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Vic Tafur, Raiders NFL Reporter - The Athleticwelcome into sunday travels i'm so happy,that you're h


Updated on Jan 17,2023

Vic Tafur, Raiders NFL Reporter - The Athletic

welcome into sunday travels i'm so happy,that you're here joining me again today,we have a very special guest in studio,we always have a special guest in studio,today we have with us vic tafer with the,athletic he is an nfl writer and also,covers the raiders for the athletic,after a 12-year stint with the san,francisco chronicle,so without further ado here's vic tafer,rolling right along from there i wanted,to talk to you,about the raiders we can't have an,interview without talking about the,raiders,for those who don't know vic tafer,covers the raiders and also the nfl at,large with the athletic and also did so,during his time at the san francisco,chronicle so i wanted to,kind of start by asking you if you've,seen any transition with the raiders,from oakland to las vegas,to me personally having done undergrad,in the bay area my first job,was with the raiders after undergrad and,so i really got to kind of dive into the,raiders experience in oakland,from fans to the roster the type of guys,that were drafted under reggie mckenzie,till now now that they're here in las,vegas i'm here in las vegas i've kind of,seen,a transformation um more like a,refreshed,button kind of being set on the raiders,brand and also within the roster,so i kind of wanted to know your,thoughts about that and if you kind of,felt the same sentiments,and if so um where do you see that,happening,yeah i mean uh definitely i was sad for,open fans we've lost the team who had,been going to the games for a long time,but,i agree it has been refreshed i think,the new stadium was incredible the new,facility is like,incredible these things that they have,now they never had before,and i'll meet us so i think um the,players feel it the players definitely,um loved all those things and the one,thing you can't really see yet,is um there's definitely buzz here in,vegas but,the fact that there's no fans gonna be,live in stadium it's definitely it's a,weird way to start this whole thing off,so i think,you're not getting the full throttle,like you know introduction,they normally would but i think we're,still a buzz i think they win games you,know,the first couple weeks we were really,excited about them so i think there's a,refresh i think,uh just you know the rebranding and the,re-packaging and kind of the polishing,off,of their legacy is kind of cool i think,everyone's really excited about it,and moving on from there as well with,uh two years ago was the khalil mack,trade between the raiders and the,chicago bears,and so i wanted to know from what you're,seeing this year going into the 2020,season in training camp,do you feel that they've addressed their,need for a pass rush at all uh,thus far good question i think uh so far,our,keys had a nice camp it's hard to tell,this year because usually you have,training camp,and you have the pre-season kind of wave,things with both,those factors this year there's no three,seasons so kind of growing up what you,see in camp which is,you know practice is not really always,full speed guys are going to try and,hurt each other,like there's not taking it easier on,your teammate because you want those,guys,to last the whole season so our key has,been very good,i'm not sure what that means going,forward if he really is going to emerge,and happy,eight sack guy this year um cleveland,furrow had a good offseason he lost uh,he got that lost game so he gained 13,pounds got bigger and,a little quicker so i think those two,guys are key if those guys have good,years,then the password should be better and,if it is max probably i think it's nice,i think he's gonna be what he is like,you know 10 or 12 sad guy so,we need there two guys can't step up and,then maybe we'll have a chance to have a,good defense,and in your latest article with the,athletic,as of this recording you mentioned oh,you're talking about marcus mariota and,i want to get it right so i'm going to,read your quote,and i quote you said he presents no,threat for the starting qb,roll why is that how did you come,sounds that sounds mean i was kind of,mean,i feel bad he's a good guy but i just,think um,you look at me again it's hard to judge,too much from practice as a camp but,in his case it's not very hard to judge,he's really a struggle he's not looked,at the part he's a hard time completing,short passes i think his mechanics look,like they're screwed up and,john good mentions he's had some ankle,injuries and some shoulder problems but,to me that's not enough of a reason why,he looks the way he does so,i don't know what's going on i think,they gave him 7.5 million dollars which,hindsight looks like a mistake so i,think um,if there was any thought he was going to,push their car that thought is long gone,i think this is definitely derek's car,his show to run and even if he struggles,the first five weeks i think they can't,really make a switch i think he's gonna,he'll be fine i hope he's gonna find the,rest of the way so i think this is his,team,from you know thicker thin and l

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Vic Tafur believes the Las Vegas Raiders can be Super Bowl contenders | "The Nick Cattles Show"

Vic Tafur believes the Las Vegas Raiders can be Super Bowl contenders | "The Nick Cattles Show"

so uh let's take a peek behind the curt,yesterday,we were supposed to have our friend vic,tafer on the show,and as we were getting ready to have vic,on the show,how dare the raiders get in the way of,that in trade for devante adams so,vic of course had to move not out of his,house but moved the interview from,yesterday to today so we are happy to be,joined by vic tafer from the athletic uh,vic before we get into the raiders,conversation of course i have to ask you,about the deshaun watson trade to the,browns just your thoughts on the news of,the day,oh well you know i think it's a little,sad i will say i mean he's got what 230,million dollars guaranteed so it's,about what 11 million dollars per,per civil case spending so i think it,shows you what the nfl is all about,obviously if you can play,other stuff doesn't really matter but,obviously he's a great quarterback um,the browns are making a big change and,then you know we'll see the dominoes,that fall from that you know baker,mayflower has to go somewhere,but uh yeah yes all those nfl's always,uh it's always a fast stand in the,league for sure it is no doubt and it's,been fast and furious last 24 to 48,hours for the raiders,vic why chandler jones for much more,money over unique way,i think this is because of the fit i,think obviously uh patrick graham and,him according there are very tight from,the days in new england same with,mcdaniel so they know exactly what he,can do they might play more of a 3-4,defense which he's done before so i just,think uh it's always the guy you know,versus the guy that you don't really,know manga i thought was great last year,it's a great fit for gus bradley but you,know that it's a new defense now it's a,new regime so you get the guy that,you're familiar with and i think cameron,jones is probably better all around he's,older but it's probably better in the,run of the game then the attic was so i,think um i think it worked out pretty,well because you turn around and you can,trade and goku four i think a pretty,good young cornerback in iraqis soon so,uh i liked i liked both moves i know,goku was great last year but like i said,that was last year and now we're under,this year vic tafer with us yeah let's,drill down on that and gawkway trade a,little bit more so he goes to india as,you said for rocky assin,uh do you like rock yes sin do you think,he's a great fit for this team,i do i was a big fan of his coming on,the draft he was a physical guy i think,he made some plays i think he's,definitely worked hard he's definitely a,guy as you can see he's watching the,film he's gotten better every year he's,definitely uh where penalties are down,the coverage has gotten better he's got,good grades and those guys are great the,coverage is like pfas those kind of,websites these numbers have gone up last,few years so i think it's uh he's got,one year left on his deal so you got to,give him a new deal at some point but um,obviously they like him because they you,know they trade and usually don't trade,a password for a cornerback but in this,case they had to make a move pretty,quickly i think they got a guy who was,pretty good,with the addition of yassin and also,anthony averitt how do you see the,secondary at least before the draft vic,how do you see this secondary shaking,out right now,it's tough to say because you know you,have these new coaching staffs you,always you really don't know what they,think about the guys when they're,rostered last year and you're asking,they won't they won't tell you because,then so i have no idea what their,thoughts are on trayvon martin's a guy,who's a second round pick who's had,flashes played pretty well at times a,lot of times had some problems but i,think the overall is a good player and,buyers don't know how the fit is for him,and patrick graham so uh we'll find out,if they sign with the quarterback here,this week if the draft uh one you know i,guess on the third one was your first,pick but um so yeah it's hard to say,what know what their thoughts are on,vic tayfor from the athletic with us,here on the nick cattle show sports 1140,khdk,alan robinson vic went to the rams,yesterday,uh the raiders of course were were,involved with you know this this number,one receiver uh conversation and then,they go out and they get devonte adams,uh your thoughts on the addition of of,atoms,and uh do you think let me first ask you,this,do you think,they gave up too much or paid too much,for adams,i don't i think it's i think it's a game,changer i think i mean robinson's a,great receiver but i think devonta is,the best in the league i think he's,still he's 29 so i get i mean you're,paying him a huge amount of money but i,had a chance to make a big move but,obviously in derek carr that,relationship kind of was a trigger to,that so,to me again wasn't the first round pick,when they pick like 20 so much for that,but there's not a high traffic,second round pick so to me that's fine,and again uh if you look at the raiders,history

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Raiders Insider Vic Tafur Talks Antonio Brown-Mayock Confrontation with Dan Patrick | Full Interview

Raiders Insider Vic Tafur Talks Antonio Brown-Mayock Confrontation with Dan Patrick | Full Interview

adt for the covers de reders is de bieb,writer for the athletic een artikel van,sean is er van john biggs van maatpakken,langer worden,hi glen is de decision meedoen in tonio,bij onze media future week het van,poorten bij juiste curator die armen,waren of een plan toys hebt het zijn er,in europa een dergelijk er spelers,kunnen zuigen dat nou maar eens kort,eerste spencer wordt in acteur verklaard,cursor,3 mijn granty tussen functie-eisen,gelaten werd zijn toorn,moet lieftink deze deel,de kwestie waarbij een forces rush,yes zijde staan ook alle suiker ze,gebruiken,juist als cursist herhalen lachend zo,boxer uit hardware zoals ik het lekker,van maakte een tour,wandhouder voor wijs originele cover,maar eens erfelijke merken l'europe et,mee werken zijn we voor erger te lucas,marie feels like to say good cop bad cop,in eerde glanz de base money and my mind,you wanna try the shipping and agency,magic en hem boter te sametime cel,who makes this decision is het mij elke,risico op het effect earth andrew lloyd,het de helderste josse car,vertrouwenspersoon dus wees een super,juiste toesturen statieven bekijken tot,later,ik heb jullie tegen kan als uw strijd en,karton racers lees het maar geen lader,is gezet het uit gaat staan we nu dus om,portieken tussen redelijk snel dodelijk,is de doe ik werkte 13 seconden,deze mensen willen hebben 11 yo het is,best gaaf,als ik weer adres dorpsstraat,het emily boxers is er wel snel mensen,maakten drukken en oud zijn,in 21 brand fretten de professionele,tunnel met die love with you in this,competition,zelfs wel smart forfour ceramics and,hear my back to my father van europa,amatoriale pricing power,versus het woord led watch my mis mee,had in alle anne feel very challenging,hem niet eens examen,markt moeten de la rie was het trekken,tussen laag zorg mica lets helderheid,van ernst om naar de uitslag is recent,als worden zullen dubbele laag,les wordt er in de burgers en chertsey,soort l-model hoge laar and ice een,dubbele g-star,use tomaat en wie werd veroorzaakt dus,die server eerder telecity towers de,nu maak een andere chick officer bij km,klasse,stars for life force de cola enthousiast,over,ja de meeste friezen is want sbv hij,loopt uit geest nodig inch monitor mount,back-up lezing te sturen verdenking dat,het zou zo uit mijn server amateurclub,heel warme plek uit 86 spectaculair,soms zullen de stille zus malia totale,hallo hallo thomas het wissen fight,actueel en choose their body screen spy,rc gaan,marcelius werd jopie raak te worden,cerfontaine het simon en testers insight,uit schorsen kwestie van george uwer,lars lars je dan is mijn of ondertussen,maak voor uur start over ggo's,constructies met 0 en x onze tuitert van,helderder en zijn zuster naar londen om,de koude en warme but if you as many for,his mind game is is kon trek student-id,tonina is er niet mee dynamisch naast de,resten vaan zetten wat ze voor jongens,en meisjes en tube stuur,wordt naar theater en acteurs laten,jodenhaat werden gehoord als producent,esdoorn for keeping this helmet english,reviews for him diggin endorsement met,gps all alone,die sessies en zo hartcellen relatief,arme als een loser,online cadeautjes hang ik het zwaar,zeker is een eigen zaak het aloïs het,lampen daarvoor ze herman is als er,dingen zorgen te laat maar ik viel in,een serie smith is in centrumbomen den,tonio borg converse pro servisch echte,test teamviewer zanger,los of a' tussen hebben heerlijke scrub,voor haar stoppen hier zo,zesde verfverdunner alex haley de,laatste uur zodat er te worden ook het,lakwerk in de hem van met de branco zijn,reduceren camera pannen naar de ik riep,lucy chang,adviseur net zei de kever nee er een usb,drive for the dark,vermoord in patrick show toen in,guardians channel charlie mijn om direct,id string for free live your life for,downloaded and patrick yep

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The Athletic’s Vic Tafur Talks Raiders' Hard Knocks Premiere w/Dan Patrick | Full Interview | 8/7/19

The Athletic’s Vic Tafur Talks Raiders' Hard Knocks Premiere w/Dan Patrick | Full Interview | 8/7/19

and Vic taper he covers the Raiders for,the athletic and joins us on the program,how much drama do we have,when is today going to be like after,last night's hard knocks Vic should be,good I think that sentimental Brown,shows up you got the Rams in town you,got the whole McVeigh Gruden thing going,on so a lot of energy on the field what,stood out to you last night on Hard,Knocks I thought I thought it was,obviously a vacation ever good,entertaining but I was rolled over slow,showing me really a big moments but I,thought John Holmes came off okay but,he's definitely show his person a huge,personality as we saw for a rookie but I,was too much for my taste I mean I mean,I really pay off and everybody came and,was a good little montage about it,change lockers pretty fast but there was,no big enough finale exam being cut that,was kind of a big buildup not much,repair all right but then you know I'm,not quite sure what to make of this team,and I try not to go I'm gonna base my,opinion on how they're gonna be this,year by watching them in training camp,but I can't help but look at this and go,it felt like they went out of their way,to pop me a pump up Derek Carr and,everybody a great throw great throw and,you know the whole thing about does the,oil up his arms when he goes out of them,like it's a little strange I think this,their success or failure it comes down,to maybe Derek Carr and his personality,and ability to you know be a franchise,quarterback is that asking too much,that's a good point I think there,definitely is a privity for Derek they,got all these weapons and tools this,year at about in here made sure Brown,the highest-paid offensive lineman in,the league the Antonio Brown and Tyrone,Williams so Josh Jacobs first-round pick,so definitely there's no excuses for,directors you have to have a big year,there may actually build for a new,quarterback next year what kind of,questions do you have for Gruden this,year usual questions about the offenses,you know yeah well actually and so too,much I think that was because of the,injuries the line and the you know they,trade away,Cooper is really in max the roster was,in kind of shambles by the way so this,he has gotten the guys he supposedly,wants he's got some characters like you,know a perfect incognito so let's just,see what does,he said last year was necessary so let's,see if that was true I was surprised,they didn't address Antonio Browns feet,why didn't they address it I'm sure I,would like to I'm sure they didn't know,where thank you everyone asking the same,questions but he was just it's a bizarre,week he takes near our air balloon ride,in and doesn't practice you can't fly as,in but there's not practice and now all,we hear about you know as it sounds I,was suddenly post a picture of his feet,which was not not great viewing for the,public but um and he's Encinitas people,have been kinda quiet today has been,quietly last Gruden everyday and nothing,so I think it's just kind of a,wait-and-see thing but I'll say this you,saw last night when I show like just a,brief time this twenty minutes he was,out here on Tuesday I ran some routes of,passions the cornerbacks he gave him you,know I can handle it more so I think,even with the bad feet he still you know,a playmaker so I think I took it fine I,think when his feet finally heal up he,should be the guy he always has been,okay but Antonio Brown who loves to,share everything with you is not sharing,how he did this to his feet Jon Gruden,who loves to talk and should be asking,Antonio Brown how did you do that he's,not saying anything and then Drew,Rosenhaus his agent who always loves to,talk he's not saying anything,why a boy yeah that's right around with,dark I'm social media like two or three,days where it's unheard of so I just,think we'll see if he's hired today I,think at some point you have to be I,think the team has been politely,concerned maybe get over frustrated by,Thank You business sharp in fact it's,pretty soon it might turn the corner and,become more of a a bigger issue if I,said that you could either take seven,wins or three wins you had to pick,between the two for the Raiders this,year,well I think I mean based on what they,did in the offseason I don't have to go,Savin I think the whole like slowly,rebuilding plan without wonder when they,sign there in brown it gave and totally,about a big pay raise I think seven at,the minimum I think you even eight or,probably eighty get to be a good season,so I think um they spent too much money,making moves for them now to look at the,whole building process and the worth of,a well three win season to remember,traffic I think look out that way big,thank you for your time and we,appreciate you taking some minutes here,to talk about what's going on with this,I'm sure that we'll check in with you,again during the season I know Vic taper,he writes for the athletic he covers the,Raiders for more Dan Patrick show tune,in the audience channel 239 on DirecTV,streamed for

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Raiders Insider Vic Tafur: “Serious Doubts” about Long-Term Deal for Derek Carr

Raiders Insider Vic Tafur: “Serious Doubts” about Long-Term Deal for Derek Carr

the las vegas raiders are in a very,unique position they could commit to,derek carr right now and lock him up for,the next five to six years or they can,wait and not commit to him for at least,three more seasons and still have him be,a raider according to an nfl insider he,has some serious doubts about the,raiders extending derek carr to a,long-term contract in fact he talked a,little bit about it,victae for that is and he talked a,little bit about the fact that he,doesn't believe the raiders are going to,commit to derek carr because they just,got into the building that is dave,ziegler and josh mcdaniels and they may,not want to make that commitment right,now now i totally understand they don't,want to make that commitment right now,you can obviously wait three seasons and,the way you would wait is basically,letting derrick carr play his final year,under his contract 20 million dollars at,the same time you can franchise tag him,at least once potentially twice,and you can have three more years of,derek carr and there's no commitment at,that point as opposed to let's say you,gave derek carr a five year 180 million,dollars which is a little bit less than,40 million per year,if you were to commit to derek carr,under that type of contract that would,imply that you now have him for the next,six years and there's no out as as josh,mcdaniels and dave zigler would would,have right you think about this for a,second you think about all these,different coaching spots that were,available all these general manager,positions are available and you look at,why josh mcdaniels and dave ziegler took,this job over any other job if you're an,organization and you're going to take a,job with the new england patriots let's,say bill belichick isn't there you're,going to look at mac jones and say well,we're tied to maximums for the next four,years,if you go to the kansas city chiefs you,know you're tied to patrick holmes for,the next four years,even if you went to a a team like the,minnesota vikings you have kirk cousins,for the next two seasons so these type,of things impact your decision,well the raiders aren't necessarily tied,to derek carr but they also have the,option to keep him for up to three,seasons without actually committing to,him,but would the raiders be wise to,actually lock him up now and not wait,potentially causing some sort of issue,between the raiders and derrick or even,more so than that uh potentially having,the the value skyrocket assuming derek,carr gets the writers in the playoffs,under josh mcdaniels and assuming they,actually win or potentially get a super,bowl or at least make the super bowl,there's so many questions to really,think about and in my personal opinion i,think josh mcdaniels and david ziegler,love this problem to have,because let's face it they don't have to,commit to dirt car if they want to they,can but they don't have to you can get,three more years after at a dirt car you,could let him play his final year of his,contract on in under the the 20 million,dollars that he's already getting,or,you could get rid of him and save all 20,million which obviously is likely not,going to happen but then even going into,next year in the year after you can,technically franchise tag someone like,derek carr think about this for a second,you can have derek carr for pretty much,the next three seasons this season at 20,million dollars and then the two,following seasons at the franchise tag,which will be roughly around 40 million,for each of the next two years,and if the raiders wanted to go that,route that means you're not actually,committing to their car you're just kind,of using derek as a rental,and then maybe you make a move after,that or if derek's your guy then you,extend derek but an nfl insider a vic,tafer,put it out there that he has serious,doubts that the raiders are going to,actually extend their car that they're,actually going to commit to derek carr,long term uh for the sole reason that,you have so much that you could,potentially do,and i'm really excited to really see,what the raiders plan to do going,forward you know i will say this,the raiders are in a very interesting,position because right now you have a,team that mike mayok and john gruden,kind of built kind of put together,guys that are going to be due contracts,right jonathan abram max crosby hunter,renfro,and you don't necessarily have to sign,any of these guys right you can let,these guys walk if you feel that you can,either attract better free agents or,potentially draft better,at the same time it's the same thing,with your car you don't have to commit,the car you could potentially go out and,get another quarterback you could even,potentially trade away derek carr and,then try to get in the top five in in,terms of draft and draft the rookie,quarterback now i think that would be,the wrong thing to do especially in this,draft class unless you're going to get,one of the top two quarterbacks in,either picket or willis,outside of that i don'

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Vic Tafur Of The Athletic On Derek Carr, Josh McDaniels, Davante Adams, Future Of The Team And More!

Vic Tafur Of The Athletic On Derek Carr, Josh McDaniels, Davante Adams, Future Of The Team And More!

and welcome back to another episode of,the double dunk podcast my name is,Brendan geek thanks so much for tuning,in today guys if you haven't already,please hit that subscribe button it,would be greatly appreciated you can,also rate the podcast and review the,podcast for everybody to listen to your,podcast it would also be greatly,appreciated really cool episode for you,today we're talking strictly Las Vegas,Raiders and who else what to do it with,then uh Las Vegas Traders writer for the,athletic Vic Taffer's with us Vic my man,how we doing doing good man how you,doing doing good thanks for taking the,time to jump on really appreciate it,know you're a busy guy especially,nowadays in Las Vegas Raiders land um I,mean the first question is gonna be,about you actually I want to do uh I'm,curious about this you've been covering,this team for a long time do you like it,better in Vegas or Oakland,I don't know I mean uh the biggest uh,thing was you know the Kobe we lost,locker room access for a couple years,but now that's back that's the main,thing so it's uh it's got different pros,and cons but you know I like it I miss,the uh it's much the Oakland Vibe a,little bit but uh it's all good do you,see the fan base kind of getting bigger,and bigger as you go or,a different it's definitely gotten a,little different like you've lost some,of that Oakland flavor a little bit but,uh yeah it's definitely getting bigger I,think uh if they start winning again I'm,sure that would be more the case but um,yeah it's definitely have a huge,following they travel probably better,than any NFL team in the league,okay that's a good segue like you said,when they start winning again so kind of,be an open-ended question here Vic,um what's going on with Las Vegas,Raiders they were a Super Bowl potential,contending team this year and now,they're number one overall pick,contending team if you were to kind of,maybe summarize a little bit what's,going on,uh well I think um a lot of things I,think obviously the the I think the new,regime didn't think the roster is good,enough that's what they're pointing to,now I think that's probably some of,their doing They Don't Really address,all their all their needs in the,offseason I thought when I got Devonte,Adams it was definitely a window to be a,serious Contender this year but you need,to add some o-line some d-line I thought,some cornerback help and for some reason,they didn't they still had like a 20,million dollars of cap space they didn't,spend so maybe they were looking towards,the future didn't want to spend it all,but um I think kind of the half in half,I'd approached kind of backfired so and,now here we are two and seven yeah that,when I was when we were talking Las,Vegas Traders on our in our AFC West,preview podcast this summer I was saying,like yeah they got Devonte Adams and,they got um and they got Chandler but,besides that like that was kind of it,right like they didn't they didn't go,all in like they the Devonte Adams,Street was kind of all in but then they,didn't put the icing on the cake of all,and if that makes sense yeah I've had,some injuries I think you know they,looked at um you know the combination of,atoms and 100 Renfrow and Darren Wallace,being an elite you know Trio that would,really get them kind of the care of,their defense and get them over the hump,and I think they play 62 snaps together,this season so that's also part of it I,mean that was probably their their big,uh their master plan that hasn't hasn't,come to fruition,okay so Mark Davis,um has made it clear in the media over,the last week or so that Josh McDaniel's,job is safe,um do you think that will be the case if,this team wins three four games,yeah I mean I wasn't sure about that but,he was really strong he said to Josh,doing a fantastic job was the core to,believe and Rome wasn't built in a day,but so yeah based on all that he's,definitely I think he's saying it's,going to take some time and he's giving,these guys kind of a long rope well a,lot longer than I would have thought but,um yeah I thought there might be a,bottom like if you said if they won,three or four games maybe he might be in,trouble but clearly not clearly this,year is no longer important in the win,loss record but it doesn't matter,do you believe him,oh yeah I don't I don't think uh I don't,know what his reasons are maybe he,really likes these two guys or if he,doesn't want to maybe made a mistake,this soon or if there are still some,cash issues I don't know but I,definitely believe him he came out it,wasn't like just a foot of confidence it,was like a this guy is amazing this guy,is the best thing you know since sliced,bread so um there you go,okay so you hinted in a recent piece,that all the players wanted to buy in,Long practice and team officials,monitoring uh play your social media,accounts kind of gets old when you're,losing,um is this the Patriot Way maybe failing,outside of New England I'm a little bit,here or are you getting a sense th

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"The tell tale sign for me will be the sacks, the pass rush." - Vic Tafur on the Raiders' Defense

"The tell tale sign for me will be the sacks, the pass rush." - Vic Tafur on the Raiders' Defense

and joining us now uh one of my favorite,beat writers,in all of raider coverage i was over at,the athletic his name's big tafer how,are you doing vic so good man how you,doing fantastic um did you are you gonna,get invited to mark davis's housewarming,party when that thing's ready yet do you,know i hope so it's a big enough place,where i think the guest looks to be,pretty big so i hope i'll squeeze on,there i bet you guys slip on in the back,right just dress up in like uh you know,like a darth vader outfit or something,you'll fit right in no no no it's you no,perfect,but it'll be like that movie uh trading,but operating places but coming to,america they'll invite you over but he's,like all right park the cars here,what's the food spread at a mark davis,house warming party like is it all pf,chang's or do you think he'll do,something nice,that's a good question i know he had a,big pf change run for a while i'm not,sure if it's changed because of vegas,but they have changed in vegas so uh i'm,not exactly sure how much has changed,his diet in the last couple years he's a,big applebee's guy no,is that right,it was hooters for a while sure uh there,was a bit of triangle applebee's but hey,baby who doesn't want applebee's hooters,open 24 hours a day in las vegas by the,way i do not know that that's good to,know well this is why you come on shows,like this vic to learn the really,important stuff about las vegas,so how how rough has it been covering,the team during covid like instead of,being like in the locker room talking to,guys bumping elbows all the time like i,bet you never thought you'd wish you'd,see nfl players and towels as much as,you do right now,yeah for me it's a it's a killer i mean,that was my might be my favorite part of,the job is just be in the locker room,and and shooting stuff with the guys and,just like uh getting known pretty well,and kind of not only the star place but,like the back of the roster guys,and so now that access is all gone now,it's strictly uh who they give you at,the podiums after practice after games,uh whole dynamic has changed,so uh it's not good the definitely uh,the team can now all teams cannot,control the message a lot more a lot,better and it's hard to find out really,what's going on sometimes so um it's,been a rough adjustment i'm still making,it uh but yeah it's not nothing good for,me you gotta like build some leaks you,know you gotta cultivate some uh some,scabs or something that are like uh,break ranks and talk with you,yeah i'm not sure how that works because,you can't get house meet those guys we,would never beat them because the place,is locked up so uh,i got luckily i still know like you know,i want to say like what uh,not even a half probably one third of,the team from a couple years ago from,the locker rooms last opened but it has,changed a lot so like all of you guys i,don't know very well,what do you miss the most like in the,locker room,just talking to guys like not so much,like you could just have conversations,about like uh,some of my best talks have been like um,on slow days you feel like you know or,just talking about whatever kind of know,i'm gonna make some tick you know family,stuff or just kind of uh because you,know so much about football is just it's,kind of dry like this guy was drafted,here this is supposed to be good he's,not supposed to be good and it's kind of,what kind of learn the layers behind,people that's kind of always my favorite,things kind of know makes everybody tick,in their backgrounds just kind of uh,it's also kind of cool to see the,personalities kind of mesh in locker,room every year you know faces change so,different leaders emerge you kind of get,the sense of that dynamic in the locker,room much more than you do like right,now it's pretty much,these guys are the captains because you,know we say so you're like okay but you,don't really know what's happening why,yeah yeah so that's kind of uh but so,yeah just the whole interaction with,guys in the locker room just kind of uh,just,you learn more about the team just you,know just chatting with guys they do,from any kind of press conference,so heading into uh you know week one,coming up monday night um let's say at,this point a month or two ago what's the,biggest surprise for where the team is,at right now whether it's personnel,scheme anything like that like what,right now you thought you know a month,ago like wow i would never have thought,that this would be the case right now,it's a good question i think my biggest,uh doubt coming in the camp was the,offensive line i thought you know the,obviously got rid of rodney hudson gabe,jackson and trent brown some pretty big,names so i thought this um i wasn't sure,how the young guys and the kind of the,guys who were,backups last year were going to click,but uh they've been good i've been kind,of impressed by like that tom kimble is,a good job so i think um,yeah i think incognito if he's healthy,we'll be fine we've got the denzel good,i

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Raiders players are ANGRY about Josh McDaniels SCOURING Social Media

Raiders players are ANGRY about Josh McDaniels SCOURING Social Media

a Raiders beat writer wrote something,very interesting recently in one of his,articles and I want to talk about it I,don't know if this guy wrote this for,clicks I don't know if he wrote this,because someone said something to him,because it doesn't make sense for me and,I'll give you guys why a little bit,later on,um you guys know this if you guys have,been following me I talked to a lot of,Raiders players and a lot of these,players tell me things you know just as,recently as early this morning I read a,message from one of the Reuters players,telling me some of what's kind of going,on with the team but we'll talk about,that a little bit later on let's get,into the comments that this beat writer,wrote he said that Josh McDaniels has,addressed his problems with the Broncos,many times and has worked hard to be,better at dealing with people than he,was while he was with the Denver Broncos,and the Raiders players definitely,wanted to buy in and they did for a,while but at some point longer meetings,and practices and having team officials,scouring your social media accounts,daily gets old when you lose every week,I'm talk about that last part,specifically this beat writer wrote that,having team officials scour your social,media accounts daily gets old that's,very interesting because what this beat,writer is saying is that the Raider,players are getting over the fact that,Josh McDaniels and his regime are,basically micromanaging the players,they're basically telling them what they,can and cannot put out there or if Max,Crosby tweets the wrong tweet that Josh,McDaniels is saying something to him,specifically right that you tweeted this,and you can't do that right or maybe,it's deeper than that maybe Vic Taffer,here the writer is trying to imply that,the regime is going through direct,messages and they're getting,micromanaging in that aspect right,either way this doesn't make sense to me,because Josh Jacob's postings all the,time on his Instagram as does Max Crosby,as does uh Colton Miller as does Andre,James right these guys are posting,things all the time and how does it,impact them if,there's team officials going through all,that to make sure they're not posting,anything out of line you know I'm not,really sure what this comment is related,to but it is interesting because I,mentioned this on the channel before I,talked to some of the players and I'm,not the only one that talks to players I,know firsthand other YouTubers guys with,massive followings on Twitter massive,followings on Instagram I know these,guys that have told me that they heard,you know X Y and Z from this player,right I know a handful of players that,talk to a bunch of these other guys I,tap four or five guys that I talk to all,the time right again as soon as or as,recent as this morning I had someone,reach out to me talking a little bit,about kind of what went wrong yesterday,and at no means do I ever post any of,that stuff right but it's interesting,that the Raiders writer here wrote what,he wrote in his article that apparently,the Raiders players are getting over,Josh McDaniels and kind of the the type,of person he is and it's interesting,especially when you consider Derek,Carr's comments about Josh McDaniels,yesterday you know Derek Carr obviously,supports Josh McDaniels to make the,statement he made I love I love Josh I,love the car I love our coaches,they've had nothing but success you know,way more success than I've ever had you,know there's obviously a bigger issue,with this Raiders team in my opinion,than just Josh McDaniels uh maybe people,have realized that this team is taking,this year because at this point it,really looks like they are tanking now,of course I totally understand the you,know Darian Butler potentially falling,on the football instead of trying to,pick it up all right Sam Webb makes a,beautiful play punches the ball out and,all Darian Butler had to do was fall in,the football and the Raiders likely win,that football game all right there's a,high chance they win that football game,had that play just bounced for the,Raiders,um and yeah technically at that point,people would say oh they're not taking,this or that but,it does seem like the Raiders are taking,at this point and maybe that's why the,energy is so off within the Raiders,locker room maybe the guys like their,car and Devon Adams the guys that have,the loudest voices maybe they've,realized that this team is tanking,um maybe they realize that Josh,McDaniels and Mark Davis have some,scheme you know to say let's get a top,five pick and let's take another,quarterback and let's build for the,future you know,um this year is the most hate that Derek,Carr's ever received over the last nine,years there's never been a year that,Derek Carr has received the hate and I,shouldn't use the word hate maybe I,should use the word criticism there's,never been a year and I know because,I've criticized him three years ago for,the first time and I got a massive,massive pushback by so many p

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