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TWITTER BEEF: Vanguard vs Dylan Burns & Ben Burgishave not been paying attention,um the the House GO

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Updated on Jan 28,2023

TWITTER BEEF: Vanguard vs Dylan Burns & Ben Burgis

have not been paying attention,um the the House GOP is in a bit of a,debacle right now as it says here,majority Republicans in turmoil unable,to elect house Speaker as McCarthy fails,again they've now done six rounds of,voting and McCarthy has still been,unable to clinch the speaker ship as,this article States House Majority,Republicans were unable to elect a,speaker as GOP nominee Kevin McCarthy,failed on the sixth ballot Republican,foes have kept him from getting close to,a majority in the latest round of voting,for speaker that has now stretched over,two days after the latest tally the,house adjourned until 8 PM giving,Republicans time to confer on their next,steps 20 Republicans voted for Byron,Donald's as an alternative to McCarthy,one Republican Victoria,Barts from Indiana voted present,Donald's 44 one of the few black,republicans in Congress has represented,a Florida District since 2021,and this is like the first time this has,happened in I think over a hundred years,usually whoever the appointed or you,know whoever the party decides will be,speaker they just become speaker,everyone just Falls in line we,saw that happen over and over and over,again with Nancy Pelosi of course which,infamously boiled over into a real,debate quite a spicy discourse in 2021,when there was a campaign of pressure,from online leftist commentators people,like Jimmy Dorr Brianna Joy gray crystal,ball Kyle Kolinski et cetera urging the,Justice Democrats people like AOC and,Premier jayapal Corey Bush rokana Etc to,put up a little bit of a goddamn fight,and use their leverage to hold up Nancy,Pelosi's speakership to basically hold,her speakership hostage in exchange for,some concessions now there was a little,bit of debate regarding what those,concessions would be the main one that,Jimmy Dore talked about was forcing a,vote on the house floor for Medicare for,all there are other suggestions as well,as far as what good concessions might,look like but the point is those,progressives at the time AOC Corey Bush,all the Justice Democrats basically,decided that it wasn't worth their time,to seriously resist Nancy Pelosi,becoming speaker again they just decided,to go along to get along they all voted,for Nancy Pelosi when push came to shove,and basically got nothing in return now,two years later it's like deja vu,because the Republicans now in control,of the house are actually employing the,strategy that people like Zach and I,were begging progressives in the,house to employ back in 2021 in order to,resist the corporate corrupt,anti-progressive leadership of Pelosi,this is interesting for a couple of,reasons but I think that the main reason,why it's so interesting for us to talk,about is because we're in a situation,where we have a handful of Republicans,the freedom caucus basically employing,the antagonistic tactics that we were,hoping we'd see come from the Left Flank,of the democratic party in the,Progressive caucus,yeah so this whole thing is really,interesting to me and I don't even know,it where to begin to start unpacking it,so I'm just gonna dive in head first,when it comes to the decision to just,unilaterally kind of coordinate a,speaker whether that's the House,Majority or minority speaker I,I the miscuit there's a big,misconception among many people who I,don't even know if it's partisan but,just people who cover politics for a,living people who are on the Hill People,Who dabble in the swamp or just straight,up steep in it right like the people who,are in the shits right in the weeds they,know what's going on,um to them,it's so like oh my goodness what a what,a joke how hysterical the fact that they,wouldn't just the Republican Party,wouldn't just have this figured out,right like it wouldn't just be like,uniforms single file line let's go in,we're gonna all stand behind the same,guy that there wouldn't be just a,hundred percent partisan Unity right and,and then the Democrats are taking this,moment to say like see how successfully,we've patched past the torch from Nancy,Pelosi to Hakeem Jeffries and see,there's no discussion at all we have our,ducks in a row even with our slim,standing and whatnot,okay fine,um,um and then actually the uh what's his,face will be the majority speed I I,inverted that right now because my head,was in the old Congress for a second,right or,no okay,wait did the Republicans have the house,now yeah they have the majority in the,house so it'll be majority speaker and,uh Hakeem Jeffries will be minority,speakers so I that up when I said,that I'm sorry guys but anyway uh I I,just think that,meat and potatoes are the point I'm,making is the fact that I don't think,regular people people Joe Blow on the,street one they don't know the,difference between Hakeem Jeffries and,Kevin McCarthy I gunned to their head I,don't think they could give you either,of their names I don't think anybody,could give you either of their names,right which is why I just think it's,like I just think it's perplexing to see,so man

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welcome to framework fortune i'm your,host ben and we've got another,breaking story that is insane,that is barely getting any news coverage,i just covered the whole nickel short,squeeze that the craziness uh that,happened with the london metals exchange,you've been paying attention you know,elon musk has been doing all types of,games with twitter he bought ten percent,into the company or nine something,percent,shook up the whole twitter investor,scene shook up a lot of the job market,at twitter and shook up the whole,world,but,now this just happened yesterday,vanguard just became the largest twitter,stock holder they have bought more,shares now,than elon musk now elon musk yesterday,also,offered to buy the entire twitter,company for 54 dollars a share and,vanguard comes out of nowhere to become,the largest holder of twitter,now,why is this story important vanguard,is a investment fund company that,handles a lot of americans 401ks,so the main reason that i have not been,trading twitter and stayed away from it,is because you're trading against the,world's richest man you're literally,trading against the biggest well,i am not going to get into a trade or,anywhere near it,when the person i'm trading against has,more money than anybody in the entire,world,vanguard stepping up on this,seemingly to maybe save twitter from,elon's wrath or whatever elon's trying,to do now since vanguard handles a lot,of u.s populations 401ks that now puts,elon musk in a very precarious situation,he was just going after twitter,now,vanguard for some reason,has decided to put a bunch of people's,401ks,against elon musk,this is pure insanity but we're going to,go into this article a little bit i'll,the link will be in the description so,vanguard now owns,82.4 million shares of twitter,now the crazy thing was they amended a,13 g filing so they were already filing,to buy some twitter and i'm assuming,they saw elon musk's move and decided,hey,we need to get ahead of him,so they have a bunch they have 10.29,percent stake that's 12 million more,shares than when they last reported at,stake in the company back in february so,it's been,a month and a half and they have added,17,to their position so down the rest of,this article it says why did vanguard,increase its twitter stake in the first,place well institutional investors are,not required to disclose their reasons,behind purchases or sales now if you're,me,and you read that sentence and then you,think about how vanguard has people's,401ks,how in the world is vanguard not,required to disclose the reasons for any,type of trades,when they are trading,other people's money especially people's,401ks,so they don't really have a reason why,did they do it,i don't know i'm assuming is because,they were invested pretty heavily in it,and,with elon musk they did not want him to,be a controlling share of the company,so this has now become a war between the,world's richest man,and a lot of people's 401ks and here is,the actual,,sheet from 2020. they call it how,america saves but you can see in 2019,five,million people in america that was 2019,were participating,in some type of vanguard fund now i,don't know every single company that,offers vanguard but there's companies,that offer immediate eligibility for,employee contributions require there's,plans requiring one year service,matching contributions a whole lot of,types of funds,that twitter is now going to be added,more into so,if this becomes some type of political,war where,elon is trying to take down twitter or,whatever his reasoning for getting into,twitter,if he continues down that path,with vanguard now putting everybody in,the way like a shield,we could see a lot of people hurt so i,just want to put this out there real,quick i'm not a financial advisor see,the disclaimer in the description,all i'm doing is just pointing you guys,to the information and giving my,thoughts on it of course if you do have,a vanguard 401k and you're worried about,this,speak to your employer or whoever a,financial advisor who is licensed to,help you get through that but just be,aware,of the shenanigans that is now going on,with your money if you are in a vanguard,fund,so,i've not traded twitter i'm not going to,trade twitter i don't want nothing to do,with it,i didn't want anything to do with it,when elon got involved i definitely,don't want to do anything to do with it,now so let me know your thoughts if you,think this was a smart move on,vanguard's part if this is a smart move,on elon's part and if you especially,have a vanguard type of 401k or fund,that your employee or somebody invests,into,let me know how you're feeling in the,comments below about all of this,nonsense this is war with the enemy,think that it was meant to be living in,a time where disease is on every street,i won't let them fester me i know most,of festering negativity is a plague for,stove,you

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VANGUARD in 2023...

VANGUARD in 2023...

so I decided to jump on Vanguard to see,what was going on after Modern Warfare,2's release I'll be really honest with,you guys I wouldn't wipe my own ass with,this Call of Duty but let me know down,in the comment section what do you think,is better Modern Warfare 2 or Vanguard,there's only one right answer to this,hope you guys get it correct and if you,guys do enjoy make sure you guys drop a,like on the video subscribe the channel,and turn those post indications we got a,V2 rocket let's get right into it,all right so we're on Vanguard I want to,go ahead and jump on here to see what,the hell is going on like see who's,actually still playing this see like the,type dude this is this right here is why,I can't stand this anymore you see the,type of meta,what people are doing on this card,because,they got on us because arguably,and I think this is a true statement,that I think a lot of us can agree,arguably Vanguard is the worst call of,duty of all time I think we can all,agree that this Cod was just,this Cod was just not it straight up,the one thing this game does have that I,do like is they got Ford Intel,and they got combat pacing,but that's about it,which way they gonna come I kind of want,to push up too,yo how many of them they got guys,sitting in the back of the swan man come,on,oh,that team is a God,come on dude I really lost that I really,lost my body arm to some kid sitting in,a corner,well I got my replacement for when his,goes away let me call my dogs in,appreciate the ammo,thought I'd get back in here,ah damn,all right let's back that up with,another local,yes sir,dude whoever called this in hey,you're God,they got it another one good girl I'm,getting up here,whoa,there we go got body armor again they,starting to spawn out,what,okay,how the do they have bombers bro,ah,all right we got a V2 hell yeah maybe we,got a V2 God damn,well that was easy ,got a V2 rocket I wonder if my teammate,got one as well he probably did,and this game is like so remedial bro,like all you can do is get 25 kills to,get a new,like half of these kids like that still,play this they don't know what's,going on,all right well,yeah this is slight bro we're on a 30,now this is technically,this is technically the nuke and MW2,right now,all right body armor we're on top,I gotta make sure I actually call this, in,and don't forget,all right well I'm gonna call it in now, it and nuke time almost at MTV,they all leaving,that this game bro I'm sorry,Vanguard I mean we got 52-0 man,all right,come on reload,this like this game bro this is,such this is such a remedial ass Call of,Duty like I don't think any of the guns,realistically have recoil and they all,kill like ridiculously fast like this is,people say that bottle for two is like,easy mode guys like Vanguard this is the,epitome of just like an easy mode Call,of Duty game like there's literally,nothing to this game it's like point and,literally quiet shoot,the one,I can't even see what the hell is going,on,all right,able is lost good it's okay,push up,should be about to get my,oh there it is,I'm not even sure if we have enough time,to get anything going though I think I,stole somebody's skill right there,oh we got a local informant right now,dude this game is so remedial bro,loose,friendly we're going this way,ER is overrun good,morning yo we're on a 20 right now,I should have went ahead in full sent,pick up again,appreciate the ammo,three gun play prep for taker,bro this thing what the is this,like this dude this card like this ,is like stupid,dude this cut,this card is so stupid bro like,I could have had a nuke for sure,oh my gosh,ah there's another 10 bro that would,have been it damn,yo there's like three guys in quarters,there

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Vlad and Nikita kids play with balloons

Vlad and Nikita kids play with balloons

Hung,hihihi hihihi,hahaha smile,Lego wae ih ih lang lang,lalu,ini,hah,dddddd,oke,Hah,Wow Jeep,suku,work kabar Hai Caca,max44,lineup,rendah,hihihi hehehe,hahaha,oke mungkin away cop,ah bye bye,ngomong,bajunya,lusuh Gowa,fakturnya,ngadu,pintunya,Indonesia,banget,Hei dia,hah potong-potong,Hai,Hah cukup,oke,hahaha,uhuy uhuy,Hai,homekit monyet,benteng contoh tes,oh no,wow wow

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Briahna Joy Gray CALLS OUT Sam Seder & Cenk Uygur / Vaush & Ana Kasparian Discuss Mens Rights on TYT

Briahna Joy Gray CALLS OUT Sam Seder & Cenk Uygur / Vaush & Ana Kasparian Discuss Mens Rights on TYT

thank you,yo what's up what's up what's up it's,the discourse guard the dead horse guard,the giving you our takes without remorse,guard how's it going everybody what the, we just got back in studio and,where is Gavin he's nowhere to be found,he's got a different background,again,yeah no I'm back in New Orleans where,it's super super hot actually today was,like 70 degrees was crazy,um but yeah what's up everyone welcome,back to the Vanguard we have an awesome,show for you guys today really excited,to dive into this rehash of the forced,to vote debate um you guys might,remember this has been like the longest,running, discourse and you know political,history of seemingly,um it's what we basically started our,Channel discussing back in 2021 and here,we are in 2023 still talking about this,um apparently some people still have not,gotten it through their heads why it was,a good idea to use your leverage as a,congressperson to resist the corrupt,corporate leadership of your own party,uh when you were elected as a,progressive to do exactly that but,anyway we're going to be getting into,all of that and more today we also have,a really interesting,um interview discussion between vosh and,Anna kasparian that occurred on The,Young Turks so I'm excited to break that,down as well but either way welcome back,to the show guys I appreciate you all,for tuning in today it's going to be a,good one yeah absolutely and I guess,we'll move on to our Patron shout out,shout out to everybody all you lovely, in the patreon community all you,comrades vanguardian super van Guardians,uh of course you're all comrades to us,um we like to begin and end everyone,live stream with a special shout out to,those who are able to uh throw us a,couple bucks every month on patreon,really goes a long way helps us keep the,lights on at this Casa del Vanguard uh,you know place that we have keeps us,away from destitution and able to do,these live shows for you lovely people,so we really appreciate that and of,course you know money's tight for,everybody so if you just hit that like,And subscribe button uh really does,wonders helping us out getting the,algorithm from uh getting the show,promoted in that algorithm and all that,jazz,um so yeah super big shout out to,everybody links in the description you,guys know the drill uh special shout out,to the patrons,yeah huge shout out to the patron,Community thank you guys so much for the,support hit up that link in the,description like Zach said really helps,the show out and also as Zach said hit,that like button before we get started,before we move into our main topics for,today's stream make sure to hit that,like button it's totally free it's a,great way to support the show get some,more comrades in the chat always enjoy,monitoring the discourse in our audience,I'm proud to not just have a total Echo,chamber show where everyone's,regurgitating the same opinion,they heard someone else say,um so I always enjoy hearing you guys go,back and forth or rather watching you,guys go back and forth in the chat,having your own little debates as Zach,and I have ours always a fun time so,again hit that like button so we can get,some more comrades in the chat some more,eyes on this stream,um yeah but do you want to talk a little,bit about the,um the football player story Zach I,forget his name oh yeah uh Demar Hamlin,is his name uh he is the safety for the,Buffalo Bills and this story is crazy,actually because we had actually just,rap and I don't know if you guys,remembered uh Monday night we we did a,live stream and when it was over I was,like oh guys I gotta go downstairs and,put on the Bengals Bills game because it,was a quint you know it was like a,consequential game for the Chiefs I was,going down there to watch I don't really,watch a lot of Monday Night Football but,I was going to put it on couldn't figure,out which streaming service it was on,it's a real pain in the ass now,that nobody has like cable anymore to,try and figure out how to watch live,sports uh you know and if it's not the,Chiefs I'm not usually like the most,dedicated to it so uh I just go back to,kicking it with one of my homies that,was over in the kitchen and I get a text,from my dad being like yo this 24 year,old kid like might be dead on the,football field they think he had a heart,attack and I'm like what the is,going on so I start looking into it and,that was that maybe like just before 8,30 on Monday night and so there was a,big large amount of dialogue in fact I,was surprised to see uh some uh,political figures like Nina Turner were,really engaging in that dialogue,um you know which we just don't see a,lot but it made sense because Cincinnati,Bengals were playing she probably was,watching it she's from Ohio anyway uh,this this kid he gets hit in the he gets,he's trying to make a tackle right he's,a safety he gets hit right in the chest,uh and uh you know the families ask not,to show the video so we're not,I did not show the video but he gets hit,

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welcome to the solemn vanguard channel,and today we are talking about the,current state of card fight vanguard if,you still need any vanguard cards you,can go to 50 cards dot shop and use go,to solemn for a discount there's the new,trial dicks there's set six which is,hopefully gonna have some big impacts,into standard as well i don't know about,that but we'll see so anything vanguard,50 cards dot chop use a code solemn so,if you don't know what the current state,of vanguard is essentially i make this,type of video once in a while to,basically recap what i'm thinking of,right now you know in every aspect of,the game and the franchise i just go,over all my thoughts one by one and that,way you know what i'm thinking you know,because i might say something on twitter,to laugh you know to have a little joke,or in a video i might say something mean,or something and you think oh this must,be that he hates vanguard or he or he,loves vanguard in every aspect or you,know all that this kind of video,basically puts into context every single,thought i'm currently having that way,you know okay that was a joke or that,was not a joke and so forth again we'll,go through all the various aspects of it,and let's see so first of all we have,the anime for the anime i'm gonna be,honest i haven't watched it doesn't mean,it's bad i actually have no idea it's,just i haven't had time you know trying,to juggle youtube channels business,actually competing in two card games now,it's been a lot and i just haven't had,time to go like oh yeah i'll go i'll go,watch the anime now it's not that high,on the priority list i have been seeing,people saying that like was it season,two of overdress is like incredible,apparently but again i haven't seen i,probably should chris has been you know,fighting me every single day he's like,standing at my window going,hey maxine you should watch the anime,and then he goes back to japan so,that's where we're at i don't know but i,hope it's good then we have the,competitive side of the game now not,just you know format by format but more,so like how are people competing you,know like we just had spring fest and in,my opinion spring fest was incredible we,can talk about oh the overtrigger sucks,or something else along those lines but,springfest format wise everything was,awesome i do find that by the tail end,of it every other event everywhere no,longer had mask mandates so it was a bit,weird to go like oh yeah we're going to,springfest london and we still have to,put on this mask but every single other,place on earth no longer has it so that,was like a bit of a weird disconnect but,overall okay that was the policy awesome,but beyond that i have like no remarks,it was just well run it was really fun,the formats were also super healthy or,at least like interesting they were very,how do i say not as sacky as they could,be you know some formats sometimes,you're like wow this format's a dice,roll right now and other times you're,like oh this format is actually really,interesting dice roll doesn't matter,that much trigger luck doesn't matter as,much and so forth so overall springfest,was awesome then we had bro sadly i,couldn't enter bro like i entered one of,them and that was it i got destroyed at,bro by the way i entered with a dark,irregular and that was just an awful,idea i already knew that going in like,i'm going to gotcha roll with this deck,and it might suck ass and it might be,super awesome that's how that deck works,uh if you open all your chargers and a,number of turns it's going to be great,if you don't the deck sucks i knew that,going in but just you know i hadn't put,in time in testing and putting time in,anything because i just got too busy,also however i will say issue with bro,this time around was that bcs was so,close that it was very hard to get as,motivated for it when we had bro and,springfest online the other times you,know during covid it was like damn this,is our one time that we can actually,compete at a high level vanguard right,now because everything is closed so that,made springfest online and bro really,interesting to try hard for because it,was like your one shot basically whereas,this time we had just had spring fest,which was like a great high to go back,to and then bcs was just around the,corner so you were looking forward to,that and that made it so it was like bro,i didn't really feel quite as you know,motivated to really try for that one so,i didn't test i played only i entered,only one of them and so forth but with,that being said it was very well,produced so like there's nothing wrong,with how bro was run it was awesome it's,just you know timing wise and compared,to the other two big highs of the year,let's say it wasn't as exciting anymore,at least for me but again no complaints,i find the quality of streams for bushy,road events is really damn good zero,complaints awesome but that brings us to,the next one of the competitive side and,i already kind of spoiled it we have bcs,c

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i didn't feel like aiming in this video,so i built a max hit fire and fire rate,on the ppsh the ppsh piece of ,weapon that's what it stands for this,barrel is pretty much asking for this,build to happen with the fire rate on,this gun reminds me of the scorpion from,black ops 2.,this is,where that thing is actually kind of,busted wait,oh i can't wait to see what you do with,that what one more thing,bear no it's art what gun even,is that what the is this thing what,the is,what,what in the world destroy it i respect,that class man you out you're trying,something thank you one person,next time,oh what is that gun,all right,look at this gun bro kills me,you just hit fire that gun bro yes,poopy are you hacker are you hacker dude,don't lie to us either,need something,hacker how did you know he was there,poopy yes you guys hacking everybody,reporting what's your fault,got you why did you do this to me you,did this to yourself when you turned on,hacks you can't do the time don't do the,crunch,cause it's fun to hit fire,everything in front of this thing always,just gets destroyed and i love it what,is that thing it's a hip fire build no,because you don't have to because are,you dignitized to the enemies i'm not, magneto,you're not gonna respond,dude,look at this christ,you're a bro you ,you bro you want your targets to,go down,you gotta aim down your sight aiming,down your sights also works for aim down,your sights then aim down your sight at,the top don't do that,it's a wreck it's a good wreck,but hip firing gun that has no recoil at,all with insane fire rate yeah you're,right you is that guy,seriously complaining about this homie,using a whole riot shield with a shotgun,can you explain what you're doing in,this photo that's not me,it's not you,nope,bro what do you have on your ppsh why do,you have a 20x scope on that thing,how do you know,your ppsh isn't a match for combat,shotgun you're right,why are they pushing shipment on us,no, off shipment you want to hurt me go,right ahead if it makes you feel any,better what you see is what you get all,right,game battles money 2v2 duplex,duplex baby catch me on the next wwe,we're not even aiming,what the do you use that i you,just press r2 the up smart ass oh,that's literally it,ah,that was disgusting,poopy you're crazy man jesus,christ,your words cut deep,deeper than any blade,oh my god wait that's poopy wait i know,you do you have the flamethrower,what the jump is that you stay,back,around the road,i love you

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hey yo what's good with y'all program,back with a new video for y'all today,man hey man say man look so in today's,video y'all see the title y'all see the,thumbnail you don't know about the,username vpn none of that lane ass ,reverse booster if you ain't got gang,game you don't have gun game you,talking about make sure you guys hit,that like button subscribe to the,channel follow me on my social medias,follow me on twitch i live stream every,single day on twitch so yeah today's,video i'm gonna be doing a monitor cam,with my elgato camera yes sir make sure,i hit that like button if you guys want,to see more videos with the monitor let,me know down in the comment section but,anyways man appreciate all the support,but about this ,so i got like a triple new y'all and the,gameplay audio all that was messed,up bro so crazy,but we're gonna these up on,this map right here oh put that ,down,stewart little looking ass ,hello let me go back over here hey i'm,gonna smoke these ,damn that had a big m60 big big,draco big big guns aka i'm big guy,yes sir,are you spawning back at c i love for,you to spawn back at me, what the what is the hit,markers though turn that wall up,bro,god,he's gonna die he said that he's,ass,i'm stupid uh what you doing,we're gonna run around here cause they,down here,i'm gonna put that down,by the body i'm about to yada yada all,right,that dog grab my ass,oh let me call this a knotless baby,not let's say your life every time they,throw that fire they looked on the fire,i'm gonna let the cops see we need to,kind of see,but i can get a spawn point,i shot him through the goddamn,through the fence ,about to get that nukey nuke on that,phone here now you know he did jump up,here ,i'm gonna run back to scene i should let,him get see honestly,oh that piss ass gas bro,i'm gonna run all the way back here to a,smoke day pack,all right shoot through that still,got the nuke on it over here,yeah put that down i know y'all,tried to be using the automaton but,guess what i do not care we do not care, automaton until we die,i don't know until we design, you sitting there,i'll make me turn goddamn tv now,tv louder than a , ,oh i see you,if i would have done it to him i would,have done it to him but,but yeah the monitor to my left um,that's obs that's what i record on i,need you buzzers in my comment,section how do you cheat you getting,news i suck why can't i be like sprint,easy,because you ain't applying yourself like,i applied myself,yeah why,i wish i'd seen these other gameplays,but it was just with all my song anyway,it really don't matter,oh lord,oh lord boy that boy didn't put them, on,you wanna yup m-i-y-t yeah that's what a,oh,oh my god what happened to them though,dog why are y'all sitting there like,y'all some robots or something,god damn man sitting there like some, statues and supposed,to be out there biting on their ass,they've seen gun street,that down pinocchio ass ,oh lord that boy got put on plate shirt,yes sir,we wanna,know,they come to middlemen yes sir then they,get ain't cat daddy do the cat daddy,ain't that older two thousand,two thousand snacking,oh you got that name let me out pick up,play black ops one,the half blackjack in front of them pick,the nade up through the back oh what the, you think you is bo though,it's your ear shot off your, character,you want to be deaf ,huh,that's your years off,but that people they can still have ears,and if they armed up,that's no i'm gonna know all that sign,language,oh oh lord,god damn what the is that running,around this goddamn pistol out,oh,i got put on the news,i'm trying to scream a lot,oh lord that boy,yes sir,i wondered i need to get some more,streets again real quick,throw their name down there they down,now,i'm just all this i ain't getting,no streets,i know i went through the lever down,my goddamn back of my hand i knew there,was fun in there because i'm about to,say,that's what they were spawning at before,to kill them over there,gotcha for your dad,gotcha,ps5 battle diva,stop playing 101 to 50 defense they had,50 defense what the but when they,put the defense i ain't never had that,many defense on vanguard bro what the, i'm really defending the flag i'm,really out here what you talking about,ain't no cheats just obs,just the game monitor camera up here,right here,you know i'm saying stop playing with me,ah,100 wonderful simple,all right let's use the mp40 to your,daughter to go goldie,i think i love the game muska wolfer no,sky wolf i think that's uh some russian,that's why you slide and just look both,sides when you slide,oh,what the what the i'm getting,hit from,right,they're getting put on shirts,you can put on skirt shirts,yes sir let's get it here,you got the nade dna, blow up already bro,yes it won't work,uh,i'm flying around,shoot him in the spitzer,hey over here i gotta be over here,honestly nope, what the green boy,got green hanging out your ass,i'm a teammate jumping in front of me,don't ever do that again,you get slapp

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