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What happened to Twitter after the Elon Musk takeover?late in the evening on October 27th Elon,Musk

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Updated on Jan 25,2023

What happened to Twitter after the Elon Musk takeover?

late in the evening on October 27th Elon,Musk officially took ownership of,Twitter and wasted no time overhauling,basically everything about the company,in a matter of days he's fired the board,of directors installed himself as CEO,and made a string of increasingly,chaotic product decisions he's talked,about relaunching Vine he's talked about,establishing a new oversight board for,moderation decisions the biggest new,project is getting all the verified,accounts to pay eight dollars a month,for their blue check and if the,engineers can't ship an update in the,next week they're fired looming over,everything is the threat of massive,layoffs touching nearly every part of,the company whatever happens this is,gonna have a huge and lasting impact on,what it's like to use Twitter so what is,Elon musk's version of Twitter,actually going to look like Twitter was,part of the first wave of social media,companies founded just one year after,YouTube and two years after Facebook but,where those two became billion dollar,businesses Twitter has really struggled,lots of people use the platform but as a,business it's inconsistent at best,struggling for profitability through a,rotating cast of CEOs as Mark Zuckerberg,put it it was like they drove a clown,car into a gold mine as of last quarter,Facebook has about 10 times more users,and makes 10 times more money than,Twitter from April to June Facebook made,a profit of 8.4 billion dollars and,Twitter lost 344 million dollars that's,a lot of money to lose in three months,and after 15 years of fitful,profitability Twitter was looking at a,very real possibility that the company,would just run out of money into that,mess steps Elon Musk even as Twitter was,failing as a business it had become,really influential with a core set of,users particularly people who work in,the media so when Twitter made,controversial moderation calls like,Banning Trump or blocking a New York,Post article it could have a huge,overall effect as Elon became more,prominent on Twitter he also became more,prickly about the platform's moderation,choices and unlike basically every other,person on Earth he even in a position to,raise tens of billions of dollars just,to buy the thing this is not a a way to,sort of make money you know having a,public platform that is maximally,trusted and broadly inclusive is,extremely important to the future of,civilization I don't care about the,economics at all so in in theory this,approach could work whatever you think,of him Elon Musk has a long history of,running mission-driven companies and if,you squint a little you can imagine,Twitter being run the same way but,basically everything Elon has done since,he made this offer has made the deal,seem like a slow-motion disaster after,charging in hard with the 44 billion,dollar offer he spent most of the Year,trying to weasel out of the deal because,of some pretty specious claims about bot,activity eventually caving once Twitter,took him to court,now Elon really owns Twitter he's made,himself CEO and he can do whatever he,wants but mostly what he seems to want,to do is make life difficult for the,people who actually work there you can,argue some of this makes sense Twitter,really does need to reduce its costs and,the whole reason Elon bought it in the,first place was because he thought they,were doing a bad job but the fact that,it's happened happening so quickly and,haphazardly raises the real possibility,that there just won't be anyone left to,keep the platform running Twitter's,reputation is social media's ugly,duckling also works against it here,anyone with the skills to really help,Twitter succeed could make a lot more,money at Facebook or YouTube and they,wouldn't have to deal with working for,Elon at a company like SpaceX or Tesla,you might stick around because you,really care about electric cars or,private space flight but at this point,it's hard to imagine anyone really,feeling that way about Twitter then,there's musk's view of free speech his,basic idea is that Twitter should do,less moderation which is a reasonable,enough idea but in practice it's meant,gutting Twitter's trust and safety team,at the same time that the platform is,seeing a huge surge in tweets using,racial slurs whatever you think about,the abstract ideas in play this is not,going to tempt in any new users or,advertisers what's left looks an awful,lot like a death spiral where staff,chaos creates user experience problems,which leads to fewer users and less,money which leads to more staff chaos,and more platform issues for all elon's,experience he's never run a social,network before and he's not going to,have a lot of Runway to turn Twitter,around,if he really can't,he may have just bought a 44 billion,dollar trash fire,thanks for watching uh it's been a busy,week of updates but you can catch it all,on the,did you like the point that was like,that's what that's what

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How to hack the president's phone

How to hack the president's phone

President Trump is continuing to use an,off-the-shelf Android phone a New York,Times report on January 25th described,aides trying and failing to replace,Trump Samsung device and a string of,tweaks in the days since have shown the,president continuing to use Twitter for,Android that's a huge security problem,and a huge break from the norm finally,this year they said good news mr.,president we're going to give you a,smartphone I get the thing and they're,like well mr. president for security,reasons it is a great phone,state-of-the-art but it doesn't take,pictures you can't text the phone,doesn't work so basically it's like the,three year old everyone was placed on,when President Obama took office he got,a specially secured blackberry with no,apps no Twitter and just a handful of,numbers that he could call or text the,problem is any consumer grade phone,running Twitter is vulnerable to,thousands of attacks from all around the,world and if that phone is in the,president's pocket a lot of people are,going to try to break in if they make it,through they can turn the phone into a,live microphone broadcasting everything,you cheers back to the hacker to show,you how that works we've connected with,Zak lanyard director of research at,silence he's going to plant some,surveillance malware on our producer,Tom's Galaxy s6 edge we tweeted Tama,download link for what looks like the,weather bug app but alongside the,weather prediction Zack built in some,surveillance malware that can turn on,the phone's microphone and even the,camera that lets us check in on Tom,whenever we want you are at 40 point 704,a latitude is negative 74 oh one one,three three one two so we're running,Gabby honey when you got me over here,they should be in the middle of a,meeting yes you should be able to hear,them talking what I'm going to eat this,yummy oh I also can't make it tomorrow,probably seven seconds of audio,I've got their front camera and back,camera full contact no SMS messages,unfortunately or call it's true like we,created we could have put more there to,give you so here's what we got Tory are,you okay yeah what Karen you daddy's,right here nice very Duty for me that's,been yeah I mean it's a little,muffled because I think he was in his,pocket or something but it was I mean,it's perfect yeah you can work you got,this right here you one name is very,duty sister ah music okay let's move it,fast is great what's the next week yeah,it doesn't want to happen agree when do,you guys want to finally stop I can't do,it I can't do it next Monday I feel you,guys have a today they can't do it next,Monday unfortunately by the cameras why,be half bed so this was just a demo that,Zack put together in his spare time and,the real thing would look different a,couple ways we were relying on known,vulnerabilities in Android so we had to,trick Tom into purposefully downloading,the software but when we see,surveillance malware in the wild it's a,lot sneak you using undiscovered,vulnerabilities to break into an email,attachment a bad link or even a silent,software update it takes a lot of time,and expertise to carry out an attack,like that and for most users it's just,not a plausible threat but the president,is different,foreign intelligence agencies are,willing to spend millions of dollars and,years of work to find out the president,secrets right now some of the best,hackers in the world are in rooms in,Moscow in Beijing spending all day every,day trying to hack into the Oval Office,they take away here would be something,to the effect of when you have an open,ecosystem like that it's very hard to,really universally maintain some kind of,baseline procedure if they've done a,good job but in the end it's it's hard,because you have way more gates it's,just not going to be something regular,things so hmm,which app older devices like s3 s4 even,earlier is that five you don't and the,fact that certain people in power have,those that are more or less unsupported,it's terrifying if there's an unsecured,phone anywhere near the president those,groups are going to find it and turn it,into a microphone that was true for,President Obama and it's true for,President Trump the difference is it's,so far Trump seems to care more about,tweeting than protecting state secrets,yeah actually amber Ashley Hamburg lol,hamburger that real birth that is he,works he used to work here and now he,works with snapchat if he downloading it,oh he's in the contacts of the phone no,I mean we're going to we're going to,call in the drones on that that's that's,valuable information

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Mark Zuckerberg on the Quest Pro, metaverse, Elon's Twitter takeover and more

Mark Zuckerberg on the Quest Pro, metaverse, Elon's Twitter takeover and more

Mark thanks for doing this happy to do,it thanks for having me we have a lot to,talk about including this thing sitting,here between us yes that's a good one,this new device you've got a lot of,ground to cover actually I wanted to,start where you and I left off a year,ago when we had this conversation which,was um the Rebrand it's a meta it's been,a year now,um the world was very different a year,ago I think your company was in a very,different spot the world was just in a,different spot,um I guess looking back now uh I'd be,curious to hear you reflect on,um doing the Rebrand when you did and,did it achieve what you hoped it would,well yeah no I think that that's that is,a good place to start,um I'll I'll just start off by saying,that you know about a year ago this time,you gave us a lot of trouble by uh by,breaking the news of uh of this Rebrand,yeah sorry about that yeah well you know,it's uh you were doing your job and and,I respect that so I appreciate it um but,I I think that that was that was just,about the biggest thing of the year that,we were trying to we just tried so hard,to keep it under wraps but but somehow,you got that one,um so touche,um,I know there's a bunch to reflect on,here so first is this is a long-term,Journey right I mean it was never like,okay we're trying to uh,the internal conversations we had,actually always expected that the,initial moment of the Rebrand was going,to be quite negative and,um,and then that over time we would just,sort of build this out right just,because like there are all these,questions around what the Future Vision,is that we're building and um and we,just and all this stuff is ahead right I,mean we're kind of this is the you know,the first version of the the work VR,device line that we're shipping and you,know it's not going to be until you know,later this decade when we're on V4 V5,that this stuff really starts to get,fully mature and um so I just figured,there's so much story here left to fill,out and this is like a long-term thing,so I'd say the initial response to the,Rebrand dramatically surpassed my,expectations about,um kind of what could be achieved in,terms of people,um,hearing the vision that we were that we,wanted to put out there and I think like,almost overnight,um you know in the first few months you,had all these other companies sort of,um jumping in and talking about how they,wanted to do stuff in the metaverse too,and I think it really popularized,um that term and that Vision,um in a way that that just dramatically,exceeded what I had actually expected,you you look surprised well uh it,exceeded what I I'm surprised because it,exceeded what I expected as well the the,way that metaverse became a meme and,this in the business world really,everywhere and now there's Chief,metaverse officers at companies right,I mean it sounds like you didn't expect,for it to catch on quite like that no I,kind of assumed that we were going to,have to,just continue building out the road map,and that I mean maybe sometime like five,years from now things would start to,click and people would start to,understand what we were putting together,um instead,I I think a lot of people really got a,lot of the vision,um for for what it is I mean obviously,it's still this high level concept,there's a ton of stuff that still needs,to get built but but I I think you know,it caught people's excitement,um just as as sort of a kind of a,long-term hope for what we want to build,more than more than I'd actually thought,was possible and that I think actually,poses different opportunities and,challenges on the one hand a lot of,folks are really excited about working,on it on the other hand I do think it,just sets up for a trough of,disillusionment at some point because,you know it is a vision that's that's um,that's far out,um and we're obviously investing a lot,and the products are working really well,I mean Quest 2 is is working really well,and I think a lot of the research that,we have and mixed reality augmented,reality neural interfaces like all the,all these I think these are leading in,across the industry so I'm really,excited about what we're doing but,um but it's not like the stuff is going,to be fully mature in in um you know in,a year or or even you know two or three,years it's gonna take a long time to,build out the next Computing platform,um so so we'll see I think that's that's,been generally good but then the the,other piece that I've reflected on a lot,um is as you've said I think the the,world is in a pretty different place now,um you know the the market is in a,different place,um your evaluation I mean it's,dramatically different well us and and,pretty much everyone else right it's um,you know inflation has gone up interest,rates have gone up when interest rates,go up that weighs on all Equity prices,right and,um but you know there there are kind of,some people are like maybe a little bit,overly kind of financial about about,um about thinking through,um strategy who w

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Why Elon Musk reinstated Trump's Twitter account

Why Elon Musk reinstated Trump's Twitter account

this weekend there is uncertainty about,Twitter's future under its new owner,Elon Musk for more we are joined by tech,journalist Kara Swisher host of on with,Kara swisher and from London Scott,Galloway who is her co-host on the,podcast pivot and also a professor at,NYU it's good to have you both here,um big weekend,last night Elon Musk Cara put Donald,Trump the former president back on,Twitter he had been suspended after,January 6th permanently and he went and,he found his own social media company,true social and according to filings he,has a six hour exclusive he can only,post there not on Twitter yeah so what,is lifting the ban on his use of Twitter,actually do nothing I mean he's been,posting people have been posting his his,truths I think that's what they're,called on Twitter already and it gets,out anyway so he has you know he's got,these contractual obligations to this,company that is not doing great,um and I think he can't resist and,you'll probably go full Twitter at some,point but I don't think it makes any,difference plus he's the former,president so it doesn't quite hit quite,as hard so I think the juice is a little,bit out of his power on that platform,we'll see well he's also Scott a,presidential candidate as we learned,just a few days ago he was kicked off of,Facebook Instagram YouTube after January,6. do you think this this opens the,floodgates or is this just a gimmick by,Elon Musk for PR,I think it's mostly the latter I think,if if elon's out of the news for more,than 48 hours he'll decide to kick him,off again he said that people had spoken,in Latin I found that this poll,you know Elon Musk polls on Twitter are,more for support than illumination he,ran a similar poll to see whether or not,he should sell Tesla stock and it it,ended up he'd already filed to sell,those shares so I think these polls are,mostly a gimmick and I would argue the,people haven't spoken the gru has spoken,these Twitter has been intelligence you,mean,100 Twitter has become a playground for,Bad actors and fig Bots his poll is,meaningless this decision is meaningless,but you had predicted earlier that,Twitter could collapse um just we've,seen thousands of employees either get,fired or walk off the job do you do you,stand by that,well Twitter Will Survive and even if it,doesn't let's keep in mind it's not a,National Treasure we would all be just,fine if Twitter went away but I think,when you see this sort of wholesale,firing and the way in which he's gone,about firing that creates this type of,resentment I easily see the site going,down I I think we should do a head of,lettuce tests versus when the site goes,down what we're not talking about is the,knock-on effects at Tesla you know when,you buy a Tesla you're buying a pair of,Air Jordans you're associating directly,with an individual and no individual,maybe with exception of trump or Putin,has eroded more of their Goodwill and,brand Equity than Elon Musk and then you,go to SpaceX where everyone who works,for the government and this is a,government contractor has a,responsibility determination form they,have to fill out and I think he's,antagonized enough officials that we're,going to start seeing more scrutiny on,SpaceX contracts yep well I mean there,was already talk for national security,purposes to review that because of,foreign ownership Cara for for users at,home,what does this actually mean like what,should we do to protect ourselves is,there anything to protect ourselves,again collapsing Hooter used to go down,all the time with a fail well it was,very common and they're you're going to,see more of that I'm already seeing,issues on the platform because of fewer,people and that's like you can't,download your archive very easily if you,if you sign off and you have two-factor,authentication good luck getting on and,stuff like that you're going to see,around the edges there may be the,problem is if he starts pushing up big,changes you're going to see problems if,he starts doing lots of things you're,going to see problems if one coder makes,a mistake you could see problems and,that's what it is what everyone's going,to do Margaret I know it's hard for us,media people and politicians understand,but it's not very big anywhere else it's,a very small service compared to the,Facebooks the Instagrams and the tick,tocks of the world and so I think it's,not going to matter to most people it's,going to matter to the chattering class,who enjoys dunking on each other,throughout the day essentially well I,mean it has become in some ways a,newswire almost yeah for government,announcements things like that yeah,um Scott I also want to ask you about,this stunning fall we saw this week of,the founder of FTX this cryptocurrency,exchange 30 year old billionaire Sam,bankman freed top Democratic donor he's,known in this town justice department,SCC cftc are all now investigating what,exactly happened here,well on a very broad level we don't as a,species we can't help but to worship,people

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Trump on the verge of a historic diplomatic triumph?

Trump on the verge of a historic diplomatic triumph?

we begin with President Trump on the,verge of a truly historic diplomatic,triumph as his tough talk appears to be,paying off the leaders of north and,south korea this was wild agreed in,principle today to remove all nuclear,weapons from their countries and to work,toward formally ending the state of war,that has existed since the 1953 truce,trump was ecstatic over the news,tweeting early in the day korean war to,end the president later acknowledged,there was much work to be done but he,sure sounded optimistic a lot of good,things are happening with respect to,North Korea President Obama told me when,I had t1 meeting with him he said that's,your biggest problem that's gonna be the,most difficult thing you have and,honestly I wish it was handled earlier I,wish it were handled by another,administration years ago I'm not just,talking about President Obama I'd go,back to any administration you want but,over the last 25 years this should have,been handled a long time ago not now,this should not have been left for me to,handle but we will handle it we're,handling it well so is it time for,Trump's critics to concede that his,tough Rocketman talk on the sanctions,North Korea actually made a difference,here Republican congressman Luke Messer,has been urging colleagues to support,wait for it a Nobel Peace Prize for the,president he joins us now from Fort,Wayne Indiana and former Trump campaign,adviser in China policy expert Mike,Pillsbury is going to be with us as is,Asia policy expert Riley Walters of the,Heritage Foundation great panel this is,I never thought I would see this in my,lifetime I have to say guys the idea of,the North Korean dictator crossing the,Xia DMZ to meet the South Korean leader,obviously speaking the same language,meeting together embracing at one point,after the handshake after they had their,meeting again this is initial still and,its initial phases but congressman,I have to say I think the only person,who could have gotten us to this place,again we'll see where it goes,butts Donald Trump because of his,unconventional approach to negotiations,and frankly his tough talk the you know,you didn't know if people cuz they're,gonna launch a nuclear war unilateral,first strike mr. president he's like no,but we're gonna solve this congressman,how did Donald Trump manage to get us,this far well it is extraordinary,and you know Laura I've been saying for,a couple months now if North Korea,actually ends its nuclear program and,you bring peace to this peninsula after,70 years Donald Trump deserves a Nobel,Peace Prize the only reason that the,evil North Korean dictator is coming to,the table is because there's a new,sheriff in town and president Trump's,Twitter diplomacy his working his tough,talk is making a difference it's,bringing both North and South Korea to,the table and China too of course we,have a long way to go here but these,events of the last 24 hours,are extraordinary and almost impossible,to overstate it's a very big deal and it,is happening because of president,Trump's leadership we're gonna talk,about the Chinese involvement in all,this because we cannot overlook the fact,that we have major administration,officials going to China on Tuesday Bob,light hyzer the USTR and also of course,we have Steven unshin and other senior,level members of the administration,going to talk trade but Mike posed where,I want to go to you I want to do a,flashback it's kind of flashback Friday,today and played for our entire panel,the scene from the Nobel Prize ceremony,involving newbie Barack Obama let's,watch as the audacity to to hope and the,tenacity to make this whole come true,that is what makes him so important by,his own behavior and leadership he is,demanding that we all take over share of,responsibility for a global response to,global,challenges we congratulate there for,this year's laureate President Barack,Obama on what he has already achieved,Mike Pillsbury that was in ten and a,half months he he was getting people to,expect accept responsibility for facing,global challenges now if that's the,benchmark Mike Pillsbury then Donald,Trump regardless of what happens has to,be almost a shoo-in for the Nobel I,think the congressman is right here well,I agree obviously perhaps the president,Trump has earned two Nobel Peace Prizes,as you know the authority of these Peace,Prizes is somewhat in doubt it's,committee committee of five who are,chosen by the Norwegian Parliament and,they tend to be retired members of the,Norwegian Parliament so they've made,some real mistakes over the years people,whose Nobel Peace Prize was not earned,the case of President Trump this is a,tremendous success the only problem is,the degree of pressure he used to get it,may turn the stomach's of some of the,Norwegian members of parliament don't,forget he had nuclear aircraft flying,toward North Korea,he had the discussion with the South,Korean Defense Minister that we might,return our nuclear weapons to be,deployed again in South Kore

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Why Scott Galloway doesn't think Elon Musk will allow Trump back on Twitter

Why Scott Galloway doesn't think Elon Musk will allow Trump back on Twitter


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The Twitter Files | Ep. 1623

The Twitter Files | Ep. 1623

left-wing journalist Matt haibi releases,Twitter files demonstrating just how and,why the company shut down the hunter,Biden story before election 2020 the,media rushed to attack both taibi and,Elon Musk and Donald Trump calls for a,suspension of the Constitution I'm Ben,Shapiro this is the Ben Shapiro show,they Show sponsored by expressvpn it's,time to stand up against big Tech,protect your data at Ben,we'll get to all the news in just one,moment first as I have mentioned you,must protect your online privacy big,Tech which we're going to talk about a,lot on today's show they are not your,friends they don't like you very much,very often they are grabbing your data,and using it to make money off of you,while also despising your political,viewpoints why not take your data back,with expressive VPN expressvpn is the,best VPN on the market and here is why,number one expressive VPN does not log,your online activity other cheap or free,vpns make money by selling your data to,advertisers but expressvpn doesn't do,this number two it's fast expressvpn,engineered a new VPN protocol to make,user speeds faster than ever I've tried,a lot of vpns in the past they can,sometimes slow my connection expressvpn,is always blazing fast number three,expressvpn it's incredibly easy to use,you don't need technical skills to get,set up you just fire up the app you tap,one button and now you are connected I'm,not just the one saying this Business,Insider The Verge many other Tech,journals right expressvpn the number one,VPN on planet Earth protect yourself,with the VPN I trust use my link, today get next three,months free on a one year package that's, Ben visit,Ben to learn more and protect yourself,the way I do online Ben,also the holidays are coming up and this,means you need to get a great gift for,that special someone let me recommend,the place that I go to get jewelry for,my wife the Pearl Source at the Pearl,Source you get the highest quality pearl,jewelry up to 70 off retail prices by,cutting out the middle man the Pearl,Source eliminates those crazy jewelry,store markups and sells directly to you,the consumer shop the Pearl Source from,the comfort of your home you'll find the,largest selection of pearls available,anywhere every piece is custom made,specifically for you with the holidays,coming up now would be the time to start,shopping do not wait until it's too late,the Pearl Source offers fast and free,two-day shipping on every single order,your order will come pre-packaged in a,beautiful jewelry box ready to be given,if you're not sure she'll love the gift,the Pearl Source comes with the no,hassle 60 day money back guarantee with,free return shipping so it is risk free,for a limited time my listeners can take,20 off their entire order do not wait,until it's too late to do your holiday,shopping go to the enter,promo code Ben and checkout for 20 off,your entire order that's the, enter promo code Ben at,checkout for a limited time again my,listeners take 20 off their entire order,don't wait until it's too late if you,want fine pearl jewelry at the best,prices online go straight to the source,the Pearl Source well Elon Musk had,promise that he would open up the,Twitter files upon taking over and so he,has so late Friday night Matt taibi the,former Rolling Stone journalist he's a,left Winger but he's sort of been,alienated from the left wing by their,wokeness he released a long thread of,information regarding the suspension of,the hunter Biden story in the month,leading up to the 2020 election you'll,all remember that in October the New,York Post came up with a story about,Hunter Biden's laptop that contained all,sorts of prurient information as well as,some rather relevant information about,whether Hunter Biden may have been,picking up bags of cash using his,daddy's last name and whether or not he,was actually conveying some of that,money over to quote unquote the big guy,that was testified to by Tony bobolinski,a person with whom Hunter Biden was,actually doing business he suggested,that Joe was benefiting from his son,running around the entire Globe picking,up bags of cash in China and in Ukraine,and in other parts of the world okay so,that story was suspended you'll remember,from Twitter if you posted the story you,were suspended from Twitter and there,was a conceited there was a concerted,effort by social media platforms to shut,down the distribution of the story as,well as those who are attempting to,distribute the story you'll also recall,the Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook he,actually said that he was approached by,the FBI and told that there was going to,be a wave of Russian disinformation and,maybe this was the Russian,disinformation so basically the social,media Bros just decided we are not going,to allow this information to be,disseminated did it make a difference in,the election it didn't make no,difference in the el

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Who Is Donald Trump?

Who Is Donald Trump?

The latest to join the race for the 2016 Presidency is reality TV host and business mogul, Donald,Trump.,After talking about running multiple times since 1987, Trump has officially joined his,esteemed Republican rivals.,But besides his unconventional hairstyle and demanding to see Obama’s birth certificate,in 2011, what do we really know about the 69-year-old New Yorker?,Who exactly is Donald Trump?,Well, Trump is first and foremost a controversially successful business magnate and investor.,His start came as a result of his father, Fred Trump, who had already amassed a real,estate fortune before his death.,Donald Trump has controlled his father’s company since the 1970s.,He has primarily invested in hotel and casino real estate, and filed for business bankruptcy,four times.,He is also very well known for naming business holdings after himself, including buildings,,video games, buffets, magazines, clothing lines, and many others.,Trump also owns a large number of golf courses and beauty pageants.,He has stated that his net worth is around $9 billion, making him the wealthiest candidate,in the running, although Forbes says it is closer to $4 billion.,His net worth has been disputed in the past: a 2005 Deutsche (DOY-chuh) Bank assessment,pegged his worth at around only $800 million at the time.,Although Trump has never held public office, he has been very outspoken concerning his,political views.,His primary platform focuses on increasing US jobs, and building a wall along the Mexican,border, which Mexico would pay for.,In 1999, in order to wipe out the national debt, he proposed enacting a one-time 14%,tax on Americans with over $10 million.,On social issues he is fairly right leaning.,After years of being pro-choice, in 2011 he switched to being pro-life.,Additionally, he is against same-sex marriage.,Although he supported universal healthcare in 2000, he vehemently opposes Obamacare,,calling it a “trillion-ton weight” on the economy.,Despite claiming to have never indulged in any drugs or alcohol, he supports full drug,legalization as a method of increasing tax revenue for education.,His foreign policy worldview is largely oil-based, and believes we are drilling too slowly for,what he calls America’s “lifeblood”.,He is also extremely critical of China’s influence in the United States, and has called,for a 25% tax on imports in order to maintain US jobs.,However, many of his self-named products are made in China.,It should be clear that as a businessman and a showman, Trump’s politics tend to be financially,influenced rather than ideological.,Although Trump has withdrawn from his reality TV show in order to legally be a candidate,,there’s no question that he will continue entertaining viewers with his fiery rhetoric,over the coming months.,Money and politics go hand in hand in the United States, but billionaires on both sides,of the aisle actually share some common interests.,To learn more about what they’re really pushing for, check out our full video here.,Thanks for watching, and please consider subscribing now to show your support for TestTube News!

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