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Twitter Now Has "Squirt Rooms" (OnlyFans)how you guys doing today i have an,absolutely ridiculous vi

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Updated on Jan 20,2023

Twitter Now Has "Squirt Rooms" (OnlyFans)

how you guys doing today i have an,absolutely ridiculous video for you guys,before we really get into the what's the,content of this video,i just like to please ask you guys to,you know comment down below what you,think about the situation,leave a like on the video as it helps,out the channel and pushes my video into,the algorithm,and you know subscribe to the channel if,you enjoy the content guys so let's,really get into what we're going to be,talking about today so if you guys have,watched any of my videos for you know,any sort of period of time,you know i constantly talk about how i,dislike twitter it's a terrible platform,but then again i'm a hypocrite because i,constantly use it you know it's it's,entertaining but it's a bad,social media platform in general and,honestly i probably would be a lot,better off you know just not using it,but then again you know there are some,funny moments on there like what i'm,going to be talking about today,so twitter added a new feature basically,where you can get in like a live chat,room and you know you can listen to you,know verify i don't know if you have to,be verified or not but you can just make,it like a chat group,and you can talk to it like it's a group,chat type thing but all the,average listeners can't say anything,they're muted and they just have to,listen,and you know it has it's like cool uses,i'm sure twitter wanted it to be used,for a specific thing but,you know it's the internet that's never,going to happen you know what you think,is going to happen,is never what's actually going to happen,when you make a video or if you make a,new feature on something,the reason that you make it is not,they're going to be the reason why it's,used for the most part,and that is what we are seeing happening,here with twitter in this new chat,feature or,live chat thing that we're watching,unfold,well i was surprised when i heard about,this so i really had to make a video on,it so everyone knows what only fans is,everyone knows that only fan girls,you know will do anything to chase the,bag you know they're coming up with some,pretty creative ideas,they never seem to not amaze me with,some of the ideas,they really come up with and this is,literally one of the craziest things,that i've ever seen happen on a platform,like twitter,so basically you know all these only fan,girls are getting into this group chat,and you know they're allowed to talk but,everyone in the group chat you know,can't really say anything so they're,just listening,so these only fangirls came up with the,brilliant idea,to you know yeah i don't know how to put,this they uh they um,well i'm just gonna say it's called a,squirt room okay,like you get what's going on there,they're flicking a bean if you don't i,mean you know,so everyone except one person will just,get muted and they'll they'll do that,you know,they'll and you know everyone there is,just so down bad that they want to,listen to,a girl do the bean if you know what i,mean,it's just it's so crazy that they come,up with these ideas,and it works because they also you know,they have their only fans profile on,there as well so you know,if you like the noises that you are,hearing you can go check them out you,know,subscribe for only 100 a month you know,how it goes,and the crazy thing is sometimes you,know they'll do it all together they'll,get like,10 people just doing it all at once and,it's absolutely ridiculous man like,twitter i can't expect we'll let this go,on too long you know they usually take,down a lot of stuff you know that,is slightly you know risque and you know,this isn't slightly this is 100,overboard you know,they're doing they're not supposed,to be doing on twitter but honestly i,i commend them for you know coming up,with a creative idea like this like my,brain never would have came up with you,know,let's turn these chat rooms into a sport,room okay and then we'll promote our,only fans on the top so these desperate,horny men,can go subscribe and the best part about,this whole thing is like if there's a,very like,important person in the you know the,room or like a verified person they,usually pop up,uh on the top so you can see like,athletes in there some youtubers they,get caught in like,16 000k alright guys it's just so,funny this whole feature the squirt room,honestly this title is going to be,something like ,twitter has made a squirt rumors,something like that,because this is ridiculous man oh my god,you know i,i just have to you know applaud the only,fan girls for thinking of this like,they're chasing the bag in the most,creative way possible,and you know that's really all you can,ask for out of these girls because,i don't really you know watch anything,that they do on only fans so,when i get to see content like this for,free you know it's so funny and you know,just good job guys good job,but let me know guys uh were you in,those squirt rooms were you,participating in this courtroom,you got to let me know down below leave,a like on

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Story Time: My Experience With Twitter Spaces (Macaroni/Squirt Space)

Story Time: My Experience With Twitter Spaces (Macaroni/Squirt Space)

on everything that i love y'all ,not seeing heaven after this one bro,yo why is it so hot in my room,god damn,twitter spaces see if you're not on,twitter like that then you don't know,about the recent feature that's been,added called,spaces you know a new feature that that, jack added,to you know spice up twitter because you,know it's about boring as hell,you talk about anything from you know,basketball politics,you know just anything you want to talk,about really so,you wonder you know what could possibly,go wrong,oh my goodness,real talk you got to be ashamed of,yourself what the y'all got going,on,now hold on bro i,swear to god they should have never gave,black people this feature,see i really don't get why the all,this is going on,and i just recently found out about it,just recently,now all that i ain't talking about,recently i'm talking about four hours,ago on some bro,no cap bruh i don't know how the ,y'all getting away with this,but low-key i'm with it i'm with,it bruh i am with the demon activity i,don't care,see i was over here relaxing you feel me,not worrying about nothing today it's my,birthday so i'm just saying,i'm trying to chill you know so i just,opened up my twitter,and i seen macaroni space,now i don't know what y'all got going on,talking about some macaroni space,but when i come to look at the,highlights,jesus,just just just jesus what was the,purpose,nah but let me tell you something though,y'all are some freaks,all y'all some freaks if y'all was in,that macaroni space bruh,look they had your rage in that ,they had,mean in that kd was in that,lebron was in that i don't,like all y'all some freaks it's just,that's the only explanation,all y'all some freaks there's no other,explanation for all this was going on,last night i was listening to that new,sin,city by ski mask you know album of the,year you know and also that tyler the,creator,you know call me if you get lost that, i want to do,that i'm over here too and then,i just you know fall asleep because i,think,you know nothing else is going to go on,on this you know regular friday,friday morning i guess i was wrong they,had,this elea who was going,crazy in all of these moan spaces she,she was putting up,mvp top numbers they say she was the,finals mvp,regular season mvp she was putting up,them wilt chamberlain type numbers she,was going back,and forth with all of the in,them spaces,and she was winning she is a certified,freak she is a freakazoid freak nasty,freaky leaky freaky deaky whatever the, you want to call her,she is a freak hey there's a that,has,a whole 10 tweet archive,of everything that happened last night,when i tell you i was about,bricked i was about,break like you know,all y'all getting banned right like all,y'all needs getting banned cuz y'all,ain't safe,let's make your rage put that all,up on his twitch,at five in the morning like nobody was,gonna see,come on now hey if i was there yeah i'll,be wilding out with them too you know,what i'm saying but,you yo ass wonder why you're not,partnered you wilded you,gotta chill,you wilded all the twitch mods they,dicks about hard as hell,twitch staff twitch support just looking,at y'all just disgusted,and for the meme twitter bro,y'all accounts are getting clapped like,ain't none as i say y'all kind of,getting clapped,all y'all is not seeing,the pearly white gates of heaven,y'all gonna be down there with little,nonsense so call me where you,are,if you think i'm innocent,uh y'all must not know about me,but if i miss the demon activity,then the demon is sad what the i'm,gonna do with highlights i'm,trying to be there live,that's like that's like you know,watching a on chatterbait right,and then you know,that not doing anything they,always leave and then the moment you,leave she starts squirting,she start fingering she start riding and,yo ass,down bad like bruh what the like i,missed all this,like i thought you wasn't gonna do,nothing i left it i missed all this,and then your eyes look up on google you,know saying you know,uh that sarah uh free kim,on some and you find the whole,recording but it's not gonna hit the,same,because you weren't there live you,weren't there,in the crowd you wasn't there when she,was performing,now you got to see you know after all,that,now you won't be on them shady ass sites,you know what i'm saying go and get all,them porn viruses on your phone,all them pop-ups all them ads talking,about there's,there's hot milfs in in fort lauderdale,and all of this,when you know two miles away all of this,and your phone gonna blow up and you,just sit there wondering,why couldn't you be there live,i ain't never making a vid like this,ever again bro,on my life i'm not making a vid like,this ever again,like on on some real like unless,this gets like thousands of views,which i damn well no it's not,i make a like this again this show,was about it wasn't even hard it was,long like pause it was just long to,edit and all that got me up bruh,and i'm doing this again

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Baby | Walk the Prank | Disney XD

Baby | Walk the Prank | Disney XD

the person that we're going to be,pranking is a nurse's assistant and they,are going to help deliver a healthy baby,girl,what they don't realize is that the baby,is 144 months old and I'm gonna be 1qp,baby we got a real Hospital to help us,out with this prank our target today is,Michelle,she thinks she's volunteering as a,nurse's assistant remember she has no,idea she's on camera our doctor played,by Uncle Will is going to take Michelle,around and show her the ropes while,she's visiting other patients we get,ready for the prank so we got our,actress to stand in a bed with a hole in,it,then we gave her fake legs and a fake,belly to make her look like she was,lying down and very pregnant so now all,we have to do is go pup Bailey and get,her in position okay let the fun begin,hey guys how y'all doing good oh she's,asleep um so she came in to she's she's,pregnant as you can see and it's 11,months so it'll be a little bit more,developed when it comes out,all right I'll be right back so what's,your name I'm actually a volunteer here,oh so you're not even a doctor,no are you like pretending to be a,doctor or something no I'm just,volunteering I don't know how do you,brothers or sisters become this is your,twin a fake doctor as well no so how,many babies have you had babies none,only 19 do you know how babies are made,we've actually been trying to find out,names for the baby boy no no it's a girl,oh yeah I think we should call it Billy,but face yeah it's a good one what about,art Ferguson it's good little sister you,have to call it something feminine Sally,dumped yeah yeah that one's awesome,mom hey hey you're up how you doing okay,thank you so much how does it be did you,have some water yeah yeah I was thirsty,to drink she drank this one yep,this is this will bring the baby faster,this is the white edition she was the,one that gave the water to her no I,didn't do anything she did she said she,said give her the water I didn't have,any water,oh you're boiling us I need you to stay,here with her and do some breathing,exercise with her like this I want you,to do a bake with me like that we need,to make sure that she stays calm so III,III can you give me some of those please,this progresses scream for me all right,Hey,camera show you my friend just got,pranked,one more walk the prank you can catch,full episodes right now in Disney XD on,the app or on demand

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Dermatologist Answers Skin Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

Dermatologist Answers Skin Questions From Twitter | Tech Support | WIRED

worst thing you can do for your skin is,go tanning not only do they cause skin,cancer but they also accelerate aging,rapidly hi i'm dr maniv shah and this is,skin support,so at young forehead great username,should you or shouldn't you pop your,pimples i'm trying to settle a debate,all right let's settle this debate right,now anyone who follows me knows i am,very much against popping your pimples,they can lead to infections it can lead,to scarring we have to think about what,causes the pimple or where is the pimple,in your skin in general it's actually,stuck inside your hair follicle unit or,basically inside your pore so this,pimple is a little pus ball filled and,stuck inside this pore now it's,restrained there which is fine it's not,going to cause any scarring at this,point the second that you pop it you,actually rupture that hair follicle and,it damages the surrounding collagen,because of all that inflammation so,that's where you get scarring so,definitely don't pop your pimples if you,don't want scarring if you don't want,that post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation,that sticks around forever there are so,many good spot treatments out nowadays,that eliminate your pimples pretty,quickly without you having to pop them,magumbo ink asked why is there no cure,for hair loss i wish there was because,everybody including myself suffers from,hair loss we don't have an answer yet,hopefully one day in my lifetime we will,have an answer but all of our cells go,through basically a programmed death,cycle they can only live so long they're,all meant to replicate a certain amount,of times and then eventually die off and,our hair cells are exactly the same way,and once they die off you really can't,get them back and so we have treatments,in dermatology that can actually stop,the hair loss process slow the hair loss,process maybe get you a few hairs back,but nothing that's a complete cure at,this time hopefully one day we do but if,we ever have a cell that were to,continue to replicate forever and ever,and never die off that's exactly what,cancer cells do so we don't necessarily,want that we need to find something in,between that lasts long enough that we,can produce hair shafts forever but not,last long enough that it turns into a,cancer,rocking it for you asked how safe for,tanning booths i used to go tanning all,the time as a result of that i ended up,developing skin cancer at the age of 31,when nobody in my family has ever had,skin cancer and i went tanning probably,over 100 times so we know the tanning,booths are going to increase your risk,of skin cancer we know that it's going,to accelerate aging as a matter of fact,you have uvb radiation and you have uva,radiation now uvb radiation uvb b stands,for bad that's the one that damages your,dna and mostly causes skin cancer and,then uva mostly causes aging well our,tanning booths are actually mostly uva,so not only do they cause skin cancer,but they also accelerate aging rapidly,so that's why people that use tanning,beds often look much older than their,age and so they're not safe they,increase the risk of skin cancer and if,there's one thing that i do on all my,social media platforms and when i get on,here and i talk to all of you is the,worst thing you can do for your skin is,go tanning cujo pd asked hey siri how do,i get rid of genital warts probably not,tweeting to everybody about your genital,warts would be a good start uh genital,warts are actually caused by the hpv or,human papilloma virus and that human,papilloma virus can cause cervical,cancer in women and it can also cause,penile cancer in men if you do have,genital warts that's something you want,to get treated and it's also something,that you don't want to spread to other,people especially your partner who could,end up with cervical or penile or anal,cancer as a result of that but once you,have it we do have several ways to get,rid of it including freezing them with,liquid nitrogen and using other topical,treatments like amiguamod which is a,prescription medication and others that,can get rid of them but i would have,them treated and not try to spread them,to other people but you have different,types of hpv vaccines that are very,effective at stopping you from getting,this in the first place now the hpv,vaccine is approved up to 45 but it,probably has even benefit beyond that,there's actually a new study that showed,that up to 87 percent reduction in,cervical cancer in women so it actually,makes a huge difference if you get it,and i actually recommend it highly to,people especially at a young age to,prevent getting hpv in the first place,next up dr che had asked how the heck,does accutane work goodness gracious so,accutane is actually no longer on the,market but i actually use that word,still myself it's actually known as,isotretinoin so isotretinoin is a,vitamin a derivative but to understand,how it works we have to go back to what,causes acne in the first place so,there's a few things that cause acne one,your s

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Ugly History: Witch Hunts - Brian A. Pavlac

Ugly History: Witch Hunts - Brian A. Pavlac

المترجم: AFRAA ALZOUBI المدقّق: Nada Qanbar,في البلدة الألمانيّة نوردلينجن عام 1593،,وجدت صاحبة نزل تُدعى ماريا هول نفسها مُتّهمة بأعمال سحرٍ وشعوذة.,فأُلقي القبض عليها للتحقيق، إلّا أنّها نفت التهم.,واصلت الإصرار بأنّها لم تكن ساحرة خلال 62 جلسةً من التعذيب,قبل أن يقوم من اتّهمها بإطلاق سراحها.,ريبيكا ليمب، اتُهمت قبل سنوات في نفس البلدة، وواجهت قدرًا أسوأ.,وكتبت لزوجها من السجن،,بأنّها تخاف أن تعترف بسبب التعذيب،,على الرغم من براءتها.,بعد أن أدلت باعتراف خاطئ،,حُرقت على عمودٍ أمام عائلتها.,كانت هول وليمب ضحيّتين من ضحايا مطاردة الساحرات,والتي حصلت في المستعمرات الأوروبيّة والأمريكيّة,من أواخر القرن الخامس عشر إلى أوائل القرن الثامن عشر.,لم تكن مطاردات الساحرات هذه مبادرة موحّدة صدرت من إدارة واحدة،,وإنّما كانت ظاهرة فرديّة,وكانت تتّبع وتيرةً واحدةً في كلّ مرّة.,أخذ مصطلح "ساحرة" عدّة معانٍ،,لكن في خضم هذه المطاردات، فإنّ الساحرة هي كلّ شخص يزعم بامتلاكه قدرات سحريّة,باتّباعه الشيطان بدلًا من الله.,انتشر هذا التعريف لأعمال السحر في كنائس أوروبا الغربيّة,بدءًا من نهاية القرن الخامس عشر.,وحظي باهتمامٍ كبيرٍ بعدما منح البابا الراهب وبروفيسور علم اللاهوت,الذي يُدعى هنريك كرايمر,الموافقة للقيام باستجوابات للبحث عن ساحرات عام 1485.,وكان أوّلها، في بلدة إنسبروك،,ولكنّه لم يحظَ باهتمام كبير من قبل الإدارة المحلية،,والتي رفضت تحقيقاته القاسية مع السكان الموقّرين,وقامت بإلغاء محاكماته.,من دون أن يخاف، كتب كتابًا يُدعى "مطرقة الساحرات.",ناقش الكتاب وجود الساحرات,واقترح طرقًا وحشيّةً لمطاردتهنّ والقضاء عليهنّ.,وخصّ النساء بأنّهنّ أهدافًا سهلةً لسيطرة الشيطان،,مع أنّ الرجال يمكن أن يكونوا سحرة أيضًا.,دفع كتاب كرايمر الآخرين لكتابة كتبهم الخاصّة,وإلقاء خطاباتهم عن مخاطر أعمال السحر.,ووفقًا لهذه الكتب،,قامت الساحرات بتطبيق طقوس مثل تقبيل مؤخرات الشياطين,وتسميم وسحر الأشخاص الذين خصّهم الشيطان بالأذى.,على الرغم من عدم وجود الدليل الذي يدعم أيٍّ من هذه الادّعاءات،,إلّا أنّ التصديق بالساحرات انتشر بشكلٍ كبير.,عادةً ما كانت مطاردة الساحرات تبدأ بمصيبة:,كمحصول فاشل، أو بقرة مريضة، أو ولادة جنين ميّت.,كان أفراد المجتمع يلقون باللوم على السحر ويتّهمون بعضهم بأنّهم سحرة.,والكثير ممن اتُهموا كانوا أشخاصًا على هامش المجتمع:,كالمسنّين، والفقراء، والمنبوذين اجتماعيًّآ،,ولكن من الممكن أن يُستهدَف أيّ فردٍِ من المجتمع،,حتى الأطفال في بعض الأحيان.,بينما شجّعت الحكومات الدينيّة على مطاردة الساحرات،,فإنّ الإدارات العلمانيّة المحليّة هي من كان يقوم باعتقال,ومعاقبة الساحرات المتّهمات.,كان المشكوك بأنّهم يمارسون السحر يُستجوَبون وغالبًا ما يُعذَّبون—,وقد اعترف الآلاف من الأبرياء بممارستهم السحر، تحت التعذيب،,وقاموا بدورهم باتّهام آخرين.,ولأنّ مطاردات الساحرات هذه حدثت بشكلٍ فرديّ على مرّ القرون والقارّات,تنوّعت التفاصيل بشكلٍ كبير.,ترواحت عقوبات الساحرات المدانات بين غراماتٍ وحرقٍ على العمود.,استمرّت مطاردة الساحرات التي ضمّت هول وليمب لتسع سنوات،,بينما استمرّ الباقي لأشهرٍ فقط.,وكان من الممكن أن يحصلوا في أيّ مكان على مئات الضحايا.,كما وتنوّعت الحوافز المقدّمة لصائدي الساحرات،,لكن من المحتمل أنّ الكثيرين لم يكونوا يبحثون بوعي عن كبش الفداء—,بل على العكس، كانوا يؤمنون بإخلاصٍ بمطاردة الساحرات،,وكانوا يعتقدون بأنّهم يقومون بالصواب من خلال استئصاله من مجتمعاتهم.,منحت المؤسسات ذات السلطة إمكانيّة إلحاق الضرر بهم بناءً على هذا الاعتقاد.,لكنّ المعارضين كانوا موجودين طوال الوقت–,كالقضاة، والعلماء، والأطباء الذين عارضوا كتبًا,ككتاب كرايمر "مطرقة الساحرات",وذلك عن طريق نصوص احتجّوا فيها على وحشيّة المطاردات،,وعلى الاعترافات القسريّة، وشحّ الأدلّة على وجود السحر والشعوذة.,من أواخر القرن السابع عشر وحتّى منتصف القرن الثامن عشر،,حظيت ذرائعهم بالقوّة مع تشكّل حكومة مركزيّة ذات سلطة أكبر,والقواعد القانونيّة مثل الأصول القانونيّة.,بدأت بعدها مطاردات الساحرات بالانخفاض ببطء إلى أن اختفت تمامًا.,وهكذا فقد أتت بداية وزوال هذه الفظائع بشكلٍ تدريجيّ،,من ظروف بدت عاديّة.,إنّ احتماليّة حصول أحداث مماثلة،,عندما تستخدم السلطات قوّتها لتحريك المجتمع ضدّ تهديد خاطئ،,والذي مازال موجودًا إلى الآن—,وكذلك القدرة العقليّة للمعارضين لمحاربة تلك المعتقدات الخاطئة.

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AJS News - First Gaming News of 2023, Tragic Show News & New Youtube Monetization Policy Updates

AJS News - First Gaming News of 2023, Tragic Show News & New Youtube Monetization Policy Updates

foreign,everybody Welcome to ajs news this is,the first and only video we up for you,today yes uh some very heavy news to,share with you guys uh who may not be in,the know towards the end of the video uh,as far as the sponsor this week uh it's,us,we've been gone for a few days in case,you hadn't noticed uh with friends and,family uh we'll talk to you in a bit but,during that time I noticed that a few of,my videos have been demonetized YouTube,is once again ruining the platform by,making ridiculous changes and going,against what they've said before,profanity is being cut down and as you,know we swear like Sailors here at least,I do I don't know Joe and and it's,unfortunately an issue with YouTube so,uh our sponsor we wanted to uh plug our,patreon and the YouTube join button here,if you really enjoy our show and wanted,to continue throughout the New Year and,form that backbone of the mobile,infantry to allow us to do what we do,here please consider joining patreon and,supporting us and or here on YouTube,whichever is easier for you guys uh,because YouTube is just constantly,cracking down and demonetizing videos,and it is ridiculous guys so thank you,for considering uh to start fresh with,2023 with supporting uh The Angry Joe,show so thank you guys and uh let's get,a little bit into uh the news that's,happened over here as we kind of get a,slow start back into uh plugging back,into the Rhythm yeah The Last of Us Tv,show uh is is pretty high on a bunch of,people's list of you know people looking,reasons to to love it and hate it,already at good things this week though,uh Neil druckman has said that there's,no plans for the stories in the TV show,to go beyond the games and this is,something that people were worried about,because HBO HBO has had some problems,with uh you know trying to make up their,own stories after basing it on some,other things in the past they're not,going to have Joel do a prisoner uh,scene where he uh has,with uh the main character in a prison,that's Halo yeah you know this is what,happens when you Veer from the video,game stories uh but at the same token,that does mean that we are going into,season two probably yeah Abby will show,up and I heard that you got a casting,call yeah Alex,for your strengths,I would love to but I don't think it's,gonna work out uh but the the show,Runners say they don't have any interest,in spinning plates going on for every,show and when it becomes a perpetual,motion machine it just can't help but,get kind of stupid and uh endings mean,everything to me and I think that this,is exactly what I wanted to hear from,them because I'm just tired of I mean we,watch it's Netflix happen so often where,you they find a source material and,they're like we're gonna do our own,thing and it's like but your own thing,is terrible terrible so far the trailers,have looked good for it so and me and,Joe you know obviously we've done the,Last of Us remastered uh the remaster,not the re-reads,uh but I saw that video you ,loved it and it's like a ,10 out of 10. so I am very confident in,the show on HBO season one I think it's,gonna be great and then I think we're,going to have quite a time here on the,internet with season two with our,reviews so stay tuned for our reviews,once again probably probably if Neil,druckman has anything so we'll uh we uh,and and then I'm curious if this drives,Neil drugman II then deliver uh the last,of us three with you know the peanut,allergy oh yeah uh that's our remember,drugman you don't feel like you can't,use it just because we said it just,because we predicted it doesn't mean you,can't use it so Ellie will pass away,from a peanut allergy,so I'm looking forward to season three,on HBO and we'll be there the Angry Joe,show reviewing the show for you guys uh,we also got some news this week from,blooper who's going to be remaking,Silent Hill 2. this is another one of,those situations where fans were a,little worried right because blooper,does their own thing which feels a,little bit different from you know,silent hill and people are like are,these people like up for making it in,the way and so they put out a bunch of,stuff so according to Bluebird longtime,fans shouldn't worry about us missing,the point while we're livening up the,title we Faithfully stick to the,traditional story Canon while remaking,the gameplay and up uh updating the,graphics from ground up these are the,reasons why Konami entrusted us with the,Remake in the first place so they you,know Konami and trust in you,Konami kicked it to somebody that they,they feel has a proven track record of,making horror games I mean not,necessarily be the best in our opinion,show they look great they look great um,but here's the thing is I'm I'm too two,minds here like I actually want the,Silent Hill I'm in a minority I don't,care about Canon and I do care about,obviously certain elements of the Canon,but it doesn't have to retell the story,it doesn't have to be a remake doesn't,redo everything I actually a

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Funny Squirting Robot KNOCKS the Judges Out of Their Chairs!

Funny Squirting Robot KNOCKS the Judges Out of Their Chairs!

hello there,hello,london,welcome to britain's got talent,the stage is yours,well i wasn't expecting a lot,i know what you're all thinking,the terminator let himself go a bit,i'm here to shine and do things my way,wow here we have the letter spotted,majestic simon cowell,this creature lives an honest and basic,existence and can often be seen jet,skiing off the coast of barbados with,one simple thought running through its,the mind,amanda holden,how do you stay looking so young,hey david walliams,let me show you my world famous mind,reading trick,i see a vision of,simon cowell,alicia,i think you'll agree,david what did you think i mean it was,extraordinary one incredible surprise,after another i was wildly entertained,from start to finish it was brilliant,brilliantly innovative very funny i mean,i didn't know robots had the sense of,humor,simon it was absolutely amazing,i mean incredible,eric's gonna go great,so funny so cheeky can't wait to see,what you do again,so i'm gonna say yes,i am saying yes,it's a yes from me,you will be back,yes,oh it's what he says when he holds it,he says all the time,uh the thing we hit the red thing and,the gold no no you're big city,the gold thing oh it's buzzer yeah it's,on the other channel it's the channel,four channel just get a digital award,yeah you know you should be watching bgn,dear williams is a swimmer comedian yes,oh they're two little people,what alicia really is,do you know what i've got to say how,many did they get right,you scored nine so you've gone,absolutely

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An*l Squirting & Step-Brother P*rn Scenes w/ Jane Wilde

An*l Squirting & Step-Brother P*rn Scenes w/ Jane Wilde

yeah squirt no you can't that's what I'm,saying like as long as you just drink a,whole thing of Pedialyte and then be,having sex and just just do it but do it,in you know a sexy way don't just like,huh that would be me like it's just,drizzling out like how we're leaving,what's going on,I'm gonna maybe say something unpopular,that position with your legs over,someone's shoulders in my opinion is,only for the dude it's enjoyment because,I don't think that that feels,particularly good with the with the legs,up and then like with with your legs,crunching down like the knees next to,your ears yeah like your back no I don't,want to feel like I'm giving birth well,and I just think that's another one of,those who file it under porn only porn,only but wait okay wait what port only,though because he's,yeah it's a stretch but it doesn't do,anything for me like you can't touch,your it doesn't yeah it's just like it's,for like it's for the excitement maybe,but it can only be a few minutes your,belly as a woman your belly always looks,like you're being pushed like whatever,yeah and then they want to look down to,see what's going on of course they want,to look in there but like your rolls,have never been more robust than when,you're folded in half like a pretzel,it's so true I like the other day I,think I was in this very position and I,was looking down and I was like having,the best time however,my stomach was it's like ,this is a bad angle yeah everything is,put all of your all of this like one,foot is smushed down into two inches,yeah,and then like you can't and then no I,can't,figure out like if I could touch it but,she's like tightening the core like,where can I move to,so it and it was all pushed together too,like we're like I have like a pretty,solid like AB situation happening and so,it was all pushed together and it was,like jiggling yeah it's like a gyrating,and your hands like can't fit in so,you're just like,I was like holding my legs at that point,I'm like I think I have to like crunch,in more and like commit more to the,actual situation and like try to cover,up the fold if you fold enough you can't,see the fold yes if you fold enough it's,one fold and the fold will fold over the,other 20 folds a fold within a fold,yeah a masterful they cancel each other,out a masterful conquers awful,what's a very interesting request you,received,there's a few it sounds like for only,fans like I don't as far as I can,remember I haven't gotten any crazy,requests but I do remember like back,when I was webcaming there was this one,guy and I think he would go to like,multiple girls and ask for this it,wasn't just me but he would ask because,you can on these certain sites you can,go private which is like you're paying a,certain amount of tokens per minute to,like have someone in the private I was,like at a strip club or just one private,stream yeah just for them and they can,request you to do stuff and this guy was,like do you have any sliced cheese and I,was like I think so I had like sliced,like American yeah,I feel like I know this person go ahead,yeah no joke he was like can you take,the cheese and just like put it like on,your body like on your heads and stuff,and just literally have cheese laying on,no this is literally of mine first of,all this is my Niche it's real life send,me this man do you know this person okay,no I thought he was gonna say take the,cheese and like make it like a fish,because this we have this guy that,wanted you to act like we were having a,goldfish but it was a little bit Yeah,like slice the slice of the cheese but,make it into like a thing of the fish,and like make it and then talk about the,fish going down your belly swimming in,your belly yeah,what sets the webcam and the only fans,apart is the fact that you have them,right there you know what I mean like,they're in your grips or your clutches,and then they are too in their own grip,yes exactly assumingly the Death Grips,in that moment and it is like the moment,before the guy comes and he's like I,just need it now just give it to me give,me the cheese and you're like,if a man said that to you on only fans,like yeah on this time of day can you,put 15 pieces of cheese on your body and,wriggle around like a human cheeseburger,you're gonna be like I don't really know,if I see that for myself but like also,if but on the webcam if you're in the,throes because like for sure there were,times on the webcam when I was doing,something,um I wasn't even nude a lot but there,were times where I would be nude and I'd,be dancing or something and I would get,turned on like it doesn't doesn't mean I,was masturbating on there but there were,definitely times where I was like whoa,that would be that was so fun and,different and I would be turned on after,it was all done and so you but you find,yourself in the most interesting,positions because you two are in the,moment yeah and so you're like let me go,to the fridge and get your cheese sir oh,you need another guy,um g

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