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Chaffetz: Twitter chose not to take down racist trend against Tim Scottracial slurs even trending on

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

Chaffetz: Twitter chose not to take down racist trend against Tim Scott

racial slurs even trending on twitter,before being taken down,i'm joined now by fox news contributor,jason chaffetz jason so good to see you,tonight let's start with uh tim scott,senator scott's,speech that's a tough one to give,everybody knows it and it looked to me,like he just about nailed it your,perspective on his performance last,night,i'm very good friends with tim scott,i've served with the senator when he was,in the house,i thought he gave an exceptional speech,i think it was conservative in its,nature,he talked about the differences and the,compassion that republicans would bring,to the table,i i think he was he was just pitch,perfect in his in what he was saying in,terms of tone,his substance and the fact that he,actually had brought things to the table,for instance on criminal justice reform,but the reaction from those on the left,is just,absolutely stunning to see those soapy,people,who try to project themselves and put,themselves up,as the most tolerant and compassionate,people were the most,vile against senator scott in his in,their response,it was disgusting so jason let's talk,about the reactions we saw in different,quarters let's start with the media,we just played a couple of clips there,of different members of the media,reacting to the senator's speech,it looked to me like the classic case of,overreacting,because you've seen something that's,really good and you don't like that it's,really good,i don't think the democratic party can,allow somebody like tim scott with his,background his experience,uh and his success within the republican,party to succeed,i was there when they went after mia,love who first black republican woman,and they went after her with everything,they got because they didn't want to see,somebody successful like her,and they don't want to see somebody,successful like tim scott because the,democratic party has been based on,division,and making sure that they understand,that their projection is that hey you,know,america is racist and we're going to,divide and if you are,of any ethnicity you can only be with,the democratic party,that is such a fallacy it perpetuates,perpetuates the problem it doesn't solve,the problem and so when,senator tim scott got up and said uh,we're not a racist country we have made,progress,i've experienced racism it's still there,but we can get better as a nation,that was a message that i think does,resonate and,does unite us and does bring us together,he didn't nibble around the edges on the,issue he went,right to the heart of the philosophical,question being debated right now but i,got to go to this as well the racial,slurs,you know the really ugly stuff that we,saw on twitter jason twitter's always,ugly so that doesn't surprise me but,but twitter took a very very long time,to address,any of this does that surprise you and,would you expect something else from,them coming out of this,i think social media perpetuated the,racism they perpetuated the,the vile nature of this they're taking,down,certain viewpoints is totally one-sided,they don't want,conservatives to actually be successful,and so,when they attack senator scott with his,aggressive,uh of language as you can possibly get,and don't take it down and let it linger,for hour upon hour,upon hour there's only one reason it's,because they want that message out there,these people are smart in silicon valley,they know how to deal with this they,could take that down in a few minutes,but they chose not to and that says,everything about them not senator scott,it says everything about them in fact it,makes senator scott's point even that,more poignant,jason really quickly what do you expect,senator scott to face,in the weeks months ahead when it comes,to this you call it push back,maybe a tax based on the speech he's,given and the way his profile has risen,i i remember i had a good chance to talk,with ohio state football coach earl,bruce a long time ago,and i remember he said something that,stuck with me these decades later and,that was,when you're being kicked in the rear,that means you're in front the reason,the left is going so aggressively,including the washington post and others,against senator tim scott is he very,well could be the next president of the,united states,and they know it they know that he could,be successful that's why they're going,to go after him with,everything they've got jason chaffetz,great thoughts today thank you for being,here sir appreciate it,thanks brian i

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Senator Tim Scott Interviews Mom for Women's History Month

Senator Tim Scott Interviews Mom for Women's History Month

march is women's history month,i have had the privilege of calling on,some friends around the state of south,carolina,powerful successful women with,significant lives,to talk about other powerful successful,women with significant lives,some have gone on to be with the lord as,we say it here,others are still thriving today,one of the things i think about though,in the middle of this,month of celebrating women is my mom uh,francis scott,i think to myself that had it not been,for her sacrifice,her perseverance her resilience i would,not be sitting,here today well hey thanks for being my,role model for the last you know 55,years of my life,without a question uh you know i love a,verse hebrews 11 1,says that faith is the substance of,things hoped for,it's the evidence of things not seen,there's a lot of women out there who,have,hope for something that they have not,seen how would you encourage them to,remain hopeful,well the first thing i would tell them,is never give up never give up,never give up and when you start hoping,or believing for something sometimes it,takes a,while or it's a i should i would like to,say it's a process,yes that that it will come to pass,so it's the process so when i was uh,nearly flunking out of,school you never gave up is that a good,example,that's a very good example that's an,excellent example,because i know what you had inside of,you and what you were capable of doing,yes so therefore i couldn't give up,that's really good advice for,folks who have not yet seen the,manifestation of what they're looking,for,sometimes the longer it takes for the,manifestation to come,the sweeter it is when you see it yes,very true very true,yes another question for you is,obviously you're the strongest woman i,know i thank god for that,who's the strongest woman that you know,the strongest woman,i know is my mom and she's deceased now,but she is and still is to this day,the very strongest woman that i know,how come well her faith,her belief in me even when i was growing,up,when you did something wrong mama never,put you down she always encouraged you,she motivates you mama was a praying,woman so,yeah she was the strongest woman i know,of all the things that she went through,and endured during her times,1922 1921 rural south carolina,black woman yes what did grandma have to,overcome to to be the woman,that that she became to make the woman,that you have become,a lot of negative a lot of prejudice,she wasn't a well-educated woman she,went to the eight she went to the eighth,grade she went to the eighth grade so,she wasn't well educated,um so just looking,back i never saw my mama complain about,anything,and even though the struggles back then,was totally different from what i,came up in and even this time and you,know this era now,but i never heard them complain she,never complained so to me,that made her strong she was able to,endure whatever came her way,and they were not rich people they were,very poor people and they were very,country people so it's not like they,were city people,they were very country low very,my mom had very little education but you,would think that she was,highly educated the way she carried,herself the way she spoke,she would walk more than a mile to work,to clean houses as a maid,walk back clean her house feed her kids,and then at some point feed her,grandkids,yes so she had this perseverance this,resiliency that was a part,or she was resilient as a part of who,she was that's the part yes,and when i think back about that those,seem to be things that that you have,inherited,almost like it's in your dna as well,that you,you're strong you're a praying woman,you're resilient,and you never ever give up you can't,give up,can't get impossible you started a,foundation,to try to help single moms tell me about,what that what that foundation does and,what it is and why you started it,being a single mom very few people come,along,and praise you or tell you that you're,doing a very good job,being a single mom is hard,because there's only just you yes you,know so my foundation,is about raising up,single moms it is about um financial,literacy,because i think financial literacy is,very important um,having children of myself i didn't know,much about finances,so i think that's very important,empowering young,girls young ladies today and of course,one of my biggest one,is raising positive children in a very,negative world today,what advice would you give to women,to encourage them the first advice i,would give to,women is stay focused,don't give up even when you want to give,up,don't give up there are many times,there are many times when i wanted to,give up because it was very hard,because you don't know where your next,meal gonna come from,putting gas in the car how you going to,get to work,there are many times when i cried there,are many times when you just,really wanted just to give up,but you couldn't give up i couldn't give,up because i had two young boys that was,looking to me,so how could i

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Sen. Tim Scott discusses his new book ‘America, a Redemption Story’

Sen. Tim Scott discusses his new book ‘America, a Redemption Story’

From President Biden's recent legislative victories to the overwhelming,victory for abortion rights in Kansas and the FBI search of Mara,Lago August so far, has been full of surprises. And with some 90,days to go before the November midterm elections, it's not clear,of such events will influence how Americans cast their votes this,fall.,Senator Tim Scott, Republican from South Carolina is up for re election,in November. His new book, America A Redemption Story is out this,week, and he joins me now, Senator Scott, Congratulations on the,book and Welcome to the news hour. Thank you for being here. It's,good to be with you. So I want to ask you about the book, but I also,want to ask you just a couple of questions about,Former president Trump. He's very much in the news. This,search by the FBI is his home in Palm Beach. You your comments, among,other things, You said, Let's see how the facts play out. Let the,facts play out. I've been looking at social Media and some supporters,of the former president are saying you should be more aggressively,supporting him. What are you saying to them? I do think that my comments,are really important. Number one. I,I was saying to my friends on the other side of the aisle, as opposed,to rushing to judgment as it did in the Russia collusion. Uh, episode,Be patient. I would say to the rest of the country. We should be,alarmed at the way that the Department of Justice and the FBI have,gone after someone. This is unprecedented. It is shocking and quite,surprising, and we're waiting to see what happens or the Trump. We,are told that the Trump attorneys,Have a list of what was taken out of the Mara Lago estate. But we,haven't we haven't seen that yet. The other thing I want to ask you,about is former President Trump today. Appearing before the New York,state attorney general, answering questions about his real estate,dealings he spent hours day Ernie said afterwards, he didn't answer,any questions.,Invoke the fifth Should he have answered those questions? If I were,his to turn, I would probably tell him not to say a word to anyone,from the Department of Justice anytime soon. I think he's protecting,himself. And frankly, if I were in his seat or his lawyers, I would,be very concerned about getting a fair shake from this Department,of Justice. Let's turn to your book title. As we said, It's America,,a redemption story, choosing hope.,Creating unity. It's your story, but it's also the story of others.,Why did you want to say that? What you're saying in this book right,now? Country faces polarization and skepticism about whether or not,America works together. I wanted to be emphatic about the fact that,I believe that we've been evolving in the right direction that in,my life, much like America's. We've had challenges we face to our,original scent of racism. We had a civil war to solve that issue.,We're continue to working on it.,My personal life. My eighth grade year I was facing a race right,at the high school four years later, I would like that. The student,government president, the one thing about America is that we're the,solution.,Sometimes it's hard to get there, but we always arrive at the right,place. I'm very confident that working together we can get things,done. Your call for America to work together seems to be one of the,lone voices at a time of great division in this country. Do you think,people are ready to hear that message? Especially in your in the,Republican Party? I certainly hope so. I believe that division and,polarization is not a Republican or Democrat thing. It's a human,thing. So,My thought is in my book. America Redemption story. I talk about,how good people of good intention,Are good conscience came together and helped me form a foundation.,How to think for myself, as opposed to what thing what to think.,And today's environment. It feels like people are being indoctrinated,as opposed to saying, Think for yourself. Come to your conclusions.,Wait patiently for all the information and then make a decision.,And And how do you think? How do you think that's being received?,I mean, are you I know you're talking to,You're talking to your certainly your fellow Republican senators,and other members of Congress on both sides of the island. I do believe,that today you look at some of the polarization that we have around,the country today. It's not because of Republicans as much as it,is about the administration's inability to be the great uniter that,he campaigned on President Biden. We have a big responsibility of,bringing this country together. I believe we can get it done. It,will take both sides of the al, but more importantly, it will take,individuals.,Embracing the concept that America is better together, leaning into,opportunities. I write about it in my book about some of the people,that came together at a wonderful mentor and a great orthodontists,who changed my smile and my self esteem permanently. And I thank,God for people who had the opportunity and they d

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Senator Tim Scott Questions Treasury Secretary Nominee Janet Yellen

Senator Tim Scott Questions Treasury Secretary Nominee Janet Yellen

thank you mr chairman and thank you uh i,one continue to call you chair yelling,though it's dr yelling and it's so good,to see you again,thank you for your willingness to serve,during these uh,challenging times without question i'll,hop right to it because,chairman craig will keep me to my five,minutes the first question i have is,about,the pandemic relief package that's been,presented you know as,well as i do that in december we passed,a,package that included 80 billion dollars,for schools to reopen,280 billion dollars to restart the,paycheck protection program,uh for a second round it also included,billions of dollars for the vaccines,which i think is certainly,an area where we need to invest even,more than we have so far,without question but the 1.9 trillion,dollar package,that has been presented to us is a,package that,focuses on some priorities that i think,will,actually hurt our economy as much as it,would improve our economy one in,particular,is the issue of raising the minimum wage,to 15,an hour i will say that i've been,talking to businesses around the country,and specifically at home the one thing,that even the congressional budget,office,recognizes is that by increasing the,minimum wage,to 15 an hour it could shutter,somewhere around 3.7 million jobs on the,high end a minimum of 1.3 million jobs,in our economy,and the last thing this economy needs,as we attempt to recover is a loss,of 1.3 to 3.7,million jobs but in addition to that it,would,increase the cost of doing business,significantly it would certainly,devastate,the opportunity to develop new jobs,in rural america and rural south,carolina,as well as for those minorities and,women,coming into the workforce it would,actually have a disproportionate impact,on those folks that you said in your,testimony you want to target for,relief and opportunity i said,differently,over a hundred and ten thousand,restaurants,have closed during the pandemic,thousands of those restaurants,in south carolina by increasing the,minimum wage to 15,an hour and eliminating tips for,servers at restaurants we will do,actually what i would consider an,existential threat,to those restaurants and frankly and,more importantly to those employees of,restaurants,how do we grapple with parts of this,package,that really are philosophical in nature,and denies the practical reality that,comes from it,well senator i appreciate that question,um you know president-elect biden,and uh has proposed,raising the minimum wage to 15,an hour because right now we have,millions of american workers,who are putting their lives on the line,to keep their communities functioning,and,sometimes even working multiple jobs,uh aren't earning enough to put food on,the table,and um a roof over their heads,and they're suffering in countless ways,especially during this pandemic,and really struggling to get by and,raising the minimum wage,would really help many of those workers,um,and that's the reason for doing it now,in terms of potential,job laws there's now a large economics,literature on this,and much of it suggests that,um raising minimum wages this is what,people researchers often look at what,happens,when one state raises its minimum wage,and the neighboring state leaves it,alone,to see how businesses fare,in the two different places with,different treatments,and the the findings are that the,job loss is is very minimal,if if anything uh so,i think that the likely impact on,um jobs is minimal that's my reading of,the research and of course,i agree with you small businesses are,struggling and it's critical to,help those businesses i appreciate the,ppp,package uh in in the recently passed,bill,i pledge that we will do everything we,possibly can,to get that money out to struggling,businesses effectively,um it is critically important to help,those businesses um,the money that's been allocated to cdfis,to support them,and their lending especially in low and,moderate income,communities that's critically important,aid,and president-elect biden has proposed,yet more aid to these businesses,so that they can survive this pandemic,and get back on their feet well,thank you for your answer dr yellen i i,would say that,there's no doubt that when you,artificially increase,the minimum wage you are going to,permanently,decrease the number of jobs in the,economy when we have a market-driven,increase in the minimum wage,we see production go up and the value of,work,increases as well my final question in,my,uh time that i have left which doesn't,look like anything actually your time,yes sir let me just say this for the,record perhaps you can answer it on the,record for me uh,uh qfr when we think about,enough being enough if there's another,downturn in our economy,rather it's based on another pandemic or,some other act,what are we doing to make sure that we,have the resources necessary,for that next downturn in two or three,years,as opposed to using every weapon in the,quiver today,for what is a recovery that has started

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Senator Tim Scott Joins Face the Nation to Discuss the Need for Unity, Police Reform, JUSTICE Act

Senator Tim Scott Joins Face the Nation to Discuss the Need for Unity, Police Reform, JUSTICE Act

want to ask you about this national,moment that's testing all of us protests,in the street like we haven't seen since,the 1960s I'd like to ask you what I,asked the vice president what do you,hear in the voices of those protestors,well I hear from me from the nonviolent,protestors what we hear consistently is,this frustration that was ignited by 8,minutes and 46 seconds of George Floyd,pleading for his life saying he could,not breathe and then at the end asking,for his mother what I hear is a concern,and a frustration that I have felt as a,person who's been stopped by law,enforcement 18 times in the last couple,decades including this year what would I,hear and the protesters is enough,already let's get to the table and get,something done and what I hear from the,protesters is this is our country we,want our voices to be heard in this,country and what I did because I heard,and have felt the frustration of the,protesters myself as I drafted,legislation that said we see we hear you,and let's move together forward this is,a very interesting and important moment,interesting in that the country's,response John has been amazing white,folks and black folks brown ones and,yellow ones have come together in the,streets of our cities to say we want to,be a unified country I say thank you and,god bless them in the moment of unity,senator I don't want to ask you this,next question but I must the President,of the United States promoted to his 82,million Twitter followers today a video,in which somebody screamed white power,I'm going to play that now for those who,have not seen it,senator that's on the President of the,United States Twitter feed 282 million,people your reaction well you should,just take it down there's there's,nothing much to be said that is,inappropriate and it should be taken,down but you were talking about unity,your you just made a very compelling,case just nuts about hearing this agony,and this cry of protesters and and,coming together for unity white power is,not unity well no it certainly,absolutely is not enough I live in a,city where the civil war started and I'm,so thankful that the people of South,Carolina specifically in Charleston,we've evolved as a people and that is a,great thing the truth of the matter is,when you hear things like that racist,gentle towards white power we should,have the same responsive with the same,type of energy that we have for those,folks we've we know have been,disadvantaged for so long we should,stand up and say that's not right and,I'm saying the exact same thing now,that's not right but that's not the,entire conversation and that's not the,entire clip that was a terrible display,that I saw in that video I watched the,whole video before I came on the show,the whole thing was terrible yeah let's,get to your legislation because that's,your effort to try to get this moment,we're on why did the bill break down in,the Senate well John it's hard for me to,tell you exactly why my my suspicion is,that the presidential politics and,choosing a vice president was a part of,that conversation when I offered my,friends on the other side was not five,amendments based on Senator Schumer's,letter to us saying that there were five,major issues,I said let's fix those five they came,into a room and we were going to chat,about it they said there's 20 things,that we'd like to change I said I'll,give you 20 amendments and I'll start by,offering the first amendment myself,uncho khals our legislations were about,the same except for in the house,legislation they had blood flow as well,as air flow they suggested that my,legislation did not include blood flow I,I'll add the carotid in there,we'll make that change we could do so,much together for those folks in the,streets today we missed a golden,opportunity not because the bills,weren't similar enough but because what,the house wanted was not what the Senate,Democrats wanted to have a conversation,about so it seems to me Senate there's,about the procedural question and then,there's a policy question in your,disagreement with Democrats but I want,to get it you suggested this is about,vice presidential politics do you think,Democrats are just got talking to you in,good faith as you try to revive what,might happen in the Senate or is it past,that well listen I am I'm gonna be open,to having a conversation this week in a,few days with some of the leaders who,put together the House bill i fashioned,much of what i saw from what i liked in,the house bill there are things in the,House bill that I do think are not in,the best interest of the country let me,just be clear on that fact while I do,talk about the fact that there are a lot,of things in common there are a few,things that I believe makes it worse on,cities makes it worse on the most,vulnerable populations within those,cities and what we're seeing manifesting,in New York City today is is a byproduct,of those concerns that I have about the,house legislation there's a reason why,murder is up 79

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Senator Tim Scott Shares Lessons from Congressman John Lewis

Senator Tim Scott Shares Lessons from Congressman John Lewis

senator welcome to the show very somber,day,as we celebrate the life of congressman,lewis and mourn his passing your,thoughts,on his passing today well without any,question good morning,and uh what a sad day for the for the,nation but what a blessed life,john lewis lived he loved everyone and,one of my earliest memories of meeting,the icon in person was when i got,elected to congress,he took me to his office he sat down,with me we took a journey through the,pictures of,all of the challenges of the past and it,reminded me sin for the first time to,never let,the challenges of life make you bitter,never,ever become bitter and as a person,who saw the violence and the ugliness,of the 60s he rose above it and he was,above it,in a non-violent way because he,knew that love always snuffed out,hate and he held on to that conviction,in the face of hate coming through,fire hydrants fire hoses at the,slipping dogs german shepherds back in,the 60s,snapping at him smithing at him but yet,he held,fast to the conviction that we are,better together,and love will always conquer hate it is,the most amazing journey through history,i had ever been on in person,senator scott you served in the house of,representatives before you became the,senator from south carolina,tell us about your personal interaction,i like that story about going into his,office,but when he spoke he commanded the floor,of the house of representatives,well jason you and i were there together,with john lewis he was one of your,friends as well as he was one of mine,and when he started talking he never,screamed,but he had this quiet power,that was evident and manifest in every,single word he chose,is as if he spent a lifetime,learning how to chisel into,clarity exactly the message he wanted to,deliver,and because he did it was eloquent and,with power,and with substance we all paid attention,and that's what you're talking about we,would lean into his comments,because it was such a rare experience to,hear,greatness literally right before you,yes senator you see the american flag,flying at half staff,here in the nation's capital at the,white house and at the u.s capitol,and you know your words very eloquent,this morning,i'm reminded of president obama in 2011,giving the medal of freedom to lewis,saying that when generations read about,courage,they will read about john lewis senator,thank you for taking time today you will,be joining harris faulkner in her prime,time special,tomorrow night at 10 p.m it's called the,fight for america,on the civil unrest across the country,do not miss it senator thanks for taking,time sir,god bless

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Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) on his new book, the GOP and the state of American politics

Sen. Tim Scott (R-S.C.) on his new book, the GOP and the state of American politics

this 117th congress the american people,chose an evenly split senate,it gives me great pride to serve as,speaker of the most diverse house of,representatives in the history of our,country,hello welcome to washington post live,i'm leanne caldwell an anchor here at,washington post live and also co-author,of the early 202 newsletter today we are,speaking with senator tim scott a,republican of south carolina we're going,to talk about the future of american,politics the future of the republican,party and of course,his new book america a redemption story,senator scott thanks so much for joining,us today,thank you leanne good to be with you,appreciate it,um first to our audience i want to,remind you that we would love to hear,from you if you have any questions,please tweet at us at post live and we,will try to get your questions asked,senator scott so of course your book,comes out when there's a lot of news um,so i must start with the news of the day,regarding this uh fbi search of,mar-a-lago um you know,the search warrant that came out friday,it shows that some documents are labeled,tssci which is considered some of the,most classified information,does that warrant an fbi search,you know i still think this is an,unprecedented alarming,occurrence without any question i look,back at the comments made by paul callan,the cnn analyst legal analyst who said,that this is daring and dangerous on,behalf of the doj i agree with that,assessment there is not much that so far,that's come out and frankly,this is going to be a he said she said,whether or not the president,declassified documents or not so there's,a lot to be learned but the truth of the,matter is i'm still in the position that,ultimately this,breaks the precedence of the last 232,years,quite dangerous and i have not heard,enough information that changes my,opinion whatsoever,on the flip side does a former president,taking class such highly classified,documents also break precedent and is,there any sort of level of concern,regarding these documents that would,elevate for you,that the government tries to get these,documents back,liam my understanding is whether it was,bush obama clinton one thing or,president trump the one thing that seems,to be consistent as there's always been,a a tug of war so to speak over which,documents the president former president,gets to keep and which ones they don't,get to keep so this negotiation has been,going on for a while number one number,two i suggest that,since at least february and june it,seems like the president president trump,was cooperating with the doj as it,relates to,our with the the archives to which,documents should be or should not be,kept he has come up with a very clear,statement that says he declassified the,things that he has in his possession,there are some questions about the rest,of the material that was found,so far what i would say is that i am not,alarmed whatsoever,i look forward to hearing more about it,but this is still a very disturbing,situation in circumstance so consistent,with the negotiations that have gone,along with,previous presidents we find ourselves in,the midst of that negotiation that seems,to be going fine fine according to what,we all saw according to june letter,emails this is a,strong,inconsistent departure from the way,things seem to be going at that time,well just to clarify the national,archives put out a statement regarding,that allegation that obama took some,documents they said that they are in,possession of all of the obama documents,and the classified that are going to uh,the obama library in chicago and also,they are in possession in a dc facility,of the classified obama documents but,over the weekend the,republican marco rubio and a democrat,mark warner the to chair and a ranking,member of the intelligence committee,they sent a letter to the fbi and the,odni asking for,what the classified documents are were,and what sort of security concerns,that they arise do you support that,bipartisan letter and calling for more,information and getting those documents,in a classified setting,i think the more the american people,understand and appreciate about this,raid the better off we are as a country,and,one thing that has one piece of fallout,from this has been the escalation and,the concerns,of violence especially against federal,law enforcement my colleague at the,washington post reported this weekend,her name's anna phillips she reports,that the dhs and the fbi put out a joint,bulletin warning of violent threats,against federal law enforcement courts,government personnel and facilities,since the mar-a-lago seizure some of,these threats have been online talking,about a civil war and a call to arms,is that concerning to you and should,republicans who have made these,incendiary statements coming to,conclusions about why this happened,do they bear any responsibility,that's a good question liam i i'd say,that the question that i ask is a guy,who has someone incarcerated for,threatening m

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Onstage at the Reagan Library with Senator Tim Scott

Onstage at the Reagan Library with Senator Tim Scott

foreign,my name is John highbush and I have the,honor of being the executive director of,the Ronald Reagan presidential,foundation and Institute,in honor of our men and women in uniform,who protect our freedoms around the,world if you please stand and join me,for the Pledge of Allegiance,I pledge allegiance to the flag of the,United States of America and to the,Republic for which it stands one nation,under God indivisible with liberty and,justice for all,thank you please be seated,before we get started,there are a few people in the audience,I'd like to recognize tonight special,guests and I will start with one of our,foundation's trustees,former governor of California Pete,Wilson and his wife Carol,boy could we use him again,another we could use again former,Congressman Elton galligly and his wife,Janice,please say hello to Roger zackheim The,Institute director Reagan Institute in,Washington DC,and also with us tonight Gary Foster,senior vice president of clean energy,they were kind enough to help sponsor,this event Gary,finally it is my great honor to,introduce another of our trustees,someone who has lent his remarkable,talents gained in the World of Sports,Marketing to the foundation he is one of,The Originators of our time for choosing,program and a key Force,that has made this evening possible he,will be introducing our special guest,tonight ladies and Gentlemen please join,me in welcoming Mr Ben Sutton,good evening everyone,um,Elton always great to see you and your,bride Governor Wilson last time I had,this stage I tried to put you in,nomination for the recall election for,to run against,the governor,um there was a big chair from that crowd,how about tonight uh,one of my favorite one of my favorite,Americans I'm so delighted to be here,it's my distinct privilege to to welcome,you to the Reagan Library,and to this the latest installment of,the Reagan institution and Reagan,Foundation speaker series a time for,choosing most if not all of you know,that the title of our series comes from,the 1964 speech in which Ronald Reagan,presented the country with a choice,between man's age-old Dream the ultimate,in individual Freedom consistent with,Law and Order and the Ant heap of,totalarianism,Reagan was not even a candidate for any,office at that time but that speech,quickly vaulted him on the path to a,transformational political career one,that reshaped the Republican party and,changed the entire world,but today his party is again facing a,time for choosing what direction will we,take,will it look to the future or be stuck,in the past,we heard from house Speaker Paul Ryan,vice president Mike Pence secretary Mike,Pompeo Senator Tom Cotton Governor Chris,Christie Ambassador Nikki Haley and our,good friend and fellow Reagan Foundation,trustee Peggy Noonan they address those,questions they offered their,perspectives,tonight we get to hear from someone who,understands my North Carolina accent,I'm so excited it's the first time I had,needed a translator,last spring when the Republican Party,needed a leader to respond to the,president's first address to Congress,they turned to the junior senator from,South Carolina,conventional wisdom says that the,response speech to a state of the union,is usually a thankless job,you're more likely to put your foot in,your mouth than put your name on the map,it's more likely to inspire ridicule,than accolades they say,but just like he's done so often in his,career Senator Tim Scott defied,conventional wisdom he proved the,naysayers wrong just as he did when the,child of a poor single parent household,grew up to become a United States,Senator and not just any Senator he is,not a back bencher he is the star of the,modern Republican party and we're,delighted to have you here tonight,but Tim and I were speaking uh backstage,and you know we've both lived the,American dream this is a person you're,going to see tonight with great humility,he has no Focus whatsoever on trying to,cultivate a celebrity following or,launching viral treats tweets he's more,concerned with advancing policy from,opportunity zones to Criminal Justice,Reform his words ring with optimism not,anger I know in my heart of hearts he,would be one of Ronald Reagan's favorite,Americans and he brings a spirit of calm,to a congress so often,defined by division division and his,National address last year he spoke of,the need for Unity with the refrain,Common Sense makes common ground,he explained we need policies and,progress that bring us closer together,instead of pushing us apart,the question before the senator and,before the party once led by the,unfailingly optimistic Ronald Reagan is,whether there is still room for common,sense,can the party never mind our country,find common ground on domestic and,foreign policy on principles on values,on character,can it make progress together,those are the questions that each of our,speakers in this series have been asked,to answer and today we'll get or tonight,we'll get Senator Scott'

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