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Leg Video Twitter - Extreme PF Season 3 Trailer Goes Viralhey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube


Updated on Jan 13,2023

Leg Video Twitter - Extreme PF Season 3 Trailer Goes Viral

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic so let's get,started,a video circulating on twitter which is,now being called leg video has left many,internet users,and networked,people have been taken aback by the,obscene,content,available in the set content,a few have also stated that there is,exactly teenage the lag video is part of,a perplexing trailer shared online,apparently the show was released back in,february 2021,though the episode featuring the,infamous lag video was released months,ago the clip is currently going viral on,twitter due to its,absurd nature,so,the aforementioned episode details,people's extremely pro civilized,so the like video has gained over 1.7,million views on twitter and has,accumulated over 14.9 000 likes,since the video went viral on social,media some have stated that it is the,worst thing,they have ever seen,people were left perplexed by the daring,and sfw video,twitter users also explained the content,to those,who wish not to view the clip a few,reactions included,i just watched the like video,i f y k y k,currently traumatized,enough twitter for today and until i,learned,not to click on random tiktok links,so came across a tip talk video that,lead me to the link,a girl had a whole leg in her eye,so,another tweet says,at the verge of the tears you watched it,i thought people were overreacted i was,wrong,so another twitter,opined,goes to twitter searches for video,scrolls for video traumatized,so this is the whole information about,uh live video which is vital on twitter,and it is art,it is it was first uploaded on the tick,tock,so as the video went viral on twitter,many tik tok users were made aware of it,being available on the formerly,mentioned social media platform,in,fact,some users also asked their own,platforms community in order to search,for the videos content on twitter,so,we also suggest you not to watch such,kind of videos which is worse for your,health your mental health so thanks for,watching my video if you find this video,helpful please like share and subscribe,my channel and if you want more,interesting topics like that you can,also visit, website thanks and have a,good day ahead

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Leg and Head Video Twitter - PerverseFamily Haunted House Twitter Viral

Leg and Head Video Twitter - PerverseFamily Haunted House Twitter Viral

hey guys how are you welcome to my,youtube channel today we are going to,discuss an important topic so let's get,started,twitter users are about to delete the,whole app,after watching the horrifying nsfw,lag and head video,if you've been on twitter or tech talk,recently you may have noticed some,chatter about like radio or a lag and,head video,to confirm they are in fact in the same,video,and unless you're following some really,weird people,there's a good chance that the posts are,sad regarding,i,want you never to watch it because it is,literally the most disgusting and,blasphemous content on the internet,right now,anyhow what is the lagged video or the,lag and hat video,that everyone is talking about on,twitter,the live video also known as the lag and,head video is,a one minute and 12 second clip that was,posted on our twitter account with the,handle,perverse family,for context,the perverse family is a,fetish series that,i mean,features a family and the popular clip,in question is altruism and tavern,recording of their ads,now if you're wondering why people are,referring to it as the like video,that's because a leg was shown being put,somewhere that it shows,i mean it should never go,a person's head,was also put in a very unforgiving place,which is why some people may also refer,to it by that name,other details include,fetal matter,that's it that's,my summary there will be no further,questions or comments,users on twitter and tick tock react the,lag and had video,while the video was originally posted on,february 26 2021,the haunting clip has continued to pick,up momentum,some viewers have also taken to trick,talk to capture the reactions,so,this is the whole information about,lag video and lag and head video,thanks for watching my video if you find,this video helpful please like share and,subscribe my channel and if you want,more interesting topics deeply,then you can also visit, website,thanks and have a good day ahead

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Testing 16 VIRAL TikTok Basketball Hacks!

Testing 16 VIRAL TikTok Basketball Hacks!

today we're checking out tick-tock,basketball hacks and apparently this,grip spray can make your jump shot and,handles better you believe it i hope so,cuz i need it i used to use grip chalk,back in the day so i am a fan it's like,a liquid lebron,i got it on my hand my hand is getting,stuck to the ball i feel like stickiness,for dribbling yeah but shooting i feel,like it's gonna throw you off all right,let's try it,this product is trash,it's definitely not us it's definitely,the product it's not a hack for this,next hack let's say your ball goes over,the neighbor's yard you got a mean,grandma living next door and she pops,your ball and then she's also very,overweight the grandma sits on it it,gets deflated holy cow has this ever,happened to you johnny that has happened,to me twice big sad balls got a hole but,don't wait if you fill it with some,gorilla glue or crazy glue it will fix,it and we're going to re-pump it up and,play with it,we're going to come back to this once it,dries all right jesse's outside he's not,allowed to know what i'm gonna do i,don't even know what i'm gonna do so,let's take a look,i don't like what he got his nose,covered okay that that is foul it,definitely will work i am not gonna lie,guys i did not know how to work a camera,oh it smells so bad already all right we,got the tune in now we're adding the,whole garlic what is this garlic minced,garlic oh my god it smells so bad all,right so we got the garlic we got the,tuna in there i'm gonna put my hand here,it's gonna make my hand,oh my god it feels so nasty that's gross,oh my god i'm gonna go play jesse one on,one there's no way he doesn't back off,me you learn a new move i learned a,little something check up,his it's on your hands bro,don't put that on me what is that,tuna and garlic that's disgusting what,kind of heck is that,put some tape on it i think we're making,a basketball basketball i mean it,definitely looks you know kind of like a,basketball yeah it does look like it,dribbles better do some test dribbles,okay dribbles mid let's see if they turn,great i think this one is fact,nice,it looks more circular it does look more,circular,hey,hey,wait a minute bro that's a basketball,hey,it does dribble better one hundred,percent behind the knife sham god,how do instantly increase vertically,these things,he's adding an extra insole and he's,adding three pairs of socks i guess your,feet would be super yeah your feet are,like they're struggling they can't,breathe first time,the little bunny hop,okay just grab the ring all right so,first let's try to dunk yeah and then,we'll put on three pairs of socks and an,extra insult see what happens not gonna,lie muscles are feeling cold i'm not,warm but let's see what i could do i,think you can get up there,i was close did go in so i feel like if,the hack works you're punching this i,should punch it because i was right,there i am not warm,dude that's what it is my feet are,feeling a little cold i need a couple,more pairs of socks i have a special,insole for you oh got your two pairs of,socks for three totals and i got some,even better than insoles super insoles,bro these are going to make you way,taller should increase the vert if you,really want to go crazy you could stack,all three it's going to give you at,least four inches why do you have these,i already have like extra large insoles,so i'm gonna just do the socks i'm going,with two inserts because i don't think i,can put my foot in there if there's,three i'll take the other ones then but,if my foot fits this is actually a,basketball hack because height is,literally everything in basketball you,can go from a small forward to a center,with these like a lot of people say like,three inches isn't a lot,like all the different it's a lot it's a,lot,we're giants,jeez you're tall,why are you so tall hello,yeah what the heck did you guys do why,your ankles look so big what are you,talking about i just got a little bit,bigger a little bit taller probably an,extra two inches see if i can get it,oh my god,i feel like i'm playing basketball on,heels right now,maybe i'll look cool though,i don't know i think my foot's too far,out of my shoes yeah but you definitely,did they're much better yeah there's a,limit too i feel like there's a sweet,spot i might have hit the sweet spot you,might have gone two times a little,overboard yeah,johnny's back on the court i'ma check,out a hack to score 1v1 you want to go,between the defender's legs and make him,look silly yes i definitely do catch the,ball,make a pass,right if you fake a pass the defender is,going to raise up without believing his,legs wide open throw it through his legs,and go to the hoop,says watch this as he just,pump fakes a tripod i need a teammate,we're playing 1v2 yeah i bet that would,work i'm here,jeff,oh,oh my god it worked let's go it works,all right jesse just put that ball,between my legs i'm gonna get him back,with some defense right here let's see,what he's talking about and the other,team

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If You Don't Understand Why Pelé Was Called "The King", Watch This Video

If You Don't Understand Why Pelé Was Called "The King", Watch This Video

there is no argument pele is football's,number one the king that might sound,strange to you but with each minute of,this video it will become clearer the,embodiment of being number one we can,all agree pele was first he was the,first footballer to marvel the world in,unison in a time where there was no,internet no youtube no satellite tv pele,was the face splashed on the front cover,of newspapers he acted in movies and,even turned up in hollywood heck pele,could even sing,pele was the first footballer to,transcend the game he was known all over,the world and used his fame to elevate,footballers to celebrities he is the,mold upon which all modern footballers,were shaped and we haven't even begun to,talk about his magic on the pitch pele,was a striker who would come short to,get the ball he also had the goal,scoring instinct and athleticism of,cristiano ronaldo and the skills of the,most elegant legends of the game he,didn't have a bag full of tricks he was,the bag,young edson auronz donasimiento loved,football ever since he was a kid even if,his mother tried to forbid him from,playing the game his father loved the,game as well but horrific injuries,stopped his career this meant the entire,family grew up in poverty because of his,failed dream so paley would play,barefooted with footballs made out of a,newspaper-filled sock tied together with,string no wonder he was creative his,name was edson after notable inventor,thomas alba edison pele's love for the,game was accompanied by an innate talent,and a willingness to prove himself right,and others wrong by the age of 15 he was,already playing for santos and he was,even playing for the brazilian national,team all before turning 17. that,international debut against argentina in,which he also scored his first goal was,the first step in pele's revenge,you see in 1950 when pele was just 10,years old he saw his father crying,inconsolably as brazil lost the world,cup final on home soil to uruguay i saw,my father cry before i say,say why why you cry,because the men don't cry that time man,could not cry,my father said oh brazil lost the world,he made a promise to his devastated,father right there i remember jokingly,saying to him don't cry dad i'll win the,world cup for you,fourteen years later in sweden he became,the youngest footballer to feature in a,world cup he then became the youngest to,assist the youngest to score the,youngest to claim a hat-trick and the,youngest to score twice in the final can,you believe it pele wasn't even 18 years,old and had already won the world cup,scoring six goals in four games,when the final whistle blew he collapsed,on the pitch he had already kept his,promise to his dad and he still had a,whole career ahead of him on the subject,of his career there's something you need,to understand yes pele played most of,his career for brazilian side santos,never making the move to europe it's not,like the european giants didn't want to,bring in pele in fact a plan was put in,motion to stop this from happening as he,was declared as a national treasure,after the 1958 success the eyes of the,footballing world were fixed on pele,real madrid juventus inter and,manchester united they were all fighting,to get him in order to prevent a move,abroad the brazilian president at the,time declared him a national treasure,buying him would be a crime the fact,that he never officially played in,europe is often a source of criticism,from modern football pundits we've heard,it before he played in a farmers league,that line isn't just false it's an,absolute insult too,even if we could argue for hours about,the level of south american football or,how crucial many south american players,are to teams in europe football was,completely different back then,international transfers weren't the norm,even more so when a south american,footballer was finally convinced to move,abroad this usually meant being,nationalized so they would not count as,foreigners this would then make them,eligible for the national team as was,the case for legends like distefano and,puskas in spain or seabury with italy,this also means that there was no talent,exodus only the best of the best played,in each continent,let's imagine that for a moment a,scenario in which intercontinental,transfers don't occur,neymar messi di maria luis suarez all,playing in the copa libertadores would,be incredible so when the copa,libertadores was played in pele's time,this was the case,the cup was as hard fought as the,european cup and pele santos ruled the,continent,they won six brazilian championships 10,paulistas championships and two copa,libertadores as they'd already conquered,south america they went and proved,themselves to the world,pele took santos on tour to win two,intercontinental cups against the ac,milan of cesar maldini rivera and,trapatoni and the benfica side of usabio,and santano,santos and pele's fame grew so big they,would extend their international tour,and take their footballing show on the,road a

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Primitive Skills: Duong was surprised to be visited by his family, A truly meaningful day (ep204)

Primitive Skills: Duong was surprised to be visited by his family, A truly meaningful day (ep204)

مرحبًا بكم في حلقة الفيديو التالية!,أتمنى لكم جميعًا التمتع بصحة جيدة وحظًا سعيدًا,، أستخدم السجلات هنا لعمل أوتاد خشبية,، يجب شحذ أحد طرفي الحصة بحيث يمكن إدخالها في عمق الأرض,. حديقة مفتوحة قطعة من السمك أحتفظ بها في علية مطبخي,، سألتصق,بهذه الأوتاد على طول السياج المصنوع من الخيزران,للتأكد من أن سياج البامبو قوي ويطيل عمره ،,استخدم الحبال لتأمين,الخضروات الموجودة في الحديقة بزراعي بطريقة مختلفة دفعات وهي تنمو يومًا بعد يوم ينمو,البصل الأخضر والخردل الأخضر جيدًا,اليوم سأزرع خضروات مختلفة في الحديقة,وتشمل البذور: الباذنجان والفاصوليا والقرع الإسفنج وخضروات الخردل الأخرى ،,قمت بتوسيع حديقتي لزراعة المزيد من الخضروات,. إنشاء أحواض,التربة طرية لذا فإن العزق سهل,لا يزال هناك الكثير من الأراضي الشاغرة ، وسأزرع الخضروات تدريجيًا,هذه الصخرة الكبيرة ثقيلة جدًا,هذه هي البطاطا التي زرعتها قبل,حصاد البطاطا,. زراعة,الأرض هنا ليست مناسبة لهم,وسأحتفظ بهذه المصابيح لموسم الزراعة التالي,ذكر الكثير منكم إعادة تشكيل مطبخي في مقاطع الفيديو السابقة,ربما حان الوقت لإعادة تصميم مطبخي,هذا هو Chinaberry الذي زرعته قبل,تقطيعه واستخدامها لبناء مطابخ,هذا الخشب له حبيبات ولون جميل جدا,أوه لا! حديقة الخضروات الخاصة بي,سيتم,جمع هذه الفروع من,أجل,الحطب .,هاتان ابنتاي اللتان تفاخرت بهما,أمام,ابنتي لأنني اصطدت سمكة كبيرة في البركة,تحب ابنتاي أكل لحم السمك,هذه هي الابنة الكبرى نهات دان,هذه هي الابنة الصغرى نهات تشاو,أعدت أسرتي كثيرًا من الأشياء بالنسبة لي,هل يجب أن أستمر في تجربة التحدي الخاص بي؟,كيف هو رايكم,اندهش والداي من الأدوات التي أصنعها هنا,والدي يبدو وكأنه عاد إلى طفولته,اصطحب زوجتك وأطفالك لزيارة حديقة الخضروات,قريبًا سأحصل على حديقة نباتية مورقة ابنتاي سعيدتان,جدًا لزيارتي,. فتيات,لطيفات يحفرن بطاطا,حلوة مسلوقة وجبة بطاطا حلوة للترفيه عن عائلتي,تساعد عائلتي بأكملها بعضها البعض في العثور على البطاطا الحلوة,وحفرها تحسب الابنة الكبرى عدد البطاطا الحلوة التي حفرتها,اغسل التربة التي تتشبث بجلد البطاطا الحلوة,هذه هي الملابس الدافئة التي أعدتها لي عائلتي.,هناك أيضًا أحذية وصنادل,مع هذه الملابس الدافئة لن أقلق بشأن هذا الشتاء,سأجرب الملابس,الدافئة.هذه الأحذية لا تتناسب جيدًا ، فهي ضيقة جدًا وتؤذي قدمي,أصيبت ساقي أثناء المشي حافي القدمين وما زالت شوكة في الداخل,أخيرًا خرجت تلك الشوكة في,كل مرة أزور فيها المنزل ، وعندما أرى جروحي ، ينصحني والداي وزوجتي بارتداء أحذية لحماية قدمي,. لا أريد أن أزعجهم أكثر,فأنا سعيدة للغاية لأن عائلتي كانت قلقة وجلبت لي الكثير من الملابس.,كيف تقيم ابنتاي؟ ليس لطيف؟,لطيف ومرحة للغاية,الآن ستذهب عائلتي للصيد في البركة.,دع الابنة الكبرى تتدرب على طرق الجرس لتنادي الأسماك,نظرًا لعدم وجود أسوار حول البركة ، سيتم دائمًا متابعة أطفالي عن كثب ودائمًا ما يمسكون بقميصهم لضمان سلامتهم.,إذا جاءت ابنتي وعائلتي لزيارتي كثيرًا ، فسوف أقوم ببناء سياج مغلق حول البركة لضمان السلامة.,الجو بارد,لذا ستأكل,الأسماك,أقل ولن ترى الأسماك تطفو على الماء,. زوجتي مهتمة جدًا بصيد الأسماك ،,آمل أن يصطاد جميع أفراد عائلتي الأسماك لتناول وجبة لم الشمل,، لحسن الحظ ، أكلت سمكة الخطاف,هذا النوع من الأسماك يسمى مبروك الحشائش,لقد اصطدتها من قبل وأعدتها إلى البركة,يبلغ حجم هذه السمكة حوالي 6 جرام مقارنة بحجمها الحالي ، ولا يمكن تناولها ، ولن يكون اللحم لذيذًا,، وسأعيد,السمك إلى البركة لمواصلة التربية,. آلة الغزل,توجيه الابنة الصغرى لإطعام الدجاج,كل شيء جاهز لوجبة العائلة اليوم,زوجتي جميلة جدًا ، أليس كذلك؟,عائلتي تدعوك,للأسف ، اليوم لم أصطاد أي سمكة كبيرة للترفيه عن جميع أفراد الأسرة,، أكلت قطعة السمك التي تركتها من قبل والفئران الثلاثة التي اصطدتها,البطاطا الحلوة لذيذة,وجبة هزيلة ولكن هناك الكثير من الحب في,أنا أتحدث مع زوجتي حول المشاريع القادمة حتى,تتمكن ابنتاي من تجربتها في سريري,، وهما يستمتعان بلعب,والدي يشعر بالقلق من أن مطبخي لم يعد آمنًا بعد الآن,، لقد أبلغت والديّ فقط أنني أجمع نباتات لمطبخ جديد طلب,مني والداي استبدال كل هذه الركائز الأساسية بخشب جديد,تطلب مني ابنتي الكبرى أن أعود معها إلى المنزل وتقول إنها تشتاق إلي كثيرًا ولا تريدني أن أبقى هنا,بدأت الأسرة بأكملها في ذلك. استعد للعودة,، أفتقد المنزل أيضًا ، سأعود إلى المنزل مع زوجتي وأطفالي وعائلتي وأنام في المنزل ، وفي اليوم التالي سأعود إلى المزرعة.,وداعا للجميع,شكرا لكم لمشاهدة الفيديو. نراكم في حلقات الفيديو القادمة!

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Watch It Once TikTok Challenge with Shakira | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Watch It Once TikTok Challenge with Shakira | The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

-Welcome back. Guys, it is time,for the "Watch It Once TikTok Challenge.",Here we go.,-♪ "Watch It Once TikTok Challenge" ♪,♪ "Watch It Once TikTok Challenge" ♪,-I'm gonna need some help, so joining me now is,the one and only Shakira!,I mean, are you kidding me?,Come on. Shakira! Come on, now!, -Oh, my God.,-That's exactly right. That's exactly right., Uh...,-Hey. -,They love you, they love you, they love you.,We love you. Shakira, here's how this works.,Shakira and I are gonna watch a TikTok dance once, okay?,We'll only get to see it once.,And we're gonna do our best to re-create it.,Whoever's moves are the closest to the original, wins the game.,-And who's gonna win? -Hello, uh, whose show is it?,Okay. -I've learned something.,Never underestimate your enemy, so I know..., ...I have to be careful here.,-No, you don't. I think you got this one.,But let's see -- let's see the first dance.,This song is by Duke & Jones with Louis Theroux,,and the dance is choreographed,by Jess Qualter and Brooke Blewitt.,-♪ My money don't jiggle jiggle, it folds ♪,♪ I like to see you wiggle wiggle, for sure ♪,♪ It makes me want to dribble dribble, you know ♪,♪ Riding in my Fiat, you really have to see it ♪,-Just once, really? -Just once?,-Yes. ,-I know, I was hoping the rules changed, too.,I was like, "Maybe --" -Come on, one more time!,-Well, it's the "Watch It Twice TikTok Challenge.", Uh, alright.,I think I -- Can I -- Let's just see it one more time., -Please?,-Please. -Even for me it's just --,-♪ My money don't jiggle jiggle, it folds ♪,♪ I like to see you wiggle wiggle, for sure ♪,♪ Makes me want to dribble dribble, you know ♪,♪ Riding in my Fiat, you really have to see it ♪,-Alright, I got this. Look, I'll go first., -I got this.,-I'm gonna go first, I'm gonna go first.,I'll do it first. Yeah, I'll go first.,-Okay. Okay. Be my guest.,-I'll show you how it's done. Here we go.,Um, wait, wait, hold on. Hold on., Alright, so it's --,I think it starts with that, right?,This is so embarrassing. Why am I doing this?,Alright, and whenever you guys are ready.,-♪ My money don't jiggle jiggle, it folds ♪,♪ I like to see you wiggle wiggle, for sure ♪,♪ It makes me want to dribble dribble, you know ♪,♪ Riding in my Fiat, you really have to see it ♪,-How could you? -,That was too cute. That was too cute.,-Can you imagine me at, like, a wedding?,What am I doing? Oh, my gosh., Ugh!,Alright, Shakira.,No one will ever have to see that again.,It is your turn. Do you remember it?,-I gotta bring my A-game now. ,Okay. Wait.,-, -Here we go.,-♪ My money don't jiggle jiggle, it folds ♪,♪ I like to see you wiggle wiggle, for sure ♪,♪ It makes me want to dribble dribble, you know ♪,♪ Riding in my Fiat, you really have to see it ♪, -Come on. Oh, stop.,-Come on, that's not fair. Come on, that's not --,Come on. That's not fair!,You're Shakira. It's not fair.,-I'm very impressed by you. I'm very impressed.,-You are? -It wasn't bad at all.,-Let's watch them together and see who got closer.,-♪ My money don't jiggle jiggle, it folds ♪,♪ I like to see you wiggle wiggle, for sure ♪,♪ It makes me want to dribble dribble, you know ♪,♪ Riding in my Fiat, you really have to see it ♪,-Oh, my God. Alright, no... ,Do we have to air that?,That is so emb--,I've got to make sure my kids don't watch tonight.,That is so rough. Oh, my God.,Alright, let's try -- Let's try one more, okay?,Uh, I thought this would be fun.,The creator of this dance is the one and only Shakira.,Here we go. ,♪♪,♪♪,-Ooh. -Ooh!,-I like this. ,-Okay. -Alright.,-To be fair on this one, I have a small advantage.,-Yeah, a "small" advantage, yeah.,That was you. Alright, let me see, here we go.,I mean, I think I can kind of -- alright, let me just do this.,I love it. I love the jam, by the way.,-I need popcorn. -Yeah.,Just, let's get it over with. Here we go.,-,♪♪,♪♪,Yeah! ,-This is so embarrassing.,It's so -- I can't even look at you.,I can't even look at you, it's so embarrassing.,Okay. -That was awesome!,-Okay. Oh, my gosh, alright. -Wasn't he awesome?,-Oh, Shakira -- -Yeah.,Shakira -- -You remind me of my 6-year-old.,-I do? Oh, I -- Oh, good. He's cute. I like that.,Okay, good, I remind you of your 6-year-old.,Shakira, you are up. You're up. Whenever you're ready.,-,♪♪,-Oh, my gosh! Come on! ,You are -- How do you -- Come on.,Who are you? Unbelievable.,Ugh.,-You know, I don't know -- -I'm so embarrassed.,-I don't know how to dance in high heels.,I don't know how to dance in high heels.,-Alright, let's watch the videotape,to see who got closer of being Shakira.,♪♪,- Oh, my God. How embarrassing.,Look at that guy. Oh!,♪♪,- ,I mean, this, you nailed it.,-That's all I needed. Stick the landing.,I think we know who the winner is.,Shakira, ladies and gentlemen. ,Please don't put that on the Internet, please.,That was amazing.,More with Shakira after the break, everybody.

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TO DO X TXT - EP.83 Fly, TXT! Part 1

TO DO X TXT - EP.83 Fly, TXT! Part 1

,我们今天也活力满满地开始吧?,“TO DO”,你回来了呢,我回归了呢 ,上次是用你的分身进行拍摄的 ,我听说 ,-是分身替我出演的 -我们HUENINGKAI ,五个人终于聚齐了,恭喜,-我们今天来做空中瑜伽 -对的 ,一看就是 ,今天要来为各位上课的老师… ,老师 好久不见了 ,Teacher ,-您好 / -上次来过的… ,-对的 没错 / -是的 ,原来您还练空中瑜伽啊,我很喜欢空中瑜伽 ,我们会从简单容易的动作,开始学习 , , ,我们先各就各位吧 , ,♪ I believe ,哥 你做做刚才那个 ,♪ I believe I can fly,♪ I believe ,呀 好痛,老师 我的架势出来了吗?,您感觉会做得很好 ,跳舞的人都很擅长这个,但我们真的只是会跳舞而已,看啊 做得很好啊 ,本来所有运动就都是依靠体格的,这个带子的承受力好好啊,老师 这个带子不会断吗?,对的 它连大象都可以承受得住,-连大象都可以承受住吗? -是的,大象也做空中瑜伽吗?,用大象来试过吗? ,那倒没有 ,这个可以承受住大象吗?,对的,但问题是并没用大象来尝试过 ,现在我们先要站在吊床上 ,-但请不要直接上去 -好的 ,这个吊床垂落的线条,叫做铅垂线,我们站在下方 把右脚放上去 ,-右脚 -右脚? ,不要像荡秋千一样推它 ,站上去时这样抬起后脚跟 ,-请把脚腕抬高 -抬高,-不要往前面推 -好的,用力向下踩 ,用腹部的力量提起左脚 ,这样就能减少摇晃 ,啊 要不晃才对吗? ,-他晃得很厉害诶 -就是啊 ,等一下 我再试一次,保持垂直 ,做得很好 这种程度算是晃动幅度很小了 ,现在把左脚从后面抽出来,请抓好重心 ,把左脚从旁边往前绕一圈 ,这个姿势挺性感的呢,喔 这个姿势确实是的,现在这样夹紧大腿 ,现在 ,松开手,把手从下方绕过 抓住头上方的吊床 ,这样吗?,是的 非常好,Oh Yes ,现在左手大拇指朝下 抓住吊床 ,呀 我疯狂在晃诶,现在重要的是要请各位继续夹紧大腿,但我现在右脚掌好痛 ,如果现在脚的状态不太好的话是有可能会感觉痛的,啊 是吗?我脚的状态不太好吗?,保持住这个姿势,把右脚向后推 身体前倾 ,什么?是怎么做的? ,然后现在把左手往前伸 ,-好可怕啊 -有点像《泰坦尼克号》 ,咦呀 我在飞 ,如果现在把右手松开的话会怎么样?,松开右手的话就会掉下去,那我可不能放手,-咬牙坚持住 -呀 这个真的太可怕了,现在请把肩膀放到吊床后面 ,-请把肩膀往后放 -往后放? ,噢 您是什么时候放过去的?,等一下 ,这样子放好后…,做得非常好 现在请把左脚再放下来,左脚踩在吊床上 右脚从后方抽出来 ,好痛 我觉得好痛啊,往旁边 ,再从前面这样放过来 ,像放在左膝上一样就可以了 ,没错,呀 你的垂直保持得好稳定啊,当然,然后再轮流把两只手的拇指朝下,这样抽出来,-老师 您好厉害啊 -就是说啊,所以才是老师啊 ,左脚向后伸 ,OK ,右手往前伸 ,什么?,右手往前伸,因为我们的右脚是缠着吊床的嘛 ,妈妈 我在飞,请快点把我拍下来 ,哇 老师 等一下 ,一 做得非常好 请快点把肩膀向后放 ,做得很好,现在松开 ,把左脚往前伸,噢 但是脚真的好痛啊,现在稍微把脚松开一点,把脚往前伸 然后从旁边转一圈,从后往前踩住,这样吗?,现在同样把右脚往前伸 ,从后面这样踩住 ,呃啊 感觉有人在勒我的脚 ,-这样踩住会感觉很奇怪对吧?脚会莫名地卡住 -对的 ,抓住吊床高一点的位置 ,好 ,-把身体提起来 -好的,-脚趾朝下 把脚往下放 -噢 怎么回事? ,脚踝好痛 这个要怎么松开? ,这样子 ,一步一步来 再来一次 ,我的脚踝 我真的痛出冷汗了 ,我好害怕 等一下 ,做得很好,现在请把双腿并拢 ,这个为什么分不开?,老师 ,我的脚踝太痛了,那放松这里就可以了,像这样优雅地放松 ,但是我更痛了 ,感觉不是在放松脚 而是在把脚弄断 ,大家的手肘都挂在吊床上对吧?,-是的 -老师 ,那么来尝试一下在胸前双手合十,-老师 -那么来尝试一下在胸前双手合十 ,等一下 老师 ,啊 脚踝太痛了 ,-一 试试把手往两边张开 -我的脚踝太痛了 等一下 ,哇 这个动作我真的做不到,太痛了 ,忍住,一 做得很好 现在抓住吊床 ,大家的力气都很好 对吧?,现在抓住耳边的吊床,试着把膝盖往胸口方向抬,老师 我做不到,做得很不错啊 ,我的腿 ,我的腿 ,我上不去 ,我上不去诶 ,抓住耳边的吊床,-不行 -我不行诶,-直接靠力气把脚抽出来就行 -呀 你是怎么做到的? ,对的 他说得没错 直接用力气抽出来就行,呀 你能上去吗?,我上不去诶,那就把脚轮流直接抽出来吧 ,我抽不出来,没错 ,所以我们才需要多做运动 ,不行 ,不行 老师 我不行 ,好的 我来帮你抽出来 ,-一只脚 -啊呀,你做得很好,我们现在要进入吊床里面 ,请把右手往里弯,拇指朝下 抓住吊床,然后把身体 ,往左边转 ,右边的吊床,要卡在屁股和后脑勺的正中央,卡在屁股分开的位置就可以吧? ,-是的 没错 -Oh yeah,好的 我卡好了 ,把左脚抬到大概右膝的高度 ,-这样推开左边的吊床 -绝了 ,那么屁股就会这样下去对吧? ,喔喔 哇 绝了,等一下,呀 这个为什么晃得这么厉害?,老师 这应该是柔韧性的问题,我的腿筋太短了,那么空中瑜伽会把它拉长的 ,-我这样对吗? -对的 没错 ,现在只要把右脚放上来就好,-只把右脚放上来吗? -等一下,喔 我这是成功了吗?,之后可以把手给松开,喔!我两只手都松开了,喔 您做得很好 ,有点可怕诶 ,老师 这个姿势本来就这么扭曲吗?,这姿势本来就这么扭曲吗? ,不是的 得再伸展一点 ,我伸展不开耶,没事 我们继续咯 ,现在把我们后脑勺的翅膀,往两边慢慢打开,-老师 -然后,包住肩膀 ,包住最重要的屁股 再把脚垂在两边 ,呜哇 好棒 ,我也想这样,-很好 把腿垂在两边 -这样子 ,喔 行了,小心 ,-嘤嘤 -嘤嘤 ,嘤嘤 ,嘤嘤 ,哈啰 ,嘤 好可爱啊,他在干嘛? ,不用很用力,那么现在用右手把前面的吊床推开 ,-把左脚放进吊床里 -等一下 ,-这样推开 -脚掌这样贴住… ,-老师 是这样吗? -对的 没错,-请把脚放在这里 -然后要怎么做啊?,现在把右脚也放进去,全都放进去就行吗?,-对的 放进去之后脚掌这样合起来 -啊 这样子 ,我总是挡住了自己 对吧?,现在请把手拿出来,在足外侧处十指交叉,-是这样做没错吗? -没错 ,现在请想象脚后跟要贴到肚脐的感觉,把脚往里拉,想象它们要贴在一起,老师 脚后跟和肚脐不想贴在一起怎么办?,贴不到的 是贴不到的 ,只是感觉它们会贴到 ,吓我一跳 我还以为脚后跟要贴到肚脐呢 吓死我了,现在各位要从吊床上站起来,比起刚刚蜷缩时 现在站起来,-更需要抓住重心 -好的,-会晃得很厉害的 -好的 ,用腿把吊床两侧的翅膀展开 ,把右脚放进右侧翅膀 把左脚放进左侧翅膀 ,老师 右侧翅膀在哪里?,右手就是右侧 ,左手就是左侧 ,然后把双脚往两边打开 ,所以要怎么做?,啊 这样子吗?,有点像是回到妈妈肚子里的感觉诶,没错 这个姿势叫胎儿式 ,就是在妈妈子宫里的样子 ,嘤嘤,现在脚掌可以踩在吊床上对吧?,是的,现在请试着抓住面前吊床的高处,抓住高处 ,抓住两边后 把屁股抬起来 ,但不要立马尝试站起来,请试试先把膝盖放低,像这样把我们的屁股抬起来,想象成跪着的姿势就好,like this? ,是的 没错 就是这样 ,我成功了 ,OK 我差不多成功了,老师 这样对吗?,-我看不见了 -这个人好奇怪啊 ,我看不见前面了 ,-膝盖要这样放才行 -我看不见前面了 ,哎哟 我们宝宝开心啦?,行了 ,扑腾扑腾?,现在我们要开始学习最基本的动作 ,这个动作叫做花仙子式 ,怎么...好晃啊 ,像这样,-大家背后有吊床对吧? -是的,现在请再次拇指朝下,抓住两侧,两只手都要抓住后面吗?,是的 没错 ,接着请把胸和肚子依靠在前面的吊床上,把头向后倒 ,胸和肚子往前面靠 ,这样子吗?,-对的 没错 现在把头向后倒 -这样子吗? ,没错 这样子 ,您做得很好 ,得做成这样 像这样 ,老师 我的一只脚掉出来了,老师 我的一只脚掉出来了,一只脚掉出来了? ,请用胸口去推面前的吊床,请往前推,喔 没错 HUENINGKAI做得很好,-Oh yeah -很好 ,现在请抓住前面吊床的高处,用脚踩住 从原地站起来,Yeah bro,用脚踩住站起来 ,-这样子 -踩住 ,请大家多多疼爱我们YEONJUN哥,您成功了 ,现在左手还是一直抓住吊床 ,把右手转过来之后请看向镜子,请保持把腋窝挂在吊床上,现在把左脚从前面拿出来,像我们刚才做的一样,怎么回事? ,怎么回事?,回去 ,现在左脚从前面,拿出来了对吧? ,接着从前往后踩住就结束了 ,但我现在脚下好像被缠住了 您能帮我解开吗? ,我的胯感觉要抽筋了 ,您做得很好,不要挪开肩膀 我来给大家展示一下,但我觉得应该都会做得很好 大家都还挺柔软的吧?,嗯?,并不是的,这样抓住吊床之后,请试着尽量把腿张开 ,什么?,我们要不要,跳过这个动作啊? ,不张到这么开也行,只张这么开就好,屁股不能掉出来 ,哎哟 真是... ,老师,不能用腿站着 得把腿张开 把屁股抬起来 ,把屁股再抬起来一点,很好 ,真是够夸张的 ,老师 这样对吗?,喔 对的 ,-没错吗? -您现在的姿势非常漂亮 ,真的吗?,现在请把两边的翅膀展开 ,♪ I believe I can fly,可是腿要怎么张开啊?,您现在这样已经很不错了,啊 是吗?,像我们刚才在里面做过的一样,像蝴蝶式一样 再把膝盖往两边弯曲,-肩膀不要动 -肩膀不动 ,-这样子吗? -对的 非常好 ,做得非常好 ,把膝盖稍微包住一点 ,我的膝盖被卡住了呢,我的膝盖怎么会被卡住了呢?,-喔 好了 -做得很好 ,啊!等一下,我的胯抽筋了,你抽筋了吗?喵 (韩语“抽筋”与“老鼠”发音相近),-喵 -喵,喵 ,喔 您做得很好,然后我们刚才 ,不是练习了花仙子式嘛,那个是花仙子式吗?,对的 我们现在要做这个姿势了 ,这个姿势需要用上很多腹部的力量,现在大家腋窝都在吊床后面对吧?,对的,请用手抓住它,-这样吗? -腋窝旁边的吊床,-需要用一点力哦 -好的 ,请用手抓住吊床 把它带到前面来 ,-抓住吊床往前面拉吗? -对的 请往前面拉,怎么做到把这个拉到前面去?,抓住靠着的吊床 ,-往前面一拉就行 -哇 怎么做到的? ,老师 我拉不出来诶 ,不行了 我得用上两只手的力气了,-把后面的… -这里 在这里,老师 我成功了,-老师 我成功了 -你是怎么做到的? ,我站起来了一点 站起来扯比较简单 ,老师 我成功了 ,是的 没错 就是这样的 ,哇 所以叫花仙子式啊,一直在飞呢 ,这样子 ,请拉到前面展开 ,大家都把吊床展开了吧?那么接下来 ,请用十指牢牢抓住吊床 ,然后在头顶上这样并拢 ,胸口往前倾 ,♪ 即使心痛 ,-什么啊? -是这样吗?老师 ,是这样吗?,喔 对的 没错 ,可以的话不要把手肘勾在里面 把手肘拿出来,别勾住手肘吗? ,-对的 -那感觉会往前面栽诶 ,要是觉得会往前栽,那就需要腹部使劲 帮助抓住重心 ,这样子吗?,是的 没错,哇 真是要疯了 ,很舒展对吧?肩膀 胸部 骨盆都舒展开了 ,只有强者才能在空中瑜伽上生存下来,做得很好 ,现在回到里面去 ,把我包住,现在再回到里面去了,各位进去稍微休息一会,我来展示后续的动作,然后我们现在,要升级一下,Oh 不要升级 要降级 Let's go...,我们重新站起来,我站不起来诶 ,让吊床靠在骨盆上 ,然后把左脚抬起来 从前往后转一圈,这样右腿就会被缠起来 ,我就学到这里了,要抓住哪里站起来啊?老师,请把手再转到后面 抓住吊床站起来 ,哇 我觉得…,我觉得好难为情 老师 ,为什么?您做得很好啊,谢谢老师,站起来之后要怎么做? ,是不是要把身体转一圈?,请站起来 ,OK 我做不到 ,他在干嘛? ,现在试着只抓住左侧的吊床高处,老师 这样子吗?,是的 没错,抓住左侧吊床高处后,请把身体稍微往左边倾斜一

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TWICE "What is Love?" Dance Video

TWICE "What is Love?" Dance Video

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