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Kanye EXPLODES On Cuomo Over Anti-Semitism! (18 Oct 2022)foreign,West joins us now as you know he's


Updated on Jan 14,2023

Kanye EXPLODES On Cuomo Over Anti-Semitism! (18 Oct 2022)

foreign,West joins us now as you know he's been,all over the headlines and not just,because his music is dominant as a genre,in and of itself there's no question,about the man's Artistry and Mastery I,got two generations of people in my,family that love his music but it's not,about his music right now,most recently it was announced that he,is making a bid or a deal at some stage,to acquire the conservative social media,platform parlor which is right now,offline uh why is this because he was,kicked off Twitter and Instagram is that,what it's about let's discuss the,relevance and the resonance with the man,himself Kanye West can you hear me can,you see me,yes but I want you guys to hear me and,see me can you hear me and see me I can,I see you you're in the back of a car,you got a hoodie and a hat on,okay cool I see it I see the double all,right uh you guys are supposed to be,made aware to use my legal name yay I've,changed my name like how Cassius Clay,changed his name to Muhammad Ali I'm I'm,sure you guys didn't mean it as any,disrespect but at least on the Chiron,changed my name to yay you can say,formerly known as Kanye West if you like,to but my name is Jay why'd you change,it,uh sir I need to have the name changed,we'll change it uh,yeah but yeah we'll change it I'm asking,you why'd you change it just so people,can understand,well actually I don't owe people an,explanation to start off with I have the,right to change my name I have the right,in America to vote on whoever I want to,vote on we have certain rights where as,celebrities and even as the the black,voting block as they call it the Black,Fox the black vote are forced to,you know I always talk about their,finances always talk about their names,but it was really,um,uh I did the name West is a slave name,and I wanted to free myself of all of,the older mentality that is that is the,reason I'm telling you that understood,understood and appreciated,yeah thank you,um all right so let's go that was the,questions we got so first one is where,you are there is uh curiosity you said,that you're going to meet with the,former president this week is that why,you're traveling right now,um no I'm actually going to meet with,the,uh with the CEO of parlor right now so,that's real that deal you think it's,going to happen,uh,yeah absolutely,and why do you want parlor,well I just the the CEO is just really,uh incredible like what he's been able,to do like even before uh,uh we discussed we take an ownership of,it he was able to get it unbanned off of,Google and off of Apple so people had a,uh uh they they had they had a I know,there were some people who worked in,social media that hit by people,immediately saying that the app was,banned but it wasn't the case he,actually had worked on uh removing the,band on it and why would I remain in a,place where I'm just tolerated why not,go to a place where I'm celebrated it's,actually something Kid Rock uh uh just,gave me a text about that go to places,where you're celebrated not where you're,just tolerated,you know I bring a lot of uh,I bring a lot of,attention to these platforms to,Instagram and to Twitter and they Silo,you they they Shadow ban you everyone,knows that with Shadow bad on Instagram,people would go and say Hey you know,he's,he's running the algorithm whatever,whatever term they use and then I'd see,on my Instagram that I had only reached,30 million people and that's because,Instagram,is uh you know was purchased by Mark,Zuckerberg who from what I could see has,a left agenda so people are using their,technology to Silo any messaging that,they don't agree with so couldn't it,also be that you have said things that,offend the community guidelines like,anti-semitic comments and things that,are seen as insensitive uh and,potentially threatening to communities,that we try to protect,well I don't like the term anti-semitic,it's been a term that's allowed,people specifically in my industry to,get away,to get away with murder sometimes,literally you know and get away with,robbing and doing bad people people,always say I got screwed on a deal is it,would that become a surprise to you if I,said hey a music exec screwed someone on,a deal does that sound kind of like,normal commonplace to you so for me it,doesn't have anything to do with being,anti-semitic unless you believe that all,record producers are Jewish or you know,it's when you talk about Jewish people,specifically is targeting them that,creates a problem anti-semitic but I,don't believe in that term one thing is,black people also do I classify as Jew,also so I actually can't be an,anti-semite so so the term is actually,uh it's not factual,I understand you think that but I don't,think that's a common understanding that,I understand a lot of people can say,whatever they want about Jewish people,well I'm willing so I'm willing to talk,with inside the common understanding,until we get the truth the common,understanding oftentimes more often,times than that nowadays is th

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Mortal kombat XL/ Poveste ,,Sânge"

Mortal kombat XL/ Poveste ,,Sânge"

um,you here make trouble skinny,troublemaker,hmm,you should be,favorite embarrassed,hmm,hmm,love to learn more about you too bad,you're insane,you guys all right,yes this one must learn more of your,diplomatic techniques,we're here to see kotal khan general,blatantly you interfere without world,matters,the penalty is death i'm sensing a theme,but as we honor the reiko accords,we will consult the emperor you will,wait,in here,you want to take this opportunity to,tell us what the you were,thinking,i gotta wonder why you'd risk interrum,war for a bread thief,because not all thieves are irredeemable,it has more sentimental than monetary,value,nevertheless i would prefer you did not,steal it,it's a family heirloom one that,shouldn't have been given to you,your family honored me with this memento,of your cousin lao,after his death a death you caused you,made him fight shao khan,and stood there while that bastard,snapped his neck you go,too far jim no,not far enough,oh,uh,give it up,your payment predestined,well,uh,just let me go,blood of kung lao descendant of the,great kung lao,a common thief did you think you could,walk unimpeded into my temple,and walk out again a few more seconds,wow,death,on your knees,this earth roamer can fight,uh,oh,a few more seconds of breath,on your legs,you see,you should be embarrassed,oh,and now emperor,the charges against you are void,i say to all that earth realm,means outworld no harm,now kill me be done with it,you're not actually gonna,instead of your life i claim your,service,if melina does have the amulet we can,get it from her more easily if we work,together,emperor they cannot be trusted,can you not perceive i am indebted to,them,you honor us cottle khan our gratitude,is wide like the ocean,i'll talk to general blade tell her,about our new,don't know when to quit do you,from my foot to your ass,don't know when to quit do you,not as tough as you look,this will not happen,crap,gotcha,this will not happen,gotcha uh,you're dismissed,uh,crowd,i'm sorry jax,i'll get you out of here you'll be fine,don't know bloods,supposed to be on the inside,raiden i must reverse his spell,i've got this son of a uh,no pain no gain,your death approaches,that wasn't even close to what you,deserve,sonia blade the link with one g is not,completely,not a problem,um,uh,now,you

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Mortal kombat XL / Final Poveste / ,,Sânge"

Mortal kombat XL / Final Poveste / ,,Sânge"

uh,is not completely,two,now,i swear to god,my two favorite places,ain't that a ,oh,nope,i swear to god,come on,uh,i swear to god,how's your blood taste,huh,uh,no i'm not done with you,all right all right,get off me sonja ease up,you killed me never fight,amulet movement,sonia we need that info,sonia don't make this another thing,jungle with at least two divisions of,tarkatans they're on the move,constantly to avoid detection that's not,far,maybe 200 kilometers you know what to do,yes ma'am,good luck blade out,you have new information,gave us the details on molina's location,she has the amulet but she's got a lot,of protection,we will strike immediately,perhaps a too proud the army,will engage melina distract her but this,one,retrieves the ambulance not alone this,one's coming with,stealth is the essence did you not hear,me,you may assist the mainstream we will,grant the request,and i will finally be rid of molina,this one understands your logic but does,not reach the same conclusion,like others this one is not plead with,melina as,cup fight it is not clear your who will,succeed,that is why i invited our zaterin friend,listen and join us i know things,about melina a troubled rule will fall,in the telling,and pave the way for quattile,what would you know that,i honor,is,um,huh,young,i honor his will,huh,yes,uh,ah,take her away,then you serve cotton card,there,here to surrender traitor you speak of,treason,this one knows you desire the throne why,serve nina,i advise her stealing the amulet was my,genius,it kills her a bit each time she uses it,assume you will not see its fruition,yes,yes,yes,your skins end here,leaving without your friend devorah your,people believe we avoided your island,out of respect for your solitary nature,we just didn't like you the kaiten duke,prefers solitude,which i will achieve momentarily,oh,now two daniels will die,i know you said you weren't friends but,you're not killing them,head's fine by the way,very well let us go,step aside,that is really disturbing,this devorah knew you would not stray,far from the ambulance,you took my throne now you wish to steal,my means of reclaiming it neither was it,for you who are you to say,i will take something of yours your life,in depth,uh,this one will enjoy your death,enough of your prattle finish me,that i may join my father,you do not deserve death by an emperor's,hand,instead i give the honor to my worthy,first minister,hmm,i am not your son,uh,intense,the battle and i are one, up,i am not your son,that's unfortunate,a minute that was cool,i'm enjoying this,now get up i want to knock you down,again,takeda cease kenji did not abandon you,he brought you here for your protection,protection from what,from those who murdered your mother she,she died in an accident,that is the story i asked master hasashi,to tell you,but in truth your mother was killed by,red dragon assassins,i was the target su chin was the victim,ah,huh,um,for the pain give up,that is it,hmm,yes,one down two to go,when we get back you're teaching me that,deal go help with irma,i got this,i think you can handle me eve,or foolish,wow,the gun is the best defense,yes,let's try that again,too little too late,you're either brave or foolish,two little two layers,i've warned you,ah yeah,ugh,aah,you're either brave or foolish,yes,god,i've warned you,uh,try that again,huh,brave or foolish i'm alive,let's see what's worth learning in there,so many minds trapped inside,we exist to serve bound by shakhan's,magic,chaos the voices we,are many you are one your abilities fail,before us,we have you now,we have you now,god,you are one your abilities fail before,us,uh

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Great CONQUEROR Lalitaditya Muktapida (Karkota Dynasty, Kashmir)

Great CONQUEROR Lalitaditya Muktapida (Karkota Dynasty, Kashmir)

please shed some light on the karkota,dynasty and why does a king like lalit,aditya,why is such a king missing from our,history well this king is not missing,from our history sir he has been,wiped out or whitewashed out of our,history,so the karkota dynasty that you speak,about it was a kashmiri dynasty it was,it's it's uh,it emerged out of kashmir it was,culturally kashmiri its,heartland was kashmir this dynasty was,in power between the seventh and the,ninth centuries,ce for about,about two two and a half centuries,approximately and their greatest king,was the great,who,lived who was the king of this region in,the,middle of the eighth century okay,and he has been written about,so his account is written in the in a,chronicle of kings called the raja,tarangini whose author is the kashmiri,scholar kalhana who lived in the 12th,12th century,mukta according to this account,was one of the greatest kings of all,time of india he conquered much of the,entirety of india he unified india under,one political dispensation which was,which was under his reign,and then he went ahead and conquered,afghanistan and much of central asia,so that is the enormity of the empire,that this one emperor,created out of the force of his villain,and the because of his conquests,so in just a few decades he conquered,this enormous landmass now western,scholars and indian marxist scholars,will they discount his foreign conquests,and he and they claim that he only,conquered parts of india because the,other regions that uh,that he is said to have conquered in,this ancient account uh that is not to,be believed apparently,so that is how these people try and,persuade you all,that india has never conquered any lands,outside of india,this is a pure distortion of history,okay so so the fact is that his empire,stretched from the caspian sea all the,way to bangladesh and beyond in the east,and from afghanistan and parts of,xinjiang in the north all the way to the,to most parts of southern india that's,how large,he is the man who constructed the great,so the great martian the sun temple,which has been destroyed by terrorists,today,so,what is the the significance,of this great dynasty and especially,this great king this dynasty is so,relevant,and so significant because of the,actions and the life and career of the,great emperor related,so he is one of the greatest emperors of,india,and yet,you won't find any references to him in,your school or college,or university textbooks nothing,significant i doubt if there's any even,a sentence about him anywhere so that's,the kind of history we have been taught,for for decades

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Are Black Males and Black Females at War? Dr. Umar and Cynthia G | Reaction

Are Black Males and Black Females at War? Dr. Umar and Cynthia G | Reaction

he used it as an example about how many,women or how many people got on social,media media and praised the fact that he,died you know you know they was happy,that he did and then he said and then,they would turn around and they would,cry and mourn like a rapper who,glorifies killing murdering raping women,and selling drugs and all this stuff you,know what I'm saying so it's like they,they they they hate the stuff better get,us right you know what I'm saying but,they they love this stuff,foreign,they got uh into a discussion okay,some of us in the conversation are so,filled with hatred for the opposite,gender that we can never get around to,talking about Solutions and in speaking,of clip system is one clip you might,want to add sister Cynthia about because,of a sense of need by about 30 people,several months ago maybe even weeks,where she suggested that women black,women should abort,we have black male penises because after,birth they were not contributed,what is this the intro okay,white supremacy does it exist in your,world and has it affected black men,absolutely it exists and black men have,worked in tandem with white supremacy,since they've become in contact with me,and this is why my first question,I wanted to stop pause that real quick,right there where she said,I just wanted to ask do you believe that,black males work in tandem but I guess,my first I guess what we should all,Define with her and what Weiss races and,white supremacy is but from what she's,saying we work in tandem as black males,I was like maybe maybe I don't know what,the definition of of in tandem with in,tandem yeah we probably had to ask her,so you know I was just wondering so,let's just keep playing it right,dishonest discussions especially when it,when it's regarding black men because we,do have a black nail worshiping culture,so what we do within that culture and,Umar Johnson is showing it today is,absolved black men from any,accountability for what they've done,number one we wouldn't be in a system of,white supremacy had it not been for,black men so if you want to go all the,way back to history then let's go back,to history when black men were selling,their own people into white supremacy,let's go back into history when 16 years,off the plantation black men were,worried about a war being waged on them,they were worried about getting access,to to white women that's what you were,worried about and it's interesting,there's a reason why I feel like Omar,focused mostly on me and Hope's,attitudes and it's because he can't,accurately answer the question he,mentioned names not accomplishments and,the reason being is because I think you,mentioned those names specifically,because those the accomplishments of,those people don't have to be explained,right but those accomplishments are also,accomplishments that I've heard Omar,Johnson speak negatively about,specifically the civil rights movement,and how damaging it was to black people,but now he wants to sit here and say the,very people who accomplished that were,accomplishing something beneficial when,in his own opinion that wasn't,beneficial and did more harm to the,community than good so I think that,because we're having such a dishonest,discussion where black men don't know,don't want to take accountability for,what they've done they want to be the,victims of society but then they want,submission from the women the bottom,line is I'm not willing to deflect from,the fact that number one black men are,the greatest non-white contributors to,white supremacy let's just be real white,supremacy couldn't even exist without,black men's compliance they're always,uplifting whiteness biracial children,and trying to assimilate and that's why,I went back to the notion of the only,time black men truly feel like there was,a war against them is when they feel,like they're they're being punished for,some something white men do at the end,of the day y'all drop the ball you're,blaming white supremacy on your failures,we already know there's oppression but,black women are double oppressed we have,more barriers to face you have male,privilege in a patriarchal system and,you can't even get it right,Dr Omar Dr Omar I think we all know your,stance on interracial marriages,so please acknowledge what the rest of,what Cynthia G has said absolutely I'm,not sure where sister Cynthia took,history class but if you know anything,about the transatlantic slave trade the,transatlantic slave trade was a European,Enterprise,and children for alcohol,my I mean just right off the bat this I,mean I just got an issue with how Umar,you know Dr Umar said that and it was,just quiet you know and he listed Yeah,well yeah I think they uh well actually,I believe they were she was keeping them,letting them talk so I don't think she,was letting them interrupt each other so,I guess she is really interrupting him,though yeah yeah,um you know what I've watched a few,videos Umar he you know he gets into,some confrontational uh situations so I

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