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The Hazbin Hotel Lucifer Controversy is Patheticso a bunch of drama happens surrounding,has been Hot

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Updated on Jan 18,2023

The Hazbin Hotel Lucifer Controversy is Pathetic

so a bunch of drama happens surrounding,has been Hotel on vivzipop and this time,it involves the new design of Lucifer I,was originally going to ignore this,situation but it quickly spiraled out of,control there's been a lot of,misinformation on a lead divsy pop,getting harassed and making public,tweets about it like always I'm gonna go,through a timeline of events and then,after I'll give my thoughts on it so on,November 30th Lucifer's new design was,revealed this was met with a pretty,positive reception from the husband,Community I personally like his new,design and I did a video about it which,I'll have linked below a bunch of people,who weren't fans of the show came across,the tweet and started quote retweeting,it and making fun of the design these,were mainly just criticisms that are,quickly devolved into a circle jerk,where everyone parted the same opinion,and people started to get toxic some of,these people brought up vivzipop and,this led to vivsy getting harassed vivsy,herself did a tweet saying I'd say I'm,sorry for existing but I'm sure there's,some people who think it's still a, apology LOL but I am though,after she made her tweet even more,people started dogpiling her a day,leader vivzi did two more tweets the,first says I'm not deleting this because,it was a small part of a real breakdown,I had last night I want to thank,everyone who offered kind words I am,doing much better the fact that so many,people seem to think this is about,character designs is shocking you really,can't comprehend the second one says I,don't owe bad faith idiots online,justification for a breakdown but the,idea anyone can think it's due to a lack,of ability to take criticism and isn't,constant scrutiny since I was 17 abuse,rumors work stress pressure personal,life on mental health is what's pathetic,so this situation is awful if you've,watched any of my other videos about any,of the Fizzy Pop dramas you can see her,in each case things spiraled out of,control and misinformation started to,get spread this situation is no,different and for the rest of the video,I'm gonna systematically go through some,of the criticisms and debunk them one by,one so the first commonly said thing I,see is that Satan is Lucifer this is,completely untrue on the quick,two-second Google search would disprove,this a lot of the Twitter threads, on vivzipop the show or Lucifer,say that Lucifer is a bad certain design,which makes no sense Lucifer and Satan,are two different characters in the show,these people either didn't take the time,to research it or are just parting what,other people have said Lucifer is a,fallen angel and Charlie morning star's,father that's why he is a thin design,pale skin and a large grin up next is,people saying Lucifer is a Tumblr sexy,man and that he's bit if you don't know,what a Tumblr sexy man is it's basically,the term describe a type of character,the definition varies from person to,person but the mean traits of a Tumblr,sexy man are a top hat suit and tie a,can of some sort and an evil backstory,Alistar also fits the bill for this type,of character and vipsipop herself,addressed this the other day in a tweet,on November 12 2022 vivzi said how she,made the design for Alistar when she was,15. she says he isn't sexy man being and,just happened to like all of the traits,that Alistair has this one again is just,weird people are judging the show and,acting like Lucifer's design is,maliciously made to form fan art and,it's just not true by this logic you,can't have a character in any piece of,media with an evil backstory or a suit,and tie even if Alistair and Lucifer are,Tumblr sexy men that shouldn't take away,from their characters just let people,enjoy things so the next criticism is to,do a fizzy pops character design,philosophy basically people are saying,vevzipop only draws characters built,like Twix this again is just entree if,you've watched either Houseman hotel or,have a boss you'll know there's a,discernment of characters from an array,of body types this tweet from,scholarship demon perfectly redirects,this these people are either being,disingenuous or have never watched,either of the shows what I think,happened is that these people saw has,been hit on their timeline salt was,trendy to bash the show and then join,the crowd I saw a Twitter gimmick,account quote retweet someone who is,defending husband and the person got,harassed the gimmicker can't apologized,after but this basically highlights how,important it is not to get involved in,drama for no reason the gimmick account,shouldn't have even been breaking,character in the first place lastly we,have the here that was said the vipsy,did a follow-up reply where she,explained that she had a breakdown last,night this is horrible and I feel so,about for her like she said she's been,under the scrutiny lands and she was 17,and these people will stop at nothing to,spread misinformation about her I've,seen people bring up some of her old,past controversies and these we

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Why Everyone Hates Vivziepop

Why Everyone Hates Vivziepop

foreign,if you've been in the husband hotel or,hell of a boss Community for a while,you've most likely come across one of,vivipop's many dramas some of these,range from things that happened 10 years,ago to more recent allegations it's,basically a ritual at this point that,anytime something new about either show,is announced someone on Twitter will,make a Twitter thread listing off,everything bad vsipop has done it's,starting to get annoying especially,since most of these criticisms have,either been debunked years ago or don't,have any weight in the first place in,this video I'm gonna go through every,bibsy pop drama one by one so we can,finally put them to rest I'll start with,the oldest dramas first and then we'll,work our way back to the most recent,the first acquisition I want to discuss,is the accusation that Whimsy supports,the b word this is in reference to an,older artwork in which he drew a,character from herziphobia webcomic,series named Addison naked in a bath of,snakes the character is canonically 18,however the wiki used to say they were,17 as for the actual image it's,definitely suggestive there's no,explicit body parts shown but it's,definitely an sfw there's another two,images but they're both super low res,uncropped so it's a little hard to see,what's happening but they're basically,the same just more suggestive art,featuring the snakes as for this one I,can understand why some people are angry,about it the art is quite tame compared,to stuff nowadays but you could,definitely put forward the argument that,it's a bit weird this art was made in,2012 when visi was 19. this is related,to the next point but vivzi came out a,couple years ago with an apology in her,apology she said I guess I now have to,add that any cringey art I drew is from,2012 when I was 19. it was legal then,it's legal noi it was also tagged as,being an inside joke even back then do I,think it's strange yeah it's cringy and,I don't like it any more than you guys,do I was a dumb kid figuring myself out,but I've never drawn explicit NSFW or,broken the law then or an eye ,stop please I agree with what Vivian,said yes the art is pretty cringy but,this is 2012 vipsy in 2022 is a,completely different purse person than,she was 10 years prior vivesey didn't,continue to make art like this and has,never drawn an NSFW piece before as far,as I'm concerned there's no issue here,and we should move on,up next we have the argument that vibsy,is a p word this argument like the,previous one is brought up regularly,even to this day one example of a thread,on this talks about two characters one,being Gustav and the other is Addison,from the previous Point both the,characters are canonically adults with,one being 18 and the other being 19 so,obviously this situation isn't illegal,the second situation is by two other,characters being Mirage and Kestrel the,drama around this is due to an image,from Mirage sees Castrol and her mouth,is watering she calls Castro Kitty and,the description of the image says this,is where you run Cass realized I never,visualized Cass and Mirage interacting,and Mirage would definitely love Castrol,in her sick petaway XD while it's true,that Castrol is a minor and Mirage is an,adult they're not a couple it's nowhere,in their bio and in fact Mirage is,actually the villain of zoophobia so of,course she would be a horrible person,there's no sexual imagery and Mirage is,obviously portrayed as a bad person it's,pretty mind-boggling for people to call,Viv a p word when it took a three-minute,Google search to find out that it's,entree we can safely debunk this rumor,before moving on I'd like to read an,apology vivmead on Her Tumblr in 2018,she made an edit to it in 2019 and added,a bit more oriented as well I'm only,going to say this once for the millionth,time I'm seeing certain things regarding,me popping up first on Twitter and,that's find its way back into my tags,here and to be honest every time it,ticks me off more and more so I feel,like tackling it one more time before,letting it die and not saying anything,about it the only reason I feel like,saying anything is because I honestly,feel hurt every time I see accusations,of things I'm morally and wholeheartedly,detest I want to start off by saying,people enjoy finding reasons to dislike,creators they wanted us like I am,definitely one of those artists most,reasons people find to excuse their gut,feelings about me and cling on to,reasons to label me as an awful person,usually pertain to blatantly false,rumors or Twisted facts from years ago,or mistakes I made years ago that they,just refused to accept I've grown from,one involves lies about how I stole a,character from an ax abusive friend no I,did not that person was abuse adhesive,and after he fell out he tried to post a,false contract proving I had to credit,them and everything I used the design I,legally obtained I posted the final,contract proving this year's back I've,since retired the character design and,created some

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The VIVZIEPOP Situation Explained

The VIVZIEPOP Situation Explained

hello everyone i'm fiona paolo i do art,animation i really like animation,dedicated a lot of my life to it,actually but it's an infamously,difficult career that requires a lot of,dedication networking and sheer luck to,flourish in and a couple of the shows,that i think give a lot of people,inspiration and hope within the medium,are projects like these has been hotel,and hell of a boss created by vivian,madrano better known online as vipsie,pop vipsy had very humble beginnings as,someone who one day just uploaded some,cool looking animations on youtube in,the early days and eventually became so,popular that she has been able to not,only pursue her passion full-time with,the help of many many supporters but,also employ a crew and spawn a studio in,order to work on her own projects she's,more or less the blueprint for online,success within cartoons faces and is,someone that many aspire to be for a lot,of us viv is living the dream she's,doing what so many of us could only,fantasize about however recently a,former member of her crew has come,forward alleging about the conditions,that have been fostered during the,production of divsy's projects the,person who many thought to be this,lovely ambitious artist who is just,trying to fulfill her dreams is now,being made out to be this very toxic,individual who mistreats her staff and,mocks all the creators works in favor of,her own but in that same vein multiple,people who are working on hell of a boss,currently have also come to her defense,and said nothing but good things so,where should we all stand on this today,we'll be going over what has been,released so far in relation to this,issue and i wanted to talk about this,specifically because it's something that,i'm concerned about as someone who's,been keeping up with the actions being,taken by animators in burbank in the,hopes of a new deal for better working,conditions in the animation industry,it's worth noting that burbank is where,spindle horse tunes vipsy's animation,studio is located and the things that,vivsie is being accused of have a lot of,similarities to what workers in this,area have been experiencing which is why,this specific drama has piqued my,interest if 50 has truly been doing what,she's been accused of belittling fellow,animators like dana terrace mocking,other show's art styles such as,villainous and more concerningly,overworking and underpaying her staff,giving them incredibly tight deadlines,to the point where some of them are,pulling all-nighters supposedly not,allowing them to speak positively about,other indie projects and even attempting,to blacklist the people she has relied,on to help create her vision then it's,likely that she may have been feeding,into the crushing conditions that,animation workers have been dealing with,in this area and that is a very worrying,thought if any of it is true so let's,buckle up and look into it please note,that things are still very early on and,we still need to wait and see if any,further evidence is brought forth so,please don't start slinging harassment,towards either party actually don't do,that even after we find out that helps,no one and it's pointless oh and don't,forget to like and subscribe if you like,this video alright let's dive in,so let's start from the beginning who is,vivsypop and where are we up to in,regards to what she's doing just a heads,up i'm not a vipsy pop superfan or,anything so i may get a few things wrong,just pop a comment below if you notice,anything vivian medrano is a salvadorian,american animator who created her,youtube channel in 2012 where she would,upload speed paints of her ocs some of,which can be seen across different,iterations of her works one of the,videos that garnered the most attention,early on included an animation made to,the song daiyung by kesha this video and,several others had a heavy focus on very,colourful and dynamic oc animations that,utilized a lot of upbeat music bouncy,and fluid movements and featured her,unique character designs that often drew,attention from the furry community which,helped her to build the foundations of a,solid fan base this video helped to,launch her into the wider lens of the,internet it carries a lot of trademarks,of her work from anthropomorphized,characters to her quote unquote fast,animation basically because her,animating is very fluid and often done,on ones the movements can feel quite,speedy and getting movement speeds,correct in a drawn medium is admittedly,very tricky spoctor actually did a very,good video analyzing this exact thing,i'll leave a link to it below in 2013,she started a webcomic called zoophobia,a comic that follows a young woman named,cameron who travels to an interspecies,sanctuary called safe haven the comic,was put on indefinite hiatus in november,2016 so that viv could put her focus,onto her animation projects and a,handful of characters from this comic,were actually lifted and repurposed as,characters within has been hotel and,hell of a boss around

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The Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Leaks Situation Explained

The Hazbin Hotel and Helluva Boss Leaks Situation Explained

before the video starts I'd like to give,a quick warning the following video is a,discussion of leaked materials,concerning hell of a boss and husband,hotel if you do not wish to know about,these leaks then click away from this,video now and be careful to avoid leaks,in public spaces such as social media on,YouTube also please do not try to attack,or harass anyone about the Lakes the,information presented in this video was,collected from various credible sources,that will remain anonymous for the sake,of their protection thank you so,recently a bunch of drama and,controversy has erupted due to leaks,regarding husband hotel and Halloween,Boss It's Quickly gotten out of hand,it's important for me to warn everyone,about these lakes and the harm they're,causing in this video I'm going to,explain the recent drama for those who,are unaware and discuss why it's an,issue so for some backstory there were,two major lakes regarding both shows,recently the first League had to do with,hell the boss a couple days ago some,storyboards for two feature episodes of,season 2 were leaked there were some,misinformation surrounding this and,people weren't sure if they were real or,fake although I'm not at Liberty to make,theories about how it happened I can't,say say that what basically happened was,that these storyboards came from an,official source and for reasons unknown,the boards got it and have now been,circulating in public spaces such as,Twitter Reddit on YouTube regarding the,latter a couple of videos were uploaded,containing the hello boss Lakes one,video has already been taken down by,webzypop but the other one is still up,with over 16 000 views the second,incident is related to husband Hotel a,couple months back a Twitter account,called television spill circulated tons,of unreleased documents related to,numerous series and automated projects,such as Clone High trolls 3 and husband,Hotel one of the documents leaked was a,huge file containing audition sheets for,a variety of characters in husband Hotel,these documents featured information and,images of number of characters from the,show along with task dialogue the,television spill user circulated these,documents on sites like Twitter and,Fortune luckily Twitter suspended the,user however many individuals have,already archived the information this,leads us to the present when Houseman,hotel's new villain Adam received his,official reveal on the has been Twitter,account they fake documents from before,it were spread around on Fortune once,again which led to making its way to,Twitter the reason the shades weren't,spread as much originally was because,people weren't sure of the validity of,them once leaked characters such as Adam,and elite were officially revealed it,basically confirmed the audition sheets,as legit and as a result people started,showing them around again on Twitter,this has also led to some users bashing,the show since the audition sheets,showed early test dialogue for some of,the characters that supposedly hinted at,the show's writing style the Lakes have,also begun the pop-up on YouTube with,one user posting two videos featuring,leaked content which in total have,racked up over 15 000 views so now that,were caught up on everything it's time,to talk about the issues with these,licks and why they're harmful the first,thing is that it obviously spoils the,shows I saw tons of people accidentally,come across these lakes and it was sad,to see huge story elements getting,spoiled it spoiled much of the lore for,some people and they were upset to see,huge episodes that were released far,into the future get spoiled the shows,have been in development for a long time,and that's a slap in the face to all of,the talented people working on the shows,the teams working in husband hotel and,hell of a boss deserve better than this,it's important that we stomp together,and understand it's wrong to spread it,the second issue is that it creates,misconceptions in the community I saw,one person spreading the husband Hotel,leaks underneath Adam's reveal and,everyone was cloning on the show because,of the dialogue that Adam said the,people bashed the show on visipop,without realizing that this dialogue was,tasks dialogue the task dialogue and,sheets are unlikely to represent the,final characters for some of the,dialogue options it feels like they were,written prior to the release of the,pilot these people think the show's,dialogue will slowly consist of party,humor and terrible Jokes which isn't the,case I'm not going to show the dialogue,obviously but these Twitter users,genuinely think that these early test,lines are representative of the final,product things change over time and as,we've seen with the redesigns vipsy has,absorbed some feedback from the pilot,and is working to improve the character,designs the show will also be run under,a24 and will very likely be in a major,streaming service as a result the,character's lines will have to be,altered so that it can be shown to

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VivziePop Your Hypocrisy Is Still Showing!

VivziePop Your Hypocrisy Is Still Showing!

how's it going everyone it is ipc and,if you haven't already be sure to,subscribe to this channel,like this video comment and share this,video wherever you can,i would appreciate that very very much,so vizzipop,has responded to the backlash that she,has been getting,because of this very tweet right here,and i'm gonna go through the tweets and,then i'll get my opinion on it and you,know,i just want to say this people,do not harass fizzy pop okay that's not,what i'm asking you all to do,and i know there's a lot of people out,there that,won't listen to me i mean and that's the,thing with having an,audience that watches your videos you,know it's not gonna come out clear,to them and you know i don't,want to be that person that goes out of,his way to attack or harass anybody,i don't want to see that i want to see,i want to see civil discourse i really,do,if you're going to contact vivsie be,civil about it,don't attack her don't harass her or,threaten her,in any way i i know that she said that,there's people that are threatening her,and i did not want that at all,when i made my initial video about this,i did not want anyone to be going after,her,specifically i just wanted to go after,her arguments that's it nothing else,nothing more but nevertheless let's get,into this okay,so this is her response to this tweet,by several serif who responded to,one of the quotes that scott made in his,response about,pro-life him being a pro-life and a,christian,someone said this uh being pro-life and,saying you believe in common sense,is nothing short of having a brain of,literal animatronic,lmao and then vivipop responded with,the best part to me is he lists all this, but considering republican politics,he's basically saying that his christian,and pro-life stance outweighs his stance,on science,and equality and everything else that,they actively work against lol,okay when did he ever mention any of,that stuff,when did he ever mention any of those,stances that you're bringing up here,like when did he ever mention science,equality,or everything else like that makes no,sense,why you would bring that up but,nevertheless let's actually get to her,response towards the backlash which,this is what she responded with it's,really funny to see people who have,defended a creator from,unfair and unjust harassment suddenly,act betrayed by that creator,when they do say something they don't,like,maybe that's how a lot of people feel a,lot of the time,maybe we should just always be against,harassment of creators,whether we are critical of them or not,food for thought,i will never be okay with harassment but,criticism is a constant when you make,literally anything,now let's look at the quote tweets from,people,and see what people are saying,in regards to this vivi i love,your work but this is such an,unbelievably,bad take it almost gave me a migraine,wow didn't you know didn't you,knowing how bad harassment bias is based,on something you do,whether political or not comment on how,deserved the hate scott coffin got from,making donations to multiple,organizations because if you weren't pc,that's no cause to act like a victim no,we are disappointed that you would side,with the same people that wanted your,head on a pike,because scott didn't share your politics,we were being consistent,in defending him despite not agreeing,with him you weren't,stop being a hypocrite and get over,yourself lost follower go yourself,you hypocrite,jesus christ you're a good artist and,make great animations but this,lower than below the belts you make,yourself sound like a giant hypocrite, you uh don't want to be a but,it is so funny viv is talking about,criticism when she's infamous for not,taking any well,like it at all,oh boy seems that,people do not agree with your take here,yet again and here's the thing i mean i,agree with your stance on the whole,you know don't harass anybody but,criticism should be taken,that's that's fine and dandy but,i don't think you understand what you,meant in your tweets,i don't think you even understand what,your tweet even was,let's go back to it people she said,the best part to me is he lists all this, but considering,republican politics he's basically,saying that his christian and pro-life,stance,outweighs his stance on science and,equality and everything else,that they actively work against okay,first of all vivsie first of all,why are you assuming that even has a,stance,on any of this i mean yes he said,that he's pro-life and he's a christian,but why in the are you assuming,that he agrees with everything that,republicans believe in,like how do you know what his stance are,on the lgbtq community,how do you know what his stances are on,abortion,how do you know what his stances are on,science equality and everything else,you don't that's the point that i'm,trying to get driven into your head,you are being a hypocrite,because people did the same thing to you,they assumed that you were a bad person,because oh my gosh you drew something,for

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Ex-Helluva Boss employees speak out against Vivziepop (Vivziepop Drama Part 3)

Ex-Helluva Boss employees speak out against Vivziepop (Vivziepop Drama Part 3)

so today some more drama unfolded,regarding vivziepop this time it,involves a previous staff member before,i start i have two other videos,discussing the drama those two videos,will be linked below but for a brief,summary vivziepop has been receiving,harassment due to delays in both shows,legal issues have also contributed to,these problems on june 6th aaron frost,who is an ex-team member of hello boss,and spindle horse spoke out on the toxic,work environment and problems working,under vivizi she mentioned how members,had to pull all-nighters there was,little structuring with deadlines toxic,behavior and other cartoons were bashed,regularly today this tumbler post was,shared around and it led to a twitter, storm i'm going to read out,everything and give my thoughts after,i'd also like to remind everyone that,these are anecdotal allegations with no,screenshots or proof so it's innocent,until proven guilty don't send,harassment to vivsie aaron or anyone,that is mentioned so all of this stems,from the tumbler of an ex-hell of a boss,member known as aaron frost the tumblr,layout is complete garbage however i,will try my best to compile everything,aaron has said about vivzee aaron frost,started by saying hey been pretty quiet,for a while because working on hell of a,boss my mental health so badly,i've given up on animation entirely and,haven't been able to draw for the last,year or so since i quit vivian medrano,is an awful human being this happened on,june 6th a bunch of tumblr users came,out in support of aaron frost which led,to aaron making a following up post,aaron said i'm honestly touched to see,so many supportive messages for a long,time i never spoke up because i was,afraid of what it would do to my career,prospects but the longer my burnout,lasted the more it was clear that i just,didn't have a future in animation not if,it meant overworking myself to the,breaking point maybe i'll get back to,working on indie projects one day but,spindle horse was just such a toxic,experience i'm not sure that it will,anytime soon i struggle even to draw,things for myself it's going to be a,while before i'm ready to try and,monetize something i'm passionate about,by selling my creative labor to others,it's not to just that viv demanded,unreasonably tight deadlines when she,even gave us deadlines but she also,demanded our loyalty as employees we,weren't allowed to speak positively,about other shows especially not other,indie projects we weren't really allowed,to work on other indie projects either,head was frowned upon i remember one,time viv got us all on a discord group,call and streamed a crossover episode of,villainous and another cnn show she,encouraged everyone to make fun of it,and tear apart every little flaw she,would also speak poorly of other,creators indie or otherwise i distinctly,remember her mentioning that it was,supposedly utter hell to work with dana,terrace of the isle house it was just,deeply toxic all around not just the way,the animation and design work was done,but being highly disorganized and,unprofessional but also the culture when,i first joined the studio it felt like,viv treated me as an equal and i'm sure,it felt like that way for a lot of us,but gradually a hierarchy came into,place they've had her favorites the,people who fluttered her and rarely er,ever showed interest in anything that,wasn't husband or hell of a boss and her,executives of sorts her close friends,and favorites there's sam miller who i,believe or at least was credited as,background design lead or something to,that effect and is essentially viv's gal,friday she was very often considered to,be the de facto leader in viv's absence,she was pretty nice in the beginning but,as time went on she became more and more,rude and abrasive towards artists it was,actually an interaction with sam miller,that finally caused me to quit viv had,made herself pretty untouchable and we,were meant to go through sam at least,for background artists if we had a,question for viv i'm not going to go,into detail on that last interaction,here but it was sam's treatment that,affected most of us had issues on the,project we barely interacted with vivian,anymore as far as we were aware she was,spending more and more time rubbing,elbows with the increasingly expensive,voice talent that's likely where most of,the budget goes merchandising and paying,for name brand voice talent like norman,reedus viv herself insisted she wanted,the role of fizz raleigh to go to weird,ah but yankovich's agent rejected the,offer on his behalf i can't imagine he,comes cheap from what i figure once the,first episode of hellva went live and,viv insisted on uploading a new episode,every one to two months things got,progressively worse she had little to no,sympathy for those of us who needed day,jobs to support ourselves she wanted us,to have the turnout of a brick and,mortar studio with none of the,organization professionalism or employee,benefits i was working between 30 and 40,

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Spoilers On Instagram? All Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss Accounts Explained!

Spoilers On Instagram? All Hazbin Hotel / Helluva Boss Accounts Explained!

has been hotel is the kind of show where,we get a lot of information from sources,other than the episodes while most of,this information comes from vivziepop,herself through live streams and tweets,and such,some of it comes in the form of faux,instagram accounts for several of the,characters from both has been hotel,and hell of a boss recently the account,for valentino has been removed with all,the posts going with it,so i thought now might be a good time to,go through all of the accounts,share any information that might be,relevant to the show,and document it in case instagram bans,the other accounts too,but real quick before we jump into that,i just want to remind you guys to,subscribe to this channel i know you've,seen our has been content before i know,you're gonna click on it when it shows,up in your recommendations again,so why don't you just give in and click,subscribe despite being one of the less,interesting characters to me i found,that serpentis instagram account has,some of the most,interesting information originally he,was only meant to be a one-off villain,but,vivziepop enjoyed him so much that she,wanted to bring him back for future,episodes,it would seem based on this post here,that he is not only testing new weapons,but he is testing them out on cutouts of,angel and cherry,indicating he wants to get revenge on,them more so than alistar,so expect that as a plot point in the,future episode in another image we see,serpentis has clearly photoshopped vox,and valentino into a selfie with himself,as seen by the obvious editing around,him and the watermarked images of the,characters that was already used in the,show,what's interesting is that the account,profile says that he is a future,overlord indicating that the turf war he,is engaging in for the part of the city,under the pentagram,is one that will raise his status to an,overlord this would mean that cherry is,likely in this turf war to be considered,an overlord as well,most of the overlords we see aren't,actually battling it out with each other,and in fact are often very close with,one another,and instead their power seems to come,from the fact that they run these giant,industries,in hell as opposed to just taking,territory by force,we also know that alistair himself has,no desire for power,and is only an overlord by a,technicality so it seems that overlord,is a bit of a generic term that can be,applied to anyone that has power in any,form,whether it's by force that we see with,serpentis or with business acumen that,we see with vox,and valentino and velvet or simply being,super strong,but doing nothing with it as we see with,alistar another interesting thing i,found on these accounts is that the,attic music video is apparently made,canon by them,in my previous video about has been,prequels i theorized that attic was just,a symbolic story of angel leaving behind,his life with val to stay at the hotel,and that he never actually blew up the,club or even performed there but i was,apparently very wrong,on cherry's account we can see her,dressing up a week ago in the outfit she,blew up the club in,22 weeks ago we see angel dressed for,his performance at the club from the,beginning of the video,implying that the music video takes,place over 22 weeks at least,with them blowing it up in the end being,about a week ago assuming that this,isn't just cherry wearing the same,jacket again,afterwards with the actual blowing up,being a few weeks before,if that is the case it would seem that,this was done as a secret revenge plot,and didn't actually change angel's life,as in other posts he still refers to,valentino as his boss,and is still doing his work for him and,sending val the money,and either way it would appear that,addict was not a prequel but,actually takes place after the has been,hotel pilot,from cherry's account we also see that,she does visit angel at the hotel,but it is implied that she is not,welcome there by charlie or vagi,and she has to sneak into the hotel in,order to hang out with him,as mentioned earlier valentino had an,instagram account but it was taken down,thanks to some screen caps i was able to,get some important information for a,story that unfolds between valentino,vox and velvet's accounts in the pilot,we can see that the three of them,seemingly live together and we've been,told that they are a makeshift family of,sorts with vox and val as the dads and,velvet as their daughter,well in an archive post from val we can,see that he's pretty abusive,over extremely petty things apparently,smashing the screen that makes up fox's,face,simply for getting him the wrong soda,from a restaurant,this story continues on vox's account,where he talks about needing to get his,screen replaced and how val,is no longer his boyfriend while this,story doesn't play out on velvet's,account she comments on the boys posts,talking about how they have broken up a,curious development,i hope we get some insight too when the,show finally airs,alistair is an old-f

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Response to Plexpero: Inspiration vs. Plagiarism

Response to Plexpero: Inspiration vs. Plagiarism

oh boy I was honestly hoping to start,the year with a positive video that I,still have in the works but I guess,that's just asking for too much the new,year has barely started and we already,got clowns like this chump putting a,small artist on blast for stealing,everything I guess,before we get into the situation at hand,there's basically three roles at work,there is the original artist phobia,circus 15 there's Plex pero the creator,of the video and then there's his,grossed fanbase just a short summary,before we get into the video response so,none of you are confused Plex pero made,a video about the artist phobia circus,accusing her of plagiarism character,theft concept theft art cept art style,theft and that one makes me shudder,every goddamn time,so Plex is saying that phobia is,stealing everything from a popular,artist called viv Zhi pop I'm very sure,you've all heard of her,so Plex puts this small artist on blast,and naturally the artist gets backlash,for this that's the basis of what's,happening I'll explain myself and,everything else further into the video,another quick thing the video is,originally in Spanish so I'm gonna be,putting English subtitles for those of,you who don't understand,alright let's get into this mess of a,video,we'll say ask in an instant no no Aria,vamos hacia 9% re noggin easy Kiera boy,as usual nombre aquí porque el buana,marinas capture escape Andre hora esta,cuenta insta no Bayon la seduced Rosie,own a zealous to vote todo a keno diggin,me since elementary operation Sarah,meant a si esto no less recuerda if,suppose whatever has been haunting,mm-hmm yeah I mean it does I can tell,pretty clearly that busy pop is phobias,main or one of her inspirations what,exactly is your point okay,it's not pretty well it has been hotel,is this thing I'm going to spin off what,was he no skin always esto es la cuenta,no an openness a guitar oh yeah para,poner maybe a esto la cuenta de una,persona insulin que esta la he and oh oh,heat oh la he and o el estilo de vivre,Sippel okay so we're only two minutes in,and you've already made quite the,accusation the dictionary definition of,plagiarism is taking the work of someone,else and passing it off as your own for,those of you who still don't understand,here's a meme I made this,you made this I made this Rajani story,ends and Abdullah's upon Taha Aki de,todo o hito no poner en Ingham amento,que esto se RA Ouma mana hey Abby people,has been hoping Lana Lana,uh she doesn't have to do that Plex I'm,not sure if you are aware of this but no,one has to credit their inspirations I,mean you can if you wish but you don't,need to here's a hot take you don't need,to credit others because art style theft,isn't a thing now I know some of you,will disagree with me but I'm sorry it's,true so much goes into art that it's,basically impossible,to steal the way someone draws think,about it there's different techniques,different art programs different tablets,and everyone's style constantly changes,nothing stays the same and here's my own,artwork to prove it you are actually,delusional if you believe that an,artist's style will stay the same five,years into the future or maybe even just,in five days everyone progresses at,different speeds,the point is a style cannot be stolen,because everyone draws differently and,everyone's art style constantly changes,although hypothetically if you did want,to steal someone's style I guess you,could always solve their drawing hand,and steal it esto lo n de como si fuera,soup material or sake no Louis pretend,pretend a la gente se no Alma,uh huh that's because it is look I,understand you wanna stand up for your,precious senpai but you can't go around,claiming that other people's hard work,is hers that's not even how our staff,works SJ been de esta material no Solan,formato daily vu hos vecinos hola Chico,Misiones no no no no tiene una página,and red boo-boos case una pareja,preventer ropa etc hands elope or,hierarchy Oh hito ben de fundas de,téléphone Oh ropa access Oreos etc etc,our precious extra orbit antes y esto,por la hire uma still owe a unit ista,muy muy famosa sabe que esta ha came,billion Mallory Medrano hamas baba resto,okay so the girl monetizes her work by,doing commissions and selling things on,bread bubble and that's bad why exactly,it's her own work she can sell it,wherever she damn pleases you mentioned,that her store prices are very high,well I checked out her store,two dollars for a sticker isn't,unreasonable and 20-plus dollars for a,phone case isn't ridiculous and I can,tell you this as someone who works in,the phone industry you complaining tells,me that you actually don't know about,the very very small cut that artists get,for their work on this site and again,stop with the plagiarism claims stop it,stop using that word,you don't know what it means I'll heal a,parent I stay occupant starting to lock,up - Rohit okay,CSIS personality - artist avocado and,has been Hotel esta persona,con la cara tantrum well cement

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