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Tennessee 247 beat writer Wes Rucker talks about the Volunteer's victory against Alabamabut it was o

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

Tennessee 247 beat writer Wes Rucker talks about the Volunteer's victory against Alabama

but it was one of the great regular,season college football games in recent,memory the scene was incredible and kind,enough to join us from I'm assuming,Knoxville Tennessee Wes Rucker uh you're,down there 24 7 Sports CBS uh you cover,the volunteer are you in Knoxville,because we've had other guests that,follow these various teams that are in,different cities,oh no I'm actually in Knoxville actually,Old North Knoxville I think about 1.9,miles from Newland stadium so probably,enough to feel the earthquake from,Saturday if I had been here as opposed,to in the stadium where you could,definitely feel all right I I got to ask,you because how long have you been,covering the team number of years now,a number of years uh since 2000 I,believe okay that's a long time,that's a lot yeah there's a couple years,yeah a couple years where I I moved away,and then I came back so basically since,2000. okay was that the best scene at,Kneeland Stadium,that you have seen in 20 years,probably because my time on the beat was,just after that 98 Florida game and and,all those things 2015 Oklahoma I think,the baker Mayfield double overtime game,that was a really good one uh last year,earlier this year Florida pretty good A,couple years ago Florida maybe 2016 was,good none of them uh were like that one,the sustained noise in that stadium for,that long I think it was like 126,decibels or so it was crazy and then the,fact is that the game itself kind of,lended itself to to being that kind of,an atmosphere you know you had two,really good teams kind of throwing,Haymakers back and forth and it was it,was quite a scene and then somehow made,it down to the media center for post,game interviews through all of that uh,nonsense down there it felt like I felt,like I was playing Frogger a little bit,but made it down there well you know,what look I love when the students uh,stormed the field uh after big games I,got no problem with it I don't,understand why these conferences hand,out find something you gotta find what,50 Grand the first time and then they,got fined what did I read a hundred,thousand dollars for this one is,something like that right,a hundred thousand so uh I think the the,funny thing was I mean people know the,drill here there was a video because you,know there's a video of everything these,days and someone up in one of the the,luxury suites had a had a camera near,the UT system president uh and Randy,Boyd and he kind of looked over and said,hey we'll buy a million more goal posts,we don't care let's go like you know,let's let's do this every game we'll pay,the fines who cares so yeah I mean it's,kind of a it's I get why they do it a,little bit because you don't want to do,that every game because it's it can be a,safety danger to the people on the field,in some cases but uh what happened,Saturday was just a party I don't think,anybody got hurt all right I want to,talk to you a little bit about uh this,Tennessee team,um I had looked at their their,non-conference schedule uh this year and,it was better than Michigan's but but,you know how much better I don't know,um but the bottom line is they've won,every game that they've played and their,offense is fantastic,tell us about the quarterback because I,did not know,that he was as old as he is and I'm not,saying that in a bad way,um I I was just stunned to learn that he,was at one time at Virginia Tech whose,program is just completely Fallen apart,talk about this kid a little bit and are,you surprised are the volunteers fan,surprise that he has been this good this,year and is right in the middle of all,the Heisman Trophy talk,I'm not surprised he's good I'm a little,surprised he's this good I mean I think,he's since he became Tennessee starting,quarterback I think you're talking 50,plus touchdowns three interceptions,which is you know a video game at the,easiest level you don't do stuff like,that I mean it's kind of comical,um but he started out his career,Virginia Tech and they kind of had some,issues there with Puente trying to get,the offense going then during the,covered year uh he gets covered,um and he's he's out for a while then,they think they have a heart condition,that they found there so they gave him,some medicine uh to do some of the,procedures they needed to do and his,body didn't react great to those and it,was just kind of a bad scene there,Virginia Tech he didn't think the staff,there was necessarily kind about the,situation in some ways his words I,wasn't there and then so he uh kind of,quietly enters himself into the portal,comes to Tennessee and when he gets to,Tennessee like two weeks later Jeremy,Pruitt's fired and a new coach comes in,and that new coach brings in a different,quarterback to be Tennessee starting,quarterback Joe Milton from Michigan uh,Joe Milton wins the starting competition,in preseason camp last year the season,starts Joe Milton gets hurt instead of,sending hooker and he ain't giving the,thing back since I mean he has been,incredible and he is 2

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Wes Rucker Interview

Wes Rucker Interview

all right this is wes rucker wes can you,tell me where you went to school and,what inspired you to get into journalism,well sure i wanted to be a major league,baseball player growing up but then i,realized that quickly in high school,that that was not going to be my,my route,i uh six one first baseman not a lot of,uh power and no wheels um so it was,either play small college baseball or go,to a bigger school and uh i decided to,go to the university of tennessee oddly,enough and uh i just kind of wanted to,be around sports i wanted to be in the,media somehow i'm gonna be able to play,it and,i didn't know whether i wanted to go the,tv route the radio route or the,newspaper route at the time and,i kind of quickly decided that i liked,the newspaper guys better and i thought,that would be a better career for me,didn't really have a face for television,and a voice for radio which is funny,because i ended up doing radio later and,still do even i don't have a voice for,it but,i went to the university of tennessee,and uh was a journalism major i got a i,believe the degree is a journalism major,with the emphasis of sports,communication we were the first class,graduating class that got to have that,degree so that was kind of neat and from,then i just bounced around a couple of,other papers kind of got lucky right out,of college i got an offer to work for,the chat nougat paper,and got to graduate early so thanks to,journalism school they let me sub a,couple classes and figure some stuff out,i'll always be indebted to them for that,they were fantastic,and uh started going there and from from,there i moved to chattanooga moved back,to knoxville,came onto the tennessee beat again after,taking a couple years off of it doing,some general assignment stuff some,atlanta braves some utc football utc,most basketball and then came back up,here to start covering tennessee for the,saturn paper and now here i am with 24 7,sports in the knoxville newscenter will,cover tennessee football would you say,is your favorite part of your job,i like not having an office to be honest,and that may sound stupid but when,someone asks you legitimately what's,your favorite part of the job it's the,that i don't ever have to sit in the,cubicle from nine to five,there's a lot of things you can do in,this world,and a lot of more money go make doing,something else but,i absolutely positively am not the kind,of person who could ever sit behind a,desk from 9 to 5 40 hours a week work a,lot more than 40 hours a week now,but i'm usually around bald in some way,and get to travel a lot see some neat,things so for all the headaches that,come with it and there are a lot and you,need to know that if you're going to do,this,overall there's nothing else i'd rather,do,do you have any unique stories or,experiences that stick out to you as,your time as a journalist,i i think about the people more than,anything,and i know that there's always that fine,line between these aren't our friends,this is a job we do our job they do,their job anyone who's been around,athletics will tell you that but we're,human beings and there are people that,you like more than other people and i,think about people like wayne chism that,were just a joy to cover,chris lofton actually they're one of the,most most interesting stories and i use,this all the time,as a reminder to people,i've always,always know exactly what you're writing,because most people know that chris,often had cancer what they don't know is,that he failed a drug test and that's,how it started,but basically he felt the drug test,because he had cancer not because he'd,been taking drugs and i knew the first,part of that equation,i knew something could happen i knew he,failed a drug test i didn't know why i,didn't know what was going on with him,so for several months i couldn't get it,confirmed on the record i had that story,ready to go on my laptop and didn't,write it and it turns out i would have,been one of the biggest jerks in the,history of media because i would have,been only had half the story i wouldn't,have been wrong,but,i don't know if i'd ever be able to work,in this town again because,i,you have to be careful you got to know,and that sometimes the best decisions in,this business are the ones you don't,make and that's the lesson that you,learn all the time it's not just always,what you do it's what you don't do,sometimes but i remember the people,you know i enjoy,from people like philip fulmer first,coach i ever covered,you know got to when i covered the,praise a little bit for there for that,summer a lot of good people down there,really enjoyed covering console martin,here with the basketball program they're,just been different people who for,different reasons obviously pat summits,and other people who stand out and,people that beyond what,you do and what they do they're just,good people and i think about the people,like that,what are your plans for the future where,do you see yourself in the next few,years in this

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Wes Rucker on how Tennessee views this upcoming game with Alabama

Wes Rucker on how Tennessee views this upcoming game with Alabama

yes how you know about doing great dude,oh well join this fall weather and you,know getting ready for the third,Saturday in October and you know,covering Alabama we keep up obviously,with Tennessee in sometimes it's it's,almost laughable what what you guys have,had to cover the last five or six years,there's some of the store lines and,things but how are things now what's the,what's the fans mood it looks like it's,a pretty I don't want to say poisonous,but it's a look it looks like it's a,pretty volatile environment right there,and Knoxville right now yeah I think,that's probably a good way to put it you,know I I laugh all the time that I say,this thing has reached peak frustration,only to be convinced otherwise you know,within like a couple of days but you,know it's it's kind of I think this,might be about as frustrated as it's,been because everyone was so convinced,and with good reason that this kind of,nonsense was behind Tennessee you know I,think that that's the frustrating part,is that they went kind of through there,you know Moses wandering in the desert,you know phased as a program for a while,kind of like Bama did you know about 20,15 years ago in Oklahoma before that you,just kind of go through those periods,and I think Tennessee thought that okay,there's different tiers of the SEC,basically everyone's trying to chase,Bama,maybe Georgia's getting closer Auburn's,not bad but beyond that it's just kind,of a bunch of the same teams basically,but Tennessee thought it would be near,the top of that group and right now it's,at the bottom of that group near the,bottom of that group and that's just,completely unacceptable for the way this,program has been recruiting it shouldn't,be happening I know that they've had,injuries they've had other issues but,this team has no business being 3:3,right now yeah you look at the talent,level and they've got some really nice,players and it's hard to to find out put,your finger on what's going wrong I,wonder looking at what Butch just done,and I think to some extent the piss,positive attributes get,because of some of his people he are,nightmares if he had never said some of,this stuff and that an embarrassed the,fan base with some of the more,ridiculous things that he said we would,would there be a different narrative,right now would he have some political,capital that he can cash in or is it,just gotten so bad there with a play on,the field that there's no coming back,oh that's a good question and I've gone,back and forth on that because what I do,know is that it wouldn't be as bad I,know that for sure but in terms of just,how you know would it be okay what do,you have political capital you know,maybe a little bit you know maybe if,they had some bad injuries and some,other things were happening you know,maybe they could you know kind of talk,that one down but but I think the issue,is this and I think this is a very valid,issue the SEC East has never been,simpler than it's been the past couple,of years,Georgia was kind of in the transition,phase Florida was you know sort of,coming out of a transition phase but,still not dominant South Carolina was in,a transition phase there was no reason,for Tennessee to not win the East at,least once if not both of the past two,years and that didn't happen so then you,combine that with this team's card in,season three and three and all of a,sudden you're looking at at least a,second maybe a third consecutive season,where the team is not as good as the sum,of its parts and and when you do that,then it becomes a lot more logical to,step back and say where is this thing,going so I don't know that it would be,talked down I don't think you could talk,people away from the ledge but I do,think you could make it less poisonous,if it hadn't been for the fact that you,know half the time he opens his mouth he,does himself a lot of the service yeah,and in blaming the media listen we're,not easy punching back but that was that,was embarrassing and kind of stupefying,talking to Wes Rucker covers Tennessee,for go Vols two for seven I don't want,to get ahead of ourselves but but what,do we know about John Kerry obviously,this this was not his hire but him as an,athletic directors anything in his past,suggests that these are more lenient,athletic directors as some suggest he,willing to make a bold change I'll put,it this way I know I've known John for,since he was a Tennessee you know,because he was a Tennessee for a decade,as an associate before he went to,Manhattan Kansas State for you know a,decade or so is the main guy there now,he's back he's the main guy so I've,known him he was one of the guys who,helped build the Tennessee basketball,program back with Bruce Pearl and I know,people who like John and I know people,who don't like John I happen to like the,guy I know other people some others,don't but I think the universal sort of,take on him is that he can be sure when,he needs to be I don't think he would,ever hesitate from backing down I mean

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Wes Rucker - Tennessee

Wes Rucker - Tennessee

wes rucker joins us covers tennessee for,the 24 7 sports site kind enough to,finish uh spend a few minutes with us,this afternoon wes you tweeted on monday,i think it was,that the the level of electricity in and,around knoxville really going back to,sunday afternoon after the win against,south carolina was off the charts you've,been around college football for a while,there's nothing quite like that buzz in,a college town,that's the build up for a game,yeah it's fun you know and it's,something that honestly at tennessee,it's been reserved more for some big,basketball games recently if we're being,honest uh it's been a while since since,there's been that much electricity and,yeah i took my wife out for what we call,the fantastic lady day on on sunday,there you don't get a lot of chances to,do that during the season so you know do,the whole go to brunch go see the bond,movie get some ice cream walk around and,and just downtown you know because,tennessee's campus people haven't been,is basically bumped up against you know,downtown knoxville which is metroid over,like a million people so it's pretty big,town um but you could just sense,like people walking around maybe it's,because it's unseasonably warm the balls,are putting up a lot of points on,offense there's just a lot of a lot of,buzz right now in the town and i think,for all that momentum getting there when,lane kiffin you know his homecoming,comes up here this weekend uh yeah it,should be should be should be rocking in,there,what's the the general consensus among,tennessee fans like in the way that they,think about lane kiffin and maybe this,week is a little bit different than a,normal week,sure i think you're probably looking at,some some some maybe depends on the,how old you are you know i think that,that's i think younger people tend to,understand this is the business and,that's the way it goes and you know,tennessee has been struggling for a lot,of their existence as fans people who,are older think about tennessee as the,program that's still i think top ten,nationally all time and wins,it only had two head coaches for for a,30-something year period and then you,had a guy come in from from the west,coast for one year and then he leaves,not gonna be a popular guy you know,people don't think of tennessee as a,place that that you leave because you,want to they think of tennessee football,as a place where you either do your job,or you get fired or you leave in a grave,i mean that's kind of how you know the,older generation sees it so i,i think some time has passed so things,have softened a little bit,but i think for this weekend there's,going to be a lot of vinegar back in,there i think there's going to be,it should be should be rocking it should,be hostile on saturday should be fun,so so ole miss rarely travels to,knoxville 2010 since they've been i,think it's only six or seven games since,1983 and so,and tennessee's won every game that,they've played in knoxville since 1983,so ole miss has not really gotten the,neelan stadium experience and i feel,like not a lot of people have in recent,years because it maybe hasn't there,hasn't been as much to cheer about,sold out a lot of excitement,what is that experience like for a,visiting team does it compare to to,baton rouge or to tuscaloosa or to,florida field when it is completely,packed in and folks are locked in,it absolutely does and i think actually,from a decibel standpoint sometimes it,can get even louder because for people,who haven't been you know most of the,100 thousand c stadiums in in sports and,in college football they kind of fan out,a little bit,neyland goes straight up i mean it's,like castle grayskull i mean it just,kind of looms on the horizon there and,and you kind of get like a coliseum vibe,where you know fans are right on top of,you they're packed in together and,they're it means several stories tall,it's a tall structure and that creates a,bowl effect that has a lot of noise i,mean i remember to this day if you ask,baker mayfield about it he'll tell you,it's the loudest place he's ever played,football um that when oklahoma came he,couldn't hear,the guy next to him the guard couldn't,hear the center tackle couldn't hear the,guard and they had to do hand signals,for everybody else because they just,couldn't hear anything i heard the same,from cal players years ago and they made,their visits to knoxville oregon same,thing,people in the sec kind of get used to it,a little bit because it's not that much,louder you know than the average place,but still on its night especially at,night uh,you know people around here they'll,drink sour mash for breakfast they'll,get ready for a noon game but for a 7 30,game you know eastern time you're,kicking off under the lights i mean it's,it's it's going to be loud now the,challenge for tennessee is carrying that,that momentum in through the course of a,60-minute game but going into it it's,going to be pretty bonkers,talked to bob kessling earlier this week,

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STM Recap: GoVols247's Wes Rucker Previews Tennessee

STM Recap: GoVols247's Wes Rucker Previews Tennessee

has covered the tennessee balls for,quite some time go is where,you can find him part of the 24 7 sports,network how long have you covered,tennessee now,uh let's see this would be my 21st year,i believe more or less so yeah all but a,couple years since uh 2000 i've been,i've been covering this program seen,lots of good things and recently a lot,of not so good things so uh,been around i i'm the oldest 38 year old,you'll probably ever meet i was going to,say you started when you were like 14,then right if i'm if i'm doing the math,right some something yeah 17 close,enough close enough if you want to make,me 35 instead of 38 i will happily take,it and honestly i bet my wife would too,i i can understand that so when you look,at this tennessee team there's so much,that's different lots of new faces on,the coaching staff on this roster,is there a reason for optimism,you know i think that depends on,kind of what you view as success you,know in the short term i think people,need to be realistic about this,tennessee lost a whole lot of players in,the portal tennessee was a three and,seven team last year of course the icc,only schedule yada,but but i think that there are reasons,if you want to feel like things could,get better you know i think the way josh,lipel's teams have always played offense,is pretty pretty exciting you know when,when he got to missouri as offensive,coordinator the year before that they,were 100 something 120th or something in,offense and then they were like 13th the,first year he got there so his teams,usually put points on the board and they,play an exciting brand of football now,will that translate to what tennessee's,current situation is now i don't know,but they have brought in some,interesting players from the portal i,think they could actually be,surprisingly pretty good offensively so,i i think there's reasons that to feel,optimism now does that mean they're,going to be competing with the top teams,in the sec this season i don't buy that,yet not at all but i think that you know,can they get this thing sorted out sure,it's possible,you said surprisingly they might be good,offensively what lead you to believe,that is that personnel based or scheme,based or coaching based or some,combination of the three,it's a little bit of a combination you,know i mean i'll be honest with you i,think if they if they could get good,play or solid play out of the,quarterback spot i think everything else,is okay you know i mean people know they,lost eric gray and ty chandler but i,think they've got three pretty darn good,running backs they brought into juco,tion evans who i think is really good,so i think they're okay there i really,like that wide receiver core i think,they can roll five six seven eight deep,there with some pretty good players a,little thin at tie them but the players,they have were okay,up front offensively other than you know,they lost wanji morris but i mean trey,smith but they still got some players,there i think they're okay to me the,whole thing offensively hinges on can,they get a good play out of the,quarterback spot they got a couple,talented guys but,that hasn't always meant anything you,know jared garanteno was the number one,dual quarterback prospect in the country,when he came out so,that doesn't always translate so i can,tell you all day long that joe milton is,physically a freak because he is i mean,the kids six five 250 could throw the,ball like jamarcus russell could like 70,80 yards can run really well it looks,kind of like a cam newton-sized,quarterback out there he's a looks like,a dm with an arm,but he can move there's a lot to like,about him but it didn't work out for him,in michigan will a different offense,that fits him better be that much better,at tennessee yeah i don't know we'll,have to wait and see hendon hooker was a,starter virginia tech was a pretty good,player but you know he wasn't always,good there so he went for a new place,came to tennessee i think he's been,pretty consistent so far but if he's the,guy you know can he be better than he,was can he be the best version of what,he was at vautec i don't know maybe but,then harrison bailey was a former,five-star quarterback prospect who,is,maybe doesn't have a huge arm not a,great athlete but he's a really smart,kid he has a pretty accurate arm they've,got some ability there but they have to,be good there because the way college,football is played now i mean you got to,put points on the board the the days of,picking a quarterback because he makes,fewer mistakes than the other guy those,are long gone you got to put points on,the board you got to push it so,if they're good at quarterback or okay a,quarterback i think they're pretty good,offensively if not i have no idea,so if i hand you a hundred dollar bill,and said you have to bet on one of these,three guys being the starter on opening,day against bowling green who you,picking,i'd pick joe milton iii honestly i i,would i think that he's,as i just m

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UT students, fans react to TN firing Pruitt

UT students, fans react to TN firing Pruitt

adding to that drama athletics director,phillip fulmer says,he is going to retire coach fulmer says,he thinks it's the job of the next,athletic director to hire,the next head football coach they say,coach fulmer is not involved in this,investigation let's go ahead and bring,in 10 news reporter yvonne thomas,with a little bit more on what has taken,place on social media it has been active,to stay the very,say the very least hasn't it russell,absolutely you know there was a lot to,digest,yesterday and today as the days continue,and many people did go,and take to social media to air whatever,they were feeling,about this entire situation we did ask,fall fans,on twitter how they will remember coach,jeremy pruitt's tenure here at ut on,rocky top,here's what many of you all had to say,now,first the upset wins over auburn and,kentucky in pruitt's first year,the vols took down the 21st ranked,tigers on the road 30-24,less than a month later tennessee took,down an 11th ranked kentucky team in,neeland stadium 24-7,and things seemed to be going in the,right direction despite the vols,finishing 5-7 in 2018,but then we got to week one in 2019 and,some fans say they will never forget the,georgia state game,where the panthers beat tennessee 38 to,30 giving that program its first win,over a power five team,now things did get better that season,tennessee made it to the tax layer gator,bowl,and beat indiana fans say that that win,did give them hope that pruitt had,turned things around however,these violations in the 3-7 record had,left them disappointed,now vfl chris brampler said that his,thoughts on jeremy pruitt's time as head,coach,earlier today he shared them with us,positive that i remember about coach,pruitt is from a,from a former player's standpoint he was,a football coach and is a football coach,nothing's changed,he's leaving university and you really,liked his no-nonsense attitude about,just being,you know a football coach and you felt,like he was there for the players,and uh that that meant a lot um on the,negative side,it just seemed that um coach pruitt had,a hard time adjusting,to being a head coach and but i thought,he was doing better in years two and,three,but evidently somebody thought different,now a couple of things that some fans,have mentioned is that they want to see,the next host,the next head coach be here for a very,long time,and some students agree with the move,but we heard that more,are disappointed in volnation,when we figure out they're doing,something fishy something weird with,recruiting and things like that,we want to get that image out of here as,much as possible move on and become a,great football team like we should here,in the sec i've lived in knoxville my,whole life,i grew up with lane kiffin and butch,jones and derek dooley and,now it's just another cycle and another,coaching search and another,disappointing time to be a ball fan,i'm going to bring back in russell bivin,right now just to talk more about,what a crazy day it was yesterday how,it's going to be different in the weeks,to come,yes certainly was crazy and hopefully,i'm i'm optimistic about how it's going,to be,different in the months to come and the,years to come quite frankly we'll,continue to talk about that

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Kanye West exclusive: Rapper tells Tucker Carlson story behind White Lives Matter shirt

Kanye West exclusive: Rapper tells Tucker Carlson story behind White Lives Matter shirt

good evening and welcome to Tucker,Carlson tonight Kanye West now known as,yay is one of the best-selling musical,artists in the world he's also in recent,years becoming celebrated and very,highly paid fashion designer and of,course for a decade he was well known to,TV audiences as an in-law of the,Kardashian family but it's West's latest,Incarnation is a kind of Christian,evangelist that brought us to his office,in Los Angeles today for the interview,you're about to see,days ago during Fashion Week in Paris,West accompanied by his friend Candace,Owens unveiled a t-shirt that read,simply White lives matter,the response from the fashion industry,and international media was,instantaneous and uniform shock horror,rage there is no excuse for this,thundered the New York Times West is,legitimizing extremism shrieked Rolling,Stone,etc etc,what was strikingly missing from the,coverage whoever was any explanation for,why West did this what was the T-shirt,about,no one seemed to think to ask him much,less to listen to what he had to say,instead the enemies of his ideas,dismissed West as they have for years as,mentally ill too crazy to take seriously,look away ignore him he's a mental,patient there's nothing to see here,but is West crazy,you can judge for yourself as you watch,what we're about to show you he has his,own ideas we can say that creative,people tend to that's why they're,artists not actuaries his free-form,social media posts give the impression,of a man channeling his rawest emotions,right onto Instagram the effect can be,jarring and it's often used as,ammunition against him in the battle for,influence over the minds of America's,young people and that battle is intense,but crazy,that was not our conclusion in fact,we've rarely heard a man speak so,honestly and so movingly about what he,believes but again you can judge for,yourself here it is,so you just came from Paris Fashion Week,you just landed and you're a lanyard's,still on from it and there's a,photograph on it what is that it's a,photograph of a baby's ultrasound,why is that and that you designed that,yes why what does that mean uh it just,represents life and pro-life,boy so you wear it on a badge what kind,of response do you and and good amen I,agree I don't care about people's,responses I care about the fact that,there's more,black babies being aborted and born in,New York City at this point that 50 of,Black Death,in America is abortion so I really don't,care about people's responses I perform,for audience of one and that's God,I'm starting to see why they want to,make you be quiet,um how when did you start to feel this,way when did you start to realize this,I I really felt like I think I started,to really feel this need to express,myself on another level when Trump was,running for office and I liked him and,every single person in Hollywood from my,ex-wife to my,mother-in-law to my manager at that time,to you know my my so-called friends,slash handlers around me told me like if,I said that I like Trump that my career,will be over that my life would be over,uh they said stuff like people get,killed for wearing a hat like that they,threaten my life they put my life they,basically said that I would be killed,uh for uh,wearing the Hat I had uh someone called,me last night and said anybody wearing a,white lives matter shirt is going to be,green lit and that means that they're,going to beat them up if they wear it,and I'm like you know okay green like me,then,you know you know God builds Warriors in,a different way I don't know if it's,because of me being a born in Atlanta,and growing up on the south side of,Chicago that you know,he made me for such a such a time like,this it's like with David,you know he tended to the Sheep but,while he was out there he had to fight,all kinds of animals so when it was time,for Goliath to come he thought because,he was a sheep herder that he didn't,have the skill set to take down Goliath,and the thing that I have is the,position I have my heart but the number,one thing is we have God on our side and,for the people even if you don't believe,in God God believes in you,so you made reference to the White lives,matter t-shirt you brought out at Paris,Fashion Week why did you do that and,what did it mean,you know,I did I do certain things from a feeling,I like I just I just channeled the,energy it just feels right,it's using,a gut instinct a connection with God,and,just Brilliance you know like as if you,ask like Tonya Harding how she did the,the triple flip or the triple spin,she was in so much practice that when it,was time for her to skate in a in a,competitive format it just happened like,it happened outside of practice that,happened in the real format and that's,what hap that's what's happening is God,is like preparing us for the real for,the real battles and we are we are in a,battle with the media like the majority,of the media has a Godless agenda and,their jokes are not working this whole,like oh yeah he's crazy and

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Gym Bag Setup - 100% MADE IN THE USA

Gym Bag Setup - 100% MADE IN THE USA

red wine blue baby there's a lot of,nation pride in the united states,despite what maybe sometimes the media,shows especially here in texas we're,going to take a look at,this 100 made the usa gym bag set up i,have i'm even wearing all made the us,clothing except for underwear and socks,cause i didn't get those let's talk,about a couple things first first of all,why buy in america what the federal,trade commission requires to use the,maiden usa tag and then,we'll get into this bag so let's talk,about that stamp of made in the usa it's,a big pride marketing focus for,companies that do this why well from,what i've realized it can be pretty damn,difficult companies that have achieved,the ability to use the made the usa tag,have had to overcome things like margin,issues from high cost to manufacture,materials here as well as labor tend to,be more expensive than other areas that,we generally see like china there's also,a major lack of resources in skilled,labor depending on what you're doing for,example you can't buy,any cross-training shoes made in america,which is why i've dubbed these goruck,ballistic trainers about as close as you,can get go check out that video if you,haven't seen why any detailed breakdown,of these shoes because,again this is as close you're going to,get these are made in vietnam,so why go through all this trouble well,for reasons that also apply to anyone,outside the us that also may want to buy,domestically in whatever country you,live in investing back into your local,economy which allows job creation and,reduces overall national debt by,limiting trade deficits with other,countries for example the us's trade,deficit with china is largely caused by,the fact that we pay billions in labor,to manufacture in china and in turn we'd,expect the chinese economy to purchase,back from those american companies money,goes out and then money comes back in,rather as someone who used to work in,patent law you see china simply,counterfeiting the products and are out,of the reach of the us government's,enforcement or they just slap high,import fees and have it better to buy,domestically in china therefore we get,into a trade war manufacturing,domestically we also have better,oversight manufacturing processes for,both labor and environmental regulations,labor-wise we're more secure in knowing,that everything is made ethically you,can see my video on the xinjiang issues,regarding that and then environmentally,there's a couple reasons we have a lot,of regulations regarding pollutants and,shorter transportation of goods,domestically rather than globally cuts,down on emissions then lastly sometimes,the us just makes superior products like,u.s steel is notable to be one of the,world's best but on the converse side,because of the lack of ability to,manufacture if you're looking for a,product made in the u.s you're just,going to be stuck with what you can get,it's not always the best and i'll tell,you that if you look in my gym bag setup,which i've compiled what i consider the,best out there 90 of it is imported so,what does it mean to use made in the usa,well the federal trade commission or ftc,governs the use it requires that all or,virtually all of the product is made in,the u.s meaning that nothing negligible,within the product can be imported and,it's on a reasonable basis to support,your claim there's a lot of legalese in,there so let's quickly give an example,so the core of the product must really,be made in the us it must be a high,percentage and the exact isn't given but,a great example is used for a barbecue,gas grill using made the usa everything,but the knobs and hoses are manufactured,in the us with those imported 95 or so,of the product is in the us and a very,minor minor portion is imported i think,a reasonable person would understand,that that counts those that don't,qualify you can use things like designed,or assembled in the u.s companies know,that it's important and it's a reason,people will buy things so that's why we,see it so let's finally get into the bag,and some of the new products that are,going to replace some of the products in,my bag setup and i'll be sure to point,those out all right let's start with the,fit,origin usa out of farmington maine if,you're a jocko willing fan i'm sure,you've probably heard about him he was,recently on joe rogan talking about the,importance to manufacturing the united,states even saying that companies should,perhaps have a higher cost product made,in the united states if it truly is the,fact that margins are very slim here,origin started out with jiu jitsu so if,you're in the mma world or do jiu jitsu,then i'm sure you've probably heard of,them i'm going to be getting back in,jujitsu and i'm going to be wearing,origin geez for sure they also got rash,guards and then they do have clothing,jaco also sells his line of supplements,in the united states there and they make,jeans and boots all around fantastic,products and he pretty much revived a,desolate manuf

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