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How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2023? The New Twitter Blue Checkmarkif you use Twitter you must ha


Updated on Jan 21,2023

How to Get Verified on Twitter in 2023? The New Twitter Blue Checkmark

if you use Twitter you must have,probably wondered what it takes to get,verified on Twitter because you must,have definitely seen verified Twitter,accounts one with a blue badge and white,check mark Twitter users used to get,this official blue badge from Twitter,after a manual review and verification,process Twitter used the blue badge to,indicate active notable and authentic,Twitter accounts that Twitter had,verified based on certain requirements,but since November 9 2022 Twitter has,stopped accepting verification requests,under the old criteria now if you will,see Twitter accounts will blue back that,can mean two different things either the,account was verified under the previous,verification process or the account has,an active subscription to Twitter blue,so in this video I will show you how you,can also get Twitter blue for your,Twitter account,thank you,so here I am already logged into my,Twitter account on the web that is on a,browser and you can also use and use an,iOS device all right so you will see on,the left uh here you will see the,Twitter blue option you have to click on,that,and this will give you all the option,all the information what will happen,when you will subscribe to Twitter blue,so blue subscribers with a verified,phone number will get a blue check mark,once approved all right and they will,also get all these features that they,have mentioned right here for example,this mentioned coming soon it means that,these three features are right not not,available but later on they will be,added for Twitter blue subscribers and,you can even click on learn more and you,can see what else can do when you are,subscribed to Twitter blue all white so,now for example here you can see at the,bottom the limited time offer the amount,of the subscription per month and you,just have to click on subscribe you have,to pay the amount and that's all you,need to do after that you just need to,wait for the response from Twitter if,they approve your profile for the blue,check mark or not once your profile gets,approved you will automatically start,seeing that blue check mark there all,right and in case if your profile gets,disapproved you will be notified by an,email from Twitter so that was about,Twitter blue how you can use it how you,can subscribe to it and now you need to,pay a fixed amount to get that blue,check mark earlier this amount was not,there so it is completely up to you if,you want to pay this amount or not if,you are a new Twitter user you will have,to wait for 90 days to get this feature,all right if you are not getting the,option to subscribe to Twitter blue the,new verification process is currently,available only on the web and iOS and,that too only in the US Canada Australia,New Zealand and the UK also if you have,created a new account you will not get,the option to subscribe to Twitter blue,for 90 days also if you are already,verified and you make changes to your,profile photo display name or username,this may result in a temporary loss of,the blue check mark until your account,gets very ready again bad twitter,twitter can also remove the blue check,mark if any account is found violating,the Twitter rules so that was all for,today's topic I hope you found this,video helpful and if you do don't forget,to hit the Subscribe button and also,press the Bell icon to stay notified of,all my upcoming videos if you have any,doubts issues or queries related to any,of my videos do let me know in the,comment section down below and for now I,will take the leave we'll see you the,next time

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Twitter tumult continues as company ends paid verification

Twitter tumult continues as company ends paid verification

Elon Musk is facing new difficulties,after his takeover of Twitter ABC News,has obtained exclusive audio of the,world's richest man telling employees,they cannot remain at the company unless,they return to the office full time,which some employees say is a violation,of their contracts,basically if your truck if you can't,show up at an office and you do not show,up at the office resignation accepted,and a story,meanwhile setbacks are mounting on the,social media platform itself after must,implemented a new policy allowing,accounts to pay for verification leading,pranksters to impersonate public figures,and Brands like this account,masquerading as the Eli Lilly company,claiming that insulin is now free and,this Pepsi imposter declaring Coke as,the superior Superior soda ABC News,senior reporter Emmanuel Saliba joins me,now for more good to see you friend so,there's been a back and forth on this,verification question what exactly is,the policy now and how do we get here,yeah let me try and keep this simple so,the biggest change that happened this,week was that Elon Musk made blue checks,available for purchase so anyone who had,a Twitter account was able to pay eight,dollars a month to get a blue check now,it happens that today it seems that that,is on pause but all of these,verifications are still exist on the,platform so the biggest difference,between the two is that the blue check,mark used to be available as you,mentioned for government officials,journalists public figures and it,required a certain level of identity,verification meaning you had to prove,that you are who you say you are but now,anyone has the ability to purchase this,check mark and there's no verification,going into who they are okay,um we're gonna point out that Jesus is,verified there so okay you all as,journalists we use Twitter as you know,all the time to get statements from,elected officials and even to get,information from emergency workers about,things like active shooter alerts and,natural disasters how dangerous is it to,potentially have people pose as public,figures like this,I mean exactly like,like pretty funny impersonations right,where it gets serious and where there,are real consequences is when people,start to impersonate government,officials public figures during natural,disasters or elections both both events,are ongoing right now in this country,and it becomes it becomes extremely,difficult for users for everyday users,of the platform to figure out who to,believe who to trust and that's the,biggest consequences that that this new,verification rollout is having right now,so help our viewers slash Twitter users,out here what should they be looking out,for to know what's real and what's not,okay so there are a few different ways,that you can go about this but you,should really check,um to see whether or not the handle for,example matches the username uh here are,two examples up on your screen and this,one's really challenging so take a,moment at home to see if you can figure,out which one is the real Apple TV,verified account,okay yeah I think it's the one that says,the real account under it I mean it does,say that but nice try tell everyone to,imagine that the real in the fake,account is not there because I was,looking before I saw that and I couldn't,tell the difference it's so difficult,right well it's the the the devil is in,the detail,um the plus the L is actually an i,that's capitalized and that's how they,were able to fool people online but if,you look closer so another tip that,people can use at home is look at the,number of followers in that fake account,it's very low so real account of a real,brand or a government official or an,emergency service would have a larger,amount of followers so that's kind of a,quick way but obviously you have to have,the time at home to go to click to spend,the time to do that to double check that,you're in fact following a a trusted,Source wow okay well another big,question today is Will Twitter even,survive because Moss apparently admitted,that it's possible Twitter could go,bankrupt what's next,anyone honestly it's anyone's guess at,this point but what's important is that,the verification this verification,rollout was supposed to do two things,according to Moscow was supposed to,bring in revenue and it was also,supposed to limit spam and Bots and it's,done the contrary so it's really we're,gonna see it's changing the policy is,changing day to day hour to hour and,we'll keep you updated on on as much as,we know,um yeah but you want me to follow you on,Twitter I don't even know if it's really,you or not Emmanuel,is it you it is me Vanessa yeah it is me,okay it's me as well at Kenneth Moten,for me and my blue check is still there,we'll see if I have it by next week all,right Emmanuel Saliba thank you so much,for helping us thank you get through all,of that all right hi everyone George,Stephanopoulos here thanks for checking,out the ABC News YouTube channel if,you'd like to get more video

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I Paid For Twitter Verification. This Is What Happened.

I Paid For Twitter Verification. This Is What Happened.

I bought Twitter verification and this,is what happened the blue check mark is,a highly sought after status symbol even,though in reality it's just pixels on,the screen but you and I both know it,means more than that being verified,means you're legit noteworthy and,someone worth paying attention to so,that's why I paid for my blue check mark,how did I do that you ask Twitter blue,so this right here is Twitter blue if,you go onto Twitter on your web app or,on your iPhone you'll be able to click,on the side where it says Twitter blue,blue subscribers with the verified phone,number will get a blue check mark once,approved Elon Musk wanted to bring in,some more Revenue so what he decided is,he's gonna sell verification for a,measly eight dollars a month but what,else do you get when you subscribe to,Twitter blue you'll also rock it to the,top of replies mentions in the search,see half of the ads which is crazy to me,because you're paying money and you're,still gonna see ads if I'm gonna pay,money which I did I want to see no ads,what's the whole point post longer,videos is coming soon so technically,it's not available yet you'll get early,access to new feature is on Twitter blue,Labs I don't really know what that means,you can edit a tweet which is nice but,most social media platforms have this,for free nft profile pictures kind of,irrelevant to me 1080p video uploads,well I am a video creator so this does,apply to me but now that verification,costs the same amount as a large or,venti Starbucks cup of coffee pretty,much anybody can get verified so how do,we know what's a legit piece of,information nowadays the golden check,mark,I will say I did purchase Twitter blue,right when it came out which is about a,month ago and it was all sorts of,up it's against Twitter's policy to,impersonate someone but on day one all,hell broke loose people were,impersonating people left and right now,Elon Musk and his team were Swift and,they were Banning people but some,accounts fell through the cracks like,this account right here Eli and Lily,company I can't remember what their real,account is but it looks legit because,they're verified and then they tweeted,we're excited to announce insulin is,free now and because of this news Eli,Lilly stock plummeted because they're a,publicly traded company and another,thing happened because of it Twitter,blue had to be suspended new Twitter has,suspended the launch of Twitter blue and,is actively trying to stop people from,subscribing to help address,impersonation issues it's almost like,this was really predictable it's almost,like,everyone was screaming at the top of,their lungs not to do this but Elon,wanted a profit and I really don't blame,him he wanted to make money he's not,going to buy a company and not try to,make money from it this was a little bit,over a month ago and now there's a new,solution to the problem gold check marks,what is it gold check mark you say,pretty debuted this check mark earlier,this week to note that the account,belongs to a company or organization,social network also said that it's,working on a Twitter blue business plan,the companies can apply to get a check,mark so I'm not exactly sure how to get,a gold check mark But if you go on,Twitter right now a lot of business,accounts already have this gold check,mark which is crazy to see because we've,never seen gold check marks before like,on any platform and it's kind of cool,I'm not gonna lie it's kind of cool and,if you click on it you can see this,account is verified because it's an,official business on Twitter but if you,were to go to my account and click on,mine this guy is verified because it's,subscribe to Twitter Bloom if you go,click on a bunch of these business,accounts Los Angeles Dodgers Google,apple and a lot of other big companies,are gold verified at this point which is,dope it's good to see that there's a,solution to the problem and we now know,where we can get reputable sources of,information from but what happened to,the original verified accounts did,anything happen to them are they getting,a different color check mark well I'm,going to answer that question for you,they have the exact same check mark that,I do well kind of if you look at it from,a glance we have pretty much the exact,same check mark blue check mark right on,all my tweets just like what it used to,be and then you go to Elon Musk also a,blue check mark but the only difference,is if you click on mine it kind of,exposes me and it says that I paid eight,dollars and Elon Musk which I think is a,little bit funny to read it says this is,a legacy verified account it may or may,not be notable I think Elon Musk is,notable 121 million followers but I,digress we got LeBron James I have the,same check mark As LeBron James once,again kind of because if you click on it,he's also a legacy verified account,however if you were to click on Joe,Biden's account he also is verified blue,check mark this right here says he's,notable in government news e

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Twitter’s Verified Tick Causes Mayhem Amongst Celebrity Accounts | The Daily Show

Twitter’s Verified Tick Causes Mayhem Amongst Celebrity Accounts | The Daily Show

right now the one thing being mismanaged,worse than Putin's war is Elon musk's,website well Twitter has officially,debuted it's verified blue check marks,and the features already causing a lot,of confusion subscribers who pay the,Eight dollar monthly fee are now,entitled to some additional perks namely,the blue check mark previously reserved,for verified accounts the problem is,some of those users are using their,newly acquired verification to,impersonate celebrities and other public,figures someone pretending to beat,LeBron James tweeted I am officially,requesting a trade from the Lakers an,account that appeared to be from the,pharmaceutical company Eli Lilly,announced that all insulin would now be,free meanwhile a user impersonating,George W bush declared I miss killing,Iraqis and a fake account for Nintendo,simply tweeted a picture of Mario giving,the finger,oh no because anyone can buy,verification they're now impersonating,famous people who could have seen this,coming,what everyone wow where were you guys 44,billion dollars ago,look I'm gonna be honest and I'm gonna,be blunt here Elon Musk is running,Twitter into the ground and it's the,best Twitter's ever been,kidding me,bird huh George Bush telling us how he,really feels the thing is an absolute,train wreck and I'm here for it,the only reason we know that that wasn't,the real Mario was because Mario would,never flip someone the bird he's Italian,come on yeah he'd probably do this right,not this he's like hey Koopa tell your,mother I said hello huh,but who knows who knows maybe all of,this verified real fake people on,Twitter chaos is actually part of elon's,plan yeah maybe this is what he's doing,on purpose too no one will know a real,account from a fake account and then,he'll be like guys did you see someone,impersonated me and spent 44 billion,dollars on Twitter that was crazy well,I'm just gonna take my money and be on,my way okay bye bye now bye bye now if,we had the time we could discuss how,this verified Fiasco isn't just hurting,towards it's also damaging Tesla's stock,or we could definitely talk about how,Rihanna just said on Twitter that she,wanted me to perform with her at the,Super Bowl and no it's not a fake,account because she even asked for my,social security number but we don't have,the time for any of that because while,Twitter is faking celebrities a real,celebrity is in trouble for faking his,life Vogue is suing rappers Drake and 21,Savage for using a fake cover story to,promote their new album her loss so back,in October Drake shared what appeared to,be a Vogue magazine cover featuring,himself and 21 Savage with the caption,me and my brother on the newsstand,tomorrow thanking Vogue editors for,their support well apparently they did,not like this because the Publishers,they filed a complaint in federal court,this week saying the stunt was an,infringement of the company's trademark,so far no comment on the lawsuit from,trake or 21 Savage yeah that's right,Vogue is suing Drake and 21 Savage for 4,million dollars for photoshopping,themselves onto the cover of the,magazine,which,has a case here you can clearly tell,that this was a fake cover I mean Vogue,lighting black people properly this is,clearly not real,oh no it's parody,but the beef is very real,the biggest name in magazines is going,up against the biggest name in hip-hop,that's no joke this hasn't happened,since Tupac got shot by Reader's Digest,that's no gang,now just for context this Vogue cover,wasn't the only fake promotion Drake and,21 Savage I've been doing right he also,released a fake interview with Howard,Stern a fake SNL performance a fake,appearance on NPR like tiny desk which,is a little weird because,he's Drake he doesn't have to fake any,of these things you know it's so weird,to me it's like Drake if you want to be,on NPR I'm pretty sure you can be on NPR,this would be like Obama photoshopping,himself at a Buffalo Wild Wings you know,I was just like oh look Michelle it,almost looks like I was actually there,how cool would that be come on you're,the president you can go to a Buffalo,Wild Wings

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Twitter Verification: How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2023

Twitter Verification: How To Get Verified On Twitter In 2023

a little birdie told me that you want to,know how to get verified on twitter,the way you apply changed a few weeks,ago and then almost immediately,twitter had to put it on hold and then,they continued onward with the new,process,so in this video i'm clearing it all up,and walking you through the new,twitter verification process,what's up everybody welcome back to the,channel i'm brandi with life marketing,the digital marketing agency with a,mission to help small businesses grow,before we get into it go ahead and like,this video for me,and subscribe to the channel if you want,to grow your business,all right so as of may 2021 twitter,started rolling out verification,applications to,everyone and if you clicked on this,video i'm guessing you already know what,the verification badge is,but just in case let's define it really,quickly,the blue verify badge on twitter lets,people know that an account of public,interest is authentic,to receive the blue badge your account,must be authentic,notable and active to encourage and,maintain trust between users on the,platform,you will need to confirm your identity,with twitter in order to be verified you,will usually see these badges on,verified celebrity accounts for example,so that we know it's the real kevin hart,tweeting,and not somebody pretending to be kevin,hart tweeting but businesses can have,verified badges too,and this helps customers know which,account is really you or your business,alright so how do you get verified on,twitter,the new process includes filling out an,application directly from your profile,you can do it from your phone on the,mobile app,or from desktop so first click the more,dot dot dot,button click settings and privacy click,your account,and then account information then under,verified,click request verification then hit,start request and follow the prompts,you'll choose from the list of options,they have to describe what type of,account you have,then you'll have to choose between two,ways to show that your account qualifies,public presence and news coverage for,public presence you have to provide a,link to evidence of the substantial,presence in public indices,like google trends public stock,exchanges etc for news coverage you'll,have to provide,three links from reputable news,organizations that have covered or,referenced you,or your twitter account within the last,six months,i submitted our feature on cnbc's the,profit for example i'll link in the,description if you haven't seen it yet,after that,you select how you want them to verify,it's you be it via a government issued,id,an email address that shares the same,domain as your website url,which you will also fill out or the link,to an official website that references,you,and your twitter account once you submit,everything they show you a confirmation,screen like this,to let you know they've received your,request after that,it is in twitter's hands to make a,decision on whether or not to verify you,they've said that it can take a few,weeks to get back to you but that they,may pause accepting any new applications,until they have gotten through their,backlog which is exactly what happened,in may,after they opened up twitter,applications they received such a high,volume of applications that they had to,halt,applications just days after opening,them up but as of now they're openly,receiving applications again,so what happens if they get back to you,and tell you no,if they don't verify you you can apply,once every 30 days,and something else you should know is,that they stated that they do not,comment on,individual verification decisions,meaning that they can turn down your,application and they do not have to,explain why,now after all that you may be feeling a,little helpless like,what if they keep rejecting my,application month after month,what more can i do well one tip that i,am trying out currently at the time that,i'm filming this,is to fill out an impersonation form if,you can show,twitter that people are pretending to be,you or your company,that's more reason for them to give you,the verification badge to try and,prevent this from happening,you can go to this link that i'll put on,the screen to report somebody,impersonating you,or falsely representing your business,now i would only fill this out if people,are,actually impersonating you don't lie and,fill it out just to fill it out because,i'm not sure what the repercussions of,that could be,it could do you more harm than good and,on the final submission page it,literally asks you to declare under,penalty of perjury that all of the,information provided is accurate but for,us,unfortunately life marketing gets,impersonated all the time,i can't tell you how many times people,have been in our dms,sending us a name or email address of,someone that has been contacting them,pretending to be us to scam them and we,have to message them back and let them,know that that person is not affiliated,with us in any way,it's the whole deal so for us it made,se

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Should People Have Pay For A Twitter Verification?

Should People Have Pay For A Twitter Verification?

let me let me just read this with musk,let me just read this with musk I'll,look it up here in a minute,uh verify Twitter users May soon have to,pay monthly fee to keep their badge,under musk's leadership okay this is a,story that just came out,uh Twitter Executives spend the weekend,discussing a possible,um uh uh change to social media platform,where users have to pay subscribe to the,blue badges Twitter blue right now it's,4.99 it's actually great service by the,way it launched the last year's,platforms premium offering giving users,access to new features like customizable,app icons the ability to undo or,bookmark tweets and a reader mode or,more easily view long threads of posts a,verification to your subscription May,cost 19.99 a month The Verge reported,should Twitter require payment for its,verified status it would be the first,major American social media app to do so,as most platforms offer the feature for,free so what do you think about this 20,a month concept Tom here's what I think,about it Elon Musk is knows how to make,money and he knows what he's doing here,and what people don't know and I spoke,to two people yesterday and I said,um let me ask you a question do you pay,the 34.99 on LinkedIn well yeah I do why,well because you get the profile I get,all that and all of a sudden they,stopped they're like oh so in other,words LinkedIn free,you'd only get you so far but if you pay,the 34.99 to get all the other benefits,and the power users,HR people recruiters they have to pay,the big fees so that they can have more,than 500 outreaches per month on,LinkedIn all that Elon Musk is doing is,bringing Commerce elements to Twitter,that are indeed valuable that if you,want them you pay for them and I think,it's taking a page right out of uh the,most profitable social network and,history LinkedIn and Reed Hoffman that's,what I think is going on and it's a,little more charged and a little bit,more exciting and a little bit more,debated right now but that's all he's,doing that's all he's doing he's,following the LinkedIn model that's,right you actually think he's uh,following someone else's model the Jeff,Bezos Amazon Prime model he sees what,his boy Bezos is doing who wouldn't have,Amazon Prime to free delivery and all,that you're signing up for that,especially if you've got some money like,of course I'll do this so he's not an,idiot he knows how to make money he sees,what linkedin's doing what Amazon's,doing he's going to charge for premium,where where does service where does read,read come from the PayPal Mafia right,correct right I think you're making the,same point with the different uh,entrepreneur but it's the same point,it's like you know what let's go make,some money on this this can't just be,eyeballs from here to Mars and back,right because eyeballs doesn't make me,money and so I think what he's done here,it's a lightning rod for controversy but,he's just looking at it and saying,everybody else pays for something,valuable on the platform whether it's,Amazon Prime or or basic LinkedIn damn,it they're going to pay that here do you,think it incentivizes the the concept of,like then everyone's gonna have a,verified badge like everyone just,because they're going to view it as a,money making opportunity so it's going,to basically be everywhere as opposed to,so is that is it just like meaningless,then at that point I agree I think it,all depends is it curated it's like you,have to go like if you want to get a,insurance license you have to take a,test but then you have the license it's,either going to be some level of,curation there right like I'm gonna say,look all right I validated your presence,whatever it is you know social media,influencer media personnel reality,politician all those categories a,business executive that's noteworthy,okay,so we validated you you passed the test,would you like to pay twenty dollars for,the blue check,I I hope they keep doing it that way so,that it's curated credibility okay so,let me take let me take a couple things,here I think what he's doing is genius I,somebody asked me a question what would,you do about this I said if I could get,in right now and invest five 10 million,bucks I'm in it right now I would invest,into Twitter I said it before this,thing's going to be a trillion dollar,app and I'm saying it again I believe,it's going to be a trillion dollar,company because this guy knows how to,make money and the things he's making,are not dumb he asked a question the,other day what should we do to increase,the value of tick tock to increase the,value of uh what do you call it uh,Twitter people started responding one of,the first people that responded was Mr,Beast,and Mr B says whatever you do don't do,something that's easily duplicatable and,copied because other people will do it,okay other people will do Mr B's advice,fantastic advice then others said bring,back Vine so he did a poll talking about,should I bring back Vine,5 million people voted okay 70 of people,said

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I paid for Twitter Blue - Here's What You Get & Why Verification Isn't Yet Verifying Anyone..

I paid for Twitter Blue - Here's What You Get & Why Verification Isn't Yet Verifying Anyone..

hey everybody it's lion sibin and next,to YouTube Twitter is my most used,social media platform I don't go on,there to fight I go on there to follow,creators that I like and just see what's,going on and I've been a user I think,since the beginning of the service or,pretty close to it and the other day I,subscribed to the blue tier primarily to,see what it was all about and also to,get my blue check mark and the reason I,did this is because I think there might,be some opportunities for independent,content creators like myself to have,more reach on the platform and I'm eager,to see if there's an opportunity for me,there to start putting some of my video,content onto Twitter especially if they,start doing monetization and other,things my goal in this video is to show,you what blue looks like from the user,perspective offer you some analysis on,what I think is going on with Twitter,and where it might head in the future,but my intent here is not to comment on,political issues or what my opinions are,of Elon Musk I am looking at this purely,as a user and a Creator to see if there,might be some opportunities here for,independent voices in the future so,let's get to it and we'll see what this,is all about now I did pull all of you,to see among my YouTube viewership how,many of you are using Twitter on an,active basis and it looks like most of,you are not about 52 percent said no,another 10 percent used to but are no,longer on the platform any longer and I,think this is a really important point,to start with here is that Twitter,although it gets a lot of attention in,the mainstream press is not something,that a lot of people are using and,Twitter's small size versus their,competitors makes it a very difficult,business to operate they've only been,profitable too out of the last 12 years,and if you add up their net losses since,2010 they're about 1.3 billion dollars,in the whole or at least they were when,Elon Musk took on all of that debt in,addition to to ownership of the company,now one of the things that Twitter,rolled out a couple of years ago was the,blue tier now Twitter marketed this,subscription plan to their heaviest,users and in exchange for the five,dollars a month you would get access to,the features that Twitter's power users,really wanted to see and let me show you,what you get for you're now eight,dollars a month with Twitter blue so,right now I'm on my Twitter account they,give you kind of a nice little screen,here about all the different things you,can do the thing that I noticed,immediately first of all is that the ads,don't go away which I think they should,if you're paying a monthly subscription,fee more on that later and if I send out,a tweet here the first thing I,experienced was the fact that Twitter,suddenly slowed down so you can see I,went to send this tweet and it didn't,immediately get posted to my feed,because when you have Twitter blue it,enables this thing called undo tweets,this was before the edit button was,available and so by default it holds,your Tweet for like 30 30 seconds to,give you a chance to take it back before,it puts it on your feed so now it just,got sent up to my feed 30 seconds later,now you can turn this off and you can,set different variables as to when the,undo thing takes effect but I think for,people that don't often put their foot,in their mouth this is probably a bit,Overkill and it was kind of disjointing,to be honest with you because I was so,used to tweets going out right away and,then suddenly paying for the,subscription plan and then getting this,slowdown in the user experience was,something that I did not appreciate,right away and I have since turned that,off and just re-enabled it for the demo,here but you do get the edit button now,so while I'm on my tweet here if I go,over here to edit tweet I can now say,now editing,and then I can repost that tweet without,having to make a new one and that of,course goes through right away so the,edit button I think is very useful uh,for me it's probably not worth paying uh,the money for but I think there are a,number of people who post long Twitter,threads who would really value having,that edit button and for them it might,be worth it and speaking of threads if,you are a blue subscriber and you jump,into a long Twitter thread you will be,able to roll these up into something,more readable so here you can see a,bunch of posts from the same user in a,thread with a bunch of pictures attached,to it and if I go over here to the,reader button which is part of the blue,subscription plan I now have something,that looks a lot more like a blog post,and is much more readable there are,third-party tools that do this kind of a,roll up but I think having it integrated,into the interface is pretty nice but,it's up to you to decide if this is,worth your eight dollars a month now,Twitter allows users to keep bookmarks,of tweets so if there was a tweet you,wanted to refer to later you can add it,to your bookmarks here now if you are a,b

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REAL Meaning Behind New Twitter Color-Coded Verification

REAL Meaning Behind New Twitter Color-Coded Verification

what is the real meaning behind the new,color-coded check marks on Twitter well,the platform is now relaunching its,subscription service next week offering,users verified status for eight dollars,a month or 11 a month on their iPhone so,it looks like Elon Musk is hoping this,will fix the absolute chaos that took,place last month when the subscription,service was first introduced and,thousands of impersonated accounts,started appearing on Twitter so what is,he going to do differently now while the,new system is set to give priority to,subscribers over those who don't pay,apparently they will get more prominence,on the platform and rock it to the top,of replies mentions and searches A Move,That is supposed to help combat scams,and spam not only that but under the new,service subscribers who attempt to,change their handle display name or,photo will temporarily lose their tick,until the account has been reviewed,again other features offered include the,ability to edit tweets according to a,trial launched by the company in,September users will be able to edit a,tweet up to 30 minutes after it was,published with a symbol showing their,post has been modified other plan new,features include offering half the,number of adverts and the ability to,post longer tweets the company also,confirmed that it would introduce a,color-coded verification scheme with,businesses receiving a gold tick or,check mark and government accounts,receiving a gray symbol but is this,really enough to ensure that history,won't repeat itself to give you some,background back in November many people,took advantage of the new system and,started impersonating big Brands and,celebrities and paying for the Blue Tick,badge in order to make them look,authentic it seemed like an absolute,train wreck of an idea at the time,because in the hours after the blue,checks were put up for sale the platform,was flooded with all kinds of verified,impersonators from Jesus to a fake,LeBron James announcing that he wanted,to be traded away from the Lakers big,Brands were also hit as a fake Nintendo,account tweeted a picture of Mario,flipping the bird pharmaceutical company,Eli Lilly began tweeting Fake Messages,about free insulin and a fake Pepsi,account started tweeting about the,superiority of Coca-Cola another account,even pretended to be Tesla and bragged,about using child labor most of the,impulse natives were removed although,some stayed up for hours then in an,apparent attempt to prevent this from,happening again Twitter temporarily,restricted blue subscriptions two,accounts that were created before,November the 9th so that they could take,some time to fix the loopholes in the,new service so far the official Twitter,account has made an announcement of the,changes saying we're relaunching Twitter,blue on Monday subscribe on web for,eight dollars a month or on iOS for 11 a,month to get access to subscriber only,features including the blue check mark,according to the platform's website the,blue tech service is currently available,on iOS only in the US Canada Australia,and New Zealand also the UK with plans,to expand but funnily enough Twitter did,not explain why Apple users were being,charged more than others on the web,although it might have something to do,with the fact that musk has pretty much,declared war on Apple because they,threatened to take Twitter off the app,store and they take a cut of up to 30 on,sales in a series of tweets last month,he also accused the company of,threatening to stop all advertising on,Twitter if they don't play by their,roles musk made a bold statement when he,insinuated that apple is actively trying,to censor content on the internet all,because they're afraid of free speech in,a series of tweets the tech billionaire,wrote Apple has mostly stopped,advertising on Twitter do they hate free,speech in America he even tagged the CEO,of Apple Tim Cook and said what's going,on here so why was he being so,confrontational well a lot of it has to,do with the insane amount of money that,Apple spends on Twitter ads they spent,around a hundred and thirty thousand,dollars Just Between the 10th of,November and the 16th and although that,might sound like a lot they spent double,that amount in October between the 16th,and the 22nd the week before musk took,over Twitter so historically Twitter has,received some very impressive paychecks,from apples but it's a possible musk,might have found a way to keep that,money coming in after a recent meeting,with Apple's chief executive Tim Cook he,tweeted that there was a,misunderstanding about Twitter being,removed from the the App Store and that,the issue had been resolved so he might,have been able to come to some kind of,agreement with Apple after all but it,still doesn't change the fact that ever,since the take robot a laundry list of,companies have either stopped or pause,it advertising on the platform this is,going to be a huge issue because ad,sales accounted for about 90 of their,1.5 billion dollar R

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