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How to Draw the Twitter Logohi jurassic cuties wendy here today,we're going to draw the twitter logo

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Updated on Jan 22,2023

How to Draw the Twitter Logo

hi jurassic cuties wendy here today,we're going to draw the twitter logo so,let's get started,to draw this twitter logo i'm going to,be starting with a blue colored pencil,today only because it's going to be,easier for me to color in the square,that the bird is in,so i'm going to start with the beak area,so i'm just going to come about right,here and i'm just going to come out,with a curve and we're starting the top,of the beak and then we're going to come,down,and,the beak is open so then i just broke my,color pencil because i was pushing too,hard,okay i need to sharpen this,okay but that's the basic beak um,drawing right there and let me sharpen,my pencil,okay and i'm back with a nuke with a,sharpened colored pencil so lesson,learned don't sharpen it too uh pointy,and don't press too hard,okay so for now that we have the beak in,i'm gonna come where i started right,here and i'm just gonna basically draw a,curve that comes down for the head,so i'm drawing kind of small only,because we're doing this freehand so,it's just a lot easier to draw,when it's smaller,and i'm just,it's not going to be perfect or exact we,just want to get a basic idea of this,bird so about there we have that curve,and then from there we're going to,imagine this curve coming down and so,about right here i'm going to start to,curve for the body,so then from there we're going to stop,about right there we're going to start,to draw the wing let's come up,so let's see here so i know when i go up,this curve the tip of the wing is not,going to really pass the head,so i'm just going to be aware of that,when i bring this curve up,so let's say,about right here ballpark,about right there and then i'm going to,start to draw one two three curves so,the first one is a little bit longer,i'm just gonna bring this down,and i'm gonna come out,and another one,and,let's hear another one smaller ones come,out again,and this whole time we're just imagining,this curve as it comes down,so that's our goal we just want to still,maintain,this curve,okay so then from there we're going to,come out right here,and draw another curve so this is going,to be the beginning of the tail,about right there it's going to pass the,wing a little bit and then from there we,can go ahead and just connect back,just make this darker so,just go ahead and connect back,to the curve we made right here,okay so there that's the basic shape for,our bird and because we're going to be,coloring in this part the solid blue you,can always come in and do some,adjustments really easily,okay so now that we have the bird in,let's draw the rounded off square that's,around it so i'm just gonna,um i'm gonna start on this side first,and about in this area,kind of like where the head and the wing,is close to it i'm going to start off,with a straight line,and then i'm going to come to the other,side just like,this side so close to the beak,and we're going to draw another straight,line,so we're just trying our best here to,make it,same as the other side so we have the,two let's make it,more level,from there let's draw the top so we're,going to come to the top uh well you,know what i'm going to draw my bottom,first it's a little bit easier for me to,see so just give it a little bit space,imagine this as a square so,about right here,just draw another line,so i'm just surrounding the bird and i'm,going to go straight up so we've created,this square so i'll say about right here,looking at my camera make sure it's,about a square,and go straight across just like this,one,and like i said we're doing this free,hand,so it's,if you want it to be really perfect you,definitely get a ruler okay so now that,we have these four lines in let's come,in here and we're going to just connect,it,so let's see it's easier for my hand i'm,just going to come right here in the,corner,and connect,from there i'm going to connect this,corner so same exact thing just round,off the corner and come back down,and same thing here,and one more,there approximate,okay so that's pretty much it except now,i'm just going to go in and color it and,make any kind of adjustments,after i fill it all in,so now that i'm pretty much done with,the coloring i can see right here that,this part is a little too flat so i'm,just going to come in here,and round this corner off to make it a,little bit smoother,so like i said because this part right,here is all solid blue it's a lot easier,to come in here and fix,any angles or curves that you need to,so maybe like right here make it a,little bit smoother,and,dip this in a tiny bit more,so they're all done as you can see i did,go back into the square to color it a,little bit more solid and then i made,some adjustments like right here on the,head i noticed it was just too round i,brought it in a little bit so it looks a,little bit better,but um that is pretty much it i hope i,really helped you draw this twitter logo,and thanks so much for watching if you,loved it please make sure to subscribe,and turn on your no

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How To Use Twitter (2022)

How To Use Twitter (2022)

here's how to use twitter,use the clickable sections below to skip,through different parts of this tutorial,go to to set up an account,your twitter name is displayed on your,profile and used to help people find,your account,a twitter handle will be created for you,automatically and will begin with the at,symbol you'll need to give this handle,to others if they want to mention you in,tweets,each tweet is limited to 280 characters,this includes spaces so if you want to,write a lengthy tweet choose your words,carefully,below you can see a circle being filled,up as you type,this indicates how many characters you,have left in your tweet,you can add media to make your tweets,more visually engaging,this won't use up any of your characters,you can add a picture gif or a poll,you can collect data and encourage,interaction from your followers using,polls,you'll need to write your question in,your tweet then you can list your,options and choose how long you want the,poll to run for,you can add expressions to your tweets,with emojis,click on the emoji button and select one,you'd like to add,these will be included in your character,count,to add multiple tweets click on the plus,sign next to tweet,this is useful if you want to say,something more than 280 characters,click tweet to post,your tweet will now be on your profile,by following a twitter account that,accounts tweet will be shown on your,home page so you can stay up to date,with all their latest posts,from the home page click on your profile,photo to get to your profile page,twitter will show you recommended,accounts for you to follow based on your,interests,to follow someone click,follow,or,show more if you want to see more,recommendations,to follow someone else click on the,search bar,and then type in their name to find them,you'll see different accounts listed,click follow on the account you want,on the home page you'll now see their,tweets listed too,to view your profile,click on your profile photo or click,profile on the left hand side,click edit profile to edit the visuals,of your page,you can change your profile photo or add,a banner photo here,click the camera icon to add a photo to,make your profile more visual,select the image you want to use and,then click apply,you can change your profile name add a,biography to describe yourself add your,location,a website,and your birthday,under the date where you joined you'll,see the number of accounts you're,following and the number following you,click on these to see who they are,to change your twitter handle from the,home page,click on the more icon and select,settings and privacy,go to your account,and account information,your current twitter handle will appear,next to your username to change it,highlight the text and type in a new one,each twitter handle is original,if your username is already taken it'll,tell you below,and you'll need to try a different,variation click save to apply the,changes to your handle,reacting to tweets can help you to get,more followers,under each tweet you'll see a series of,different options,you can also react to your own tweet to,add more information to it,click on the speech bubble to reply,this will add a comment specifically to,that tweet,the account that posted the tweet will,be notified that you've replied to it,retweeting shares a tweet on your own,page,click on the two circling arrows icon to,retweet a post,if someone else retweets one of yours,all of their followers will then be able,to see your tweet on their page,you can also choose to retweet with,comment,this will also share the tweet on your,page,with an accompanying note,click on the heart icon to like a tweet,you can see how popular someone's tweets,are by looking at the number of hearts,it has,messages is the direct message platform,for twitter you can privately send and,receive messages to twitter accounts,using this function,from the home page click on messages,it may ask you to verify your account,with a phone number to check your real,person,if prompted for this,add a phone number and verify yourself,to access,message someone who follows you by,clicking start a conversation and type,in the name of the person,you can also message someone who isn't,following you if they have enabled this,function in their privacy settings click,the name you want then type your message,here,you can add a photo gif,or an emoji by clicking these icons,if you want to delete a tweet,you can click on the three dots here and,click delete,from the home page click on explore,the explore page allows you to browse,different tweets and accounts you may,not be following already,type something in the search bar you're,interested in looking for and various,posts and accounts will appear for you,to browse,bookmark store tweets so you can go back,to look at them later,from the home page click on the bookmark,tab to add a tweet to your bookmarks,select the upload icon and select,add tweet to bookmarks,lists also help you to manage your

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Symbol Table

Symbol Table

hello everyone and welcome back to the,course of compiler design,today we are going to talk about the,symbol table so without any further ado,let's get to learning,now if we talk about the expected,outcome of this specific lecture,first we are going to see the usage of,symbol table by various phases,next we will see the various entries of,the symbol table and finally we will see,the operations which we can perform on,the symbol table,now in the session introduction we have,seen the compiler's internal,architecture and specifically in the,last session we have gone through the,brief overview of all these six phases,now along with all these six phases the,compiler has got two more components the,first one is the symbol table manager,and the next one is the error handler,coming to symbol table manager we have,already seen it gathers all the,information from the analysis phase and,those gathered information are used by,the synthesis phase,and the error handler works side by side,with all these six phases,now the question remains where does the,symbol table manager store all these,informations which it gathers from the,analysis phase which in turn is being,used by the synthesis phase,and the answer to that is the symbol,table the name is also pretty,straightforward isn't it,since it manages the symbol table that,is why it is named as symbol table,manager,now symbol table is basically a data,structure which is created and,maintained by compilers in order to,store information about the occurrences,of various entities such as variable and,function names,objects classes,interfaces etc,now the information inside the symbol,table is gathered from the analysis,phase which in turn is used by the,synthesis phase in order to generate the,target code,now let's observe how the symbol table,is used by the various phases coming to,lexical analysis it creates the entries,for identifiers,now we already know the lexical analyzer,is known as the scanner,so it scans the entire source code line,by line and during that scanning,whenever it encounters any identifier it,creates the entry for that inside the,symbol table,now coming to syntax analysis here the,syntax analyzer adds the information,regarding attributes like type scope,dimension line of reference line of,usage etc,now during the semantic analysis phase,the semantic analyzer using the,available information stored in the,symbol table checks the semantics of the,identifiers created by the lexical,analysis phase,and update the symbol table accordingly,now during the intermediate code,generation phase the available,information inside the symbol table,helps the intermediate code generator in,adding the temporary variables,information,now in our previous session we have,already seen the intermediate code,generation phase,there we have seen in the three address,code the intermediate code generator,generates some new temporary variables,now the type of the temporary variables,should be precise in terms of the data,it is about to store and there the,available information inside the symbol,table helps the intermediate code,generator,now during the code optimization phase,the available information stored inside,the symbol table is used specifically in,machine dependent optimization,finally the target code generator,generates the target code using the,address information of identifiers,stored inside the symbol table,now during the previous session we have,observed the d word ptrs which were the,data word pointers pointing to a,register base pointer rbp with a,specific scaling factor,those were the addresses which helped in,generation of the target code,so this is how all the six phases make,use of the symbol table,let's now observe how the different,entries are stored inside the symbol,table,now since it is a table each entry in,the symbol table is associated with,attributes that support the compiler in,different phases,these are name it holds the names of the,identifiers,then the type attribute which stores the,data types or written types of the,identifiers,thereafter the attribute size it,specifies the size of the identifier now,dimension is an interesting attribute,many of you may know that there are one,dimensional and multi-dimensional arrays,for those derived data types this,attribute holds their dimensions,however for the primitive data types the,value stored by this attribute is zero,the next one is the line of declaration,here the line number of the source code,where the identifier has been declared,is stored,then there is the line of usage,attribute,this attribute stores the line number of,the source code where the identifier has,been used,interesting fact if the identifier has,been used in the code in several,instances then all those line numbers,will be stored in a linked list for,every identifier entry finally the,address attribute stores the address,information of the identifier,now let me show you how the entries are,stored inside the symbol table with the,help of a prope

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10 Important Symbols And Their Meanings

10 Important Symbols And Their Meanings

I'm obsessed with symbols I think you,can tell a lot about us and our,ancestors by the way we use symbolism,some symbols can be found in different,cultures all over the world,others are specific to one and have,hidden messages civilizations and,nation-states carefully choose the,symbols which represent VAM businesses,do the same thing with their logo and,YouTube channels do with their icons - a,polar bear although I can't remember why,here are 10 important symbols and their,meanings the staff of Hermes is derived,from Greek and Egyptian mythology it was,carried by a messenger to humans sent by,the gods but the symbol goes back,further to ancient Mesopotamia the image,of serpents wrapped around a staff has,always represented something important,even today it's used to represent,medicine in Greek mythology it was,associated with commerce in Indian,mythology it was associated with hidden,knowledge in alchemy it's associated,with immortality some believe it's an,ancient depiction of the double helix of,human DNA which suggests our ancient,ancestors knew about DNA they suggest,such knowledge was lost in the Dark Age,and only rediscovered in the 1950s if,you've ever looked closely at a u.s.,dollar bill this symbol might have,freaked you out it can also be found on,the Declaration of the Rights of Man,it's called the Eye of Providence and,can be found on many buildings from the,18th and 19th centuries it was a,standard Masonic symbol mostly used for,religious purposes representing the,all-seeing eye of God and after three,Masons believed God is the architect of,our universe they would pay tribute to,him with this symbol it's a lot more,innocent than some conspiracy theories,would have you believe it is a bit,creepy vote,the answer is a symbol of protection in,the shape of a human hand with an eye in,its palm it's common to see all over the,Middle East and North Africa Muslims and,Jews believe it protects against the,evil eye that's a curse people can put,on each other just by looking at them,hateful X since the ancient world people,have been seeking symbols to protect,against vac Earth in Italy the Horned,hand sign was used until recently but,for hamsa is the longest lasting and,most popular all across the Middle East,people wear it around their neck which,is incredible considering it can be,traced back to ancient Mesopotamia one,of the most common motifs in world,mythology is the serpent or dragon,eating its own tail long associated with,alchemy and magic it can be traced back,to the enigmatic book of 'never wall,which is the best names religious,document ever and found in the tomb of,Tutankhamun incidentally the symbol is,also found in North and Hindu mythology,it represents infinity and the cycle of,life the infinite cycle of creation and,destruction we can observe ideas like,this were primarily spread by symbols,often hidden within stories as we,evolved as a storytelling species in,North legends a dragon grew so big it,encircled the whole wall and began to,bite its own tail if you've spent much,time in Eastern Europe you might have,seen the double-headed eagle it was used,to represent the Austrian Empire and the,Imperial Russian House it was first used,by the Hittites,who inhabited ancient Turkey long after,the Hittites Empire fell the,double-headed eagle was adopted by the,Byzantine Empire something empires tend,to do is use the symbols of fallen,empires Western European empires,emulated Rome but Eastern European,empires look to Byzantium and so even,today it's an important national symbol,in many countries you'll find it on the,Serbian and Russian coat of arms and,even the Albanian flag,this silly red tarp is one of history's,most important symbols of freedom it was,worn by rebels during the French,Revolution and adopted by,revolutionaries in the new world which,is why it can be found a pig did on,official seals and coats of arms in Cuba,Argentina Colombia and many more nations,you can see it here on the seal of the,US Senate along with another symbol we,can talk about later it actually became,a symbol of Liberty by complete mistake,people confused it with a different,heart given to freed slaves in ancient,Rome so it's a ridiculous symbol which,doesn't mean what it's used for this is,the Cairo it's made of the first two,letters in the Greek word for Christ the,symbol was used to represent how Jesus,died on the cross and was adopted by the,Roman Emperor Constantine he was the,first emperor to convert to Christianity,and ends the persecution of his new,religion this arguably did more to,spread the faith than anything else the,cairo really symbolizes that turning,points in history without which,christianity may never have become a,major religion apparently ganesh counts,as a symbol as i've been looking for an,excuse to include him in a video he's a,big blue elephant man,this wast ago will forever be associated,with fascism and Vittorio Shan as a,religious symbol it goes back at least,11,000 years it's most popu

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‘Far-right rot’: Rep. Santos displays white power symbol during speaker vote

‘Far-right rot’: Rep. Santos displays white power symbol during speaker vote

uh you live tweeted all 15 rounds of,voting writing last night quote the,house Republican Psycho Drama never,ceases to amaze congressman,I mean give us your take what work can,actually be accomplished with what seems,like such a dysfunctional GOP now in,control of your chamber,well the other side House Republicans,have been hijacked by arsonists for,intent on burning down everything,including the leadership of their own,party I mean House Republicans have,shown themselves to be embarrassingly,and dangerously dysfunctional on not in,164 years to take the House of,Representatives longer to perform the,basic function of selecting a speaker,and The Psychotic psychodrama of House,Republicans would be laughable where the,consequences not so serious I worry,about what this portends for the future,of the country to have arsonists in,charge of the house heightens the risk,of a debt default,which would derail the full faith and,credit and with it the American economy,it heightens the risk of a government,shutdown it you know the people should,understand that the dysfunction of House,Republicans is not self-contained it,will cause damage to Congress the,country and all of our constituents,I mean that's a great point it's easy to,forget for a moment watching all of this,drama that this can have very real,consequences I mean what is the delay uh,the delayed start meant for your,constituents and staff,look we did our best to continue,functioning as a normal office but,um if you're not supported as a member,of Congress nothing happens uh you know,the operation of Congress revolves,around the selection of a speaker and,without the selection of a speaker you,cannot swear in members you cannot adopt,rules you cannot perform committees you,cannot perform oversight federal,agencies you cannot pass legislation you,cannot get classified briefings and it,cripples the ability of our offices to,provide a full-fledged constituent,services,so the the cycle drama that everyone saw,unfolds on the house floor almost to the,point of dueling I had profound,consequences for our ability to govern,you're a member of the homeland security,committee I mean how concerned are you,that uh you and others on the committee,and other committees the intelligence,committee and so forth missed a week now,of intelligence briefings,look if there have been an emergency,that required legislative action from,Congress,we would have been unable to act,urgently because the likes of,Lauren bulbart and Matt Gates,were looking to create political theater,on the house floor,um the House Republicans have no,business governing,um this is behavior that's Unbecoming of,any Congressional majority,and I think we've seen the contrast,between the two parties house Democrats,represent the governing wing of the,house,and House Republicans represent the,grandstanding wing of the house,and I worry about the next two years we,have to brace ourselves for the worst,case scenario,yeah I think a lot of folks agree with,you there now just before I let you go,you've been one of the harshest critics,of uh fellow New York Congressman,freshman Congressman George Santos you,even introduced an act named after him,uh to ban Lion on the campaign Trail,Santos now appears to have perhaps,flashed a white power symbol while,voting yesterday,what's your reaction to that,well apparently uh George Santos is not,only Latino and black but he's also,white now um uh he's just an utter,embarrassment,um he has no business serving in,Congress it diminishes the institution,to have him seated to have him sworn in,uh and so I called on him to resign but,George Santos ultimately is not simply a,reflection on himself he's an indictment,of what the Republican party has become,when you have a political party that has,been hijacked by Donald Trump and the,far right charlatans like George Santos,will inevitably follow and so I see the,scandal of George Santos in the context,of the trumpian rock the far right rot,that lies at the core of the Republican,Party,thank you

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Asmongold Reacts To "The BROFIST is declared a HATE SYMBOL" - PewDiePie

Asmongold Reacts To "The BROFIST is declared a HATE SYMBOL" - PewDiePie

let's look at this playback speed is it, naw I thought that was I thought,that was an artistic choice for a second,I was like what the ,okay quick question here we go which one,of these is a hate symbol is it a the,bowl haircut that one yes the number 12,yeah see the okay hand sign all the,above they're all hate symbols all of,them are hate symbols the answer is of,course all of them what let's go through,some more example why is 1200 the twelve,words from the white supremacist, oh god I forgot all about that and,the ball cut what is that a hate symbol,for because the Dylan roof oh man I I,told I forgot about that yeah it's 14,yeah that's 14 words well what's the 12,well don't tell me I don't want to get,in trouble,hey remember this guy I've actually,never showed him properly on my channel,but most of you probably know it's,pepper the frost it's the white,supremacist booming meme from 2015 to,2016 everyone loved this guy from what,started in just a pretty small comic,book yeah I was adopted by the internet,to become the biggest meme of that time,the liberties were posting him people,still use made pepper so popular it was,that he could be made into anything and,this right that there were so many,different versions of pepper became a,meme in itself practically became too,popular and versions of pepper that,should never have been made was created,yes which changed things aligned,all fired,uh-oh uh-oh this is not looking good,guys,urging racist ideology known as the,alt-right,jr. for example they know this image on,his Instagram account it's a meme, disgusting for those of you who,don't know pepping is a white,nationalist symbol yeah essentially,Niall is who do it for the law basically,that means for the heck of it races and,- semantics I kept Luther explaining the,walls sempai memes were spread across,the Internet yeah future of Pepe looked,bleak but nobody cared that there was,some who resisted some people fought,back a movement called hashtag save Pepe,was created by met fury hippies creator,to try and bring tempeh back to,something positive the internet try to,help even its face that's the fact Loki,not like is this a better way to see it,I don't know if you guys can see it any,bigger right here,yeah maybe well but that's the face of a,dude who just had his frog picture,turned into a white supremacist son boys,like his eye he's probably so tired he's,been getting phone calls from CNN and,you know all these other news agencies,that are trying to figure out what the,hell's going on yeah he's tired as ,of this positive the internet tried,to help even admi to help but it was too,late,Pepe was declared dead by Matt fury and,in one of his comic strips we see pepper,for the last time,this of course hasn't stopped Peppa's,abused by normal people or people with,bad intentions by normal people yeah but,Matt did what he had to do to distance,himself from what it had become it's a,kind of sad story huh thanks Hilary's,but Matt is still trying to save Pepe if,you want you can check out a Kickstarter,link in the description either way,people were ready to move on but from,the ashes of Pepe came something far,worse,the Rakhine oh Oh No Oh No find me,the hobbits photo from the White House,causing controversy today the photo,shows President Trump posing with White,House interns yep at the president's,request all the young men and women give,his thumbs-up signature he does that all,the time turn in the back row he's,making a hand gesture that's quite,different than any of the others to some,it appears to symbolize white power the,white power signal is made with the,right hand and outstretched fingers that,make a WOL as in white power oh no,seriously falling for this are we the,origin of the white power okay hand sign,was quickly traced back to what said the,idea was to create another hate symbol,like Pepe as a way to troll and to,create political discourse some people,took the bait,obviously but it was also at this time,that the circle game was again becoming,popular online Reese is a white,supremacist what the hell the basic gist,of the game is haha,made you look while making the okay sign,underneath your waist haha your watch,how stupid the idea was some use it as,an opportunity to provoke but it was,obvious it was another Pepe and this,time there was solid proof that it was a,troll operation yeah so people did the,responsible thing this time and declared,the okay sign wasn't a hate symbol we,can't verify,tonight that the claim the okay sign is,a hate symbol is false but it's never,really that easy I thought that they,they said this is my this is my take on,it is that they thought that it was a,racist symbol and even though it was,created as a meme actual white,supremacists started using it and so now,it's real to everybody like that's,that's where I thought we were at but,maybe maybe he'll explain that in the,video I don't know America,shortly after the unthinkable happened,aw it's Bill Cosby doing the okay and,gesture i

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Why are these 32 symbols found in caves all over Europe | Genevieve von Petzinger

Why are these 32 symbols found in caves all over Europe | Genevieve von Petzinger

المترجم: Zeineb Trabelsi المدقّق: Anwar Dafa-Alla,يوجد شيء حول الكهوف--,فتحة غامضة موجودة في الجرف الحجري الذي يشدك إليه.,بعبورك البوابة الفاصلة بين النور والظلام،,فإنك تدخل عالما خفيا ومجهولا--,مكانا مظلما طوال الوقت، يمكنك أن تشم فيه راحة التراب ويعمه السكون.,منذ فترة طويلة في أوروبا،,دخلت الشعوب القديمة أيضا هذه العوالم الموجودة تحت الأرض.,وكشاهدٍ على مرورهم من هنا،,تركوا خلفهم نقوشا ولوحات غامضة،,مثل هذا مجموعة من البشر والمثلثات والخطوط المتعرجة من أوجو جوارينيا في إسبانيا.,أنت الآن السير في نفس الدرب كما فعل هؤلاء الفنانين القدامى.,وفي هذا المكان السريالي، العالم الآخر،,يعتبر من المستحيل تقريبا تخيّل,أن تسمع وقع الأقدام للأحذية الجلدية على الأرض الناعمة،,أو أن ترى الخفقان الصادر من الشعلة عند منعطف المقبل.,عندما أكون داخل كهفٍ،,كثيرا ما أجد نفسي أتساءل ما الذي دفع هؤلاء للتغلغل عميقا,وتحدّي الممرات الخطيرة والضيقة كل هذا لترك بصمتهم فقط؟,في هذا الفيديو كليب،,هذا على عمق نصف كيلومتر، أو حوالي ثلث ميل، تحت الأرض،,داخل مغارةة "كودون" في إسبانيا،,وجدنا سلسلةً من اللوحات الحمراء المنقوشة على السقف,في جزء لم يقع اكتشافه سابقا من الكهف.,ومع زحفنا إلى الأمام، مثلما يفعلون في التدريبات العسكرية، ومع انخفاض السقف أكثر،,وصلنا أخيرا إلى حدٍّ حيث كان السقف منخفضا جدا,حيث لم يعد بإمكان زوجي ومصور المشروع، ديلان،,النجاح في التركيز على السقف باعتماد آلة التصوير ذات العدسة الأحادية العاكسة.,وبالتالي بينما كان يقوم بتصويري،,ظللت أتابع أثار الطلاء الأحمر باعتماد ضوء واحد,وكاميرا عادية التي نحتفظ بها لمثل هذه المناسبات.,نصف كيلومتر تحت الأرض.,حقا.,ما الذي كان يقوم به أحدهم هنا في الأسفل بشعلة أو مصباحا حجريا؟,(ضحك),أعني-- أنا، هذا منطقي، أليس كذلك؟,ولكن كما تعلمون،,هذا هو النوع من الأسئلة التي أحاول الإجابة عليها من خلال أبحاثي.,أدرس بعض أقدم الفنون في العالم.,تم إنشاؤها من قبل الفنانين القدامى في أوروبا،,بين 10،000 و 40،000 سنة مضت.,والأمر,هو أنني لا أدرسها لكونها جميلة فقط،,بالرغم أنّ بعضها كذلك بالتأكيد.,ولكن ما يهمني هو تطوّر العقل الحديث،,وتطور الإبداع، والخيال، والتفكير المجرّد،,حول ما يعنيه أن تكون إنسانا.,بينما تتواصل جميع الأنواع بطريقة أو بأخرى،,تمكن الكائن البشري فقط من أخذها إلى مستوى آخر.,تعبر رغبتنا وقدرة على المشاركة والتعاون,جزءا كبيرا من قصة نجاحنا.,استناد عالمنا الحديث على شبكة عالمية لتبادل المعلومات,أصبح ذلك ممكنا، في جزء كبير منه، بفضل قدراتنا على التواصل--,ولا سيما، باستخدام الرسوم البيانية أو أشكال التواصل الكتابية.,الأمر هو، على الرغم من,أننا قمنا ببناء الإنجازات العقلية,لأولئك الذين سبقونا منذ فترة طويلةٍ،,فإنه من السهل أن ننسى أن بعض قدراتهم لم تكن موجودة بالفعل.,انها واحدة من الأشياء التي أجدها أكثر من رائعة,حول دراسة تاريخنا العميق.,لم يكن هؤلاء يملكون القدرة لجعل الآخرين يركبون عليهم.,كانوا هم الأصل.,وبينما تظهر الأعداد المفاجأة حول الاختراعات المهمة,التي وجدت في تلك الفترة البعيدة،,ما أريد التحدث عنه اليوم هو اختراع التواصل الذي يعتمد الرسوم.,يوجد ثلاثة أنواع رئيسية للتواصل،,المنطوقة والإيمائية - مثل لغة الإشارة -,والتي تعتمد على الرسوم والأشكال.,تعتبر المنطوقة والإيمائية عابرةً بحكم طبيعتها.,تتطلب اتصالا مباشرا ليتم إرسال رسالة واستقبالها.,وبعد فترة من ايصال المعلومة، تختفي إلى الأبد.,التواصل الذي يعتمد على الأشكال، من ناحية أخرى، فصل هذه العلاقة.,وباختراعه، أصبح من الممكن ولأول مرة,أن يتم نقل رسالة وحفظها,أبعد من فترة معينة في المكان والزمان.,تعتبر أوروبا أول مكان,التي بدأنا فيها برؤية رسوم تخطيطية تظهر بانتظام,في الكهوف والملاجئ الصخرية وحتى في بعض المواقع المفتوحة التي لازالت موجودة.,ولكن هذه ليست نفس أوروبا التي نعرفها اليوم.,كان هذا عالم تغطيه صفائح جليدية شاهقة،,بيلغ ارتفاعها ما بين 3 و4 كيلومترات،,مع السهول الواسعة والتندرا المجمدة.,هذا كان العصر الجليدي.,خلال القرن الماضي،,تم العثور على أكثر من 350 موقع صخري يعود إلى العصر الحجري في أنحاء القارة،,زُيّنت بصور حيوانات وأشكال مجردة وحتى صور لإنسان أحيانا,مثل هذه الرموز المحفورة في كهف ديل أدّورا الموجود في صقلية.,تقدم لنا لمحة نادرة,إلى داخل عالم الإبداع والخيال الخاص بهؤلاء الفنانين القدامى.,منذ اكتشافها،,حظيت الحيوانات بأكبر جزء من الاهتمام فيما يتعلق بالدراسة,مثل هذا الحصان الاسود من "كولالفيرا" في إسبانيا،,أو هذا البيسون الأرجواني النادر من لابياغا.,ولكن بالنسبة لي، كانت هذه الأشكال التجريدية، ما نسميها أشكال هندسية،,السبب في دراستي الفنّ.,المضحك هناا هو أنه في معظم المواقع,الأشكال الهندسية تفوق صور الحيوانات والإنسان بكثير.,ولكن عندما بدأت هذا في عام 2007،,لم تكن هناك ولو قائمة نهائية عن العدد الإجمالي للأشكال الموجودة هناك،,ولا حتى دليل قوي,ما إذا كانت ظهرت في نفس المكان أو الزمان.,قبل أن أتمكن حتى من البدء بطرح أسئلتي،,كانت خطوتي الأولى تجميع القاعدة البيانية,لجميع الأشكال الهندسية المعروفة من جميع مواقع الصخرية.,كانت المشكلة أنه مع الرغم من أن بعض المواقع كانت موثقة جيدا،,عادة تلك مع الحيوانات لطيفة جدا،,إلا أن عددا كبيرا منها كان غامضا جدا--,لم يكن هناك الكثير من الوصف أو التفصيل.,لم يقع زيارة بعضهم منذ نصف قرن أو أكثر.,كانت هذه التي استهدفتها للعمل الميداني.,على مدار العامين الماضيين،,أمضيت مع زوجي الوفي ديلان أكثر من 300 ساعة تحت الأرض،,المشي لمسافات طويلة والزحف والتلوي في حوالي 52 موقعا,في فرنسا واسبانيا والبرتغال وصقلية.,وقد كان الأمر يستحق العناء.,وجدنا علامات هندسية جديدة وغير موثّقة في 75 بالمئة من المواقع التي زرناها.,هذا هو مستوى من الدقة الذي عرفتُ أنني سأحتاج اليه,إذا أردت أن أبدأ بالإجابة على هذه الأسئلة الكبيرة.,

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Python [sympy] 02 Symbols

Python [sympy] 02 Symbols

hello everyone and welcome back to some,Python programming tutorials we're still,looking at senpai I'm rid of the null,and now we're gonna move into some,actual cool mathematics and programming,stuff today we're gonna be looking at,symbols which is essentially the core of,symbolic computation and now senpai,programming and cool stuff we're looking,at so this is really the baseline the,foundation for all of these coming,tutorials,so here we are in our Python interpreter,we got idle fired up here and I'm gonna,do is I'm gonna import everything from,our senpai module normally I'd been,doing this by import sim PI but I want,to have all of the functions and kind of,variables in our scope so without having,to have to type simp I in front of them,all over and over and over again so the,way I do this is from simp I import cool,there we go now if we're using symbols,symbols are our variables like you know,X&Y and mathematics and other cool stuff,if we get into Z and Z so that's what we,need to be looking at let's say we want,to be variable X and we just had this,expression X plus 1 that's that's pretty,normal in mathematics right well in,Python always a variable needs a value,if we're trying to use X kind of like a,mathematical symbol like a mathematical,variable pythons not gonna know what,we're doing so we have to declare it as,a symbol pi is pythons variables are,typically going to hold the place of a,simp I symbol you have to define them,this way now the way that we do this,with simp I is with a function called,symbols and you pass in to adhere the,names as a string so we'll pass in the,string X and we'll set this equal to the,X variable in Python and that's the way,that we kind of declare that we're gonna,be using a symbol we run this we just,the enter button it doesn't return,anything for us because we just head it,to a variable but now it works pretty,nicely if I tried X plus 1 now we get,returned to X plus 1 because simp I and,Python is understanding this as an,expression if I use symbols,why without setting it setting it to any,variable we're going to see the return,here,it returns Y as a symbol now I haven't,set this as a variable so we're not,gonna use that at all,but we still got X X is still working,for us as a symbol within Python and,because of sin PI's symbols function,that's the way that we can use this as a,real symbolic mathematical value,note that this symbols function what,it's going to do is it's going to take a,string of variable names and they're,typically separated by commas or spaces,we could even pass x and y and z and it,will note that okay all of these,variables x y and z are gonna equal,these now we've got X we've got Y and,we've got Z that works pretty well for,us now let's do some investigating what,if we had these in a different kind of,order we had let's say a and B a and B,are different are different rules we can,use but if they were in the order of B,comma a keep in mind symbols can read it,with commas or spaces be an A now a is,equal to B as a symbol and B is equal to,a as a symbol this is a little bit,confusing right well the a variable and,python is pointing to the symbol B in,simp I so typically what you're talking,about this stuff when you're talking,about the code and your mathematics and,your work with simp I and Python what,we'll be saying is that Python variables,refer to obviously Python variables,we're gonna say variable if I mean to,say variable if I mean to say symbol a,simp I symbol how we're interpreted in,the mathematics world then we'll say,symbol right so I know this is a,variable in mathematics as well but it's,also confusing because it's a Python,variable in computer science so when I'm,referring to a variable in mathematics I,will say symbol I know that's probably a,little hard to kind of follow me but the,real point behind this is that a Python,variable will be stated as a variable,and,senpai symbol will be sated as a symbol,hopefully that's not too confusing I,know it gets messy so let's let's say it,up messy can equal symbols everything I,wanted to show this to you guys because,now messy being a variable is assemble,everything I want to show this to you,because it can also display that symbols,can have names they're longer than one,character if you want to have them that,way typically the best practice is to,assign symbols to Python rules that have,the same name but this can kind of be,led to a few exceptions symbol names,cannot contain characters that are,allowed can contain characters are not,allowed in Python variables like,starting with an integer or minus signs,I think I'm not typically certain but,hey you can play off it and do what,you'd like to do now note we can have,expressions that keep track of all of,these variables x and y and z z here,sorry x is what we can work with we can,say x plus 1 the same example we've been,working with before and we can have this,expression variable equal x plus 1 now,we've got our expression x plus 1 that's,fantastic

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