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Violet Myers on How Her 💩 Fetish Made Her Go Virallet's talk about the day that you were,on the no j


Updated on Jan 15,2023

Violet Myers on How Her 💩 Fetish Made Her Go Viral

let's talk about the day that you were,on the no jumper podcast i recall it,being like a weekend,it was yeah i think it was a weekend,like a saturday because i remember there,being really bad traffic,i mean it's always traffic but,that area specifically there was a lot,of traffic and you pulled up on melrose,and we did an interview kiki yep,kiki,was there,later i would go on to argue with her on,freshman fit yeah that was funny and uh,i don't know you did an interview which,to me it seemed like a good interview it,was cool i like doing everything but i,didn't expect that it would become this,thing that like goes viral every six,months,can you recall what happened for the,audience who has maybe not seen that i,think that for a lot of people they,liked her and it was their first time,seeing her and so that was part of it,but i think the thing that put it over,the top was for sure when she said she,wanted to get pooped on yeah,what do you remember saying here and was,this a plan to go viral or this was just,you being real i'm going to be honest,kiki and i were like we gotta say the,dumbest ,but we were also like really high so,like you know when you're high you're,very comfortable you're like chill so,when we said that we were i was i really,did not expect that to go viral because,it was just some dumb we were,saying but we were like let's just say,like what we talk about on our normal,day you just kept with it like you just,kept saying yeah that's what i like i'm,into it i haven't actually seen it but i,feel like i would at some point start,laughing especially if i was high and,being like just kidding,yeah she said i'm kind of down like i,was asking you said i was asking my,agent about the other day like can you,book me a poop shoot mm-hmm yeah because,i remember like when i was,i was still new like a month in and then,my agent was like you gotta do some,crazy like to stand out and i was,like damn like,well you know, fetish is a thing you know it just,beca i really became popular after i,feel like i said that because people,like out the floodgates were like oh my,god i have that too but i'm usually so,ashamed i was like that's interesting,do you really have that fetish or were,you just kind of saying like maybe i,would be into that like i felt like you,weren't really being super serious i was,like half serious but then the other,half was like,also joking because kiki and i had a,thing where,i don't know what it is where we would,just like track our poops like to see if,we were like like,you know,regular yeah,track your poops like you have a little,group chat where you're just going back,and forth and poop no like oh we took i,choose like her and i would be like damn,i took the biggest this morning so,it was just an insider between us too,like it was just,it wasn't a fetish and more of it was,just more of like we just ate so much, yeah the other day and that now,we're just pooping it like it was,it was very comfortable talking about,like her and i very close friends if,you're that close with somebody for sure,you could end up talking about that,because like if i were to do anything,outside of the norm which is for me yeah,i poop in the morning,sometimes i'll poop again after i eat,breakfast yeah that's that's me for the,day,if i was gonna have like a four poop day,yeah i would probably tell you,you should invite me to the bathroom,check this out,no that was her night because she'll be,like dude look at this huge like,and i would have run it i'll be like,dude that's huge and then like,flush it obviously so obviously after,this comes out okay you get all the scat,porn fans yeah following you and,messaging you they were just so,comfortable with me because i just made,it so public,and like i was saying earlier like even,rappers were like yo like on me and,i was like that's interesting like i,just said it like blatantly didn't think,i was gonna go viral but you know what i,did tell my agent that i was like you,know what i think i would get on,like you know just because,um sorry that was that's just like the,craziest thing because i wasn't into,gangbangs or anal at the time so i was,like on just some you know like,preparations and i also remember,what was i saw um i saw a movie and they,mentioned that and i was like damn that,sounds lit but did you ever end up doing,it no no i didn't end up no because you,had to go to germany you don't have to,though well now,yeah you do have to like i don't know,there's people like there's this guy who,offered me ten thousand dollars to ,on him like,and he i i i was like in the us he's,like yeah i'm like are you isn't that,illegal but i guess there's loopholes i,don't think it's illegal i think you,just can't sell it because the credit,cards,right don't allow you to have he has his,own site too right because there's a,there are guys on twitter who post tons,of poo porn i was just talking about it,with this girl the other day about how,that is allowed you can post it on,twitter for

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Showing H3NT@! to VIOLET MYERS (Again)

Showing H3NT@! to VIOLET MYERS (Again)

oh what is this,this is my uh my ash tray,actually smash it flip it,you need that,the only thing is is that so,the things i've been using do you smoke,on string,yeah i'm not doing it right now,but you can smoke on the street i,don't know but i've been getting away,with it so far,but these have been too thick,to fit in a little slit but,you know what's your preferred kind of,way to smoke i don't know,i just be smoking like indica,sativa hybrid i mean i feel like for me,it helps to have like something to like,slow my brain down because i'd be always,having a ,i don't know like if i'm not doing,anything and i'm just sitting i can't,sit still like my brain has to be doing,something i'm too chill that's why i,don't smoke,like right now everyone already thinks,i'm high,so if i was saying so if i was to smoke,weed i don't even want to meet myself,i mean i'm it's funny you used to not be,the pothead,and i would be i know like i would just,like i would take i would take one with,one hit or something and you'd be like,oh god i'm high as and i'm,violently looking,and we're like i'm not even high now i'm,like yo like i get second hand smoke i,act weird oh yeah i don't want to get my,second hand no you're good he smokes in,front of me all the time,you want to try to hit it it's like at,the beginning you have to like really,like just like inhale the because,it's like,tough um,i haven't worked out in a week,so let me see so last i don't even know,how long it was i'm assuming it was at,least a year ago we did a video,where we i guess we just looked at,hentai or something,and um,so,this is our i guess our part two of,just,we know we could do instead of we can't,show anything we could just like like,find like what's like a crazy like,suggestions in the comments i haven't,even looked at anything in a while i,don't even know but like look at some of,the like crazier like just hentai like,plots or scenarios like how in like,euphoria they be ,and you know,what's okay guys what's up,what's like a really like,i don't know something inside that,you're just like we gotta look at this,or something i don't know i think yeah i,haven't watched any hentai lately i mean,for one video i did actually for my for,my only friends,i did like watch like a hentai in the,video just because i wanted to i wanted,it to be a part of the scene because i,did copy somebody's,only friend's video so i was like she,she was watching henty in the video so i,was like,let me look up some henty and then,it was just generic like boring,boy girl stuff it wasn't like monsters,oh that oh that's right so you you'd be,you'd be like beneath the monsters yeah,guarino the goblins the orcs some like,um goblin slayer ,monkey,i work you know what i'm saying,really,yeah i'm like a lady orc a lady or yeah,she probably got like horns on her,coochie and oh that sounds painful,it's like having teeth in the vagina hey,man look,a little bit of a little bit of a little,bit of traction going in you know what,i'm saying i,you want to work,no,no,them little shits are ugly oh no that's,those okay like we got the goblins right,it was like the little tiny goblins and,then like you know like in kroyno right,where she was getting like capital h by,the the orcs,yeah the big ones yeah,or or there was i don't know it reminds,me of shrek,you want shrek,honestly yeah,i'm sure there's probably,but just like just i don't know just i,feel like,i can't tell if it's big or small,there's probably there there's probably,shrek's dick size there's probably shrek,hentai,but we should really google shrek's dick,size i did that with anime characters,all right let's see,specifically dick size bro remember when,he woke up in shrek 2 he was all,handsome and he woke up with two ,i was like yo he for sure,yeah are you typing whatever what are,you trying to search,this i actually look up for real i,found out kakashi is eight inches,well oh like there's like official,adventures you know why not you know why,sasuke why is there why is there an,article for this,the length of shrek's penis,how do you have,urban dictionary,we're actually googling shrek stick size,you guys,lord farquaad okay this is real look,this is real this is on reddit yes for,sure,click to swear,what's the picture,right there click to see not safe for,work can they see that no,so last night i was watching strike and,find myself okay it's safe wait,oh i was just like i wanted to see what,was what was the not safer work uh,what was underneath it wait,okay,there's that was this fan fiction what,is this,lord lord farquaad's penis size so last,night i feel like lord fart oh right,here look i don't know he's two and he's,2.63 inches,his penis damn,that's who he was i doubt that like i,feel like he has,he's he's still even though he's tiny,short no,but,he looks like he has short man syndrome,and you know he might,compensate remember in shrek he's like,he had a big cast on shrek in the,beginning of the when he went to lord,parkwood's castle was like shre

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people,what's up we have today violet myers who,is a verified porn star on pornhub she,is up for three pornhub awards all three,of violet's nominations are from her,massive popularity on the iconic site,she is currently ranked in the top 20,and has over 201 million video views and,302 000 subscribers,one of the most searched subscribed and,liked performers on the site her love of,anime and cosplay also led her to start,her own youtube channel when she's not,working for a major adult studio or,filming content for her only fans and,clip stores you will find her shooting,for her youtube channel working on her,influencer status modeling clothes,appearing in music videos and enjoying,the finest in anime and of course,adopting cats violet what's up how you,doing i'm doing great thank you how are,you doing i'm doing good i always love,the guests that ask me i say this all,the time normally i ramble a whole lot,about you and then i say,what's up how you doing they just go,yeah i'm cool and they don't ask about,me so thank you i am also good,we have a lot to talk about um,you know,you have a very unique job in a probably,a very unique life and i i shouldn't say,job because much like you i do a whole,lot i'm i'm a soccer player we we run,this other youtube business we do some,stuff with languages and all this other,stuff you know,so,to give us some background,can you please tell us how one gets to,this point what does this how how do we,get here why here,why is violet top 20 in pornhub,how does this happen um you know it all,starts with you know being a viewer,i grew up kind of like not i didn't grow,up watching it but like you know i was,always curious,and i love this fantasy of just being a,porn star i remember just being in,college,i was torn on what i wanted to do,because originally i was in school for,clinical psychology but,i've always been really,a very sexual person so,i always thought this was like the,perfect industry for me you know i was i,started off doing webcaming and going to,school,and i wanted to bring my audience,i wanted to broaden my audience and get,bigger in the cam world and so i started,doing adult i just made a tweet saying i,wanted to be a porn star,i got recruited,and then ever since then ever since 2018,i've really been,doing this,it all started because i just,wanted to gain more followers and a,following on yeah okay so it starts with,a tweet you send out a tweet let's let's,let's details on this you sent out a,tweet said i want to be a porn star a,lot of people,say a lot of stuff on twitter and it,doesn't end up in them becoming a,massively you know,uh popular porn star so after that,happens,you go to your first shoot or you say,you get recruited like yeah i go over,tell me what this is like because this,is not different this is gonna be a,whole lot different than i'm at what's,that like it's so different like usually,you can just put in an application just,like a porn companies or to work with or,whatever,but i was just tweeting like i want to,be a porn star just you know i didn't,think anybody was going to see it and,then my agent his recruiter that he had,people recruiting on social media,and sexy jobs uh he found me on twitter,just normal girl just on twitter i used,to post like sexy things on my twitter,so maybe that's kind of what helped me,but,no he just found me he was like hey um,get on a call with me,let's talk and this was like a verified,porn star like he had he he was helping,my agent at the time,so that's pretty much how he discovered,me and like it it was like a four-hour,phone call with me and my mom we were,just making sure everything was legit,and then the next day i flew to florida,and started my career wow okay,how quickly,to have this meteoric rise and i mean,there's got to be a huge difference,between what you were doing when you,first started and what you do now,because when you have success in any,field you start to be able to choose you,can kind of kind of make some more rules,about what you do when you do all these,sort of things so,at the beginning it had to have been,like all right do i just do this because,it's what i got to do,you always seem to have had the vision,in place are you at a place now where,you're basically,okay i i feel like i'm running i'm,running the like i,i know what's up,you know or how did that i'm more,curious about like this day-to-day,process also of you know,what do you do when like how let's let's,go back let's go back since i'm rambling,on about all this stuff what is a normal,shoot day like for a porn star like you,wake up in the morning you're like i,gotta get my cheerios in you treat it,like a game,gotta work out like how does that work,well we do call ourselves sexual,athletes because you know having sex is,a sport really like you're getting a lot,of cardio in so,um my normal day usually is i'll get a,call time so usually they're in between,like eight to nine am sometimes even,seven a.m so i have to wake up like at 5,30 to wake

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hey guys it's Carmen Karma and I'm here,with Lila Myers and we wanted to bring,you guys something a little different,for our YouTube today so we're gonna do,a fact,or have cat Factor cap so basically I,went and I post on Twitter to let me,know what you guys want to know about,the adult industry and you know what,kind of stereotypes or questions you,might have we are here to answer all of,your questions and let you know if it's,Factor cap I've seen a little bit on,Twitter and these are going to be some,juicy ones yeah so I have I picked the,eight best ones that I thought were the,best so you want to hear them yeah I'm,ready I'm ready let's see let's debunk,these questions all right so the first,one should we like put up the flag what,we think it is can we do it let's see,finding someone to date as an adult,industry is hard,yeah it is hard yeah I feel like okay so,my explanation is I actually found like,someone so I've been married for eight,years and I did find someone regular,dude like totally understands like my,job is my job he's not a performer,anything and like totally respects it I,can be honest but all my friends are out,there struggling like they have to,either date a performer and then yeah,there's like jealousy if it's not a,performer so I do I'm saying fact,because I do know that it is really hard,out there yeah I know I'm in a,relationship too for like one and a half,years now oh yeah and it was really hard,finding a like an actual genuinely nice,person that sees me more than a,performer is he a performer no no he's a,regular guy like he works a regular job,and everything see you guys watching,this one day maybe you'll be with the,porn star yeah,and you know because like most as long,as you're okay with then you have,confidence in yourself because my dude,isn't insecure yeah that's the one thing,that people are like how can someone,date Someone Like You It's like because,they're you know they're not insecure,they're we're working we're co-workers,yeah it's not like we're all the,time yeah no yeah it's like it's hard to,find that guy though like it has to be a,guy with the right mindset like so many,guys like ridicule my husband is known,as the king of the Sims like people make,YouTube videos about him like how can he,be with this horrible woman like she's, all these dudes but he's like so,chilly he's like that's her job and he,joins in too right yeah sometimes,sometimes like I'll invite him to like,do some content with other girls so he,gets to have some fun too yeah but you,know and like I do a lot of scenes with,him personally and I tried to work with,other girls but for the most part he's,just he's chilling yeah my boyfriend too,but yeah it's the same thing too like he,doesn't really mind as long as I don't,talk about it in my our personal,conversation if I have like a bad day,I'll mention it but yeah I'll be like,that dick was bald,he's like you know you're a little too,honest so I I overshare but you guys,been together for eight years yeah you,guys are comfortable yeah so I would say,fact though because I do know it is hard,it's hard yeah it's hard out there can,go to Subs I hate people I know kicking,up the sense there's a whole video with,this photo as a thumbnail and then it,says King of The Sims underneath and,they're all just making fun of him oh,well your your boy your husband should,be my boyfriend my boyfriend goes to the,safety yeah oh no that's hard up there,okay number two,male talents take stimulants to stay,hard,100 big facts yeah big facts like I,don't know anyone who doesn't Lucas,Frost he's natural like a guys will say,they're natural oh you screaming yeah,okay I've heard of him I haven't ,him but I mean I feel like most okay so,I've worked at this one dude once and we,set up the camera just like in front of,us while we like went to like have sex,or whatever and we left the camera,rolling and he was like can you go grab,me some water we were like shooting at,his house and I ran to like his like,kitchen to get him water and it came,back like nothing I didn't think,anything had that he must have not known,that thing was still rolling because as,soon as I walked out the room when I was,editing the footage he ran and grabbed,some pills and he's like taking some,pills like the gas station pills I don't,know what it was it was like a bottle of,pills so I'm assuming it was like,something for a stick because he was,struggling,but I feel like most guys take something,yeah like I would say they either shoot,their dick or they take pills some of,them take gas station pills Viagra,whatever it is yeah because the pressure,is on them yeah I think we have like I I,see I think I have an easier job than,yeah we can lay back we could we could,lose yeah okay guys they have to stay,harder for hours it's really hard to be,a guy porn star I would agree with that,because if they not too quick the scene,is pretty much like they can get you,know gonna be problems if they can't nut,there's gonna be pr

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Violet Myers Goes Shopping For Sneakers At CoolKicks

Violet Myers Goes Shopping For Sneakers At CoolKicks

you see this we call these hipster,shoes she said hipster shoes what's your,favorite style jordan once like one's,just of course typical answer what about,yeezys i don't like easy you like easy's,not the 350s what about the slippers,i love the size you gotta have she gotta,have his slippers that's what i'd be,wearing oh not not today but slippers,are my go-to you're gonna show her,yeezys yeah right no,she was lying on these though yeah,that's one of the best shoes travis,scott,on the curve it's called lowe's the,fragment ones,one of my favorites oh yeah you got them,all right now,can't go wrong with some travis carlos,what's how she wear,she's at five and a half we got it right,yeah smaller foot base size section what,about did you show the traffic statistic,how many pair of shoes you got many,collections for sure i have more than 20,shoes 20 more than 20. oh damn uh,low-key hypebeast then yeah i do i but i,always wear slides so i wear no sneakers,but i just wear slides what about,clothing-wise are you like supreme and,babe the hypebeast brands or not just,hoodies just kidding yeah but i'm not,really until like i'm like fashion over,girls though shout out fashion nova,shout out,this is my favorite go-to shoe,what do you think,do you think he'll with these i,don't have that clothes i have those,just in the description,with your um shirt right now yeah these,are like casual so drones are these like,straps like stripes on them yeah that's,how it came,i've seen these before i have seen those,before how would i style this though,i couldn't tell you uh,it looks better on a girl's feet though,really yeah the guy looks weird ,i've seen kanye wear these with like,jeans and they look good no like,somebody can do it,at home and just chilling right like,slippers i would not take those out in,public,i wanna know our honest opinion on these,shoes but i always ask people,what do you think about these,they're just so ugly,they're just like i don't even know like,how i would wear them it has to be a,certain person that can pull these off,they just look like spider cloths like, like swimming shoes that's what it,reminds me of like a nice stylish,swimming shoe,it's not for me some water those are,clean personal favorite i like this,style they use a 700 yeah these are like,these they do specific shape do you have,any color ways of these yet or not i,only have the black ones i don't i want,the kiwis or like the white and gray one,nope i have the wavelength,those two the wavelengths and these are,pretty popular too it's kind of the 700,style but this style i don't know if,you've seen this i have seen these yeah,i would like to add that to my list,there's no laces so you don't have to,worry about shoes i don't know how to,tie shoes,it works out for me,i've been wanting those so i'll probably,get those so this size sticks we're,going to stash,just once in general,you got it,you got it all the way to the top that's,why what i tend to do is like keep it,like what he did i called the loose,booty i had to put these all the way to,the top to see how my laces hang out a,little bit but yeah i could just put all,the way to the top because left shoe,probably because it's so the left shoe,is only in here i'm sorry,do y'all do that for a certain reason,yeah we just put the right shoes on,display so all the rights are on display,i was my mom as a kid used to always,tell me try on the right foot,even with that if i wasn't wearing this,top,i'm probably not everybody in the feed,you ain't seeing toes today sorry yeah,they ain't wanna shoot people defeat,people,a shame,okay so they just slip on,comfy,yeah they're nice,workouts,a good workout shoot oh it's a workout,shirt i do,i don't do it cause with weights with,this then again you do be working on,everything i've seen you work out some,usc,i mean yeah i work on everything the way,i tell people when life is short why are,you gonna have a couple thousand our,shoe in your closet when you can rock it,all right,those who don't wear their shoes,for the camera right now i want you to,see jordan ones for the world,yeah because i wear like scrunchies yeah,yeah,so,100 definitely yeah thank you this is,crazy,so you would definitely go with the pink,laces oh yeah for sure i i love the off,colored ones i was worried these weren't,going to fit no they're not,yeah these are good,those are good,that's probably the shoe of the last two,twins right here,these are cute,probably,to get those yeah,easy you gotta get those yeah cause like,the like i said i core these with jeans,i usually don't get lows to be honest,why not uh because,i just don't like the ankle like you,could see the ankle um it's just kind of,awkward with the sock but,i guess highs are just a standard but,there's only certain lows i will give,yeah,and these are exceptions i know,especially because a lot of people i,collect sneakers so they're like how do,you know how the travis is so,they never have my size so i'll probably,i'll get these i broke y

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Do You Want to Get into the "Corn Industry"?

Do You Want to Get into the "Corn Industry"?

this video,is a long time coming you guys every day,i get so many messages from people like,how do i become a corn star i want to be,a corn star this or not this little,little the list of messages it honestly,goes on and on i'm gonna make a video,because i want everyone to feel safe and,like really think about why they want to,do it i've been in this for like four,years now i'm gonna be four years in,september i'm gonna give you guys some,advice and what to do how to do it how,to become successful,in it and how i got started so how i got,started was originally i was a cam girl,and so i was broke college student i,used to work a normal job and then i was,like it i'm gonna do i'm gonna do,corn and you know let's see where it,goes from there i didn't really think i,was gonna,do it long term i just wanted to do it,because like i said i just wanted to,have more fans in my room so i tweeted,out that like a bunch of times i want to,be a star i want to be a corn star and,then eventually i got recruited so this,is very popular with a lot of people too,like a lot of girls mainly we get,recruited or they find it through other,websites but i just got recruited and,then here i am now violet myers how did,can you get started so,what i would suggest is going on google,which sounds crazy but looking up porn,agencies so i'm gonna do it right now,okay so when you type it in like all,these agencies come up atmla fox,modeling,oc modeling that's my agent the porn,agency i never heard of them um i,wouldn't recommend them no offense i,never heard of them the east coast,talents models next level agency,like those are a few that i see on,google that come up but the best way to,see what's the best for you is just,going on the website seeing their talent,roster if you see any familiar faces,then most likely they're legit they're,not gonna ask you to do like a tryout,video i remember when i was first,getting started this person wanted me to,wanted me to meet them in some random, warehouse in audition to like be,a porn star like there's cornstarch,there should,you shouldn't have to audition honestly,that's a red flag that you should look,out for,also there's a like there's a saying,like you have to do gay corn to like get,in but honestly that's not true at all,like i know a lot of guys who started,with straight,corn and if that's your thing then go,ahead do the gay stuff but if that's not,your thing then look for those agents,that have a bunch of smell talent in,their roster like my agent lucy modeling,they have a lot of guys in the roster,and a lot of them are big performers,that are contracted i shoot a lot i know,hussey models has a lot of guys too,those are just two that i know of i know,they probably get a lot of guys like,saying i want to be a porn i want to be,a corn star i have a huge dick it's not,about like if you're in it because you,want to have sex with like,us um you won't make it far if you,are curious and you think you have the,talent then obviously you could do it,the thing with that is being new it can,be intimidating ignore the fact that,there's like 20 not 20 but i'm being,exaggerative but like 5 to 10 people,watching you what made me get over,is the fact that that's their job like,they don't care they see your butthole,they're not gonna give a like it's,their job their job is just to film you,take care of you on set and that's it,like they're not judging you whatsoever,i think that's the first thing because a,lot of people get really nervous or like,if you're a fan of somebody and you're,working with them don't tell them you're,fat like i feel like most agencies don't,tell the guys that but me when a guy,comes to me on set i mean i personally,don't care but i know some girls they,they don't like that i say start off,with twitter grow your page to get a,certain amount of followers if you have,a partner shoot with them,if you guys want me to do,a more detailed video let me know in the,comments because it's a lot of work,being of course start a lot of people,are like you just open your legs but,it's like,you gotta make a brand which is like,your name you gotta create a stage name,that you think is gonna fit you,you have to be careful with who you,shoot with just wanna give you guys like,an introduction video start so you guys,can write down the comments,what you want me to answer because i'm,trying to think but it's kind of hard,because i don't know what you guys want,me to answer like if this is like your,serious profession let me know and i'll,like ask my guy friends too who are in,the industry what kind of advice can,they give you so yeah you guys um let me,know in the comments below this is a,short video but i just wanted to get,like a little start so i can make this a,series maybe ask other performers too,what advice they would give you guys or,whatever,but yeah i'll see you guys in the next,video

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These 2 Girls Pulled Up And Got RIDICULOUSLY Raunchy

These 2 Girls Pulled Up And Got RIDICULOUSLY Raunchy

you don't like hearing yourself it was,freaking you out,oh you guys you guys you do the,beatboxing thing I'm gonna be honest,with you I did a lot of beatboxing in,the eighth grade that kind of thing I,think you do know you just aren't in,touch with your own wishes yeah I felt,like if I sat in a room and actually,tried I'd probably be able to if you,worked at it yeah I feel like if almost,everybody worked out it or if you went,to it like some sort of be boxing coach,tutor that was your first attempt at a,cymbal wow that was amazing hey can I,tell you guys what happened yesterday,when we had some strippers on stream,well first up were having a lot of fun,they seemed like they were gonna be,great fun for the evening or whatever,they seemed like you know they saw,pictures and my girlfriend that wanted,to hang out I told my girlfriend hey,these girls are trying to hang out my,girl looked at him she was like okay,they're cute I'll come through she comes,through but basically by the time she,got here one of the girls was puking her,guts out into the toilet and they blamed,me - they're like why'd you buy all this,Hennessy I'm like just because I bought,the Hennessy didn't mean that you had to,drink such a large percentage of it -,shots alcohol like do you think doing,alcohol is cool your wine huh yeah,really like two glasses and a few boys,you want to be able to go up to the club,with girls and stuff but they take two,shots and they're done so you,got to take him home and put him to bed,and then like take two shots at drink,some juice a lot of girls in Hollywood,and are not eating enough that's a,fact so then they get like two shots in,them and they're done because,they got no bread to hold on to the,alcohol busy to even eating you,forgetting you go home you go to sleep,like it happened listen I'm pretty damn,busy but I still wake up every day and I,eat the same thing I eat four,eggs and like three pieces of bacon and,then time goes by during coffee i order,salad and then from there I could have,whatever for dinner but I always eat the,same same breakfast and lunch pretty,much that's all you think about I see,you got some pizza right there and you,said that little yachty recommended it,no I mean like I saw it on his Twitter,that this was like a really good place,to go eat it okay yeah honest to god he,has a pretty like valid opinion on pizza,cuz it's all right no but Louie bazi and,if you're like this nephew watches like,our snapchats we're always they're like,pizza really yes where's that it off law,so less in Florida so you guys are,office living this crazy ass Florida,lifestyle like your name in restaurants,I never heard of them and I know,something's wrong everything yeah he,went to Italia Italia like this man is,AG with his pizza right they're gonna be,mad because they can't really see boobs,because of the pizza bugs not saying,that that means you need to move it or,anything I'm just saying a little lift,thing on the side that you can,experiment with if you want it slow,though no elevate yourself and then,press it if you wanted to move up also,yes how bad it is chairs our chairs are,trash,you got it you gotta take the weight off,the chair just like that all of a sudden,we've got under boobs hey we never,thought underboob,yes nipples I just got my titties done,oh really those nipples yeah in,comparison to what did this start out,bad or did he through some D's on that, wait so is this a big decision,yeah,I was so excited though like I didn't,give a it was for my personal like,for me it wasn't for your porn career no,oh oh yeah of course most definitely I,wanted to like enhancing my body I don't,go when nobody thinks about,enhancement or it's my personal decision,hmm like who cares gosh okay I feel like,it's a thing in the porn world those,like if when you start out they don't,want to see you change yeah but it's a, trend everybody's doing it now,it's like getting boobs,yeah it's fans like I totally get it,it's like if I got fake boobs they would,be so hurt if I got a breast reduction,they would be so hair cuz they're in,love with what you got going on right,now they love you for you you know right,and then you know they'll accept you if,well how long have you both been in the,game so apparently a while so it kind of,helped a little what mean was it there's,two so the first one I would I just,posted on Twitter but like I didn't,realize that my agent was in the back of,the photo so when I get when I posted on,Twitter I captions it as Alexa played,and loved no thought ease uh-huh and,then black Twitter went in and they,retweeted it it was on Instagram,Facebook it was really great but what so,what was the meme though it was me was,that the guy was funny in the background,okay,so I was like shirtless in both the,pictures one of them my titties was out,but like the nipple like emojis were,covering the nipples and the second one,was I was like holding my boobs together,but my agent was creeping on the back,photo and yo

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Violet Myers: Average D*cks, Anime & Hooking Up With Fans

Violet Myers: Average D*cks, Anime & Hooking Up With Fans

holly randall unfiltered is brought to,you by manscaped,father's day is just around the corner,and i have the perfect gift idea for you,the perfect package of 4.0 from,manscaped for 20 off of your purchase,plus free shipping go to,and use code holly that's 20 off plus,free shipping at and use,code holly,down,hello everybody welcome back to holly,randle unfiltered today my guest is a,real life hentai girl known for her love,of anime and cosplay and she's actually,going to teach me all about anime today,because i don't know ,she's a youtuber a twitch streamer and,most recently signed a contract with the,very prestigious brand,vixen,please welcome violet myers hi guys i'm,excited to be on the show i'm so excited,to have you here thank you so much for,coming,i've been waiting to do this so i'm glad,really yeah yeah that always surprises,me when people say that no i'm surprised,like when my when erica texted me she,was like do you want to do the hollywood,show i'm like yes do like i'm like does,she know who i am she's like yeah i'm,like oh my god like i would love to wow,oh god go on what else,i love it when the episode starts about,me but anyways we'll talk about you,instead yeah no um i mean how could i,not know who you are you're all online,you're a meme,yeah which is kind of kind of how you,like blew up right yes yes that's i you,know we were just talking about this,like i don't even know how memestar or,like the dumbest things like that you'll,never think about go viral and i'm just,like okay that's what people want then i,guess yeah and like the stuff that i,want to go viral doesn't i know i know,the internet's such a weird thing it is,yeah so,tell me,explain to our listeners um what,specifically like the meme is,yeah i took this photo like,in 2018 and i guess i never realized he,was in the photo i was just like oh my,god this is a good picture like i'm,gonna upload it on twitter and i guess,like my agent was in the background it,looked like he was creeping inside like,to look at me while i was taking a,topless photo,but,that's,that went viral and i didn't even,realize it until i uploaded and,someone's like who's that in the,background i was like oh my god like,my agent's in the background but little,did i know like that would go so viral,like even,it was on instagram it was like weird,and the meme was um,about like like saying that he was your,dad creeping in the background yeah like,there was like she's that's her sugar,daddy that's her uncle that's her dad,like it was there were so many like,people were just assuming and i just i,didn't even like,tell people who it was i just kind of,made it yeah it seemed like yeah yeah,that's funny i think that just speaks to,like,everybody's greatest you know,a lot of men's like fear that like their,daughters would like end up getting into,the adult industry,but you have a big family who's very,supportive of what you do right yeah,they're really they're really chill,about it i i don't really like talk,about it too much like with any job like,my mom doesn't come to me but oh my god,i hate my job like no like or i had this,problem at work like you know like with,any other job you know some things i,keep personal some things i like to talk,about and when i did mention to my mom,that i was going to join like,my whole family is open-minded so when i,was approaching to her about the,conversation of me getting into the,industry she was like um why why out of,everything you can do like because i was,going to college for clinical psychology,so wow yeah she was like that's like so,random but i was a webcam girl before so,she was kind of like okay then that's,fine like i used to cam on chatterbait,and she was she bought me like it was,just so funny but she bought me like my,first dildo so,like she paid for it because i didn't,really have that much money when i was,going to school so,my mom's like super open-minded and she,had me when she was super young so,she didn't expect it but she just wanted,to make sure i was going to be safe so,that was her main concern she didn't,worry too much about like me having sex,on camera she just wanted to make sure,that i wasn't going to be like in this,trafficking thing or anything she wanted,to make sure it was legit,first so that's why i had to tell her,because i almost got into a sketchy,situation before i actually got into it,with like a professional,like i was on craigslist i was so,desperate to be a porn star so really i,was on craigslist and i was looking up,like,ads like to join and i remember this,sketchy dude was,like having casting like to like suck,his jig yeah in a good old casting couch,casting couch but like,it was just weird because it was like we,were gonna meet in a,in a like a storage room,i googled the location and it was a,storage room so like that's why i had to,be open with my mom because i didn't,want to get into any situations did you,go meet him no no no luckily like i knew,i was fake and i w

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