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Twitter DELISTED Friday | Important Message to Investors.Twitter is being de-listed from the New,Yor

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Updated on Jan 11,2023

Twitter DELISTED Friday | Important Message to Investors.

Twitter is being de-listed from the New,York Stock Exchange effective October,28th Friday that's likely because Elon,Musk wants everyone to let his new,ownership sink in well he's expected to,take ownership of Twitter at 5 pm and,says the rumors of him dismissing 75,percent of the staff are false well even,though he is expected to cut a lot of,expenses at Twitter he's got an uphill,battle to work in the valuation for,Twitter and in this video I'd like to,talk about what you're buckling up for,if you're deciding to ride or die with,Elon Musk when this company goes private,and the shares are delisted Friday I'm,not entirely sure if that's Friday,morning or Friday at the closing bell,either way before or after Friday,Twitter will be delisted and it will be,a private company so we know that Elon,Musk is paying about 44 billion dollars,for this company the largest idea that,he has is growing the user base of,Twitter from it's current about 200,million users let's not even get into,the discussion of how many of those are,actually bought two one billion users,that's about a 5x growth in users and,then hopefully 10xing the monetize I,monetizability of Twitter in order to,essentially produce real cash flows and,uh the idea of Elon Musk purchasing,Twitter for 5420 has been the reason,that Twitter has actually traded,relatively close to 5420 because quite,frankly Twitter would probably be,selling for close to 15 to 20 dollars,today since advertising companies are,absolutely getting reamed uh during this,uh this recession and it's really what's,a beginning of recession which stocks,tend to price in the worst of of course,now we're getting actual EPS misses from,companies like Google Microsoft and,Facebook and so what do we get big,downshifts all at all companies except,for Twitter of course because elon's,paid 54-20 for it now look it's all new,he knows he's overpaying he was paying,at the time like 70 times 2022 earnings,that should have compressed by at least,half it's old news to say he's paying,double what it's worth we got that,what's he going to do with the company,well again double well 5x Revenue sorry,5x the user base and 10x the revenue and,how does he plan to do that well,according to sort of internal rumors,that we're hearing Elon Musk is also,hinting about this on Twitter that we,might see Twitter turn into a Twitter,space that can also include monetizable,videos including subscription based live,streams where you could essentially sign,up for a one-time paid live stream or a,paid Style live stream think about,Twitter spaces but either for exclusive,members or through some sort of paid,subscription model kind of like maybe,when I used to do Market open and close,live streams publicly a paid version of,that and then hosted on Twitter and one,of the things that I'd like to add in,terms of commentary is in order for this,to be successful we should potentially,look at the number one competitor in the,space of a long form video and now we're,not talking about short form video which,would be Facebook reels YouTube shorts,or tick tocks we're talking about long,form generally deemed to be eight,minutes plus but really anything over,about three minutes and that is a,horizontal video video would be a,competitor like twitch Vimeo Facebook,video or YouTube and clearly the,elephant of the room is YouTube YouTube,has the number one Nielsen rating for,most watched streaming service as of,September of 2020 which is actually an,impressive feat but when we look at the,numbers of the earnings provided by,YouTube for Google we can see that,YouTube advertising is down about 1.85,percent uh year over year and if we look,at the percentage of Revenue that comes,from YouTube compared to the total,revenue for Google we can see that,YouTube makes up less,then the Google network of income it,does make up nearly twice as much as,Google Cloud but makes up a fraction of,the ads that are spent on search in,total YouTube ads make up only about,10.2 percent of of Google's entire,revenue and that's actually declined as,a share of Revenue YouTube used to,represent 11 in income this was back in,uh 2021 and now represents just 10.2,percent so not only is it experiencing a,downshift in sort of the trend of growth,but it's also becoming a less important,part of Google's revenue which one of,the reasons people have been very,enthusiastic about Google over the last,few years has been because of YouTube,but that is actually becoming less,notable at Google and so for Elon Musk,to suggest hey let's just turn Twitter,into a potentially to suggest let's turn,Twitter into a platform for long form,monetizability I have a few suggestions,for Elon Musk and a warning so the first,in terms of suggestions,monetization is everything YouTube and,Google have announced that they're,planning to incorporate product,placement buttons that pop up within,videos while the videos are playing so,maybe kind of like the little cards that,pop up for another video you could,

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Investors selling Twitter stock are missing the fact Musk deal will close, says Jim Cramer

Investors selling Twitter stock are missing the fact Musk deal will close, says Jim Cramer

yeah I mean that's really you know a,sideshow in terms of what's going to,happen because uh next Friday uh musk is,buying it for 54.20 now this National,Security review which by the way the,White House has since said uh that it is,unaware of it we do not know of any such,discussions and that helped a bit in,terms of the decline in the stock but,you're still seeing it there that is,more or less solely because of this,story from Bloomberg uh well-regarded,reporters behind it and so the question,becomes well who told them this and why,did they think it was worth writing,um we don't know we don't know I will,tell you at least in speaking to people,close to Twitter they are unaware of any,inquiry so far from the U.S government,at all about National Security concerns,here,um that said where would or how would,they take place well perhaps cepheus,remember the committee for foreign,investment in the U.S which reviews,deals for their National Security,profile if they feel like there's,something that is concerning to them if,you were to see a formal letter from,cepheus to musk and Twitter they would,hold up the deal until that inquiry took,place that has not happened but that is,the concern right now uh that in fact,the next week given what we saw in this,Bloomberg story that somehow they would,decide that that is something they,wanted to take a look at,his his tweets about Putin or the fact,that he's providing starlink for free to,the Ukrainian uh to to Ukraine and has,said hey I'm providing it for free,and I'll get to you know it's very much,unclear exactly what uh has risen to a,level that would really concern the,government in a at least a real way,um section four of the equity commitment,letter by the way states that musk,cannot bring in investors that would,result in consent or additional uh,additional approval under any Anti-Trust,or foreign investment laws so if they,were to say hey we have some issues with,your investors you just have to get rid,of them under the merger agreement and,replace them either with Zone Equity or,somebody else talked yesterday about a,lot of the equity that at least is being,attempted to be raised even more on that,this guy Gavin Baker the hedge fund up,in Boston had a big presentation,yesterday,pointing out by the way that about seven,percent of the users are responsible for,eighty percent of the cash flow that may,go to why some of these uh stories about,significant layoffs may be true in some,in some fashion although I have not,heard that 75 number but I mean you guys,know this anything at this point will,scare people off because it's Twitter,it's musk uh this would be Jim,outside the realm of what we would deem,many would deem acceptable almost has,rings of what we would have seen under,the previous administration doing,something that would be uh to the,benefit of the president perhaps,um by taking advantage of uh and and and,and and trying to penalize their,political opponents,geez I've got to I have the exact same,story in my report and I know we speak,to different people,but that's exactly the story I got and,people were selling stock,it's motivated by other people and,they're going to miss the fact that the,deal will close,and uh I mean I don't know about the,layoffs because the layoffs haven't been,targeted but I have exactly the same,story you did which is that this is,while it certainly I'm not going to see,a story as a mistake I am saying that,that this is not going to help it seems,unlikely but it doesn't take much to,concern people who are betting on a,close next Friday of course as we,discussed yesterday and as these I you,know quoted some of these emails that,have gone out in terms of looking for,further Equity uh checks this deal is,expected everything I've heard indicates,that it is expected to close next Friday,but this was unexpected that you would,even see a story like this how to,actually gauge its impact Carl is very,much unclear right now and musk himself,is responding to tweets about the report,the notion that somehow he wants the,government to save him from a deal that,some argue he doesn't really want is not,lost on him at least that thesis no he,loves irony but the idea that he,actually is such a playing chess at such,a high level that he actually did this,purposefully to try to bring about a,National Security review that could,result in the deal not happening live,DHS that's hard to imagine uh and again,people close to Twitter indicate to me,there is nothing they've seen from the,government in terms of any inquiry thus,far but,um,listen uh you know it's Twitter it's,just like it's Chinatown Jake I mean I,don't know meanwhile uh Webb Bush today,says he's probably got to sell another,five to ten of Tesla uh in order to pay,for this deal which they think fair,value on Twitter is more like 30. that,yeah 30 or below given the snap numbers,today you could imagine if Twitter was,not in possession of a 5420 deal that,it's going to close next Friday it would,be

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Twitter accepts Elon's deal 🚨 How will you get paid? [Full Details]

Twitter accepts Elon's deal 🚨 How will you get paid? [Full Details]

twitter board just approved elon musk's,offer to buy twitter for 44 billion,dollars or 54.20 a share and take it,private what does this mean for your,shares your options you definitely want,to listen to this especially if you are,a twitter shareholder or option holder,because what happens when a company goes,private a lot of you are probably,looking at your shares right now twitter,is sitting under,54.20 a share so what happens should you,hold on to your shares are you going to,make money are you also going to be,offered,54.20,a share i'm gonna get into all of that,right here welcome back to the traveling,trader if this is the first time on the,channel welcome to the traveling trader,leave a big fat thumbs up if you get,anything out of this video and let's get,right into it so as we stated at the,outset twitter's board accepted elon,musk's buyout of 44 billion dollars for,the entire company or 54.20 a share,there was really no way for them to,reject this offer because the purchase,price represented a 20 a 38 premium to,twitter's closing stock price on april,1st 2022. see public companies have a,fiduciary responsibility to their,shareholders meaning that they have to,act in the best interest of shareholders,and if,someone is willing to buy the company,for a 38 premium you will have a lot to,prove in court if the case is taken to,court as to why you rejected that offer,sure there were a couple of things that,twitter could have done to challenge,this such as enacting the poison pill,and a few other things however those,things require a lot of effort they they,could even jeopardize twitter's future,right especially like the poison pill,clause that they were looking to,implement would actually destroy twitter,if elon musk went ahead and bought the,company anyway so there was really no,upside in them rejecting this offer,because it would have required a lot of,effort a lot of legal loopholes it would,have cost a lot it could jeopardize the,company's future now a company going,from public to private is actually very,rare but when it happens what we see,from the price action is it's actually,very muted,up until the finalization of that deal,so what we do know as of now is that,twitter said the deal will close this,year that is why there is no rush,to pump this stock up to 54.20,this leads me to the question what,happens if you are a twitter shareholder,currently well if you are a twitter,shareholder currently obviously the,price action is still independent until,the deal is finalized the company is,still public meaning if investors wanted,to or if traders wanted to they can,trade this thing up and down and you,could see some wild price actions but,what are investors incentivized to do,well the reason that they're not,incentivized to buy this stock in large,amounts here is because the deal is,going to take so long to close right the,end of the year i mean we're talking,about what seven eight months from the,time of this recording,it's going to close at such a far-out,date that are you really willing to buy,large amounts of twitter at almost 52,just to make a 2.20 gain at 54.20 so,what happens is when the deal is closed,and the company is delisted every,shareholder meaning you me the board,whoever is going to get paid out 54.20,cents a share if you haven't cashed out,your shares by that time and you haven't,protested the deal because you are a,shareholder you technically have the,right to protest the deal and i will,talk about that in a second but if you,haven't cashed your your shares out then,your broker will likely just cash you,out at the finalization of the deal for,and 20 cents that is what you're going,to get paid for each share now could the,deal actually be nixed because of some,sort of approval process or some sort of,regulation yes technically yes however,going private is much easier than going,public and,usually it they tend to be successful so,there is no real plausible reason to,believe that this twitter deal will not,go through now should you buy twitter at,51.82,well if you have nowhere else to park,your money and you actually think that,the deal is going to go through or you,have or you're very confident that the,deal is going to go through,then sure you can buy it at 51.80,and hold it until the deal goes through,and is finalized and you get paid 54,dollars and 20 cents as a matter of fact,that is much better than what a,three-month treasury bill will will,yield you right now the three-month,treasury bill yield is 0.82 percent,you're not gonna get in your bank,account so if you just wanted to park,some cash and again you are very,confident that the deal will go through,at the end of the year then yeah you can,park some cash in in twitter and get,paid what what is that like four percent,so,54.20 divided by,51.80 equals yeah 4.6 where are you,going to get 4.6 in seven months i mean,you won't even get 4.6 from the 10-year,treasury yield which is currently,yielding like 2.8 percent now like i,said the pr

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How Elon Musk's Twitter Stunt can shake the US Markets & cause a RECESSION? : Business Case Study

How Elon Musk's Twitter Stunt can shake the US Markets & cause a RECESSION? : Business Case Study

now chaos continues at Twitter the new,owner Elon Musk has raised the,possibility of the social media platform,going bankrupt Banks including Morgan,Stanley and Bank of America say they'll,loan him 13 billion Equity investors,like Oracle co-founder Larry Ellison and,Saudi Prince alwaleid bin talal are set,to chip in 7 billion the world's richest,man Elon Musk has started liquidating,assets to help fund his Bid to Buy,Twitter,Elon Musk has defended his decision to,sack thousands of staff at Twitter,without warning he tweeted to say that,he was forced to make the cuts because,Twitter was losing nearly 4 million,dollars a day also has shares of Tesla,from to two year low to this boss Elon,Musk his losses have top 100 billion,dollar in currency alone,hi everybody ever since Elon Musk bought,Twitter Twitter has been making,headlines all across the world and like,we saw in our previous episode the ad,Revenue which makes up 90 of its revenue,is slowing down because some of the,biggest brands have paused their,advertisement on Twitter on top of that,the Eight dollar strategy is failed and,the employee management has been a,controversy since day one this situation,got so bad that Elon even warned off,bankruptcy but you know what guys while,most of us were focused on these,dramatic headlines very few of us,actually focused on the genius Financial,strategy of Elon Musk to acquire Twitter,this strategy is what they call the,leveraged buyout strategy and this,strategy is so risky that if everything,goes well Elon will make billions but if,Twitter goes bankrupt it's going to,shake the entire American Market itself,now considering the terrible economic,season right now if anything affects,America it will affect India and the,world itself so in this episode today,let's do a deep dive and try to,understand what exactly is this,leveraged buyout strategy what is so,dangerous about it that can put a dent,in the American and global economy and,most importantly as students of business,what are the study materials to help you,understand this genius but super risky,Financial strategy better today's video,is brought to you by our education,Partners wested which is a zero,brokerage platform for U.S stocks but,more on this at the end of the video,foreign,so as usual let's try to understand the,concept of lvo using a story let's say,xeron wants to acquire a perfume company,called musky Enterprises and he has to,spend 10 billion dollars to acquire it,but the problem is that although he is,worth 300 billion dollars he does not,have liquid money to buy the company why,because 295 billion dollars of his net,worth are present in stock value so,instead of selling his stocks he first,puts 5 billion dollars of his own money,and takes out a loan of five billion,dollars for the remaining 50 percent of,the acquisition now in the normal loan,procedure when silon gets a loan of 5,billion dollars what would be the,procedure xelon will pledge his shares,worth 7 billion dollars and take out a,loan of 5 billion dollars to buy Muskie,Enterprises so tomorrow if zealon is not,able to pay back the bank that gave the,loan will take the ownership of zelon,shares and that way they can sell his,seven billion dollars worth of shares,and recover their 5 billion dollars plus,interest,but the catch over here is that in the,leveraged buyout strategy this loan is,not in the name of zealon but in the,name of musky Enterprises,so instead of pledging his own stocks as,collateral zealon pledges all the,factories of Muskie Enterprises as,collateral and this is extremely,beneficial for zulon for three specific,reasons number one he needs to spend,less of his own money but can own the,entire company so if the company makes,profits he gets to keep all the money,number two in spite of borrowing 5,billion dollars there is no risk to,zealon why because all the risk is,carried by musky Enterprises so tomorrow,if musky Enterprises goes bankrupt,zealon's assets won't be frozen instead,musky Enterprises assets will be sold or,be used by the bank to recover their,loan so even if the company goes down,zealon can walk away with very less,trouble and lastly when musky,Enterprises pays the interest of the,loan every year they get tax benefits,for example had zealon taken out a loan,in his name if musky Enterprises makes a,profit of one billion dollars it would,have to pay taxes on one billion dollars,and xeron has to pay the bank,installment from the money that he,receives as salary from musky,Enterprises but if this loan is in the,name of musky Enterprises then out of,one billion dollars in profits if 200,million dollars is to be paid to the,bank as an installment then this 200,million dollars will be considered as an,expense so now the profits of muscle,Enterprises would only be 800 million,dollars which means they would have to,pay taxes only on 800 million dollars,and will end up saving upon taxes on 200,million dollars this is how an lbo as in,leveraged bio strategies executed an

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Two Tesla Stock Investors ADMIT To HUGE Mistake

Two Tesla Stock Investors ADMIT To HUGE Mistake

I am a long-term believer in Tesla I,think that the shares are undervalued,near-term I would be cautious I think,that there's going to be some earnings,pressure on this based on some of the,discounting that has happened Gene when,when did you sell Tesla shares uh,basically tapped out kind of blew it,through a market cap provision so at 400,billion uh yes I think it was go-to you,didn't go you didn't yeah just a lot of,the juice we did Joe yeah we missed a,lot of it well so we just initiated to,position Shauna in Tesla we thought that,the sell-off had gotten overdone we'd,owned it years ago when Elon was in much,bigger trouble than he is right now,remember he had SEC after him he was,sleeping on the floor of the plant he,was doing you know podcast drinking,whiskey and smoking a bong with Joe,Rogan and he was losing staff in a,meaningful way we we learned we took a,double in the stock and we got out and,we left a lot of money on the table I,think when you look at the growth even,with the demand slowed down this is a,stock you're going to want to own three,to five years from now maybe not for the,next three months but that will give us,an opportunity to add to our position so,that's one name oh I love you so much,baby can you believe it's been almost,two years together I don't know what I'd,do without you my little secret but I,love you,oh we're recording,that was nothing yo edit up just make,sure that doesn't go live I mean that'd,be really embarrassing we definitely,won't tell them more about this later in,the video,ah,all right so where were we oh that's,right so in this video two people who,previously owned Tesla stock and,previously sold Tesla stock and missed,out on enormous gains on Tesla stock,share their current thoughts on Tesla,stock plus a new note from Morgan,Stanley and a quick heads up to my,patreon supporters which by the way if,you're not among them you can join with,the card in the corner or the link,depend comment posted an exclusive video,today detailing the latest update around,Tesla safety facts which by the way,don't care about your feelings and I was,a spoiler alert you don't even need to,join patreon for this one Tesla vehicles,keep getting safer over time what a,shock I know but hey if you want to see,the full video check it out on patreon,means even ahead of earning season you,mentioned the fact that you were,actively adding what do you like right,now given all that uncertainty ahead,well so we just initiated the position,Shana in Tesla we thought that the,sell-off had gotten overdone we'd owned,it years ago when Elon was in much,bigger trouble than he is right now,remember he had SEC after him he was,sleeping on the floor of the plant he,was doing you know podcast drinking,whiskey and smoking and Bong with Joe,Rogan and he was losing staff in a,meaningful way we we learned we took a,double in the stock and we got out and,we left a lot of money on the table now,call me crazy but there may be a lesson,here what could that lesson possibly be,well you can't go broke taking a profit,maybe there was an arbitrary rule here,once we double our money on a stock we,sell it because then we can't go broke,which is absolutely true you double your,money sell you pay your capital gains,tax you end up with a fraction of what,you actually profited because of the,capital gains tax so now you go great,now that I've locked in my profit where,do I put the money the smaller amount of,money because I've paid my capital gains,tax meaning I'll need an even greater,return on that money once it's,reinvested given a couple of gains tax,then I would have if I just left it in,that stock and it continued to grow now,doesn't mean stocks will always continue,to grow but we've learned a lesson,imagine having sold your Tesla stock,roughly around 2018 2019 based on the,timing of these comments could have been,as late as early 2020 and then miss out,on the stock going another three four,five X after you sold just because you,decided Well double my money time to,sell now got to look in that profit,again you can't go broke with this,strategy but you're probably not as,likely to create substantial wealth with,this strategy either when I first became,interested in investing years ago in,fact probably 15 years ago give or take,I began going to a lot of real estate,investor meetups why I wanted to learn,from people with a bit more experience,because that's what people with a brain,generally do rather than making all the,mistakes themselves they go well let's,talk to some people who've already made,a lot of mistakes and try and learn what,mistakes they made so I don't make those,same mistakes every time at every Meetup,I made a b line for the people who had a,little bit of gray in their hair and,asked them a few questions the first and,foremost what's your biggest regret the,biggest mistake you've made investing in,real estate or otherwise every,person had the same answer I bought this,house it doubled it tripled and then I,so

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If You Own Twitter (TWTR) Shares, You May Want To Take A Profit Now

If You Own Twitter (TWTR) Shares, You May Want To Take A Profit Now

we are watching shares of Tesla shares,of Twitter,both slumping today all of this after,Elon musk's agreement to move forward,with that 44 billion dollar hustle,takeover deal of Twitter the social,media company so now to go through some,of this and go through the discussion,Matt maley's with us managing director,Chief Market strategist Miller tayback,and Company and founder of the melee,report thanks so much for being with us,so,it's uh going forward right according to,the SEC he has shown his commitment he's,getting all the financing needed we were,due to have a court date on the 17th,looks like that's going to be pushed,back tell me about your thoughts on this,whole thing,well it's been a crazy ride hasn't it I,mean it's it's been a very difficult,thing for for shareholders now uh of,Twitter uh because they've had this this,ridiculous uh roller coaster ride,um but you know it's kind of funny,because people keep asking geez you know,the Stock's still trading below the deal,level and that's fine if you're a,professional Trader and you have a a,great uh uh you know Arbitrage uh on,that that's fine but if you're just a,regular individual investor and unless,you bought this thing in April early May,you've got a huge game do you really,want to hold on for the you know the,last two extra dollars in a stock where,you've got a 50 or even 100 gain uh in a,situation where Elon Musk you just never,know what he might do at the last second,uh you know there's a reason why it's,not trading it it's deal price because,people are worried about this so uh I,guess my point is that if you own the,stock I I want to take some profits here,uh if you want to hold on to a few,shares for for that last couple of,dollars of profit uh that's fine but you,don't want to get too greedy here,what's interesting about the Twitter,story right so it's at 51.65 the buyout,is for 54.20 so that's what you mean,when you're saying the last couple of,dollars to see if it gets there I mean,there could be it could be very volatile,between now and then who knows what,headlines cross and cause the volatility,um yesterday after it was halted a,couple of times we were standing in the,crowd late in the day and it opened it,opened at 52 dollars a share had been,trading in the 40s throughout the whole,day right after the second halt,um we were looking more at 47 48 right,so and at one point it was 45 so it did,already have a big move yesterday what's,interesting is it's not giving that much,back today from 52 to 51.66,that's interesting to me,um to you,yeah I do and to be honest with you it,does tell me it's actually bullish for,Twitter and tells me that that this deal,is is likely going to go through and the,reason for it is because not just the,action action and Twitter but the action,in Tesla Tesla is down but you know,maybe Elon Musk is selling shares,because he knows he's gonna actually,make this this deal go through uh he,needs the money so I know it seems kind,of convoluted but the I I honestly,believe that the situation with,potential share is being down today is,actually it makes me feel that uh uh,that this deal is going to go through,I'm a little bit nervous about it again,if you if you own this stock at 50 lower,do you really need to hold on for that,to take the chance I I don't need to,however uh if you have a high risk,tolerance now there's nothing wrong with,holding on right now because uh the,supply demand is definitely on the sell,side in in the stock of Tesla and uh,that tells me that somebody's doing some,significant selling right now if it's,Elon Musk uh that that's good that the,deal will go through,yeah and what's interesting as we saw,the stock halted throughout the day some,of it was contingent upon him,um getting the receipt of the debt,financing and that has been sort of as,you noted right selling off some Tesla,perhaps he's obviously looking to folks,to shore up some cash to make this go,forward in the meantime Tesla Shares are,down four percent sitting at a level of,238 so you would if you had any Twitter,you would take the profits here on,Twitter what would you do with Tesla,would you buy into Tesla at 238,well it's kind of funny I you know I,don't want to sound like I'm talking out,of both sides of my mouth but on a,short-term basis I would the Stock's,getting oversold and every time we seem,to get uh uh Elon Musk stop selling the,stock I mean sometimes he sold it for,other reasons than just their deal but,after he's done that uh the stock seen a,nice bounce you look at the charts or,relative strength indexed RSI getting,oversold on a short-term basis so it,looks like it should see a pop soon uh,the one thing I do get worried about on,a longer term basis of course is how,much time is he going to have to spend,uh running Tesla is he going to really,going to be able to let somebody else,run it for him how much will he be,involved will that take uh I'm sorry how,much if he's running a Twitter how much,time will that take him away

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The Real Reason Elon Is Buying Twitter

The Real Reason Elon Is Buying Twitter

all right i want to give you my personal,breakdown of the real reason that elon,is trying to buy twitter quick think of,a playing card but only in your mind,three two,you thought of the ace of spades that's,because statistically most people pick,the ace of spades and as a kid i used to,think that magicians could control,people's minds,but as an adult i figured out the real,truth he could have undermined the,messaging so much that he can actually,control uh exactly what people think and,that is the that is our job yeah it's,not okay for elon to control people's,minds that's our job first and foremost,i want to thank ben shapiro for making a,pretty incredible video about this and i,want to echo a lot of his points because,he brings up some really good ones as he,usually does it's kind of annoying now,unless you've been living under a rock,you might have noticed that elon musk is,trying to buy twitter over 2.8 million,people voted on his tweet to take,twitter public at,54.20 a share that translates to a 43,billion dollar market cap now as of,right now twitter's current market cap,is somewhere around 37 billion dollars,which means technically he is offering a,six billion dollar premium over the,sticker price but that's not the most,interesting part check this out twitter,has roughly 768 million shares,outstanding that's the total amount of,stocks available and if you take that,number and multiply it by four dollars,and 20 cents you get 3.2 billion dollars,and you know you're rich when you can,throw in a couple extra billion just to,make a joke about 420. now an,overwhelming amount of people 83 and a,half percent voted yes to taking twitter,private and that's extremely important,not only because of what it means for,shareholders of twitter but also what it,means for people that hold crypto like,bitcoin and i never thought i'd say this,especially dogecoin but most importantly,what it means for free speech this is a,very interesting story and there's a lot,more to it than meets the eye so in,today's video i want to give you a,breakdown of how this will affect you,why he's actually doing it and some of,the pros and cons if he were to succeed,i'm excited let's get right into it hi,my name is andre jake hope you're doing,well come for the finance and stay for,the twitter i forget what comedian said,this but twitter really is like the,bathroom stall of the internet it,doesn't have the nicest messages but,since we have to use the bathroom from,time to time it's kind of unavoidable,reading them now here's the thing about,public companies like twitter they have,what are called a board of directors the,board of directors of a public company,are elected by shareholders one stock,equals one vote and these guys get to,make really important key decisions like,dividends how much to pay their,executives mergers and of course the,sale of the company they also have what,are called fiduciary responsibilities,and that means all of their decisions,have to be based in the best financial,interest of its stockholders they have,to consider any and every single option,presented to them as long as it makes,financial sense to do so and that's,where the story begins because ever,since the beginning of this year since,january elon has been buying twitter so,far he's accumulated 9.1 percent of the,entire company becoming its largest,shareholder temporarily until vanguard,bought a bunch more stocks and it became,the number one but,usually not always but sometimes when,you become a significant shareholder of,a company its board will invite you to,take a seat on its board of directors,and that's exactly the role that twitter,offered elon but there was a catch the,catch was that if elon was going to join,the board of directors he would not be,able to own more than 14.9 percent of,the company since his goal is to own a,hundred percent for reasons i will,explain in just a few minutes he,understandably backed out and told them,that he was not interested the board,then responded with something called a,limited duration shareholder rights plan,and here's exactly what that means a,shareholders rights plan is also known,as the poison pill which sounds really,sinister but that's because historically,it was it was something soldiers carried,with them into battle in case if they,ever got captured they could just take,it and then poof david copperfield where,they could disappear and never reappear,now in the world of investing a,shareholders rights plan is just a,tactic to prevent what's called a,hostile takeover and this is where it,would allow shareholders to buy their,company at a discount if some event were,to happen now in twitter's case they,voted that going forward if anyone tries,to buy more than 15 of their company,without the board's approval it would,trigger the ability to allow other,shareholders to buy the company's stock,at a cheaper price this would last until,april 14 2023 the only person who this,does not apply to is the person who,triggere

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Twitter Stock: How to Buy Twitter Shares For Beginner’s FAST!

Twitter Stock: How to Buy Twitter Shares For Beginner’s FAST!

hello guys welcome to the channel in,this video i'm going to show you guys,how to go ahead and buy shares on,twitter okay so yeah welcome to my,channel if you're actually new to my,channel consider hitting the subscribe,button because you don't want to miss,any awesome video just like this video,you are about to watch okay so yeah um i,was trying to make this video more,detailed by sharing my fears and explain,more on how to and explain a few things,about twitter and how,shares work okay but i won't be able to,do that because i'm basically,basically because of i'm having an issue,presently so i'm just making use of my,mobile phone to explain how to get and,buy shares on twitter okay so the first,thing you want to do is to make sure you,have this app installed on your android,or ios device depending on what you are,doing right now okay so presently i'm,using my iphone my android phone is low,so i'll be able to use my preference to,show you but,both android and ios are using same,layout okay so once you,um the link to register on this app is,in my description below so you can go,ahead and check it out and register so,once register and you have the app,installed this is what you are going to,see currently i'm using the dark mode as,you can see okay so once you have that,installed make sure you need to complete,your account verification i've been,trying to do my account verification for,a few days now for me for a few days or,weeks now i don't know what's going on,so as you can see right here you need to,complete all these steps complete all,these steps so once you complete all the,steps you'll be able to invest you know,buy shares okay you need to buy shares,and um yeah before i show you how to or,let me just quickly show you how to get,on buy shares then once i quite show you,how to buy shares on this app then i'm,going to explain some few things about,shares for those that i'll stick around,and learn more about shares okay so um,as you can see right here the this is,what the application looks like the,portfolio section is where you're,constantly going to see your portfolio,for us dollar and your naira okay,because you have two different,portfolios so you want to invest in u.s,stock you need to make use of an usm us,portfolio okay like he wants to invest,in the so you don't want to buy a,twitter you need to make use of,your i think your your us portfolio and,this explosion this is where you can go,ahead and search for,assets that you want to go ahead and,invest and this card section where you,can go ahead and connect your card and,they can give you a troll okay you can,see they can give you a trove card,distributing you to withdraw and spend,what life you can see right here and,this message section you can start with,the truth team okay so if you tap on,this menu section you can go ahead and,see your accounts currently as you can,see i have zero accounts and um yeah one,amazing thing about this is uh one,amazing thing about trove is the fact,that they are going to give you a demo,account whereby you can go ahead and buy,assets and see how it works okay so i,think i'm also going to try as much as,possible to use that um demo accounts,also to explain a few things to you okay,so um,um so yeah this video might actually be,longer than you expect so just as,possible to watch this video to the end,because you don't want to miss any,single aspect on,buying shares on twitter and also other,things i'm going to explain so yeah with,this app you can also go ahead and buy,other shares apart from twitter okay,apart from buying dashes you can buy so,many shares on different platforms so in,case you want to get a buy shares from,other app or from other company and um,that and those twitter you can go ahead,and do that on this app okay so as you,can see you put on the search section,this is where you are going to impute,the um the ticker for twitter so twitter,have a t-card whereby you can you just,as you guys can see right here on this,training section you can see apple apple,i like it's ap apl and you can see other,few other stickers so the ticker for,twitter is,t wt,see wt then you're going to see twitter,okay as you can see cwc.cwtro,is for tikka and as you can see i said,before if i click on it you're going to,notice that the current twitter shares,have increased the price have increased,by plus,5.6 percent as you can see so by tap on,it you'll be able to see you can see it,says create us portfolio like i said you,need to make use of a us portfolio and,right now i don't have a us portfolio,this is because my account is not,verified so make sure your account is,verified before you go ahead to buy the,twitter shares okay so right now i can't,quit the us portfolio but this is how,you can go ahead and put buy shares on,twitter trust me okay so i'm going to,click on this so once you click on it,you can see the current price of twitter,shares current price of shares is about,51.96 percent and it's increasing but i,think few ho

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