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Twitter Trends 2022 Report: Decoding Emerging Trends On Twitter | EXCLUSIVE | Storyboard 18hello and


Updated on Jan 19,2023

Twitter Trends 2022 Report: Decoding Emerging Trends On Twitter | EXCLUSIVE | Storyboard 18

hello and welcome to the storyboard,special the conversation twitter trends,2022. i'm shibani,twitter trends report captures the,themes and interests that are shaping,consumer behavior in the global and the,indian market and this year's twitter,trends report dives deep into what's now,what's next and what lies in the future,this year the report found three biggest,movements emerging to the top of,conversation finance go social fans,build worlds and entrepreneurship hits,peak culture to tell us more about it we,are joined in by prieta,director global business marketing apac,twitter and to speak more about global,trends that have emerged from the,research we are joined in by lisa kawi,global head of twitter trends lisa uh,preetha welcome to cnbc tv 18. thank you,so much shibani a pleasure to be here as,always,lisa let's begin this conversation with,you uh in 2021 twitter trends report is,drastically different uh you know from,the 2020 uh to report what has really,changed and shifted in the last year if,you can throw in some light on that,yes and it is quite different um so,there's so much happening on twitter so,we've just been focused on,surfacing the most pertinent,conversations the ones with the most,energy,all those things that we talked about,last year so things like well-being and,tech absolutely still relevant,but in 2022 we set out to distill that,further really just to showcase,three big trends there's just three big,ones um really the movements of tomorrow,so we're focusing a bit more on future,facing trends the ones that are driving,culture forwards,and that's really how i like to think,about the conversation on twitter it's a,reflection of culture but it's also a,driver of culture,so this year we introduced a more,advanced methodology not just to surface,conversational trends but to apply,prediction over that so we did this by,looking at patterns um so looking at,things like long,and short-term growth as well as that,volatility over time so whether that,conversation is driven by peaks and,troughs whether it's more stable and,that really kind of all comes together,to tell us what we think is now what we,think is next what we think is sort of,the things to watch in the future,which is really interesting um to think,about those sort of interesting corners,of twitter or the whispers to indicate,where things could be going,so the trends themselves are very,different from last year but what's,consistent is us really leaning into our,most important asset,that's the people on the platform and,there's millions of everyday tweets,yeah correct uh also over to you preeta,can you talk about the key findings that,have emerged for india and what type of,conversations are you witnessing i,believe uh you know as i mentioned,earlier finance goes social fans build,the world uh and entrepreneurship hits,peak culture uh have been the key,trends that have emerged so if you can,also share in some light on that and,what are the type of conversations,around these that you have witnessed,yeah uh for sure shivani so like lisa,said um this year we've looked at the,research from a very different lens more,predictive more from a future lens uh so,we all know that india is a very diverse,country with many languages and cultural,nuances so any piece of research that we,do has to be,done keeping this in mind,we also know in many ways that the,biggest movements start quietly and idea,becomes a conversation and then becomes,a major cultural shift,so in this year's report it is designed,to look at the most important aspect of,twitter the people who use it on a daily,basis and we looked at the trends from a,global lens before synthesizing this for,india and also what does this mean for,brands specifically in india because,that's more critical for us uh so the,three trends like you mentioned that,emerged firstly let's talk about finance,going social,this trend reflects indians growing,interest in learning and sharing about,investments markets and all things money,and,i would say that investing has truly,entered the timeline and the chat,we're seeing an increasing number of,individuals experts uh and people coming,on to twitter sharing their knowledge,their personal experiences as they go,through this financial journey of theirs,and we've also seen a lot of brands and,organizations also coming forth to,engage with this linden audience and,community,if you look at the next trend fan built,words we all know that fan communities,have been prevalent for many many years,but today these communities are now at,the front and center of conversations,our fans today no longer just follow,their celebrities they're in fact,leading the discourse in many ways while,making their rules and also building,value for themselves and their,communities at the same time uh we like,to say that fan build worlds are truly,here to stay and fact as more and more,people go online in india these worlds,are said to be become,more inclusive powerful and central to,cons

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Forbes Breaks Down The Twitter Files and 2023's Emerging Business Trends | Forbes

Forbes Breaks Down The Twitter Files and 2023's Emerging Business Trends | Forbes

hi everyone welcome to Forbes talks I'm,Diane Brady I'm here with Mark Penn who,is Chairman and CEO stagwell Inc,chairman Harris pull of course Chief,strategist I think in two campaigns is,that right two presidential campaigns,and advisor to Microsoft and Ford first,of all Mark welcome thanks for joining,us,and the last time we spoke I believe you,used the word sewer next to Twitter and,when I checked your latest tweet you,seem to be look feeling a little more,optimistic now that Elon Musk is making,his presence felt is that fair to say,well I I see all these folks saying oh,my God what is what is Elon Musk going,to do to Twitter and I'm going like,where have you been Twitter has been a,sewer for a long time uh as a as an,institution it had the lowest rating of,any of the social media or major you,know almost any major corporation uh it,was seen as a place that precipitated,mobs of people that enforced speech and,ideology codes and got people fired from,their jobs and so this is going to be,worse well I I think people have to give,Elon Musk an opportunity maybe he is the,Roto-Rooter uh as I've said here come in,to clean up the sewer uh and provide,some balance here in terms of free,speech uh and eliminating you know,speech that that that is uh that is,beyond the pale or inappropriate for,various reasons so I guess you could,take the nowhere to go or but up,argument but let's uh start with this,whole Twitter files for example that,came out,um is it a ho-hum I mean it doesn't,really seem to have,been as earth-shaking as the Facebook,files for example,well you know today the news media,covers what they want to cover and they,simply ignore what they don't want to,cover I mean I'm in the news media I'm,covering it it seems to me pretty clear,that uh you know something like hey,these tweets we should remove and,somebody from Twitter saying I'm on it,that's pretty devastating it shows that,there was a regular course of conduct of,of at that time at least the Democratic,party being able to write to Twitter uh,and and get an almost immediate response,to things they didn't like would be,taken off for shadow band and uh and,later on I guess the very close,coordination with government once the,administration took over on key issues,so I think the Twitter files are,significant they revealed what everybody,suspected which is that they that the,tools that were designed for child,pornography were really instead being,used for political censorship operation,and frankly my my own experience with,the institutions did they ever censor,you,um I don't think I was censored,politically but I I have a political,game 270 and I had a long fight with uh,with Facebook over whether advertising,for my game was political advertising,and everyone at the top said it wasn't,and everyone on like election Integrity,commissions somehow reversed it and,didn't let me advertise a simple game,where just people play Hillary Clinton,or Trump or whomever you know and it's a,game and no political content so I the,sensors pin is a dangerous pen right and,when you give it to a bunch of kids uh,who are who are who are running major,Tech organizations the opportunity for,abuse is so much bigger than people,realize so I hope it gets constrained I,hope it becomes rational uh we can't let,Bots control our life and we can't let,people without really you know sensible,people really determining what should or,should not be moderated well as somebody,in the marketing space so you called,Twitter a sewer that sewer I'm assuming,is because it was essentially a place,that was filled with you know hate and,yahoos Etc how do you how do you make,Twitter a platform that a Ford or a,Microsoft is like yes get me on there,well first of all advertising was never,a big part of Twitter and Twitter,advertising was really not the most,effective advertising so all this,hullabaloo about it I'm not quite sure,is what's the business model that's the,problem not that not who's on it is that,it well you know the advertising itself,really was not as effective as,advertising on Google or Facebook uh,because of the way used people use,Twitter and the way the advertising this,position I mean one of the jobs I think,that Elon Musk has is to redo how,advertising is displayed you know how to,avoid the problem you just said if you,don't want advertisements against you,know Rough and Tumble content you you,want it under you know aligned with,certain content so you need a better uh,organization that puts the ads in the,right places and you need a better kind,of ads that actually work so I I think,that that's actually part of the job,that that he's got to do because the,organization was just simply You Know,Not only was it a sewer but it was also,losing lots of money,so,I want to stay on this a second because,I think it's fascinating which is if,you're giving pro bono advice to Elon,Musk,what I mean he's now got the Twitter,files like maybe there's part seven,eight to come but what are some of t

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Twitter Files w/Matt Taibbi, Lab Leak Whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff

Twitter Files w/Matt Taibbi, Lab Leak Whistleblower Dr. Andrew Huff

one since the Twitter files have begun,being released there have been numerous,Revelations about how government,agencies like the FBI and CIA use their,platform for political purposes,including censoring information and,collecting personal data from users the,FBI even paid Twitter for information,this corruption between Twitter,Executives many of whom are former FBI,agents and intelligence agencies has,been widely documented in the numerous,releases award-winning journalist and,author Matt taibi who was selected to,help curate the release of the Twitter,files and it was taken a lot of heat for,it is here with us now Matt welcome to,the show thanks for being here,so,uh first of all I think inquiring minds,want to know how much more first is,there to the Twitter files like how many,more threads can we expect because what,number are we on right now,are we are we just 10 in or halfway in,Are we almost to the end,well I can I can tell you that I think,we've only looked at an infinitesimal,portion of the data uh so even though we,have an overwhelming amount and could,probably I was joking with one of the,reporters I could spend the rest of my,life writing about the stuff we have,just have now,um but we've only seen a handful of,accounts,um and there's a lot more to search a,lot more to look through uh it's a,little bit of an open question about how,much how much longer the Project's going,to go on but,um I I've had no indication that it's,going to stop anytime soon so we're,still going,so how did you even get involved first,um just did Elon call you up and say hey,Matt you know come take a look at my,files or how did this whole thing come,about,yeah I'm not sure how much I can reveal,about that because I think I made a the,two conditions that I agreed to on this,one were that everything would come out,on Twitter and that the attribution,would just be sources at Twitter so,um at some point I'm going to be able to,talk about the the backstory which is,actually quite amusing and and uh funny,in some ways but,um what I can tell you is that,all of us uh were brought in and,basically told we could look at anything,we wanted to including the current,company,um that nothing was off limits and and,that uh if we were we found wrongdoing,now in in addition to wrongdoing in the,past we were free to write about that,um but most of us have been focused on,on the documents,yeah you've actually taken a lot of heat,for this and even for that the two,conditions I saw that when you when you,mentioned at one point that there were,these conditions people came at you and,was like oh uh so you did it for these,you know you were cow Towing to the,richest man on earth or you're doing PR,for the richest man on earth,um I mean what do you say to that like,to all these the accusations that you're,just running PR for a wealthy,billionaire,I mean any working journalist and those,that's complete nonsense there are,negotiations that go on in every single,literally every single reported piece,that involves a source uh there are,conditions that are attached people when,you get information information from,anybody,um you're always basically haggling with,the source to try to get the best,possible terms for your readers,um in this case I had to make you know,one pretty dramatic uh concession which,was that it couldn't come out uh on my,site first that had to come out on,Twitter first and I felt I had to say,something because I have subscribers who,pay for for my content and I I thought,they would be offended,um if they if they saw a story of this,magnitude come out somewhere else and so,I felt I had a responsibility to say,something I probably should have worded,it better but,um but that was the deal but but really,I mean any journalist knows that you you,you're always making,um you know making arrangements with,your sources and also uh this whole,thing about doing PR for the richest man,on earth it's absurd like people are,saying well what about his motives it's,irrelevant what his motives are I know,what my motives are my motives are that,I'm interested in the history of Twitter,and what its relationship is to the,government and all those things,and we never care as journalists where,stuff comes from it's an element of a,story but as long as it's true like it,doesn't matter,so I definitely want to get into you,know the the biggest findings that you,you know there's been so many releases,and there's been a lot of information,there and I think a lot of it for many,of us it has been,um you know I know a lot of a lot of,establishment media especially are just,like oh not even covering it or they,don't care they don't think it's a,bombshell I think a lot of it has been,verifying what many of us have suspected,but one big question so I know that,there was a delay in one of the releases,was it the second release where there,was a big delay and it was because you,guys discovered that Jim Baker who was,one of the top FBI guys was working at,Twitter and ac

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FBI confirms payments to Twitter, social media companies

FBI confirms payments to Twitter, social media companies

and the FBI confirming it's paying other,social media companies in addition to,the 3.5 million dollar payment it made,to Twitter in exchange for the companies,complying with its requests quote while,we are not able to speak to specific,payments the government is required to,provide reimbursement for reasonable,expenses directly related to searching,for assembling reproducing or otherwise,providing the information responsive to,the legal process former Arkansas,Governor Mike Huckabee joins us now you,know Mike I keep getting hung up on this,while we are not able to speak on,specific payments so where is the,transparency with this government agency,because those are our taxpayer dollars I,would want to know where they're being,spent is this legal to do this but you,know on the flip side they've added tens,of thousands of IRS agents so they can,look into our 600 you know a month venmo,accounts so what gives here,you know three and a half million,dollars of the taxpayers money going,just to Twitter alone we don't even know,yet how much to Facebook and some of the,other social media platforms and the big,question what in the world is it that,the FBI thinks it's their business to,engage with these companies in the first,place what crime are they looking at I,wish they'd work as hard to find out who,killed those uh college students in,Idaho There's real crime going on in the,country and that's what the FBI ought to,be dealing with this idea that they're,going to investigate what someone said,on Twitter good gosh people that's not,the FBI's job we have freedom of speech,in America people can say stupid things,and unless they are specifically,threatening to commit a crime the FBI,shouldn't be involved at all this is,absurd and I hope taxpayers revolt and,when Republicans get in the house by,gosh they better have some serious,investigative processes going on and,demand answers but more importantly,demand accountability some people at the,FBI they need to be moved to the private,sector and have to hunt for a real job,Governor talking about taxpayers I don't,know if you noticed in Washington,yesterday the Democrats in the Senate,along with some Republicans passing that,1.7 trillion dollar spending spree,packed with the waste on top of already,high inflation the bill will head to the,house and by the way here in New York,Wall Street reacted by literally tanking,you can see all three Dow S P 500 Nasdaq,all down down down,well Washington doesn't seem to,understand what Wall Street clearly does,that you can't spend money you don't,have you can't borrow money you can't,afford to pay back that's a pretty,simple economic principle that most,Americans are feeling right here at,Christmas they didn't spend money they,didn't have they don't they aren't,borrowing money they can't pay back the,government doesn't follow those rules,and this is a great example the result,is a lot of people's 401ks and IRAs have,tanked along with the stock market,because if congress's irresponsible and,Reckless actions it's time once again,that we send people to Congress who,understand economics 101 these folks,don't and I'm disgusted with the,Republicans who went along with this who,voted for it because they said oh we we,just have to no you don't have to you,need to stand up show a little spine,present a just a tiny bit of courage and,say no to this nonsense,fathers and mothers Across America are,saying no to their children for,ridiculous things they may want for,Christmas us and Republicans need to,quit pretending that they're Santa's,elves and start acting like responsible,elected officials yeah one GOP senator,who did not vote for that as Missouri,Senator Josh Hawley but I do want to get,to this Hunter Biden is adding a high,profile Washington lawyer to his legal,team who specializes in defending,political figures Abby Lowell he's a,minority he was the minority Council for,Bill Clinton's impeachment back in the,90s so what do you make of this,particular lawyer that he has hired,ahead of these you know potential,hearings that James Comer said he's,going to investigate the president's,son's business dealings,remember that scene in Jaws I know it's,a movie that came out before either of,you were born but in that scene that,everyone is seen and the captain says,you know I I mean Roy Schneider's,character says we're going to need a,bigger boat I think for Hunter it's,we're going to need more attorneys,because he's in a heap of trouble and,it's his own laptop that is is undoing,it's it's not that somebody is having to,get a witness although there are,corroborating Witnesses the problem with,what Hunter's up to is that he laid it,all out himself he incriminated himself,with his own laptop and now even places,like the Washington Post and the New,York Times have acknowledged what the,FBI should have been acknowledging uh,five years ago that it's authentic that,it really is Hunter and that he,basically has incriminated himself in a,variety of crimes and fr

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#GoogleAndrewYang reaches #2 IN U.S. TWITTER TRENDING!

#GoogleAndrewYang reaches #2 IN U.S. TWITTER TRENDING!

all right welcome back to problem-solver,politics I am your host Carden Ellis,with Cody the Oracle everyone and today,we're gonna talk about a big measurable,quantifier Andrew yang is trending,number two I believe on Twitter know,Google Andrew yang is trending yes it is,not right now it is currently as the,time we're recording outside of the top,10 however it did reach as high as,number two in the US trending list which,will show you guys in a few minutes or,so yeah that's pretty significant as we,were talking about before there's a lot,of scientific polling that's going on we,actually if we got time at the end of,this video we're gonna dive into the,Google search results and and so on and,so forth,there's a reason why Mark Twain said,there's lies there's damn lies and then,there's statistics because the different,statistics that you can glean can give,you all kinds of false correlations,positive correlations so on and so forth,but you really at this point can look at,a lot of the Andrew yang data in a very,negative or very positive light,therefore it becomes kind of this,Rorschach test about whether you like,him or you don't for all of you Bernie,bros out there a Rorschach test is an,ink blot test anyway moving on I was,just kidding guys anyway moving on there,are some measurable quantifiers however,that pretty much do show a just a,positive impact that has been reached,and one of those is Twitter rankings,they just can't lie people are hash,tagging them so Cody just why don't you,just rattle off what's going on with,Google Andrew yang trending yeah well I,mean today on Twitter so today we're,recording this this is um Sunday the,25th and if you look right here but,recording at about 4 p.m. Pacific time,so we're going back 8 hours ago would,be-what be about 8 a.m. and moving,forward so you can see going back even,further than that but Google Andrew gang,had been in the top five of us Twitter,twins Twitter trends excuse me for about,a solid five hours eventually it was,overtaken and moved down look for it,before you go somewhere can we just,notice that go to the Google Andrew yang,hashtag and what was it above it was,below hashtags,day morning and on a Sunday morning that,makes sense yeah then number two is,Google Andrew yang and then number three,was go back to eight hours ago weird,things to put up your but I thought was,more interesting and we're gonna get to,is you'll notice and I think this is,this this this is gonna kind of speak to,what makes an angle unique as a,candidate is look at these trends these,Twitter twins,what other United States presidential,candidate do you see on these triggers,one tritscher Twitter trends I can't say,it all when you see one I hope goodness,gracious I see Google Andrew yang is,number three says another candidate on,there who is it where's I'm not seeing,it the fonts too small on our on our,playback screen there's a somewhere and,here's another Canada man I'm sure you,guys in that tree you guys watching us,in our premiere not Trey Songz not Doug,Martin and if I'm running back Josh,Jones no no Newcastle lgbtq cuties Joe,Walsh Joe Joe,there we go now here's something I want,to highlight exactly the interesting,part of Google engineering we did a full,video on this but I want but I want to,show you guys something,so what happens when you google another,presidential Canon is when you google,Joe Walsh oh boy well when you google,Joe Ross okay I'm sorry guys the very,first thing that were comes up the very,first thing you see Joe Walsh apologizes,or past racist comments enhancing,presidency I don't even know if I,believe that no just because he's a,Republican candidate therefore he will,be called racist how much you know about,Joe Walsh therefore almost nothing okay,so the media's I know he you know loved,him more than you and trust me they're,not hundred percent off on this one oh,my gosh really What did he say yeah we,can go pull it up more and look at some,horse to feed he's not the most racist,guy of all time but the things he said,can definitely be viewed as racist so we,can go for that on a separate base yeah,but is anywhere is it any worse than Joe,Biden saying well you know the black,kids can be smart like white kids or,whatever is that I said poor kids can be,as smart as I can yeah whatever he said,but if he can go through the article and,I mean he was he was almost kicked off,his radio set off the air radio host,some of the stuff is I'm showing some,Joe Walsh stuff on screen some of this,is just kind of some basic general,Republican stuff but for the most part,okay,he's kind of a weirdo anyway well I,think you'd have to be a weirdo on the,Republican side in order to run against,Donald Trump you would have to be crazy,of course but here's the point though my,point being this we brought this up with,the Andrew yang thing originally so,again we go and we look at the Twitter,trends for the day and you notice that,it's Google Andrew yang is one,presidential candidate and J

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Twitter trends API fullstack application using Reactjs and Nodejs Express

Twitter trends API fullstack application using Reactjs and Nodejs Express

okay guys so welcome back again so in,this video we'll be making a full stack,application,for the front end we'll be using react,js and for the back end we'll be using,node.js express application and the,thing which we are going to build is,twitter trends,so basically twitter trends means that,is you would be getting the latest,trends around the world,or to a particular location and the,thing which you see inside this,these pills here are the trending topics,around the world,since i have selected here worldwide so,i'm getting the trending topics all,around the world,and the number here represents the tweet,volume for each of the topics,so some have more tweet volume and,others have less weight volume,so now here we have a drop down here,that is currently set to worldwide,and if i select this to india then i,would be seeing some other topics,so as we can see the topics,automatically changed here so what it,does is this that the front end,make a makes a call to our backends,express server,and it which is the latest trending,topics and then it is,displayed here inside the react,application so you can select as many or,you can have as many drop downs as you,want to have here,and now here we have this thing here,that is the location button here,so if i click on this location thing,here then i would be getting the,trending topics that are nearly,nearest to my position here that is,nearest to my latitude and longitude,so that's uh that is also what we are,going to do that is how to fetch the,current location,using the browser thing here and one,thing more that is,if you click on any of the pills here,that is if i click on mera by chanu who,won the silver,so we see that we are taking to this,twitter page with that same,uh with that same trending topic as the,search here,and then we are getting all the tweets,regarding that trending topic here,so that is also what is done here and it,is like simply an anchor tag here,so without wasting any time let's dive,into code and let's see that how do we,do all this,so now the first thing which you need to,do is you need to create a developer,account on twitter,and creating a developer account on,twitter twitter is kind of pain and ass,so i'm skipping the part here that is to,insert create a developer account,but for your information you simply need,to select the standard account and not,the student account,and i've selected here the standard,account and i don't,i did not need to provide in any billing,details of myself,for creating a developer account on,twitter so once you create a developer,account on twitter,your dashboard would look something like,this because here,we as you can see that i have not,created any projects or any apps inside,this,developer dashboard here so one thing to,notice this that,twitter has two versions of api that is,v2 and v1,but this trends api uses the older,version that is v,1.1 and that's what we are going to use,so,just this thing you should remember that,is we are going to use version 1.1,because,v2 is not available for trends here so,the first thing which we need to do is,go,let's go to this twitter developers here,and now what you need to do you do not,need to click here to create a project,but instead you need to click here that,is projects and apps,to create a new project and now let me,click on overview,and now as you can see that we do not,have anything here or any uh project,created here,so what i would like to do is that that,i would like to create a standalone app,here,so let's click here that is create app,and then we need to give our app a name,so let me provide here,twitter trends or twitter hyphen trends,like this and now let me click on next,and we see that the name is already,taken so let me,suffix my name here that is yours truly,2607,and now let me click on next,and now as we can see that we have this,api key we have the api secret and we,have the bearer token,but we are only interested in this api,key and api secret,so what you need to do you need to copy,this api key somewhere because otherwise,you need to,regenerate the api key and don't worry,about this guys that is you cannot use,these api keys because,till the time you are seeing this video,i would be deleting this api keys so let,me copy this api key and let me paste it,somewhere in my,dashboard here so i'll use them later on,so let me copy this,secret that is api key secret and now,what i'll do i simply click on,this thing here that is go to dashboard,or let me click on app settings here,so now this this is my app settings here,and now what i'm going to do i'm going,to,go to this tab here that is keys and,tokens because,since we are not going to use oauth here,so we would be generating an access,token and access secret,for this current account that is the,current logged in developer account here,so let me click on generate to generate,an access token in secret here,so again this is my access token so let,me copy it somewhere,secure and let me copy the access token,secr

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Twitter Japan Fires All Moderators! Suddenly No Politics! Only Anime And Happiness!

Twitter Japan Fires All Moderators! Suddenly No Politics! Only Anime And Happiness!

something very interesting has been,going on over on Japanese Twitter for,the last few days now and Twitter as I'm,sure you are all painfully aware of at,this point is undergoing some rather,drastic changes under the stewardship of,the god emperor of Mars Elon Musk who,has fired a,heartwarming percentage of the Twitter,staff including a substantial number of,moderators in countries that isn't the,United States of America because with,the midterms elections going on Elon,decided to not make himself an easy,target for accusations of election,interference which is apparently,something Twitter does quite actively,now,but uh perfect elections aside the,interesting thing is that so Japan is,the second biggest Twitter user base,after the us so I thought it would be,important to mention what's going on,over there for a whole day multiple,posts on Japanese Twitter have gone,viral regarding an interesting,phenomenon they have found out that,controversial and absurd political tanks,have completely vanished from trending,suggestions and now it's filled with,anime idols and Japanese TV show news,well that's weird Japan a country,obsessed with anime and Mangan Japanese,having that be the trending topics on,Japanese Twitter hmm clearly something,is off here isn't it,and the bed of artists,um a notorious Japanese feminist,journalist literally admitted they were,collaborating with Twitter employees to,select what to show or not,well that's very interesting,so,first and foremost some of the posts,this is Google translated by the way so,you know bear with me I do understand a,Japanese as in hearing it I can't read,it it's all Moon runes to me but I have,checked it by um you're putting into,Google translate and doing the new audio,listen to thingy and it seems pretty,accurate to me so a change that have,occurred since Elon Musk bought Twitter,political tweets have stopped flowing,Trends have become become convincing so,does anime commentary weird tanks have,disappeared from trends people who were,invisible even though they were mutuals,is now visible,this isn't the only one there's quite a,few of these going around and the,mention of the feminist right let me,show you that one so this is the,feminist in question here and she made a,post saying I'm pretty sure Twitter's,news feed isn't updated,Twitter's news feed isn't updated hold,on I thought these were organically,trending tab things here I thought that,was the entire point of the trending tab,right but no we the media have followed,the steps of creating a moment for our,own article contacting the Twitter,curation team reviewing it or not,picking it but does this work make sense,for a while so what she's essentially,saying is they had a process where they,would make a thing they would send it to,Twitter who would then decide whether or,not to put it up and that was how it,worked and she doesn't understand why,this isn't working anymore,this is in response to the entire,curation team has been fired the team,curated the moments tab programmed a,section of trending topics provided,context around those topics and also,covered Live Events now,call me a paranoid delusional schizo if,you wish but uh this sounds an awful lot,like Twitter has just been making up the,trending tabs from Whole cloth,practically that the trending tab has,not been organic in the scientist it has,simply been whatever the Twitter,employees wished it to be and seeing as,it was again apparently buried in,politics and workers topics,I've been told,that suggests something rather,interesting doesn't it that the Twitter,curation team has had far more of an,influence on what is and wasn't uh what,wasn't and was trending then the actual,people on Twitter now,this is once again one of those open,Secrets then because we've always pretty,much known this is the case we have seen,so many trending tags with a couple,hundred maybe a few thousands tweets and,then comparing that to several hundred,thousands who aren't trending we've all,know that there are some paid spots for,advertisers for example Shilling uh,movies or TV shows this is pretty much,common knowledge,but this I believe is the first time,we've actually seen it pretty much de,facto confirmed now which,the question then becomes,how much of the Divine the political, that has been occurring over the,last few years,was actually organic,how much of it was artificially pushed,Trends quote unquote created by social,media created by well the media the,mainstream media the news cycled the,spin Etc and how much of it was actually,genuine now let's not you know go too,far here for from what we know right now,this happened on Japanese Twitter did it,happen on American Twitter yeah,certainly but there is no guarantee as,of yet this has been a large-scale thing,or even that it has necessarily had that,much of an effect but,again,weird Trends popping up trends that,don't really seem like,a lot of sense or Trend that don't,appear to have a whole lot of public,support whatsoev

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Ep 66 SmartTechCheck Podcast Twitter, Trends to Expect at CES 2023, Matter Smart Home Spec

Ep 66 SmartTechCheck Podcast Twitter, Trends to Expect at CES 2023, Matter Smart Home Spec

welcome to the smart Tech check podcast,hosted by Mark Vena your home for candid,insightful and provocative conversations,about the smart home home automation,security smartphones PC and console,gaming and much more,hi my name is Mark Fina host of the,smart Tech check podcast today is,Thursday December 22nd 2022 joining me,for today's podcast are Stuart Walton,who strives for Popular Mechanics AARP,technicious Investopedia and other fine,Publications John Wayne who writes for,the New York Times smart cities and,Tom's guide and Rob figuero who writes,frequently on Tech policy for wire,cutter PC Magazine and USA Today folks,how are each of you doing today and are,you all ready for the holidays no very,good there's some wrapping to do,I I say you know you're not into the,whole you know virtual gift card that's,how I kind of met you know I kind of,weasel out out of that activity I could,do it right at the last second you know,I I'll sometimes Jazz it up but maybe a,different type of um you know online,gift card but I don't know maybe I'm,just uh maybe Ebenezer Scrooge when it,comes to being creative around gifts you,know,being in the store the last minute the,last day panic I like that you like that,well,you know the other thing well let me uh,I'm gonna have to bring up the slides,here,and here we go here let's see this is,going to be a fun I'm preparing the,audience this is going to be a fun fun,discussion because we really haven't,talked about our our hero,I'm sure I'm sure John you've gone to,his um what a flattering picture you,picked in Alaska I'm sure you've been to,his Christmas party you know and you got,to tell us about that maybe on a,different podcast but here's the,question I'm going to ask you guys,because so much has happened over the,last four or five weeks with these,Twitter files before we get into the,Twitter file stuff the substance of that,itself,your three esteemed journalists I I,respect and Trust all of you I I,guarantee you I won't delete that from,the recorded version of the podcast,why isn't the Twitter files as a topic,getting more traction just to report on,it I mean,I mean I'm not again I don't know I,don't think you guys have been shy Rob,I've seen your tweets uh on Twitter,about this but so I'm not talking about,yourselves but why is the meeting I'll,start with Stuart seeming to not want to,be it's not really interested in this,topic they're interested in in his in um,in Elon Musk Shenanigans you know,so-called Shenanigans with his online,polls where they should stick around as,a CEO or not but what isn't this topic,relevant what what the the Twitter stuff,is kind of the files are leading up to,we'll lean into the other guys I I,simply couldn't care less I I don't I,think the last time I was on Twitter was,for Paul McCartney's 80th birthday and I,just wanted to see the birthday wishes,to Paul I just find Twitter such a,toilet bowl of communication it's like,turning on the radio and getting every,radio talk radio station at once it's,populated by largely unfiltered largely,uninformed narcissists who who write,texts that lack context Nuance or,empathy and I just find it perfect for,this short attention span violent shoot,first ask question laters look at me,Society I just I've had I've just had,enough of it I've just had enough of it,so the question for me is why isn't why,people aren't caring more about the,Twitter files it's like why should we,care it's a private company they can do,whatever they want and they don't need,to be transparent as musk has clearly,shown,um they can do whatever they're not a,government agency so how they do things,in the background I just don't see why,this is a you know I don't understand,why Megan and Harry are such great,interest but it's just I just couldn't,care about it okay let's let's do it,I'll talk you up in the department that,the coziness between uh let's say the,FBI and and Twitter before the company,went you know they were they were,purchased but all that this activity is,before they went private you know they,still are a private company but they're,a publicly they were publicly traded,stock I'm surprised that you know that,and maybe John because you've written,for the New York Times if if the New,York Times the FBI and by the way I know,that the government goes to newspapers,all the time when there's sensitive,information there's stories that might,put people at risk but most of the time,it's an adversarial relationship I mean,I I reflect on a specific story back,um and Rob you'll know about this story,when the um the New York Times was going,to run a story,um on the morning of the uh of the day,of the speech that Kenny was going to,give during the Cuban Missile Crisis is,essentially articulating you know why,they're going to put a quarantine in,history we all know what happened there,and the New York Times for the run that,story and JFK personally called the,publisher,um of the New York Times and got him to,agree to hold off on the story

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