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Zero Hedge Banned | Animal Spirits - Episode 124another big-name investor was in the,news this week

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Updated on Jan 30,2023

Zero Hedge Banned | Animal Spirits - Episode 124

another big-name investor was in the,news this week as he has been for much,of the past few years mostly on the,thought-leader side this time on the I,guess fake news side Ray Dalio with so,there was a profile of him in the Wall,Street Journal again and this this did I,think I'm kidding dally on this one this,felt sort of like a head piece it was a,little hit PC but he invites this stuff,don't you think with his management is,the way that he manages and the way he,tells people like this is obviously,people within his firm are reaching out,to the Wall Street Journal and giving,these stories I mean honestly if you got,this stuff as a Wall Street Journal,reporter would you not put it out there,whether it's a hit piece or not and so,yes I think they're some of the stuff,like did we really need to know this,stuff about him probably not the tweets,and the headlines was all about Putin,that was immaterial yes but again if,someone from inside Bridgewater came to,you as a reporter and told you that,stuff would you not put it out there,just for because it you know would make,a big like obviously that's not the,greatest most useful financial news but,if someone gave that to you and,obviously they it came from someone,internally that has a beef with him,wouldn't you use that so I don't know if,I really I fault it's it's obviously hit,piece but I think when you get to that,level you have to expect this stuff I,wasn't a huge fan of his retort on,LinkedIn where he said that all,basically all financial news is fake,news like you can you can take umbrage,with something that's written about you,without saying that the entire Wall,Street Journal was fake news well okay,fine fair but like I thought the piece,was not that fair talking about as 2019,performance which was pretty rough,unless a haze I mean Bridgewater's which,he has said he's he's really not running,anymore,that he has backed off he denies their,their claims they they kicked ass in,2018,so I feel like that wasn't mentioned but,I don't know but here this is my I did,find interesting that he wrote it in his,LinkedIn piece he said,the Walsh by the way still hilarious,that he's running on LinkedIn I don't,know I said I don't know why I think,it's hilarious that his blog is on,LinkedIn I did not see Ray Dalio,transitioning to Tony Robbins but here,we,he wrote The Wall Street Journal and,other publications don't have invested,investigative journalists write,complementary articles on people because,those articles don't sell which is why,our country has no heroes and I think I,think that's there's some more I think,there's a lot of validity there okay,here's here's my take on this I think in,the past that's all there was as puff,pieces that the financial media was part,of the they were the cheerleaders and,after the crisis they got caught with,their pants down like most people did,and they decided after that like we're,not getting caught again and we're gonna,be skeptical and so the financial news,media has been very skeptical for the,past ten years about everything and I,think that's that's kind of an,outcropping of of what happened in the,crisis because before the financial,media was just surely they were true,they were true leader the whole time so,I think now you've gone the other,direction okay and here we are but but I,don't I don't really buy that there,there aren't hero articles still written,but for him he obviously has gotten a,lot of bad press in the last couple of,years and so I can see why he is not,happy about it alright let's let's talk,about an antihero Zero Hedge so Zero,Hedge there was big news big big news,over the weekend I believe it was Friday,night on his permanent suspension is,that in my mind when I hear suspension I,think about about high school you either,get suspended or you get expelled being,expelled as a permanent suspension so to,me permanent suspension I don't get it,so does that mean he's gone forever,you owe me to define permanent for you I,mean I know a permanent means but yeah I,don't know what the language is with,Twitter and all right so so I I don't,even really know what happened there's,some conflicting reports that he was,suspended because he was spreading false,information that the corona fires were,started by a Chinese scientist and he,was transmitting his the the person's,information but then he says that or,they say that this information was,already out there so there's a lot of,conflicting reports but I think the,important thing is that people were,outraged weird Hill to die on that,what I'm gonna say I don't so I mean,here's here's my claim to fame I've,never once followed Zero Hedge on,Twitter I'd so I don't really care that,much to tell you the truth but the,people that are saying first amendment,those people don't know they're talking,about I could I could walk into,McDonald's and spout out garbage fed,theories and say the Fed is manipulating,the repo market and the Fed is,controlling the stock market in,McDonald's could

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Zerohedge's CoronaVirus Twitter Ban

Zerohedge's CoronaVirus Twitter Ban

I just landed on the planet Earth but,someone told me I could get sick,what is sick oh you came at the perfect,time to be scared by the media coverage,of corona virus I'm wondering why they,named a corona a beer made in Mexico I,guess it makes it easier for the Trump,administration hey Mike I am from Mexico,not China doesn't matter we're still,gonna cage you in quarantine you, skank troll team name the virus,I don't think corona virus is spreading,as much as Trump derangement syndrome,it's named the corona virus because the,word Corona is the Latin root for halo,which is a characteristic appearance of,the particles effected under a,microscope although one let's have a,sadistic sense of humor to want a name,at that based on my Christian summercamp,upbringing I think it looks like a,heavenly angelic halo really cuz I think,it looks like jizz that was part of my,Christian summercamp,upbringing also note that it's in a,petri dish not in a woman Wow,I don't even understand the basics what,is the corona virus this is a,respiratory virus which originated in,the Chinese city of Wu Han which is an,interesting fact in 1937 was the capital,for which China waged the second,sino-japanese war so now that the virus,spread to Japan Japan's Prime Minister,must be thrilled,now the virus was first sent to the,World Health Organization on December,31st so happy new year,no wonder was named after a halo they,were naming in Times Square it looks,like a ball because of the virus,McDonald's is closing hundreds of shops,you know it must be serious when,McDonald's is willing to sacrifice cash,for your health,I could start with my health while I,shove modify cornstarch down my throat,but I better not get coronavirus because,it might interfere with my type 2,diabetes now China is ready to waive,some tariffs on US products if those,products are being used to help with the,coronavirus crisis you know the Trump,administration is going to be,I rediscovered the cure and it's buying,u.s. soybeans are there any conspiracy,theories surrounding this there are the,financial news site Zero Hedge which is,famous for its bearish views on the US,stock market always talking about how,it's gonna collapse posted an article,how a Chinese Institute linked to the,Chinese government potentially created,the virus posting links to social media,accounts of people within China talking,in Chinese about how this Institute had,potentially released the virus and,Twitter banned him now Twitter says that,the reason is because he was promoting,fake news about the virus but the real,reason might have been they wanted to,stop the stock market from dropping I,would sell stocks and scream in the,streets Armageddon but now without zero,hedges tweets to scare me I feel,comfortable buying because of Jim Cramer,he offered no proof of this just,speculating that this specific Chinese,scientist is researching coronaviruses,prior to the incident he should rename,to zero proof a Bloomberg article points,out that Zero Hedge posted this specific,scientists phone number and email which,could be considered harassment I mean,really you're just gonna pick a random,scientist and go you want to know what,happened call this guy how many people,speak Chinese that are Zero Hedge,readers to ask me Shang sha sha ma ma,nah man I don't speak Chinese I'm just,calling cos Zero Hedge posted a phone,number and I'll horny you are the one,who jizz in the coronavirus petri dish,oh hey I was born at Christian summer,camp you stupid ass clown we should not,be censoring News even if it is fake,because it politicizes facts and puts,the decisions about what information all,of us can view in the hands of so few do,you really want jack from Twitter voting,on everything and interesting that you,quoted a Bloomberg article when they're,also known for posting negative,propaganda about the Chinese government,listen we got a censor anyone who's,talking bad about,Chinese government on the internet maybe,Bloomberg is just upset people are,finding out about the news without,paying thirty five thousand dollars for,a Bloomberg terminal we got to shut down,their Twitter's and also Zero Hedge,didn't post his private phone number,they posted the publicly listed phone,number and email on the Institute's,website that's not harassment it's a,publicly available information I saved a,bunch of money by switching my car,insurance to Geico although I can't tell,you the phone number because then I'll,be banned from Twitter and third Zero,Hedge didn't say they knew for sure this,guy did it they were encouraging you to,ask questions no seriously did you start,the coronavirus we from Wuhan have been,trying to kill the Japanese since 1937,did you get coronavirus no I think he,drank her own a beer,no wonder who was named that when the,virus was created on New Year's

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Zero Hedge Needs To Cut Me a Break - Gartman

Zero Hedge Needs To Cut Me a Break - Gartman

our next guest says the Fed is going to,keep pushing the US dollar higher Dennis,Cartman a publisher of the Garmon letter,joins us now back on kick Co news it's,been too long Dennis you guys won't let,anybody on this show it's great you're,always a friend you're a main speaker,here at the conference you just came off,your presentations you know I like how,you said you're not chasing interest,rates though right you're not following,that story no I'm not I'm not paying a,great good deal of attention to that,story I think over time interest rates,are gonna go higher but not dramatically,so many people have been betting on an,end charity to the declare that the,final termination of the long wall long,long long-term decline in rates and,they've been betting on that for years,eventually rates will go higher when,they do if you missed the bottom in,rates or excuse me if you missed the top,and rates back in 1982 if you didn't,turn bullish of the bond market until,1986 if you missed it by four years you,were still there in plenty of time my,bet is that the bear market and bonds,will play out exactly the same way do,you think we'll see one in December what,a rate cut I mean right yeah we'll see a,rate increase in December we may not see,another one for a long time thereafter,but yeah we'll certainly we'll see a,rate of placing bets I also like how you,said there there's many things you,wouldn't you wouldn't bet against but,China's not one of them well bet against,China I'm not sure that I'll bet for,China but I'm not gonna bet against,China how many people have you heard,who've been betting on the the end of,the of the economic upturn in China have,been betting on it for the last 20 years,if there's one thing you know for,certain the biggest exodus of human,beings in the history of mankind is,taking place in China as 600 700 800,million people are moving from the,western provinces of China which are,poverty-stricken to the eastern,provinces of China where China's,economic growth has been has been strong,and continued that's not going to change,those people going to continue to move,has China over built some some housing,sure have they over built steel,production short is it a bad bet to bet,against China absolutely are you bullish,to industrial metals I think if you take,a look at what's going on in tin,aluminum zinc over the past year and a,half they're up 40 50 60 100 percent,copper is probably the only the only,base metal that's actually down here Oh,a year but on balance most of the base,metals are doing better a lot of people,who would have bet on the demise of,China would have had the wrong bet on,and I know it's a long time since we,last spoke but I always remember you,saying you like things that if you,dropped it on your foot that hurts you,like it,yeah well I'm into that I'm gonna stick,to that I'm an old guard guy I don't,understand Big Pharma I don't understand,high tech I never shall I understand how,to count the number of ships out there I,understand how to count the number of,tons of steel that are produced I can,count the number of bushels of soybeans,that are made,I want to own the things that if I drop,them on my foot will hurt it's just an,easier thing for me to understand,because those are finite numbers have,people done well,betting on a high tech yes god bless,them I mean it is what drives the world,do I understand it no I shall not I'm,too late in in my in my dotage to,understand high tech but I understand,steel I understand comprehend sort of,thing and you also understand gold yeah,part of my daily rituals I you know I,received a Cartman letter in the morning,and I read it and I see how oftentimes,you're surprised by Gold's performance,surprised that I didn't buckle under the,pressure of a stronger US dollar and you,recently yeah I am I now again I'm,bullish of gold but not in dollar terms,because I'm very bullish of the dollar,right and again why would I want to buy,something using a strong currency when I,can buy something using a weak currency,makes its imminently sensible to me to,me to do that so I'm very bullish of,gold in Euro terms,I'm incipient ly bullish of gold in the,end denominated terms I'm ambivalent of,gold in dollar terms I'm bullish of the,dollar and therefore I'm not sure that,gold in dollar terms can do much of,anything so you like gold in Euro terms,yes you think that we won't see,tightening that drag you won't well,continue Jackie has no choice but to,continue to use monetary policy he has,absolutely no choice even when we begin,the process and we've already begun the,process of tightening because the,adjusted monetary base has been,declining now for almost two years,people are not paying attention to that,fact the Fed has already begun the,process of tightening by allowing old,debt securities in his portfolio to roll,off that's a tightening that's a very,distinct tightening we're doing that the,monetary authorities in Europe have no,choice but to continue to continue to b

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US Accuses 'Zero Hedge' Of Russian Disinformation | The Kyle Kulinski Show

US Accuses 'Zero Hedge' Of Russian Disinformation | The Kyle Kulinski Show

so here's a story,that uh,there are so many problems with this let,me go ahead and throw it up there on,screen for you,from the ap u.s accuses financial,website of spreading russian propaganda,by no man merchant nomaine merchant u.s,intelligence officials on tuesday,accused a conservative financial news,website with a significant american,readership of ample amplifying kremlin,propaganda and alleged five media,outlets,targeting ukrainians have taken,direction from russian spies,the official said zero hedge which has,1.2 million twitter followers published,articles created by moscow controlled,media that were then shared by outlets,and people unaware of their nexus to,russian intelligence the officials did,not say,whether they thought zerohedge knew of,any links to spy agencies and did not,allege direct links between the website,and russia remember that line,zero heads denied the claims and said it,tries to publish a wide spectrum of,views that cover both sides of a given,story in a response posted online,tuesday morning the website said it has,never worked collaborate or cooperated,with russia nor are there any links to,spy agencies the officials briefed the,associated press on the condition of,anonymity to discuss sensitive anonymity,sensitive intelligence sources,it was the latest effort by president,joe biden's administration to release,u.s intelligence findings about russian,activity involving ukraine as part of a,concerted push to expose and influence,the moves of russian president vladimir,putin u.s officials previously accused,putin of planning a false flag operation,to create a pretext for a new invasion,of ukraine and detailed what they,believed are final stage russian,preparations for an assault okay,literally in the article where the point,of the article is,zero hedges russian distance from,information they have the line that says,uh actually,we're not alleging direct links between,the website and russia at all,so wait why are you writing the article,the whole point of the article is their,russian disinformation and then you,admit in the article they're not russian,disinformation and then of course,naturally you get the line about,um,well we're,we got this from like one intelligence,agent and it's on the condition of,anonymity,so understand something this is u.s,media,being a stenographer,for the u.s intelligence agencies,you have one source they're anonymous,they're in the intelligence agencies and,you just uncritically run what they say,so ironically you're doing the thing,that you're accusing zero hedge of doing,just you're doing it,with the u.s government,i know that people are naive and silly,and dumb and oftentimes they think well,if our guy said it must be true,but that's not accurate we know that's,not accurate look at the war in iraq,look what happened in syria look what,happened in libya look at russiagate,so many things wrong wrong wrong wrong,all from intelligence sources in the u.s,and there's no reckoning with that,so i'm flabbergasted by this story they,admit in the story that we're not,alleging the thing that we're literally,alleging in is the whole point of the,article and of course most people are,just going to read the headline when,they're scrolling through twitter,something and they're going to go oh,would you look at that,this is a russian disinformation we've,seen this before we saw this during the,bernie sanders campaign we saw this with,the proper not list where they had all,these websites oh these websites are,influenced by russia or by you know,foreign governments and it was truth out,and truth dig and naked capitalism and,all these lefty independent sites were,on the list and then guess what google d,ranked them in the algorithm and buried,them and made them really hard to find,do you not understand the game that's,being played here the game that's being,played is let's rig the algorithm,let's say distrust everything but the,official state department narrative,and let's hammer that home and have,dupes fall for it,now i i cannot get through this story my,blood is boiling just thinking about it,we just talked about this,this russia ukraine situation i've never,seen the u.s media the bed and jump,the shark worse than this the last time,it was this bad was the iraq war i mean,this is worse than russia gate,worse than syria and libya and all the,other ones,bloomberg and a couple other outlets,ran articles saying russia is invading,ukraine big headline russia invading,ukraine they weren't invading ukraine,that was fake news that was,misinformation that was disinformation,then they had to put their tail between,their legs and when it was obvious that,wasn't happening oh did we say that what,happened was i meant the sun was in my,eyes and me and craig and then was down,by the safeway and new phone who it is,and then of course we got,so many outlets running with ukrainian,president says russia to invade on,wednesday russia to invade on wednesday,russia to invade on wednesday,th

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Got Process? Zero Hedge Sells Fear, Not Truth

Got Process? Zero Hedge Sells Fear, Not Truth

but if you're an active risk manager of,markets I mean the only thing that like,if I could only have one thing of all,the things that we have it would be my,daily races I mean that's that what else,would I use my political Fox I mean my,Canadian citizenship anger about timber,this morning your Nina no if I a blind,UV this blind as a bat,and sell a top end of the range and buy,and cover at the lone to the range with,a trending overlay as your signal from a,research perspective that's all I had,that's the only cheat I'd use,yeah it's really interesting I mean if,you're managing your own money your own,assets you know you would never,pigeonhole yourself in the being,inactive risk manager or a long-term,investor or inactive you know somewhere,in between you just if you have tools,that can help you generate output you'd,use them all yeah why would you ever,sort of digit on yourself I never,understand why people there's a lot of,people that are like that because,they're lazy and they don't use them,have their own process their process is,actually going off with some other,people are saying yeah and and for,individuals not not institutions and,right yeah I'm talking about like them,the main problem with kind of like I,hate calling them retail investors but,people that with money a lot of not,retail don't talk down to them I mean a,lot of retail investors are a lot richer,than you'll ever be,you know because they run their own,businesses and they just incidentally,have a lot of money to trade with but,you know the mainstream of active,investors wealthy investors like our,average household net worth of our users,is like 400 grand,our average annual income it's big that,means if they're successful right so,these people you know they're successful,and they're looking for a better way,they're paying for a better way,everything that the internet gave you,before was free for a reason so all,these different things that you could go,to you will get zero hedges free you can,go they're free they generate money,because you click on their fear-based,advertising model that's that's what you,can do you can look at that all day long,and get scared out of your mind and lose,on so far you've only lost about 22%,being short the financial in line six,months but the reality is that,understand where all these things that,you believe to be the old he said this,this must be the thing that causes the,next move,that's so dicey you would never do that,with me either,what you would do is you pay for a,process analyze the process try to,replicate the process if you want to,like this question that we had try to,build we have plenty of subscribers that,have built using the principles that,I've given them their own signaling risk,range process you know that's what you,should do that's much more stable than,just waking up one day at nine o'clock,in the morning after being doing,whatever you're doing and saying AHA,Stockman said it's over today what what,if it is I love having conversations,David Stockman but I love never doing,what he tells me to do in the market on,a day-to-day basis that's not what I do,and he would laugh if I sold that his,face because you know that I would never,you know I would never do that so try to,evolve here that's why that's why you're,paying for this

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Elon Musk's Twitter Investment is a DISASTER

Elon Musk's Twitter Investment is a DISASTER

welcome to your Finance news Roundup for,the weekend after much speculation in,the media about the ongoings in Twitter,since Elon Musk took over just 10 days,ago it appears that the company has in,fact laid off around 50 of their,Workforce or around 3 700 employees this,should have come as much of a surprise,to anyone who was fired though because,you know Elon Musk himself literally,hinted at it before he actually took,over control of the company remember,anyway the reduction in Workforce didn't,happen for any major political reason as,some might lead you to think as Elon,Musk himself has said it was due to a 4,million dollar a day last run rate the,business is currently experiencing each,four million a day is approximately a,loss of 1.2 billion dollars a year and,on top the interest owed to Bankers that,Finance the Twitter acquisition which is,reported to come in at whopping one,billion dollars a year just interest,well then it's beginning to make some,sense unfortunately that's not all of,the bad news amid all of that,speculation activists you know the,people who constantly try and ruin,people's lives have successfully forced,marketing Departments of Major Brands to,boycott ad spending on Twitter causing a,massive drop in Revenue in the lead up,to usually the best time of the year for,making that sweet ad box as any YouTuber,can tell you for free but why would they,listen well I don't think it's as,clear-cut as you might think according,to this tweet here to Twitter sell a,large portion of their next year ad,Revenue in chunks and considering that,Elon started negotiating to buy a,Twitter in April and many of the stances,he took between then and close the deal,caused some political outrage well then,it looks like the Twitter sales team,might have not done their job allegedly,probably worth taking it with a Pinter,assault though because there's probably,many different variables at play but if,you are one of those few Twitter,employees who just found themselves,without a job in the either the,beginning or the middle of a recession,depending on sort of who you are and how,you see it well then Jack is thinking of,you yeah the Twitter founder seems to,blame himself for the mass layoffs,saying that he grew the company too,quickly admittedly he ain't wrong still,a nice touch to be fair moving on now to,the macro economy the bank of England,announced last week as you were probably,aware that the interest rate was to rise,to 0.75 to 3 the biggest single hike in,almost 30 years surprise surprise while,the announcement has followed a series,of really interesting statements about,the economy and how they expect or put,better want the public to view interest,rates going forwards Chief Economist at,the bank of England Hugh pill has said,that he believes that the public are,expecting interest rates to rise higher,than they need to be in order to bring,down inflation of course Hugh is trying,to avoid that very thing most people,expect which is an over tightening of,monetary policy that pretty much,squeezes businesses forces them to,reduce staff and spending and therefore,causing a massive recession you know the,thing that pretty much is happening,right now Pew said we need to both be,raising bank rate but also to be taking,action to shrink the QE quantitative,easing portfolio to time policy in order,to achieve our objective we don't think,interest rates would need to rise as,high as the market has been pricing,precisely because that would induce a,Slowdown in the economy that is bigger,than is required to get these,inflationary Dynamics under control now,this is quite a surprising Omission,firstly because the Boe even used a term,no interest rate value in their,forecasting reaching a 5.2 percent rate,which is well High and the Federal,Reserve who in many ways are tackling,the same problem are famously,tight-lipped with different messaging,being signaled to investors seemingly,every day and that signaling I'm,referring to never really amounts to,anything substantial like your pricing,in the future completely wrong so there,you go to those who agree with the,marking consensus of an interest rate of,around four and a half percent need not,worry apparently and the last news story,for the video comes from the UK where,rumors are circulating about upcoming,policies that the government are about,to announce to plug that 50 billion pan,hole that they have in their budget the,holder was made worse by the chaos from,the last budget apparently caused go,figure can't be much worse surely,while news is circling that one definite,measure that is about to be announced by,Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will be the,introduction of a road tax for all,electric vehicles by 2024 2025. EVS have,always had the benefit of being exempt,from Road tax which was one of the big,advantages of owning one at least that's,how they often saw them but that seems,to be a thing of the past according to,reports the introduction of a road tax,of EVS would raise a poul

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Little-Known Indicator Sees the VIX Soar to 30 "Zerohedge" - 2.10's, Bond Futures, How to trade Bond

Little-Known Indicator Sees the VIX Soar to 30 "Zerohedge" - 2.10's, Bond Futures, How to trade Bond

hey everyone it's Jonathan so my focus,is going to be on options valuation and,bond futures bond futures right now,because the feds moving it's a really,good trade,I also traded bond futures,professionally for eight or nine years,Zero Hedge the popular blog came out,with an article yesterday that we were,talking about in my advance bond room,and I thought I'd do a video about it,because it's a really good example of,something to pay attention so the zero,had blog was talking about a report from,Morgan Stanley Morgan Stanley releases a,report I guess last month and what they,did is they said a little-known,indicator is saying that the VIX is,gonna spike and they expect the VIX -,spike - 30 very aggressive this is the,chart they posted it and obviously it,looks really really pretty they overlap,and then all of a sudden twos tends the,difference between two-year and tenure,rallies while the VIX goes down and this,is the reason why they say the VIX is,going to trade 30 very interesting,whenever you look at twos tens it's the,difference between two year and 10-year,yield so if the yield was 2% for the,two-year and 2% for the ten year it,would be a dead flat yield curve if it,was two percent for the two year and ten,percent for the tenure that would be a,steep yield curve so when two tens,behaves like this it would be flattening,but they inverted it okay they put it,backwards they just did it so it looks,like they're gonna overlap so let's do,the same thing replicate the same chart,and let me show you what I find it now,if you want to chart twos tens in any,platform I'm using thinkorswim the,correct ratio is to do two - year - one,tenure so you can just do /gt times two,- tenure,that's twos tens I have this on a weekly,going back to 2010 so right here,as it goes lower it's flattening twos,and tens is getting closer together,steepening flattening steepening as soon,as Trump got elected major major steepen,er and now we've entered into a major,flattener pretty much for the entire,2017,now what Morgan Stanley did is they,inverted two tens so we could invert it,on the chart very easily by just putting,a minus sign in front of it then we just,flipped it around now what they did is,they compared it to the VIX comparison,VIX show study okay apply okay so that's,kind of what it looks like now I only go,back to 2010 Morgan Stanley in their,research goes back to 1992 now the pink,is going to be the VIX the yellow is,going to be the inverted twos tens and,yeah I agree,two tens is a massive massive flat and,are going on right now really really big,flattener why well we're going into a,new tax plan a new Fed Chairman a lot of,uncertainty with a president of the US,who knows the real reason but it's,definitely a flattener and at the same,time the VIX is getting more expensive,more inexpensive over time right you can,see trending lower now I don't really,think this is a reason that all of a,sudden the VIX is going to pop but if we,go back and look at the flattener here,VIX didn't pop until it turned and,really really started steepening like,crazy and that's when the VIX popped low,low low low low and it didn't settle,until it started flattening again so,it's a very very good tool to use you,should be following to tens that's,exactly what I teach you in our bond,boot camp program and in the advanced,bonds but just because we're flattening,like this does that mean all of a sudden,the VIX is going to,I don't know I don't really agree with,that you can see back here again major,major flattener it took a good six,months but it didn't really pop until,there was a massive change so for the,VIX to pop right now we're flattening if,all of a sudden there's a huge change,and we go into a steepening environment,then I think that we're gonna pop then I,think that we're gonna go higher but in,no way do I see trading VIX just because,the yield curve flattening last thing,I'm gonna touch on because I think this,is really interesting going back to 2010,the pink is the VIX notice how,volatility is coming out of the market,take a step back put the common sense,hat on let's talk about why is it,because there's less uncertainty in the,world or maybe is it we're just getting,better at valuating markets right now,automated trading has pretty much taken,over market makers they're valuing the,markets a lot better than we ever have,to me that's why the VIX is trading,lower now we're always gonna have spikes,and volatility but over time we're,valuing markets better and better and,better so I think it's gonna go much,lower than nine note but I think that,we're gonna find stability nine ten,eleven just like we did here for these,couple of years with twelve thirteen,fourteen trading here everyone's like oh,no way could go lower same thing here,we're just getting better as we get,better there's less uncertainty there's,less tail risk so the VIX is naturally,gonna go lower that's my take on at,least hope this helped this was a great,conversation we were havin

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Zerohedge Unbanned on Twitter! - Aliens and UFO Drawings Episode 4

Zerohedge Unbanned on Twitter! - Aliens and UFO Drawings Episode 4

hey everyone I hope everyone's having a,good day I'm kind of in a good mood,because one actually got my first,customer and liked my book and I thought,that was really cool and it's a book on,I mean by me and I'll put a link in the,description if anyone's interested and I,am in a good mood also because I was,really down recently because I kept,seeing like stuff about like replacing,books people who I never thought would,be Pro censorship definitely are Pro,censorship you know I'm not into the,erasing of history and while I was kind,of down and thinking all that it was,like you know truly getting like black,pilled and even like leafyishere I kind,of like won his first tweets when he,came back to Twitter was like be careful,with all those black pills because you,know it could really do a number on you,like you might think in your head dang,like is there even a point of having,social medias or even a point of having,you know saying anything and so I was,thinking all that and I was really,bummed out and everything like that and,then all of a sudden I got an alert on,my phone and it said what did we miss,and it was Zero Hedge and Zero Hedge is,probably the most fun and I loved,reading their website and they had,gotten banned on Twitter because they,basically said in an article and they,tweeted out the article the sumbitch,from like I don't know from like the,Communist Party in China possibly and,like bioengineered the coronavirus which,I mean from what I'm seeing like,probably who knows I don't know I like a,good conspiracy anyways and so they got,banned and then people were celebrating,that and that was like like I said that,was like a black cow like back in I,don't know when it happened I want to,say like March or something,maybe April when and I was just like,like I said it was not fun,he didn't like it it really really,didn't feel good,and the reason why I was like really,happy seen the Zero Hedge was back was,because I guess maybe it's like a,personal thing because I'm always on,there and I have my even a little,account there a little alias name and I,just thought I just thought they were,being honest and the way their articles,are in a lot of time kind of sound like,if a regular person is talking to you,and I know that people will say that the,oh they started tweeting about that,thing that starts as a letter like I,didn't want to say it but like I,actually got in trouble at my college,really looking it up in the website and,then looking at a certain article about,this conspiracy and they kind of just,said like you know be careful don't,search things like that on the school,campus I was like damn I can't believe,they like that was going on but it's,funny I mean it's not like they said it,was bad or anything like that it was,just that they just kind of warned me,that remember it's like your account so,after that I just like never ever logged,into the school Wi-Fi at all or just use,my data but yeah I just like love I love,I'm so happy right now,also it might also add to my happiness,is cuz I just ate it so it was kind of,like in a food coma for a minute,and I made myself chicken soup which you,might think oh my gosh it's June why are,you eating soup but it's like here it's,actually pretty cool like not like it's,very cool,Sonne degrees but yeah I was if you,can't tell that this pen is actually,running out of ink and I don't think no,there's a minute,these are ones that you can't really,refill almost I could find a hack and,try to do it but what I'm gonna probably,do is I have a lot of bottles of ink and,I'm probably just gonna just start,grabbing a watercolor brush and inking,in everything myself because I would,always watch the manga oh my god guys do,it and I always thought it was like the,coolest thing how their penmanship was,just like amazing,like it would be almost a little envious,I'd be like how do I get like that good,and realtalk probably gotta do is just,practice so if you can't tell my little,drawing is I just I'm like worried right,now about like things upside down if you,can't tell my thing is a a girl looking,out rod-shaped UFOs are in the sky a,little aliens in the background and some,people might think oh that you like your,and I'm just drawing a person I remember,reading somewhere that a lot of people,will draw what they think,lakeville they're more like you know,draw the sex they are better and I,believe that for a while cuz I remember,I took an art class it was like every,dude was a really good at drawing guys,and then every chick was really good at,drawing girl I was like I always,remember that I'm just adding detail on,the flowers I was gonna color these in,with like a gray Copic marker and then I,thought no I'm not gonna do that I want,to stick to the black and white theme,totally I think what's the word,monochromatic I just really wanted to,stick to that because I love it,but yeah so back on the whole zero hedge,thing the reason why I really like it is,because,I do think that it's like

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