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Viking Barbie - Lies ft. Kéta (Official Music Video)you're a hard time like a boombox not in,it to m

Viking Barbie

Updated on Jan 17,2023

Viking Barbie - Lies ft. Kéta (Official Music Video)

you're a hard time like a boombox not in,it to my hot sauce even if I have to,kill you I'll be in it with you in the,casket drops I promise to share and I,mean to scare ya you know what ,nuts,nobody gotta laugh like that you might,want to give you a shot and sleep with,one eye open you might be coming in the,corridor you don't want to see me no,more,better get a restraining order your,house on fire that's a go psycho my soul,liar liar,baby stuff this back you were never,gonna beat my ex try believe I'm going,munchausen ain't play wet food today I'm,gonna make your oatmeal in the morning,inspector wasn't with next you don't,want to put my food,everything go back to Rome into the,black nobody so I know climb Mount you,widen up in a grave,Oh Michael,we plan,is,can't love me if you leave me,can't leave me,can't breathe,don't lie you know you need me reassure,me and subscribe,Hey,tell me

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Viking Barbie - All The Way To the Bank ft.Tech N9ne (Official Music Video)

Viking Barbie - All The Way To the Bank ft.Tech N9ne (Official Music Video)

bank robbers,I'm a man-eater,born leader Grim Reaper have beheaded,everyday,to my haters with just the middle finger,y'all wanna play with me I wouldn't,either,all-american dirtbag white trash off the,me daddy,throwing vector-based working in my wife,Victor Cleaver yeah you know,you've got the fever and I'm runnin,runnin runnin this house with my feet up,Oh,all the way,monster boss sutta I came to slaughter,la marcha Joan of Arc the white,conscious victim at 6:00 yet the ring,I'm Harry Potter look like Harley Quinn,but no joke on brains daughter,everything carbonate worshiped in my,altar body ethereal light cigar trata de,la Vida yeah they're blow water I'm a,giant Goliath my torments the brain,Harvard,Oh,seriously though hey I get the money get,dinner flip that get it from you,now get a grip that sticks yeah nobody's,secure than us we're gonna deliver,enough and flip their to give him,the most checks to quicken the flow,guess when I get to rippin the ,which in the blow tech day it's in the,boat neck we simply go fetch it's a,Bowflex cuz I'm a hell of a rhyme ma,double climbed up and designer nobody be,coming close don't wanna be ripping the,speed up two people behind us you can,find us at the top of the line bra if,you're wicked then climb up I really,love with the 9 bus when I Spit hit your, with the mine cut heard of when I,said I'm washed up negative ,always talking stop stuff but what I had,in me was not luck it was something,telling me get my crops Bob got up,locked up in the studio with the killers,on the block just a kid knocked up with,a lot of pot plus and chicken hella, like I'm like a rock just look,who's laughing and look who's cashed in,and never be tripping because the booty,bass and the boudin rap in the new,blastin is enough away cousin because ii,mean i may consume plated dinner empty,whenever huge,Oh,for

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And for my next crisis I will have a Rebellion - Civ 6 Ottoman

And for my next crisis I will have a Rebellion - Civ 6 Ottoman

hey buddies potato mcwhiskey here and,welcome back to civilization 6 as the,Ottomans where we're gonna be finding,out today whether or not we can do a,little bit of War now where we left off,we've kind of like rebuilt our Empire a,little bit we had a little bit of,trouble we settled a few cities you know,we had a couple of really big disasters,but I think by and large I think we're,in a fairly good position now I did say,at the end of the episode that I was,going to check if culture industry was,going to work now do I want a heartbeat,of steam campuses provide science,adjacency I actually have a decent,amount of campuses I think I need,culture more than I need science so I'm,going to go ahead and take culture,industry here because I need to get to,nationalism in like a more reasonable,time frame right now my current Pace to,nationalism is very very slow we are,going to have Reformed Church though and,I think we do have some options for,culture coming up in the near future so,I would say that generally things are,looking okay I know I think a good would,maybe be a little bit of a stretch but,okay that's kind of that's kind of where,I live you know I'm living in the okay,Zone I think we trade with Tbilisi here,that's 8 0.7 gold it's a little bit,safer coming traded with Congo is better,but it does go through this kind of,spoopy area here so I think I'm going to,go ahead and trade with tablisi because,it's a slightly safer trade route now I,think the main objective here for this,episode is to try to to get ourselves,into a position where a little war is,actually viable that would be the ideal,the ideal outcome the ideal position to,be at the end of this episode is you,know where either Ash war or we're,building the units that we're going to,use in the war now whether or not we get,there that's an entirely different,proposition because right now I'm just,doing a lot of unit stuff right so,there's cartography we do have the cast,of The contracion,I don't have to say this but I don't,think we'll be building this we will be,taking advantage of those fishing boats,that actually gave us a significant,amount of gold per turkey that we have a,ton of fishing boats throughout our,Empire and we will be acquiring more as,the game goes on I think it would be,good to head towards banking the ground,Bazaar I'd like to know a little bit,more I think I'm gonna buy upgrade two,trebuchets,um at Reformed Church so that I can get,the Boost build a university in a city,next to Mountain that is something we,can totally do so let's go ahead and,research Square rigging we're going to,try to upgrade to crossbowmen and,upgrade to trebuchets and build a,university next to a mountain so which,city do I think I could do that in the,fastest it's probably going to be roads,after the amphitheater so that's what,we'll do now Adan has got a little bit,of a loyalty problem that's okay we,could just put Victor in there and when,this city finished its Monument it'll,it'll be in you know pretty good shape,it's growing hard right now it's working,a lot of food which is exactly what we,wanted to be doing more productive tiles,I definitely feel like I need to get a,few Builders over to cuila so let's just,kind of move some builders in that,direction and with cartography we can,actually go across the ocean as this,Barbary course here potentially will,find another continent potentially,people who don't hate my guts who'd be,more willing to trade with me there's,theocracy so theocracy is a pretty,significant upgrade we're going to go,into theocracy and we're going to keep,culture industry in but we're going to,plug in conscription to save money as,well as retainers to give us amenities,and now I'm feeling like I'm in a good,position I think the culture is worth,more than the gold so I think I'm happy,with this I'm not going to plug in merch,you can take out Merchant Confederation,because I need the money more than I,need anything else there's a one-tile,island over here so this is probably the,final phase of the game that we want to,consider potentially building more,settlers if we do find like land that is,viable to settle so we've managed to,complete the campus in Eritrea I think,we need to get these libraries up we,need to get our science up we need to,find a scientific city state if at all,possible which is where this bribery,Corsair comes in It's haunting it's,searching it's seeking nice we have,access to the noises that's two copies,of neuter we have let's go ahead and buy,this fishing tile for the capital boom,give the city even more growth now it's,got a 13 food surplus which is absurd,but I'm totally happy for that and,that'll make pingala scale really nicely,in that City didn't do anything for the,aid request I'm totally okay with that,we managed to build a harbor in a,journey so we go for the lighthouse,because we want the plus one trade route,and additional food on the crabs the,city will grow pretty quickly I'm gonna,keep these two Builders

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Viking Barbie - "Broken Wings" Music Video Watchalong Whatever

Viking Barbie - "Broken Wings" Music Video Watchalong Whatever

oh man,i love this dude this is the best way to,find new music it's like i just i just,pick whatever's new and fresh i don't,know who these people yeah we,legitimately have to keep this format,for the sake of things like these like,we obviously know the bands but then for, like this and the little gems we've,found so far yeah,and we're here another music video watch,along whatever this time,it is,viking,barbie,i don't even know,oh god,the name of the song is broken wings,featuring keita lauren,keatolon,y'all all see the glitz and the glamour,you all know i did not see that coming,didn't see that coming,the majority of the comments,in regards to this video,are either a,about,how good it is musically and creatively,or be,i just can't,there is more effort in this video than,the song,yes or no,no these girls are trying these girls,are both,yeah they're trying,doesn't mean,oh just because i'm sober she's already,sober one music video into her career,i told you she looks like cam anderson,on these shots and she looks like,marilyn monroe,has there been another female rap duo,that i'm missing,well this is a feature so it's not,necessarily a duo,viking barbie's hurt,that is true that is true,i thought they were honestly asking if,there's a lot of white female rappers,that are popular,oh not so much her t-shirt says ,did you notice that,is that an avatar tattoo she asked don't,ignore the question,did you notice that her t-shirt says,khan no i didn't see it,okay,okay,and we learned this from biscuit folks,you can't rhyme a word with the same,word so when she says cross my heart,hope to die there are some nights when i,wish i would die you can't do that,the beat sounds like something that,would have came out in the mid 90s it's,dated oh this is made on reason,give me a reason to continue listening,to this because i don't have one other,than those thighs hello here's here's,the pros there's definitely a look here,there's definitely a look at an,aesthetic these videos are going to give,you some views,they can flow,they can flow,and they're pr i i can only imagine,they're writing their own lyrics and you,know,i'm sure they're going to improve,there's a lot of effort in this video,but i'm thinking there's more effort in,the video than the song,so the video looks better than the song,sounds,sorry that's the,new that's the tub in the new motel 6,makeovers,oh some motel 6 be looking right,though like four of them in the whole,country they do no no no motel 6 is,stepping oh so we're just closing out on,the girl crying in the tub okay well you,know me i love a happy ending ,um,i'm not ashamed,any is there anything else that needs to,be said about that brian do you wanna,i'm gonna definitely add more viking,barbie videos to this

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Andrew Tate vs Greta Thunberg | The Snark Tank Podcast: #138

Andrew Tate vs Greta Thunberg | The Snark Tank Podcast: #138

so good okay,God Christ I like anal play,so gay,let me get nudes happy New Year,everybody at least I think I don't know,it's generally around that time if,you're listening to this on patreon it's,about it's about on time for New Year's,if you're listening to it on free feeds,uh we're a little bit late but ,whatever uh deal with it uh that's this,is how this is how time works and you're,just gonna have to yeah honestly like I,don't why do you think why do you give,me such grief guys like,out of your yeah we're sick and,we're honestly we're sick and tired last,episode series finale today,yeah we're done we're done we we ,we got we got Keith David,we did it uh yeah we did it the thing is,we're only going to show a hundred,dollar to your patrons the interview,hahaha give us hundred dollars,he did it we did a whole episode uh with,Keith David and we're never gonna,release it actually just it's just it we,are going to we're going to download it,to our phones specifically that's it so,we can listen to it whenever we want and,then you guys are going to be left out,in the cold you're gonna have to,actually find us in the street and it's,like Mug us basically if you want to,hear this it's the only way so haha,you'll never see us speak to you David,you'll never have a good moment together,we got Keith David to sing uh gay covers,too yeah yeah we did that it was a big,deal we dedicated that would be crazy,bro we dedicated the episode to uh Lou,Bega who who just passed away rest in,peace Lou Bega and Pele Mama number five,damn that was my boy dude we used to, go clubbing and you and Lou,Bega yeah yeah and you know what's weird,about Lou Bega he talks in Mambo Number,Five so basically he's like hello Derek,it's good to see you we're gonna go,clubbing all night long quickly do you,know how quickly that man would be,killed if if that was a real man,if if lupega really only spoke in Mambo,Number Five he would be is he how how,dead is he how old is he,how dead is he,blue Corp stuff blue Vegas,definitely still alive 47 yeah,we've still got a couple of decades with,good old Lou watch him die like,after like a like just after this,episode comes out that's probably gonna,happen God damn it it's probably,happened right before I I press publish,you know like he's just the same exact,time yeah yeah anyway guys welcome,welcome to the this should be the last,this is either the last episode of the,year or the or the first episode of uh,2023 depending on uh whether or not you,have uh disposable income or not yeah,but uh but uh it's it's the last episode,uh of uh 2022 is is when we're recording,this so we figured we'd Focus pretty,primarily on questions uh because,there's a couple of uh questions that we,wanted to round out before we started,clean say we've got some big plans for,um 2023 obviously we've already kind of,started that with uh extra episodes over,on if you want to check,those out give us a give us a little a,hey Penny for for our thoughts uh you,know that'd be cool there's some extra,con I think today,I think that the idea is and the idea,can change based on you know what if,there's like a better idea that happens,during the podcast sometimes we'll do,that the extra episode for today is,we're going to be writing,um we're going to be writing,Spider-Man 4.,our version of of Remy's Sam Raimi,Spider-Man 4 that uh tragically never,happened yeah uh and uh that'll be a fun,little writing exercise I think so if,you wanna,Amazing Ideas I have a ton do you have,do you have do you have casting in mind,look okay look look it's not spoil it,don't spoil it am I am I am I as a fan,riding a Spider-Man movie or,is the snark tank making Remy for the,snart tank is making Remy for okay,that's what we're doing this is fun to,be ridiculous it's gonna be fun so it's,gonna be the best it's like the best,sequel ever made in history right that's,basically I'm gonna say someone's gonna,hear this and they're gonna be like,can we can I buy the rights of this like,Samurai was gonna hear or you know Bruce,Campbell somebody's gonna send it to,Bruce Campbell and be like he's gonna be,like that's actually amazing I'm,gonna talk to Sam Ramey and then we're,gonna do this the the Coen brothers are,gonna listen to that that podcast and,they're gonna be like hey we used to,live with him let's uh let's send him,let's send him this yeah,I think uh but anyway that's uh that's,that's the plan for today,um man oh man I was going somewhere oh,oh speaking of amazing sequels uh,anytime somebody anytime somebody says,amazing sequels I think Shrek 2 and when,I think Shrek 2 I think of that new Puss,in Boots movie that just came out that,apparently is like boots all,right it was good that movie is,apparently really it's got like a 97 or,something like some insane to,the point where I'm like curious,but also watching it,but also the issue is right now I'm,currently in New York obviously if you,could tell anything but I mean if you're,just listening to this you c

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Amazing , Viking Barbie & Jelly Roll - Creep

Amazing , Viking Barbie & Jelly Roll - Creep

hi guys,welcome to,i don't know i don't know what i just,did,i just write hi guys,welcome to my,i i just malfunctioned,okay it's not that funny get your ,together okay hi guys welcome to my,channel,welcome back to my channel my name is,kitana i don't know what happened,uh if you're new here please consider,sticking around subscribing yes i do say,this in my sleep,she does you know you know you know,you know okay i'm gonna get straight,into it because i'm winding myself up,right now,i am a tool,i can't be getting the giggles now not,now okay,what's that oh it's my hair i thought it,was a spider,no i'm coming off as a complete airhead,right now,okay it's because i'm wearing pink,i never wear pink,kidding okay,we have got viking barbie,viking barbie i just criticized pink,viking barbie might like pink oh shut,the up you're making it worse,right i'm just just just disregard,everything i just said,it's staying in disregard i'm a tool,okay,nothing wrong with,b right so we had to cut that i went,into a complete meltdown of,profanities and can't seem to get my, together with this one i don't know,why,okay we've got viking barbie and jelly,roll okay i'm excited,that sounds like an awesome dessert,doesn't it viking barbie and jelly roll,no no it doesn't it could be no,okay creep we know creep we've covered,i told you i can't get my ass together,with this one today,okay first time hearing it,um i do pause my videos i'm sorry if,that annoys you i'm not sorry if that,annoys you yeah,okay that's just fine meh,can't get my together today right,first time hearing it i don't know who,viking robbie is i know jelly roll,but not viking bobby so this is going to,be a first time for me,well she's very beautiful is that,i don't know i'm not gonna say,you look so sad i love this guy so much,incredible voice and you're,just like an,your angel makes me cry,you float like a feather,in a beautiful world,i wish i was special,you're so special,but i'm a creep,i'm a window,what the hell am i doing here,oh okay oh,i love the tones to her voice who,is she,what the hell am i doing here,that's nice i don't belong here,wow i don't care if it hurts,i don't want to have control,i want a perfect body,i want a perfect soul,i want you to notice,i wish i was special,but i'm a creep,so let now i am sorry for that because,that was that was a beautiful moment let,me hear them coming together,wow they come in so beautiful together,you're so special love this guy,i wish i was special,what the hell am i doing here,i don't belong here,i don't belong here,oh wow no no no okay we're gonna hear,that,that ah,okay i want that i want that section,again because,were they singing together oh we need,more of that,what a brilliant collab,check this listen,but i'm a creep,i'm weirdo,what the hell am i doing here,i don't belong here,i don't belong here,jesus that neogasm,oh i loved it i really loved it,i really really really loved that,i loved them together i loved her i love,them individually,okay okay i'm excited another female,artist okay i need to know more about,viking barbie i love her voice,jelly roll i just have this soft spot,for somewhere in my,soul i just love him i love his voice,i i there's just something about him,that is completely,disarming and endearing,i just love him and then that voice put,them together,whose idea was that that's genius i love,that i really,genuinely love that okay okay i i'm,gonna go listen to that again,my only complaint would be that it was,too short because i want more um,oh come on guys smash the thumbs up on,this that was,epic that was epic i've heard so many,versions of that song and i,actually there's not many bad ones that,i've heard,maybe i just got lucky i don't know but,my subscribers have good taste and you,always recommend the good stuff,so like any decent weed throw me another,one,that wasn't supposed to come in my mouth,but it did,like romeo no okay what's the good stuff,anyway okay,right um guys i'm off i thoroughly,enjoyed that smash the thumbs up and,subscribe,actually are we rolling right i've had,to come back in i've had to come back in,because there was something i didn't say,i didn't have to thought me and donovan,were discussing it,and he was saying yeah it was sharks,he's already heard it,you know the song was short but it was,perfectly short and i said well i,disagree,i think it should have been longer i was,like whoa pause actually no,no you know it's like it's like um,they just leave you wanting more they,left me wanting more,yeah have you ever kissed someone for,the first time,and you've just kind of been like wait,hell,no no no no no no no no no no you can't,stop now and then,then it just stops for the kiss and,you're like really,really we're gonna stop there that's,what just happened,it's like you've been on the best date,ever,just stick with me in my now analogy,just stick with me,on the best date ever and then we got,the kiss and then,but i want more c so it's clever i want,more,always even wanting

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Hollywood Box Office Drops 50%, WB Is Still Dumb | Friday Night Tights 231 w Dave Landau

Hollywood Box Office Drops 50%, WB Is Still Dumb | Friday Night Tights 231 w Dave Landau,foreign,feeling,somewhere,oh,go now would that be now that's now,that's would that be now,hello,we're just getting all of our gamer,words out of our system ladies and,gentlemen before the show starts uh hey,uh first off I gotta thank Rumble for,like redoing their entire platform just,for us so thanks Rumble,thank you so much thank you,very appreciate that yeah the new the,new Rumble UI dropped today and it looks,good I like it it was very we feel,special we do so thank you uh my name is,Gary beakler I come to you from, and my mom's vagina and,this is Friday night tights and it's,going to be a very special episode,because as won't be here interrupting,everybody and Jeremy won't be here,pushing us 75 channels very different,episode yeah and also interrupting,everybody no no it could it even,technically be considered a Friday night,tights episode then,there you go off uh they're both ,because they're sick and we hope they,get better so uh you know get back,Friday night tights blood origin coming,out that's right quickly we could say,all the things about Jeremy isn't here,uh binge model sucks and and,um,yeah say Dave filoni sucks Dave filoni,sucks the binge model that's what he,does he sucks on the binge model,sucks on something but I think it it's a,dick not the ,ah hi Ryan from RK Outpost you had a,video kind of blow up recently didn't it,yet I did and I forgot to change my name,from our political stream so I'll do,that in a second but yeah we did over on,Sports Wars I was well one it was kind,of like morbid because I was so worried,about tomorrow Hamlin potentially dying,on the NFL Fields it certainly seems,like he's going to make a full recovery,complete neurological function he's,talking to everybody his heart his lungs,are normal now which is nuts but yeah,when that happened the video over on,Sports Wars got over 3 million views,which was absolutely crazy but I'm it's,a way better ending that he's okay,rather than getting three million views,on a video that potentially we didn't,have a good ending but uh yeah so I'll,be the one to push all the channels I,guess go to sports Wars for all your uh,if you're interested in sports but,yeah I'm ready ready to rock and roll,good to go I don't know what we have to,talk about Gary because Hollywood's just,in great shape there's nothing wrong,with them it's not like 2022 is a,horrific year it's not like you know,Warner Brothers might be considering you,know keeping on Ezra Miller because he,hasn't beat up a woman in three months,so I don't know what we're going to talk,about today,it's been three months Ryan can you not,forgive okay jeez you know he's part of,the alphabet Mafia and that girl,probably had it coming so there you go,well I won't deny that last part that's,probably true yeah so well at least the,last one I'm not too sure about the,pregnant one in Iceland or whatever uh,or maybe she was just chubby well she,wanted to fight from what I heard well,she did,uh welcome to the show hello quarter,black Garrett nice to have you back hey,it's good to be back finally in my new,place uh as as Ryan said it does suck I,am aware it's pretty bad but the,Lightning's pretty good because I have a,window here it's just gonna get slowly,worse and worse throughout the day uh,but I'm ready to have Dave land out my,bro on here yeah I'm excited hello,Menzies bro I know yes my Menzies bro,how are you hey I want to talk now I,don't know what part you're supposed to,jump not yet you just jump in shut up I,I don't even speak to you guys about the,stuff you've been promoting on your,channel because I try a lot of those,things out and I gotta say I ended up,with more blood on me after using it,before and now I can't have children,either so thanks,oh you you did this straight up your,dick uh method didn't you oh my God,against God's will that's what I thought,was the function I'm just trusting these,guys advertising I'm gonna have to send,you to the helpline I can't actually,answer any questions yeah legal things,somebody named uh Sally Smith from,Bangalore India will answer your phone,and take care of your customer service,needs uh,uh speaking of bagel or India what's up,exude,I don't know,you're all Asian considered Asian okay I,guess I have an Asian descent I'm still,sick my voice is still raspy I am I've,finally gotten out of bed and showered,so here we are I'm excited I'm excited,there you go sorry sorry Simpson Chad I,don't know if that really got you going,I finally got out of bed,in weeks,they're like hey she's just showered,it's all good they're hoping that she,bottled it probably oh it's like that,did you see that only fans uh she makes,like a hundred thousand dollars a month,or something and she said she only,showered 36 times in the year,the entire year that's less than once a,week so ew,yeah um,yeah you want she wants to make her well,she wants to make her bath water that,she bottles and sells more potent so,obviously it will be yeah I get it I,

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Viking Barbie - Shades of Grey - DRUM COVER FREESTYLE

Viking Barbie - Shades of Grey - DRUM COVER FREESTYLE

hey pictures baby,ever change,baby just come passion is crashing the,magazine never imagined that the,susceptance is cashing in love in the,moment gone in the flash of a slow burn,of a cigarette is I took a drag of it,took my heart put the crack in it left,footprints in the ashes and then you,walked out the door like you were never,here,I live with you goat that accrues that,girl in the mirror cos empathy cash,would be when I thought to be happily,ever after after all it's just insanity,- pardon me one abilities hard to me,trying to give this man not let me but,you got the best parts of me martyred my,heart for you wrapped up in new carnally,emotionally but just like a spiritual,side meet the more I give the less I get,such a dichotomy to get you off,my mind I'm probably gonna need the,lobotomy you were the lesson of a,lifetime and I swear to me solemnly I,will never love something I naive,wholeheartedly,pictures be,we change,the darkness around the ship was endless,no boundaries see when you let me down,that's where he came and found me one,breath from death and he loved me so,loudly I could hear you less and less,his selflessness wrapped around me,you're not a bad guy but you're not a,good man and he's such a good man,whisper to me softly I love you til you,can he killed for me fight for me he,laid down his life for me love me,unconditionally no matter how many times,I ran,shades of grey,pictures pay

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