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Female fighters on the front lines of the Ukraine war | ABCNLthey are new faces on the front lines o

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Updated on Jan 31,2023

Female fighters on the front lines of the Ukraine war | ABCNL

they are new faces on the front lines of,the war in Ukraine female snipers and,while Duty didn't call for them they,still loaded up and lined up Arnez de,lucutera sat down with one of them to,discuss her passion for the battlefield,and Beyond,by now she's gained a few nicknames,Punisher of Russians and Ukrainian Joan,of Arc I like it on the dark the history,stories on the dark yeah and a lot of,people said that she was a ginger like,me okay Eugenia Emerald has become,somewhat of an icon in Ukraine fighting,on the front lines as a sniper the only,woman in her unit how did they react,when they saw that you were joining that,you were a woman,oh they were shocked she's only one of,more than 50 000 women now enlisted in,the Ukrainian Army something that is,mandatory for men but women can also,volunteer all uh Russians,um,um by oscaras they're scared they're,afraid of you yeah yeah they're afraid,of us yeah women Ukrainian women it's,important in her case it was her father,who first taught her how to use a weapon,when I was little girl I wish to be a,sniper not like a princess wow so even,as a little girl you wanted to be a,sniper yes it was my dream wow I think,if my father now will alive yes,we fight together and Frontline yes she,done enrolled in a military program and,when war broke out in February it was,the army that called her up Emerald then,making the difficult choice to leave her,family behind including her 11 year old,daughter they just crying they're just,crying yeah she says she just had to go,she's been everywhere now from harkiv,and jetomer to bucha in the battle for,Kiev,but she says being a woman on the front,has its fair share of challenges not,only battling the common enemy but also,internal gender discrimination one man,she came into contact with initially,saying her place was in the kitchen and,then when they saw how good of a shooter,you were they must have been shocked and,they must have eventually respected you,it was later it was later they respect,Malaysia yes women on the front is a,recent phenomenon in Ukraine while up to,one-fifth of Ukraine's armed forces are,now women it wasn't until 2018 Ukrainian,women were finally allowed to serve in,combat positions The Surge of female,soldiers so new and unexpected that,Ukraine's military still doesn't have,standard UNIF forms for women meaning,they're often handed men's uniforms the,zamlonski NGO coming together to help,female soldiers sending women on the,front care packages that include things,like lighter body armor tampons and,fitted uniforms helping women like Army,medic schnitzana who today brought her,daughter with her,she says she's not surprised so many,women are enlisting,let's go I really love American weapons,yeah,Emerald on leaving Kiev shows us her,gear there is my toy,and what else oh you know I have she,used her own car to drive out to the,front and alongside her helmet your,wedding dress,the wedding dress she's yet to put away,because in the middle of it all emeralds,also found love her future husband,reading about her and reaching out by,sliding into her DMS on Instagram he,rides at I'm proud of you you're a very,fantastic military woman a military is,the same and we started speak where she,with each other,and it was very romantic she eventually,took the train to meet him in person but,already knew he was the one you know,when he first time text me I called my,mother and said mother you know I think,I met my future husband,two weeks later he proposed to,eventually marrying on the battlefield,near harkheath it's my mother,amid all the death and destruction of,War Emerald now carrying new life face,my husband when he know that he will,have a daughter I know my first daughter,she is like a princess really but I,think that my second daughter yes she,will be like me she will be like you,yeah okay and if she wants I will teach,her,how to shoot she says as hard as it,would be to leave her two daughters now,she'd like to go back to the front,eventually Ukrainian women are very,strong really and all of us love our,land it is precisely because of her,daughters and because of their future,that she risks it all it's the reason,why I go to suram you're thinking about,their future yes,hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here,thanks for checking out the ABC News,YouTube channel if you'd like to get,more videos show highlights and watch,live event coverage click on the right,over here to subscribe to our Channel,and don't forget to download the ABC,News app for breaking news alerts thanks,for watching

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Britain's decision on sending tanks to Ukraine | Ukraine: The Latest | Podcast

Britain's decision on sending tanks to Ukraine | Ukraine: The Latest | Podcast

I'm Claire Hubble and this is Ukraine,the latest today we reflect on news that,Britain has not yet made a final,decision on whether to send tanks to,Ukraine and hear how kiev's comedy,circuit has evolved over the last seven,months,and barbaric Venture of Vladimir Putin,must end in favor Putin's war in Ukraine,has destabilized energy markets the,world over nobody is going to break us,we're strong we are ukrainians,every weekday afternoon we sit down with,leading journalists from the telegraph's,London Newsroom and our teams reporting,on the ground to bring you the latest,news and analysis on the war in the,Ukraine it's Tuesday the 10th of January,day 321.,and to discuss the most recent events in,Ukraine and around the world I'm joined,by our associate editor Dominic Nichols,assistant comment editor Francis dernley,and Ukrainian comedian Anton timishenko,I started by asking Dom for the latest,updates from the front line,well hi Claire and hi everybody so let's,go east Donetsk you got the town of,bakmut which has been the scene of very,Fierce fighting now for for quite a,number of uh quite a number of weeks,actually going into months today's,Ministry of Defense British Ministry of,Defense daily uh intelligence update,says that that the back moot is they're,assessing as the main immediate,operational objective of Russia that's,their words main immediate operational,objective I mean there's a few caveats,in there if you say Main and immediate,but they're obviously highlighting it as,a as an area of great uh concern they're,saying that that Russia is trying to,envelop from the North or having some,limited success closing in from the,north uh solidar oh sorry this is uh to,the north of of solidar and this and,this is 10 K's north of back moot but,that that whole area of the east of,donets is getting,um a huge amount of attention for both,sides uh recently so Russia has made,tactical advances into solidar back,which I'll say is is the key to the,talent Bank moot which is seen as a main,logistic route into that area of the,donbass and also mod is saying that um,that solidar,is is the location of a number of,entrances to the underground salt mines,which they think are just used what they,are just used but there's there's,reportedly hundreds of kilometers of uh,disused salt mines under the whole,district there and both sides seemingly,concerned that whoever controls those,mines and the access to them uh will be,able to to infiltrate forces,um into into the rear of the of the,opposing of the opposing Force so,clearly of great concern however,Ukraine seems to have albeit there have,been these tactical advances to the,north saldar Ukraine has got good,defense in depth around the area and,control over the majority of the supply,routes into back Moot and solidarth from,from the East and the South,um but it's it's an area of of great,concern now solidar is also,the location where,two British Aid workers have gone,missing so Andrew Bagshaw is 48 and,Christopher Parry who's 28 were,providing humanitarian support they were,last seen on January the 6th around a,solidar not been seen since the,Ukrainian foreign Ministry is is you,know actively seeking information on,their whereabouts the British foreign,Ministry is helping the families this is,obviously a a very concerning,development not only for for the,individuals concerned and their families,but also whether or not this is if they,are if they've been taken as some sort,of yeah I mean we've seen this before,with the with the uh with various people,fighting for Ukraine,um albeit I'm not suggesting these these,two individuals were in any way taking,up arms but Russia is very keen to show,these show individuals who are not,Ukrainian as Western spies et cetera Etc,so obviously we're very concerned about,these these two individuals and um and,what may or may not uh happen to them if,they are in in Russian hands but we will,keep keep tracking keep track of that,story and let you know staying in,solidar,so the institute for the study of War,U.S based think tank is suggesting I was,saying today that,um that the Wagner group so the Russian,mercenary group led by and funded by,yevgeni pagosian known as Putin's Chef,because he's got a number of lucrative,catering contracts for the for the,Kremlin,um so brigosian he's using the limited,success in solidar which we think is,mainly an area of Russian Wagner group,involvement using the limited success,there to boost Wagner's reputation as it,only effective fighting force that,Russia's got in the field right now now,they are bigging up uh claims that that,solidar's taken and that they're going,to encircle back moot that is all very,speculative that's not backed up,anywhere else and certainly not backed,up like say by by the mod defense,intelligence estimates,um but yesterday pregosian did say that,is exclusive evolving group units taking,ground in the area and says that they're,they're in Fierce battles for the city,Administrative Building no

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Gravitas | Ukraine Vs Russia: The meme war

Gravitas | Ukraine Vs Russia: The meme war

our final story for this evening is,about,memes not just any memes,but those being exchanged between,ukraine and russia,you see the two countries are also in,the middle of an information warfare,they are fighting it out on social media,to ensure that their narrative overrides,the story being told by the other side,and in this quest for social media,supremacy both russia and ukraine have,come up with the most creative and,lethal memes our next report brings you,the best of the lot,what comes to your mind when you think,about weapons of war,missiles,gun machines,perhaps nukes,what about memes they are usually funny,and seemingly unharmful,but memes can be as damaging as missiles,and machine guns when it comes to,information warfare,russia vs ukraine is no exception it is,about peddling propaganda,putting out one's narrative more,convincingly and creatively,both sides are on the offensive,they are bombing each other on social,media and memes have become the weapon,of choice,sample this one types of headaches it,reads,migraine hypertension,stress,and,living next to russia this meme was,fired from ukraine's official twitter,account,the internet was in splits soon russia,retaliated dear ukraine the tweet goes,the red wine headache aka rwh has you,confused,choose your wines carefully order from,russia's crimea,absolutely lethal supporters of the two,countries have joined the meme war,this one has put the two presidents on a,call,hey want to hear a joke ask zielenski,go ahead,says putin,kiev,i don't get it,that's right you don't,another one says ukraine is trying to,guard the us into world war three,memes have taken the center stage in,this war and they are being fired at,every possible stakeholder,this one is directed towards zielinski,his growing global popularity is being,compared to that of kiev mayor vitaly,klitschko appears to be like the cat,waiting in the wings,here spongebob is the russian army,clearly confused between commands and,common sense it seems,all of these posts are getting a lot of,attention they are being shared,forwarded and retweeted,basically the memes are doing their job,you know,this information warfare isn't typical,to this war in fact,it's not even new,information has long been weaponized,during the second wild war for example,western and nazi forces would air drop,targeted templates into enemy territory,they were meant to win over people of,the opposing side,these memes are no different ever since,tensions escalated between the two sides,the social media handles of ukraine and,russia have been buzzing,we can't say who's willing the military,warfare,but ukraine seems to have the lead in,the war being fought on the west owned,social media platforms,here zielinski is being painted as the,better leader,one who enjoys the support of his family,his troops and the wild,in another tweet,parallels are being drawn between hitler,and putin,in short ukraine is being painted as the,underdog the symbol of resistance,and zielanski asked the new hero the,world is rolling behind,we are now available in your country,download the app now get all the news on,the move

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WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Ukraine war: six months that shook the world

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT - Ukraine war: six months that shook the world

народные республики донбасса обратились,к россии с просьбой о помощи,ее цель защиты людей которые на,протяжении восьми лет подвергаются,издевательствам геноцида со стороны,киевском режим и для этого мы будем,стремиться к демилитаризации и,денацификации украины,за разом решит уже богат оставалась,таковой информации еще на мой язык лыка,склада ты сбросим нашу армию и до его,голос значит а я тут нету сбруе на,склады мы будем защищать нашу державу,убили он им польша важное лагаешь людей,аммиачного и луну лагами и вся формула,испортили меркель пула дело номер томов,убавлю помощи,я символ украины где начался война,где,пришли нехорошие люди и,изумруд возьмем жизнь я теперь,я бегу с ребенком куда я бегу я не знаю,я бегу три кнопка потому что я качусь мы,ребенок вышел,об apple оставили в киеве,папа будет,продавать что-то будет помогать нашим,героем,наша мышка,я же мышка,будет помогать может дали будет воевать,но он льдом,это вынес моего и,угоняли,уважаем еще до блеска и звучный и все,буду это носить яркие оси,1000 вы сегодня должна ходит почти,всё витков мы знаем предлагает бы ты,из-за готова на,ведро бананы king ost волкова ворона,щенки в быть edit я думаю що це ж,д 11,автор,3 лет

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The One Change to Russia Putin Couldn't Predict (War in Ukraine)

The One Change to Russia Putin Couldn't Predict (War in Ukraine)

Russia’s in big trouble, and it’s not just because  they are losing the war in Ukraine. Years before  ,Vladamir Putin came to power and recklessly  invaded Ukraine, Russia’s future was in jeopardy  ,due to an unexpected factor. Its population was  decreasing. A perfect storm of economic hardships,  ,disease, and war has caused serious demographic  problems for Russia. And when we look closely at  ,what is happening within its borders today, the  future looks bleak for the Russian Federation.,Putin has known for a long time that Russia  has a population crisis. When he came to  ,power in the year 2000, he almost immediately  began brainstorming ways to increase Russia’s  ,population. In Putin’s mind, more people equals  more power, and therefore, he needed to get the  ,population growing as quickly as possible. When  the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991, Russia went  ,into an economic crisis. It’s almost always  inevitable that when a country’s economy tanks,  ,birth rates go with it. We will examine why  this phenomenon occurs later on when we look  ,at what current economic sanctions and the war in  Ukraine are doing to family planning in Russia.,As the 90s progressed, Russia's birth rates  remained low. This affected the future,  ,as shown by the low number of people who  currently fall within the 25 to 35-year-old  ,demographic in the country. And since this is the  age group of people who usually start families,  ,there are not enough individuals to  significantly boost the birth rate  ,and grow the population. However, this  is not the only problem. The decisions  ,made by Putin over the years have made  Russia’s demographic crisis even worse.,For years, Putin has been declaring that  he will fix the population growth problem,  ,and for years he has failed. Putin has even  said that “saving the people of Russia is our  ,top national priority,” referring to the  stagnation of population growth. In order  ,to try and stimulate this growth and improve  Russia’s predicament, Putin decided to throw  ,money at the problem without any real plan.  Unsurprisingly, this tactic failed miserably.,So, let’s look at what led to this demographic  crisis, what Putin tried to do to fix it,  ,and why this problem is about  to get so much worse for Russia.,When the Soviet Union fell, mortality rates  significantly exceeded birth rates in Russia,  ,which led to population decline. To put  this into perspective, before World War II,  ,the population of the Soviet Union was around 195  million people. After the devastating consequences  ,of the war, the population shrunk to around 170  million people. These numbers include nations  ,that were formerly a part of the Soviet Union  but are independent of Russia today. However,  ,what these statistics show is the magnitude  at which life was lost due to World War II.,As the USSR grew during the Cold War, the  population within its borders also grew. By  ,1989 around 287 million people were living in  the Soviet Union. However, after its collapse,  ,Russia was left with only 148 million  citizens. If we focus on the data of the  ,region that would become present-day  Russia during this same time period,  ,we see that its population was growing  throughout the Soviet Era as well.,When we look strictly at the Russian population,  it increased from around 120 million in 1960 to  ,just over 148 million by 1990. Unfortunately for  Russia, this is when things start to go wrong.  ,By the early 2000s, the Russian population had  declined by around 3 million people. In 2007,  ,Russia’s population was under 143 million  people. For a man who said he would improve  ,Russia’s demographics in the early  2000s, Putin had failed miserably.,Vladimir Putin tried to make changes to the  Russian healthcare system, such as updating  ,hospitals to curb the country's mortality rate. He  also launched campaign after campaign to increase  ,birth rates by setting up financial aid programs  for anyone looking to start or grow their family.  ,This included a family allowance system that  gave bonuses to larger families. Basically,  ,Putin was incentivizing family growth in every way  he could short of forcing women to have children.,In his speeches, Putin talked about family values  and the importance of having a large household.  ,Although this is a little ironic since Putin  only has two daughters that we know of. However,  ,it has been suggested that he has at least two  other children who he had with his mistresses.  ,If Putin wanted to lead by example, he  would have shown the country that large,  ,close-knit families were the future of  Russia. However, he rarely talks about  ,his daughters and doesn’t really  portray himself as a family man.,When promoting large families did  not achieve the desired results,  ,Putin turned towards migration policies that  would entice more people to move to Russia.  ,You’re probably thinking that Russia would be  the last place anyone would ever want to move to,  ,bu

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Wion Fineprint | Elon Musk Tweets His 'Peace Plan' To End Ukraine War, Zelensky Responds

Wion Fineprint | Elon Musk Tweets His 'Peace Plan' To End Ukraine War, Zelensky Responds

Elon Musk firing up controversy the,Tesla CEO is known for a lot of things,his Tech Innovation his net worth his,quest to dominate the Space Race but if,there is one thing that he is not known,for that is diplomacy,but that has not quite stopped Elon Musk,from Wading into the Russia Ukraine war,story on Monday Elon Musk created a poll,on Twitter it was his so-called peace,plan,this proposal had four suggestions first,redo the referendums in the annex region,this time under the U.N supervision if,people reject Russia then they would,have to leave,second Crimea is formally recognized as,a part of Russia third restoring water,supply to the Crimean Peninsula and,fourth Ukraine must remain neutral now,this means it cannot join any alliances,including the NATO,Elon Musk says this is likely to be the,outcome at the end except a lot of,soldiers may die before this is arrived,at his proposal may sound idealistic but,that's the problem it only looks good on,paper,in real life why would Russia leave the,annex regions and why would Ukraine,declare itself as neutral,in fact the poll had over 2 million,votes and last we checked 40 percent,voted yes while 60 voted no on that poll,but while his proposal made headlines,around the world it seems to have,enriched the ukrainians especially at a,time when they are making gains in the,battlefield,in fact the Ukrainian president Walter,mizolenski posted a poll himself,which Elon Musk do you like more one,that supports Russia or one that,supports Ukraine,well you can guess the outcome nearly 80,percent voted for a mask that supports,Ukraine,but while Ukraine did not like it masks,peace plan was a hit among the Russians,that of course is because of most of it,sounds like what the Kremlin says,in fact the Kremlin praised the Tesla,CEO for suggesting a possible peace deal,however it is highly unlikely that,Moscow agrees with all the points,especially as the Upper House confirmed,all four regions of annexed Ukraine as,part of Russia Today,mosque's peace plan comes at a time when,it's been a busy week for the,billionaire he is supposed to present,evidence to the Twitter lawyers ahead of,the trial currently remember Twitter is,suing mosque for walking away from the,44 billion dollar deal to buy the social,media platform the trial is set to begin,on the 17th of October in a Delaware,Court,we are now available in your country,download the app now get all the news on,the move

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Elon Musk's Ukraine ‘Peace’ Plan

Elon Musk's Ukraine ‘Peace’ Plan

I just want you to walk us through the latest in the pack and forth.,It started with a poll by Elon Musk. Yeah.,So Elon Musk has sent several tweets throughout Monday.,The kind of two key points on them were first that he suggested that there,should be a negotiated settlement over the war in Ukraine between Ukraine and,Russia. In a separate tweet and the one you see,on your screen he implies that Crimea which is an annex Asian of Russia is,should remain. With Russia for good and you know,obviously these are strong words for me for evil must be be saying.,Well I would also say as he said a further poll later in the day saying,that the citizens of those areas of Ukrainian territory that that Russia is,currently trying to annex should be whether or not they should be given,their opportunity to vote on their own futures.,But there's been a pretty sharp reaction from all corners of social media and,diplomatically to what Elon Musk has had to say.,Well including from President Galinsky himself as Alinsky responding with a,Twitter poll of his own which Elon Musk. Do you like more.,Why do you support Ukraine. Or one who supports Russia.,David what's your take on all this. It's a fairly easy one to have a take,on. I must say I think it must falls prey to,a number of dangerous ideas. One is if I'm so rich I must be smart,enough to do anything to solve anything. That's ludicrous.,He he also is an attention hog and his stock dropped today tremendously in,relation to the market which might not even be unrelated.,It may be that he's in a bad mood because of that and he's trying to get,attention to distract himself. It's all crazy stuff.,He should not be involved in this issue. Ed talk to us a little bit more about,the reaction that we're seeing here. Obviously we've heard from President,Selenski. We've heard from Taylor Riggs Patrick.,Now we've heard from analysts who cover Tesla right.,Who cover Elon Musk's companies. What else are people saying.,Yeah well we've heard from Ukraine's ambassador to Germany Andrey Melanie.,I won't show or say what he said in his tweet.,Juice the coarse language that he used. But he essentially implied that no,Ukrainian or I'm paraphrasing no Ukrainian would now buy a Tesla products,in the future based on what Elon Musk had said.,That was Andrew Melnick the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany.,This is slightly anecdotal but many kind of well followed.,Tesla fans Tesla vehicle owners and shareholders who have a presence on,Twitter did come out and say you know this is not something that Elon Musk,should be doing that you know many labeled it as a mistake as well.,So it has invoked a pretty broad and sharp reaction including for some of,those that all fans and supporters of both Tesla and Elon Musk personally.,This of course as the takeover discovery process the Twitter takeover,discovery process continues. Kind of a difficult week from us last,week. I imagine with that deluge of texts,being made public. David also today in San Francisco the,CEO of Twitter Parag Aggro Wall was just deposed in a closed door session.,And we're not sure exactly what happened inside that session yet but.,But what do you make of all of this happening for Elon Musk and because of,Elon Musk really at once. OK maybe you think I'm a bad armchair,psychologist but even before this development today about Ukraine it was,occurring to me that it might be that this whole folderol about Twitter buying,it not wanting to buy it being sued suing was a bid for attention.,You know it's hard to explain why he would have tried so hard to buy Twitter,and then tried so hard to get out of it without any real fundamental changes in,the business landscape. My dog just is bull because he has to,have attention. Just like the is.,And you know of course we're we're still waiting for headlines to come out of,this deposition of Parag Agro all. But it should be said that Elon Musk's,companies actually have had some involvement in the war on Ukraine,especially Starlink. Yes it's space X of which Elon Musk is a,founder and the chief executive officer has for quite some time throughout the,duration of the war in Ukraine been sending stalling equipment to,essentially keep the country connected during a time of war.,You know this fantastic reporting on the Bloomberg terminal and Bloomberg dot com,about some of the background of how that came about in coordination with the US.,But you know they are providing that service.,They are providing that hardware. And Musk had tweeted earlier on in the,wall about Space X his efforts to get that equipment into the country and how,that they how they had been involved in keeping you know the Ukrainian people,online essentially during this war.

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WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – Ukraine will not falter, Kyiv residents say

WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT – Ukraine will not falter, Kyiv residents say

ukraine is not dead yet,the words to the country's national,anthem ring true for kiev resident katya,long live ukraine,the patisserie owner is supposed to be,hosting a big birthday party,but instead she is helping her mother,oksana gulyanka clean up her apartment,after it was damaged in an overnight,assault by russian forces,the windows have been completely blown,out shards of glass cover the cake,decorating supplies oh yes paula,i was sleeping there was a sharp,explosion and i was thrown three meters,from the room i was in into the corridor,that was it,was sure,the glass shattered there were sounds,coming from the street,i got scared started crawling on the,floor,most of the residents of the apartment,block she lives in are former soviet,army servicemen and border guards,the explosion left oksana disorientated,in a home that has been in her family,since the 1980s,i was completely confused i did not,understand what was going on with me,it was as if i were lifted and dropped,then i heard screams sounds i got up and,saw all windows smashed broken glass i,walked around the flat quickly gathered,a few things documents that i had,prepared in the evening and i ran out,into the street,during the time i was out two three,hours the main door was forced open,clearly the firemen or police were,opening the apartment doors searching,for victims i was alone in the flat when,it happened,russia launched its invasion by land air,and sea on thursday following a,declaration of war by russian president,vladimir putin,it is the biggest attack on a european,state since world war ii,in the eastern town of horlifka in,donetsk the following graphic images,highlight the extent of the destruction,bodies were carried out of destroyed,buildings in the rebel-controlled town,where a school has been shelled and,apartment buildings left in ruin,fuel cash and medical supplies are,running low in parts of ukraine after,russia's invasion,something that according to un aid,agencies could drive up to five million,people to flee abroad at least one,hundred thousand people are uprooted in,ukraine after fleeing their homes since,the assault began,tens of thousands have already crossed,into neighboring countries including,poland romania hungary and slovakia,most of the people who have crossed,borders are women and children of the,key of restricted passage for men of,conscription age,they have been told to stay and fight

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