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Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Let Twitter Make Their Decisions- Demi, don't you think that's enough?,-


Updated on Jan 26,2023

Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas Let Twitter Make Their Decisions

- Demi, don't you think that's enough?,- No, it's never enough.,- Demi, Demi please.,Demi, please.,(upbeat music),Hey everybody so we're here at the Honda Civic Tour,Future Now where Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas,are preparing for their big tour across America.,Today I'm here because their fans,are about to make a bunch of decisions for them on Twitter.,It's a Twitter adventure with Demi Lovato and Nick Jonas.,Let's go, it's gonna be great, it's gonna be great.,Nice to meet you, nice to meet you, Demi nice to meet you.,Let's get down to it, you guys are going to send out things,and all of your fans are going to decide what you're,going to do for the rest of the day.,- I think leaving my daily choices,in the hands of my fans is a great idea.,- You look so nervous.,- Yeah I'm nervous, they're going to decide what I do.,- You know you left Twitter for 24 hours.,- I did, so I owe it to my fans.,- Yeah, you should give them the opportunity to control you.,- Twitter, I am your (beep).,- Let's have you tweet right now.,We're about to do a taste-test,,we're going to send out on your Twitter,which of the gross foods you're going to choose.,Sardines, crickets, baby food.,- You know they're going to pick the (beep) crickets.,- I don't think the crickets are actually (beep).,I think they're just, they're dead.,- What if I barf on you?,- Well then, that will be a great rest of the day, you know.,Uh I'm a sympathetic vomitter so I'll just pass it along.,- What?,- I think baby food's got it, you guys are eating baby food.,- Okay, oh that's nasty.,- No, no, no, no that's Thanksgiving.,- That's (beep) nasty. - It's baby Thanksgiving.,- Which means what?,- It's gravy, turkey and stuffing I think.,Who wants Thanksgiving, who wants peas?,- I'll have peas. - I'd love Thanksgiving.,(laughing),This is your fault. Mmh it's great.,- Mine taste like peas.,- Yeah great, great for you.,This tastes like Thanksgiving apparently.,- I'm gonna I (beep) love you guys.,I'm in great thanks with them.,- What was that?,- She's in great thanks with them.,- (beep) the both of you. (chuckling),- Woah, woah, so you're going to tweet out right now,,Demi needs here makeup done, should I apply her makeup,or should she apply her eyeliner with her non-dominant hand.,You're so nervous. - Yeah,,I don't want to walk around botched eyeliner today.,- It won't be botched. - God forbid.,- What, you should have confidence in him.,- Oh I was talking about my liner.,- You're gonna do great. - Thanks.,- You need to have... - Confidence.,- You know, my confidence is getting there.,It's real close.,- Oh, that's one of my songs.,'Cause you probably follow her on Twitter and not me.,- I do follow you, woah, woah.,Alright we're gonna follow him,,we're gonna get the makeup done.,- The levels of the emotions in here.,- This is too much.,- Don't poke me, just got lasik, no big deal.,- Just hold your face still please.,(laughing),- Your hand is shaking.,- Just adding an extra element of intensity.,I was made for this.,It's not bad, it really is not bad.,- No it's really not bad. That eye is almost flawless.,I'm so impressed, I'm so impressed, thank you.,- Anytime.,- Well you look great now.,You guys have both sort of faced off against each other,but we had a few requests from people,that they wanted you to prank somebody.,- Well Kelsey's not in here and she's my assistant.,She's really fun to (beep) with.,- Great, well let's (beep) with her.,Internet wanted you to use a glitter bomb,,silly string, or an air horn.,So we're going to have you tweet that out.,Can we say "About to prank somebody"?,- Yeah, for sure.,Great so the internet chose glitter bomb,but we decided we're just going to do all of it.,Okay, everything's going great so far.,Nick's got the glitter, Demi's got the air horn.,Well we missed her with the glitter entirely,but otherwise that went great.,We're sorry. - What is that?,(air horn),- You're terrible at pranking people.,I'm sorry that was bad, your glitter was awful.,- Subpar. - No it was so bad.,- It was bad, so we need to find out,which one of you two is ultimately the best person.,- (chuckling) The best person.,- Either ping-pong, great equalizer.,Or motorized scooter race, but it's going to be,up to both of your fans to figure it out.,- Okay. - Alright let's do this.,- Alright so why don't you put it out on your Twitter,but you retweet it. That's it.,So we're gonna let that time pass.,So your Twitter followers said scooter race.,So there's your scooters, we're gonna have you,race from here all the way back to your dressing room.,On your mark, get set, go.,- You started early (beep).,- Oh sorry.,- Nick starts out as a (beep),- Bye (beep).,- Taking the lead, she's done it.,- I win. - Demi you did it.,You crushed it. - Thanks.,You crushed him like a tiny bug,,like a tiny little grasshopper you got crushed.,- I'm a better person.,- So now you get to ask your Twitter followers,,what to do to me because I made you do all this nonsense.,She just sent out to all h

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oh my god they're looking at me like,they don't know me I'm sorry yes folks,I've dyed my hair back but the past 10,days I've looked like an idiot it's me,Sean Clinton are welcome to debate your,face and I'm Sam shocker thank God you,died that 1994 a LOX kind of looked good,about that it's not about my hair Sam,all right it's about this week's debate,who won who lost yeah once a cheater,always a cheater team Sam team Shawn I,don't want to spin that wheel of fate,take a look at the debate,I just drive cheating is wrong there is,no excuse you screwed up what a shitty,philosophy to live by is if people can't,make mistakes and learn from it I agree,you can learn from it but the,communication was lacking and that is,the key to every gene I stand by what I,say why do th how are you seeing it,exactly my my sentiments to the T all,right Ciroc Ciroc is eating a sandwich,again face irako ok losers on the papers,Rockhopper loser there's there's a lot,more riding on this this is this is a,moral go open it,I can't nervous about this one it makes,me so incredibly happy that you guys and,me guys we speak the same language my,foot's no no thank you thank you so good,so after last week I really hope it's,something like really good like really,good come on I feel so defeated right,now you know I don't want to even hear,the tick tick tick tick noise I was just,gonna say I love the noise oh here it,goes tick tick tick tick tick tick tick,tick tick tick every single one of these,is bad oh yeah oh yeah come on coming,around coming around come on come on no,no Ritchie Miller Wow oh yes yes I,wanted this one so bad for you oh do I,have something incredible plan is it,gonna hurt oh yeah I guess we're gonna,have to use the ladder why because an,ultimate wedgie Miller atomic wedgie,Miller is when you like really get a,good wedgie and I feel like you need,like a ladder,you're gonna go up on that ladder while,you give me a wedgie,yeah all right so I need you this is all,part of it Sam you signed up for this if,you could just stand right about there,hold on you got ok can I show you where,my underwear is I don't want you to,agree wind blowing that way we should be,good ok yeah where's your underwear,shorts,let me see anyway ok the underwear Union,with this thing right right there this,yeah you feel that my god Sandra's all,right you guys ready you ready for this,please ok all right all right,likes it slow guys we'll go slow and,easy house I feel really good,okay all right hold on it might have to,get do you leave a safe word no safe or,it is a little bit there's a hurt okay I,my god do you see this do you see this,holy cow that oh my god Shawn out oh,this is a wedgie,ha ha ha holy cow,ah that is an ultimate Reggie Miller,right there folks thank you for joining,us if you'd like some of this you can go,on we're auctioning it off I love all of,you like this video subscribe to the,channel I'm bleeding well well that's,your problem,oh my god I'm fully bleeding right now,are you serious,she Oh her underwear actually fun fact,looks white before we started and now,it's really oh that's not wearing any,underwear first aid

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Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

Aubrey Plaza Reads Thirst Tweets

hi my name is aubry plaza and i am here,with buzzfeed to read your thirst tweets,i'm just gonna say right now that i,think probably 90 of these are gonna be,people telling me they want me to run,them over with a car or like stomp on,their face or something let's do it,if aubrey plaza actually reads thirst,tweets i will be burying myself alive,um i'm doing it so i hope that you're,gonna bury yourself alive miss aubry,plaza are you free on thursday because i,am free on thursday so if you want to go,out on thursday when i am free that,would be great because i am free on,thursday and thursdays when i'm free i,i'm not free on thursday i'm free on,never day,i wish aubry plaza and matthew gray,goobler were my birth parents actually,no i wish i was in a throuple with them,i think you,need to decide if you want to be in a,throuple with your parents and that's,something that you should talk to your,therapist about and i don't know who,matthew gray gubler is i've never heard,of that person in my life aubry plaza,reading thirst tweets let's bring back,her drinking milk trowel her nose,because that was,h-o-t all capitals hot,exclamation point exclamation point,exclamation point first of all i was,snorting milk through my nose i wasn't,drinking it through my nose and i don't,have any milk right now so i'm not gonna,do that aubrey plaza if you are,listening please let me take you out on,a date i am a good company i swear i'm,not a sweaty person i will let you be,mean,oh that's enticing that's,really um,yeah perfect threesome question mark me,aubry plaza and a tub of peanut butter,that makes,me feel weird i'm sorry for being,thirsty on maine i'm just a huge simp,for aubry plaza what is simp why does,everyone say simp what is this i don't,understand simp is the grossest word,i've ever heard though i don't like,saying it or reading it like this tweet,if you would suck aubry plaza's big toe,and if you don't like this tweet let me,know so i can block you that i like that,is just nasty and,i'm into it,i'm watching anger goes west and i just,want to say that i would like both aubry,plaza and elizabeth olsen to curb stomp,me okay this is what i'm talking about i,knew that most of these tweets were,gonna be about stomping on your face or,crushing you with high heels or running,you over with a car aubry plaza is so,daddy she can fix all my daddy issues i,don't know that's just ironic i feel,like i have daddy issues and i feel like,i want my daddy to,fix my daddy issues but i'll be your,daddy i'd put myself on a spit roast for,aubry plaza,thank you so much chris and stewart and,aubrey plaza step on my face challenge,what is it about stepping on your face,people twitter why do you want me to,step on your face how did we get to this,point in,the world aubry plaza hot sex gorgeous,good acting hilarious funny amazing,person charitable busy with the two s's,bussy bussy amazing sexy pretty cute,emily the criminal that was a bot i,think that was a bot and that was not a,real person i would walk into traffic,for aubry plaza i would sacrifice my,firstborn for aubry plaza i would let,aubry plaza kill me if she wanted to,god i would do anything just to smell,her hair,aubry plaza is a goddess and no other,human woman will ever live up to her,standard again thank you so much the,feminine urge to get railed by aubry,plaza,get railed why do you guys want me to,rail you because i could,aubrey plaza could choke me to death and,i'd still be like,nice the violence in these tweets i have,nightmares about this people want me to,be mean to them i don't what did i do to,deserve this i'm a nice person i know,everyone has a crush on aubry plaza but,i would actually let her stab me again,with the stabbing and the stomping and,the chomping it's like a weird thing,where it's like i hear i hear this so,much that i don't i want to stab you i,want to stab you and i would i would let,jesus,sick you were all sick sick little,babies and you all need to be stabbed,and stomped on i would let aubry plaza,poke my eyeball out with a fork and step,on my throat with boots with nails on,them and if it pleased her well you know,what it does please me,petition for aubry plaza to plow me i,support your petition and i don't know,if i if we're gonna get there but if we,do you're welcome aubry plaza i am,simply just a hole for you,i,and i'm simply just a,i'm a person i'm a human being what do,you want me to do to your holes be more,specific what do you want me to do to,your holes twitter because i will anyway,i'm looking forward to more,people wanting me to stab them,and um throw them into oncoming traffic,i asked for this and,i deserve this check out my movie emily,the criminal it's coming out in theaters,you can sit in the theater and imagine,me stabbing your holes and railing you,with my goddamn talent,sick,the thing is that i want to be dominated,that's the thing that y'all are missing,is that i want to be slapped around and,choked and,stabbed but,whatever

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Steven Cheah Got a Hanging Wedgie | The Yak 06-01-22

Steven Cheah Got a Hanging Wedgie | The Yak 06-01-22

eight,like two,you gotta take the belt off marbles and,lost in a sea of putty,yeah they kind of are they're somewhere,did you know balls are the one of the,only places in the body if you i could,like grab balls right now and squeeze,them with all my might and they won't,really hurt the skin between them,oh yeah it's like your elbow skin you,can really go through the skin yeah yeah,yeah yeah yeah so i don't know if that's,gonna happen not the ball itself now,that would help stephen,stephen is on the chair,this is like the gallows any last words,his feet are on either arm of the chair,brandon walker is using his heft uh for,support of the chair,big cat's holding the stick,his pants are fully on i'm confused we,might need someone else to help oh there,he is,security coming through see wait so is,he i think oh my god i think he already,he's already strapped in is he is it,going to be fun to watch if you can't,see the underpants,now i think we should get it,i'm sorry i'm very confused who how can,you take his pants off kate no his pants,are fully on i'm sorry is he about to go,he's about to go okay he's going now,look at his balls oh,he just stood down,again,yeah that didn't count that can't count,what he is,wait look his underwear is still,attached to the stairs,he's standing on the ground but this is,why we need to go higher up because,isn't it yeah he's still locked in he's,just standing he's still how does this,underwear have that much stretch oh my,god,is he completely devoid of a dick and,ball,turn around turn around oh my god,he's getting marched in like he's like a,shotgun wedding oh it ripped his under,his underwear,to quote owen,step aside a little bit just so we can,see,how high up is that on you right now,it's up in your ,where's your split for your dick and,balls are they to the left is it right,down the middle are they all,in the center,yeah,oh that's awesome,how was it all right good job how was it,wasn't that bad into a mic into the mic,mike mike well it wasn't bad because,they broke you have to sit with your,underwear like that for the rest of the,episode he had tearaway paintings a lot,of work on me that was with those me too,i was holding as hard as i could,i think i was with my finger,i squeezed my finger in there bleeding,that's all right,yeah i'm gonna be all right are you all,right i mean i'm not great we're the,ones that thank you i feel like it was,worse on you guys way worse on us that,was a punishment for us the stick break,no we're gonna sell the stick no because,i have strong ass well thank you,yeah arms that held it down,i'm bleeding now how do you feel about,that,it's all off the shelf let's get pete in,here tell him that i'm bleeding it's a,coward because he wouldn't do it bleed,on him get him close how are you feeling,oh she can bleed off,like we should redo it and have him go,extremely,let's redo it no way he wasn't hanging,yes he didn't hang there wasn't a single,second you were suspended on your own,and there was,there was a it was,tough i'm several feet off the ground,and like,if,he's not holding me oh let's look let's,let the yak listeners vote if we have to,redo it,my underwear is broken they're fair hate,democracy they're very fair,this is going to take a little bit he's,wearing a buccaneers belt by the way,forward,always oh my,god front of that,always,did it get up i thought it was,way up there,i'm seeing everyone saying redo so we,got to redo it,we got to redo it it wasn't we do it,tomorrow i thought he was hanging he,wasn't hanging it didn't look like it,was knowing,i want his underwear off using well i'm,gonna fly him at half man,all right we'll do it again tomorrow no,how how is this done without the,underwear ripping let's get some better,underwear yeah better underwear do you,go cheap on your underwear,you gotta wear a,come back with a thong tomorrow yeah oh,let's get some haynes or sponsored,underwear for you you used one point and,we have sponsored underwear if you have,multiple points oh good point evens out,the pressure on the underwear band and,it can survive,so you need two sticks you need two,sticks all right we'll do it again,tomorrow no absolutely not no let's let,people vote we can do we can use that as,a future punishment there's a poll in,chat all right,let's see the poll i served my time the,poll let's see the poll please,i served my time please don't silence,our listeners they're they're the reason,why we do this show,oh,96,wow eight people there are more people,saying no than fall asleep every time,they get a haircut,wait what percentage is wise,running back to hits one hour definitely,the other day oh yeah now we have to,know,there was a moment it's been a few days,you don't do that right it ripped almost,instantly yeah no because he was holding,me a little bit that's where things,start to look a little rough,that's where things look rough,oh yeah and that's where it just had a,smile on your face the whole time yeah,it was a freaking good ,that's a f

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they come in the oh oh oh,oh my god oh my god oh my god on the,move welcome to the prank guys look at,the best pranks hit the like button,subscribe complex sorry bro told you to,superglue bro nothing you look you look,Sabo the same window window I didn't,even I didn't even I said to superglue,the pants to his head and you've done in,my wedgie wrongiy there's like wages,they're back in the lead right now we,will yeah you got a big trunk,oh snap now believe you gotta calm down,teach us just think now ready what they,said in club I'm not gonna holla friends,we don't touch other people with our,hands we I'm fine,everybody screenshot and tagging in,Charles on Instagram,Eliot Charles UK L what you're calling,strike a bottle L ll our house just go,home,crunch the new boxers and you'll be,fired on me always been what to me as,disses please Stewie and they're not,cheap you have no idea what I'm supposed,to do Alan just what they super glue pen,liftable thin everybody right now,screenshot Instagram right now

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TG Crippy's OPPS TRY & GIVE HIM A WEDGIE! Kenzo Balla & Sha EK REACT!

TG Crippy's OPPS TRY & GIVE HIM A WEDGIE! Kenzo Balla & Sha EK REACT!

what's good yo we back with another,video it looks like there's a new wedgie,man in town they're claiming TG crippy,got a wedgie and he's the new wedgie man,the first ever wedgie man was claimed by,Shai K they ended up ripping his draws,and dragging him on the ground and I,think he's the king of the wedgie and,then during the summer JD ended up,catching freshie out in these streets,and ended up giving him a wedgie and he,became the new wedgie man but now it,looks like they're trying to make TG,crippy the new regimen PG crippy is a,rapper under the DOA umbrella from 165th,fifth to the Sev whatever you want to,call it his brother being Kenzo Bola and,it looks like he was at the hospital,with his girl and maybe his mom and it,looks like he ran into some people from,the Mitch in the Mitch we covered them a,couple of times they're cool with,Cortland shy case block and they're only,a couple blocks away from use G's block,my Haven so yeah the midge cool with,core Lin not cool with the G's and not,cool with anybody from DOA and it looks,like when they've seen each other it got,a little physical and here's Za Blue,from the Mitch his story,again wedgies and Lincoln Hospital,you got the clap you got beat up you you,guys a lot yeah you at the hospital for,right now suck my dick cause you talking,about suck my JB from the sub,suck my that yeah I don't,want to be that guy but what are we,claiming is a wedgie we see TG crippy TG,stands for tiny goon he's only five foot,three five foot four Max he's getting,hugged by a security guard he got his,girl holding him back his mom holding,them back and some dude just walks up on,him and tries to just grab his drawers,not even from the back but pause from,the front pause like that's not a yo but,yeah we got a lot of people reacting a,lot of people claiming this a new wedgie,man so let's get into it we got that,blue when I was recording or the one,that posted it he said at TG crippy you,will miss hey Jack and he live in Miami,he right here in the Bronx well in,Lincoln hospital right now an emoji and,then he said TG with four laughing,emojis and then we got Shai K he was on,live and ended up commenting about the,situation saying go get back at the real,Kenzo Bola and they said post his ADI,and then we got Coe Wiki he's from,Corlin he's known for being the,courthouse Chronicles episodes he said,first couple days of the year he got,touched trying to tell 150 rips,different laughing emoji 100 emoji and,then now we get the TG side TG crippy he,posted to his story saying I promise,y'all he ain't putting no pain left,Emoji he was grabbing my drawers when,the fight was over like hey yo and then,Cito Blick he's on tg's side he said I,don't like the internet games where the,Mitch and Corlin I'm on third right now,and then he said y'all want to be on my,son because he a plan emoji and never,pop out start of the new year keep that,other away from me word my Stompers know,where they are don't even swipe up on,almost hit 100 emoji starting on every,time and then we got Kenzo bully he said,because he beat on him laughing emoji,and he got TG locked up boy really a,bozo and yeah it does look like TG,unfortunately got locked up because we,also got murder B posting a clip of her,listening to TG song and saying LMFAO,free TG and now we get into everybody,else that's something to say about,situation we got J star bullet a Wiggy,is wild my boy and then block work he,said there's a new wedgie man and then,dolo agreed with him saying yo hit a new,wedgie man and then we got flash he said,muddy laughing emoji and then Kev G,smart BT posted a whole bunch of,laughing emojis yoga let me know we name,it TG creep the new wedgie man for 2023,the year just started is he a new wedgie,man or are we still giving it to freshy,from last summer because his wedge was,definitely on a different level and I,don't know why in the middle of a fight,of middle of an altercation you see a,defenseless TG creepy and just decide,that woke up on him and grab his drawers,even discussing this and making this,video is a big AO and a big pause y'all,need to do better out here whoever that,was if I'm his homie I'm definitely,doing a double take next time I see him,cause what's really going on out here,free TG crippy but y'all can let me know,what y'all think down in the comments,down below I'm gonna get up to a picture,of Rock with me keep doing yam keep,doing me be safe stay dangerous good

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Hybrid Wedgie Sled

Hybrid Wedgie Sled

I've been in need of a proper sled for,cutting segments for a segmented,woodturning and I was poking around the,YouTube and I found Gerry Bennett's sled,and he's come up with a sled that uses,two fences and the angle of your segment,is based on the difference of the angle,between those two fences and it's not,based on how the runner in the sled or,how the fence is angled to the blade,like a traditional sled I made the base,of the sled out of 3/4 inch MDF and I,could do the work that's usually done,with a router and a bunch of jigs with,the CNC machine so you need a hole for,the pivoting bolt for each sled then you,need a curve slot for the anchoring bolt,for each sled and both of those need a,hole for the the shaft of the bolt and a,recess for the head of the bolt so the,sled will sit flush on the table saw,and I cut two fences out of the MDF and,it's a matter of figuring out where to,drill the bolt holes and those fences so,I need one at the end I wanted a little,bit of a square bit in the sled so the,leg bolt won't rotate so much in the,sled I can attach the fences once I do,that I can then mark where the second,hole will go which needs to ride in the,slot in the bed of the sled I can mark,where that is and then drill a hole in,that slot and I can attach the fences,now I can make the strip that will ride,in the t-slot on the table saw now,another nice trick that jerry has on is,in his videos is to make the strip that,runs in the table saw to make it,adjustable so that it fits nice and snug,in the in the t-slot so you can drill a,hole cut a slot in that hole and then,put a screw into the hole and what that,lets you do is adjust the thickness of,the ends of a strip of wood with the,screw and it's a matter of attaching,that strip to the sled now because of,the way the sled works it really doesn't,have to be perfectly square to the blade,so I just got it sort of close with the,with the fence at the table saw and I,can clamp it to the bottom once I have,the two-sided tape attached and it's,just a matter of putting some screws,into to hold it in place,and the sled is basically put together,now what I figured out before I even,started this was that I could make my,wedge and my piece that gives me the,angle between the two fences on the CNC,machine so I can make different angled,setup pieces so if I want 12 segments I,make a 15 degree wedge and I can just,stick that in between the two fences and,I'm ready to go to its first kart I,tried it on a test ring and what I,realized really quickly and I kind of,knew in the back of my head was going to,be true was that with the sled on only,one side of the blade the segment drops,off right next to the blade now in in,Jerry's design he's got a zero clearance,insert for that table saw that's got a,little shoulder on it that helps the the,segment drop away from the blade a,little further I wanted to take the,safety up just a little bit more with my,sled so after making this ring and,seeing that it works really well and I,got a ring that doesn't have any gaps in,it and I don't have to glue in in two,halves and then sand and then put the,two halves together it all works out in,one glue up so what I want to do is add,a little bit more to the sled so that,it's more of a traditional sled where,you have bed on both sides of the blade,so I made the extra bit of bed out of,the same piece of MDF and then I need a,strip at the back edge to hold that on,and I need a tall piece at the front to,hold that piece of bed on to the to the,bed with the fences on it so I planed,the strip on the back edge where it was,just a hair thinner than the end,I didn't want it to catch on the,table-saw table as I was sliding it back,and forth on the potato shop so I,grilled some holes and I screwed that to,the sled and using screws I can remove,this extra bit of bed if I need to and,replace it as it gets worn out and if I,want to angle the blade I'll get,multiple cuts into that into that new,piece of bed for the sled and I can make,the vertical piece that goes on the,front of a big piece of maple I cut a,little piece off of and I clamped it,where it was going to go with a little,struggle and I remembered that I wanted,to cut off one of the corners to give a,little more room next to the upper fence,so I cut off one of the corners at a at,a pretty steep angle or a pretty shallow,angle I guess and this I just kind of,eyeballed the angle and then I sanded,that smooth just to make it pretty then,I could attach it to the to the sled and,I had gotten better with the clamp at,this point and then just screws to hold,this in place and then the sled is ready,to get put together and also in using,the sled a little bit I really wanted to,make knobs for the bolts that tighten,the the fence is in place so I cut out,four little knobs out of the Duke they,need to be fairly small because they,need to be smaller than the width of the,fences because you don't want them in,the way of your your work piece I got,some little inse

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Doctor Mike Reads Thirst Tweets

Doctor Mike Reads Thirst Tweets

a word of warning these thirst tweets,are hilarious so buckle up but also,buckle up because i'm going on tour,prepare for laughs fun and an amazing,night out deets below at, let's get started,nina wow do you like sleeping me too we,should do it,that's pretty good do you think that's a,picture,yeah well nina comes in with a second,one you're so hot even my pants are,falling for you,i just have some follow-up questions,nina,are they falling off the hanger,are they,clean pan are they clear are they clean,pants no clean pam you're being clean,cam,dr mike can give me a big,long,hard,strong and heavy,hug at any time,it was supposed to be thirsty but then,it turned out to be just really sweet,very sweet kind of loving hey doc i came,in to discuss some preventive health,care but every time you walk in here i,get premature ventricular contractions,want to test the strength of my heart,over dinner i like that one because i,learned something what did you learn,that premature ventricular contractions,are things about a heart that's true,they are they're part of your electrical,cardiac rhythm would you be the c to my,g or the a to my t,sam we need a lifeline aren't those like,the genetic code,um,oh my god that's my high school biology,coming through wow like attica the movie,gattaca with jude law has like you know,the sequencing gene sequencing why does,he know that i'm sorry but he just got,so much hotter and i want you both to,switch places right now oh my god how,did you know that i am actually turned,on wow she wants me to be her dna yeah,we could be dna together she wants a,child is what she's saying read them,read them to my face i want,uncomfortable eye contact this one's no,words so i'm gonna act it out for you,i think that's what that is,what dr mike can write and fill my,script for vitamin d,little did you know you don't need a,prescription for vitamin d it's,over-the-counter you can get that,vitamin d over the counter my friend or,just a little bit of sun time dr mike,i've been diagnosed with the lack of,serotonin dopamine and what's that word,mate,and oxytocin but i believe i saw you,with a package that may just maintain my,long-term cure but why why are they low,with all the neurotransmitters,you should also see a doctor,doc do you do virtual chest compressions,because i feel my heart beating faster,when i watch you it's like you haven't,learned anything watching my channel you,don't do chest compressions when someone,as hard as beating it's only one's,hormones,someone's heart has stopped home okay,okay okay roses are red violets are blue,you make my heart skip i think i have,mobitz type too oh,they definitely used that before because,that's too good well but type 2 is a,heart block,it's funnier when i know it's a second,degree heart block place i would love to,be right now at the beach sipping a,fresh drink or on dr mike's lap yeah,that sounds as a better idea do i sound,like santa claus dr mike could break my,ribs while giving me chest compressions,and i'd honestly thank him yes if you do,chest compressions and you break,someone's ribs they should thank you,that means you're doing them right and,you're saving lives i'd love to get my,flu shots with dr mike and get a,lollipop after but now that i'm older,can i get,i give stickers i don't get lollipops,so shocking was there an emoji or a word,a letter or word full word,spelled out,but now that i'm older can i get this,skin flavored lollipop,i don't know a word in this one,polydipsia ninja thirsty do i have,polydipsia or am i just looking at real,doctor mike too often oh that's good you,gotta get checked for diabetes though,polyuria or polydipsia you know,polyurias is that repeat a lot yeah i'm,basically a doctor okay dr mike makes me,miss the days when the flu shot were,applied with the pants down oh no i,don't need the flu shot but i have no,objection against the pants down part,did they used to give flu shots with,your pants down i don't know i always,pull my pants down when i'm getting,i just hope you find you're forever find,the person who makes you whole,ps make lots of those gorgeous babies i,want to i hope all of mike's babies come,out looking like me,i would legit let dr mike take all of my,organs and lie on the operating table,and say thank you,so many questions dr mike could punch me,or step on me and i'd still thank him,all of these people are like you could,do whatever and i'd still say please and,thank you but why dr mike could hit me,with his car and drag me to the clinic,just to do compressions and i would,thank him also i got my flu shot but i,could always use another injection,this one's just a question and it's who,gets more attention from the ladies dr,mike or the bear pup the bear pop bear,puppy bear by far by far even on dates,it's like where's bear i'm like hi hi hi,i've been sick and throwing up lately so,i decided to take a pregnancy test and,it came out positive but i'm pretty sure,my parents are gonna be mad but k

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