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The Russia Ukraine Twitter Drama...i'm gonna be honest here aside from,watching a couple optimus vid


Updated on Jan 12,2023

The Russia Ukraine Twitter Drama...

i'm gonna be honest here aside from,watching a couple optimus videos i,literally have no idea what's going on i,know that russia has invaded ukraine and,they're even threatening nuclear war so,yeah that that sucks but i'm not gonna,be talking about that in this video,instead i'm gonna be talking about the,twitter drama between ukraine and russia,which sounds crazy but the ukrainian,twitter account has been posting memes,and even asking for twitter to ban,russia so let's get into it um so they,they posted this meme of what i assume,is the bad guy from world war ii holding,uh putin's face that this got almost a,million likes this is not a meme but our,and your reality right now listen i'm no,international conflict expert but i'm,pretty certain memes aren't the way to,go when you're being invaded do you,think the history books are gonna have,to include sections about posting,russia launches invasion ukraine i got,the perfect meme for this tag at russia,and tell them what you think about them,hold on while i'm here is russia posting,on twitter right now oh okay they're,they're they're not uh i they posted,like pictures of i think a nuclear,worship um so you know that that's cool,at russia this isn't even just an l boss,man what the f is this at russia bad at,russia equal bad guy from world war ii,el russia for real and uh it says ,classic twitter right here russia this,isn't you bae please stop look guys i,get russia kind of backstabbed y'all and,that's effed up but engaging in targeted,harassment isn't cool or justified in,this situation just settle it in dms and,ignore them and keep doing you homie i,mean i just gotta agree here like it,honestly seems like ukraine is trying to,cancel russia i mean that that's just so,petty like what did russia do,good news guys it appears ukraine is,winning the war based on these newest,charts from social blade and as you guys,can see ukraine has far more clout than,russia does and honestly that that's all,that matters hey people let's demand,twitter to remove russia from here no,place for an aggressor like russia on,western social media platforms they,should not be allowed to use these,platforms to promote their image while,brutally killing the ukrainian people at,twitter support okay so i'm gonna have,to be a little serious here honestly i,think twitter should ban russia like,they banned the president of the united,states but won't ban russia like russia,is starting world war three right now,and twitter's fine with that they're,just like yeah we're just gonna let,russia have a twitter account have you,guys ever thought about how twitter,banned trump for causing violence but,russia just completely invaded a,sovereign nation and all their accounts,are still active clown world we live in,clown world um so apparently keemstar,deleted the tweet so i'm just gonna show,this petition on the screen,dear ethan klein and trisha can you all,get back together and go after russia's,sponsors thanks so yeah,what do you guys think should russia be,cancelled should we get rid of all their,sponsors should they be banned from all,social media platforms apparently russia,is trying to seize the chernobyl nuclear,plant so yeah that that's good you know,we're perfectly fine here right,please please russia don't don't nuke us,okay i i don't want to die so this was,just kind of like a joke video just,reading all the like memes and stuff,people are making on twitter obviously,this is a very serious situation and i,send my support to the innocent,ukrainian russian american whoever,people are gonna get tied up in this war,because world leaders just just want,money or power that's usually what these,stupid wars stem from i just hope,everyone remembers that at the end of,the day we're all just people hopefully,russia doesn't take this thing too far,and it ends here i doubt it is so if,you're in the area if you're in ukraine,or russia if you're in the crossfire i,hope you do get to safety as i said i'm,not really hugely invested in this i i,don't know much about russia or ukraine,i just know that russia is usually the,bad guy in the call of duty games i play,and it definitely seems like they're the,bad guys in this situation because,they're the aggressors they're attacking,another country so yeah these are just,my thoughts on this entire situation if,you guys have enjoyed it be sure to hit,the like button down below and subscribe,to the channel hey you yeah you the one,watching this right now click this video,i promise it's amazing

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Ukraine,Brésil,Etats Unis Twitter Files,France Que pouvons nous faire ?

Ukraine,Brésil,Etats Unis Twitter Files,France Que pouvons nous faire ?

thằng chơi chắc như partan nên phải hay,thẩm giáo bảo và trả lời sàn miền than,taxi

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Britain's decision on sending tanks to Ukraine | Ukraine: The Latest | Podcast

Britain's decision on sending tanks to Ukraine | Ukraine: The Latest | Podcast

I'm Claire Hubble and this is Ukraine,the latest today we reflect on news that,Britain has not yet made a final,decision on whether to send tanks to,Ukraine and hear how kiev's comedy,circuit has evolved over the last seven,months,and barbaric Venture of Vladimir Putin,must end in favor Putin's war in Ukraine,has destabilized energy markets the,world over nobody is going to break us,we're strong we are ukrainians,every weekday afternoon we sit down with,leading journalists from the telegraph's,London Newsroom and our teams reporting,on the ground to bring you the latest,news and analysis on the war in the,Ukraine it's Tuesday the 10th of January,day 321.,and to discuss the most recent events in,Ukraine and around the world I'm joined,by our associate editor Dominic Nichols,assistant comment editor Francis dernley,and Ukrainian comedian Anton timishenko,I started by asking Dom for the latest,updates from the front line,well hi Claire and hi everybody so let's,go east Donetsk you got the town of,bakmut which has been the scene of very,Fierce fighting now for for quite a,number of uh quite a number of weeks,actually going into months today's,Ministry of Defense British Ministry of,Defense daily uh intelligence update,says that that the back moot is they're,assessing as the main immediate,operational objective of Russia that's,their words main immediate operational,objective I mean there's a few caveats,in there if you say Main and immediate,but they're obviously highlighting it as,a as an area of great uh concern they're,saying that that Russia is trying to,envelop from the North or having some,limited success closing in from the,north uh solidar oh sorry this is uh to,the north of of solidar and this and,this is 10 K's north of back moot but,that that whole area of the east of,donets is getting,um a huge amount of attention for both,sides uh recently so Russia has made,tactical advances into solidar back,which I'll say is is the key to the,talent Bank moot which is seen as a main,logistic route into that area of the,donbass and also mod is saying that um,that solidar,is is the location of a number of,entrances to the underground salt mines,which they think are just used what they,are just used but there's there's,reportedly hundreds of kilometers of uh,disused salt mines under the whole,district there and both sides seemingly,concerned that whoever controls those,mines and the access to them uh will be,able to to infiltrate forces,um into into the rear of the of the,opposing of the opposing Force so,clearly of great concern however,Ukraine seems to have albeit there have,been these tactical advances to the,north saldar Ukraine has got good,defense in depth around the area and,control over the majority of the supply,routes into back Moot and solidarth from,from the East and the South,um but it's it's an area of of great,concern now solidar is also,the location where,two British Aid workers have gone,missing so Andrew Bagshaw is 48 and,Christopher Parry who's 28 were,providing humanitarian support they were,last seen on January the 6th around a,solidar not been seen since the,Ukrainian foreign Ministry is is you,know actively seeking information on,their whereabouts the British foreign,Ministry is helping the families this is,obviously a a very concerning,development not only for for the,individuals concerned and their families,but also whether or not this is if they,are if they've been taken as some sort,of yeah I mean we've seen this before,with the with the uh with various people,fighting for Ukraine,um albeit I'm not suggesting these these,two individuals were in any way taking,up arms but Russia is very keen to show,these show individuals who are not,Ukrainian as Western spies et cetera Etc,so obviously we're very concerned about,these these two individuals and um and,what may or may not uh happen to them if,they are in in Russian hands but we will,keep keep tracking keep track of that,story and let you know staying in,solidar,so the institute for the study of War,U.S based think tank is suggesting I was,saying today that,um that the Wagner group so the Russian,mercenary group led by and funded by,yevgeni pagosian known as Putin's Chef,because he's got a number of lucrative,catering contracts for the for the,Kremlin,um so brigosian he's using the limited,success in solidar which we think is,mainly an area of Russian Wagner group,involvement using the limited success,there to boost Wagner's reputation as it,only effective fighting force that,Russia's got in the field right now now,they are bigging up uh claims that that,solidar's taken and that they're going,to encircle back moot that is all very,speculative that's not backed up,anywhere else and certainly not backed,up like say by by the mod defense,intelligence estimates,um but yesterday pregosian did say that,is exclusive evolving group units taking,ground in the area and says that they're,they're in Fierce battles for the city,Administrative Building no

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Gravitas | Ukraine Vs Russia: The meme war

Gravitas | Ukraine Vs Russia: The meme war

our final story for this evening is,about,memes not just any memes,but those being exchanged between,ukraine and russia,you see the two countries are also in,the middle of an information warfare,they are fighting it out on social media,to ensure that their narrative overrides,the story being told by the other side,and in this quest for social media,supremacy both russia and ukraine have,come up with the most creative and,lethal memes our next report brings you,the best of the lot,what comes to your mind when you think,about weapons of war,missiles,gun machines,perhaps nukes,what about memes they are usually funny,and seemingly unharmful,but memes can be as damaging as missiles,and machine guns when it comes to,information warfare,russia vs ukraine is no exception it is,about peddling propaganda,putting out one's narrative more,convincingly and creatively,both sides are on the offensive,they are bombing each other on social,media and memes have become the weapon,of choice,sample this one types of headaches it,reads,migraine hypertension,stress,and,living next to russia this meme was,fired from ukraine's official twitter,account,the internet was in splits soon russia,retaliated dear ukraine the tweet goes,the red wine headache aka rwh has you,confused,choose your wines carefully order from,russia's crimea,absolutely lethal supporters of the two,countries have joined the meme war,this one has put the two presidents on a,call,hey want to hear a joke ask zielenski,go ahead,says putin,kiev,i don't get it,that's right you don't,another one says ukraine is trying to,guard the us into world war three,memes have taken the center stage in,this war and they are being fired at,every possible stakeholder,this one is directed towards zielinski,his growing global popularity is being,compared to that of kiev mayor vitaly,klitschko appears to be like the cat,waiting in the wings,here spongebob is the russian army,clearly confused between commands and,common sense it seems,all of these posts are getting a lot of,attention they are being shared,forwarded and retweeted,basically the memes are doing their job,you know,this information warfare isn't typical,to this war in fact,it's not even new,information has long been weaponized,during the second wild war for example,western and nazi forces would air drop,targeted templates into enemy territory,they were meant to win over people of,the opposing side,these memes are no different ever since,tensions escalated between the two sides,the social media handles of ukraine and,russia have been buzzing,we can't say who's willing the military,warfare,but ukraine seems to have the lead in,the war being fought on the west owned,social media platforms,here zielinski is being painted as the,better leader,one who enjoys the support of his family,his troops and the wild,in another tweet,parallels are being drawn between hitler,and putin,in short ukraine is being painted as the,underdog the symbol of resistance,and zielanski asked the new hero the,world is rolling behind,we are now available in your country,download the app now get all the news on,the move

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Ukraine Memes 2

Ukraine Memes 2

surrender go f yourself,russian soldiers we are keepers of the,peace not soldiers rest of the world,didn't you attack ukraine peacefully,how we think shads look like,how chad's actually look like,i will do it i will face russia you have,my sword and you have my bow and my axe,thinking back to when it was just the,pandemic,american astronauts and russian,cosmonauts in the international space,station right now,millennials living through their third,once in a lifetime crisis within five,years,the first normal summer since 2019,ukrainian soldiers and government,officials ukrainian twitter admin,russian troops chernobyl special forces,quick the russians are asleep post,pictures of free and fair elections,there is a possibility of season two of,chernobyl people in 2019,people now,me taking notes on the ukraine invasion,so my kids don't have to in history,class,ukraine is invaded oh no we need to help,them yeah,guys the ussr collapsed,russian soldiers when they reach the,chernobyl facility and a death claw,climbs out,i wish all russian citizens a very,pleasant please overthrow putin,taliban calls on russia and ukraine to,end the crisis through peaceful means,reset,nobody anonymous hacking group doing,more than the entire u.n to disrupt,russia at no cost to ukraine,russians ukraine,russia leaving ukraine after putin gets,cancelled on twitter,can we go back in time to a year where,the most notable thing happening in the,world was arguing over the color of a,dress,most americans meaning about how far,away from russia they are,alaskans,russia invades ukraine how nato and eu,respond financial sanction,russia invades ukraine china sends,aircraft to taiwan england,ukraine deployed their last defense,forces,russian soldiers when they reach the,chernobyl facility and a death claw,climbs out,russians when daddy putin told it would,be a quick war but all the cities are,completely empty and the tree starts,speaking ukrainian oh neptune,war breaking out in europe new,zealanders being the furthest country,from russia,putin they will fear me when i invade,ukraine meanwhile everyone dear putin,let's speed up to the part where you,kill yourself in a bunker,russia invading ukraine ukraine,defending its nation america making a,movie about it where they are the heroes,the season finale,2020 2021,2022 2023,a,b,c,aliens watching this season of earth,getting of the same old plot,lines breaking news russia sinks into,the ocean due to the weight of the bulls,on anti-putin protesters,apparently there's a ukrainian fulcrum,pilot who's already chalked off six air,to air kills today against russian,forces the entire russian force,i know not with what weapons world war 3,will be fought but world war 4 will be,fought with sticks and stones me looking,for good rocks in preparation for world,war 4.,memes if world war 3 starts size 94.5,gigabytes contains,1037 files my time has come,russia,east ukraine,if students in the future have to learn,what happened in 2020 to 2022,i eu ukraine sent dudes you mean nudes,i'm in a fight i need more men,hard to swallow pills even if putin will,nuke eve eu and u.s won't attack russia,to avoid world war three,stop invading ukraine you know what i'm,gonna invade ukraine even harder,u.s and russian astronauts on the iss,if nato gets involved in russia versus,ukraine it'll be world war three but if,it doesn't get involved russia will,continue invading other previously ussr,countries until there is a world war,three,russia invades ukraine the rest of the,world no 80 years of world peace gone,the memes came true i don't want to be,drafted ukraine our countrymen are dying,fighting the russians our people are,suffering no help is coming our nation,is doomed i know shut up and pick up,your rifle we die fighting for ukraine,and just like that all the anti-vaxxers,became russian historians,the 13 ukraine soldiers being told if,they want to live they better surrender,go f yourself shame,swiss to titan measures targeting russia,but not yet freeze individual assets and,why did you make this decision money,rest of the world making world war 3,memes ukrainians,russia invades ukraine china sends,aircraft to taiwan england,me and the boys getting ready to take,back and stand to nepal for the glory of,rome,russian troops after they are being,shotted by the civilians instead of,being welcomed are we the baddies,russian tanks 30 kilometers from kiev eu,threatens massive sanctions,the ghost of kiev invading russian,pilots,you've seen too many posts about the war,rest here for a while veteran,why don't we just nuke russia like they,started it so why don't we just end it,now politicians all over the world my,goodness what an idea why didn't i think,of that,cosplay in japan cosplay in europe,cosplay in the us cosplay in russia,ukraine u.n you can do it,celebrities and influencers trying to,find a way to make the invasion of,ukraine about them,when the ghost of kiev is behind you,russian pilot oblite,russia ukraine conflict will you plea

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Ukraine Memes

Ukraine Memes

russia supporter,ukraine supporter,brothers and sisters are natural enemies,like russians and ukrainians or russians,and americans or russians in the nato or,russians and other russians damn,russians they ruin everything,ukraine crisis live putin orders russian,troops to separatist states for,peacekeeping operations peacekeeping,operations,time traveler moves a chair ukraine,invades russia troops have already,reached saint petersburg,behold my stuff,when you're gaming with someone in,ukraine and their connection drops out a,communications disruption can mean only,one thing invasion,russia congratulations you are being,rescued ukraine please do not resist,instagram users posting peace not war,putin going to invade ukraine anyway,as leader i have made everyone poor and,miserable i will fix this by invading,and making others poor and miserable too,nobody putin right now i will send a,fully armed battalion to remind you of,my love,putin orders russian forces to perform,peacekeeping functions in eastern,ukraine's breakaway regions putin i,cherish peace with all my heart i don't,care how many men women and children i,need to kill to get it,the world um what chad got there 150 000,plus troops on ukraine's border russian,a training,session yesterday ukraine today are,crane,me as a german when the next world war,isn't our fault,putin prepares to invade ukraine,internet influences warbad putin,germany fighting alongside british and,american soldiers for the first time in,a world war how do you do fellow allies,after seeing the 700th world war 3 meme,posted today,germany fighting alongside america,britain and france for the first time in,a world war greetings fellow allies,allies fellas,i don't want to live through any more,historical events,me calculating if i should continue,studying for my finals or will the world,end first,russia u.n security council writing,strongly worded letters condemning,russia,myanmar 20 is experiencing a global,pandemic possible world war 3 and global,inflation's all at once everything's,normal,ukraine needs our help i'll mark it on,your map,cold war ends treaties are signed most,of the world wants peace russia cowardly,and it is,russia declares lugansk and donetsk as,autonomous states eu gives russia,enormous sanctions,germany declares war on france sorry,force of habit,knock knock who's there putin putin who,put in these troops on your border,when you sleep in ukraine and woke up in,russia,all i want is peace a little piece of,ukraine,one like and i'll invade ukraine,vladimir putin liked the post say no,more,france has surrendered to russia french,ambassador to offer historic shadows as,housing to russian military global,baguette supplies affected,everyone a year ago joking about world,war three,everyone now that it's actually,happening,i'm just not really in a good state,right now,damn ukraine,ukraine russia european and american,sanctions,russian kids playing online with their,friends from ukraine,how most of the russians woke up today,are we the baddies,visit russia before usher visits you,the british talking about russia and,ukraine as if they still don't occupy a,part of ireland,what i'll see when i look out of my,window tomorrow morning roses are red,your city is gone i'm thomas the,thermonuclear bomb,world war three turning 18,soon ukraine,migraine,our crane,i can't believe he didn't cry during,titanic do men even have feelings we can,hear the bombs now i think this is,goodbye godspeed my friend it was fun,meeing and gaming with you,me after getting drafted for world war,three,americans learning eastern european,geography when we haven't finished with,the middle east yet,europeans trying to explain why the,russian invasion of ukraine is actually,america's fault,russian economy putin why has the world,done this,trudy rubin ukrainian civilians trained,for war with cardboard guns we are,scared but we are ready the russians,bringing a water hose now and become,death destroyer of worlds,ukraine putin,hello we are about to launch an all-out,attack on ukraine sincerely the russians,russia ukraine crisis healthy 18 to 60,year old men around the world,ukrainians waking up and seeing their,new neighbors wait a minute who are you,russians after years of griefing in cs,go be like,um you won't attack ukraine russia fine,i won't,we can't blame germany for world war,three,yes,me laughing at world war 3 memes versus,me realizing i live in finland,me why do i care about a war in eastern,europe that's their problem u.s,government all persons who volunteer to,fight will have their student loans,forgiven me,what should we do about russia boycott,them deploy troops i don't know tweet,about it and request putin to stop,good idea jeff,soviet union collapses ukraine we want,our independence russia hand over your,nuclear weapons first ukraine hands over,nuclear weapons so anyway i started,blasting,us and europe freaking out and calling,it a world war meanwhile asia africa and,south america,germany no i did

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How Ukraine Fights With Memes

How Ukraine Fights With Memes

mentioning ukraine feels a little off,because generally the last thing people,need is more death and destruction in,their feeds plus it's worth recognising,that there are plenty of far more,qualified people out there to dissect,this stuff than myself however one thing,that this channel can explore is the,manner in which information about war as,well as the ways in which rulers,communicate has completely changed over,the past 10 years this is clear with the,huge amount of attention fixed on,ukraine's novel ability to utilize,social media for its own purposes and,the excellent manner in which it is,doing so the importance of soft power,that is the ability for a country to,influence others using culture and,attraction instead of coercion has never,been more important and this is,personified by the man in which,presidents utilize twitter and other,social media platforms to change the,rules over the years in terms of how a,country is expected to act online,this is personified by the ukrainian,twitter account which popped up in 2016,thanks to a bunch of younger citizens,working within the country's digital,communication systems this twitter,account has been garnering attention for,years way back in 2017 a headline about,millennials running the account blew up,when gen z wasn't as much of a label,synonymous with young people as the,title for the previous generation this,was the year the account seemed to begin,leaning heavily into using memes to not,only rebuke russia but also appeal to,the wider internet and it works,extremely well fast forward to late 2021,and early 2022 and ukrainian memes are,the go-to method for the country to,share information as well as fight,misinformation the current president,vladimir zelinski has perfectly utilized,social media to demonstrate his prowess,as a leader with famous quotes like i,need ammunition not a ride blasting,across the internet after all he was an,actor and entertainment executive before,he became president and utilized social,media instead of traditional campaign,tactics to win this is why it's hardly,surprising is also employing memes so,expertly in regards to pushing his,message across the world easily,influencing the attention of billions,memes can appear in many forms as they,aren't just limited to spreading humor,they can also be utilized to improve,morale in the form of storytelling even,if this exists as misinformation the,ghost of kiev is perhaps one of the most,infamous examples of such storytelling,and even though initially it spread,across the internet posed as fact people,still seem to embrace it after it was,revealed to be a hoax that being said,meme culture allows anyone to become a,storyteller utilizing user-generated,content so it can become a double-edged,sword in that manner whilst there are,plenty of memes making fun of the,situation without empathy and in doing,so are often charted or criticized,heavily the ukrainian powers are also,able to use memes in a better context to,improve their own situation this also,goes for russia of course which has its,own twitter account and constantly,pushes its own agenda throughout the,internet in that sense it's clear online,spaces have well and truly changed the,way in which war is waged russia,instigated a cyber attack against many,of ukraine's institutions before,charging in ensuring its target's,infrastructure was struggling before the,physical violence began essentially the,russian invasion of ukraine is,demonstrating in real time how meme,culture and social media have become one,of the biggest fronts in which politics,is fought especially as internet,infrastructure continues to prove itself,as one of the most important pieces of,civilization,what meme would you guys like me to give,a lesson in next let me know in the,comments below and remember,like and subscribe,or else

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Female fighters on the front lines of the Ukraine war | ABCNL

Female fighters on the front lines of the Ukraine war | ABCNL

they are new faces on the front lines of,the war in Ukraine female snipers and,while Duty didn't call for them they,still loaded up and lined up Arnez de,lucutera sat down with one of them to,discuss her passion for the battlefield,and Beyond,by now she's gained a few nicknames,Punisher of Russians and Ukrainian Joan,of Arc I like it on the dark the history,stories on the dark yeah and a lot of,people said that she was a ginger like,me okay Eugenia Emerald has become,somewhat of an icon in Ukraine fighting,on the front lines as a sniper the only,woman in her unit how did they react,when they saw that you were joining that,you were a woman,oh they were shocked she's only one of,more than 50 000 women now enlisted in,the Ukrainian Army something that is,mandatory for men but women can also,volunteer all uh Russians,um,um by oscaras they're scared they're,afraid of you yeah yeah they're afraid,of us yeah women Ukrainian women it's,important in her case it was her father,who first taught her how to use a weapon,when I was little girl I wish to be a,sniper not like a princess wow so even,as a little girl you wanted to be a,sniper yes it was my dream wow I think,if my father now will alive yes,we fight together and Frontline yes she,done enrolled in a military program and,when war broke out in February it was,the army that called her up Emerald then,making the difficult choice to leave her,family behind including her 11 year old,daughter they just crying they're just,crying yeah she says she just had to go,she's been everywhere now from harkiv,and jetomer to bucha in the battle for,Kiev,but she says being a woman on the front,has its fair share of challenges not,only battling the common enemy but also,internal gender discrimination one man,she came into contact with initially,saying her place was in the kitchen and,then when they saw how good of a shooter,you were they must have been shocked and,they must have eventually respected you,it was later it was later they respect,Malaysia yes women on the front is a,recent phenomenon in Ukraine while up to,one-fifth of Ukraine's armed forces are,now women it wasn't until 2018 Ukrainian,women were finally allowed to serve in,combat positions The Surge of female,soldiers so new and unexpected that,Ukraine's military still doesn't have,standard UNIF forms for women meaning,they're often handed men's uniforms the,zamlonski NGO coming together to help,female soldiers sending women on the,front care packages that include things,like lighter body armor tampons and,fitted uniforms helping women like Army,medic schnitzana who today brought her,daughter with her,she says she's not surprised so many,women are enlisting,let's go I really love American weapons,yeah,Emerald on leaving Kiev shows us her,gear there is my toy,and what else oh you know I have she,used her own car to drive out to the,front and alongside her helmet your,wedding dress,the wedding dress she's yet to put away,because in the middle of it all emeralds,also found love her future husband,reading about her and reaching out by,sliding into her DMS on Instagram he,rides at I'm proud of you you're a very,fantastic military woman a military is,the same and we started speak where she,with each other,and it was very romantic she eventually,took the train to meet him in person but,already knew he was the one you know,when he first time text me I called my,mother and said mother you know I think,I met my future husband,two weeks later he proposed to,eventually marrying on the battlefield,near harkheath it's my mother,amid all the death and destruction of,War Emerald now carrying new life face,my husband when he know that he will,have a daughter I know my first daughter,she is like a princess really but I,think that my second daughter yes she,will be like me she will be like you,yeah okay and if she wants I will teach,her,how to shoot she says as hard as it,would be to leave her two daughters now,she'd like to go back to the front,eventually Ukrainian women are very,strong really and all of us love our,land it is precisely because of her,daughters and because of their future,that she risks it all it's the reason,why I go to suram you're thinking about,their future yes,hi everyone George Stephanopoulos here,thanks for checking out the ABC News,YouTube channel if you'd like to get,more videos show highlights and watch,live event coverage click on the right,over here to subscribe to our Channel,and don't forget to download the ABC,News app for breaking news alerts thanks,for watching

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