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Complete Recap of OFFICIAL Valorant Twitter Lorehey everybody jeff here and did you know,that the of

Sir Jeppy

Updated on Jan 13,2023

Complete Recap of OFFICIAL Valorant Twitter Lore

hey everybody jeff here and did you know,that the official valerian twitter,account had an agent takeover series not,too long ago where they focused in and,showcased various things on what the,agents do while they're not at the,valerian protocol headquarters each,agent takeover told new stories about,valor's agents whether it was with,images artwork or even videos so today,i'm going to recap every single post,that was made in one video for you all,to watch it would mean a lot if you,subscribed as well if you do like my,videos as this one took a long time to,put together okay everyone let's start,off with the first agent that was,showcased in these takeovers and then go,in order that they were shown and the,first agent is neon so the first images,we get of neon is some amazing cosplay,that actually looks insanely cool from,twitter user triichi one thing i want to,say about these takeovers is sometimes,riot makes their own images and videos,while other times they team up with the,community to showcase our favorite,agents but back to this cosplay the,costume is great and the effects,alongside of it are top notch as well,moving on we get some great pieces of,artwork showing that neon loves eating,some yummy food trust me this is a,common thing with neon we'll see her eat,some more great looking food later on in,sage's asian takeover we also have an,image of neon exploring around a volcano,well back to neon's irresistible craving,for good food we see her chilling out,overlooking the city with some ice cream,but not before earlier in the day,chowing down on one of her favorite,snacks quite quick don't know what that,is never had it before but i'll try a,piece but that's all we get for neon,next up on the agent takeover list is a,fan favorite rayna we first get a teaser,image that i've covered in the past in a,separate video but to summarize reina is,trying to tell neon that the vp is,putting a quote-unquote muzzle on her by,having her suit limit her powers most,likely in an attempt to persuade her the,humans are oppressing radiance i also,want to say guys as these asian,takeovers are canon devalorant story so,everything so far said about neon and,then everything else later in this video,is canon to valerian's story the vibes,of reigns take over very much align with,the empress reyna theme we get some,truly amazing and highly detailed short,videos of reina dressed in her finest,dress likely in her house or apartment i,see a piano in the background so it,might be her apartment then we see reyna,in a different outfit near some pillars,or maybe a church or ruins of some sort,the caption reads quote look at them,they're disgustingly normal condemnation,of a prey is his own ignorance end quote,next reina looks like she's at a funeral,to me it could be just a random area,full of flowers but she honestly looks,really sad to me and her outfit is a,solid black which is what most people,wear at funerals it's just a thought,what do you guys think then something,totally unexpected happened where we get,a short video of rayna playing with,butterflies and surprisingly enjoying,herself it kind of blew me away to see,reina doing something i totally wouldn't,expect her doing like playing with,butterflies for example and that's,everything we got on reyna up next we,have a really wholesome agent takeover,which happens to be sobas first we see,some great artwork of sova heading back,home after being away for a long long,time in fact the caption when translated,into english from russian says he's been,away for many years he gets reunited,with his grandma again which is really,nice to see who whipped him up some nice,dinner rolls with a beautiful aurora,borealis out the window i'm pretty sure,i said that right right plus silva is,looking mighty fine in that sweater if i,do say so myself we also see silva,enjoys being a photographer as well,taking pictures of not only his man-made,owl drone but a nice little birdie in,the frozen forest as well this next one,is so wholesome as soba says goodbye to,his grandma with the caption reading,quote what a pity that i can't stay duty,calls me but i can't do it any other way,never could thank you for the warmth,dear end quote grandma packed him a,suitcase full of clothes some food oddly,enough a jar of pickles randomly and a,note i thought it was pretty funny,though how one of the shirts in the,suitcase looks like a shirt kiljoy would,wear with her colors then silva catches,a train to the city and takes a look at,a beautiful skyscraper downtown while,it's snowing and that's a wrap on sofa's,takeover next up is the mystery man,himself chamber now chambers takeover is,actually so so cool it really does show,us how elegant and honestly rich he is,the first image is a picture of a piano,which honestly looks amazing with,blueprints of his tour de force sniper,rifle next is a sweet image of chambers,living room an elegant chessboard is,featured on the table with a very very,expensive looking vase to the

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POV you get killed by a Sova Lineup on the new map

POV you get killed by a Sova Lineup on the new map

shot that, it yeah but Spike down see oh my,God,ow he has a lineup for that,are you guys ready for some fresh silver,lineups right out of the factory no way,Grim on the sage that's wild absolutely,a wild the guy playing neon is the guy,who made neon really yeah it's kind of,funny yeah he's the character designer,of neon yeah oh hello,now,that is landing backseat,Spike down oh yeah,dude that Dart is actually so beautiful,oh my God it times perfectly like you,walk out and see exactly when it lands,okay no no no no no,it's too fast no,can't get through,no he's gonna spam them,one enemy remaining,oh,um,uh knock around not around turntable,okay two for two,I feel like One's Gonna Come here now,you will,you will okay last player standing drop,enemy remaining,area,both of them shotgun,one enemy remaining,I hate that I hate that I,hate them,is that,am I planning just in the most basic,spot what the is that,all right see,her aim at them,I must have damaged him,one enemy remaining,remaining,so far,there's a fury and you saw that was cool,that was a cool voice line I want to try,and plant it like right here,I have a one-way oh dude I have a lineup,for that spot hell yeah,go for it,no more,Spike down feet,no,he's doing good,right here,get him flexes on the left,got him,standing ahead,is that the Box,report it out,unless it's a fake,sages on the right,Sage was here too okay okay,get him Chris,yeah,yeah cook away bro,last player standing is he tagged,nice um,plenty,revealing area,one enemy remaining,okay,okay,down a,perfect one enemy remaining,standing ahead,one bullet,yes,one bullet an emotional,foreign,oh my God,okay I'm planting now no I'm sorry,begins,shut down,locking it yeah,Spike down see oh imagine,oh my God I got him,out,down,what oh there's two at waterfalls,waiting Jonah Jonas,actually exactly,okay Bridge,oh my God again,no way,ow,he has a lineup for that here is how the,darts get there if the bouncer is too,slow then I should wait longer let me,try something so what if I don't hurry,if I do like this,foreign,so this one is very newbie friendly,basically and a flashback,okay no,oh,my God,one enemy remaining,last player standing,one enemy remaining,oh he got it,I practice every day in a custom game,I'll always be the player with the,biggest brain,okay

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Tarik Tries to Guess YOUR Valorant Rank

Tarik Tries to Guess YOUR Valorant Rank

so we basically are doing against the,rank within the community so we had uh,people submit Clips to us and um now I'm,gonna try to watch your guys's clips and,guess your rank let's see uh what kind,of players we have amongst the chat,they're our first,clip here,wait go back,one more time,I thought I had utilities,oh these guys are good,but I don't know how good,these murphing right now this is a nice,clip this is a nice clip this guy's,clean,rank reveal in three seconds all right,so now I have to guess before this uh,all right I'm gonna guess ascendant,I'm zero for one,all right,next here we go,okay this guy is a lower rank,this guy might be silver,wait let him cook where's he looking,where the are you looking,to be gold I think I give him gold,I give him gold I give him gold,yes one for two by the way I'm,notoriously bad at these but I've been,practicing a lot so I've gotten better,to be fair,I feel like I've seen this clip like on,rank though,I could be tripping out no I haven't,never mind never mind oh my God is this,me,holy,this guy's radiant,this guy's radiant for sure,this guy's radiant radiant radiant,radiant,did I watch this clip before I'm so,confused it was on rankedal wait so how,is the guy that submitted his clip to my,community Forum this guy's just posting,his clip everywhere that's my clip what,the bro did you submit that to my,form,where did you send did you send,everywhere because we saw that already,he's in the chat,all right we're going to clip four now,this is Boza laka AKA fart juice twitch,username funny Mason and description of,the clip Brimstone on Haven,first of all,we're standing,three,who am I watching right now,how the hell does this guy's clip make,it in we had hundreds of submissions and,somehow fart juice got it,guys like plaid or something no,nice I mean I don't know if he's let me,watch that again I don't even see what,happened,and this guy's definitely not that good,but to be fair,he's playing with like five FPS,or this recording software is just trash,I think he's like gold he could be,silver Loki,I think it's silver,it's silver it's silver I brought silver,I bet silver I bet silver what am I two,for three, bronze bro,I got like half a point for that nah all,right clip number five we got beanie,twitch username bunny boy with a Y as,bunny,um and this is Sage on a fracture,gets a five stack,okay okay okay okay,oh you hit someone behind the box yeah,but did you shoot that bird is the old,clip,what the f how does he win this,what is that chamber doing that whole,time I need to know what that chamber's,been doing,what,it was actually nice all right first of,all I think this guy's smurfing maybe,not second of all this is gold or plot I,don't know I'm just gonna stay on plot,that's ascendant bro so the one thing I,hate about this is that,sometimes we'll have like um,an ascendant player in like gold or some, or like bronze smurfing but I don't,know what is the other team doing that's,why I'm like so confused why is this,chamber hiding on the left this long and,why the hell is the jet running to spawn,like these guys are paid actors as hell,all right moving on,um we're on clip six by Luna which,username Tarik underscore fangirl and,we've got Silva on ascent,should once spray them,name bottom fragon game,huh interesting,hey what,wait how did this clip I thought they're,all highlights gold,yo I got it oh my God,I actually got it okay all right all,right we're on number seven now uh we've,got biki twitch use your name beaky and,we've got Jed on Breeze,wait I Hear My Stream in the background,of his clip whatever,this guy's watching my stream as he's,playing ranked,Spike planted,imagine this is someone in my lobbies,playing versus me they posted this clip,didn't realize that my voice was in the,background and they get exposed for,stream sniping,and it's got kind of cold though,I would say he's playing ascendant level,but his opponents are playing Diamond,level did I go Diamond off of that or do,I follow my gut I'm gonna go Diamond, it,ascending ascendant ascendant,bro there's no no way this has,happened there's no way this has,happened this guy's name is I will never,sex twitch username nanashi49 Reina on,icebox clip number eight,standing,oh this guy's smurfing for sure bro,ten dollars,50.,all right based off of this comms by the,way this is a high rank because no one,does that in low rank right,thanks for PayPal whatever,I take it back I take it back okay what,did he say my PayPal info thank transfer,PayPal whatever thanks transfer PayPal,whatever,all right I'll give him I'll give him a,mortal I'll give him a mortal,I don't know,man I'm so close all right clip number,nine que Pura jabora twitch username que,Pura jabora we got KO on icebox,let's see what you're cooking,Spike down a,this is Lorraine,okay I'm thinking silver what the ,quick reminder if you haven't hit that,what though smash that right now I,appreciate all the support you guys are,the best,oh my God,survivor's rest bro I d

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Yvonne you're going to worlds in SF,right yeah did you know faker's gonna be,there yeah,one of the greatest 80 carries of all,time yeah Deft of course I know I know,him he's uh didn't he used to be on like,he used to be on like Samsung blue right,or something did someone chat tell you,that same team no they're no they're not,on the same team,yes well luckily we're gonna win now,remember the good old days when this,used to be like the bronze Squad and,it's ice,we win,oh Yvonne you play Arena no no no no,whoa whoa you think of my Arena one,trick yeah I actually do who do you play,who Do you play I'm over I am I can play,Skye I can also play sky okay well then,you know what I'm fine I've been exposed,get through that through wow there's two,of them,had no respect,okay that was crazy,oh,how about we just push out for fun okay,yeah let's push out for fun yes let's do,that too all right spawn there's two,spawn they know they know it's probably,in tube,oh my God he's crazy,all right get him out,oh my God I actually killed,where is he,got it,oh my God you're better,she should be super late,okay I'm sorry I got this she's got this,the lightning hands does no damage later,on yeah,it's a really bad long range,it's tenza's little brother you can't,blame yourself,135 on zenza,oh thank God I almost missed that that,would have been that would have been bad,let's go,let's go Crafters okay she'll be quite,late,has a good Flame,oh there's a lot,oh my God,nice oh this guy's a wacko please help,anybody you're better you're better,I'm literally not better I'm literally,not better you're ready,on site,guys,foreign,as soon as they Peak mid I'll just bang,blast them in the neck,never mind he did it to me,help fight planted you got it oh God I,constantly don't got this,oh,he's crazy with it this neon is a Smurf,you hear one I got a maneuver,they call this the flying bumblebee,Condor do they,anybody,I clipped them I clipped them in the,belly he's wounded,going in going in boys Granada Grenada,oh okay okay,okay okay one Heaven nice,another heaven,I just realized the neon's name is neon,to Immortal yeah,nice everyone in,yeah yeah I do think it makes me better,in some ways,I can't believe I just pulled that,one plane one enemy remains,I'm planting in a very weird place I'm,sorry,Reapers,a little more Enthusiast okay,oh my God,oh God sir please there's no way oh,he has been battling this lady for a,long time where'd she go I know she's,spicy she's spicy surely you guys don't,both die to her wow oh okay she's crazy,she's actually kind of nuts,dude how does she have that Ranger,dude what the hell,two of them,she was made but she might oh,they might be saving a gun even,how'd they do that,nice,oh my God he's spiky spider,oh oh you can speak out I thought I,would oh,wow he's up there,cute Karma by Taylor Swift,I messed up I messed up my movement I'm,so dead I'm so dead I'm not dead,everyone's alive we're all good,wow how did that work so well that's,just strange oh I was not loud,oh my God I'm running in like a madman,Ultra confidence everybody go oh yeah,we're the Smurfs this time I'm going,boys for the Smurfs We're The Smurfs,360.,and then die no,guys the neon's got an OP they've never,done that before,she's up uh vipers up at the top,hole huge huge nice,now we're warmed up,okay we're pulling no stops on this so,we're just gonna have to mental Warfare,our Reina is a Smurf,hell yeah tell them I paid them,87.99 on Fiverr pressure Leslie but I,did hype you up a little bit okay I have,to really show them this round because,yeah you got to get live in their heads,and then the second they think you're an,actual Smurf that's when they've lost,okay,yeah I get them got oh my God Leslie you,actually look like a Smurf check back,side,no Market Avon I mean Sage,oh ,above,oh my god let's go boys,foreign,judge in the Box in garage,I got it came off flame wall and then,we're going in boys we're going in oh,the fire up,nicely done dude,into the brimstone fire and I just throw,the fire as I rise okay I just let you,know she got roasted Fair good reasoning,what your mom does too,I don't know what to say,nice down,oh my goodness I just mowed,knife in it now wait guys guys they're,saying they're saying knife mid now I,say we go for it okay okay let me go out,first and if they kill me then you guys,just shoot okay uh you need a gun Go,Side by gun buy a gun we need a gun for,it's knife mid only I'm honorable but,guys they're doing it look okay they're,doing okay I need backup,oh,I can't believe it uh,guys shoot them you will not kill my,allies,yeah one enemy remaining nice nice what,what you did it she's a pro easiest game,of our life we're on a win streak now as,I'll see a pledge later

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Your Valorant Rank is Getting a Hard Reset...

Your Valorant Rank is Getting a Hard Reset...

down,101.,oh my God oh my God oh my God oh my God,oh my God today's the start of the new,act and Valor is resetting all of your,ranks basically I started this act,everyone's ranks will be pushed back and,the highest rank you can achieve is,ascendant one even Immortals and radiant,so if you're radiant Immortal the,highest you can place is ascendant one,so you're gonna have to start grinding,to get back to your rank that you,deserve it won't be too bad because it,still maintains your hidden MMR so your,ranks still won't be as shifted so good,luck grinding personally I am going to,be aiming for radiant this season good,luck climbing and enjoy the video,idea,I thought you loved it in Deathmatch,straight out guys,my clip,begins,enemy kill,three my alts ready,player standing,enemy remaining,no charges left,foreign,reloading,enemies,left,I see,good attack,s planted,one enemy remains,all right,Down Beat,it,um,one enemy remaining,casual,one enemy,your fault careful showers,Spike down a,h,my own one enemy remaining nice Spike,down B,destroyed,walk inside,one enemy remaining Spike down B,Flawless awful,going through uh where we came,or uh,so insane,Spike planted one enemy oh my God,look you want to push garage,I'm gonna push B,like I'm trolling the one's flanking,the enemy kill,149. standing ahead,let me turn it down,uh B I think,the other B there'd be there be,they're coming now nice well,my birthday back here,one enemy remaining,smoke,find the Box behind this box,literally John Wicks,so we've had a bad day,yeah,hey hey yuru yeah yeah,um are you Katie's brother coming,what,wait is it actually you know,why you sound like um,condition yes yes I need to condition,them,yes that's the word I need to condition,them to like do not shoot the fake,clones and then I'll start feed cloning,somewhere,I'm checking raise back so,clear,rage U-Haul,oh my God,I'm conditioning them I'm conditioning,them and then I've become the fake clone,so it's,been conditioned he's actually,conditioned

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あっは,だこれっ,はぁ,はー,はっはっは i たーっ,ああ,長尾氏らぎゃー,バーッ,バーっては強いかもはあああいうううう,ううんん,ん,reん,ん,えっ,ああああああああ,by 坊者,ok えっ,ちゃった失礼します bandel 使っ,ていませんよねバッフルがってる今使って,実際使ってたあーも好きだなんなんこれ,これやばいって,俺またかよこれ幕等にやれる言えない,もや単一どこ比べこれは道ロメルやったん,サーバー最強時をゲットしたぞこれで僕も,レディアントだということがよくあった,うれしい,aria アリアもうこれなんなんこの,やばいちょっといける人は絶対広告んだ,けど,ああってうわーってまただ,番手にまた同じ号クリーム,やってますねー,すごいいいな,見とれてしまいますね,流しでやってるんでしょうねそうですねー,いやーそれも正確だなぁ文維新,無駄がないですよね無駄がないですねー,グループは1たポージーやすごい謎'みて,くれます分でわかればなんとバララントは,1522年からリリースされたゲームです,ジャンルはタクティカルショットが二人の,個性豊かなエージェント香り圧倒的な,ゲームを体験できますルールはいたって,難しく2000るー s 2000の少数,の高いアタッカーガードディフェンダーが,上がりアタック母がはファンドも購入し,たら勝ちディフェンダーがはスプレーを,適時にたければ勝ちバランとは自分によっ,てエージェントが成長していて,エージェント攻略してスキルを解放したり,しレベル fe プレイヤーを打ちの嘘,miniqlo ソフトが開発した最新,技術のモーションインパクトが採用されて,いて圧倒的なグラフィックが高評価されて,おりあのエドワードにニューゲートが絶賛,していますそしてゲームに慣れてきたら,ランクスに行きましょうランクはアイアン,からシルバーまだり目指すはもちろん一番,下カージャル性が高いランク戦を遊び,ましょうダウンロードも基本プレイも有料,自分だけの圧倒的なスタイルを見て,うぬぼれ用バルーンと今回来ていただいた,のはエヴァン誰さんとファントムんです,よろしくお願いしません,アイテムでもう今回話していただける議題,はですねバンダルとファントムどっちが,強いのです,いいえいます,4,b,トゥデイちょいー性 ed 女性までつけ,てくださぁいええええええ,あーでもやっぱ振り向き綺麗でしゃがみ癖,がないなぁこれが二世もいいだ足りない,部分もありました補います,あああああああっ,できました,5もんじゃないっすかぁああああああっ,a たマッティア,ran あううわあああああ振り向きたく,ない後ろでこれだけ,をゲッ,うますぎる,あったりだよ来いれたお母さんに大事に,育てられてきたのに俺,2,んん,はっはっはっん,ああ

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Valorant Twitter Sayfasının Killjoy ve Raze İlişkisini Paylaşması ve İnsanların Tepkisi | Videoyun

Valorant Twitter Sayfasının Killjoy ve Raze İlişkisini Paylaşması ve İnsanların Tepkisi | Videoyun

abi şey çok iyi Rita son paylaşımı çok,iyi inanılmaz iyi,hal Bir de yeni bir olay da değil O,zaten bilinen bir şeydi Hani kijoyla,Raze sevgili olduğu zaten bilinen bir,şeydi de millet fotoğrafa şaşırmış,güzel almadı dedi Yakın bir zamanda,bitmez o ama beklediğimden daha iyi,cevapladı komedi Türkiye komünistleri,bilmiyorum ama yabancı komedi,tepki verdi Herkes mutlu olduğunda,herkes Türkiye hesabında paylaşılmadı,büyük ihtimalle,bakayım valorant Türkiye'de,paylaşılmış mı,İnanır mısın Biz de paylaşılmamış,tam bir tüh,Allah Allah ya unutmuş herhalde saatli,kaçışlı bir şeyler,bugün gençliğin Yok hayır o antisine,Türkiye dışında hiç kimse kudurmamış bu,arada herkes Ben ona çok şaşırdım,valorant tweetinde herkesin Yani bütün,avrupa'lı bütün valorant izleyicilerin,desteklemesine çok şaşırdım herkes wubb,bilmem ne abi müthiş letgo falan atıyor,Türkiye'de Hayır bu konuda,Evet bu bu zaten bilinen bir şeydi,sadece resim koymuşlar,bu,zaten bilinen bir şeydi bu zaten lorda,vardı arkadaşlar,bu zaten vardı,ne çok sevici olarak Ya arkadaşlar ne,svc'si Allah aşkına iki insan öpüşmüş, 20 tane karakter var 20,karakterden ikisi Gay ne yapacak sizin,mi bu karakter gelsin seni mi, istiyorsun Hayır sikmeyecek yani,yani 20 karakterden iki tanesi gay olsa,size neyi batıyor bunun anlamıyorum yani,iki lan iki ya,onun karakterini seçmek zorunda 12,yaşında oynuyor oynamasın,veya çocuk ondan etkileniyorsa ailesine,yazar Oyuna mı yazar dünyanın en aptalca,cümlesi özür dilerim ama yani o zaman,beni abi yani affedersin ama çocuğun bu,kadar ufak şeyden etkileniyorsa bu,tamamen sana yazar gibi,yetiştirmişsin iyi anne babalık yap,tamamen iyi anne baba oluyor tamamen,sana yazar hemen abone olun

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