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Twitter DELISTED Friday | Important Message to Investors.Twitter is being de-listed from the New,Yor

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Updated on Jan 24,2023

Twitter DELISTED Friday | Important Message to Investors.

Twitter is being de-listed from the New,York Stock Exchange effective October,28th Friday that's likely because Elon,Musk wants everyone to let his new,ownership sink in well he's expected to,take ownership of Twitter at 5 pm and,says the rumors of him dismissing 75,percent of the staff are false well even,though he is expected to cut a lot of,expenses at Twitter he's got an uphill,battle to work in the valuation for,Twitter and in this video I'd like to,talk about what you're buckling up for,if you're deciding to ride or die with,Elon Musk when this company goes private,and the shares are delisted Friday I'm,not entirely sure if that's Friday,morning or Friday at the closing bell,either way before or after Friday,Twitter will be delisted and it will be,a private company so we know that Elon,Musk is paying about 44 billion dollars,for this company the largest idea that,he has is growing the user base of,Twitter from it's current about 200,million users let's not even get into,the discussion of how many of those are,actually bought two one billion users,that's about a 5x growth in users and,then hopefully 10xing the monetize I,monetizability of Twitter in order to,essentially produce real cash flows and,uh the idea of Elon Musk purchasing,Twitter for 5420 has been the reason,that Twitter has actually traded,relatively close to 5420 because quite,frankly Twitter would probably be,selling for close to 15 to 20 dollars,today since advertising companies are,absolutely getting reamed uh during this,uh this recession and it's really what's,a beginning of recession which stocks,tend to price in the worst of of course,now we're getting actual EPS misses from,companies like Google Microsoft and,Facebook and so what do we get big,downshifts all at all companies except,for Twitter of course because elon's,paid 54-20 for it now look it's all new,he knows he's overpaying he was paying,at the time like 70 times 2022 earnings,that should have compressed by at least,half it's old news to say he's paying,double what it's worth we got that,what's he going to do with the company,well again double well 5x Revenue sorry,5x the user base and 10x the revenue and,how does he plan to do that well,according to sort of internal rumors,that we're hearing Elon Musk is also,hinting about this on Twitter that we,might see Twitter turn into a Twitter,space that can also include monetizable,videos including subscription based live,streams where you could essentially sign,up for a one-time paid live stream or a,paid Style live stream think about,Twitter spaces but either for exclusive,members or through some sort of paid,subscription model kind of like maybe,when I used to do Market open and close,live streams publicly a paid version of,that and then hosted on Twitter and one,of the things that I'd like to add in,terms of commentary is in order for this,to be successful we should potentially,look at the number one competitor in the,space of a long form video and now we're,not talking about short form video which,would be Facebook reels YouTube shorts,or tick tocks we're talking about long,form generally deemed to be eight,minutes plus but really anything over,about three minutes and that is a,horizontal video video would be a,competitor like twitch Vimeo Facebook,video or YouTube and clearly the,elephant of the room is YouTube YouTube,has the number one Nielsen rating for,most watched streaming service as of,September of 2020 which is actually an,impressive feat but when we look at the,numbers of the earnings provided by,YouTube for Google we can see that,YouTube advertising is down about 1.85,percent uh year over year and if we look,at the percentage of Revenue that comes,from YouTube compared to the total,revenue for Google we can see that,YouTube makes up less,then the Google network of income it,does make up nearly twice as much as,Google Cloud but makes up a fraction of,the ads that are spent on search in,total YouTube ads make up only about,10.2 percent of of Google's entire,revenue and that's actually declined as,a share of Revenue YouTube used to,represent 11 in income this was back in,uh 2021 and now represents just 10.2,percent so not only is it experiencing a,downshift in sort of the trend of growth,but it's also becoming a less important,part of Google's revenue which one of,the reasons people have been very,enthusiastic about Google over the last,few years has been because of YouTube,but that is actually becoming less,notable at Google and so for Elon Musk,to suggest hey let's just turn Twitter,into a potentially to suggest let's turn,Twitter into a platform for long form,monetizability I have a few suggestions,for Elon Musk and a warning so the first,in terms of suggestions,monetization is everything YouTube and,Google have announced that they're,planning to incorporate product,placement buttons that pop up within,videos while the videos are playing so,maybe kind of like the little cards that,pop up for another video you could,

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Investors selling Twitter stock are missing the fact Musk deal will close, says Jim Cramer

Investors selling Twitter stock are missing the fact Musk deal will close, says Jim Cramer

yeah I mean that's really you know a,sideshow in terms of what's going to,happen because uh next Friday uh musk is,buying it for 54.20 now this National,Security review which by the way the,White House has since said uh that it is,unaware of it we do not know of any such,discussions and that helped a bit in,terms of the decline in the stock but,you're still seeing it there that is,more or less solely because of this,story from Bloomberg uh well-regarded,reporters behind it and so the question,becomes well who told them this and why,did they think it was worth writing,um we don't know we don't know I will,tell you at least in speaking to people,close to Twitter they are unaware of any,inquiry so far from the U.S government,at all about National Security concerns,here,um that said where would or how would,they take place well perhaps cepheus,remember the committee for foreign,investment in the U.S which reviews,deals for their National Security,profile if they feel like there's,something that is concerning to them if,you were to see a formal letter from,cepheus to musk and Twitter they would,hold up the deal until that inquiry took,place that has not happened but that is,the concern right now uh that in fact,the next week given what we saw in this,Bloomberg story that somehow they would,decide that that is something they,wanted to take a look at,his his tweets about Putin or the fact,that he's providing starlink for free to,the Ukrainian uh to to Ukraine and has,said hey I'm providing it for free,and I'll get to you know it's very much,unclear exactly what uh has risen to a,level that would really concern the,government in a at least a real way,um section four of the equity commitment,letter by the way states that musk,cannot bring in investors that would,result in consent or additional uh,additional approval under any Anti-Trust,or foreign investment laws so if they,were to say hey we have some issues with,your investors you just have to get rid,of them under the merger agreement and,replace them either with Zone Equity or,somebody else talked yesterday about a,lot of the equity that at least is being,attempted to be raised even more on that,this guy Gavin Baker the hedge fund up,in Boston had a big presentation,yesterday,pointing out by the way that about seven,percent of the users are responsible for,eighty percent of the cash flow that may,go to why some of these uh stories about,significant layoffs may be true in some,in some fashion although I have not,heard that 75 number but I mean you guys,know this anything at this point will,scare people off because it's Twitter,it's musk uh this would be Jim,outside the realm of what we would deem,many would deem acceptable almost has,rings of what we would have seen under,the previous administration doing,something that would be uh to the,benefit of the president perhaps,um by taking advantage of uh and and and,and and trying to penalize their,political opponents,geez I've got to I have the exact same,story in my report and I know we speak,to different people,but that's exactly the story I got and,people were selling stock,it's motivated by other people and,they're going to miss the fact that the,deal will close,and uh I mean I don't know about the,layoffs because the layoffs haven't been,targeted but I have exactly the same,story you did which is that this is,while it certainly I'm not going to see,a story as a mistake I am saying that,that this is not going to help it seems,unlikely but it doesn't take much to,concern people who are betting on a,close next Friday of course as we,discussed yesterday and as these I you,know quoted some of these emails that,have gone out in terms of looking for,further Equity uh checks this deal is,expected everything I've heard indicates,that it is expected to close next Friday,but this was unexpected that you would,even see a story like this how to,actually gauge its impact Carl is very,much unclear right now and musk himself,is responding to tweets about the report,the notion that somehow he wants the,government to save him from a deal that,some argue he doesn't really want is not,lost on him at least that thesis no he,loves irony but the idea that he,actually is such a playing chess at such,a high level that he actually did this,purposefully to try to bring about a,National Security review that could,result in the deal not happening live,DHS that's hard to imagine uh and again,people close to Twitter indicate to me,there is nothing they've seen from the,government in terms of any inquiry thus,far but,um,listen uh you know it's Twitter it's,just like it's Chinatown Jake I mean I,don't know meanwhile uh Webb Bush today,says he's probably got to sell another,five to ten of Tesla uh in order to pay,for this deal which they think fair,value on Twitter is more like 30. that,yeah 30 or below given the snap numbers,today you could imagine if Twitter was,not in possession of a 5420 deal that,it's going to close next Friday it would,be

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Twitter accepts Elon's deal 🚨 How will you get paid? [Full Details]

Twitter accepts Elon's deal 🚨 How will you get paid? [Full Details]

twitter board just approved elon musk's,offer to buy twitter for 44 billion,dollars or 54.20 a share and take it,private what does this mean for your,shares your options you definitely want,to listen to this especially if you are,a twitter shareholder or option holder,because what happens when a company goes,private a lot of you are probably,looking at your shares right now twitter,is sitting under,54.20 a share so what happens should you,hold on to your shares are you going to,make money are you also going to be,offered,54.20,a share i'm gonna get into all of that,right here welcome back to the traveling,trader if this is the first time on the,channel welcome to the traveling trader,leave a big fat thumbs up if you get,anything out of this video and let's get,right into it so as we stated at the,outset twitter's board accepted elon,musk's buyout of 44 billion dollars for,the entire company or 54.20 a share,there was really no way for them to,reject this offer because the purchase,price represented a 20 a 38 premium to,twitter's closing stock price on april,1st 2022. see public companies have a,fiduciary responsibility to their,shareholders meaning that they have to,act in the best interest of shareholders,and if,someone is willing to buy the company,for a 38 premium you will have a lot to,prove in court if the case is taken to,court as to why you rejected that offer,sure there were a couple of things that,twitter could have done to challenge,this such as enacting the poison pill,and a few other things however those,things require a lot of effort they they,could even jeopardize twitter's future,right especially like the poison pill,clause that they were looking to,implement would actually destroy twitter,if elon musk went ahead and bought the,company anyway so there was really no,upside in them rejecting this offer,because it would have required a lot of,effort a lot of legal loopholes it would,have cost a lot it could jeopardize the,company's future now a company going,from public to private is actually very,rare but when it happens what we see,from the price action is it's actually,very muted,up until the finalization of that deal,so what we do know as of now is that,twitter said the deal will close this,year that is why there is no rush,to pump this stock up to 54.20,this leads me to the question what,happens if you are a twitter shareholder,currently well if you are a twitter,shareholder currently obviously the,price action is still independent until,the deal is finalized the company is,still public meaning if investors wanted,to or if traders wanted to they can,trade this thing up and down and you,could see some wild price actions but,what are investors incentivized to do,well the reason that they're not,incentivized to buy this stock in large,amounts here is because the deal is,going to take so long to close right the,end of the year i mean we're talking,about what seven eight months from the,time of this recording,it's going to close at such a far-out,date that are you really willing to buy,large amounts of twitter at almost 52,just to make a 2.20 gain at 54.20 so,what happens is when the deal is closed,and the company is delisted every,shareholder meaning you me the board,whoever is going to get paid out 54.20,cents a share if you haven't cashed out,your shares by that time and you haven't,protested the deal because you are a,shareholder you technically have the,right to protest the deal and i will,talk about that in a second but if you,haven't cashed your your shares out then,your broker will likely just cash you,out at the finalization of the deal for,and 20 cents that is what you're going,to get paid for each share now could the,deal actually be nixed because of some,sort of approval process or some sort of,regulation yes technically yes however,going private is much easier than going,public and,usually it they tend to be successful so,there is no real plausible reason to,believe that this twitter deal will not,go through now should you buy twitter at,51.82,well if you have nowhere else to park,your money and you actually think that,the deal is going to go through or you,have or you're very confident that the,deal is going to go through,then sure you can buy it at 51.80,and hold it until the deal goes through,and is finalized and you get paid 54,dollars and 20 cents as a matter of fact,that is much better than what a,three-month treasury bill will will,yield you right now the three-month,treasury bill yield is 0.82 percent,you're not gonna get in your bank,account so if you just wanted to park,some cash and again you are very,confident that the deal will go through,at the end of the year then yeah you can,park some cash in in twitter and get,paid what what is that like four percent,so,54.20 divided by,51.80 equals yeah 4.6 where are you,going to get 4.6 in seven months i mean,you won't even get 4.6 from the 10-year,treasury yield which is currently,yielding like 2.8 percent now like i,said the pr

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Tesla Stock Crashes W/ Elon Musk Twitter

Tesla Stock Crashes W/ Elon Musk Twitter

Tesla's Cinderella ride is over and man,is starting to crack,Tesla shares tumble following deliveries,report the numbers represent a record,for Elon Musk lead automaker and growth,of 40 in deliveries year over year but,they fell shy of analysts expectations,Tesla delivers record 405 278 cars in,quarter but misses Target,Tesla sales Miss puts Spotlight on,margins investors will get more clarity,later this month on whether the EV maker,is putting growth ahead of profit,essentially a lot of bad things are,happening a lot of bad news is going on,and I know there's a lot of people,confused out there and one of the,problems is I'm just keeping it real to,you guys there's a lot of YouTube,Pumpers out there that basically tell,you that Tesla is going to go to the,Moon that Elon Musk is the greatest,superhero of all time and now you should,be really thrilled that he's buying,Twitter and the reality is this is just,a reality,um if people put money in Tesla and the,co is selling you know a bunch of Tesla,stock then to fund his like escapades,with Twitter I'd be pretty upset and you,know the reason is like I wanted to you,know if I was the best in Tesla I want,to invest in a car company I want to,invest in the future of say solar power,all these kind of things and I believe,in Elon and then you're diverting all,that money over to Twitter and not only,is it a diversion of money it's also a,diversion of attention and I think,that's a real problem now moreover as,you guys read through the headlines,they're having a demand problem right,and I've warned you guys about this for,a long time there's multiple things,going on so one uh there's a slowing of,the global economy right so people just,don't have so much money and business,productivity is down uh also too you,have a rise in the cost of how much it,makes to make these cars right be it,Labor uh be it uh you know natural,materials like your lithium these kind,of things,um also too you have shutdowns in China,right so you have covid so you're having,problems with making said cars as well,as you have a Public Image problem as,well people don't necessarily want to be,associated with a Tesla so in the past,for example,um people who wanted to buy something,like a Tesla would say you know what I'm,all about Alternative Energy I reject,oil companies these kind of things and,it's really actually quite interesting,because when I was a kid this was,considered like a um I guess you could,say lefty or liberal kind of thing to,not be for oil companies and want to do,something like alternative energy right,care about the planet and it's really,interesting because there was a sort of,shift in Tesla because you know you have,people who say lean that way that would,want to buy a Tesla and then now you,have like a CO is starting to go more to,the right right I'm sure you guys know,this I'm not just making stuff up and,and so like that kind of isolates,um the the customers uh that wanted to,buy Tesla for those kind of reasons and,they're like well I'm not so sure I want,to be associated with said Tesla that's,not starting to rewrite right wing and,and you know one of the things I was,talking about Tesla here in any uh,company is my opinion is that you should,try to be as neutral as you can because,you want to sell uh cars to both you,know left side and the right side I,don't think that's crazy you want to,sell cars to everybody and it's been,unfortunate the CEO has been just so,politically,um aggressive and I get it people out,there who support them say oh well it's,all about Free Speech but I mean I hope,you guys understand this as a company I,want to sell cars to both left side and,right side middle side upside downside I,want to sell cars everybody and so,usually you don't want to like be,aggressively getting into politics so,that's these all these things are,weighing down on Tesla's stock um the,other thing is too is I understand when,people you know sort of look at it and,they're like well Chris you know it's,deliveries are going up you know 40,isn't that good and yes it's great right,but there's a couple things to keep in,mind you're just talking about,deliveries you're not talking about,their earnings right so for example just,give me a simple example if you're,spending a whole bunch of money on,advertising and spending a whole bunch,of money on on discounts and maybe,selling cars at a loss for example,um yes your deliveries could go up,through the moon and this happens with a,lot of companies is um they'll they'll,try to you know you know show the,numbers that make them look good so in,this case deliveries but you have to,remember too when you're talking about,business you want to talk about the,bottom line now one of the things that's,going on is in this I'm sure you guys,understand this is with the stock market,or stocks in general or companies in,general it is hard to predict the future,and essentially what was going on is a,lot of people were predicting a really,really Rosy scen

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Predicting the Stock Market with Twitter (Part 1) - Tweet Processing

Predicting the Stock Market with Twitter (Part 1) - Tweet Processing

hello and welcome i'm adam with push the,envelope the channel that gives you,everything artificial intelligence and,machine learning this week we're going,to be looking at how do we predict the,stock market using tweets now for some,tweets may seem like an odd choice to,use for predicting the stock market but,it's actually a fairly good indicator of,which way the stock market may or may,not be moving so what we're going to be,doing is taking tweets let's say from,apple and converting those tweets into,whether or not they are positive neutral,or negative and we do this through,something called sentiment analysis and,if we can take that sentiment over an,entire collection of tweets,let's say for a day or for a week we may,be able to determine what the stock is,going to do in the coming days or weeks,so without further ado let's go ahead,and start building a pipeline to try to,convert tweets into that sediment and,then use it to make our actual,predictions on the stock market,all right we are over in our jupyter,notebook and as you can see the first,thing i have here is a url now we're,going to be using a data set that is,actually on kaggle so if you follow this,link i also throw it in the description,uh it will take you over to this page,and someone has,nicely put together this data set of,stock tweets and has labeled them,positive and negative for us already so,we're gonna take advantage of that to,train uh some of our models here so go,ahead,log into kaggle if you don't have an,account already it's free,and just download,this data set and we can get started,when you download it it's obviously,going to be a zip file you're going to,unzip it and then there's going to be a,whole bunch of other zip files within it,i have extracted all of the data if i,open my panel here you can see i put it,in,something called train,and under train uh don't worry about,this cleaned one you should have this,stockdata.csv so,if you want to follow exactly what i'm,doing go ahead and throw it in a folder,called,train,but without further ado let's go ahead,and start coding some of this so the,first thing we need to do is let me,close this site a little bit we just,need to,import os and import pandas,and go ahead and run that cell,and once we do that we can start,actually importing our data so,i'm going to call this data so data is,going to be equal to, csv,train,that's the folder i put it in and then,it is called stock underscore data dot,csv,once you have that,you can display to screen just to make,sure it imported correctly and there we,go you can see it's all there ready for,us to go ahead and get started,so,let me um,instead of displaying data,let me say for,line in data at,text,print line,and i'm actually going to say,dot values here and this is just going,to print all of the individual tweets,right here uh one more thing i'm just,going to print slash n,just to keep them spaced out a little,bit more,as you can see we have a whole bunch of,tweets and now tweets are,unique because it's a lot of shorthand a,lot of abbreviations a lot of,punctuation or emojis or any other sort,of thing in here so,in order for us to start reading some of,this we're going to have to,do a lot of pre-processing to these,tweets and that is the first step and,it's probably going to be the step that,takes the longest amount of time is,reprocessing the tweets to remove all,the punctuation and get it into a usable,form for natural language processing,so we're going to go,just step through some of these,we'll probably start looking at some of,the punctuation first so one thing i can,do is say,um,up here in our four statement i'm going,to say for data dot locate,data at text,i'm going to get rid of this stop values,for a second,i want to know when dot text,dot str this is for string so it's going,to take all the strings within there,and i want to know when it contains so,dot contains,i'm going to just,call this look underscore four i'll,define that in a second i'm going to say,regex equals false,okay and then we got to finish our,square bracket there dot values and i'll,explain what this is so what this is,going to do is it's going to go through,the lines and it's going to look for,any string so any line that contains a,certain symbol a certain phrase any,anything like that so up here we can,define look,or to be equal to,um,let's look at some of these,how about this uh hyphen that's,uh separated here or actually let's go,with the apostrophe so let's look for,i need to use a quote mark here because,it's an apostrophe,so this can return any line that has an,apostrophe go ahead and run that,and you can see,uh each of these have an apostrophe,somewhere in,the,uh the tweet,so the only thing we need to be careful,of is if i,just go ahead and remove the apostrophe,i,want to make sure that i'm not,accidentally breaking something else so,if an apostrophe is used somewhere else,i don't think there is a lot of these,are,pretty,standard so what we're going to do i

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Elon Musk BUYING Twitter! Tesla Stock Crashing

Elon Musk BUYING Twitter! Tesla Stock Crashing

boy through an end that's right because,a Twitter stock is officially halted on,news that Elon Musk is uh apparently,going to propose buying Twitter and,proceeding with the deal at the original,price of 54.20 that is the full price,offer that puts uh Twitter at over a 70,times p e ratio uh based on uh based on,their actual projected earnings for,2022. it's it's a very very expensive,deal in this sort of Market I believe,that if Elon Musk were not buying,Twitter Twitter would probably be,somewhere around 20 to 25 right now just,look at how much the entire Market has,really been damaged here uh but this,news now is a leading Tesla stock uh to,at least temporarily sell down we've had,a lot of movement within the day I'm,going to go ahead and show you just the,sticks here so at one point we were as,high as five and a half percent up on,Tesla following yesterday's Disaster by,the way I bought the debut yesterday,Kathy Wood bought the dip yesterday,people who are serious Tesla investors,knew that what happened yesterday was,not only nonsense but actually,realistically good for the company at,not only preserving margins but,reitering the 53 plus percent,year-over-year growth that we're seeing,on production obviously we've got demand,concerns Tesla's been warning about,these demand concerns uh for a while uh,it's so really really not a surprise,that we saw the numbers that we saw,yesterday but then again you know I made,a full video yesterday explaining my,thoughts of what happened uh with the uh,with with the Tesla report uh last week,or sorry well what happened with the,Tesla deliveries over the weekend and I,made that report uh that video yesterday,but anyway now we're getting this news,that Elon Musk could potentially be,going through with his plans here to buy,uh Twitter at full price I'm actually a,little bit surprised by that no discount,here uh that to me is certainly a,surprise I would have expected that Elon,Musk would have proposed some kind of,negotiated price and so when the deal,was suggested as going through at full,price we did see this move to the,downside here probably about a four,percent decline in Tesla stock roughly,here and I believe one of the reasons we,see that is because of uh this this,belief that Elon Musk still has to raise,about two billion dollars to completely,pay for the deal now it's possible that,he could go over to the special purpose,vehicle uh entities that have been,established to help Elon Musk Finance,this deal obviously we've seen,individuals who've been interested in,investing upwards of a billion dollars,into this deal to partner with Elon Musk,on Twitter Elon Musk has a massive plan,to maximize this the user growth for,Twitter potentially four to five exiting,it getting to a billion users over the,next decade and really being able to,actually monetize this platform,appropriately though he has these,internal struggles with how do you,monetize a platform while also making,sure that you cater to uh to to free,speech right because Free Speech begets,uh illegality it can beget uh uh you,know things that are profane and not,advertising friendly and this is where,you can kind of get censorship that,comes in from advertisers right so Elon,Musk has a lot of grandiose Visions for,Twitter and a lot of folks are actually,quite excited about Elon musk's,involvement in Twitter though of course,then you do have those that are further,on the left side of the spectrum that,have been leaving Twitter uh because,they don't want to be involved in a,platform that is potentially run by Elon,Musk and now appears to be more likely,run by Elon Musk so you've got a lot of,drama here but I will say even though,Elon Musk has put up one heck of a fight,I did start having some concerns about,Elon musk's uh case against Twitter here,starting in this summer and I'm going to,give you a synopsis here without getting,super detailed here but first when Elon,Musk argued hey like I feel like I'm,buying 2 Twitter and I'm being told it,only has basically like a house 10,termites but what if it actually has 75,termites now I'm buying a termite,instead of buying a house right I've,I've been misled with how many Bots,there actually are on Twitter and the,big counter argument that has been,really difficult in my opinion for Elon,Musk to overcome is this idea that,well did Twitter actually mislead you,because in their SEC filings they,basically said look we did a random,sample and just and and probably did a,terrible job at it right but we did a,random sample and we think they're about,10 you know no more than than five to,ten percent bots on the platform,and this random sample doesn't,necessarily rise to the level of being a,fraudulent misrepresentation because it,would really be no different than a,seller saying hey look you know I'm not,a foundation expert I think the,foundation's fine and I only think that,because I walked into the first bedroom,of the rental property and the Tenant,never complained to me and t

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If You Own Twitter (TWTR) Shares, You May Want To Take A Profit Now

If You Own Twitter (TWTR) Shares, You May Want To Take A Profit Now

we are watching shares of Tesla shares,of Twitter,both slumping today all of this after,Elon musk's agreement to move forward,with that 44 billion dollar hustle,takeover deal of Twitter the social,media company so now to go through some,of this and go through the discussion,Matt maley's with us managing director,Chief Market strategist Miller tayback,and Company and founder of the melee,report thanks so much for being with us,so,it's uh going forward right according to,the SEC he has shown his commitment he's,getting all the financing needed we were,due to have a court date on the 17th,looks like that's going to be pushed,back tell me about your thoughts on this,whole thing,well it's been a crazy ride hasn't it I,mean it's it's been a very difficult,thing for for shareholders now uh of,Twitter uh because they've had this this,ridiculous uh roller coaster ride,um but you know it's kind of funny,because people keep asking geez you know,the Stock's still trading below the deal,level and that's fine if you're a,professional Trader and you have a a,great uh uh you know Arbitrage uh on,that that's fine but if you're just a,regular individual investor and unless,you bought this thing in April early May,you've got a huge game do you really,want to hold on for the you know the,last two extra dollars in a stock where,you've got a 50 or even 100 gain uh in a,situation where Elon Musk you just never,know what he might do at the last second,uh you know there's a reason why it's,not trading it it's deal price because,people are worried about this so uh I,guess my point is that if you own the,stock I I want to take some profits here,uh if you want to hold on to a few,shares for for that last couple of,dollars of profit uh that's fine but you,don't want to get too greedy here,what's interesting about the Twitter,story right so it's at 51.65 the buyout,is for 54.20 so that's what you mean,when you're saying the last couple of,dollars to see if it gets there I mean,there could be it could be very volatile,between now and then who knows what,headlines cross and cause the volatility,um yesterday after it was halted a,couple of times we were standing in the,crowd late in the day and it opened it,opened at 52 dollars a share had been,trading in the 40s throughout the whole,day right after the second halt,um we were looking more at 47 48 right,so and at one point it was 45 so it did,already have a big move yesterday what's,interesting is it's not giving that much,back today from 52 to 51.66,that's interesting to me,um to you,yeah I do and to be honest with you it,does tell me it's actually bullish for,Twitter and tells me that that this deal,is is likely going to go through and the,reason for it is because not just the,action action and Twitter but the action,in Tesla Tesla is down but you know,maybe Elon Musk is selling shares,because he knows he's gonna actually,make this this deal go through uh he,needs the money so I know it seems kind,of convoluted but the I I honestly,believe that the situation with,potential share is being down today is,actually it makes me feel that uh uh,that this deal is going to go through,I'm a little bit nervous about it again,if you if you own this stock at 50 lower,do you really need to hold on for that,to take the chance I I don't need to,however uh if you have a high risk,tolerance now there's nothing wrong with,holding on right now because uh the,supply demand is definitely on the sell,side in in the stock of Tesla and uh,that tells me that somebody's doing some,significant selling right now if it's,Elon Musk uh that that's good that the,deal will go through,yeah and what's interesting as we saw,the stock halted throughout the day some,of it was contingent upon him,um getting the receipt of the debt,financing and that has been sort of as,you noted right selling off some Tesla,perhaps he's obviously looking to folks,to shore up some cash to make this go,forward in the meantime Tesla Shares are,down four percent sitting at a level of,238 so you would if you had any Twitter,you would take the profits here on,Twitter what would you do with Tesla,would you buy into Tesla at 238,well it's kind of funny I you know I,don't want to sound like I'm talking out,of both sides of my mouth but on a,short-term basis I would the Stock's,getting oversold and every time we seem,to get uh uh Elon Musk stop selling the,stock I mean sometimes he sold it for,other reasons than just their deal but,after he's done that uh the stock seen a,nice bounce you look at the charts or,relative strength indexed RSI getting,oversold on a short-term basis so it,looks like it should see a pop soon uh,the one thing I do get worried about on,a longer term basis of course is how,much time is he going to have to spend,uh running Tesla is he going to really,going to be able to let somebody else,run it for him how much will he be,involved will that take uh I'm sorry how,much if he's running a Twitter how much,time will that take him away

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Tesla Stock’s Worst Year Ever, Explained | WSJ

Tesla Stock’s Worst Year Ever, Explained | WSJ

- When billionaire Elon Musk bought Twitter,,some Tesla investors worried Musk was abandoning,the electric vehicle maker,to focus on the social media company.,(Musk laughing),- So in Twitter...,- What could possibly go wrong?,(all laughing),- Since the deals closed in late October,,Tesla shares have slipped ending the year down 65%.,The company's worst year on record.,But the reason for the selloff goes far beyond Twitter.,Here's what drove Tesla investors away in 2022,,and what's affecting the car maker going into 2023.,Let's start with demand.,For years, Tesla has stood out as the leader,in the electric vehicle space,,and while its dominance continued,in the third quarter of 2022,,its market share slipped to 61%.,- In the last year,,we've seen an explosion of competing EV models for Tesla,,and as that number continues to grow over the years,,the concern is whether or not demand,for Tesla vehicles will continue to stay as high,as it has been in the past.,- According to JD Power,,there were 33 EV models available in the US,at the end of 2021, but by the end of 2022,that number had jumped to 53 models.,Tesla still held four,of the top five selling EVs last year according,to S&P Global Mobility.,But the sell-off in Tesla shares,reflects investors' fear that its hold won't last,as newer models arrive.,- Tesla has sold the same sort of handful of models,for years now, and the question is,will Tesla continue to be as competitive,as it has in the past or will they become outdated?,- Further fueling concerns,are customer wait times for Tesla cars,,which dropped sharply over 2022.,Some investors see this as a sign,demand is already softening.,Musk addressed these concerns,on Tesla's third quarter earnings call.,- I can't emphasize enough.,We have excellent demand for Q4,,and we expect to sell every car that we make,as far into the future as we can see.,- And in December, the CEO said,on a Twitter Spaces call that demand pressures,were driven by rising interest rate policies.,Production disruptions also contributed,to the stock slide last year,leading to Tesla missing,its full year vehicle delivery target.,The EV makers said it delivered 1.3 million vehicles,in 2022, up 40% from 2021.,That was shy of its goal of increasing deliveries,by 50% or more.,It would've needed more than 1.4 million to hit that target.,News of the shortfall pushed stocks down,another 12% to start the new year.,Its largest single day decline in more than two years.,Intermittent factory closures,at Tesla's China plant, its largest by volume,,were one part of the problem.,- China's zero COVID policy led,to a number of shutdowns at its factory in Shanghai,,which obviously created supply issues of its own.,- Tesla also faced issues at new factories,in Texas and Germany,,where it struggled to ramp up production.,Musk addressed those problems in a May interview.,- Both Berlin and Austin factories,are gigantic money furnaces right now.,- Rising supplier and logistics costs,combined with soaring inflation,contributed to these production setbacks.,- Tesla and every manufacturer making EVs today is,confronting rapidly rising costs from the raw materials,that go into the batteries, to construction related costs,or frankly even labor related costs.,All of that is going up,,and the car industry is not one with huge profit margins.,- For Tesla, this included spending roughly,11 billion in the first quarter on items,needed to make and sell cars.,- Overwhelmingly, our concern is how do we,keep the factories operating,so we can pay people and not go bankrupt?,- Overvaluation is another factor some investors,and analysts say is complicating,Tesla's shrinking stock price.,- Tesla has been egregiously overvalued,for the last couple years based on hype.,- At its peak, Tesla was worth more,than the 10 largest automakers on the planet combined,despite having just a fraction of their sales.,- A lot of investors who have debated whether or not,Tesla is an overvalued company have done so,based on the fact that it owned a huge percentage,of the US EV market,and that it was the first mover in that market.,Its valuation was driven in part by its CEO,and some investors say Musk's promises,about future vehicles have pushed shares higher,though many of the cars didn't come until years later.,The latest example, Tesla's cyber truck,,which was first unveiled three years ago,and still hasn't hit the market.,- Cyber truck is gonna be awesome.,It's worth the wait. Believe me.,- And more directly,,Musk's move to offload billions in Tesla stock,in part related to Twitter,,has pushed down Tesla's share price.,- Anytime anybody sells $40 billion worth of company's stock,it's gonna bring that stock price down.,What isn't clear is how that specific action,is influencing other investors.,- Tesla did not respond to request for comment.,Tesla's stock selloff comes as investors across the market,prepare for what some see as an oncoming recession.,A downturn could slow car buying,,especiall

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