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How to Use Twitter Spaceshey everyone in today's video i want to,show you twitter spaces a brand new


Updated on Jan 28,2023

How to Use Twitter Spaces

hey everyone in today's video i want to,show you twitter spaces a brand new,update from twitter that i think a lot,of people are going to enjoy it's a,live audio conversation on twitter on,the twitter app on iphone,and ios so imagine a virtual room where,you could create,your own space and then have an audio,chat and it's very much like a different,app called clubhouse,and if you haven't used clubhouse before,i'll put a link to that video as well,but that's also a virtual room where you,could have audio conversations,right on your app let's jump on twitter,here i want to show you how to create,your own space and then i will show you,also how to join one,so two different places to create your,own,space one is right up here you see that,icon that's my profile icon,and that's called twitter fleets if i,click on that right here,right on the bottom i have options like,video and capture,but right all the way at the end is,called space,now if you don't see that that means you,don't have this option just yet,i only have it on one of my twitter,profiles so it's going to take a little,bit to get to everybody,and to create a space all you have to do,is name your space here,and then press start your space this is,one way to do it the second option let,me exit here,is how you compose a tweet so the tweet,icon right on the bottom,if you press and hold it you could,actually create your tweet from here,but right now there's a new option for,spaces let me click on it,and it basically lets you do the same,thing name your space and then start,your space this one lets you schedule it,for later too so that's good if you want,to create something,that is not right now but i want to,create a live space here so,i'll just name this test right now so no,one hopefully joins so i could show you,around,and i'll press start your space and it's,going to take a second here,and just like that myspace is live now,anybody could join me these are public,spaces now let me show you a little bit,in here of what you could see if i just,press the three dots,and press about spaces you could add up,to 10 different speakers,okay so you could invite anybody on,twitter to speak,anybody on twitter can join except the,accounts you've blocked,and your space again is moderated by the,speaker or the host here,you could also adjust your settings so,there's a bunch of different options,here,who can speak typically you want to,bring speakers,up to the space to speak you have to,give permissions basically,so right now i could only speak or the,people i invite,you can change that to people you follow,or anyone here,and you have auto-generated captions,here you could turn on,and sound effects here you could turn on,i just minimized spaces just to show you,when there's a space happening on top of,your fleet here you'll see it on your,app,so to join the space you could actually,tap on someone's space right here and,jump into their space as well,and start a conversation i'll do it from,a different phone in a second,you could also invite people that's the,icon next to the first one here,and you could see everybody that is a,speaker,is going gonna show up here so i could,add speakers here and then it's gonna,let me search people here,and add them or invite them from twitter,you could also see listeners here,and you could see everybody as well and,people you've removed so speakers,are people that have permission to speak,listeners are people,that can't speak but they could listen,in on your conversation,there's only 10 spots though for,speakers then,the next icon is you could actually,leave emojis here just like this,and the share icon is the last icon,where you could invite people on direct,messages on twitter,or share this via a tweet or just copy,the link,and right now my microphone is off so no,one could hear me but when i'm ready i,could turn it on,and now whatever i say is being,broadcast to whoever is joining me let,me actually join with a different phone,to show you what other people will see,when they join a space so i'm just,tapping on a different phone to join the,space and i'll just,appear here with my other account,there it is this is me again on a,different phone but basically you get,the idea now there's two people here,one is me the host and the other one is,my other account as a listener,now i'm gonna press request on my other,accounts,and you could see that as a host i have,to let that person become a speaker,i could see their request i'm going to,tap on request here and then i prove,them,let me press approve here and now they,could speak so you could see,i'm the host and the other person got,the new label called speaker,now they're also on mute so they'll have,to get themselves off mute here,and they could also do the exact same,things and,i'm using an android for the other,person just to show you the experience,is identical on android and ios,so now if you look on top under the,fleet section you could see,what that looks like now when the spaces,has

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KSI Confronted By Jake Paul (Full Twitter Space)

KSI Confronted By Jake Paul (Full Twitter Space)

KSI just got confronted by Jake Paul in,a Twitter space take a look at this I,think the reason why people are,struggling is because you say you want,to fight Jake for me I'll speak for me,I'll just say this for me I don't see,how you get to the Jake fight by,fighting um Tommy and then that's not,taking anything away from temper I'm,sure he's great I've seen him fight but,I you could I think you and I could,agree The Temper is not on the level of,competition that Woodley is or that,Silva is no matter who I fight unless,it's someone like Canelo people will not,be happy people are only going to be,happy until I fight Jake for me,personally Jake as well like people,aren't really happy with his opponents,personally I disagree I would have,respected you if you've taken that,Woodly fight or if you've taken,um uh anywhere I was gonna take the I,was gonna take the Woodley fight I was,gonna take the Woodly fight it was me,versus Woodley Dylan versus Logan Paul,that was what was going to happen it was,going to be a huge card in Texas that,was planned,is therefore you still want for Webley,or you just want to move on I mean no I,I don't mind at this point like,because yeah like I said I'm fighting,three times so I want I want High,competition I want to be tested,repeatedly I get tested all the time in,sparring I for this for this Camp I've,had 111 rounds 111 rounds of meat just,going ham in the ring you know like and,these aren't like lights boring this is,someone going at me trying to knock me,out and I'm there not even surviving but,outdoing my opponents I'm putting it,putting it on them so I'm I'm I'm,constantly each Camp I'm just getting,more and more ready and prepared bro you, why don't you fight,words,why don't you fight Woodley he could,step in like well you were gonna fight,do it now do it now because he's ready,bro how am I gonna do it now when,Dylan shitty Dennis pulled out,in how many days,bro that's what I did that's what I did,when Tommy pulled out I fought Woodley,again I was training for a different,fighter I was training,bro you're made and you know it,okay,bro you know I would you up I in,two times bro you know you know,yeah keep talking keep talking why do,you think I came back why do you think I,came back you came back to act like you,were gonna fight me and then when the,negotiations happen you get all ,up,then how come you haven't me up,then how come you haven't done it yet,well it's because first of all you're,fine,yeah yeah here we go come on,Hey Jake,but I show up every time and,fight actual real pros and yeah myself,fair play fair play bro fat play you've,done a great job there okay and then,when I come through I Flatline you you,understand that there's levels to this,game,wait levels levels FIFA tired Willie and,knocked him out slumped him and you're,fine Phase 10 oh yeah okay you're,literally fighting,look at the pace,got knocked out Woodley literally stood,there to get knocked out you on,his face that's what we do know yeah,yeah cool and then I'd be one of the,greatest Combat Sports Strikers of all,time KSI you have nothing to say right,you know what you know what's crazy is,your ego can't handle this ,you know you're afraid and you just,can't admit it KSI have you fool anyone,younger than 40. I'm Not Afraid why,would I be afraid I'm here to come and,fight you I beat up your best friend,I beat up your best friend buddy and,then we were supposed to fight but you,got scared anything else you,want to say bro because you're just,making yourself look like an idiot here,I no I said I make I came through to do,why not,and then like okay well all right ,how's that is that better I don't know,what the that both I came to do,music I don't know what that ,means all right cool now I'm moving on,to you up and show everyone that,I'm the greatest when it comes,to this YouTube boxes you haven't done,anything like that you haven't done,anything to prove that oh okay okay yep,cool and you duck glimp you should have,fought slim because slim deep face,temper slim is not even that great bro,what are you all about then why wouldn't,you fight him that's a bigger fight he's,undefeated he's undefeated honestly dude,honestly Jake swimming slim versus KSI,is 50 50. like I think case like,actually,that's a good fight that's a good fight,offense,Slim's not that good but slim bait,temper when you're fighting temper does,that make sense,okay cool watch why do the temper,Lads why don't you understand it's just,a waste of time why don't you just give,the fans what they want what you mean,it's just a waste it's a waste of time,like this is just even showing even Mr B,reminding people even Mr Beast comes on,your podcast and is like yo why don't,you just fight Jake and you're like oh,well because bro I'm here to build Miss,Misfits am I not I mean oh come on man,come on man are you here to build,Misfits because you just said you were,here to take me out so which one is it,yeah I'm here to build Misfit take you,out I'm bro I'm

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Is KSI AFRAID To Fight Jake Paul..? | Twitter LIVE Breakdown

Is KSI AFRAID To Fight Jake Paul..? | Twitter LIVE Breakdown

all right let's do this,so,if you guys didn't hear I'm in London,but that's not the big news that we're,talking about today,Jake Paul and KSI just had their first,unofficial press conference on Twitter,spaces and yes we need to talk about it,want to make sure I get it out there KSI,hopped into enemy territory in this,Twitter space not sure why I did it but,KSI Mr knowledge strength and integrity,does things the way he does them I don't,know he's answering questions of the,opposite team he's answering Jake's fans,questions about why KSI does what he,does but that's not what got the people,going someone let it leak that KSI was,in the room and guess who showed up,Problem Child now this changed the angle,of the conversation no longer was it,fighter talking to fans it was the two,fighters we want to see in the ring,talking to each other and some big,things came out what well the breakdown,let's go all right so let's talk about,what happened,Jake basically Amish KSI in this room he,basically said,I wanted to say to this guy for the last,two years in front of my fans and he's,really not going to be able to say,anything about it the first one was,watch yourself,and the first one,was,KSI you didn't fight Woodley why didn't,you fight him I fought him on short,notice why didn't you and to be fair to,Jake,he kind of has a point bro that's what I,did that's what I did when Tommy pulled,out I fought Woodley again I was,training for a different fighter I was,training,bro you're made and you know it,KSI even said he regretted not going,with the Woodley fight so,if that was the fight,why not make it now,and I get KSI too you know he was,training for a southpaw bringing Woodley,in now even though I know just like you,guys do Woodley's gonna sign and he's,gonna show up it wouldn't have made as,much sense as sticking with a southpaw,like Tommy it fits his style isn't an,easier fight,probably but it doesn't mean it's not,competitive because it absolutely is,Tommy is a competitive fight for KSI no,doubt about it let's just say that Jake,was right sure he didn't pick Tyron,Woodley okay well,who else could there have been and,that's,when Jake brought up slim and you duck,glimp you should have fought slim,because slim beat face temper slim is,not even that great bro what are you on,about then why wouldn't you fight him,that's a bigger fight he's undefeated,he's undefeated honestly dude honestly,Jake swimming slim versus KSI is 50 50.,like I think case like actually,that's a good fight that's a good fight,now Slim is the fight I told you guys,that KSI should absolutely take that was,the one that made the most sense Slim's,undefeated he's also knocked out Tommy,who KSI is fighting temper Tommy I know,I say his name a lot but,again you come into what is,unfortunately,a kind of a conundrum for KSI,how does he go and fight a guy that's,he's not prepared for a guy that just,beat this man,and Ryan Taylor,what's up brother good to see you how,are you my bro I'm chilling man chilling,good looking,blow it up bro you know I'm trying I'm,trying I'm getting there so again while,I don't disagree with Jake in fact I I,do agree with him it should have been,slim absolutely should have been but,KSI is fighting temper because of the,style matchup and that's really it,that's all I can really say KSI got,caught in a corner again here and his,defense was like I said okay he said,exactly what it was I'm fighting temper,because he's a South Fawn that's what we,prepared for so my coaches said and,that's really it but I think Jay got the,upper hand here too bro I'm here to,build Miss Misfits am I not oh come on,man come on what you mean,are you here to build Misfits because,you just said you were here to take me,out so which one is it in between a,bunch of back and forth bicker in two,school girls in the yard going back and,forth over who's their favorite crush,and why they didn't talk to him in,recess both guys did end up saying okay,well let's make the fight you want to,fight over the summer well I said well I,said I said well I said end of the year,in it but are you actually somewhere in,a rematch at the end of the year am I,gonna are you dumb actually are,you going to like I'm ready,November December September whenever the, you want it I just want to hear you,say it out of your mouth because I know,you're gonna Retreat bro Jake actually,pointed out that he already tried and,he's right that he said when Alex Wasabi,pulled out last year that he would come,in and fight JJ for free now this is,where I call a little bit of the yes on,Jake he was not fighting KSI for free as,much as he wants to say it that fight,was way too much money for him to come,in and say oh I'm just to show up and do,it for free what do you have shown up,what do you have done it absolutely but,not for free and he knows that that's a,little bit of gamesmanship and KSI,called him on it I think that fight's,way too big to do it on nine days,personally but I do think Jake would,have shown

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What are Twitter Spaces & How to Create a Space | Twitter Spaces How-to Guide 2022

What are Twitter Spaces & How to Create a Space | Twitter Spaces How-to Guide 2022

twitterspaces now this is a really cool,feature that twitter just released a,couple months ago and i'm gonna show you,how to do one let's go hello everyone my,name is nick and welcome back to getting,social with nick now for today's video,we're gonna be going over twitter spaces,now twitter spaces is essentially a live,audio stream where you and friends could,could talk and chat and you could open,up to the public,it's essentially clubhouse what,essentially happened is clubhouse uh had,massive growth and twitter's like i want,that now spaces has been gaining a lot,more traction recently so it is very,important to figure out how to do it and,figure out how to do it well now it is,really simple to do,you must have a twitter account to do,this but essentially okay come on dude,now it's really simple to do and it can,open you up to a whole brand new,audience so the first thing that you're,going to want to do is open up twitter,now you must have a twitter account and,then after you open up twitter uh you're,going to click the i don't know whether,like bubbles i don't know and then,you're gonna get brought to the uh the,spaces tab now as you can see there is a,lot of spaces going on right now now,it's it's kind of it's kind of niche,right now but twitter is promoting it,heavily on their platform um so anything,to do with spaces twitter's gonna get it,out to as many people as possible so,this is when you take advantage of it so,you can easily listen to one i'm just,gonna click it and then click start,listening,and that's essentially it to uh to join,one uh we just sit back you can listen,you can also request requests to uh to,talk um but essentially whoever creates,the twitter space they make the rules,alright so to make one you're going to,click the little spaces button on the,side so let's say what do you want to,talk about we're just going to talk,about,social media,basics,so you can record the space right here,if you would like and essentially what,will happen is it'll get saved to your,profile so it'll just it'll save your,profile for 30 days and then anyone that,missed it can go back and watch it kind,of like a story highlight but it will,disappear after 30 days all right so,we're going to click got it and then,essentially what you're going to do is,you can either start it right now or you,can schedule a time to start it but i'm,just going to click start now we're,going to skip adding people and then,boom,i just started a uh a twitter space,so,now my mic is off so we're gonna we're,gonna turn it on and boom we're uh we're,essentially doing a podcast love it now,you could do a voice transformer,which uh which changes your voice i i,don't really know the application of,that um you could also add people into,it um and then you could also,invite co-hosts um you could add people,to your speakers and then the rest are,just listeners and this is like kind of,the the stats you know like how many,people are here,and essentially it's just me right now,and there's also a chat element to it,you could add emojis like when someone,says something cool you could either,click the love button you can clap,you're laughing you could do the,laughing emoji essentially it's all that,and then you could also click the plus,to tweet now you could tweet the twitter,spaces to all your twitter followers and,essentially all twitter um so you're,just gonna do that and then click tweet,and then on the top you could also send,it out you can copy the link um you can,also send out a dm just just try to,share the space and these three little,dots you could uh adjust the settings,and then something really cool is that,you can click these three little dots,and then you could edit the space you,can edit the start time like let's say,you uh you started for a couple minutes,waiting for people to come in you could,essentially trim that you could,essentially edit the clip all right and,that is it that is everything you know,to uh to start publish send out and also,end your twitter space now this was a,very basic uh overview of how to start a,twitter space now if you have any,specific questions about it you can,either hit us up in the email,in the description or you can just drop,a comment i'll be sure to get to,everything now if you learned anything,from this video make sure to subscribe,to the youtube channel we got a lot of,good stuff coming out i really,appreciate you watching this you have no,idea and i'll see you in the next video,peace

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10X ENGINEER QUITS TWITTER: Elon Musk vs George Hotz (Twitter Space)

10X ENGINEER QUITS TWITTER: Elon Musk vs George Hotz (Twitter Space)

breaking news self-proclaimed 10x,engineer and celebrity programmer George,Huts was unable to save Twitter after,announcing his resignation last night on,Twitter oh my gosh oh my gosh you guys a,celebrity programmer George Haas he,couldn't do anything after just what,four weeks on the job and then he took,to a Twitter space last night to start,trash talking the company upon which,Elon Musk had to show up at like 11 pm,last night just to start trying to do,some damage control and some interesting,details about Twitter were revealed,including that it only had about four,months of Runway left before Twitter,could run out of money this company is,is like you're in a plane that is headed,towards the ground at high speed with,the engines on fire and the controls,don't work and so then Elon Musk had to,start cost cutting a bunch of funds but,we'll get into those details but if you,don't know who George Haas is neither do,I and no offense to him but apparently,back in November he announced that he,was going to fix Twitter all by himself,and he said he was going to do a 12-week,internship over there he worked there,for about four weeks and then just up,liquid he says here even though he made,some comments to the Twitter code base,none were too impactful and overall it,was just a complete mess and no offense,to the guy I mean I'm sure he's a fine,person but if we check out his Wikipedia,page and I love Wikipedia because it's,going to just give you the most,defamatory statements about anybody out,there says that George house he was this,talented youth program kid when he was,17 years old he removed the SIM lock on,an iPhone oh Bravo and then he hacked,some PlayStation 3 consoles very nice,very nice and apparently he's just been,hacking around here and there did the,root exploit on Samsung Galaxy made some,side incomes here and they're on,security exploits worked at Facebook,temporarily Google hired him to work on,Project zero looking for zero day,security vulnerabilities for maybe a,year or something and then has started,doing some AI startups with self-driving,cars in which I mean we don't know if,that's really working and then he got,sued and now he's taking some time off,from common AI but the general profile,of this person is that and this is,important is that he's more of a hacker,right he's like a security hacker he,takes part in the Defcon security,conference where he plays first in the,capture the flag tournament he works,alone to place first again so some,people classify him as kind of a lone,wolf hacker programmer type now George,Haas by the way if you're watching do,not hack any of my stuff okay nothing,against you okay I'm simply saying that,there's various types of programmers,right so you maybe have the hacker type,and then you may have like a systems,architect sprawling architect type of,person who's working well in large,corporate environments so going through,the Twitter space there's some,interesting things to know about Twitter,as an engineering company as well as the,product and future roadmap the first,thing I know this George Haas kept,complaining about how he wanted to,refactor refactors first he wanted to,keep refactoring Twitter because the,code base seemed messy to him as a,newcomer into the space and you know,code is always trash by the way and even,at Major organizations like Google,Facebook it's very difficult to come up,with a good reason to refactor anything,typically actually through the course of,progress they say that code at Google is,completely Rewritten every three years,or so now I don't think that's,necessarily accurate but you do need to,come up with a business need typically,to refactor code base like it needs to,enable something or open a pathway for,something instead of Simply like you,just want to refactor for the sake of,refactoring these are all features and,they're all at the expensive refactors,that is a big No-No in large software,organizations and we hear Elon Musk also,saying that I think we won't get to the,refactor if we don't make these changes,the Twitter code base does sound,overwhelmingly complex where you have,three database centers Amazon web,services Google cloud and their own,proprietary stack and you know some,people on the call were complaining why,is everything on Twitter so proprietary,they're using their custom technology,custom stack if you have all of this,custom and not like super standardized,products then 80 of your Workforce,happens to leave and then it takes a new,engineer weeks or even months just to,on-ramp to become an effective,individual this is why George house was,not very effective you know it's just,very complex you know the fact is,everything at these large tech companies,are usually proprietary this is one,reason it doesn't so much matter what,technologies you know coming in like if,you're at Google or Facebook everything,is just totally custom stuff and one,reason for that is because it's built,for scale the learning curve is very,hig

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Elon Musk Embarrasses Himself, Then Rage Quits Twitter Spaces Chat With Journalists

Elon Musk Embarrasses Himself, Then Rage Quits Twitter Spaces Chat With Journalists

one of the crazier things that happened,last night during the Thursday night,Massacre is there was a Twitter spaces,going on so this is a place where a,bunch of people can join and they can,talk things out,um and interestingly because uh Elon,Musk has no idea what he's doing at,Twitter uh people who had been banned,that night were still able to go on to,the spaces because the code is just,Madness right now so they're banned they,can't post but they can go on the spaces,so anyway he decides to go into the,spaces and Fields questions it's,technically plural a couple of questions,before he stormed out in a huff take a,look at this,you're suggesting that we're sharing,your uh address which is not not true,um and you're suggesting that we're,we're posting,and we never I I never posted your,address you posted a link to the address,we posted a link we in in the course of,reporting about Elon jet we posted links,to Elon jet which are now not online,um and now banned on on Twitter and,Twitter also of course marks even the,Instagram and Macedon accounts of Elon,jet as as harmful using you know we have,to admit acknowledge using the same,exact link blocking technique that you,have criticized as part of the hunter,Biden New York Post story in 2020 so,what is different here and there for me,it's no more acceptable for me,for you than it is for me it's the same,thing so anyway uh so it's unacceptable,what you're doing,no what you you your docs you get,suspended and the story,that's it oh I think I think Elon has uh,has left,and he had and again they pointed out,how it wasn't doxing you cannot say,where he specifically is based on either,of his two different excuses he's come,up with and so he just left he just left,and then the space is left that space,and all spaces had some big mysterious,bug last night that shut them down they,eventually came back on I guess,the whole thing again super suspicious,not convincing look he tried one of his,other tactics too so he tried to win,people over in the spaces he couldn't,defend what he was doing and so he fled,uh so he decided to do what he normally,does which is do a Twitter poll which as,we all know is the most reputable sort,of poll,um so he posted unsuspend accounts who,doxed my exact location in real time,which is again effectively a push-pull,they didn't do that but unfortunately,unsuspend them now won okay so he did,what you'd expect accepted the results,no wait sorry no he posted sorry too,many options we'll redo polls,um so too many options so I guess they,sort of did a runoff I suppose and then,he again lost in the two-person poll but,you'll notice he didn't follow it now,I'm not saying there's not a,hypothetical world where he wouldn't,have followed it you know I in any other,result having one he would have followed,it and said that that was the People,speaking well the people spoke or the,Bots spoke or whatever happens,and he didn't accept it obviously he's a,laughing stock to your point about him,and Trump they're alike in a lot of,different ways but one of the big ones I,think that is their downfall is they,have no ability to tell what information,they're providing to people when they,act when they speak they can't tell how,much they're transparently projecting,about their wants their desires their,fears their insecurities we as thinking,people can see all of and everybody,understands Elon musk's psychology but,him like Trump they just they don't know,yeah because people can't see outside,their own perspective so uh I mean again,that space's conversation was,embarrassing because the guy says should,you and I have the same standard and,Elon Musk says yes and he's like well,then you should be banned right It's,gotta go,hey and then he burns the whole spaces,thing up and he's like okay we're not,doing spaces anymore like well we can,all see you Elon it's not be super clear,what happened with the spaces but they,did go down we don't know for sure by,the way it might not be that it's that,he got embarrassed uh they're him,running from the building is clear right,that part is Elon has left the building,and and taking his sanity along with it,right in terms of whether space is being,not working afterwards is related or not,we're not sure about that uh one where,the first show in America Two uh also,because there's tons of glitches on uh,Twitter now yeah glitches that I've,never seen before like I went to go,retweet something and the retweet option,wasn't there,I've never seen that before and you know,what I think it's happening,remember he fired like two-thirds of the,staff eventually things stopped working,when there are any when there aren't any,workers that's kind of what happened so,genius businessman can't do the basics,of running a business so look to him,running his uh incredibly cowardly and,it was hilarious to see but the polls so,we all knew the polls were fake from day,well first of all they make no sense he,said he wondered on Twitter they're not,scientific pos

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Top 10 Tips & Precautions while on Twitter Spaces

Top 10 Tips & Precautions while on Twitter Spaces

hello guys in this video we're going to,talk about the top 10 tips and,precautions while on Twitter spaces but,before we begin please hit that like,button to show us your support and help,our videos reach more people now let's,get started,are you using Twitter spaces yet,before starting your spaces you can try,and test your space check how your mic,sounds and the background noise if,there's a background noise it will not,sound good as listeners join your live,space you should have an environment or,a room that is closed enough to start,your streaming without unwanted noise,that your mic can capture,first establish the rules for your space,you can post your space rules such as if,it's a close discussion with a co-host,or speakers this way the listeners will,know that they won't be allowed to ask,something or be given time to speak up,you can also apply a strict rule to,discuss topics or share opinions that is,relevant to the main topic of discussion,also mention what are things that are,not allowed such as self-promotions,now if it's a q a session your listeners,will know that they are allowed to use,the request icon to speak up during your,audio discussion as a host you can still,choose who you can allow to speak as you,receive requests by establishing the,rules you can expect to have a smooth,and successful Twitter space discussion,next set a clear title for your space,your title will help audiences decide if,they want to attend your live Twitter,space include a Twitter spaces hashtag,in your caption so that people who use,this hashtag to look for spaces will,discover your scheduled or ongoing,discussion also include the data in the,time when you will start the space and,include the time zone if needed,next invite co-hosts and add speakers it,can help if you have co-hosts that can,help you manage your space as the host,you can send requests to listeners to,become co-hosts or speakers,the co-host that you will invite will,have the ability to approve speakers and,share tweets on your space but they,won't have the ability to invite other,people to be the co-host or even end the,live stream so make sure to send,requests to co-hosts that you can rely,on and not sabotage your space you can,invite up to two co-hosts to join your,space then add speakers so that they can,contribute to our topic of discussion,make sure to look for speakers who are,passionate about a topic so that they,can provide relevant information to your,listeners,Next plan your discussion it is not,productive for your space if it's not,planned you can prepare a set of,questions for your speakers this way you,can avoid moments of Silence where you,don't have a flow in your discussion it,can help you keep your discussion going,once the speaker is done sharing,something about the topic this will,serve as a guide as you ask your,speakers to elaborate more about what,they have discussed next,schedule your spaces scheduling your,space can help you prepare for the topic,that you have chosen as people learn,about your scheduled Twitter space you,can expect more people to join you in,your live audio discussion users can set,a reminder so that they won't miss out,on your Twitter space make sure you keep,on tweeting about your scheduled space,so that you'll attract more audiences,next record your space it is best to,choose the option to record your space,so that you will have a copy of the,discussions playback the users who are,not able to join your space live will be,able to catch up with a discussion by,listening to the playback next,use the block or remove features,as a host of the space you can take,control over who can speak during the,live Twitter space,if someone is not abiding by your house,rules is offensive is doing,self-promotions or creating a heated,environment then you can take action to,block and remove the user or report and,remove them from the space next promote,your space you can increase awareness,and attract more listeners if they know,that you are hosting spaces you can send,invitations via DM to other Twitter,users copy the link and share them on,another social media platform or send it,via email,next make sure your internet connection,is working properly if you have planned,your spaces flow of discussion the only,thing that might hinder you from,delivering the topic is when your,connection is weak or if you get,disconnected,the listeners who are tuned in might,lose access to the space as well it can,disappoint your listeners and decide not,to join your space for that time if you,need help to make courses and training,we have a marketing app that can help,you create your own online courses that,actually get sales create amazing,courses with udemy grade customer,experience it includes profit and,conversion boosting plugins it,integrates a popular payment system it,even supports video courses on any,platform it has a rich interaction with,both in comments reviews and questions,create awesome courses it would be easy,for you to set up

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Elon Musk on Twitter Spaces

Elon Musk on Twitter Spaces

well yeah you know I think I definitely,agree with Elon I've been using the FST,beta it's been driving me all around La,with no takeovers but you know just to,give voice to a lot of people Yvonne you,know you've blamed sort of the macro,environment I think a lot of people,don't understand the economy but what,would you say to people who say that oh,you know Elon bought Twitter and he had,to sell his shares and he hasn't been,doing anything at Tesla he hasn't been,doing his job and uh he's turning people,off with his political tweets they're,all canceling their Tesla orders and,this is all his fault and he won't,acknowledge it he's just blaming it on,macro,um well the thing is that uh,you know if you look at sort of uh,Automotive demand almost anywhere in the,world it's it's it's problematic almost,any anywhere in the world and no and not,everywhere cares about my political uh,comments so uh,so that I I think this is of really of,minor minor impact,um,really it's it's this is not,um,I I really just don't think this is a a,significant factor yeah I completely,agree,so I mean and like and I you know so I,um,yeah the yeah I don't think it's a,significant factor uh but uh,I I but the thing I just you know,um,like the thing that like I think most,people are just not realizing is just,how,I can't I sound like a broken record on,this but how big of an impact a Fed rate,uh level is of of this of you know on,the order of five percent is if we are,in a deflationary environment which I,think we are in in Autos we are in a,deflationary environment 100 objectively,we are and you know you know in 2021 we,sold you know,foreign,one comment I wanted to ask you on,Twitter Elon specifically you know the,other the other day you tweeted about,you know if you were to step down a CEO,you'd stay on as head of software and,servers and you know from my perspective,I've been a Tesla investor since 2015,Elon and like you know my view of you at,Tesla is that like a lot of Your,Excellence comes from your vision and,your ability to delegate Talent so I,guess my my question to you would be and,and I I'm not saying I'm in the school,of thought of some people that believe,that you're not working on Tesla and,SpaceX I believe that you are and I,think that people just have a,misrepresentation by reading your feed,that you're not but you know that being,said why is it that you feel I guess at,this juncture that you can't delegate,you know a handful of talent that you,trust who share your vision to run the,Twitter side while you focus on some of,the bigger bigger things elsewhere I'm,just curious to hear your opinion on,that,um I mean as I said bringing a call,um the you know I had to have a sort of,a short-term uh you know,month or so of just getting the insane,Twitter costs under control of Twitter,which is go flat bankrupt,um so now that is uh,basically almost entirely done but and,then I've got to make sure that the,engine of engineering at uh Twitter is,working uh so uh,otherwise Twitter cannot develop new,features but in in the grand scheme of,things the amount of uh actual,uh cognitive load that Twitter,represents is is low I mean it is a much,simpler problem than than Tesla SpaceX,obviously by a country mile,um so uh Dr Taylor's it was like high,cognitive load for about about a month,at this point it is,a moderate cognitive load a month from,now it'll be it'll be I think low so and,there and and if I look back and say,like okay what are actions that could,have been taken what was it something,that that I didn't I failed to do at,Tesla that that could have been done and,would have improved our execution I,literally cannot think of a single thing,Elon can you talk about this is really,great to hear you say,um I I think a lot of investors have,sort of wanted to hear you say that and,just reaffirm that you're committed to,Tesla I think those of us who know you,know that your commitment to Tesla,hasn't changed but the perception people,see on the internet can be very skewed,sometimes Elon can you talk about the,issues in in China and outlook on SAR I,know you know Tesla has been able to,sell and increase penetration market,share in EVS for many years but you know,now that it's at a larger scale you know,Global autosar was at 66.7 million units,in 2021 USR is at 14.1 million outlooks,for next year in the U.S and overseas,are are on the decline and prices are,also declining like you said I agree,we're in an auto deflationary,environment when it comes to prices yes,objectively so yeah can can Tesla,potentially how you know when it comes,to unit sales can Tesla continue to,increase unit sales in this type of of,environment or will it have to provide,more incentives or you know how are you,planning to you know this macroeconomic,environment is pretty challenging how do,you plan to address some of these you,know these these issues that are outside,of your control,um I I'm just having like factually the,if if you you know,since since the vast majori

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