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Twitter Tip Jar & Paypal Could Reveal Your Home Address - One Simple Step To Protect Your Info!hey s

Shannon Morse

Updated on Jan 27,2023

Twitter Tip Jar & Paypal Could Reveal Your Home Address - One Simple Step To Protect Your Info!

hey s'mores shannon morse here welcome,to morse code,this is a very unscripted video that i,just wanted to get out there,as soon as possible because you may,unintentionally,be sharing sensitive information with,somebody who you may or may not actually,know,in the real world and you may or may not,actually want them to,have that sensitive information this is,in regards to,twitter tipping so twitter just,announced,this new feature which some profiles,have some don't,i currently do not have this option on,my profile so i am relying on some of my,friends,so that i was able to test this feature,and give you the correct information,twitter tipping is a brand new feature,that some profiles have that allow them,to add a little tip,icon up at the top of their profile on,,you can see this on mobile so when you,go over to their profile,you can click on the twitter tip icon,and you will have the option to donate,to them to,just send them money through things like,venmo cash app,paypal or patreon those are the ones,that i know about,however there may be other ones added,with any of these options what twitter,will do,is allow you to click on the option say,if it's cache app,and it will automatically just throw you,into the cache app app,and it will automatically bring up that,user's profile so that you can just type,in however much you want to tip them,and then hit send and it will,automatically send them money,twitter doesn't take a fee for this or,anything like that so,it's a really useful service to allow,content creators,influencers journalists anybody who's,putting out a lot of like free content,on youtube for example,it's a way for users to show their,support of,those kind of self-employed individuals,i'm one of those people so i think it's,a really cool service however,i wanted to make sure that everybody out,there knows about this,sensitive information issue so if you've,already used paypal,a lot in the past if you've used it on,your own,online shop like i have or like hack,shop has,if you've used it for ebay purchases or,if you've just used it to send like,friends or family members money before,then you probably already know about,this and you can likely skip this video,but if you've never used paypal or if,you've only used it to check out on a,website you may not,know that there are a couple of,different options within paypal,itself luckily paypal has been informed,about this,and hopefully they will add some kind of,pop-up or some kind of notification for,people so that they understand the,difference but right now,there is no pop-up that tells people the,difference so within paypal,if you choose twitter tipping and you,choose to send somebody some money in,paypal there's two different options and,those options,are friends and family or goods and,services,usually when you check out on an online,store with paypal,your option is going to automatically be,goods and services,because you are purchasing goods or you,are purchasing services,if that's the case then the seller the,person who is selling those goods or,services to you,they're going to be charged a fee that's,the first thing,they're also going to get access to the,address the shipping address that you,have put into paypal,and they're going to see that on a,confirmation email,and they will also see that as a,notification within paypal or the,application,itself so that's a very very important,thing to note here,is that even though you're using twitter,to tip,somebody if you choose goods and,services,they may have access to sensitive,information,like your home address if that is what,you have chosen to put into,paypal you may have set up a paypal,account previously and forgot that your,address is in there but when they,receive that confirmation that you've,sent them money,through goods and services then they,will see your physical address,on the receipt they will also be charged,a fee,so if you don't want them to be charged,a fee your other option,is the first one that i mentioned which,is called friends and family,so if you are using twitter tips to,support the people that you,watch their content online or you read,their articles,i highly suggest using friends and,family friends and family,allows you to send somebody money for,free,so they don't get charged a fee they,also receive a receipt,they get a receipt that has no,additional information about you on,it so your shipping address or your,physical address your home address,whatever you've,put into paypal previously that's not,going to be included,on that receipt the reason why is,because paypal is assuming that you're,just sending money to somebody,like maybe you're paying them back or,something like that and they don't need,to have,access to your shipping address because,they're not actually sending you any,kind of goods,they're also not going to charge the,person that you're sending a tip to,any kind of fee because you don't have,to be covered,for any kind of refund or exchange or,any kind of

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Twitter Tip Jar | Who has Access to Tip Jar | How to Turn on Tip Jar @ Twitter

Twitter Tip Jar | Who has Access to Tip Jar | How to Turn on Tip Jar @ Twitter

hey guys welcome to hitchhiking s card,in today's video we're going to talk,about,twitter's latest feature called tip jar,twitter has been rolling out quite a few,updates this week initially we had,twitter spaces,then we had changes to the drop feature,and now they've released this new,feature called tip jar,now i've already made videos on,twitter spaces and the changes to the,crop features if you want to check those,out i'll leave a link in the description,tip jar is basically a way for you to,send and receive tips so if you want to,tip somebody you will now be able to see,a tip jar icon beside the follow button,on that person's profile,and once you tap that icon it will take,you to a list of,payment services or platforms available,which that particular person has enabled,you can then um choose a payment service,of your own preference and then you can,select an amount it will take you to,that,declared services page or app,and where you can choose the amount to,tip,to that particular person so once you've,done that,it will then be processed and twitter,says that they will be taking no,cuts from these tips so whatever you,will tip it will go straight to,that particular person which is one of,the good things,now on android devices you can also tip,the person within this,twitter spaces feature which is an,additional feature for the android,users now currently the platforms,the frame and platforms available are,bandcamp,cache app patreon paypal and venmo,so you can only choose one of these as,we have seen the sending,tips part is available for everyone so,whoever,is on twitter they can send tips to,the person who has this tip jar,icon um enabled however,um the actual receiving part is only,available to,a certain group of people so currently,they've only made it available to a,limited group of people who are,using the twitter in english language,and these people,or this group includes creators,generalists,experts and non-profits only so twitter,says that,they will be adding more uh users to,this,um group and then they will also be,expanding this feature to other,languages,as well so now if you're one of those,people who has access to this,who are part of the group and who has,access to this,um jar icon or the feature,then i'm going to show you how you can,actually activate this,on your profile so let's get started so,this is what you need to do this is how,you can turn on the,tip jar feature on your device or,your android or iphone device once,you're on,the twitter app go to the menu icon on,the top click on that,and then click on your profile icon,when you click on that it then gives you,the option to add it profile,when you click on this it will take you,to this page,over here and here at the bottom you'll,see an option,of tip jar icon if you have access to,this particular feature,and if you are part of the group who,have,access to this feature currently twitter,is saying that they will be adding more,people,uh in future so more users will have,access to this feature currently it is,only available to a certain group of,people,so once you have access you can or if,you are one of those,you can then click on that button to,turn it on and then,it will give you the option to choose,from a list of,payment providers as we discussed,earlier so you can choose,you can either add your paypal or,whatever other details,and then you can ask people to send,money over to that,particular um account now here's a quick,update regarding these payments that if,you are tipping to somebody,some users on twitter are saying that,when they are sending tip to somebody,um especially using paypal it is sending,your physical address to that particular,person as well,so overall this seems uh,a bit unstable currently so make sure,you,are secure on the payment side when you,are making tips to somebody,so that your address details or,something,um you know personal doesn't get shared,along the way,so that's all for today's video hope you,liked it if you did please give it a,thumbs up,and don't forget to subscribe the,channel so you get notified for any,upcoming videos like this,thank you for watching have a good day,bye

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Twitter Launches "Tip Jar" But There's a Problem...

Twitter Launches "Tip Jar" But There's a Problem...

twitter has added a tip jar,functionality,uh did you experience this at all did,you uh see this happen,i didn't see it happen i just read it on,your own twitter account you didn't get,the prompt okay so i got the prompt on,the twitter account,to enable it okay and um,well it's actually a little bit,controversial first of all they talked,about this a while back,they obviously are interested in,capitalizing on the fact that many,people,now are paying other people for content,that they want,maybe not necessarily on twitter but on,other platforms and twit,twitter sitting there saying okay uh we,can take a piece of this,and maybe our users want it or we'll use,it what's the split,70 30. and is this something you have to,enable as a creator let's ver,can we verify that let me verify the 70,30. twitter,tip 73 i want to be sure about it,uh,twitter tip jar,uh i'm sure they would have to list that,somewhere i don't know where i,heard oh here we go we'll be gradually,increased from,wait a second from 30 to 50 over the,next couple weeks hang on a minute is,that real,um important stuff right here,twitter today confirmed earlier reports,it's testing the new uh tip jar feature,tips are easy way to support your,favorite content creators,for now those using twitter in english,will be able to send a tip,and the profiles that have it enabled,will show the,tip jar icon on their profile page,in addition to the above android users,will be able to send money via twitter's,clubhouse competitor spaces so you can,tip while you're watching someone on a,space,which is kind of an interesting uh,implementation,but actually why did this article say,30 to 50 um,we're going to have to look this up,after the fact that someone's going to,have to put in the comments but i,believe it was 70 30.,but the point being here you have a way,of interacting with your favorite,content creators if you think their,tweets happen to be worth it,you can uh send a tip now,one thing that uh stood out to me right,away,was the integration of the cash app,because this is another project jack,dorsey project,so he's got the he's got twitter and,he's got square and he and,he's got cash app which is i believe,part of square,and that was just one of many options,but it was in there so you had the cash,app as a method for potentially sending,a tip you had paypal which is the most,controversial because of something,we're going to showcase here in a second,you had uh,venmo you had band camp,which is kind of like patreon for,musicians and things like maybe you want,to,tip a musician you really like easily,via twitter,so there's a few different options in,there now paypal the problem with paypal,is by default it was,configured now on paypal you can either,send money as a friend,or you can send money for a service,or product it was conv configured,service or product now normally when,you're buying a product from somebody,you want to give them your address so,they can ship that product to you,definitely not when you're sending a tip,right but because it was enabled in that,fashion people who started sending tips,via paypal,realized that they were actually sending,their entire address as well to these,users they were tipping,which obviously is not a thing you would,want this individual rachel toback,discovered it sent a few uh tips and,then was like whoa that's my whole,address right there,yeah she was doing it in order to,determine if that was right so she sent,it to trusted individual,who could handle such information i'm,guessing this is based off,so she paid a dollar and then,paypal got 33 cents that's wild,yeah so i'm guessing like there's fees,involved too it's like,60 60 or 66 and then 33.,like in terms of uh well what's weird,about that is it looks like,oh you receive but that's the paypal,statement,the fee i would presume is paid paypal's,got to get their piece too,right is that is the fee the uh i don't,think so,i don't think so i think twitter's piece,is coming off the 67.,oh i don't know man everybody look at,that how many ways the things gotta get,split up,yeah that's confusing it is a little,confusing because it's,like they will solve all of this well,and and some of these,applications do have crypto options,right for sending payments but,they still going to take their fees i,guess so yeah they're still transaction,fees yeah they're still gonna take their,fees because it's not gonna be crypto to,crypto,anyway um i'm i'll be interested to see,how people actually put this to use,i'm sure there are applications where it,makes sense a lot of people think there,ain't no tweet i'm ever gonna pay for,but there's other things that happen on,the platform,other types of content that can be,shared and,there are some individuals that could,create business models around this thing,i'm sure i just don't know what it is,yet but it also raises,certain ethical questions i know reading,through this article some journalists,were a little,uh raising some concerns around,manipulatio

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product manager review of the Twitter Tip Jar

product manager review of the Twitter Tip Jar

this is really good,hey everyone elisa here and welcome to,another episode of tech talk,and tasty treats where i talk about,something new in tech,while baking a tasty treat in today's,episode,i'm going to be breaking down the,twitter tip jar feature,while baking some strawberry shortcake,cupcakes,courtesy of nadia bakes the link to the,recipe is in the description below,now let's dive in so on may 6th twitter,announced that they are coming out with,the tip,jar feature which allows users to send,money,directly to their favorite tweeters in,the announcement post which was written,by a senior product manager at twitter,named esther crawford it was noted that,this feature was,released as a response to seeing a lot,of people leaving their vemo or paypal,accounts,on their profiles after having a viral,tweet,or if they were asking for some support,from their followers,so let's see how this functionality,works not every twitter account has,access to tip jar,but when you do find an account with it,enabled you get a little notification,telling you a bit about tip jar so for,enabled accounts you'll see a money icon,in the profile,and you can select what payment method,you want to use for tipping,then there is a little pop-up that warns,you that tipping is subject to the,third-party platforms terms,which i'll touch on later and then,you're redirected to the payment app,with a default of tipping one dollar,so far there have been mixed reviews of,the tip jar feature,but it's really hard to know exactly how,this feature will play out,until adoption starts caking up a little,bit more,now one thing that is really clear with,twitter tip jar is that it has,one really big problem and that,is the fact that it's got a security,concern associated with it,turns out if you send someone money,using twitter tip jar there's a chance,that your home,and email address can be exposed which,is,obviously a huge security concern for a,lot of people,and also it's especially problematic for,users of twitter,which is a platform that allows you to,be a lot more anonymous,than other platforms you don't even have,to put in your first,or last name to create your twitter,account so the fact that,using twitter tip jar could expose,personal information,is a major problem with this new,functionality now,there was a response from twitter from a,product lead,kevan bigpoor who said that they can't,really do much,about paypal or vemmo exposing personal,details,but what they will do is add a little,notification to the ui,that lets people know that if they want,to use the tip jar functionality,that their personal information could be,exposed,now as a product person myself i,definitely,understand how issues like this could,slip through the cracks,a lot of times there's little bugs or,edge cases that you never even think,about as you're building a feature,but i have to admit this was kind of a,surprising slip up,by twitter you would think that they,have a pretty significant qa initiative,that happens with a lot of their major,releases especially the ones,that get major press announcements but,yet it turns out nobody,caught this bug or problem which is kind,of,surprising my guess is that someone,potentially raised this possible issue,of,paypal or vemmo exposing personal,information,and though it was important to the,product team they ultimately determined,that because this is already a problem,that exists within the venmo,paypal product already that it wasn't a,problem that twitter felt responsible to,address,now this whole fiasco could have been,avoidable if they maybe would have,started by,putting a notification in the ui letting,people know,that you know they're using the security,protocols of this third-party tool,but because they didn't do that it kind,of turned into a big snafu,associated with this product release,so the fact that twitter didn't openly,disclose the security issue was,definitely a,breach and trust that users have for,twitter,but luckily for twitter they have a very,large,loyal fan base and i don't really,suspect that a lot of people will just,stop,using twitter because of this security,issue so,now let's move beyond the security issue,with tip jar and talk,about the functionality itself now as a,product person,i know that when you create a new,feature like this,you create it because you're trying to,solve a specific problem,so i wanted to take a second and think,about why twitter,wanted to create this tip jar,functionality and think through what,problem,they were trying to solve now if i had,to guess i would say that twitter,is well aware that they are only,successful,because they have a lot of users that,create great content,on twitter twitter would be nothing,without its excellent content creators,and if content creators are not happy,they would probably go to another,platform and provide their content,there instead of on twitter so my guess,is that,twitter is constantly aware of the power,that creators have,on social media and they want

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Twitter Tip Jar - quick preview

Twitter Tip Jar - quick preview

hi everyone so here is quick,preview of tip jar from twitter so,basically here,the gif if you go to twitter profile you,can just send,people money via cash up patreon or,other,payment providers and basically you're,just typing,twitter influencers so yeah it was just,announced as a,beta test and more coming soon,so it's not released yet probably for,you but,this is how it will look like so,there are a lot of apps which following,this trend where you can,directly pay it to your fireworks,influencers for example clubhouse real,time audio chat,infl introduced like real like uh,sending payments feature and,yeah you can see it on twitter and,this is how it can looks like look like,so you can receive cash tips from anyone,on twitter,you need to turn on tip jar tap edit,profile and go to,tip jar to set yours up at the payment,platform then you need to add your,username,to as many third party payment services,as you would like for example patreon,for example cash app,and many others and then you are good to,go,and then people will be able to send you,tips from your profile,no money goes to twitter so twitter,don doesn't get any commission from it,so,you just give the money to,influencer so it can be used for example,in twitter spices,so twitter spices as you can see in the,top,part this is also real time audio chat,from,uh twitter and yeah,uh so for example if you like uh,some speakers here you can just give,money to them uh or if you just like,tweets,or all of that some people are just now,joking that,it will be something like only tweets,but uh yeah i think it's a separate,feature,so uh yeah doesn't,allow you to to unlock some specific,exclusive content so you're just like,giving tips you're just typing the,creator,i think twitter is working on another,feature,which is is like super follow or,something like that,i don't remember the exact name but,basically yeah when you then subscribe,to specific creator,you will be able to unlock paid content,but anyways that's how it works,that's just a super quick preview of tip,jar twitter is just testing it out it's,not released yet but this is just some,early screenshots,so maybe it is uh it can be useful for,you just to have an idea,please like this video please subscribe,to my channel visit my website, check out my podcast mr,mr hacky on spotify apple podcast i,often,review cool apps crypto,just productivity software and many more,amazing,stuff thanks for watching see you in the,next videos

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Twitter introduces Tip Jar feature for users to send money to their favorite creators

Twitter introduces Tip Jar feature for users to send money to their favorite creators

welcome back to squawk it's time now for,our executive edge twitter is,introducing a tip jar,it's a new feature designed to let users,send money to their favorite creators on,the micro blogging service twitter,accounts can be connected to accounts,on cash app paypal and venmo twitter,will take no cut of the money sent,through the feature,uh joe i was playing with this last,night just to see how,it worked it's really more of a pass,through it um,you have to actually you know merge your,effectively venmo account or paypal,account or something else with it and,all it's really doing is,giving you a one click to to send,through that,but i had an idea for you which is i,know that you know you have a lot of,users out there that,you don't feel comfortable with so you,oftentimes block them yes and my thought,was that rather than block them you,could actually charge,not to block them so if they tipped you,then you wouldn't block them,and it would be that would be sort of a,p p pay for no blocking that would be,have the haters,pay for access that was my thought,that was my thought for you yeah by the,way i said i said i actually did play,with mine let's,play with this last night and uh you can,set it up in about,two two seconds so you could have people,uh,sending you money right now if you,you've got a lot of during the,commercial that is the digital,equivalent of sitting on one of those,things where people get to come up and,throw balls to try and knock you in the,water,exactly exactly the money's not worth it,i could put it on,um that that one setting where you only,see,people with check marks and and they,wouldn't that's what i did,no i do the mute instead of blocking,people i mute them,yeah andrew you got like a million,followers and,not for nothing but a lot of them have,sent me things that say andrew ross,sorkin blocked me so i i think you need,to look,in your total blocking and we'll compare,now i've got at least five thousand i,need to look inward i need to look,inward you need to look,i've blocked it i admit it i blocked at,least five thousand people,you know because my hair and i'm not,saying does that show up,yeah i could have blocked i might have,blocked a dozen people maybe two dozen,people,you mean today well you know what no no,people don't people don't say,that your hair looks fake because you,can tell it's real and it you know mine,looks so good,thank you that people think that it's,fake that it's died,because it looks so good and i have to,have to block those people here's my,question so it's just money now,you can't do you can't do crypto yet to,send people well i thought of that i,thought of that joe actually,if you have a if you have paypal and you,can transfer money using paypal and i,i look i haven't tried it i set it up to,see how it would work,but i didn't actually try to move money,into somebody else or have,people move money to me what do they,like just bit just bitcoin i guess they,could,for the next one digibyte v chain,safe moon i feel like we're just like,kentucky derby,how about safe during the commercial,during the commercial break,set up your venmo account on and i will,tip you,i will tip you can you have that he,thinks i have a venmo account,i'm still on my space i told you that i,you know but and a lot of times i can't,know what's going on because i've got my,walkman,on and i can't hear what people are,telling me to do so i know andrew that's,not,uh if the audi the audience can then tip,me i will then print out the money and i,will bring it to joe how about that,shepherd smith here thanks for watching,cnbc,on youtube

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Twitter Content Creators - How To Turn On Tip Jar Button For Your Twitter Account

Twitter Content Creators - How To Turn On Tip Jar Button For Your Twitter Account

what's up everyone it's your boy two,phones for free back again with another,information video um,if you,watched uh my facebook twitter account,and youtube community uh slot,i showed you guys a uh,icon,it's called a tip drawer okay so,um at the top of my profile page on,twitter you see this la dolla sign icon,right next to edit profile or,you know next to um,by my name,uh it's a tip drawer so,you tap on that and you can you know,send,well right now i have the cash app,account,so,if you like the content that i have on,my uh twitter account,like the information that i'm giving you,could send a,uh tip to the cash app but you could,also do more than that so let me go to,my edit profile,and let me go down here to the bottom,where it says tips on,you tap on that okay so this is where,you go,um i'm not sure,uh how many people know about it or,don't know about it but here it is so at,the top it says manage allow tips allow,people to directly send you money,through your tip drawer um they could,use bitcoin lightning wallet um strike,um,and this is a uh i guess because i'm a,content creator or,um because i got a lot of followers i,guess um but it says creators keep 100,of payments,made using bitcoin lightning,and with cash app and everything else so,so these are all the payment options,um,and offers,uh that you have for third-party uh,payment options so you could get 100,from bandcamp,bitcoin address,your cash out your gofundme patreon,and vemma which is a paypal account,okay,and again at the bottom says creators,keep 100 of payments made using,third-party payment options,all right so,um yeah,so i have a tip drawer on my twitter,account,um,basically you just go to your your edit,profile section and scroll down to the,bottom,uh where it says tips on,and all the way at the bottom is to,switch to professional,so i guess i got that option now too,um,and i think it i think it's based on,you've been,very active on twitter how long you been,on twitter uh how many followers you got,on twitter i don't really have that many,um,you look at it i only have like,30 uh 1 300,followers and i'm following like 4 000,but yeah so your boy two phones for free,has a tip drawer,and,oh i guess i qualified for monetization,and,yeah so if you want,any more information on,uh,anything about twitter or anything like,that let me know i'll leave i will do my,best to try to make a video for it but,this was on my mind for a little bit,um i just paid attention to my profile,account that,i have a tip chart so,um,yes well you see the like cash icon at,the top of somebody's profile page,when you go through their information,you'll see two i shot snip mobile tech,and smt gang um i hope you guys got your,tip joyous on too and,yeah that's another way you can make,money online,with your social media accounts,all right,you don't necessarily have to be a,youtuber,uh necessarily i mean that would be,helpful very helpful,but,my bad,uh,you do have other options like i said,just check your profile check your,account settings,and see all the cool neat features that,you can get with your social media,networks,and make it work for you,i hope this video is very informative,uh,please follow me on twitter because i,will post,my video links,and screenshots and all that other stuff,to my twitter account as well,all right,um yeah just give me a thumbs up,subscribe to the youtube channel,subscribe to the twitter account uh like,i said if you like the content,uh donate cash out paypal,um,google pay,time,i mean everything yourself,oh but yeah you can make money too so,keep that in mind all right it's a boy,two phones

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How to earn money On Twitter Tip jar | Twitter tip jar option

How to earn money On Twitter Tip jar | Twitter tip jar option


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