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Twitter advanced search tutorialhey everyone today I just wanted to do a,quick tutorial on the Twitt


Updated on Jan 19,2023

Twitter advanced search tutorial

hey everyone today I just wanted to do a,quick tutorial on the Twitter advanced,search function that's a feature that,some of you know about some of you don't,but it's a very powerful tool that,allows you to find any given tweet that,you might be looking for I don't know if,maybe you've tried to find a tweet you,sent out before and had trouble locating,it well the Twitter advanced search,function allows you to search very,specifically through any account for any,tweet I'm gonna be doing the tutorial on,my windows-based PC using a Firefox,browser I know a lot of you use your,phones and the app I don't use the app,there's no particular reason for that I,just don't really care for it so I use a,browser both on my phone and on my,laptop if I get enough requests I will,download the app and do a version of,this tutorial for the app on the phone,I'm not even sure if you can do the,advanced search on the app to be honest,with you I just haven't investigated,that okay so how do you get to the,Twitter advanced search feature once,you've logged into your account the,easiest fastest way I found to do it is,to open another tab in your browser and,just google the term excuse me,Twitter Advanced Search,and you can see it pulls up a couple of,options right off the bat on the evil,Google the first one is the one you,usually need which goes to the advanced,search feature in Twitter itself Twitter,Help Center also has a little link down,here on how to use the advanced search,and then other miscellaneous articles as,you go down so I'm gonna go ahead and,click on the Twitter advanced search,link and since I'm already logged into,Twitter it's going to pull up another,instance of my Twitter account with this,box and what this box is is it allows,you to search based on any number of,criteria one of the most common uses is,to find from a particular account so if,you scroll down to where it says,accounts you can do from these accounts,to these accounts or mentioning these,accounts so let's say I want to do from,my own account which is at bear you know,and I want to look for a particular set,of words I'm gonna look for any tweet,containing both Nancy and Pelosi,so what I'm doing is I'm searching my,entire account for any tweet containing,both of these words all of these words,and there we have all the tweets from me,involving Nancy Pelosi,so a lot of times people can use this if,they're trying to find a tweet they did,a long time ago and they can't find it,they've lost it in the vast amount of,information flowing to their account and,you can see up here in the search box,that it has put it in command line form,so if you are the type of person that,likes to just type in your commands,directly this is the format you can use,search for Nancy and Pelosi and then in,parentheses from colon account name I'm,pretty lazy so I tend to just use the,box you can look for tweets from one,account to another account to see who's,tweeting at who you can look for say,anything from real Donald Trump that,mentioned me,sadly enough he has not mentioned to me,but I know he's busy I'm not mad,you can also further refine your search,by checking this which is on by default,that includes all replies so it's not,just tweets that they tweet it out to,their main timeline its replies to other,people,tweets that contain links you can,restrict it show only replies only,things with links you can scroll down,further for engagement that means let's,say I want to see only tweets that have,a thousand replies or a thousand likes,or a minimum you know 500 retweets,whatever particular parameter you want,to define it just allows you to filter,out some of the lower volume stuff a,little bit more fine-tuning for refining,your search you can also go for certain,dates you can go from December of 2007,to January or September 2008 say you,remember vaguely a time when a tweet was,sent out by you or someone else you can,help narrow the search criteria if you,get too many results by using the date,function so that's it in a nutshell,it's very very useful it allows me to go,in and find a tweet I sent out literally,in a matter of seconds I'm sure there's,a lot more you can do with this but,since this is just a basic tutorial I'm,gonna leave it at that,remember you can always go to the,Twitter help and they will give you a,breakdown on exactly what you can do,with the Twitter advanced search alright,thank you very much I appreciate it if,you've enjoyed the video I would,appreciate a subscribe and/or like and,you have any particular requests drop,them in the replies below and I will try,to make it happen for you,thanks again have a great one

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Twitter Search in Plain English

Twitter Search in Plain English

First, a quick message from Common Craft.,This video comes in versions designed to be used in training, and in education.,Find them at,It seems like everyone is using Twitter these days.,You know, sharing little messages with each other on phones and computers.,It turns out that all these little messages, if you look at them all at once, become an,easy way to find people, news and trends.,Let's get started by visiting Twitterville.,This town represents all the people using Twitter.,There are millions of them and they're constantly talking to each other and sharing information,140 characters at a time.,The typical townsperson only sees part of the messages, or "tweets" and that's fine,- there are way too many to follow them all.,But if all the tweets could be captured and organized all the time, amazing things could,be possible.,The town would have a resource for knowing what's interesting and who's talking about,it.,This is what Twitter Search has done for Twitter - it captures and organizes every tweet so,that it's possible to find people and specific information in real time.,For instance, meet Roy of Ice Cream by Roy.,Other than the people who come to his store, he could never hear what customers said about,his ice cream.,However, because everyone in the town uses twitter, he can now search for "Ice Cream,By Roy" and see tweets from people who mention his product.,Then, he can reply to say thanks or follow their future updates.,Twitter search helps Roy listen to customers and make the flavors they want.,It's also a great way to learn about news.,When an explosion is heard outside of town, the townspeople report it in real time.,This means that Roy can check Twitter search to find a constant stream of information,,sometimes from the very people who experienced it.,He can even limit the results to tweets near a specific location.,It's news as it happens.,Every minute of every day on Twitter, people are using some words more than others.,Maybe the town has a new mayor, a concert came to town, or the same joke is being told,over and over.,If the most popular words could appear on a sign, a person just arriving in town could,get a feel for what was interesting to the residents at the moment.,On Twitter, the most used words are known as trends and they're a great way to see what's,interesting on Twitter.,You can always find up to the minute trends on your Twitter profile, or,Clicking a trending topic shows the most recent tweets that include that word or phrase.,Sometimes, Twitter members work together and use a specific key word, called a hash tag,,to connect related tweets.,For example, people talking about elections may use the hashtag #vote to create the connection.,The way, by including the #vote tag, Roy can make sure his tweet is part of the discussion.,If enough people use the tag, it may become a trend, attracting even more people to the,conversation.,Of course tracking these conversations is easy because Roy can search right on his Twitter,profile.,And if he wants to see results over time, he can save the search.,With Twitter, all the small messages are useful when shared between people, but by organizing,all the tweets and making them searchable, we can learn what's on the minds of millions.

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How To Search By Date On Twitter Tutorial

How To Search By Date On Twitter Tutorial

hi in today's tutorial i'm going to show,you how to search tweets by dates on,twitter,first of all,of course you'll need a twitter,application on your phone,if you don't have that just go and,download it through play store if you're,using an android or app store if you're,using an iphone,then all you need to do just go sign in,to create your account if you already,have an account ignore all of that,log into your account and let's just,open,twitter,so here first of all all you need to do,just go and click at the search,option or search button it's at the,bottom right,just go and click on that and here all,we need to do just go here to the search,box search twitter and all you need to,do is just type from,so if you want to talk to search a tweet,from a user so let's just do this,from this two dots and,user name so here you just type the,username,of the person that you want to search,tweets about but if you want to,to search,tweets by date all we need to do just do,the same from two dots,enter the year so maybe 2009,then,the month,like month three and,don't forget the dates,then all you need to do is just type,into wait,of course you'll need space,and so,then two dots,then click or type the date that you,want so let's just do,2010,month one,day,three and hit the search box,or the search button so here as you can,see,if you say on the top here you will not,find this,or you will not find what you want,exactly,so as we said as you can see here,nothing appeared to us because this,option is not available on twitter,application,but let me just,copy that,just click its copy then all you need to,do just go to your browser,and open your twitter,from your browser,here all you need to do but just wait,first all you need to do,just go here,and hit this desktop site so it's it,will turn into,a desktop like you're using twitter from,pc,then all you need to do,just remove that as you can see here hit,the search button,down there,speed is that hard to hit at all,and just click on it,let's just go to search twitter,and paste that,search,so as you can see here i'm getting,notifications from or sorry,i enter a tweet,so here i'm guessing not a notification,sorry i'm getting tweets from 2012,until 2014,14. so as you can see if you scroll down,here you'll find all the tweets between,this two dates that you entered and here,you will find us because that is not,available on the twitter application yet,so that will be it for the video i hope,you guys like it thanks for watching and,goodbye

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Twitter's HIDDEN search tools - twitter tutorial - advanced twitter search - twitter marketing

Twitter's HIDDEN search tools - twitter tutorial - advanced twitter search - twitter marketing

hey everybody clay archer ceo dpc,technology,on this long holiday weekend i'm sure,some of you will be at home on the,internet so this week we're going to do,a tech tip,on the how to use the advanced search,features inside of twitter i quickly,want to give a shout out to palmetto,technology group ptg they actually,had this tech tip on their blog a few,months back maybe six months ago,and i found myself using it all the time,so let's jump in real quick and we're,going to look at how to use the advanced,search feature inside of twitter,and probably before i get too deep into,it i should explain to you why i would,why you would use this um obviously,twitter being a stream,things come by really quickly and then,they're gone they're actually still,there but you know you don't see them,anymore,and uh every once in a while i find,myself going man,where did where i remember that somebody,said this,or somebody posted an article about this,and i want to go back and read it or see,it or listen to it or whatever it is,but it's almost impossible to find it by,just searching through people's threads,so this is a way to be able to quickly,use some different criteria to search,back through those things we'll start,off by how do you find the advanced,uh search feature you're going to notice,that there it is not available anywhere,when you're looking around inside of,twitter so,there's a couple different ways the,first one is you could simply just,search,twitter advanced search and the first,result there in,google will be twitter advanced search,and it'll bring you right up to the,advanced search page,i don't go that way i typically just in,the search bar,will just search for anything and,as soon as you search for anything you,can just click on advanced search and it,will bring you up into the advanced,search,window so in here basically there's a,bunch of different search,methods that you can do so basically at,the top here,are all the different words and the way,you can uh can search the words so,you can do all of these words meaning,that it has,all of these words in the in the phrase,that you're searching for,then you can do an exact phrase meaning,those words are exactly together in a,phrase,any of these words just meaning that,it's got any of these or some of these,words,in it or you can exclude words by the,nun of word none of these words,you can also do it by hashtags i mean,this is kind of where the more powerful,part for me is,that i can do it by accounts so i can,search for certain people's accounts,whether it is they wrote the tweet or,the tweet was written to,them or they were mentioned in a tweet,so,all three of those are pretty powerful,there are some filters that you can do,you can have ones that only have replies,you can do,ones that only have links outside of it,and there's one more thing that i think,is really kind of super,helpful at least for me is especially if,you have somebody that tweets a lot,and they have some really popular posts,you can really kind of weed it out by,their most popular post,so you can put in a number of likes or a,number of wheat retweets,try and say that five times faster,number reach retweets,and then you can you know filter it out,by that you can also do it by dates but,let's,jump right in and i'm going to do a,couple of quick examples,one thing i use it for all the time i'm,a formula one fan um and there are a few,things that i'm looking for schedules,obviously uh formula one happens all,over the world so sometimes it's in the,middle of the night,and you miss things there's a thing,called paddock pass it's just um,them basically walking around the pit,lane and kind of talking about the race,that's coming up that weekend they talk,to the drivers and stuff,um and i know that is gonna be gonna be,from the f1 account,you know every race weekend or i listen,to it every race weekend whether it's on,a podcast or whether it's on a video,and you can see it brings up paddock,pass from formula one formula one's,super popular,so the first uh one will be the top one,and so obviously i'm not looking for,october 19th or october 12th uh i'm,looking for the latest which would have,been a couple weeks ago when they were,in turkey,and there you go if i click latest,turkey paddy pass and i can just listen,to that podcast and i can,scroll back and i can see they typically,do one or two or three,i can see the different ones for the,weekend or the previous week in emela,or you know i can scroll back through,all of them and i can find them all i,also do this for the tv schedule for,formula one,which is also kind of all over the place,so formula one if i just went into,formula one's account if i just click on,formula one,you'll see that they tweet a bazillion,things a day and i'm never gonna find,uh something from two weeks ago inside,of here because you know they post every,hour on the hour so,that's a great example of where i,typically use it i also,use twitter for a lot of content driven,stuff,so i g

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Twitter advanced search: 6 tips to get the most from your twitter account

Twitter advanced search: 6 tips to get the most from your twitter account

the most powerful feature that twitter,has is the advanced search even though,i've been on twitter for more than 10,years until recently i hadn't actually,heard of advanced search but now i use,it all the time here are six features of,twitter advanced search that will,revolutionize the way that you search,for your information on twitter,so before we get into these twitter,advanced search features you might be,wondering why you need them at all well,the reason is that when you look at your,twitter feed it actually only shows you,what is happening now and what,information is available now there is a,whole wealth of gold right there in all,the archives of all the people you,follow of all the amazing experts that,are online and if you can work out how,to use the twitter advanced search,feature well you will be able to find,all the information you need and you'll,be make sure that you are reading stuff,that is relevant and useful to you from,the people that you love and whose,advice and experience you value and,here's how you do it any of these,twitter advanced search features can be,typed right into the search bar that,appears on your mobile app or on your,twitter desktop app you don't need to go,to the special advanced search page,which they do have on desktop but not on,mobile but actually twitter makes it,quite tricky to find it so right in your,regular search bar you can put any of,this text and it'll work let's get into,it number one when you want to see,tweets from a particular person and,maybe tweets from them to a particular,person there's a really easy way to do,that you just put from colon their,username into the search box so if it,was me you just put from colon tessa r,davis and if you wanted to see tweets i,had made to andrew tag for example one,of my buddies then you could put from,colon tessar davis to colon andrew jtag,and that would show you the interactions,that we've had on twitter you could do,this with any username and it works a,treat number two find tweets on,particular topics so if you wanted to,see what i've been saying on twitter,about presentations for example you,would put in the search bar from colon,tessa r davis and then you put,presentations and you'll see all the,tweets from me with the word,presentations in it if you want to,exclude a particular term like for,example you want to see stuff that i've,said on twitter about presentations but,you don't want to read about zoom you,would use the hyphen so the hyphen means,you're excluding certain terms so you'd,put from colon tessa r davis,presentations and then hyphen zoom there,you'd see everything i've tweeted about,presentations and it would exclude all,the tweets about him if you put your,search term in inverted commas it will,show the exact search term rather than,the phrase or things that are similar to,it so if you just wanted presentations,with no variation you would put that in,inverted commas if you take it out of,inverted commas then it will be more,flexible on the use of the search term,you've put in number three find tweets,that are popular so sometimes you might,want to look only at tweets that are,particularly popular from someone you,follow maybe to see what your own most,popular tweets are or to look at popular,tweets on a given topic and you can do,this easily using advanced search so you,can do this by looking at the number of,retweets the number of likes or the,number of replies that a tweet has had,and you can set the minimum value you,want to see so there's three terms you,need here it's min underscore retweets,men underscore faves and men underscore,replies and you use each of these with a,color after and then put the number that,you want so if you want to see any,tweets that i've made that have got more,than 2 000 likes for example you would,write from colon tessa r davis men,underscore faves colon 2000 and if you,wanted them to be on a particular topic,you would then put the name of the topic,next to it so presentations so that will,show you all the tweets i've made on,presentations that have a minimum of,2000 likes there may be none number four,sometimes you might only want to see,particular types of tweets and there's a,few options that you have here you can,do it look for tweets that have links in,them you can look for tweets that have,media files attached to them you do this,using filter colon so you put filter,call on links filter colon images filter,colon media and again combine these with,all of your search terms that we've,discussed already to put whatever row of,text you want in the search box and it,will combine all of these together to,give you your advanced search this is,particularly useful if you've got,graphic or image that you've seen on,twitter before that someone's posted and,you cannot manage to find it so for,example i post a video of my dog at a,polling station on twitter if you really,wanted to see murphy when he cast his,vote you could put in the search terms,from colon tessa r davis an

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How To Program With Twitter Search API

How To Program With Twitter Search API

okay so is Russia here and today I want,to show you something pretty simple,you know how to make that today we have,API calls them besides something you,don't really like instead of going to, and searching stuff like,that you know that's not that's not for,you right well you could but if you want,to be cool you can go ahead and do this,so a few days ago I did a simple post on,showing people how to search for what,people are saying about the Speaker of,the House John Boehner and you know the,return to its why not very nice okay,they're very mean sometimes but that's,not the most important part of this what,we were what we are trying to do here is,to learn how to do that to get the,results okay so let's grade and start,over,Oh ID not necessarily an ID but using,these two a python the interactive,sheriff in fact you know you can get,these when you install Python but you,can also do these inside down inside the,command line you know for example like,right now I can just go like Python oh,my god and I can see how worried I have,a shame now that I can do some really,cool stuff but for this case I'm not,going to because the command line I'm,using the Python title so what we need,to do is import request,okay that is a library that will need to,to use to make requests to some server,somewhere we need in this case Python me,to yourself sorry now we needed a link,to you need a URL that we went to you,know point or request we hope I have one,for you and it is very simple it is HTTP,slash slash such treated read calm slash,sighted at Jason then it take takes a,parameter Q in this case we want to cite,something like,mama right,or China something there see let's say,China for that kids okay,nothing to do nothing big deal so we,have the URL and we've stood in that URL,variable and now we want to make a,request now we can still request in,something called result so we say,request press duplicate then we pass in,the URL and this is this title is pretty,smart,look it tells you you can pass in more,than one one parameter or one hangs me,as long as you start with your L fast,because that is the most important and,is as a get request so we are interested,in this first one so we just go ahead,and do that we've met the request and,the data has been returned over a we,just don't see it right now now as you,can see here there's such the results,for Marie's Jason right but we need to,make that which is also a little bit,easier to use so we'll just go and say,let's do this in a better place,results and we cool Jason method so,we're calling that Jason veteran and as,you can see you there's no nothing that,you can see right now but if we could,print out the previous results before,call it the Jason method you'll be weird,but now that we have called Jason on it,it's pretty pretty neat and easy to use,so let's see what is the length of,later results what is the length of that,11 huh,so that means that you get 11 11 sets of,treats like it 11 treats really and that,is pretty cool right you can now see,what eleven people have said about about,China so let's go ahead and say you know,Travis this you know you can traverse,this this data and get specific,information from the tweets so let's say,better knows I have been inside the,better source there is something called,a resource is a key called resource,now that resource has a list of,different tweets in there so we can go,ahead and find the first one and you,know you know array is really arrays,start with zero so and then we want the,text we just want the text okay and then,I'll go ahead and do this anyway,not necessarily important we want to,encode these by saying utf-8,so we try to remove an that training you,Unicode and that makes it so see my,fortune cookie test is made in China,very funny now we can also get inside,result can get the fourth one M say text,and see what happens called a new chief,aide,see what that says how opinion China,economic Empire whatever and some links,you know I mean can reads Muslim but,it's not fun until you get you you know,all the tweets at once right,really come on that's great do you know,before we do that though let me just go,ahead and show you what exactly is,inside better results right it's messy,I'm warning you right now whoa look at,that how long will it take you to search,for that just words to just take just a,read the book your words will be a long,time my friend so instead of doing that,we just want to say for post,and then I seen the results really okay,and then we just wanted to get something,pre-post I think we just want to takes,right and and then now be surprised wait,for the surprise we enter enter check it,out huh,that's impressive I can't even read some,of it,I don't know Chinese my panties drop so,hard they are already off a what you,know all this you know pretty neat you,can read him that's how you do it that's,it you can even make this you know up,here on your website,something like that so I would say that,the most important

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Twitter System Design - Part II - System Design Twitter Search

Twitter System Design - Part II - System Design Twitter Search

hey guys welcome back this is the second part of  designing tutor service it took me some time to  ,upload this video because first of all I was six  almost two week and then later on I didn't find  ,enough motivation to upload the video and that is  why I would ask you to please like my videos and  ,do comments on my videos because your comments  and your engagement actually motivate me a lot  ,to upload more useful content for you guys also  I will be uploading my next video soon and that  ,video will be this about designing uber service  so if you'd like to get notified when I upload my  ,next video please subscribe to my channel and  click the bell icon also I would like you to  ,meet someone actually my dear old daughter I want  you to know what I am doing in this room so Sarah  ,can you see hi hey subscribe to our Channel okay  thank you okay so that's enough okay now you can  ,go and let me make good use okay then I will come  back down okay okay bye okay cool let's go so in  ,the last video we discussed first of all what are  the functional and non functional requirements of  ,Tudor service then we discussed the high level  API design and then we discussed the high level  ,micro service architecture of twitter service  and we discussed that we directly applies of  ,several micro services like the search service  to its service user timeline home timeline and  ,social graph fan out and of course is a data store  and caching layer as well in the last video that  ,you can find here we actually go deep down into  designing the TWiT service the user time line  ,service and the social graph service in today's  video we will be discussing how the fan-out  ,service works and how the home time line service  works and we will also design the internals of  ,the such service so let's go so now first we  when designed the fan-out service the fan-out  ,service is responsible for actually sending all  the tweets that a user post to the home timeline  ,service of other users which follow that user or  also the search service if you see in this high  ,level architecture of twitter service you will  see that days are there is an arrow from that  ,quit service with a user timeline service so so  what is happening is that when a user post at to  ,it the to its service dadly forward that to it to  the user timeline service but to its service uses  ,the fan-out service to forward the tweet to the  home timeline service and to the search service  ,so why is that so why are we designing like that  why the TWiT serve it is not dadly forwarding the  ,tweet to the search service or the home timeline  service let me know in the comments below what  ,do you think fan-out service is possible for  forwarding that to it from the tweet service to  ,search service and the user home timeline service  in case there are other components or micro  ,services in the to the service architecture for  example notification or trending service it is the  ,fellow service which is possible for forwarding  the tweets to those services as well defended  ,service comparison of multiple distributed queues  as follows whenever tweet service receive a tweet  ,from a user it passes the tweet to the fan-out  service by calling an API exposed by the fan or  ,service which is called push tweet the push to  it API insert to it in one of these distributed  ,queues the distributed queues at the first  stage are charted by the hash of the user ID  ,of the user who posted the tweet the function  pushed to it returns immediately after posting  ,that weight to one of the distributed queues  now there could be multiple agents or workers  ,who are actually listening to these distributed  queues these agent retrieve the tweet from the  ,queue and then perform the following functions  first they pass the tweet to the search service  ,secondly the QV the social graph service to  Cooley the list of all the followers of the  ,user who posted the tweet for example if there  are 500 followers for a user then the query the  ,social graph service to retrieve the list of those  500 followers and then they insert 500 messages in  ,these distribute goose one for each follower third  is they forward the tweets to any other services  ,like trending service or notification service  if they exist in the system in our case right  ,now we only have the search service so that's why  they are all only forwarding to such service but  ,if there are other services like push notification  or trending services then these workers will be as  ,possible for forwarding a tweet to those services  as well there are now second set of workers which  ,are listening to this second set of distributed  queues these workers process the messages in these  ,distribute queues and then forward those messages  to the home timeline service so these two sets of  ,distributed queues can always start with minimum  of let's say 3 distributed queues and then we can  ,always increase the number of distributed que

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Twitter API V2 - Python Tweepy Automation - Search Twitter

Twitter API V2 - Python Tweepy Automation - Search Twitter

hey guys welcome to our youtube channel the  channel that is all about learning this week we're  ,going to continue where we left off from last week  with our twitter api version 2 automation of video  ,series okay so in this video series i'm going to  be taking you through the new twitter api version  ,2 and showing you some of the cool things that you  can do with that api specifically if you're coding  ,with a python so if you're just catching up  with us make sure that you go to our video  ,list on our channel which is going online and go  through that um that video list and you will see  ,that seven days ago we released that video where  we actually showing you how to get your api keys  ,and how to get started with the version two so  today we're going to pick up where we left off  ,so there's a couple of things we're not going to  cover in this video that we've already covered in  ,last week's video so probably that's a good place  to start and then once you've watched last week's  ,video then you can come back here and continue  with this week's video this week what we are  ,going to cover is we are going to show you how to  actually search twitter for important information  ,especially if you are running a business and  you want to do lead generation specifically  ,that's what i'm going to be using this uh part  of the video series four is being able to search  ,twitter for important topics like let's say i'm  in the crm business and i want to search everybody  ,some every time somebody says something about  crm i want to be able to pull up those tweets  ,so that i can either retweet them or follow up  with that person and perhaps they're looking for  ,recommendations and i can dm them and tell them  hey guys i am selling a crm and that's how you can  ,get in touch with me so this is a very very useful  feature if you want to grow your business uh being  ,able to search twitter for certain needs and there  are companies that actually do this for a business  ,there are some lead generation tools that you can  subscribe to pay a good uh 50 a month just to be  ,able to get this type of lead generation that  i'm going to show you exactly how to do yourself  ,on twitter all right now if you're new to this  channel as usual we are watching this video for  ,the first time make sure that you like the video  and um that you subscribe to this channel so that  ,you get notified every time that we produce  a new channel a new video on this channel  ,and also make sure that you open up the  description box because it's going to be a  ,lot of useful links that i'm going to post there  including a link to our github i think i will  ,make this code available on github and you can  go there and copy it and use it and test it out  ,but i highly recommend that you don't just go  to github and copy the code that you actually go  ,through this video step by step because i'm gonna  cover everything in this video and if you're gonna  ,ask me a question about something that doesn't  work from the code at least try watching the  ,video first before you send me messages asking  me um stuff that doesn't work because i cover  ,everything step by step and if you actually  just follow the video you shouldn't um have  ,issues with the code that i'm going to publish at  the end of the day all right and our social media  ,channels are also in there i will also try  and do a written up tutorial on our medium  ,uh publication so you can go and read up the same  thing that i'm going to be explaining on this  ,video on medium if you prefer to read as opposed  to watching a video so it's really up to you so go  ,through the description box check check our social  media links check the video timestamps if you want  ,to jump over to a certain part of the video and  you don't want to watch the whole video you don't  ,have to that is why we've got the timestamps  in the description and let's get learning all  ,right so i want to close at those two uh boxes  and then we're gonna get started here today  ,so there's gonna be a lot we wanna cover today  but what i will start with is our tweepy client  ,documentation all right so last week i explained  the connection between the trippy client version 2  ,and the actual twitter version 2 api itself so i'm  not going to go through the details of the twitter  ,version 2 because i've already sort of  transitioned youtube because sweepy is a  ,python client that specifically has already coded  the twitter version two in it and it helps you  ,sort of just hit those important endpoints very  very quickly in one line of code and that's what  ,we're gonna use all right so definitely watch last  week's video and see how it transitioned from um  ,working off the twitter documentation directly  um to using a tweet for um the code that we're  ,gonna be doing and the specific endpoint that  we're gonna hit in this video today is gonna be  ,the search recent tweets at point last week we  looked at being able t

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