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Trolling Feminists on Twitter (Part 2)update i hate men hope all men die hope,you fix your hairline


Updated on Jan 24,2023

Trolling Feminists on Twitter (Part 2)

update i hate men hope all men die hope,you fix your hairline god i hate men you,came from your dad's balls,today we're gonna be trolling feminists,on twitter again,last time i got quite a lot of views,when i posted that video i had 3k subs,i'm now at over 100 000 subs i don't,know what else to say but thank you this,is insane didn't expect this to happen,that quickly but i'm very grateful i was,going to do 100k special but then i,don't know this is just going to count,as my 100k special would you expect me,to jump out of a plane no some german,feminist tried to take my account down,on twitter failed well done for that you,did absolutely nothing i hate covid with,everything in me but men i hate men bro,wow she hates men so like i was like,okay let me click on your profile see,what you're saying and i was like ow you,look like coving right you look like the,origin all right calm down i hate men,click on the profile and i see that,she's 18. how are you 18 years old 18,years old i mean this is fair play like,she's 18 i could roast the out of,her if i wanted to 18 years old and,using the snapchat if it was year 7's,use like calm down you are so clapped,that even snapchat filters can't fix it,how does one use a snapchat if it were,and still look extremely ugly i don't,get that personally because i'm,extremely beautiful so even if i use the,snapchat filter then i'm like levels,ahead to be honest the world's a better,place if you hate men because no one,loves you you're clapped sort your life,out you're 18 and you look like you're,turning eight oh you hate men,she hurt him them how are you three,different things at once then how does,that work all right and one of them is a,male pronoun your opinion is invalid,until you decide your gender just make,up your mind it's not that difficult i,swear down you don't have to put every,single pronoun that's ever been invented,in your bio right i hate when men show,emotion like you're a grown man shut the, up stop crying la mao aimed at my,dad a man showed one ounce of emotion,what a how could he it's,not like he's a human being no no no no,men are basically aliens let's be honest,guys they're not human they can't show,emotion that is too far you came out of,your dad's balls that man probably,squealed when he came in your mum,that that's disgusting but i hope that's,exactly what happened to you just your,daily reminder i hate men i click on the,profile and she used ginger i mean i,could only reply with one logical thing,hahaha ginger gingers can't have,opinions you can't speak facts if you're,ginger it's true i hate men so much,roses are red violets are blue you're,clapped and no one loves you tell me,that is not a great poem that is,a lovely poem and it's true it has a,meaningful message and it's a poem a job,is needed i need the job even though,you're tweeting about how you hate men,you know the lucky thing is right glad,i'm a man and would get paid more than,you want me to get a job right fine i'll,get a job and i earn more money than you,i hate men look what the bio says,aspiring astrologer is that a ,career path now astrologer you're just,going to talk about stars and,how that affects your whole entire,personality you're born in august you,are the devil reincarnated i swear down,yeah this tweet is as smart as you being,an aspiring astrologer sounds like a,solid career path it just does it just,sounds like where you'll get the big,bucks really done it update i hate men,cheers for the update really needed that,one because an update from some random,woman on twitter is exactly what i,needed and then i do click on her,profile and i see that she looks like,that little lizard and her bio,says hottie that is cat you're not a,hottie you're a lizard and lizards are,cold-blooded animals if you did not know,that so clearly not a hottie so i,replied with hottie and brackets in that,picture i hate old white men i hate old,white men i hate old white men i hate or,white men i hate,you yeah you get the point twitter for,iphone is tim cook the ceo of apple he's,definitely a black young juvenile winnie,he just is can't get any younger and,darker than him you just can't please go,touch some grass it's the internet get,over it men are stupid and in don't,respect them she in don't respect us,that is despicable and now i click on,her profile and i realize she has a,netflix stan account netflix show stan,account on twitter telling people to,touch grass and she's 21. that is just,sad 21 year old running a netflix stand,account telling people to go touch grass,laughing my ass off i just do find it,funny you can't make fun of people while,running a stan account it just doesn't,happen stan accounts yeah move on if,you're running a sound account move on,get real get real that actually might,count as a disability in the very near,future to be fair i will forever hate,men referring to women as females how,could i ever do such a thing as refers,to a woman as female i would never do,such a thing okay f

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Top10 Twitter Prnstars Accounts to Follow 2022 | Part1 | Wtf Club

Top10 Twitter Prnstars Accounts to Follow 2022 | Part1 | Wtf Club

hello guys,welcome to our youtube channel in this,video you will see top 10 stars whose,official twitter accounts you should,follow in instagram as well,sophie is an american film actress known,for her acting in the av industry,although sophie started her career as a,model but in january 2005 she entered an,av industry as in 2022 her age is 38,years old,if you aren't into politics and just,want pure adult content,brie is not one of the accounts to,follow the recent tweets are all about, that does not matter,born on the 7th of october 1986 in texas,united states in november 2006 she,started her career in entertainment,industry,kendra lust was born on the 18th of,september 1978 in michigan,usa she completed his degree in nursing,from the university of usa she worked as,a nurse for seven years after that she,made her debut in ave industry,sarah j is an american actress and model,born on the 14th of november 1977 in,cincinnati,ohio united states in 2001.,she started her career in the av,industry with the film studio armageddon,entertainment,lisa ann is an american film actress,born on the 9th of may 1972 in easton,pennsylvania,united states in 1994.,she started her career in the,entertainment industry with the film,studio nepali video,lana rhodes is an american film actress,born on the 6th of september 1996 in,chicago illinois united states loner,rhode's boyfriend is mike magelac mike,is a writer,known for his book the fifth vital as in,2022 her age is 26 years old,abel a danger was born on the 19th of,november 1995 in miami,florida,usa she is an american actress,model and instagram celebrity most,recently she appeared and she and him,directed by little son and bella son,riley reed is an american film actress,born on the 9th of july 1991 in miami,beach florida,united states in 2011 she started her,cara in ave industry,as in 2022 her age is 31 years old,the amalcova is an american film actress,born on the first of july 1992 in palm,springs,california united states in 2012 she,started her career in the entertainment,industry with the film studio fm concept,sunny leone is an indian film actress,and a former adult films actress leon,was born on wednesday,the 13th of may 1981 in sarnia ontario,canada as in 2022 her age 40 years old,thanks for watching,if you liked the video please subscribe,to my youtube channel and press the bell,icon for more update

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She tried to roast men, it didn't go well...

She tried to roast men, it didn't go well...


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Gen Z Are hilariously Dumb

Gen Z Are hilariously Dumb

okay let's see what we've got here let's,be friends and i love you confidence,you're really black,she's not black let's be real first show,and thank you i i've never said faux,show or for show before in my life and,yeah i took a little dna test,thingymajigger and i and yeah i found,out i have black in me that's why i act,so ghetto bruh,thingy majigga that's like the whitest,thing you could ever,say oh i can't get over the fact that,i've said for show fo show come on i got,pregnant at 16 but at least i got to,skip 10 plus periods,no seriously,why why why kids so stupid like why are,you having kids at the age of 16,god damn like that's just so young you,should not be bragging about missing 10,periods because you've now got a kid for,life well done you officially suck i,really love these mexican songs does the,hispanic community accept me as one of,y'all i tried to sing at the end but,couldn't understand the gibberish he's,saying please,i don't even know what to say,uh,literally um i'm irish q a since i'm,spaghetti,i said it wrong q a since i'm lol famous,what's your pronouns um i'm irish god,damn i read that wrong the first time so,it just doesn't make sense to me anymore,right hello everyone welcome back game,of virgins hope everyone's not eating,too many tables you weirdos i really,appreciated all the pet pics on twitter,it was very nice today we are looking at,we're gen z again now just to let,everyone know not everyone born as gen z,are weird it's only a few people like,the gacha cringe it's not everyone so,don't go out of your way to harass,anyone because of when they were born,that would be so stupid just just don't,do it just have fun on this channel okay,i can't actually believe i had to say,that like hey do you mind not bullying,someone because of when they were,so stupid but anyway guys i hope you,enjoy the video i will be posting a lot,more often hopefully but until then i,hope you guys enjoy the video okay i,don't know when sid the sloth from ice,age got a tick tock account but short,people are the future they consume less,food use less car fuel and more of them,can fit on earth they're basically,eco-friendly humans,this is why you should have stayed back,in like the ice age sid you suck,school starts in two weeks this is why,men suck oh oh f me right guys like,sorry for being the reason you have to,go back and get an education so you,don't say stupid stuff like this anymore,god damn you this individual sucks,that's all i've got to say it's just a,comment someone left on someone's tick,tock white women are better at being,asian than asian women keck,yeah okay why why would you even say,that who the hell says keck come on,nobody says that anymore,cut it out taliban,okay yeah i can totally see that it's,gonna be like you know what,trash can paul has told us to cut it out,let's pack it up guys and let's go home,okay but you guys know a mangas,literally promotes gaslighting right bro,why are you crying i've got i've got a,funny story to tell you about someone,when i was playing a mongoose with my,friend pegasus he left me to die just,just check out this clip this is,ridiculous dude one of us needs to die,and they,go go get the other one,i can't go don't wait,fast forward a little bit pink was the,imposter and as you can see he literally,left me to die on the platform what do,you have to go to the button,you left me to die obviously,oh my god one absolutely just terrible,friend he just he just left me to die,it's,so bad i'm glad the people are finally,acknowledging that steve is clearly a,person of color but now that we all know,that if you keep steve as your minecraft,avatar as a white person you are,participating,in digital blackface what,come on like why even is this like i,don't really play minecraft i have an,idea of who steve is i i don't care like,how how is digital blackface even a,thing it's always the white people right,it's always those guys we're just we're,just the worst apparently we're just the,devil to some people sorry guys i'll,make an apology video soon apologizing,for being white god damn,when my ex said he didn't know if he,could ever have a daughter because,changing her diaper might turn him on,okay,bro like,why why would you make this tick tock,and,this guy should be in jail,what is going on with this generation,anyone else want to start streaming but,their friends are too spaghetti it's not,like my friends are spaghetti it's that,i'm spaghetti bruh like you know if your,friends can't stop using game awards in,private that's eventually going to come,out pack it in it's,so stupid oh people just using those,stupid words just to describe anything,get in the bin,if you haven't donated to lgbtq,charities you're a transphobic and,spaghetti lol okay,i've i haven't really donated to,charities but like i have a very large,audience who are lgbtq orientated and i,love you guys so i'm definitely not this,or spaghetti so,sorry about that but this person can get,in the bin they suck what the h

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Filipina Twitter Thots

Filipina Twitter Thots

Hai henti itu pengunjung these and,lombong biru meyakini problema amplifier,lalu susun meja Nanti mentimun pengusaha,pantatnya kisah semua problema omong,Twitter Fox membuat penisku no feeling,makam yang semula tanpa Booster dan,KSOP Fitri waktu menemani,lutung dapat menghubungi penyempurna,edit hapus aplikasi rame Baim meraih,medali pertama cover,ngomongo penyelam whitening tentu,bersiap mobilnya pong Lebaran dengan,menurut Silat episode freestyle lumayan,saeedi bunyi Pak ama Afrika 64 Facebook,tuh umpan-umpan cara musim dingin yang,entah menjamin ketombe beracun saat ini,dirinya f*** pahlawan nama,memang aku ditipu Fox Angeles,pohon-pohon Peru punya,Hai meskipun emas Malaysia book Village,pembunuh sampai girab betul itu semula,anomor.vom decu maupun bio Twitter lebih,tahun berlalu berkunjung ke

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Thursday Thoughts and Twitter Thots

Thursday Thoughts and Twitter Thots

hey what's up guys welcome welcome to,loss planing the interwebs I am your,host Nick ricotta of ricotta law a small,law firm in central Minnesota a small,you know stoppable law firm or whatever,it is I don't know I can't say I'm,unstoppable,but tenacious tenacious law firm this is,of course loss planing the interwebs as,stated a production of ricotta Media LLC,and you know we're here for Thursday,it's a Thursday what is what even is,Thursday I don't know I don't know what,a Thursday is that matters I don't know,anything about that we're just here for,some walls we're here for some mild,education hopefully a little,entertainment and just getting things,set up sorry and and we're here to talk,talk about this we're still talking,about the Vick case now tomorrow of,course we will not be talking about the,Vick case very much maybe it'll get,mentioned I don't know but Drexel I,believe that's the plan is that Drexel,will be joining me it'll be the 75,000,subscribers stream I'll be eating a,Carolina Reaper pepper lots of lots of,sadness and sorrow will be will be had,will probably talk about snack trays and,and all sorts of other fun things,whatever drechsel's got on his mind I,you know when he's here I kind of kind,of just let him run and roll along with,it because it's always an interesting,it's always an interesting ride you know,it's always interesting to see where,he's going to go in the show and and,what antics I'm going to get to learn,about from my friend of 20 years cool,wait where what what what was this,okay but that's that's what's gonna,happen I hope you did get a chance to,see the thumbnail the thumbnail is of,course two wonderful individuals no that,is not me that is not me in the picture,that is Justin Trudeau if you're not,aware people are remembering that Justin,Trudeau has culturally appropriated all,sorts of all sorts of aladdin's and,other things,he's just black face is fine if you're,Justin Trudeau I guess but uh maybe not,maybe there may be Canada's mad at him I,don't know why they would be who cares,who cares is an old picture but but,because of Justin Trudeau and because I,can't stand being either confused for a,Canadian or confused for Fidel Castro's,son or confused for an you know a,socialist mongrel like like Trudeau I am,bordering on disavowing my own picture,which I haven't done ever never,disavowed it but I'm close I'm close,Trudeau is pushing me to the end,hmm but for now for now I remain,steadfast remain steadfast and the other,person there is another person in that,picture I don't know if any of you guys,know who the other person in that,picture is I'm gonna wait just a second,and if this if the chat wants to like,spam who the other person in the picture,is then Justin Trudeau go ahead I don't,know if you guys know that picture I,don't know if you guys recognize that,picture I wouldn't normally recognize,that picture but uh,but if you do go ahead and throw it in,the in the chat otherwise I'll tell you,in just a minute I'll tell you in just a,minute,no no I'm not seeing it yet not seeing,it yet very interesting very interesting,you you had to see the thumbnail for the,show to see it okay it's uh it's a Evan,stone not that Evan stone not having,stone a little bit shorter Evan stone if,you get my drift,this is Evan stone head Council of,funimation or well I shouldn't say head,in-house counsel for Funimation,notorious notorious pirate pirate,chasing IP attorney Evan stone is the,man in the picture now,that's that's Funimation's attorney that,is John Volney was hired by Funimation,to do this to do this trial or to do,this court case but John Volney is,outside counsel for Funimation,Evan Stone is in-house counsel for,Funimation and Evan Evan has some very,interesting history I'm not gonna do,like an Evan Stone expose tonight or,anything like that that's not what this,is about if Evan happens to see this now,like if he's watching live hi Evan,I doubt it I doubt it but if he is,watching live he may recognize where,that picture is from and in 55 minutes,you guys will recognize her that picture,is from - okay that is deer there's a ax,I've teased it out a little bit I'm not,hyping this one right this is not like,the other the audio releases that we had,those are very salacious audio releases,with some very very not not very 2019,language in them and stuff like that I,have a video for you today at while,it'll be tomorrow I guess technically at,midnight so now 54 minutes we'll play a,video it's 27 seconds long and and it,involves mr. Evan stone it's YouTube,don't shut me down because this is not a,porn video I know I keep saying a video,that involves Evan stone but it's not,that it's not that at all there's no,nudity there's barely even real people,in it okay and the real people who are,in it are arguably not people but no,it's it's nothing salacious or,scandalous however there are some real,questions about this video and will play,like trivia time at midnight for those,questions and see if yo

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The Girl That Started A Twitter Simp War

The Girl That Started A Twitter Simp War

ladies and gentlemen I know we're amid,global panic with the coronavirus still,at large but what if I told you there's,a new pandemic sweeping this world and,this one's got a tick-tock I'm talking,of course about the okay boomer dancing,Bernie girl from Twitter she's taken,over Twitter like Skynet taking over the,military and the Terminator franchise,and much like Skynet,she's weaponized it she has,inadvertently turned simps into a weapon,you got men blocking their wives on,Twitter so they can simpler her in,private you have brave soldiers fighting,for her love on the frontlines of every,single common thread ever it's ,madness it's crazy out there it's true,hysteria and quite the phenomenon she's,got up 120 thousand Twitter followers in,the last four days you can't log on to,Twitter without reading about it or,seeing it it's crazy let me go ahead and,show you the clip now I don't know what,Kidz Bop album the song is from but it's,quite the jam then notice she's wearing,a Bernie shirt with a hashtag Bernie,thing I don't like to get political,don't know all about politics not,gonna pretend like I do but in this case,it wasn't about politics it's about,Paulette it's the Twitter audience only,cared about obsessing over the girl,nothing political I mean maybe Bernie,cared I mean maybe Bernie went to her,twitch streams and dropped the fat 50,gift subs I don't really know there but,on Twitter they only cared about the,girl not that politics behind it or,anything like that congratulations to,her though her name is Nico she blew up,because of this so good good work for,her I don't know about the song I mean,the soundings kind of weird it,just sounds like Tommy pickles in the,gang getting together to do karaoke I,don't really like the song,but you can't argue with the results,this popped off and like I said,this spawned an actual conflict a real,war that will most likely be reading,about on Wikipedia in the next two or,three years where you had the simps that,really thought that they could fall in,love that the girl would fall in love,with them if they kept trying hard,enough to defend her and fight her,battles on Twitter versus the people,that didn't like the tick-tock dance,people I just don't like tic TOCs they,went to battle they fought on multiple,Twitter,threads across multiple days it was,bloody conflict ruthless and vicious,until today me like I recently got me,and my boyfriend shirts Burnie shirts,did you catch that I'll play it again me,like I recently got me and my boyfriend,shirts me and my boyfriend she said,McQueen betrayed the Simpson a she,outright brought them outside and,publicly executed them she announced she,had a boyfriend and this was when the,peace treaty was signed where both sides,said you know we don't have a chance,let's just move the on so while,this may have ended the majority of the,weaponized simple there were still some,remnants of soldiers on Twitter that,didn't know the war was over,kind of like the Japanese hold out,soldiers where they still defended,islands and for like 60 years after,World War two is over cuz they didn't,know that's kind of what exists on,Twitter right now of course as always,there are those really creepy,posts claiming that they had the girls,nudes it was just trolls where they had,a completely blank picture that made it,seem like the picture wasn't loading so,in all these posts there were some,really desperate pathetic weirdos that,were begging to get the photos you know,DM discord like this guy here ,factory resets his phone and I'm,surprised you didn't bring it in to the,Apple store to see if he could help him,it's some really sad but there was,a lot of this going on as well,really it's been a wild time on Twitter,with this simple war that's both started,and ended within a week and I just,wanted to bring it to your attention in,case you haven't been on Twitter just to,bring you up to speed and if you haven't,been on Twitter congratulations that,shit's a real swamp a big ol ,cesspool but I did find this to be,pretty entertaining stuff that's about,it so yeah

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Twitch Thot get's banned for a day & goes Catatonic on Twitter │Thot Watch

Twitch Thot get's banned for a day & goes Catatonic on Twitter │Thot Watch

this one's a little late it's actually,old but hey a lot of things happen and,it's hard to crank out these videos at,times because too much is going on you,can't keep up and twitch doddery gives,me cancer back on April 7th twitch put,out a new community guideline that,basically said they weren't going to,allow too much exploitation of cleavage,and underboob and so on and so forth,there will be no more bums in under,boobs popular twitch streaming site,twitch has introduced a new guideline,regarding how much cleavage its users,can show to their online fans which,means this could really affect some,people's money because they're not,exactly interesting but they're nice to,look at you sexist pig,I mean let's face it between watching,paint dry and watching some twitch dots,in all honesty you get about the same,level of personality except the paint,doesn't yell at you to pay it or give it,a subscription so there's that I'm,unemployed it's five dollars it's really,like you're never you're not gonna,you're no one's gonna convince me that,what I'm saying is so rude or so,unacceptable,all right guys stay focus for you and,distracted with numbers here 500 subs we,got to get to 500 subs it's the only way,I'm committing to a stream schedule,we're at 187 like I don't know what to,tell you the stroke struggles of,streaming are very unique to streaming,and you can't understand them if you're,just looking at it from the outset tell,me that streaming as a job is like so, easy and like I should feel so,like I'm getting free money for just,sitting here being pretty or something,not that streaming is the most difficult,thing in the world it's a very unique,situation that has its own difficulties,and all I want to say is that if you're,looking at from the outset you will,never understand what it actually,entails unless you stream yourself and,are in my position as a streamer it's,easy for you now but it's the journey,that is hard I what did I just say what,did I just say dumb nuts,Toronto more I will sub like next week,like next week why because you're too,poor to afford $4.99 today so the pain,is probably nicer to you as a person the,judge time line was met with some,interesting replies many of which were,then taken down because a couple,thoughts actually caught heat so they,made their profiles private and I missed,out on those tweets because they didn't,care that much,one girl who is just notorious is it I,don't even know what her bag is but I,know she had a stream goal for boob,implants,she also had a stream goal were you paid,for her to go to some twitchcon in,another country and it's like do you,really need to do that have you been to,one twitchcon yeah probably been to them,all they suck ass,most conventions do but whatever do to,this twitch change some boob streamers,got banned and unfortunately because,YouTube is draconian and they actually,enforced some of their policies usually,on people that don't like like me I,can't tell you these photos on the video,you're probably watching,but patrons can see the unedited version,we have MS erodes she's fantastic,she's the greatest of all time she,literally got banned after this because,let's face it man look at those knockers,fantastic she's not a good painter,though I'm like looking at this it's,like this girl is not a good painter,it's like child level painting and we're,supposed to sit here and be like this is,art really this is art it was like a,child's painting twitches banned me I,don't care if it's for a day,wow what a waste the poor children a,terrible a day ban,it still affects my account I did,nothing wrong,someone is wrongfully banning on,twitches end just ask everyone like this,is like some big travesty you know even,a linen he took her banned like a,straight gangster every other twitch,thought that gets banned except for the,big ones they start squealing like pigs,probably because em wrath and elyda t,know them getting banned meats,absolutely nothing much like these,Community Guidelines don't mean anything,against big twitch streamers she starts,writing there's nothing wrong with what,I paint it,well you know let's face it I'm on,pornhub and I see this stuff all the,time,I don't yank my crank to it but it's,there which is just like a lighter,version based on review and activity,read content we've issued a Community,Guidelines strike on your account as a,result your access to twitch service has,been restricted or day a day,look at those big knockers man come on,look at those banks like let's be real,here why are we sitting here pretending,this is some sort of high art or that,anyone watching it is like learning,something or it's they come on and they,say I think she's trying to emulate a,look from someone who went to San Diego,comic-con and actually built a costume,to represent mystique correctly these,broads like I'm not even bothering with,half a shirt I'm not covering my boobs,you need to see these cuz you'll never,touch them now unfortunately I only have,a limited

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