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How to See Sensitive Content On Twitter 2022 | fix twitter sensitive content setting not workinghell

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Updated on Jan 31,2023

How to See Sensitive Content On Twitter 2022 | fix twitter sensitive content setting not working

hello friend welcome to this channel my,name is maverick from work with expert,and in this video i'm going to be,teaching you how to see sensitive,content on twitter in 20201. stay there,because i have a right back,all right friend welcome back now to do,this normally we're supposed to make use,of the twitter application but right,here we're not going to be making use of,that we're gonna be making use of the,chrome browser to log into our twitter,account now if you make use of some,other browser you can also try this out,right but for the purpose of this,tutorial i think the chrome browser is,the best all right so now let me login,to my twitter,and it's gonna load,all right so as you can see you can see,that it's already loaded my twitter now,now the thing here is that um it's gonna,show more like your,normal phone um application but there'll,be a little difference here but the,purpose of doing this is to see the,sensitive contents all right so now to,do this all you have to do is to click,on this icon at the top here all right,to do that you can see view content,preferences all right so you tap on that,and it's going to load up all right so,now once you tap on that you're gonna,tap on,search settings you can see in this,explore area you're gonna see such,settings you click on that,but before i move further please just,use one second to smash the subscribe,button below just like this,because it motivates me to create more,awesome videos like this just for you,and as you can see the subscription is,already heard,so let me give you one second to do that,thank you very much now let's go over to,the video,alright so now once it's finished,loading up as you can see you can see,here hide sensitive content so that,means that this is already hidden as you,can see it's already checked so now for,me to see sensitive contents i have to,uncheck this box here you can see this,prevents treats from which potential,sensitive content from this plane in,your search results all right so now for,you to be able to see sensitive contents,then that means that you have to uncheck,this box just like i did just now so you,can see the save size settings updated,all right so let me press back here and,i tap on it again now you can see that,the box is unchecked for life all right,so um if you want to hit the sensitive,content again you can come back to this,process and you can hide higher,sensitive content but if you want to,view them you want to see them you just,uncheck this box all right if you don't,want to see them you check it if you,want to see them you uncheck all right,and it's going to update and once you,press back you go back again,voila now you can see everything is,perfect all right so i believe this,video is very helpful friend if it is,please give it a thumbs up and also do,not forget to smack the subscribe button,below because it is free and it,motivates me to create more awesome,videos like this just for you guys take,care of yourself my friend bye

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how to change privacy and safety settings on twitter to view sensitive content 2023

how to change privacy and safety settings on twitter to view sensitive content 2023

hello welcome to simple answers i'm your,host jason,in this video i'll be showing you how to,change privacy and safety on twitter,first let's go into the twitter app,from here you are going to tap on your,profile pic,in the top left hand corner,then you'll scroll down a bit and you're,going to tap on settings and privacy,then you'll select privacy and safety,and from here you'll see a few options,you can tap on audience and tag in,and from here you can select if you,would like to private your tweet,as you can see here if you should toggle,this on,your tweets will only be shown to people,who follow you,so if you toggle this on right here you,can also turn on photo tagging,meaning,you will be able to,edit persons who tag you in photos,as you can see right,here then you can also tap on your,tweets,and you can mark your tweet as,containing material that may be,sensitive,you can tap on content you see,and in this section right here it looks,different on an android device,as you'll get more options on an android,device or even if you were to,use twitter on a browser,for example you tap on topics right here,you can edit the topics that you will,see on your twitter feed,you can tap on interest and you can edit,the interests that you have again the,interest interests,are topics that you will see on your,twitter feed also,and you can tap on explore settings,and from this section you'll be able to,edit if you would like to see content,from your current location or if you,like to see content from a different,location or worldwide,at the moment it's showing content in my,current location,but if i simply tap right here to turn,it off,i can tap on explore locations,and i can select any locally location in,the world for example united states,tap on united states,and now i'll be seeing content on my,twitter feed from united states,if you like the unable to see,sensitive content on your twitter feed,what i would recommend you do is go into,your browser,for example i'm on an iphone now,and you would type in twitter desktop,and you will tap on the first link then,you will log in,and once you are logged in you will be,on your twitter page just like this,and you'll simply tap on your profile,pic,in the top left hand corner,and you're going to scroll down and,you're going to select settings and,privacy,and from here you can tap on privacy and,safety,and you can select content you see,and here you'll see the option display,media that may contain sensitive content,you can simply toggle that box,and now you'll be able to see media that,may contain sensitive content hope you,found this video helpful and informative,on how to change privacy and safety on,twitter

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Twitter Setting Kaise karen | Twitter settings 2022

Twitter Setting Kaise karen | Twitter settings 2022

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Twitter ல இந்த Settings ஐ உடனே Enable பண்ணுங்க - Enable Twitter Two Step Verification in Tamil 2021

Twitter ல இந்த Settings ஐ உடனே Enable பண்ணுங்க - Enable Twitter Two Step Verification in Tamil 2021

foreign,use,we have a text you a login verification,code in,a mobile contribute six digit code and,enter it below to login,wow login code receive the mobile number,choose a different verification method,a

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Twitter Privacy Settings | Tutorial

Twitter Privacy Settings | Tutorial

hi everyone this is anson from, and in this video i'm,going to show you everything that you,need to know about configuring your,privacy settings on twitter including,how to protect your tweets and how to,enable and disable sensitive content,okay so here i am on twitter and i'm,logged into an account i'm at my profile,page and to access all of the security,and privacy settings what i'm going to,do is i'm going to go to the left side,of the screen and i'm going to click on,more and you should be able to do this,on a mobile device as well you just have,to get to the twitter menu where you,have all of these different options and,we're going to go right to settings and,privacy,and here we have quite a few different,options so i'm going to go through all,of the ones that i think may be,important to you so under the your,account section right here we have just,a few things this is where we can change,our password or we could deactivate our,account,and then we can also see account,information like the phone number and,email address that's associated with our,account and you'll have to enter your,twitter password to take a look at that,information but down the list here,in the monetization section there isn't,too much for you there that's if you're,monetizing on twitter twitter blue you,don't have to worry about that security,and account access there are a few,things in here so in the security,section,this is where we can enable two-factor,authentication so if you're worried,about somebody hacking your account it's,a good idea to enable that or to also,take a look at this additional password,protection,and then if we go back here in security,this is where we can see,who's been logged into our account so we,could go to this apps and sessions,section and we can see all of the,connected apps so those are third-party,apps that we've connected to twitter so,you could go in there and you could,unconnect the ones that you're not using,sessions is where you can see all the,times that you've logged into your,twitter account so if you think,somebody's accessing it and they're not,supposed to be you could check in here,and take a look at that and that's the,same,type of idea here in account access,history and then logged in devices and,apps you have a lot of security options,in terms of seeing where your twitter,account has been logged in from let's go,back here now you can also see,any connected accounts so these are,actually accounts that you use to log,into twitter so it's a google or apple,account so that's where you can take a,look at that let's move down to the,privacy and safety section and here we,have a lot of things and the first thing,is something that you may be looking for,this is where you can protect your,tweets and ironically it's not in the,your tweets section and that might be,what's confusing a lot of people it's in,this audience and tagging section so if,we click on audience and tagging you'll,notice that we have this check box that,allows us to protect our tweets and,twitter is unlike a lot of other social,platforms where there isn't really this,option to show some tweets to only your,followers you have to pick do you want,to show your tweets to everybody or not,and so this is where you can hit this,check box to protect your tweets and,then photo tagging this is if you want,to allow other twitter users to tag you,in photos so you may want to turn that,off as well let's go back here,under your tweets there actually isn't,that much here for us,although you think there would be but,you'll notice that this is just if we,want to mark that the material that we,are tweeting is sensitive we can do that,in here and this is where we can also,determine whether or not we want,location information added to our tweets,so that's in the your tweets section,let's go back a content you see this is,where you can enable and disable the,sensitive content feature so you'll,notice that it is enabled so that on,this account i can see sensitive content,but you could disable it in here if you,wanted to and then you could also go,into the topics and interest and this is,where you can select topics to follow,and interest to follow so that you get,tweets that are customized to you on,twitter,so that's where you can change those,settings notice that in here you have,the mute and block section so this is,where you can mute other people on,twitter you can block accounts so you,don't see their tweets either they don't,see yours muted accounts will you won't,see their tweets but they can see yours,you can have muted words,here on twitter so you have a lot of,different options going back out we can,determine here in the direct messages,section who can message us directly so,we can hit the check box to allow,everybody to message us,or we can keep that unchecked,so that only people that we follow will,be able to message us,twitter has an automatic filter here to,try and filter out spam messages so you,have that option as well and

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How to Unblock Potentially Sensitive Content On Twitter

How to Unblock Potentially Sensitive Content On Twitter

hello everyone this is arya from kai,academy,and today i will show you how to unblock,potentially sensitive content on twitter,tv is among the most preferred social,media platforms,while it is a great advantage to be,preferred so much,it brings certain audits from time to,time,they have to ensure the privacy and,security of their users,with the help of some settings we can,easily find a solution to this problem,temperature blocks sometimes with a,potentially sensitive content warning,you can disable this warning even on,iphone or ipad,where the option isn't normally,available and today i will show you how,to do it on your computer,and you can also disable sensitive,content warnings on your own tweets,so let's talk about what is sensitive,content,tiffany says this warning label is for,potentially sensitive content,such as violence or nudity to the blunt,twitter is a more anything go social,network compared to facebook,while twitter sensitive media policy,does ban,excessively gory media media depicting,sexual violence,and illegal content almost anything else,goes,so by default jupiter restricts this,media,with a warning like this media may,contain sensitive material or,this profile may include potentially,sensitive content,or the following media includes,potentially sensitive content,so if you don't have a twitter account,you'll need to create one and sign in to,change the setting,but of course i know that you do and i,know that i do,so how we're gonna do that so how to,skip this,sensitive content warning what we're,going to do,is we're going to disable the sensitive,content warning from twitter's privacy,settings,and you'll by the way you'll also find,this option in the same place in the,android app,in also in your iphone,so let's go and see how it goes so what,we're gonna do we're gonna click,more then we're gonna click settings,and from here what we're gonna do is,as you can see we're in the account play,account right now but we're gonna click,privacy and safety,and from here we're gonna go down a bit,and under the name of the safety,we're going to enable the displayed,media that may contain sensitive content,so when we're we're going to click on,this,to disable the warning for tweets so,tweets with sensitive content are,normally hidden from searches,but you can enable them if you prefer,and also to do that one,uh as you can see that we're in the,twitter website we're going to click,we're and we're just going to be in the,same place but let's show,from the beginning we're going to click,more we're going to click settings and,privacy and from here,we're going to go to content preferences,and from here,we're gonna go to search settings you,can see under the name of explorer,and from here we have two,options like height sensitive content,mine,is not hidden but if you're sitting is,gonna be looking like this with the blue,tick on it,but i do not want my,my search how can i,say i don't want those things to be,hidden when i search something so i'm,going to remove this,which i have already done it before and,after doing this as you can see let me,just show you,save search settings updated so i'm just,going to close this tab,and right now i'm going to be able to,see those,hidden uh or sensitive media contents,so we have done it these things that,we've done to not to see,other people we have turned it on,we have enabled that preference,so we can see other people's um,sensitive content or when we search for,something,even if there's sensitive content we're,going to be able to see them,and now what we're going to do is if we,have them,how to remove the warning from your own,tweets,so to do this what we're going to do is,as you can see,we're gonna go to settings like this,and from the settings we're gonna go to,privacy and safety,and from here as you can see we have a,lot of things,and it's under the name and it's under,the safety,that the rituals mark made you tweet as,containing material that may be,sensitive,most probably if it's looking like yours,have it,it's going to be looking like this and,your tweet might have it,on the content but mine what you're,going to do to remove it,you're going to remove this warning by,doing this,and now that you will not have any,problem with,your tweets having this warning on top,of them,so and if you also we have done,everything that we could,but if you don't want to see this,sensitive content don't worry,that's this default setting on twitter,so what we're gonna do just ensure that,we're turning it off,and it's very simple as you can see,and if you have any questions about this,video about this content,or about anything related to twitter or,any other,social media platforms you can ask me on,the comments and i will come back,and try to help you with your question,and if you have any suggestions we are,open to suggestions,yes we are you can suggest some things,maybe that we can do more about it,you can just be commenting about it and,you let us know,so we take action i take action

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How to Change Sensitive Media Settings on Twitter (2021)

How to Change Sensitive Media Settings on Twitter (2021)

hey everyone welcome back to my youtube,channel ito 24 into 7 one stop platform,for all your technical issues if you are,new here take a moment to subscribe as i,keep on posting a lot of informative,videos on my youtube channel and today's,video is going to be about how you can,change or manage sensitive media,settings on twitter so let's jump into,the video,first of all you have to open the,twitter app,and,then tap the profile icon given at the,top left corner of the screen now from,here you have to simply tap settings and,privacy,and then go to the privacy and safety,section where you will be able to manage,what information you see and share on,twitter,now here you will see one option that,says content you see decide what you see,on twitter based on your preferences,such as topics and interest so here you,can change sensitive media settings for,your twitter account so press content,you see option,and now here you will see a few options,so it says that decide what you see on,twitter based on your preferences such,as topics and interest so as you can see,the toggle is right now on for the,option display media that may contain,sensitive content so if you want to see,that media that can have sensitive,content you can keep this toggle on but,if you don't want it to be displayed on,your twitter feed you can simply turn,this toggle off all right so that's how,you can use it so if you are fine with,the sensitive content being displayed on,your feed you can simply keep this on or,turn this off the next option says,topics where you can decide what topics,what information you want to see and,about what topics all right so that's,these are all the suggested topics from,where you can select the ones that,matches your interest all right so that,you will only see the required,information on your twitter feed and not,the unnecessary one now going back,the next option is about explore,settings where you can turn the location,option on so that you will be able to,know what's happening around you in your,area all right so that's,explore settings option,now moving back the last option is,search settings,so if you will go there you will get two,options one is to hide sensitive content,and the other is to remove blocked and,muted accounts so if you turn on the,first option that is the hide sensitive,content so if you are going to search,something like anything on twitter so,the twitter will not show you sensitive,content related to that keyword all,right so it's written that this prevents,tweets with potentially sensitive,content from being displayed in your,search results all right and the second,option is if you are searching for a,person or someone you want to look for,on twitter uh this option will remove,all the blocked and muted accounts all,right so if you will keep this on this,will eliminate such accounts that you,have blocked or muted from from showing,up in search results so that's how all,these settings work on twitter so you,can manage them accordingly,if you found this video helpful do give,a thumbs up and you can leave all your,issues and queries in the comment box,down below stay tuned for more,informative videos and thank you for,watching

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Cara Setting Twitter Selalu Tampilkan Media Sensitif (Pembuktian 100% Work)

Cara Setting Twitter Selalu Tampilkan Media Sensitif (Pembuktian 100% Work)

Kanalıma qayıdın dostlar.Bu dəfə,Məhəmməd Albinin verdiyi sualı cavablandırmaq istəyirəm Bro.Necə olur ki,mən hələdə bacarmıram,,həssas məzmun gizlədim, işarələnmir OK, bu dəfə səbəbini izah edəcəm. bu seçimi ləğv etməklə mümkün,deyil Muhammad Aldi Abdulloh, siz qayıtdınız. Necəsiniz, tamam,,birbaşa məşq edəndə, ondan əvvəl uşaqlar, yaxşı addımları davam etdirməmişəm, ona görə də,yeni qoşulan birinə zəng edirəm kanalım dostlar sadəcə abunə,olub zəngi aktivləşdirə bilərsiniz dostlar mən birlikdə ilk olaraq Twitter hesabıma daxil olacağam.Bu dəfə,həssas məzmun tapmağa çalışacağam.Salam Lini,parametrlərimdə,altını verdim,, mən bunu həssas məzmun üçün etməmişəm. Məkanı necə daxil edə bilərəm və,gördüyünüz məzmun hələ də qeyri-aktivdir, elə deyilmi? axtarış parametrləri üçün aktivdir və ya hələ aktivləşdirilməyib,, mənə hələ də e-poçt göndərilib, ona görə də hələ də qalır üçün gizlədilib Həssas məzmun mənim dostlarımdır,və mən burada pulsuz həssas məzmun tapmaq istəyəndə hətta kanalda axtarış etmək forması olaraq,, Üzr istəyirik, yaş rəsmi rükətin zirvəsindədir, tamam, harada,axtarmalı olduğumu seçdim. bəyən bölməsi və burada hələ də canlıdır, bəli, tematik salam oh Bu, mənim şəxsi hesabımdır,və bu, həmişə həssas media ehtiva edən çoxlu məzmun ehtiva edə bilər,. Həssas, bəli, hələ də bağlıdır. Ona görə də görmək və basın. avtomatik olaraq,tanış kimi görünəcək, ona görə də dərhal,parametrlərə və məxfiliyə qayıtmaq üçün onu qurmağa çalışacağam, sonra məxfilik və təhlükəsizlik bölməsini seçəcəyəm,,dostlar, burada gördüyünüz məzmun üçün yenidən açacam, ebrehkeun yada,aktiv,edecem dostlar sonra axtariw sazlamalarina fikir veririk dostlar burda möhürle meni deaktiv edecek sonra bax ok eliyirem sadece tabek reloadsiz güc hazirdi ona gore islesem derhal,qaparam qaydasındadır? Mən yenə sevgi mahnısından danışmaq üçün buradayam,və bəyən bölməsinə klikləyin və avtomatik olaraq avtomatik olaraq görünəcək, dostlarım belə,bir nümunə olaraq yaxşıdır, ümid edirəm hamınıza faydalı ola bilər, xüsusən də,səbəbini soruşan Muhammad Albi Abdulloh mumkun deyil orda yoxlanilan bölmə var,axtarış bölməsi köhnədir axtarış bölməsi belə işarələnməməlidir bəli,hidrolize krem ​​aktivdir onu aktiv etməyin aktiv etməsin düz kimi ki, dostlar,,salam, yaxşı, az-çox üzr istəyirəm və təqib olunur Aini hələ işləmir bəli dostlar,günah əlavə edə bilərsiniz amma ilk olaraq dostlar bağlana bilər, yəni,Həcc tvitterinin sübutunu yenidən başladın, bu mənim dostlarımdır bu dəfə inşallah onu yaradan dostlar üçün faydalı,olar vəssalamu aleykum varahmətullahi vabarakatuh işləməyə davam edin uşaqlar

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