called misinformation on Twitter Elon,Musk claiming Apple has threatened to,pull Twitter from the App Store joining,us right now is the former Democrat,mayor of Miami Beach Philip Levine,Philip good to see you thanks very much,for being here uh we haven't heard from,Apple aside from a few tweets back and,forth uh from Tim Cook and and Elon Musk,your thoughts on whether or not apple is,going to pull Twitter and why it would,do so,well I think that would be pretty,challenging if they did that I mean,let's think about it the Twitter is a,big part of our society everybody uses,Twitter the news media constantly I mean,the issue comes down to Twitter's,advertisers if they're not going to,regulate somehow to some extent to make,sure that we don't have the hate speech,on board this platform I believe that,Apple will be the first of many,organizations that unfortunately would,drop Twitter so I'm I think we're all,hoping that maybe Twitter comes to its,senses says they're advertising and at,the same time provides a very clean free,environment but environment that doesn't,allow for the hate speech I mean look I,know we've been hearing this propaganda,out of the White House now for several,months when they try to do a,disinformation governance board but what,specific misinformation is the White,House referring to here,well I think what they're referring to,and this is just my guess is that it,comes to really true hate speech whether,it's anti-Semitism whether it's racism,whether it's allowing you know,organizations or people that are are,trying to create some type of tremendous,uh uh uh challenges uh for us and the,people I I think that that's something,which they have to look out for uh you,know we've seen it before uh and and we,hope we don't see it again but I think,Twitter you know it comes down to,Dollars and cents right Maria it comes,down to advertising if your advertisers,are going to stay away boy they better,hope that Twitter's able to make sure,they can make that money in residual,subscription Revenue uh which who knows,well I mean I guess you know what what,bothers me about this whole story is,much of the misinformation is coming out,of the White House you know the border,is secure no it's not you know two,quarters of contraction is not a,recession yes it is,um you know a vaccine mandate is not,unconstitutional no it is,unconstitutional same with you know,forgiving student loan debt I mean all,of these things uh there's there's a,tentative deal for the rail companies no,there wasn't four unions rejected it all,of this misinformation coming out of the,White House and yet they're talking,about Twitter as if there's,misinformation there so they just paint,a narrative that they want the public to,believe when in fact it's not actually,true,well I think that's the Big Challenge,and clearly it gets into all my thing,about Florida uh you know Florida,clearly rejected a lot of these things,and as I said before so goes Florida so,goes the nation and we saw that uh so uh,you know I we're using Florida as a,litmus test is a way to understand maybe,I believe where the future of the,nation's going and uh we need that,debate but we need it to be clean we,need to be forthright we need it to be,above board and that's the most,important thing and hopefully Twitter,provides that type of platform,digging Marie I just wanted to raise one,issue uh with you in particular about,Apple,and so apple is upset about freedom of,speech as advocated by Elon Musk and,Twitter,but they're not upset about the,Communist Party cracking down on the,freedom of speech and expression of,protesters in that communist nation in,China I just want to note that Apple two,weeks ago started limiting the use of,the airdrop Wireless sharing function on,devices in China right after reports,began surfacing that protesters had used,the popular feature to spread messages,critical of the communist government in,China,so who does Apple stand for what does,Apple stand for is it for free speech is,it for the values the company where,Apple was uh of the country where Apple,was born,or are they standing up for again the,suppression of the people of China and,their ability to protest again that's,where these,devices are made yeah I think that Apple,ought to Tim Cook at all at that company,they ought to pump their brakes and,really think about the message that,they're sending to customers here in the,Uni

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White House Twitter Is Coming For Republicans With Receipts

White House Twitter Is Coming For Republicans With Receipts

white house said let the games begin in,case you missed the republican lawmakers,have been complaining about the student,loan forgiveness plan and most of us,have been giving very much um child,anyways but the white house decided to,get petty today the white house over,there tweeting out all the people who,don't have their ppp loans forgiven here,congresswoman marger taylor green had,183 000 plus and ppp loans forgiven mike,kelly you've also been called to the,front of the class apparently you had,over 900 thousand dollars in loans for,giving the white house said they're not,going to play with y'all and i'm here,for it welcome to the arena,who is running the white house's twitter,account and where have they been are,they new they should have been like this,and about this the whole time dark,brandon student loan forgiveness got,people going from what aboutism to what,about me to what just happened on social,media and since we're talking about,money whoever runs the white house's,twitter account isn't getting paid,enough but this isn't about who the,white house and their superstar content,creator expose on twitter it's about who,exposed themselves don't there were a,couple of people who told them,themselves let's start with ben shapiro,who said i know it has somehow become,controversial to say this but societies,in which people are expected to pay off,their debts are healthier than societies,in which others are forced to do so and,this is actually true i agree great,great,u.s chattel slavery was a 3.5 billion,dollar industry prior to the civil war,so can we talk about reparations if we,just refer to them as debts since we're,in the interest of being healthy and all,also side note before i continue did you,see that ben shapiro's sister is,offering dating advice and is advising,people to stay away from those who make,arguments out of everything and always,want to be right anyways no word yet on,if ben acknowledges that his ppp loans,were forgiven too but turning point usa,admitted it when they tweeted we,wouldn't have had ppp loans if it wasn't,for you shutting the entire country down,now i gotta admit that since the start,of the pandemic my short-term memory is,terrible i mean i forgot that i,shouldn't be talking about ben,but i'm sure it was donald trump who,shut the country down actually i'm,certain this is the case because turning,point usa deleted that tweet but not,before olivia juliana pointed out that,the ppp emergency loan program was,created as part of the two trillion,dollar cares act in march,2020 and was authorized to distribute,more than 600 billion dollars in,forgivable loans to small businesses you,know,after he downplayed how rough it was,going to be when the pandemic started,joe biden wasn't the president at that,time lastly u.s congress person out of,indiana jim banks said student loan,forgiveness undermines one of our,military's greatest recruitment tools at,a time of dangerously low enlistments,is he,is he admitting that the military preys,on people but won't be able to when,student loan services which are,predatory are fixed and people have less,debt so the military is at the top of,this food chain followed by student loan,servicers and then the people wow y'all,been saying let's go to brandon and now,i got dark for revelation i'm jeff,wiggins my architect knows japanese,why are you setting no slaves free when,my mama died a slave oh so now all these,women get to vote when i never got to,vote before uh huh oh so now now y'all,just gonna pay people living wages,people now y'all can afford to work,oh so you're just gonna let these two,men marry when i've been stuck with this,lady for the last 20 years okay so y'all,gonna start crab week the week after i,visit red lobster i see how it is this,is how y'all sound with this,student loan nonsense for more from the,young turks stay right here to see,additional content from yours truly,click on the jeff wiggins hashtag you,can also find me on my youtube channel,we gonna be all right thanks for,watching

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White House slammed for 'ominous' Twitter warning

White House slammed for 'ominous' Twitter warning

they're keeping an eye on Twitter under,Elon musk's ownership,that is offensive to me government's,going to go after someone that wants to,have free speech,what do they have to look at Twitter,about,do they want to go more after American,public about whether they can have an,opinion on something,I think the American public have spoken,on this will no longer let government go,after people simply because of their,political views House minority leader,Kevin McCarthy echoing what most,Republicans are saying and now Elon Musk,says apple is even threatening to drop,Twitter from its App Store but has not,given him a reason as to why Florida,Governor Ron DeSantis tearing into Apple,CEO so they are serving basically as a,vassal to the Chinese Communist party,they are trying to get Elon Musk Twitter,off the App Store potentially which,would be a huge blow for free speech and,so this is maybe the most powerful,company in the entire world and CEO Tim,Cook is set to meet with the GOP the,House GOP leaders in Washington this,week he reportedly wants to strengthen,relations as the party gets set to take,the gavel in January Buck Sexton co-host,of the clay Travis and Buck Sexton show,joins me now,um I'm sorry but this is like literally,the biggest and most utter waste of time,I have ever heard for the White House to,actually be worrying and concerning,themselves and spending time on keeping,an eye on Twitter so let's not keep an,eye on other things of Greater,importance let's make sure that free,speech is not free on social media I,mean is that what I'm in my,understanding this right,no I think the White House is saying,nice Twitter you got there Elon it'd be,a shame if something happened to it it's,meant to be ominous they're trying to,influence the outcome of this whole,Twitter takeover by suggesting that,maybe the White House will try to take,some kind of action not just through,perhaps executive order but they could,always use one of the many investigative,agencies of the federal government,Regulatory Agencies to harass Elon Musk,and I think that's why the White House,is saying this so that their base,understands don't worry we know that,you've lost one of your favorite,propaganda toys here and it's no longer,a left-wing platform of Total Domination,we'll do something about this so I don't,think the White House is just idle,chatter here it's meant to Menace and,it's meant to show you that one we're,about to find out I think with the,revelation of the hunter Biden laptop,suppression from within Twitter that,this was bright red line violation of,the First Amendment stuff that this,White House was engaged in there was,collusion on the issue of suppressing,the the hunter Biden laptop there was,collusion on the issue of suppressing,covid descent which turned out to be,true by the way had a whole range of,issues so they're going to be in a rough,place and brute force from the,government is going to be I think a tool,that they try to rely on to stop the,truth from getting out about what,happened inside of Twitter and what's,going to be the future of the internet,Elon Musk tweeted a picture that my God,it was so scandalous everyone's up in,arms about it can you believe this diet,coke on the night table uh I guess a,bunch of Diet Coke cans and a pair of,prop guns were enough to make Twitter go,crazy one critic literally losing it,tweeting how shocking the richest man on,the earth is a trailer park simpleton,Jonathan Turley writing in an op-ed,quote Elon Musk triggers liberals,sending them into wartime footing over,free speech I mean Elon is obviously,having fun with with people on Twitter I,don't know why people can't see that and,the more they react he's or overreact,he's just going to come back with,something else and quite frankly it's,amusing but it's also serious I mean,Apple for example has stopped,advertising on Twitter for what because,they're afraid of free speech as well,this is the sort of rhetoric that's,being spread by the liberal media by the,mainstream media and it's actually,Catching Fire because now Twitter is,being threatened by the White House,it is now a foundational belief on the,left it's something you have to buy into,that speech that is offensive or in any,way problematic is effectively the same,as violence which is crazy but they say,a lot of crazy things I mean let's all,be very clear on this you know Twitter,and the white of Twitter was operating I,think with the White House we've seen,some of the accounts that were suspended,and what we've seen is that over time,you're not allowed to say things like,only men can get pregnant,um you know or rather you have to say,things like men can get pregnant and if,you say things that are outside of the,acceptable discourse they shut you down,hey everyone I'm Emily compagno catch me,and my co-host Harris Faulkner and,Kaylee mcineny on outnumbered every,weekday at 12 pm Eastern or sets your,DVR also don't forget to subscribe to,the Fox News YouTube page for daily,h

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