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PROOF Twitter Censored Anyone CIA & FBI Told Them To!hey everybody it's the Jimmy Dore show,I'm Aaro

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Updated on Jan 26,2023

PROOF Twitter Censored Anyone CIA & FBI Told Them To!

hey everybody it's the Jimmy Dore show,I'm Aaron mate sitting in for Jimmy here,with Matt taibi independent journalist,who writes at and the,lead reporter on the Twitter files so,Matt let's go through this one uh you,write in the Twitter files uh thread you,write remember the 2017 internal,guidance in which Twitter decided to,remove any user identified by the US,intelligence Community as a state,sponsored entity committing cyber,operations by 2020 such identifications,came in bulk so talk to us about what's,Happening Here,so in 2017 and we may talk about that or,not but basically Twitter had a a huge,struggle dealing with the government,back then over the russiagate Scandal,and they eventually came to this,decision that I think was pretty,significant this internal guidance where,they said publicly we're going to say we,only remove content at our sole,discretion that's explicitly what they,say but internally the guidance is any,user identified by the U.S intelligence,committee as a foreign State actor,committing cyber operations will be,removed so there's they're essentially,saying that privately if the if the,intelligence Community fingers an,account and says we want to get rid of,that we're going to do it and that,basically committed them to this endless,cycle of moderation requests,all right so one of them is new a new,case of U.S intelligence officials,trying to censor reporting on anything,critical of the Biden family and their,dealings inside of Ukraine we know from,before this is the well-publicized case,where before the 2020 election the uh,social media giants like Twitter,censored reporting on the hunter Biden,laptop which contained information about,his business dealings on the fake,grounds that it could be Russian,disinformation right so you have a new,uh case here where you say the U.S,intelligence officials,um warn Twitter about publicity,surrounding a book by former Ukraine,prosecutor Victor shulkin who alleged,corruption by the U.S government,specifically by Joe Biden now shokin,as a reminder to people he was the,prosecutor who was investigating barisma,in Ukraine and who was barisma barisma,is the company that shortly after the,2014 U.S Baku which Joe Biden's,government was involved in in Ukraine,brisma hired Hunter Biden uh to their,board making something like eighty,thousand dollars a month and what,choking allege was that basically,barisma hired but uh Biden to help,shield barisma from his own offices,scrutiny and he wrote a book about it,and here is Twitter getting a warning,about that book about how it really,could be some sort of Russian,intelligence operation so let's read,from some of what Twitter was told this,is a U.S intelligence assessment that,was shared with Twitter we assessed with,high confidence that in the summer of,2020 members of a Russian influence,organization which is at least partially,directed by Russian intelligence we're,aware of a production plan associated,with an upcoming book authored by former,Ukrainian prosecutor General Victor,shoken so this is very this is tough to,follow aware so some influence,organization which they don't Define,which is partially connected to Russian,intelligence they're aware of a book,that's about to come out wow big,bombshell but apparently that's the,that's on in their eyes grounds for,censorship so let's go on with this,um we have information that indicates,that the book is intended to reveal,corruption allegedly perpetrated by the,U.S and Ukraine and that the intended,audience includes political institutions,in the U.S Europe and Ukraine versions,of the book could be released in Russian,Ukrainian and English this fall so wow a,book is going to come out and it might,reveal corruption by U.S figures namely,Joe Biden and his family in Ukraine,yeah and and,that's your guidance right so to be,perfectly fair about this like I I was,not able to determine which government,agency this came from I I could tell,that it came through the FBI,um but there were a lot of these,documents that are sort of marked oga or,weren't marked at all and simply came,through uh you know the belly button,through either through teleporter or,through signal to Twitter this was,actually retrieved from the laptop of,one of the senior Executives who left,um but,unquestionably there were so many,um of these reports where they would say,something extremely vague like we have,indications that this is connected to,the in to the you know the IRA the,internet research agency and then they,would send a list of accounts and you,were just supposed to to say well they,assessed it so we might it must be true,um and I guess in this case they didn't,even send a list but it was for their,information like if you if you want to,take action against any tweets that,might have to do with shokun's book,um you know we're sort of encouraging,you to do so which I I think is pretty,Insidious yes and and they do,acknowledge that they actually have no,evidence so this is t

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Zelensky Slams NATO Hard Over Ukraine Inaction, Putin Bans Twitter & Facebook In Russia

Zelensky Slams NATO Hard Over Ukraine Inaction, Putin Bans Twitter & Facebook In Russia

разгубленный саммит саммитная Кому видно,еще не все вожают бородьбу за свободу,для Европы мы то и номер один,Мы уважаем еще Украины НАТО сами,створылые нарратив что начато закрытие,небо над Украины справа куя прямую,агрессию России протенант,самогипноз ты кто слабки не вправленный,внутренний Хотя можно Володи ты сбрую,Уразы сильнейшую ничьи у нас,сегодня гривны с Альянса дало зеленый,светло для подачи бомбардувания,украинских мистосел ведьмовавшись с,другой ты бесполезную зону вы могли,закрыть небу Алле,Я не знаю кого вы можете,сдать,вы свои Украины Альянс,вчера из зоны боевых действий было,выведено,как раз вот те самые,срочники которых или заставляли,подписать контракт или,за них подписывали но только в итоге из,роты 100 человек живых осталось четверо,Свободы Европы

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Elon Musk's Ukraine ‘Peace’ Plan

Elon Musk's Ukraine ‘Peace’ Plan

I just want you to walk us through the latest in the pack and forth.,It started with a poll by Elon Musk. Yeah.,So Elon Musk has sent several tweets throughout Monday.,The kind of two key points on them were first that he suggested that there,should be a negotiated settlement over the war in Ukraine between Ukraine and,Russia. In a separate tweet and the one you see,on your screen he implies that Crimea which is an annex Asian of Russia is,should remain. With Russia for good and you know,obviously these are strong words for me for evil must be be saying.,Well I would also say as he said a further poll later in the day saying,that the citizens of those areas of Ukrainian territory that that Russia is,currently trying to annex should be whether or not they should be given,their opportunity to vote on their own futures.,But there's been a pretty sharp reaction from all corners of social media and,diplomatically to what Elon Musk has had to say.,Well including from President Galinsky himself as Alinsky responding with a,Twitter poll of his own which Elon Musk. Do you like more.,Why do you support Ukraine. Or one who supports Russia.,David what's your take on all this. It's a fairly easy one to have a take,on. I must say I think it must falls prey to,a number of dangerous ideas. One is if I'm so rich I must be smart,enough to do anything to solve anything. That's ludicrous.,He he also is an attention hog and his stock dropped today tremendously in,relation to the market which might not even be unrelated.,It may be that he's in a bad mood because of that and he's trying to get,attention to distract himself. It's all crazy stuff.,He should not be involved in this issue. Ed talk to us a little bit more about,the reaction that we're seeing here. Obviously we've heard from President,Selenski. We've heard from Taylor Riggs Patrick.,Now we've heard from analysts who cover Tesla right.,Who cover Elon Musk's companies. What else are people saying.,Yeah well we've heard from Ukraine's ambassador to Germany Andrey Melanie.,I won't show or say what he said in his tweet.,Juice the coarse language that he used. But he essentially implied that no,Ukrainian or I'm paraphrasing no Ukrainian would now buy a Tesla products,in the future based on what Elon Musk had said.,That was Andrew Melnick the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany.,This is slightly anecdotal but many kind of well followed.,Tesla fans Tesla vehicle owners and shareholders who have a presence on,Twitter did come out and say you know this is not something that Elon Musk,should be doing that you know many labeled it as a mistake as well.,So it has invoked a pretty broad and sharp reaction including for some of,those that all fans and supporters of both Tesla and Elon Musk personally.,This of course as the takeover discovery process the Twitter takeover,discovery process continues. Kind of a difficult week from us last,week. I imagine with that deluge of texts,being made public. David also today in San Francisco the,CEO of Twitter Parag Aggro Wall was just deposed in a closed door session.,And we're not sure exactly what happened inside that session yet but.,But what do you make of all of this happening for Elon Musk and because of,Elon Musk really at once. OK maybe you think I'm a bad armchair,psychologist but even before this development today about Ukraine it was,occurring to me that it might be that this whole folderol about Twitter buying,it not wanting to buy it being sued suing was a bid for attention.,You know it's hard to explain why he would have tried so hard to buy Twitter,and then tried so hard to get out of it without any real fundamental changes in,the business landscape. My dog just is bull because he has to,have attention. Just like the is.,And you know of course we're we're still waiting for headlines to come out of,this deposition of Parag Agro all. But it should be said that Elon Musk's,companies actually have had some involvement in the war on Ukraine,especially Starlink. Yes it's space X of which Elon Musk is a,founder and the chief executive officer has for quite some time throughout the,duration of the war in Ukraine been sending stalling equipment to,essentially keep the country connected during a time of war.,You know this fantastic reporting on the Bloomberg terminal and Bloomberg dot com,about some of the background of how that came about in coordination with the US.,But you know they are providing that service.,They are providing that hardware. And Musk had tweeted earlier on in the,wall about Space X his efforts to get that equipment into the country and how,that they how they had been involved in keeping you know the Ukrainian people,online essentially during this war.

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Gravitas: Zelensky poses for Vogue as Ukraine loses towns to Russia

Gravitas: Zelensky poses for Vogue as Ukraine loses towns to Russia

do you recognize the man in these photos,of course you do that's valodimir,zelensky the president of ukraine he's,supposed to be fighting a war with,russia,except he is posing for a fashion,magazine zelensky is is in front of the,cameras,that's where he has been since the war,began,one day he's posing with troops the next,day with people on the streets,and now he's posing for a fashion,magazine the president is the cover,story of the vogue,what's so fashionable about war,where is the need to pose in front of,sandbags and devastation,if this is an attempt to draw attention,to the war it's pointless because the,world already knows about the war the,whole world today is facing the brunt of,this war,may not be in the form of reigning,missiles but definitely in the form of,rising meal prices,also if the idea is to spread awareness,why not capture the faces that really,depict this war,like this baby who was born on a subway,or this boy who was left motherless,and i'm not pitting someone's grief,against another i'm not weighing grief,i'm only saying that these photos tell,the real story of ukraine now the first,lady in designer clothes,so what explains her vogue feature,let me read out a portion of the cover,story for you this is what it says in,our two conversations in kiev the lens,covers forthright dignified,elegant a subtle promoter of ukrainian,designers,on one day she wore an ecru silk blouse,with a black velvet bow tied around the,neck and a black mid-calf skirt her ash,blonde hair swept up in a loose bun the,next date was wide leg jeans chunky,white sneakers with yellow and blue,detailing a nod to the ukrainian flag,and a fundraising project by the brand i,couldn't help but think the shirt had,the same rusty hue,as the burned out russian tanks that i,saw lining roads in urban and bucha,suburbs of kier where ukraine pushed,back the russians,do you find this absurd,you should because it is,it's absurd that the first lady of,ukraine is posing against staged war,scenes with perfect hair and makeup,it's absurd that the president was,supposed to be leading the country out,of this war is busy posing too,there's also a bts by the way behind the,scenes,take a look at all the preparations that,went into this photo shoot,remember all of this is happening in a,country that has been at war for the,past five months the cover story is,called portrait of bravery,it's neither satire nor surprising ask,yourself this question what has zelinski,really done since this war began except,being on camera,he's been the face of a global pr,campaign backed by the west he's worn,olive green t-shirts every day to depict,himself as a war hero he's a appeared on,television every day given interviews to,media networks worldwide to possibly,anyone and everyone who's asked for one,he has addressed every possible forum,the us congress the eu parliament the,united nations the world economic forum,he's not even spared the khan opening,ceremony you know the film festival he,was there too,and at one point it seemed like,zielinski was,using his screen presence to make a case,for ukraine he is a former comedian you,know that,he's also done a bit of acting he knows,his camera his angles so it appeared as,the zielenski was using his strength to,ukraine's advantage helping ukraine win,the pr war against russia,but to what end,videos do not win wars,and ukraine is certainly not winning,this one,what does zelinski have to show for all,his tv appearances for all the,interviews that he's done forget a nato,membership ukraine does not even have an,entry pass to the european union,more than 14 000 ukrainians have been,killed the war has entered its 155th day,russia has made huge military gains,ukraine has lost cities and towns and,the president,in between his multiple photo shoots is,blaming his top officials for the,setbacks he's sacking them he's accusing,them of treason of not doing enough,but what is he as the president of,ukraine doing,zelensky and zelenska are posing for,vogue sharing their love story building,their personal brand,this is not the face of bravery or a,service to ukraine this is an insult to,those who are on the front line those,who are fighting the war,braving russian bullets,this is a deplorable attempt to,romanticize war,you all heard of nero fiddling,while rome burned the ukrainian,president is becoming the modern day,nero posing for cameras as this country,suffers,veon is now available in your country,download the app now and get all the,news on the move

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Wion Fineprint | Elon Musk Tweets His 'Peace Plan' To End Ukraine War, Zelensky Responds

Wion Fineprint | Elon Musk Tweets His 'Peace Plan' To End Ukraine War, Zelensky Responds

Elon Musk firing up controversy the,Tesla CEO is known for a lot of things,his Tech Innovation his net worth his,quest to dominate the Space Race but if,there is one thing that he is not known,for that is diplomacy,but that has not quite stopped Elon Musk,from Wading into the Russia Ukraine war,story on Monday Elon Musk created a poll,on Twitter it was his so-called peace,plan,this proposal had four suggestions first,redo the referendums in the annex region,this time under the U.N supervision if,people reject Russia then they would,have to leave,second Crimea is formally recognized as,a part of Russia third restoring water,supply to the Crimean Peninsula and,fourth Ukraine must remain neutral now,this means it cannot join any alliances,including the NATO,Elon Musk says this is likely to be the,outcome at the end except a lot of,soldiers may die before this is arrived,at his proposal may sound idealistic but,that's the problem it only looks good on,paper,in real life why would Russia leave the,annex regions and why would Ukraine,declare itself as neutral,in fact the poll had over 2 million,votes and last we checked 40 percent,voted yes while 60 voted no on that poll,but while his proposal made headlines,around the world it seems to have,enriched the ukrainians especially at a,time when they are making gains in the,battlefield,in fact the Ukrainian president Walter,mizolenski posted a poll himself,which Elon Musk do you like more one,that supports Russia or one that,supports Ukraine,well you can guess the outcome nearly 80,percent voted for a mask that supports,Ukraine,but while Ukraine did not like it masks,peace plan was a hit among the Russians,that of course is because of most of it,sounds like what the Kremlin says,in fact the Kremlin praised the Tesla,CEO for suggesting a possible peace deal,however it is highly unlikely that,Moscow agrees with all the points,especially as the Upper House confirmed,all four regions of annexed Ukraine as,part of Russia Today,mosque's peace plan comes at a time when,it's been a busy week for the,billionaire he is supposed to present,evidence to the Twitter lawyers ahead of,the trial currently remember Twitter is,suing mosque for walking away from the,44 billion dollar deal to buy the social,media platform the trial is set to begin,on the 17th of October in a Delaware,Court,we are now available in your country,download the app now get all the news on,the move

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Facebook, Twitter Remove Anti-Ukrainian Disinformation Accounts From Platform

Facebook, Twitter Remove Anti-Ukrainian Disinformation Accounts From Platform

well as the war in ukraine unfolds more,and more people are watching events on,social media now facebook and twitter,have just removed two anti-ukrainian,quote covert influence operations from,their platforms it's all to stop the,spread of disinformation nbc news senior,reporter ben collins covers,disinformation and extremism for us he,joins us now ben what do we know about,these groups,sure there's two separate groups here,one is based out of russia it's tied,back basically to the same people who,ran the troll farm 2016. um they were,posing as ukrainian journalists on a,website called ukraine today and they,had a bunch of fake uh profiles like,even fake profile pictures created by ai,and the whole point of that operation,was to so doubt about the effectiveness,of ukraine's strategy in this war,facebook said they took down about 40,profiles associated with that and there,was a second entirely different uh,operation run by a belarusian hacking,group which has ties to the belarusian,government called ghost writer and what,they did was they hacked into accounts,of ukrainian journalists real ukrainian,journalists,public officials people like that in,ukraine and then posted a video of,ukrainians waving a white flag of,surrender so these are two separate but,sort of in tandem anti-ukrainian,disinformation operations,and you'd have to imagine that there are,others that more will pop up as time,goes on what else are the social media,companies doing to try to identify and,remove,any disinformation that's out there,they're keeping an eye on everything in,these spaces they're they're looking for,algorithmic flags so basically people,who are you know they won't say this out,loud but this is what it is people who,are using previous ip addresses tied to,these previous troll farms they're,seeing if they're creating new accounts,from those ip addresses but you know,they're also just they're they're,looking for fishy behavior suspicious,behavior when you hack into somebody's,account uh and it's all coming from the,same place it's pretty easy to identify,that as one specific hacking group,that's what's going on here too so,they're gonna keep they're gonna keep an,eye on this stuff if things look fishy,like this these two were you know very,overt one was a hacking group the other,one was tied to a previous like,fsb tied operation so uh that's the you,know that's what they're going to keep,looking out for is these disinformation,operations tied to uh to governments in,russia and belarus,is there any way to know really how big,a problem is this is i mean is there a,way to know how many of these,disinformation groups are out there and,working,i mean every uh there are influence,operations with pretty much every,government at this point uh the ones,that do the hacking are a little bit,more intense obviously,but they're you know i would say,countless at this point and it's very,easy to hire what are known as cutouts,basically uh you know hire contractors,to do this sort of disinformation work,right now,it is something that foreign governments,have been doing for the last maybe you,know eight to ten years and they're,certainly going to ratchet it up during,wartime,thanks for watching our youtube channel,follow today's top stories and breaking,news by downloading the nbc news app,you

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#Ukraine to get AMX-10RC from #France !

#Ukraine to get AMX-10RC from #France !

France’s president, Emmanuel Macron, has pledged to provide  ,Ukraine with armored combat vehicles  to help in the war against Russia.,The French government declined to detail how  many of its AMX-10RC vehicles will be sent,  ,nor the timing of the deliveries,  ,but it cast the move as a sign of how Macron  wanted to “amplify military aid to Ukraine”.,Ukraine’s president, Volodymyr Zelenskyy,  ,thanked Macron on Twitter, saying: “Your  leadership brings our victory closer.”,The move signals that France, with one  of the biggest defense budgets in NATO,  ,is committed to supporting Ukraine against  Russia as the war approaches its second year.,In this video Defense Updates analyzes how  useful will French AMX-10RC be for Ukraine? ,Let’s get started.,The AMX-10RC is designed in the early 1970s and  was first deployed by the French Army in 1979. ,The French Army obtained a total of 284 of  these vehicles. It is no longer produced.,AMX-10RC is a based on purpose-built 6x6 chassis ,The vehicle is operated by a crew of four,  including a commander, gunner, loader, and driver.,AMX-10RC is a 16-ton vehicle capable  of traveling 50 mph or 80 kph.,It was originally developed for  reconnaissance and fire support. ,The hull and turret are of welded  aluminum armor construction and  ,the vehicle can withstand hits from  medium-caliber weapons and artillery  ,shell splinters but not large-caliber  tank rounds or anti-tank missiles.,Its wheeled design means it can move fast on roads  and reasonably smooth terrain — and requires less  ,maintenance — than a heavy, tracked vehicle like  a 70-ton Abrams. The vehicle has a hydropneumatic  ,suspension with adjustable ground clearance. The  ground clearance can be adjusted from 0.2 to 0.6  ,m. The vehicle can continue to move when  one or two tires are totally destroyed.,In the 2000s, the French Army hired  defense contractor Nexter to upgrade  ,256 of its remaining AMX-10RCs to a  new configuration known as AMX-10RCR. ,The package included suspension and drivetrain  improvements, a new digital battlefield management  ,system, an updated communications suite, and  new self-defense smoke grenade launchers.,New add-on armor packages  were developed for the RCR,  ,including one called SEPAR that features  slat screens primarily designed to defeat  ,rocket-propelled grenades and other  similar light infantry anti-tank weapons. ,The base RCR configuration weighs 19 tons, but the  vehicle's weight climbs to 24 tons with the SEPAR.,The striking fact about the AMX-10RC is that it  packs a 105 mm cannon rather than the usual small  ,cannon or heavy machine gun. It was one of the first,  ,if not the first production fire support  vehicle, armed with the potent 105 mm gun.,This is perhaps the main reason why it's been  called a "light tank" or "tank destroyer”.,While smaller than the high-velocity 120  mm cannons found on main battle tanks,  ,the AMX-10RC's gun is powerful enough  to take out a tank at close range and  ,would be deadly against lighter  armored vehicles and infantry.,AMX-10RC is more suited for locating  the enemy — and beating a hasty retreat  ,if necessary — rather than going  face-to-face with main battle tanks,An ANF1 7.62 mm machine gun is mounted coaxially  to the main armament. Two electrically operated  ,smoke grenade launchers are mounted on each  side of the turret. 38 main-gun rounds,  ,4,000 rounds of 7.62 mm ammunition,  and 16 smoke grenades are carried.,Kyiv has been pushing its allies  to provide armored vehicles,  ,as well as battle tanks, air defense  systems and longer-range missiles as  ,it prepares for a possible renewed  Russian offensive later this winter.,France’s move comes after it had  been criticized by analysts and  ,some allies for donating less weaponry to  Ukraine than other European governments.  ,The Kiel Institute for the World Economy,  which has been tracking donations to Ukraine,  ,has France giving fewer assets  than the UK, Germany or Poland.,France refutes those figures and says it  does not disclose all it has provided. ,Its decision to send the AMX-10RC to Ukraine  ,indicates that France is now  ready to provide heavier stuff.,While AMX-10RC is old, it is  likely to be pretty handy,  ,given the fact that apart from  lightly protected Russian vehicles,  ,it will encounter Soviet era hardware  including T-55 , T-62 tanks in certain areas.,Importantly, this comes along with  announcements from the United States and  ,Germany to provide Bradley Fighting Vehicle and  Marder infantry fighting vehicles respectively.

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McCarthy denied in 3 votes. Twitter's Russiagate role. Ukraine Intel, deeper strikes in Russia. U/1

McCarthy denied in 3 votes. Twitter's Russiagate role. Ukraine Intel, deeper strikes in Russia. U/1

this is my first video update from,Nicosia Cyprus on this Wednesday morning,let's talk about some news,Let's uh start things off with,what is going on in the United States,with,Kevin McCarthy trying to become Speaker,of the House try to take over,from Nancy Pelosi and uh McCarthy went,up for a vote,he uh he tried three times to get,elected speaker of the house yesterday,and he failed all three times,actually the third time he got less,votes,than the first two times you need,something like 218,218 votes,to uh be elected speaker of the house,and the first two times he was short,something like,16 17 votes and then the last time the,third time he was actually short,20 votes so McCarthy's going to give it,another go,he is going to take another crack at,trying to,become speaker of the house he wants it,really really bad,he feels like this is more of,of a right a coronation than anything,else,and uh,and we'll see if he gets it if he,doesn't uh,if he doesn't make it this time around,I think he's uh he's done,there were quite uh,there was quite a bit of support for uh,Jim Jordan actually which which is,interesting but I think this is a good,thing actually in my opinion,it's good that there's debates,it's good that there are Republicans,in the house that are just not uh,not going to give it to McCarthy,this should not be some sort of,of rubber stamp to McCarthy just because,he's,he's the guy that raises the most money,for the Republicans in the house kind of,like McConnell an establishment guy,that's got in,that has ends with all of uh,all of the big donors and so,you know they believe that,because we raise money we should be,we should be the guys that are leading,the party,it shouldn't be like that,the speaker of the house should be,the uh the Republican that is best able,to,to provide,leadership needed for the party and,to provide a a unified,distinct successful platform,for the party going forward and that's,something that McCarthy has not done,if uh if you were to,to grade McCarthy's performance during,the during the midterms difficult,walking around Nicosia if you were to,give McCarthy a grade during the,midterms,and how the Republicans performed under,his leadership,you would give him a,a d,a d-minus,I wouldn't give him an F but,boy to the Republicans do pretty bad,all things considered during the,midterms,given the fact that they were going up,against,a failed,but in White House in all aspects,domestic economy foreign policy,the Republicans should have uh should,have won the house,with a huge majority,and guys like McCarthy and McConnell,these guys,they actually worked against some,Republican candidates so that they could,not get elected in certain districts and,States so,just that alone in my opinion should,disqualify McCarthy because if he was in,Corporate America,working anywhere else,and you looked at his performance during,the midterms that guy would get can't he,would be fired so why should he be,rewarded with speaker of the house just,because he feels like,it's his uh,it's his Birthright it's his coronation,that's not how things work,he should uh,he should get that uh that house,speakership based on Merit and based on,results,and he didn't deliver any of the results,that were needed in the midterms anyway,let's see how it goes today,with uh I believe it is today they're,going to take an uh another vote and,he's going to try and uh break through,and get this position that he covets so,much,but um I don't know I don't see it,I don't see him getting it,what an embarrassment for him,what a freaking embarrassment but you,know,it's good that the Republicans are,debating this out and it's good that,there's pushback this is actually very,healthy so that is my thought there,staying with uh with the US,and uh,Congressional,intrigue,Let's uh let's talk about the latest,documents,offered up by Matt taibi and Elon Musk,from Twitter,and these Focus this latest uh document,release focuses on russiagate,and the fact that the FBI,was uh,during the whole Russia gay thing,was pushing Twitter,and social media in general but Twitter,with these uh with these document uh,releases,to um,to find accounts that could prop up,their Russia gate narrative as pretty,much what this latest document release,courtesy of Matt taibi shows,that way back in 2017 2016 1718 during,that whole Russia gate Hysteria,the three letter agencies,they were,on Twitter's back,telling them look,you guys better find,accounts,that prove our Russia,Russia is backing Donald Trump trump is,a Putin puppet narrative and they were,really writing Twitter hard,constantly messaging them and telling,them to find evidence to prop up this,ridiculous,fake,narrative that the Hillary Clinton,campaign with the support of the FBI was,pushing out,and so uh you know that is that is the,latest revelation,from the Twitter files they took it so,far,that uh they took it to the point,that even during the,the time of the of the koof when the,couth came out,the uh the FBI was,was te

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