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Dear Twitter!hey what's up I'm Kim BHD here so I,really like Twitter okay this comes from,a place of

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Updated on Jan 26,2023

Dear Twitter!

hey what's up I'm Kim BHD here so I,really like Twitter okay this comes from,a place of love but when you really like,something you want to see it succeed so,I've been on Twitter for 13 plus years,I've tweeted over 50 000 times don't,judge me but I use several different,Twitter apps I have third party apps on,my phone I've already made a dear,Twitter video this was five years ago,and actually some of the suggestions,that I made in that video including the,ability to edit tweets now has actually,made it to the product which is kind of,amazing but I don't know if you guys,have heard but Twitter they're kind of,going through a lot right now so Elon,Musk has actually bought Twitter and,taken over leadership very quickly and a,lot of pretty drastic changes are being,made very quickly reorganizing the whole,company firing people unfiring people,tons of new feature suggestions are on,the table honestly it feels like,anything is on the table so from the,outside looking in it just looks like,complete chaos even if you're on Twitter,it's chaos but I just I want it to work,like I want Twitter to be good I I don't,know I'm one of those sickos that,actually enjoys spending time on Twitter,sometimes and maybe it's kind of hard to,explain why but Twitter feels like it's,a pretty unique social media platform,it's an it's a unique experience because,it actually makes everyone feel,reachable like it actually has a pretty,small user base as far as daily active,users Facebook has literally 10 times,the amount of active users Twitter,literally has less daily active users,than Snapchat right now but it does feel,like it has an outsized impact relative,to that number of people like there are,a ton of interesting people,personalities athletes politicians,celebrities musicians artists all over,Twitter and it's just like it feels like,if you could just reach out to any one,of them they might see it and reply back,it just happens all the time so anyway,I'm rooting for Twitter to do well but,with all the chaos going on right now,there's most people do not have that,level of confidence in them at all now a,few days ago I tweeted that YouTube is,in fact still the only true s-tier,social media platform to which Elon,immediately replied for now so you know,what I'm just going to take you at face,value here I'm going to assume and,believe that you actually want Twitter,to be an A plus amazing great social,media platform,so I'm just gonna tell you what I think,Twitter should do to actually achieve,that and this is just coming from my,years of experience on social media Elon,currently follows me on Twitter maybe,he'll see this maybe I can actually make,this a useful video now to be clear I,don't think Twitter becomes an s-tier,social media platform by just aping,YouTube or by you know becoming a direct,YouTube competitor it should still be,its own thing,but as imperfect as it is there's a lot,of things that YouTube does really well,and there's a reason I put it as s tier,and there's a reason the same reason,that a lot of people who blow up on a,different social media platform from,Vine to tick tock to Instagram to,Twitter nine times out of ten their next,move is to try to convert as much of,that as possible to a YouTube channel so,here's a little diagram I made this is,what I'll call The Virtuous cycle of the,YouTube Creator ecosystem it's,oversimplified but obviously many,creators on YouTube use outside tools,but the basic premise is there's a lot,of creators on YouTube and those,creators are making content contributing,to the world's largest online video,library YouTube builds monetization,Tools around those videos which in turn,gets creators paid and happy which gets,them making more content etc etc it just,keeps flowing in a circle now I don't,know exactly how much Elon knows about,YouTube monetization specific typically,are the tools that they've built I'm,again just going to go by face value,here but it's also a legitimately hard,business question If you're trying to,build something like that cycle,where do you jump in like Twitter,doesn't necessarily have YouTube style,massive library of content,but what it does have is a lot of really,interesting high profile creative users,so dear Twitter a suite of evolving,Creator tools would make a massive,difference to the entire website so over,the years YouTube has added things from,all over the place there's the YouTube,Partner program so our advertisers pay,for spots alongside YouTube videos and,YouTube shares 55 of that ad Revenue,with the uploader of the video they also,recently announced monetized shorts even,more Revenue sharing in the shorts feed,starting next year they also have super,thanks which puts a donation button,under a video that makes your comment,distinct and colorful and creators,receive 70 of that donated money they,also have super chats and super stickers,during live streams so viewers can pay,to have their chats highlighted creators,also keep 70 of that money and there's

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Elon Musk's Twitter endgame: Is there a method to his madness?

Elon Musk's Twitter endgame: Is there a method to his madness?

Twitter will begin accepting political,advertisements in the coming weeks after,a three-year ban was in place to avoid,the spread of misinformation on the,platform CEO Elon Musk is looking for,new ways to bring in cash after paying,44 billion for the social media site and,it comes as musk is moving to minimize,costs by reducing its San Francisco,headquarters for instance cutting jobs,even toying with the idea of filing for,bankruptcy so what does all of this mean,for the future of the little blue bird,that's a question a lot of people are,asking me uh joining me now though Fox,Business exclusive is the former,Huffington Post CEO Yahoo board member,and long time venture capitalist Lira,hippos managing partner Eric hippo Eric,great to see you,um look let me get your your kind of uh,I guess summation if you like of what's,been going on at Twitter and how Elon,Musk has handled it since he took over,it's been a little chaotic would you say,completely High actually it was,completely chaotic and maybe there's,some method uh to his Madness after all,he's a fantastic businessman uh but but,he he took over he immediately fired,about two-thirds of the employees uh he,got involved in all kinds of,controversies having to do with uh free,speech and political matters and he,delisted people and he put them back on,and he created a subscription service,and he took it back down and it's really,hard to understand what the the you know,what the mission is but more importantly,he really really scared off the,advertisers you know by by some reports,he lost his as many as 70 percent of his,advertising and the average advertising,is what supports the business not 90,plus of his revenues are advertisers and,advertisers once you scare them off it's,hard to get them back,you know he says Mr musk says he's,looking for someone to replace him as,CEO there are those that say he should,do it by the end of this month I mean,how difficult is it going to be to find,that person who would want to take this,on,it really depends on how much Elon is,going to stay involved with the business,so he can't be capricious I mean the the,the the the thing about the business and,what I was hoping he would uh,immediately do is work on the product,itself,um Twitter is an incredibly useful,platform it's a social media platform,this is where you can get raw news or,opinions uh Trends it it's useful to all,of us on a daily basis but it's a very,very difficult product to use,um for the you know the Casual person,looking for information is going to have,a really hard time getting on the,platform and figuring it out so I we I,was hoping that that's where he was,going to go that he was going to make it,more user-friendly and user-friendly to,advertisers and he hasn't done any of,that so I'm not quite sure what his plan,is,how what would you advise him to do Eric,as with regard to creating some decent,cash flow uh he's talked about paying,tiers and so on and all of these,different things but as you point out,he's been losing a lot of advertisers,which is the core of his Revenue what,would you advise him right now,I would advise him to uh stabilize the,platform make your intentions uh very,clear this is what he wants the,community to do this is what he wants,the product to look like this is what,he's going to work on make it somewhat,transparent as to you know how he's,going to find a CEO what the,responsibility of that CEO is going to,be is that person and and that person's,team going to have autonomy uh of course,he owns it and he has a right to have,his own opinion but what what people,really want and particularly advertisers,is is transparency and and comfort that,where their advertising is going to go,is going to be useful,very quickly Eric does this open the,door for a competitor another social,media competitor to come in and fill the,space,it's going to be it's going to take a,long time the biggest competitor to um,to Twitter today is Reddit,um which bytes itself is not a very easy,to use uh product and there's another,one uh called Mastodon but all of these,things take a long time you know the,worry here is that Twitter will just,basically go bankrupt and that'll be the,end of that,very quickly do you think that's a,possibility,I I think if you look at um you know his,his issues his problems at Tesla,um these problems haven't yet spilled,over into SpaceX but you know at some,point when does he say enough is enough,I'll cut my losses and I'm I'm gonna go,play somewhere else,well we'll find out but it's fun to,follow in some ways uh Eric hippo thank,you so much for joining us really,appreciate your input today thank you

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New Wave Of Resignations Hit Twitter After Musk's Ultimatum For Employees

New Wave Of Resignations Hit Twitter After Musk's Ultimatum For Employees

or following developments tonight out of,Twitter the deadline has now passed for,employees to decide if they want to work,there under Elon Musk the new CEO told,those who did not share his vision or,were not willing to work intense hours,to leave the deadline was today at 5 PM,Eastern and employees were offered three,months of severance NBC technology,correspondent Jake Ward joins us now,with Moore and Jake depending on what,you're watching on social it looks like,a number of people at least are tweeting,that they're out and that they have made,no secret of their desire not to work,under these new conditions but what more,are you hearing,well Joshua At This Hour really what is,not happening at Twitter uh we as you,mentioned a few hours ago we're looking,at this deadline this ultimatum that,Elon Musk had put in front of his staff,essentially saying click here to commit,to extreme hardcore working conditions,and it was not spelled out in an,internal FAQ document exactly how that,might change for instance the benefits,you would have only that you would be,working harder possibly working weekends,the the ultimatum that he put in front,of people seemed to have been intended,to sort of weed out the people who,weren't adequately committed well,supposedly at this hour not enough,people have uh clicked that committal,button to basically keep the place,running what we are hearing from,internal Engineers is that critical,teams teams charged with the,infrastructure that keeps Twitter going,and again this is not just some company,this is the way the world leaders speak,to each other this is the way uh that,that police get evacuation orders out,right that site is in danger of go going,down because some of the critical teams,in charge of infrastructure are there,are supposedly walking right out of that,place here's another important thing to,understand at this hour uh Joshua is,that right now as we understand it an,internal email went out to everyone it's,been shared with our colleagues at CNBC,saying we are shutting down the offices,so the big Twitter HQ the iconic,building is locked out as of this hour,until Monday not clear why that might be,but certainly the paranoia we have seen,from Elon Musk over the last few days,seems to have been reflected in the,order to shut people out of that,building so tremendous resignations the,ultimatum does not seem to have gone the,way he intended it to and at this hour,that building is empty Joshua,so this is a lot of upheaval in a very,short period of time and for people who,don't know San Francisco that building,was the source of a lot of political,unrest because Twitter got tax breaks,from a previous mayoral Administration,including to keep it there on mid-market,Street in a more or less beleaguered,part of downtown San Francisco at the,time so there's a lot of unrest going on,at Twitter right now but Jake just a,little bit of context we have heard from,people in other parts of tech especially,Say the video game industry we're,grinding on software is normal right,where it is expected as part of the,culture that you're gonna work crazy,long hours you'll get paid well you'll,get great benefits but it's just de,Reger it's just sort of the way that,things are done this feel feels,different though this feels like it's a,cultural shift that people didn't accept,when they got there but now they're,being forced to accept to stay there do,I have that kind of right,I think you absolutely do I think we're,looking here at a big shift and you know,I can I absolutely understand to,somebody looking in from the outside,looking at this and saying how can these,people be complaining they're some of,the best paid most valuable employees in,the world right and the complaints that,we have seen in recent days that Elon,Musk and his team are scouring the,tweets of employees to make sure they,are not disparaging their former,employer you know that is weird for a,guy who claims to be a free speech,absolutist but it is absolutely normal,in Corporate America right uh you know,we at any company are required to not,disparage that company publicly so all,of that I understand what we're also,seeing however is a big shift from what,was really an article of faith in,working at Twitter that you were there,as part of a piece of big important,Civic infrastructure you were,theoretically trying to keep people,together we're talking about the,instrument by which world leaders who,have no other diplomatic channel to,speak to one another get the word out to,one another in Acro lost Twitter right,it is an extraordinary channel in terms,of what it does and it is largely unique,in this landscape at this moment I think,that the bargain that people who were,working there really made with,themselves was we're going to go and,work as hard as we can on this place in,order but because we believe in it then,Elon Musk comes in and begins talking,about how he wants to blow all of that,up he of course throws away the,verification syst

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Elon Musk's Crazy Announcement about New Life of Twitter

Elon Musk's Crazy Announcement about New Life of Twitter

during his recent gathering with Twitter,staff Elon Musk went into greater detail,about the revisions he is introducing as,CEO of Twitter he unveiled plans to,refine their services and revealed who,will remain at the company in a,straightforward way his candidness and,intentions are Paving the path for a new,era of innovation within the platform,that users have been longing for and,part of these changes are related to,fake activity on the platform on an,online platform where everyone can make,an account there is always a bot problem,but Elon Musk could potentially be the,first person ever to bring a change to,this but how is he gonna do it well a,few days ago in an explosive interview,with the all-in podcast must claimed,that Twitter used to pretend that Bots,were real people the social media,platform rarely took action against them,and when they did it would pick and,choose what kind of bots it would take,action against according to musk Twitter,management was intentionally increasing,fake accounts on the platform to create,the illusion of mass activity this is a,horrible thing to do of course but the,problem is that with this attitude over,the years Twitter had the worst bot,problem among all social media sites but,Elon Musk put in an absolute master,class from the beginning made incredible,smart moves and completely changed the,whole picture of fake accounts Twitter's,bot problem was deep rooted and,pervasive before Mass took the helm,Twitter had created a system that,allowed Bots to thrive by not actively,monitoring or dealing with them Bots,were able to freely create accounts and,post automated content without being,detected Bots can damage a social media,platform by spreading false information,and creating an echo chamber of content,they also flood the platform with Spam,making it difficult for genuine users to,find meaningful content by contributing,to the spread of misinformation Bots can,be dangerous and disruptive to,conversations happening on a platform,additionally Bots can overwhelm other,users with comments and messages,cluttering up their timelines and simply,making for a bad experience for viewers,Bots can be used by political actors to,spread their message and influence,public opinion because Twitter is such,an influential platform when one side of,the political aisle can Reign freely,while the other is actively censored it,makes the bot problem even more,atrocious there was no even playing,field mask has previously said that up,to 90 percent of the posts on Twitter,are by Bots while he hasn't confirmed,this since taking over almost anyone,that has spent a significant amount of,time on Twitter can confirm that there,is a very serious bot problem on the,website Elon Musk is currently working,on a human test to help reduce the,prevalence of bots on Twitter this test,would require users to prove they are,human by engaging with content on their,timeline and connecting with other users,if they pass the test they will receive,to improved visibility for their tweets,and full access to direct messaging,tools the idea behind this is to make it,harder for Bots to create accounts and,post automated content as the human test,would make it more difficult for them to,pass but there's a slight problem with,this that many of musk's detractors keep,pointing out Bots are capable of,learning how to act human meaning they,can mimic the behavior and responses of,genuine users this makes it difficult,for social media platforms to detect,them as Bots can copy the same patterns,of speech and engage with content in the,same way that a real user would this,means that if Twitter were to Implement,a human test Bots could easily learn how,to pass it however this is where musk,pulled out some of his smarts he never,actually revealed how this human test,would work in reality Twitter would be,working behind the scene examining,countless different active accounts and,determining whether or not they're Bots,the accounts that are most likely to be,human will be pushed up by the algorithm,while the accounts that are the most,bought like will be pushed down if,Twitter can confirm an account is a bot,it would simply suspend or terminate it,have you ever heard the phrase it takes,one to know one well that's exactly the,kind of approach Elon Musk took to,tackling its bot problems Elon musk's,Twitter is now using automated,moderation to remove bot and other,content that violates the platform's,terms of service this means that most if,not all of the removal and content,moderation processes will be done,automatically without manual review the,content will also be restricted from,distribution in some way but it won't,necessarily be removed outright the,automated process will make it much,easier to keep Bots and other unwanted,content off of the platform as well as,to quickly respond to any violations,that do occur in addition the automated,moderation system is expected to be more,accurate than a manual one which could,help reduce the

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An Update on Elon Musk & Twitter Censorship.

An Update on Elon Musk & Twitter Censorship.

all right we gotta run numbers on,Twitter we're gonna do that in this,video we're gonna look at financials,we're also going to talk updates,regarding uh a revision on what happened,with Elon Musk this morning I have a lot,more insight so we're going to talk,about that and of course we're going to,remind you that yesterday is the 14th,that means coupon code PP expires right,now we are getting a lot of people,wanting to join the trading challenge,that started today uh it's great it's,going great so far I'm super excited to,share it with y'all that is uh what in,2023 will be the 5 million dollar,trading challenge building that account,up and that's in stocks and psych make,sure to check out zero to millionaire,real estate investing as well as the,elite Hustlers course coupon code PP,expiring tonight thanks all right in,this video I want to update some of my,thoughts on the Elon Musk jet situation,Free Speech situation and I want to,update these thoughts uh based on,actually a tweet that I sent this,morning which I thought about this a,little bit more and this was the tweet,that I sent after I made my morning,video about Elon Musk Banning the,account that tracks this Jet and there,have been some updates since then some,more bands I wrote If elon's private jet,can't be tracked on Twitter then no,one's jet should be tracked on Twitter,Oprah Swift Bezos Bill Gates you name it,right in other words if there's one rule,that should apply to everyone if the,rules of Twitter say you're not allowed,to leak someone's address or phone,number then don't leak someone's address,or phone number if that then extends to,you're also not allowed to leak uh or,tracking information which even though,most of the time that's public,information,that's considered doxing if you're,tracking somebody and posting updates on,that well fine if that's the rule then,then people should be made aware of that,rule change and then have an opportunity,to not break that rule right,so then I wrote these uh the rules,should apply equally I'm tired of quote,the rules are for thee and not for me,there should be equal application now I,say that because in California you get a,lot of that okay like the mayor London,breed in San Francisco hey you all Gotta,Wear Your masks and then she's out,partying not wearing a mask the same,thing with Gavin Newsom he did the same,thing going to dinner it's always with,the politicians it's it's here are the,rules you follow them and then the,politicians themselves don't it's it's,hypocritical,that's a little bit what it felt like,this morning when Elon Musk band an,individual's account who was tracking,the Elon Musk jet when Elon Musk said,himself hey this is part of free speech,even though that's not good for my,security uh you know we're going to,allow that free speech to occur clearly,that has since changed clearly now uh,Twitter has decided no no private jet,tracking accounts are going to be banned,and apparently it's now no longer just,Elon musk's account that has been uh the,tracker for Elon Musk private jet that,has been tracked but apparently now,other private jet trackers are starting,to disappear as well however because of,the leak that occurred where Jack,Sweeney posted pictures this morning,that came from internal messages within,Twitter that his private jet account was,being censored through visibility,filtering the same kind of nonsense we,saw in the Twitter files apparently then,maybe I paid it for a different reason,but apparently Jack Sweeney that Creator,who was running the private jet account,now had all 30 of his Twitter accounts,banned including his personal one where,he was kind of exposing his own Twitter,files he called it,now uh there's also you know an,interesting argument about uh tracking,private jets first,upon looking into this a little bit more,most private jets you look at the tail,number you throw it into flight away or,boom you could track him you can now,apparently request a flight blocking,with the FAA which then restricts other,people's ability to actually track your,private jet I believe people have to,apply for that I'm not sure what the,exact details of that are but uh there,was also another opinion from one of the,folks over on the all-in Pod and I,thought this was actually a fair point,he wrote my this was Jason my personal,belief is that the sustained sharing of,public information location information,is de facto doxing if one follow if one,individual followed another around all,day and shared their location on a,Twitter handle called let's just say,Susan's location that would obviously,present a security risk a dangerous,Securities and I think this is,interesting right uh I I,think the way all of this private jet,stuff is being handled though is the,problem I agree I think if I had a,private jet and somebody was always like,oh Kevin's here now oh Kevin's going,from Texas to Florida oh what deals he,buying over there for how's that that'd,be a little awkward at least uh and then,

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How Twitter Became the Biggest Clusterf*ck of 2022

How Twitter Became the Biggest Clusterf*ck of 2022

foreign,off this whole thing by making what most,people thought was a 420 joke in his,share price,when I first heard the news that Elon,Musk was becoming a bigger and bigger,shareholder in Twitter buying up Twitter,stock I never thought that this would,actually turn into one of the biggest,stories of the year it sort of escalated,into him actually owning the company,then not wanting to own the company then,turns out he will own the company so,there were it was a roller coaster ride,until we get to the point where Elon,Musk the world's richest man is actually,buying Twitter,one of the most influential platforms,for politicians journalists and other,public figures and I think no one really,saw that coming in 2022. I think the,first time we get more insight into that,is at a TED Talk in Vancouver,um and he starts talking about how he,wants Twitter to be a more open Digital,Square uh than it is now that he wants,more transparency about when content is,taken down or stays up and he wants you,know freedom of speech but not freedom,of reach,Twitter or any forum is bound by the,laws of the country that it operates in,so obviously there are some limitations,on Free Speech in in the U.S and and of,course Twitter would have to abide by,those uh right rules so then the,question for Elon Musk became okay well,how are you going to deal with porn how,are you going to deal with terrorist,content that isn't illegal but is really,scary how are you going to deal with,Nazi Nazis on the platform or racial,slurs toward black people or,misogynistic content all of that totally,okay under the law but will it be A-Okay,on Twitter and that was sort of the,looming question as Elon Musk continue,to take over the company,foreign,'s big campaign was like I'm gonna you,know change the system that wasn't,working and power to the people I'm,gonna let anyone who wants get verified,anyone who pays x amount of dollars per,month so anyway Elon ends up pushing out,this eight dollars a month plan and it,goes off to a super Rocky start,comedians like Kathy Griffin taking,advantage of this or sells Sarah,Silverman and buying this blue check,mark and then making their names Elon,Musk and their profile picture Elon Musk,and then posting just a bunch of,trollish just completely like wild,things about him so he makes a new rule,and says any account that is not clearly,labeling itself is parody uh it will be,taken down so immediately people are,saying well what happened to elon's,freedom of speech values as he said,where the whole reason he bought this,company like can he take a joke is he,not in favor of freedom of speech when,it's people making fun of him so that,was kind of one of the first early,contradictions we saw in like Elon Musk,whole freedom of speech rollout and then,we see Elon repeat that pattern when he,suspended and several high-profile,journalists who have covered him in his,chaotic takeover of Twitter Elon accuses,these journalists of doxing him or,revealing private information about him,online that could be used to harass him,because these journalists were reporting,on a story about Elon jet an account,that was tracking publicly available,coordinates about where elon's private,aircraft was going so Elon Musk makes a,new role Banning anyone from sharing,live locations about other people's,whereabouts and this essentially,protects him in a very specific way in,that Elon was long annoyed about this,account,I think knowing what we know 2023 is,going to continue to be a wild ride for,Twitter there are questions about if,Elon Musk will even own Twitter and,Twitter 23 if he'll step down a CEO if a,company will go into bankruptcy who,would want that job right now Elon would,still be owner ostensibly which means,you would still report to him and he,doesn't you know by any account seem,like an easy person to work for you'd be,signing up to work for a company that's,in your bankruptcy and it's advertisers,you're fleeing so there's a lot of,downside and little upside for anyone to,sign up to be Twitter CEO right now

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CNN fact-checks Musk's claims Apple wants to remove Twitter app

CNN fact-checks Musk's claims Apple wants to remove Twitter app

turned his focus to Apple,,claiming,the company was going to withhold,from its Apple store,and asking,if Apple hated free speech in Am,and tweeting at Apple,CEO Tim Cook asking,,what is going on here?,Then later in the day, MS.,t's that he will publish,what he calls the Twitter files,,the public deserves,to know,what Twitter has done in the pas,regarding free speech suppressio,and then finally,,I'm sure,there's going to be more, though,He posted and penned a tweet,saying that this is the battle,for the future of civilization.,If free speech is lost, even in ,tyranny is all that lies ahead.,So glad we have our colleague,and friend Donie O'Sullivan,here with us to talk about all I,Where do you begin?,I mean, right.,It's like you,have to laugh because it's like,,what else do you do know?,CEO operates like this,,but it's really scary,is is it not to see,some of this stuff,from the Gone With what is.,Yeah.,A lot.,A lot going on.,Let's start with Apple,because that's,what's really important here.,The Apple App Store,has a kind of quality control,,so you can't just get any app,on your phone.,Apple,,that's the app's,one to make sure,there's not viruses in it,that could be spying on us,,but also to make sure,that they don't,have apps on their app store,that promotes hate speech or,,you know, dangerous misinformati,We saw,Parler, which was a right,wing social media network,getting kicked off the App Store,for a while last year,until they cleaned up their hate,speech rules.,And I think Twitter.,Elon Musk is concerned,because he has,taken down all the guardrails,when it comes to the rules,on the platform,that Apple might turn around,and say, hey,,we don't want you on our app,store anymore.,And if that happens and Twitter,was essentially unavailable,as an app put in iPhones,,that could be devastating for Tw,One other important point,when it comes to Apple,,we learned yesterday,that Apple has basically stopped,advertising on Twitter.,And The Washington Post reported,that Apple in quarter,one in the first quarter of this,was actually Twitter's,biggest advertiser,,spending a $48 million,in the first quarter alone.,So you can also see another reas,why Musk is taking issue with Ap,Well, that's,that's the that's the thing here,Whether he's doing it,this is some out of some despera,if he's doing it for,attention to try,to get more eyes on Twitter.,But the real issue, Donny,,is that Apple is not the only on,major advertisers are no longer,advertising on Twitter.,And that poses a huge problem,beyond just Elon Musk,for the for the company,,the stability,and the longevity of the company,Absolutely.,And look,,and speaking of kind of tearing ,the whole rulebook that Twitter,had these past few years,,we just learned overnight,this and I want to show you,this screenshot,from from Twitter, his website.,They are no longer enforcing the,19 misinformation policy.,Since 2020 Twitter has been work,they were definitely not always,perfect,and there was a lot of misinform,about COVID.,About the vaccines on the platfo,but there was a rules in place,and policies in place.,We learned that that is no more,that is no longer happening at T,and that again,might be another reason,why Apple might say, hey,,we don't want you to have us.,We don't want to have you,on our app store.,Finally, under that policy,,according to Twitter's own numbe,since 2020 Twitter suspended,11,000 accounts,for sharing COVID misinformation,It's very possible,that a lot of those accounts,we're going to see coming back,onto the platform.,And one final thing, guys.,The reason why I'm here in Flori,and working on my time,is that we're about to hear toda,a Twitter employee,,Yoel Ross,,who was,in charge,of writing a lot of these rules.,He left the company a few weeks ,He basically couldn't,work under Elon Musk anymore.,And he's about to speak out,at a conference,here in Florida a little later t

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The Twitter Files

The Twitter Files

so Elon Musk made this tweet yesterday,he said what really happened with the,hunter Biden story suppression by,Twitter will be published on Twitter at,5 PM Eastern Time,so uh we're double checking some facts,we'll probably start live twinning in,about 40 minutes so this has come out,yesterday it's big nothing well let's,see what it says the Twitter files uh,what you're about to read is the first,installment of a series based upon,thousands of internal documents obtained,by sources at Twitter the Twitter files,tell an incredible story from inside one,of the world's most largest world's,largest and most influential social,media platforms it is a Frankenstein,tale of a human built mechanism grown,out of the control of its designer,Twitter in its conception was a,brilliant tool for enabling instant Mass,messaging making a a true real-time,Global conversation possible for the,first time in early conception Twitter,has lived up to its mission statement of,giving people the power to create and,share ideas and information instantly,without barriers as time progressed,however the company slowly was forced to,add those barriers some of the first,tools for controlling speech were,designed to combat the likes of spanned,spam and financial fraudsters slowly,over time Twitter staff and Executives,began to find more and more uses for,these tools Outsiders began petitioning,the company to manipulate speech as well,first a little then more than often then,constantly,by 2020 requests from connected actors,to delete tweets were routine one,executive would write to another more to,review from the Biden team the reply,would come back handled,and I'm sure people have looked these,tweets up did do any of these tweets,still exist,yeah all those tweets that were deleted,were porn,is that true,no but they were revenge porn if the,tweets were revenge porn,then I don't think I don't have any,problem with Twitter deleting them they,were dick pics yes,there it's Hunter's dick pics,um,I think that Twitter deleting revenge,porn is not a bad thing,yeah I would say this is this is not a,bad thing deleting revenge porn is is,not a bad thing,uh revenge porn and personal leaked,yes,Patek Brave take well what I mean is,that there are a lot of people who think,that it's okay for that because uh,Hunter Biden's public figure right yeah,I I that you're right it's not a hot,take but I think there would be people,that would be mad that I'm saying this,because they don't like Hunter Biden and,so they would want the revenge porn,posted,next one here I grabbed the first one,under SI defer to safety on the high,profile second one and so this is,another uh another post celebrities and,unknowns alike could be removed or,reviewed at the behest of a political,party,both parties had access to these tools,for instance in 2020 requests from both,Trump White House and the Biden campaign,were received and honored however this,system wasn't balanced it was based on,context because Twitter was and is,overwhelmingly staffed by people of one,political orientation,uh yeah I wonder which one that is uh,there were more channels more ways to,complain and more open to the left while,Democrats than the right,so here we go contributions by party of,recipient so these are,um,I I've seen this chart before and I'm,just making sure that I'm right about,this this image here is an image of,contributions that Twitter employees,made to different parties while they,were at Twitter is that correct,I just want to make sure yes yes yeah,I've seen this before okay,so,96 in 2018 uh I know you guys can't read,it um let me just zoom out yeah you guys,see 2018. uh and this is also uh almost,a million dollars 98 to Democrats 2022,99.79,to uh two Democrats Republicans got 451,dollars,so this is obviously this tells a very,a very one-sided story,yes 400 yes Republicans have received,451 dollars this cycle from Twitter,okay this system wasn't bound oh yeah we,read that okay yeah that's open Secrets,and that's the whole thing right I I saw,the picture I didn't even notice there,was a link the resulting start in,content moderation decisions is visible,uh in the documents that you're about to,read however it's the assessment of,multiple current and former high-level,Executives okay there was one more,throats a throat clearing about the,process but screw it let's jump forward,the Twitter files part one how and why,Twitter blocked the hunter Biden laptop,story on October 2014 2020 uh New York,Post published Biden secret emails uh an,expose based on the contents of 100,Biden's abandoned laptop I don't know,why it is that Hunter Biden,like it doesn't matter like who is like,I feel like Hunter Biden has taken more,pictures of himself doing crimes than,every hip-hop artist in the last 40,years put together,it's nuts like the guys like it,like that's all he does is he just takes,pictures and sells himself doing crack,it's crazy man,yeah it's nothing to do with garment,yeah all right anyway crack of nugge

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