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Free Warframe Slot This Week! Twitch Drops Are Back! Youtube Is Broken!hey everyone pupsker here twi


Updated on Jan 28,2023

Free Warframe Slot This Week! Twitch Drops Are Back! Youtube Is Broken!

hey everyone pupsker here twitch drops,are in fact being re-enabled for,Warframe on this week's prime time which,is coming Thursday with that we have a,chance to get up to two drops and those,drops are up to two Warframe slots as,the highest tier drop reward we can also,get Relic packs a five-time universal,Medallion drops I think idle on shards,Riven Cipher Requiem ultimatum this,items you saw in the thumbnail are the,available drops so all in all not too,bad as always if this video does end up,helping you like sub check out my,YouTube twitch or any other social media,all of it is in the description below,and if you do join the Discord just,remember to choose a platform role such,as like PC Xbox and the self-roll,section or else you can't get in so,thank you thank you I thinking today is,a good time to talk about prime time,which is happening Thursday as they've,you know returned back to work in the,world of war frame it digital X streams,it's been about a week after the New,Year's and I think most people at De,probably returned to work a couple days,after New Year's because uh you know we,live in Canada most places usually give,you vacation day it's not like a needed,business like a retail place or Food,Service they usually give you a day or,two off so they are probably mostly back,in other than regular vacations and by,like uh this week or last week so that's,all well and good and that means we get,more twitch drop stream information so,we have a prime time as well as the,community stream schedule which is like,the same thing it's just that the,community stream schedule there goes,over prime time and we'll talk about,some other YouTube Warframe Shenanigans,afterwards as YouTube right now is on,fire but we'll get to that after don't,worry just look at my sweet sweet,looking wisp or something as we wait for,whis Prime in 2023 so as we can see here,de Taylor are posted on Monday about a,day ago right Community stream schedule,from January 9th to 13th uh the tldr is,there's nothing until Friday and,Thursday so me posting this on Tuesday,gives you a couple of days to get ready,we have tenno kickoff 2023 by tuning in,to Warframe on Thursday,January 12th for Prime Time 332 almost,at 365 Prime times a year and a week,crazy anyways with more hijinks,Community highlights and showcases that,we know what to do with you do not want,to miss this the action begins 6 PM ET,and you can earn this week's drop by,watching for 45 minutes so pretty,regular stuff watch 45 minutes get a,drop out of this we are offering a lunar,resolutions grab a bag okay not too bad,chalk full of items to help you achieve,all of your Warframe New Year's,resolutions this year note our Warframe,International streams will be resuming,in February okay okay so the drops in,total not that bad right you have a,three Relic you know normal Relic pack a,5x Universal Medallion Requiem ultimatum,the ribbon Cipher Warframe slot the,thing that everyone actually wants and,then The eidolon Shard like the high,tier one of brilliant let's see iridium,it is a brilliant Idol on Shard so those,are all of the drops there as I just,said pretty normal stuff now this twitch,drop does have a claim limit of two by,watching their prime time so you watch,for 45 minutes claim your glab grab bag,watch for another 45 minutes and then,crane claim sorry the second grab bag,okay you need to remember to claim the,items that's what people for some reason,always forget to do and if you have,claimed the items and they don't show up,in your inventory in your mail remember,to unlink both your St or sorry remember,to unlink both your Warframe from twitch,and your Twitch from Warframe and then,relink it fun fact you need to re-link,or unlink and relink both of them so,yeah after prime time will be rating,Kodama Kodama to continue fun,and share with their community so,hopefully I said their name right but uh,we always know it's a gamble Friday,Community drops every Friday we run a,short twitch drop campaign on two,Creator channels to offer a fun way to,cap off the weak and shiny Spotlight on,the Creator themselves the drops will,run for one hour on each Channel with a,30 minute claim time for an Orbiter,decoration that the creator has picked,themselves so Friday January 13th go to,Meow Mix YouTube that's his twitch,Spanish uh from 2 30 PM ET to 3 30 PM ET,there's the twitch Meow Mix,games,and you can get the steadfast dinar bust,you can watch raging Terror in English,from 4 pm ET to 5 PM ET to get a Lua,planter the Raging Terror so,each Friday schedule will be posted in,the weekly uh drops threads campaign,here all of that jazz so I don't know if,you know this but I don't make a video,every week for the twitch drops only,when they're things that are a little,better this week's are pretty decent but,really the only amazing thing is the,Warframe slot so hopefully if you win,and you get both of the drops you get,the Warframe slot if you don't uh that'

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everybody,this is the future,before we begin this video I would like,to kick off the New Year by giving away,Platinum to you guys to enter simply,click the link with the pinned comment,below this Platinum giveaway is open to,all platforms and I will announce the,winner in one of my videos after three,days good luck and now let's get into,the video digital extremes announced,earlier ago that they'll be doing their,first ever Prime Time stream this year,on January 12th at 6 PM eastern time,this will feature more hijinks Community,highlights and showcases the action,begins at 6 p.m eastern time and you can,earn this week's drop by watching for 45,minutes they will be offering a lunar,resolutions grab bag chock full of items,to help you achieve all of your Warframe,New Year's resolutions this year the,items included in the twitch drop are,Riven Cipher Requiem ultimatum five,times Universal Syndicate medallion a,Warframe slot a brilliant Hitler and,Shard and a relic pack for 45 minutes of,watch time you can get all of these for,free however I'm not a big fan of,Primetime stuff but it's kind of,interesting since I think we now know,what will be the first update in,Warframe well it's pretty obvious though,and they are doing this every year since,2014 and I think we will have new loot,coming soon I think the first update,this year will be all about the Lunar,New Year event in the days around the,Lunar New Year Warframe offers,decorations and limited time,customizations that can be purchased,through the market or earned through,alerts last year update,31.1.3 added year of the tiger-themed,cosmetics and customizations for,Warframe items added to Baroque tears,inventory included the lunar renewal,tiger emblem and sigil the market would,offer four separate bundles featuring,The Lunar renewal celebration pack,shining lunar renewal collection,luminous lunar renewal collection and,radiant lunar renewal collection the,Grendel neon skin was also permanently,added to the market this year it will be,the year of the rabbit and we can expect,a new lunar Warframe skin just like what,we have with Grendel now I don't know,who will be the next lunar Warframe this,year and I would love to know your,opinion about this let's discuss in the,comments section below who will be the,lunar Warframe this year along with the,lunar Warframe skin we can expect Lunar,New Year weapon skins Lunar New Year,floofs which will eventually be a lunar,Abbott floof a Lunar New Year remote,plus emblems and more bundles which will,include rivens and other resources or,even boosters that will help us progress,in the game easier there's no official,word of when will the lunar event comes,this year but expect it to be soon thank,you so much for watching squad leader,signing off,thank you

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Everything Coming Warframe 2023! Best Year For Warframe Yet?

Everything Coming Warframe 2023! Best Year For Warframe Yet?

hey everyone pupsker here Warframe 2023,if you didn't know in theory it'll be a,great year with the DU very Paradox,footage in the background is hopefully,the next big Warframe update it's,supposedly an open world,roguelike evolving systems type new area,a lot of people expect hey another,content type uh Poe Fortuna right,another open world with like maybe some,sticks and gimmicks to it but we don't,know too much what to expect other than,what we've seen a little bit in the,trailer so yeah what do you guys think,so far about the general trailer it,looks cool right there's a full 20,minute gameplay we've looked over but,hey I don't know what the roguelike,aspects in the game will fully be so far,they've shown off a small little daily,Choice type thing I don't know we'll,have to see if it's actually gonna live,up to the hype or not as usual but it's,going to be a pretty interesting update,that should hopefully keep us playing,for a good chunk of time so this is,gonna be like the first big major,Warframe Update hopefully this year,along with cross play cross save maybe,Shenanigans but do vary it's what we're,looking for it's what we're waiting for,that's Numero Uno it's roguelike systems,I'm looking forward to seeing how they,actually evolve in advance and if it is,just like another open world uh Poe,Fortuna demos type situation I won't be,too surprised but we'll have to see look,at that look at that Dominus thracks I,think they have weird names but that's,like the first thing we're getting into,this year there are also a ton of,different warframes that will be coming,out this year as you all may know,oh no look at this before I before that,happens coming winter 2022,missed the mark on that one yeah before,duvery will come out eventually there's,also cross-platform and cross save right,we have cross platform is actually,currently out but it's not like full,cross-platform right right now we can,play together across every uh platform,but we can't join clans or friend,requests or like cross trade so,cross-platform play is out but,cross-platform everything else isn't,quite there you can message and chat and,play games but you can't do a lot of,side features so partial cross play,phase one is here hey sweet so hopefully,continuing on they will expand on,cross-platform play we can have full,cross-platform friend lists eventually I,hope right that's the goal full,cross-platform Clans everyone can join,the Corgi cult it'll be a busy time when,that happens and hopefully cross,platform trade right like that's the,idea if we don't get full cross platform,like that people are just gonna be,pissed people are gonna be sad we're all,gonna cry,it is what it is but cross platform save,this is highlighted because oh dear lord,is this important cross-platform saves,or turn refers to people being able to,go across platforms with their account,me being on my pupskirt account maybe I,can go on my PS5 upstairs play some,casual Warframe on my PS5 that's,currently not possible but with cross,save it should be cross-platform save,not currently available but we will keep,the community updated so everyone's,thinking the general idea is we need to,get full cross platform play to get full,cross-platform save so hopefully we get,all of this this year and if we do in,theory it'll be one of the biggest years,for Warframe because it's a,nine-year-old game in nine years a lot,of people grow up change consoles swap,out like throw old things away right,move over migrate and cross-platform,save would just be so big for that along,with cross platform play because like,it's 2023 come on it's the CR it's the,current year we need updated gaming,systems okay but that's like the big,stuff here you can enable cross-platform,play right so that's great once,cross-platform play cross-platform save,is actually out there's a good chance we,can jump on the steam charts and see a,nice increase oh wait I did have steam,charts right here we can see the steam,charts and hopefully see like a nice,little boost in players because people,will be coming back and trying out their,other accounts Warframe has luckily yeah,kept a pretty solid player base over the,years peaking over in 2017 18 era and,then pretty solidly staying around for,the last four years five years with you,know there being a current decline in,gaming in general and online media,because pandemic stuff is over but hey,warframe's done pretty good and with all,of the cross-platform Cross save all,that out when that happened happens,should be another big boost so maybe,some more Warframe numbers but then oh,my God we're gonna continue on there is,Warframe mobile currently in beta can,you believe it this was such a treat for,them to release in December a Warframe,mobile beta uh didn't know this at first,but you have to be logged in in order to,actually look at the Forum posts from,the Warframe uh mobile beta if you're,not logged in it's just gonna show as if,nothing's here uh that trolled the,out of me I th

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foreign,before we begin this video I would like,to remind you that I am giving away a,free 300 Platinum to unlucky winner this,is open to all platforms and to enter,just simply check out the link at the,video description below after watching,this guide now when we talk about Mesa,we often talk about this Warframe being,an absolute Aimbot with her Peacemaker,ability the build we always use involves,her regulator pistols and honestly it's,kind of boring using the same meta build,over and over again but what if I tell,you there's another build that you can,use and have some dumb fun with Mesa,right now not just in normal levels or,not just a meme build but an actual,reliable build for steel path to end,game levels I give you the ballistic,Mesa last September 2022 Pablo announced,changes on mesa's ballistic battery,skill honestly I am one of those players,who ignore these changes as I am a,Peacemaker metaphan and most of my,builds involve using her pistols I even,decided to pursue Retreat Mesa with the,help of the red arch and shards that,grants critical chance on secondary and,this even made her Peacemaker busted,this gave more Gap to other Mesa builds,and I was so focused on just one meta,build alone however it proved to be a,bad decision in just ignoring the new,and improved ballistic battery since it,actually does make Mesa completely,broken right now with a specific build,setup to be brief the summary of the,changes for the ballistic battery skill,are as follows first activating,ballistic battery is now a one-handed,action so it can be performed while,moving and shooting then the damage cap,increased from 1600 to 5000 which is,affected by ability strength and lastly,the ballistic balls I augment changed,from status chance to final crit damage,explained as crit that applies after,months it doesn't apply to just the base,it applies to the final amount and its,50 extra damage which is kind of insane,with the build I'm using with my Mesa I,can gain about 309 damage buff on my,weapons and then 154 critical chance,Buff when I have the ballistic balls I,augment equipped this makes almost all,hybrid weapons in the game Super deadly,with a ballistic Mesa build and here's,the most overpowered part it works,pretty well with AOE Nuka weapons just,like the kuva Brahma as you can see in,your screen the Brahma gets red crit,when I have the buff from the ballistic,ability and it doesn't send damage to,targets the key to doing this is to,activate first your ballistic battery,and every hit you made will then charged,up the ability after getting 100 charge,press the ability again to get the buff,rinse and repeat the process the good,thing about this is not only does it,makes Mesa super busted in terms of,damage but the setup I have for her,makes her extra tanky that you can even,use this in end game or level cap levels,so the build I have for my Mesa Prime is,as follows Arcane avengi completes the,red crit for my couver brahmo but most,of the time it's not activated by simply,letting the enemies hit my Mesa as I am,also using the shield gating exploit for,this build on top of the damage,reduction from shatter shield and,adaptation not to mention that I also,got Gloom in this for more survivability,the idea is to use a secondary weapon as,stat stick to put two organ mods and,then abuse The Shield gating mechanic,when you cast meso abilities every time,you cast an ability you can shield and,with blind rage you can hover Shield,most of the time with this as a result,Shield getting will be available most of,the time if you also equip the decaying,Dragon key of course to lower your,Shield values remember the lower the,shield value the more you can get Max or,even over Shield which gives you that,one second invulnerability every time,those Shield values drop to zero since,Shield gating is present I added combat,discipline to constantly proc Arcane of,endurance to maintain my health values I,decided to put Gloom to replace The,Peacemaker ability with this build you,will have the full 95 damage reduction,from shatter Shield plus the adaption,buff and the Gloom Health Steel on top,of that you have Shield getting to,further boost your survivability and,lastly you will have tons of damage buff,not only coming from ballistic battery,and its augment but as well as some,decent damage bonus from your Shooting,Gallery this build will help you step,away from The Peacemaker meta and it,gives a new meaning to playing Mesa the,best part is the couver brahmo is just,one of many weapons you can use for this,combo hell you can even use melee,weapons like gun blades or even the,glaive Prime with this combo this,totally is a new way to play Mesa and I,highly recommend that you try it for,yourself thank you so much for watching,squad leader signing off,foreign

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everybody,this is the future,do you still remember this melee weapon,well most of you won't recognize that,this was meta in the past and it's,considered to be the god of status,weapons which is why I call it a,legendary melee there was a time where,in combo counter could not go up to 12,times if you would not spend 24 hours in,an endurance runs and there was also a,time where an enemies are super bullet,sponge that the health armor shield and,even damage values scale into Insanity,during those times only a few weapon can,deal massive to the enemies and those,are also the times wherein we can say,pure status builds are God builds in,those times one melee simply outshine,the other and it is called Legion the,legion is an infested polar based on the,typo upon inflicting a status effect on,its Target the legion gains bonuses to,its attack speed and bonus stocks in,damage which coupled with its primary,focus on slash damage makes it a danger,weapon against lightly armored Targets,this weapon deals primarily slash damage,and its passive allows the wielder to,gain 15 attack speed 100 toxin damage,bonuses for six seconds upon Landing a,successful attack with a status proc,additional toxin damage added will,combine with any primary elements or,secondary elements with toxin on the,weapon in the past Legion is recognized,as the top tier status God weapon in,Warframe most of the time players go,with a condition overload setup paired,with weeping wounds and two or more dual,status chance mods that form either,corrosive and blast or viral and,radiation during those times weeping,wounds can't go 100 or more status,chance as we only can get four times,combo count at Max it is possible to do,12 times but it would take forever to,get these amount of combo count but,today the lesion is unrecognizable in a,good way that is this melee weapon just,evolved from a pure status God to a,hybrid melee Beast you can even build a,red crit lesion right now with the help,of a few setup and if you want to give,it a try then I got one combo that I,will share to you this is a complete,combo between in arrows Legion and the,mecca mod set for the Narrows build we,would need the usual adaptation plus a,lot of Health setup it's pure,survivability for our in arrows and you,can add the blood all to subsumability,for more healing but squad leader he got,his fourth ability for healing well,blood alter is way reliable in my,opinion but it's only optional however I,don't advise going for Pure Health,Builders we need some Gladiator mods on,our in arrows to complete the red crit,lesion build in addition to that it is,wise to add Arcane Avenger as this is,also part of the red crit lesion build,and lastly the mecca mods Mecca,empowered on the aura slot and Mecca,pulse for the armor bonus of course,don't forget to add the other Mecca mods,in your dog and for this I recommend the,Sunica Cube brow as it's more of an,offensive companion that will targets,constantly the good thing about this is,that Legion has two damage over time,damage types both slash and toxin which,will be very reliable for procking the,Mecha pulse and nuke of the mecca mod,now here's the lesion build It's a,combination of weeping wounds condition,overload and a whole lot of critical,stats I just hope that the lesion gets,more Riven disposition so I can increase,the critical chance of my ribbon if that,happens then my build will give 100 red,crit per hit at Max combo count and when,Arcane Avenger is active I could have,completed the red crit with one more,Gladiator mod but it would be a terrible,Choice since you will only add attack,speed with gladiator Vice I have tons of,attack speed already from the passive of,lesion plus the Arcane strike on mine,arrows not to mention that the,shimmering blight stance has one of the,fastest attack combos of all melee in,the game so that's all about it now go,try this combo for yourself and relive,the Glorious Days of the Legion thank,you so much for watching squad leader,signing off,this is the future evolution,this is the future

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Orb Mother Profit-Taker - Fast Solo Guide

Orb Mother Profit-Taker - Fast Solo Guide

all right hello and welcome everyone so,today we're going to be talking about,soloing the profit taker which is the,first orb mother added to warframe this,fight is fairly easy to solo if you can,meet the gear requirement which I know,many many people are not going to be,able to do and I would encourage you to,instead to do this in a group of 4,chroma instead of just one for that,let's go over all the insane equipment,I'm using to solo this fight so first,and foremost chroma Prime chroma Prime,you're gonna want this for the fight no,matter what group you do it in and this,is a 5 forma chroma build it is worth,noting that you could invest 6 forma for,the purposes of soloing and you could,change growing power to corrosive,projection gross projection does still,work just so everyone is aware as I have,tested it so you could use that for,soloing but it is by no means required,and this is you know it's this is a,pretty heavy amount of investment even,still mods in here that are replaceable,prime sure-footed could be handspring I,know prime sure-footed is very hard to,acquire as it's based on logins so yeah,if you don't have this mod handsprings,gonna do just fine you basically just,want a way to mitigate the intense,amount of knock downs that hurt couldn't,be present in this fight besides that,the most important mod in this entire,build is hunter adrenaline because you,need to be able to cast your 3 in your -,all the time there are a light amount of,magnetic procs in this fight and hunter,adrenaline will help you mitigate those,greatly and also these generators gonna,provide you with all of your energy as,there are very few energy orb drops in,this fight as well besides that these,are Kane's are actually important this,time arcane guardian makes you even,tougher arcane grace gives you a norm of,healing which you're gonna want as many,as you can get your hands on because,chroma doesn't have any built-in healing,so our King grace will be very helpful,here in addition to some other things,we're gonna talk about with that,weaponry for this fight so weaponry for,this fight you want a lot of different,damage types so I'm gonna go over what,damage types each of these weapons are,covering this Tigers prime is kind,/ heat and viral it does have impact and,puncture but not enough to matter for,the fight so it's only covering slash,heat and viral essentially and this is,the build I'm running I was running a,rubric co-prime which is definitely very,good but I think the rubric coprime is,going to be better in groups recovering,damage types because then you can do so,at larger ranges but in the solo fight,you're gonna be up close and personal,with the orbit mother anyway and this,can cover three damage types for you and,that's really good another thing that,can cover three damage types for you a,kind and even kind of four is the tomb,finger so the tomb finger is obviously a,kick gun I've put together if you want,to see more info on that I have a why,would you use of it up on the channel,this is gonna be covering cold radiation,and corrosive for us mainly and this,weapon can also cover an impact if you,don't want to swap the elemental that he,is currently weak to you can you can use,the impact on this it is passable to,lower his shields so this is pretty good,but the arcane makes it even better so,packs charge turns this into a battery,weapon which means I don't have to,reload it it reloads itself this is very,very useful for saving you time during,the fight and is honestly a minor,optimization on my part and it's not,necessary but will make your life a hell,of a lot easier so that's covering,another 3-4 ish elementals and then we,have the Redeemer Prime of course very,new and this is gonna be covering gas so,this covers gas well enough this,probably isn't the build I would run,just for general use on the Redeemer,Prime all over but for this fight in,particular it has worked quite well at,covering gas so that gives me a good,spread of elementals to take down the,shields of the Prophet taker during its,shield phase which will of course go,over when we're actually doing it in,addition to these weapons you need an,arc wing weapon for the fight so I have,chosen the velocities there are many,weapons that I've seen work quite well,in this fight I've seen people say the,imperative vandal is incredible I have,not tested it yet I've seen a couple of,people say the Corvis is really good and,many people have said the growler is,fine for the fight if you don't mind,sometimes,killing yourself which of course I'm not,a huge fan of and then the fluke dis,I've heard is also quite good,the Singha I've tested it's pretty solid,for this fight but the velocity is,currently my favorite pick so yeah the,velocities this is the build for it this,is a heavy radiation build and the,reason for that is because the orb,mother is alloy armored so you're going,to want to get as much radiation damage,as you possibly can to ignore as much of,that armor as you

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Warframe: Secret Umbra Reveal Confirmed on Twitter? [robrants]

Warframe: Secret Umbra Reveal Confirmed on Twitter? [robrants]

have you guys this is Rob from a gay guy,plays and today on Rob Brandt's D is,trying us D is trying us ever since the,chains of hero you know you know if you,saw the ending you know what I'm talking,about they've been with us and,they're with us again because,with this trailer right here we're gonna,expose the fact that they're gonna be,showing us numbers soon I can feel it,feel it imma bottling soon enough for,those of you guys who don't know what,Rob Brant is it's a series that's not,necessarily meant to be taken seriously,there's like good series and there's,weird going on so you know don't,take any of this to heart this is just,something that I noticed and I was like,are you trying me are you trying to do,are you playing with us cuz I see what,you're doing I see it I see it I see it,I don't like it I'm judging you um so I,wanted to kind of give you guys the,story of everything that went down with,this um so as you know they tweeted uh,this you know ten okon little trailer,that they've they've done and whatever,pennies are watching all the way through,and they use a very very strange clip of,me and I was like that's really strange,so you can actually see really that's,the clip you decided to use and that's,that's how greats felt to you is like oh,these are really weird clips and you,have to understand that these clips that,they pulled from are from like a bunch,of different from our YouTube channels,from our streams so they have a lot of,things to go from it's not like you know,we just started streaming yesterday or,something they have a library and they,decided to use these clips now the next,thing that I want to kind of bring up to,you guys and remind you they have not,talked about number for a long time they,have dodged Umbra they have dodged the,whole umber thing but what I want you to,do is I want you to specifically listen,to Moga mousse part because I was like,alright so why didn't why did they why,did they pick that of all things right,so let's jump to that real quick where,is um boy where the heck is hungry so,where is Umbra where the heck is Umbra,why would number one they already don't,want to talk about it,why did they put Mogambo in the trailer,saying where is Umbra where the heck is,Umbra alright so I'd kind of like gone,through all of the,comments on this on this tweet and I,messaged welcome Rose like that's really, weird I was like that is a,really odd clip that they decided to use,I was like there's a conspiracy in the,thing that they're gonna show us Umbra,and I was like he was like yeah I don't,understand why they decided to use that,clip and that like rang a bell in my,head so the clip they decided to use for,me sorry is he no but we'll get to you,in a moment now if you guys don't know,that song is called the rhythm of the,night and I was like you know it's the,rhythm of the night whoa right,so that a part of me is like that's,really weird they decided to choose me,singing rhythm of the night they could,have chose me laughing my butt off about,something stupid that I did you know,some I did there's there's so many,different clips but why a short clip of,me singing rhythm of the night right,what why so as soon as Mel Congress said,they had all of these different things,choose from I was like Umbra rhythm of,the night so me Mogami went back and I'm,gonna I'm gonna put these pieces for you,together because II know fits these,pieces I was like why oh my god so,listen close some of the greatest tools,we have Poisson metaphors are the,greatest tools that we have for,explaining things metaphors are the,greatest tools that we have for,explaining things Umbra where is Umbra,metaphors are the greatest tools that we,have for explaining things than me,singing it's the rhythm of the night,what I'm telling you I am telling you,right now that got me shook because it,was like a message embedded in,this trailer they are telling us they,are telling us via this trailer from all,of the clips of they decided to put one,kick okay I get it I get it I know some,of you guys are skeptical I know you can,feel it in your bones but I am letting,you know right now right so we have,Mogami talking about Umbra then,something specifically a specific clip,that says metaphors are great ways to,explain things then me singing does that,just all happen does that just all,happen by accident I do not think so I,do not think so,now the rest of the pieces of the the,witty Collis the rest of the pieces of,you know the trailer are pretty you know,they're pretty benign there's nothing,all too crazy about it however I did,want to like add a little something and,go put this out into the universe so,we've got greats singing never gonna,give you up I'm never gonna let you down,never gonna give you up never gonna let,you down,right never gonna give you up never,gonna let you down,and then bruising goes which way do you,go which way would he have run off with,you which way did he go which way would,he have run off to we're looking for,

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Announcement (2013.07.16): 5000 Sub Q&A, Twitter and Warframe

Announcement (2013.07.16): 5000 Sub Q&A, Twitter and Warframe

greetings it is cross nates and it is,that time again the time again where I,reach a milestone and will thus do a,completely unoriginal question and,answer video this will be my third one,and it happened a little bit faster than,I thought but I've been gaining a lot of,subscribers recently just uh I think the,average is like 17 per day or something,crazy like that which is amazing so here,it's going to act the same way as the,other ones if you don't know i'll post a,link to the other question answer videos,if you wish to watch them if you have,anything you want to ask me personal,questions you know anything feel free to,ask me note i do reserve the right to,not answer the question if I'm really,uncomfortable with it but I don't in the,past I don't think there's ever been a,question that I've been so uncomfortable,with that I at least couldn't give some,kind of answer I'm a little bit skittish,about answering direct political and,religious questions but that's just,because like people take that stuff so,seriously you can just say that you're,part of a group and suddenly people hate,you which is just a knee-jerk reaction,but that's it's just human nature we all,pick sides when you see someone from the,other clan it's really if you're really,into it it's hard to disassociate,yourself and I'm just here to entertain,people I don't want people to like you,know I don't want them to have to think,about that crab you know just like the,the worldly divide that keeps us apart,which is really just why I don't talk,about it but and if you ask like,questions that were already asked in the,other question answered videos I really,don't care that's totally fine so don't,worry about like watching the other ones,because that would take like three hours,but here are the rules rule number one,only one question per person please it,could gut like it would just be too long,if I didn't do that and rule number two,please no game requests not last time,people like worded game requests in,another way that it didn't seem like a,request but basically don't ask if I,will if I will be willing to play x game,whatever because again I could see like,so many questions being like can you,play minecraft or arm craft mines or,square mine minecraft mind mines roll up,to three please post the questions on,this vid,do not send me a personal message or,anything like that it needs to be on,this video it's just it's a lot easier,to keep track if you send me a personal,message I unfortunately will not be able,to answer your question and that's,pretty much that it will come out around,the time that I get 5000 subs it might,be a little bit later than that who,knows I don't know cuz it's just go it's,going so fast okay point number two,thank you very much for your help on my,trailer I got a larger response than I,thought people reminded me of things,that I had forgotten about people,mentioned things that I didn't even,realize happened because they were just,like one of the many hours of LPS and I,went to back look back and is like oh,pretty damn sweet i'm so and even,realize that happen I don't know when,the trailer is going to be out I keep on,procrastinating on it because it's just,some of the clips i have to like some of,the videos i have stored in a way where,it can take like an hour to just to get,like a five-second clip from a video so,that's just holding things up i won't be,able to use all of the clips that people,suggested simply because i don't want,the trailer to be like three to four,minutes long even I want it to be around,two minutes long I think any more than,that is going to weigh out as welcome,and people aren't gonna watch all the,way through I don't think I could really,do this the way I wanted to without all,the help so every one that gave a,suggestion thank you very much alright,point number three I now have a Twitter,because I'm crazy I don't know what I'm,going to use the Twitter for I don't,really like Twitter but maybe I'll learn,to like it feel free to follow me there,is a link on my channel in the banner,and there's also a link in this video if,you want to follow me and maybe,eventually i'll end up posting things,right now I'm thinking is just going to,be my ridiculous rantings but it's,probably not going to be frequently,updated I usually post on Facebook like,my personal facebook an amusing post,like once every month and a half or so,so maybe I'll try to make it a little,bit more frequent now and I might also,do the thing that I'm doing on youtube,if i have a new series I might just post,a link on twitter also i don't know if,that's something you're interested in,feel free again that's another resource,that if my channel of her explodes you,can go there it's easier to remember,than my facebook page because it is just,cross nights at alright and,point number four I've,playing a lot of warframe it's actually,almost seems like I should be doing more,videos on it but it's just extremely uh,I don't I don't know I shoul

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