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twenty one pilots: Stressed Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO]ほいだと飛びすぎるから,ほほい,さては傾いてる,こっちがあったからこんな感じ,わからん,どうやって何 M

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Updated on Jan 19,2023

twenty one pilots: Stressed Out [OFFICIAL VIDEO]


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Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One | The Biggest Stunt in Cinema History (Tom Cruise)

Mission: Impossible - Dead Reckoning Part One | The Biggest Stunt in Cinema History (Tom Cruise)

This is far and away the most dangerous thing we've ever attempted.,We've been working on this for years.,We’re going to shoot it in Norway,and it’ll be a motorcycle jump off a cliff into a BASE jump.,Wanted to do it since I was a little kid.,It all comes down to one thing.,The audience.,There's a lot going into this stunt.,So Tom put together this master plan to coordinate all of these experts,in each of the particular disciplines involved to make this whole thing happen.,John and I are jumping out of a helicopter. He's going to chase me.,That’s what we say to each other: Don't be careful. Be competent.,Be competent.,A year of BASE training, advanced skydive training, a lot of canopy skills, a lot of tracking.,Tom Cruise, he's an amazing individual.,You tell him something and he just locks it in.,His sense of spatial awareness, he's the most aware person I've ever met.,Lots of practice on stability in freefall.,Tracking with John and Miles in the air,,doing lots of different positioning, like they’re a two man team in the air.,Coming on top of each other, below each other, backtracking, front tracking.,You know, we've drilled and drilled and drilled.,When you do a lot of jumps back to back,,the canopy control skills improve a lot.,We have three open canopies, which is a good thing.,The training has gone really well.,It's progressing massively.,- Hey McQ. - How are you?,Great day, man.,This the next part of training right here, motocross.,Let's do it.,So we built a motocross track.,Getting confident in the motocross, so he’s comfortably jumping 70, 80 foot tabletops.,Great time in the air. Great positioning on the bike. Landing well.,I have to get so good at this that there's just no way that I miss my marks.,That’s good. Come a little closer to me.,Coming up with the stunt is only one of the technical challenges.,The other is putting a camera in a place that you can see where Tom is doing it.,Finding the right lens, the right platform, the right medium.,Even two years ago, the cameras didn't exist that would allow us to do what we're trying to do today.,How do we involve the audience? I just want to give them that thrill.,That means the camera has to be in front of Tom and as close to him as possible.,- Feels like you're going over the camera. - Yes. Very cool.,You train and drill every little aspect,over and over and over and over again.,They were doing 30 jumps a day.,Getting to a point where he was just a machine. I mean, over 500 skydives.,That's what we do.,Over 13,000 motocross jumps.,- Oh, that’s going to be fun. Ah, it's great.,We replicated this ramp in England at a quarry.,We filled the quarry with cardboard boxes which were there to catch a motorcycle.,The reason why we did that is so that Tom could simulate the jump.,How fast should I go off?,What distance do I travel?,We built models of different ramps at different angles,to calculate what Tom's trajectory would be.,We have to be able to consistently predict,where Tom is going to be in three-dimensional space.,We’re going to have a GPS chip on me.,And that recorded every single one of Tom's jumps,along with his ground speed,,whether there was a headwind, whether there was a crosswind.,And by doing this multiple times,,we were able to get a consistent set of data.,So that each take we could see what height I am.,So this way we can set drones and cameras in places,where I can go right into close-up.,Rule one: don't hit me with the drone.,Because if we do it all and we don't capture it right, what's the point?,Let’s do it, guys.,- Ready? - Yep.,Always wear my earplugs,so I don't hear myself scream.,We are ready-ready.,Three, two, one!,The key is me hitting certain speeds and being consistent with that.,There's no speedometer, so I do it by sound feel of the bike.,And then as I depart the bike I'm using the wind is hitting me here and I'm cupping my chest.,That will give me lift.,Thank you all very much for your help, guys.,We're here in Norway.,We've been constructing this ramp over a number of months.,Everything here has to be brought in by helicopter.,Engineers and technicians.,It’s incredible what they've done.,This is masterful.,Today is day one of principal photography, and we are starting in classic Mission form with the biggest stunt in the film.,What we're doing here is I’m just doing jumps just to warm up the body.,Let’s do it.,Just to get my tracking going and make sure everything's working all right.,I’ll try not to smile.,Basically, when he gets down and puts the parachute on and goes and does the bike jump,,he'll actually know the weather conditions in this area, in the valley and on the ground.,And then he has to safely deploy a parachute.,Now he's in a rock bowl with walls all around him,,and he's got to fly out of it.,Of course, you know, when something's being done for the first time,,you can't help but worry a little bit about how it's really going to turn out.,With a jump like this, the challenge is finding the cameras,,it's th

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Top Story with Tom Llamas - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOW

Top Story with Tom Llamas - Jan. 10 | NBC News NOW

tonight California under a state of,emergency and the death toll is climbing,the state battered with a Relentless,string of deadly storms at least 15,people killed a monster sinkhole,swallowing cars hold near Los Angeles a,mother and daughter pulled to safety,tens of thousands forced to evacuate,including celebrities like Ellen,DeGeneres two First Responders will join,us live in just moments to take us,inside the heroine rescues by boat and,by plane pressure mounting on President,Biden after that stunning Revelation,late last night classified documents,from his time as Obama's vice president,found at one of his private offices the,discovery made just one week before the,midterms so the growing question tonight,why is this just coming to light now the,new investigation House Republicans are,preparing to launch border crisis the,president meeting with leaders of Mexico,and Canada to deal with the Staggering,surge of migrants arriving by land and,by sea both Texas and Florida facing a,humanitarian crisis the lawmaker,representing the Florida Keys where,hundreds have been arriving in makeshift,vessels joins top story tonight when,he's calling on President Biden to do,the dramatic video out of Utah's,snowboard were caught in an avalanche,how he lived to tell the tale you'll,hear from him tonight Plus in his own,words Prince Harry's Memoir finally,hitting the shelves the explosive new,details you have not heard including the,first time Harry heard about his family,calling him Williams spare and why Megan,was not allowed by the Queen's side in,her final days and the wild images from,a rock Royal Caribbean cruise ship a,waterfall raining down on the deck with,the cruise line says caused that,spectacle at Sea top story starts right,now,foreign,good evening we begin top story tonight,with that state of emergency in,California listen to this right now 90,percent of that state that's nearly 34,million people are under flash flood,watches at this hour and already 15,people have died because of these storms,the images coming in like something out,of a disaster movie Water rushing,towards and down roads turning them into,rivers and the loss of life and property,has been catastrophic I want to take,show you some of this video here rescue,teams across the state pulling off,dangerous Swift water rescues the Santa,Barbara County Fire Department able to,save the driver of this truck luckily an,overnight a massive sinkhole swallowing,two vehicles in Los Angeles pretty,incredible they are mother and daughter,though pulled from the bottom of the pit,safely and daylight revealing just how,enormous that sinkhole was nearly half,of the road was washed away into the,river and mudslides another huge concern,tonight this one trapping roughly 400,people at an RV Resort outside of Santa,Barbara Crews responding to 9-1-1 calls,around the the clock in a moment a,captain and pilot from the Sacramento,County fire department will join us live,to tell us how they are dealing with the,seemingly endless onslaught of dangerous,storms but we begin with Miguel almaguer,at the scene of that massive sinkhole we,just showed you in Los Angeles Miguel,it's quite a scene there just behind you,I understand emergency crews are still,on the scene,yeah they're still here Tom and the,pictures you have been showing are just,incredible and so is the scene behind me,the storm that slammed into Central and,Southern California was incredibly,violent the road behind me just buckled,open I want to show you some drone video,overhead of this sinkhole there is not,one but two separate cars that have,plummeted 35 feet down incredibly,everyone inside those cars somehow made,it out alive but this has been a very,violent storm and not everyone's been so,lucky,as a new monster storm barrels across,every major city in California again,we're seeing more water rescues flash,flooding and mudslides unfold these,disasters killing at least 17 also,shredding apart new sections of the,state it was like two feet of mud and,water coming down the street in and out,of the houses so it was pretty scary,this time California's historically,Sunny cities Los Angeles Santa Barbara,and Montecito were last with a Biblical,Deluge as mountains crumble toward the,sea,sinkholes opened up in L.A,firefighters lifting car passengers From,The Underground crater,the historic storms washing over cities,from San Francisco to San Diego are,literally redefining the state cracked,and crumbled California's battered,coastline is perhaps as dangerous as it,is beautiful some of the state's most,iconic properties are also some of the,most vulnerable Montecito an enclave to,the Rich and Famous like Ellen DeGeneres,this is crazy is still under Citywide,evacuations as authorities Fear The,Return of deadly mudslides notable,cities since the start of the new year,are all drenched in rainfall running,well over a hundred percent of average,it is right up there with some of the,most extensive rainfall we've seen,definite

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Andrew Garfield Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ

Andrew Garfield Replies to Fans on the Internet | Actually Me | GQ

hi it's me I'm Andrew Garfield and I'm,about to go undercover on the internet,it's actually me,what do you think about Andrew Garfield,10 years from now this is like a Matthew,McConaughey question didn't he do that,at the Oscars he was like I just want to,thank my hero it's me 10 years from now,it's like cool that's amazing what a,resource to be able to go yeah me that's,great I'm down with that Wikipedia sorry,Wikipedia is Wikipedia Garfield was a,gymnast and a swimmer during his early,years was also an avid,Philly fallacious I don't know about,this is it is it pronounced philatelist,and that's a stamp collector because,fallacious sounds,like a different story that I'm not,comfortable talking about this is a,strange thing I've been asked a lot,about it recently so what's the almost,prized stamp and I'm like,what,I'm not I'm not a stamp collector yes,gymnast yes swimmer I was ranked third,in the under 13s 100 meter butterfly in,the southern counties of England also,ranked third as British schools,gymnastics under 13s one day in training,my Russian 200 pound,gymnastics coach was sitting on my back,doing a box split and I thought this is,this is not childhood this is some form,of,torture that I wasn't comfortable,continuing posted arachnologists Yuri M,mirusick and Ali Reza zamani honored,Garfield's portrayal of the role of,Spider-Man by naming a new species of,crevice weaver spider preetha Garfield,eye after him I believe that's true,pretty cool garfieldy it's like it makes,me sound it's a kind of Italian but my,original name was garfinkel like my,family's name was garfinkel so it's,funny from garfinkel to Garfield to,Garfield Garfield Garfield eye babies,Garfield eyes it's Latin never mind,having completed the spiritual exercises,of Ignatius of Loyola for silence he,said what was really easy was falling in,love with this person was falling in,love with Jesus Christ that was the most,surprising thing I'm surprised to read,it and it's the truth I I had a very,different relationship with the concept,of Christ and I'm pleased to say that I,like him I love him I would go so far as,saying he's a pretty brilliant man when,he was alive and Still Remains an,amazing spiritual symbol of simple stuff,you know like goodness loving Thy,Neighbor doing unto others as you would,have them do unto you applied I,read it read it ready for Reddit I'm not,ready for Reddit all right so this is,The Tick Tick boom official teaser,complex Sapien 20 it says WTF question,mark Andrew Garfield can sing,yeah yes to find sing yeah sure I can,I'm not tone deaf and I trained a lot,for this and it took me about a year and,a half to get my chops up as it were and,I had a lot of help and support and a,coach and I've always wanted to learn,how to sing properly and and this was,definitely the opportunity to do that,replied uh you fat and stupid says once,with Andrew Garfield simultaneously,starring two based on true story,pro-christians set in Japan movies,silence and hacksaw Ridge what's with,that what's with Andrew Garfield doing,this why what right does he have who,does he think he is doing films that are,set in Japan two in a row and about,Christianity what what's what's his deal,why are you angry at me you fat and,stupid like I'm not calling you fat and,stupid I'm just calling you by your name,um don't do it why like it's my choice,my life it just happened that way there,are these two projects that I read they,both happened to be set in Japan I,happened to play a Catholic like a,Seventh-Day Adventist in both their,spiritual Quest things and they just,appealed to Me Maybe got better things,to do than like,debate with yourself or other people who,don't care about what I'm doing with my,life what are you doing with your life,you fat and stupid you're not a fan,stupid you're sweet you're probably a,sweet person if we were in the room,together we would have a nice,conversation but this is not the way to,talk about to me about my life and my,work,love you next there's a picture of me as,a child and I'm wearing a little,Spider-Man costume that my mother made,for me I'd have felt and it's epic since,everyone is discussing suit ideas might,I say this suit being worn by a kid,Andrew Garfield is my pick my mother,would be very very complimented by that,I agree this that would be the coolest,my mother's felt suit awesome Twitter,it's me for real seriously Toby Maguire,was the best Peter Parker he was not a,good Spider-Man though and Chicago was,the best Spider-Man but was way too cool,to be Peter Parker Tom Holland is just,the average for both which makes him the,best because he's the only one that is,decent at both okay cool man fine,whatever like cool that's your opinion,bro climb a tree Toby is my favorite,right because that's my childhood I,think I watched that first Spider-Man,film back to back like three times with,my friend Terry McGinnis,and we were just incredibly high and we,would like we would like do the lines to,each other and he just was c

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RRQ Hoshi vs Todak GAME 1 M4 World Championship | TODAK vs RRQ ESPORTSTV

RRQ Hoshi vs Todak GAME 1 M4 World Championship | TODAK vs RRQ ESPORTSTV

Albert on his birthday to get the fanny,in such a high stake series all right,all right let's jump into the second,part of the draft we're seeing the Lapu,Lapu as well as the quad immediately,banned out here and if I remember,correctly from todoc's side oh wait hold,up we've got a quote coming in from Vin,having the most games played in the M,series he's got 55 and this is gonna be,his 56th game on the world stage wow,speaking of veteran players they know,the game from inside and out wind being,one of the best role players out there,in the entire entire Series so I want to,see when it's gonna set up for us with,engages because when you have a full,dive with Hilda you know win's gonna be,a nuisance in the entire totax jungle,especially total actually picked into,that even after a Hilda been taken out,they decided to go with Hayabusa there's,a little bit of questionable leaving,Lapu being banned away you know,obviously who can do really really well,against John Wayne Lane so um in this,scenario I mean at this point what do,you think RX is gonna pick up next are,they gonna even pick up a marksman on,honestly I think they might hold the,Marksman off for now I do feel kadita,might be you know becoming a little,hotter now the fact that you know you're,up against Eve and at the very least if,you're able to close that distance you,can almost guarantee the kill yeah they,need magic lovers so kadita makes sense,and there you go just ride on cue kadida,will be picked up now I do want to add,that fanny has a lot of targets right he,can't Target the Hayabusa can also,Target the popo and of course that Eve,is very vulnerable very juicy Target now,to close out the droughts here what are,you thinking assassin Dave they need,someone that can peel for them I mean,they do but at the same time like what,choices are available right they're not,too many po characters and we're gonna,have Martis most likely in the EXP Lane,since Hayabusa is going to be most,likely 99 going to the Jungle when's the,last time we've seen Hayabusa being,flagstick here's the thing when you say,99 every time I get flashbacks for NPR,oh my God it might not necessarily be it,we'll have to see at the very end Ruby,gets locked in as well so you telling me,I'm telling you it's a little tough to,say Ruby could go into the sport,position bardus can go into the supports,position both of which we haven't seen,in a while Ruby more commonly than Mars,of course it's still so flexible and,you're right well we'll see will it pay,off will it be pulled off here for our,first game now Last Hero here for riq,they have magical Birds they have the,physical what else do they need they,need someone that can yes Beatrix all,right of course walk me through this,gold Lane matchup what should we expect,pre-level four and Beyond after I mean,hopeful and Koopa is a character we,don't really see much in the scrim,practice before M4 but coming in purple,in the lane I expect to play really,aggressive because it does have have to,talk to buy you every so often and beers,actually need a little bit of Skilling,now because of the iteration uh nerves,in the previous patches it does feel a,little bit bad that you know Wesker,doesn't hurt as much so you can just,take up over like one one or two shots,once you get like your first item but,you know things have changed imagine,Papa and Koopa combined with the real,world population from you that's gonna,be an easy turn for a toad act to take,riq they need an answer with this rat or,the scrap I don't know I'm booking,specifically at clay he's got to have,some Tip Top gameplay to take out before,Koopa and still make sure that Moon,doesn't get out of his Lane at all but,who is excited for elbron a fanny though,as we'll walk into game one well let's,find out let's ask the people here who's,excited for today versus r r q as we,jump right into the land up dog,immediately we are seeing purple bumps,being started on I oh rival actually,opting not to as he is going to be on,this Midas the Hayabusa has been flexed,wow,not right what the heck is going anyone,chigu guys on the Hayabusa in bego Lane,with that high-end dry and executes what,do you think about this ass Dave so like,always surprises uh with their play,style with their switches swabs you can,see popo going to the go Lane just,bullying the suit drum right now because,the range with the help of yomski and on,the other side Hayabusa was executed,once you get level four if you do one,combo the execution help you secure the,kill oh look a little bit of jungling,Babe coming out from win yeah I mean,Finn is going right in deep he needs to,go through But Here Comes Albert already,with the steel cables looking for that,first block downstairs man walks out out,just in time playing man just get just,enough life and Albert with succeeds oh,no rival succeeds in getting that little,Wanderer First Blood rates as shown on,screen in seven percent and majority,leading towards Toda it shows right that,RQ we know

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We Don't Talk About Bruno (From "Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl")

We Don't Talk About Bruno (From "Encanto at the Hollywood Bowl")

(crowd cheering),(mysterious orchestra music),♪ We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no ♪,♪ We don't talk about Bruno, but ♪,♪ It was my wedding day ♪,♪ It was our wedding day ♪,♪ We were getting ready, and there wasn't a cloud in the sky ♪,♪ No clouds allowed in the sky ♪,♪ Bruno walks in with a mischievous grin ♪,♪ Thunder ♪,♪ You telling this story, or am I ♪,♪ I'm sorry, mi vida, go on ♪,♪ Bruno says, it looks like rain ♪,♪ Why did he tell us ♪,♪ In doing so, he floods my brain ♪,♪ Abuela, get the umbrellas ♪,♪ Married in a hurricane ♪,♪ What a joyous day, but anyway ♪,♪ We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no ♪,♪ We don't talk about Bruno ♪,♪ Grew to live in fear of Bruno stuttering or stumbling ♪,♪ I could always hear him sort of muttering and mumbling ♪,♪ I associate him with the sound of falling sand, ch, ch, ch ♪,♪ It's a heavy lift, with a gift so humbling ♪,♪ Always left Abuela and the family fumbling ♪,♪ Grappling with prophecies they couldn't understand ♪,♪ Do you understand ♪,♪ A seven-foot frame ♪,♪ Rats along his back ♪,♪ When he calls your name ♪,♪ It all fades to black ♪,♪ Yeah, he sees your dreams ♪,♪ And feasts on your screams ♪,♪ We don't talk about Bruno, no, no, no ♪,♪ We don't talk about Bruno ♪,♪ He told me my fish would die ♪,♪ The next day, dead ♪ ♪ No, no ♪,♪ He told me I'd grow a gut ♪,♪ And just like he said ♪ ♪ No, no ♪,♪ He said that all my hair would disappear ♪,♪ Now look at my head ♪ ♪ No, no ♪,♪ Your fate is sealed when your prophecy is read ♪,♪ He told me that the life of my dreams would be promised ♪,♪ And someday be mine ♪,♪ He told me that my power would grow ♪,♪ Like the grapes that thrive on the vine ♪,♪ Óye, Mariano's on his way ♪,♪ He told me that the man of my dreams ♪,♪ Would be just out of reach ♪,♪ Betrothed to another ♪,♪ It's like I hear him now ♪,♪ Hey sis', I want not a sound out of you ♪,♪ It's like I can hear him now ♪,♪ I can hear him now ♪,♪ Um, Bruno ♪,♪ Yeah, about that Bruno ♪,♪ I really need to know about Bruno ♪,♪ Gimmie the truth and the whole truth, Bruno ♪,♪ Isabella, your boyfriend's here ♪,♪ Time for dinner ♪,♪ A seven-foot frame ♪,♪ It was my wedding day, it was our wedding day ♪,♪ Rats along his back ♪ ♪ We were getting ready ♪,♪ When he calls your name ♪,♪ And there wasn't a cloud in the sky ♪,♪ It all fades to black ♪,♪ No clouds allowed in the sky ♪,♪ Yeah, he sees your dreams ♪,♪ Bruno walks in with a mischievous grin ♪,♪ And feasts on your screams ♪ ♪ Thunder ♪,♪ You telling this story, or am I ♪,♪ I'm sorry, mi vida, go on ♪,♪ Bruno says, it looks like rain ♪,♪ A seven-foot frame, rats along his back ♪,♪ In doing so, he floods my brain ♪,♪ Married in a hurricane ♪,♪ Don't talk about Bruno, no ♪,♪ Why did I talk about Bruno ♪,♪ Not a word about Bruno ♪,♪ I never should've brought up Bruno ♪,(crowd cheering and applauding)

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Bawdy Basement Belligerence | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 44

Bawdy Basement Belligerence | Critical Role | Campaign 3, Episode 44

MATT: Hello everyone,,and welcome to tonight's episode of Critical Role,,where a bunch of us nerdy-ass voice actors sit around,and play Dungeons & Dragons.,ALL: (silly voices) We play Dungeons & Dragons.,MATT: It's a oddly sallow table, but regardless:,Happy New Year! We're back for 2023.,We have a few folks here at the table for the minute.,I think we're missing Taliesin for tonight,,but we'll be having him very, very soon,,and we miss him terribly.,But in the interim,,let's run through some announcements.,Here, beginning with our first new sponsor this week,,Capital One Shopping, and I'm told...,Seriously? Okay.,Apparently, we're going to a live feed,from something called the,Capital One Shopping Drift Track?,SAM: Welcome one and all,,to the Capital One Shopping Drift Track!,Capital One Shopping is a browser extension,that helps you save big online.,It's free to use, saves you money,,and makes searching for discounts and coupons a breeze.,ASHLEY: Wait, what?,What does this have to do with racing?,SAM: Not racing, Ashley. Drifting.,Capital One Shopping is so easy and simple to use,,you won't just walk to your browser, you'll drift there.,TRAVIS: This seems like a stretch.,ASHLEY: I mean, is this just an excuse,to get us to race around like idiots,just for your entertainment?,SAM: No, not race around, Ashley. Drift around.,Here we go. On your marks.,ASHLEY: Wait, do we...,SAM: Get set. ASHLEY: Do we have to do this?,TRAVIS: Nice try, Riegel. But we're not going to...,SAM: And go!,TRAVIS and ASHLEY: (car revving),SAM: And the drift has begun!,Watching them speed around the track reminds me,that you can forget digging for coupon codes that don't work,and searching endlessly for deals without results.,The free Capital One Shopping browser add-on,instantly searches for available coupons,and automatically applies them to your cart,across thousands of sites.,It's kind of genius!,TRAVIS and ASHLEY: (car revving),ASHLEY: You getting tired?,TRAVIS: How many laps is this race?!,SAM: I'm sorry, Travis. I don't understand the question.,TRAVIS: (groans) How many laps is this drift?,SAM: Thank you.,This drift is 10 laps long,,and you're falling behind.,Drift harder! (laughs),Oh, they look so cute.,While they shred the asphalt,,you can avoid paying full price,whether you're a Capital One customer or not.,Why, I used the extension to save $50,on this microphone headset. (laughs),Oh. (laughs) ASHLEY: Wait.,Oh, I'm getting a stupid leg cramp.,TRAVIS: We're off-course.,SAM: Oh, what's giving you this leg cramp, Ashley?,ASHLEY: This race is. SAM: No, it's not.,This drift is giving you a stupid leg cramp.,TRAVIS: Why do you keep calling it a drift?,SAM: Because it sounds cooler!,TRAVIS and ASHLEY: (car revving),ASHLEY: Woo! SAM: (laughs),ASHLEY: Okay, he's ready to cut the dust.,SAM: Okay, this is it.,The home stretch, the final lap,,and the winner is...,Oh!,Oh!,The winner is you at home.,Yes, you're the winner when you go to,,to install the extension today.,Thanks, guys.,Matt, drift to you.,TRAVIS and ASHLEY: (car revving),MATT: Okay.,(laughter),Welcome back.,SAM: Nice drifting, nice drifting.,LAURA: Nice. Great work, you guys. ASHLEY: Just drifting back in.,Thank you. MARISHA: Wow.,ASHLEY: Thank you.,LAURA: How'd you get changed so fast?,ASHLEY: I just threw this on top of my--,LAURA: Got it. ASHLEY: -- jersey.,LAURA: Got it. MARISHA: You're so out of breath.,TRAVIS: Yeah, it's the... ASHLEY: Tracksuit.,TRAVIS: I got the winter coat on.,MARISHA: Yeah, sure. (laughter),MATT: All righty. MARISHA: Sure, sure.,I think you have lines that aren't on the prompter.,SAM: I do? Okay, great. MARISHA: Yes.,(laughs),SAM: No, I said this in the thing.,MARISHA: Oh. Never mind, then.,(laughter),MARISHA: Shouldn't have been on the script.,MATT: Ah. MARISHA: Yeah.,MATT: On that note, this episode,is also... MARISHA: That's great.,That's good, you guys. (laughter),MATT: Also sponsored by our friends at D&D Beyond.,ALL: D&D Beyond!,MATT: You can add 11 new Dragonlance monsters to your game,with the Monstrous Compendium Volume Two,,available now to claim.,And these monsters are not found within any source book,and you can get them at no cost on your D&D Beyond account,at LAURA: ♪ D&D Beyond ♪,MATT: -- as in volume, 2.,Go ahead and check it out now.,Laura, you have announcements,to make. LAURA: Ah!,I do. LIAM: What are they?,LAURA: We have merch.,(laughter),ASHLEY: "We have merch.",LAURA: Hold on, this one...,ASHLEY: This is something I'm excited about.,LAURA: I've been really excited about this.,I'm not even going to give it to somebody else,because I want to put it on.,SAM: I want one of that. LIAM: Yep.,MARISHA: I know, let's look at that arms.,LAURA: What? ASHLEY: I had to touch it.,I had to touch it.,LIAM: Been waiting on this one. LAURA: This is for our subtle,want to rep the company, want to rep CR,without actually looking like you're repping CR. (laughs)

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I Found Fortnite's WEIRDEST Glitches

I Found Fortnite's WEIRDEST Glitches

from an XP glitch that banned thousands,of players to Mr Beast with no arms,these are 23 ways to break fortnite,chapter 4. the jelly angler perk is,hiding a secret that is ruining most,players chances of winning you're only,meant to get jellyfish using this but if,you basically Cast Your Rod and they,keep switching back to your pickaxe,congratulations you're now the best,fisherman of all time and the guardian,Shield has only been in the game for a,matter of days but it might just stay,that way due to one fatal error not,exactly supposed to shoot through this,thing it's meant to block bullets that's,the whole point but not when your,teammates involved turns out they could,blast enemies with full protection I,mean who will proved this the worst part,is anyone holding the shield is,completely silent like literally all of,the footsteps will disappear but there's,another item that was so broken it,caused an entire crossover to be deleted,of course I'm talking about deku's,Mythic not only could it annihilate,buildings but epic realized it had to go,when people found a way to teleport with,it there was a chance that you'd fire,the Mythic and just stay frozen in the,sky your screen looked fine he could,walk around normally but everyone else,saw you stuck in the air basically,making you invisible three days later,epic deleted the item and it might just,never return again something you can do,right now has everyone complaining,because it lets you dodge bullets the,Excalibur rifle is insanely overpowered,if you know how to use it but there's a,way to escape its destruction and walk,away unharmed and you get struck by an,explosive sword simply emote to avoid,the blast this will save your life but,something that ruined everyone's game,for an entire season has made a surprise,return in chapter 4. UFOs have always,been busted but there's a new secret,that takes them to an entirely different,level on PC they're totally normal,nothing suspicious but wait until you,try them on Console because it feels,like comboing the Kamehameha and deku's,Mythic,foreign,is a brand new feature in chapter 4 but,within just a few weeks it was vaulted,thanks to the weirdest glitch entering a,vehicle hurtling amok superpowers,allowing players to teleport to their,original location on command this got,even more ridiculous if he teleported,with an object behind you because it,made your character an astronaut well,maybe that doesn't get you banned,there's an exploit that people have been,abusing for months and epic has had,enough for the past few seasons there's,always been ways to load into unreleased,ltms and get supercharged XP and I'm not,talking about a few levels there's,people with billions of XP because of,this epic didn't do anything about it,until Winterfest when things really got,out of hand thousands of players were,completing their battle pass in seconds,thinking it was like a harmless glitch,until they all woke up the next day and,saw this but hey at least it was a,warning and not a full Perma ban luckily,there is a way to break the game that,actually is harmless well unless you're,Mr Beast because anyone who uses his,pickaxe and then changes it in a booth,we'll see this I'm not worried though I,think Jimmy can afford the house,hospital bills something that can't be,fixed is happening to only one percent,of players some people loaded into,chapter four excited to see the new,graphics how incredible the map looks,only for the game to look like this and,after five years it's crazy that,fortnite could still find ways to,completely fall apart but if you really,want an advantage the Shockwave Hammer,has a secret ability that can destroy,the game no idea why this happens but if,the hammer strikes water at the perfect,time you could triple jump and Shockwave,bounce as many times as you want and,imagine trying to shoot someone who's,just hopping around,yeah boy,because the hammer is so broken epic has,even made some secret changes to it and,a lot of people aren't happy it now,takes 20 seconds to recharge a shock,wave and the classic strategy of holding,five in your inventory just became,useless there's still hope though a few,days later they dropped a Mythic version,they're not everything has a good ending,though the Mr Beast tournament has,turned someone into a millionaire but it,could have had a very different outcome,many players experienced huge server,issues causing them to lag everywhere,and considering how fast-paced the game,is it ruined a lot of people's chances,the most controversial of all was the,floors lava round when mantling was so,busted that thousands of people felt to,their death for no reason now one of the,funniest ways to break fortnite was,found by accident someone decided to,troll their teammate by kidnapping them,they did the bear hug they went on a zip,line and in theory you'd think their,friend would join for the ride but,instead they discovered something even,better the zipline just keeps going and,the worst part is

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