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Mass burial sites grow in Ukrainian city bombarded by Russia - BBC Newsnow the southern Ukrainian ci

BBC News

Updated on Jan 30,2023

Mass burial sites grow in Ukrainian city bombarded by Russia - BBC News

now the southern Ukrainian city of,mariupole has been left in Ruins after,being subjected to Fierce Russian,bombardment early in the Invasion the,city was besieged by Russian forces and,Ukrainian officials now estimate at,least 25 000 people were killed there,our correspondent Hillary Anderson has,been speaking to survivors for from the,city for BBC Panorama they give Vivid,and distressing testimony and a warning,that Hillary's report contains,references to suicide and you may find,some of it upsetting,artem has seen what no child should,he was in Mario pulse theater when it,was bombed,two-year-old sister Nastia had to be dug,out of the rubblem,how do you grasp horror when you're six,Marry You Paul once a golden city was,left devastated after a massive,bombardment,all spring the city was besieged cut off,from the world,we've spent six months speaking to,people who lived through it,entire blocks of flats were turned into,infernos,around 90 percent of the buildings,destroyed in mariupal were homes,Ukrainian officials estimate five to,seven thousand people were crushed,beneath the rubble,Olga was an accountant before the war,married to Valeri,she loved to Dance,One Night in March she was sleeping in,her Cellar valadi and her parents were,upstairs when their house was hit,ler,um,as it got light Olga was still trapped,and alone,foreign,ly after eight hours under the rubble of,her house she was pulled out by a cable,attached to her leg,Olga was the only Survivor of that night,foreign,for more than two months each day,brought Terror for women for children,even pregnant mothers,this was maryupal's maternity hospital,and this photo one of the most,disturbing images of the war,her name was Irina,she was a local clothes shop manager,due to give birth in three days time,Oksana at a nearby hospital tried to,save her life,foreign,okay,more people were killed here than in any,other European city since World War II,these are their graves,artem lost his granny come down yeah,sweet,as much,Hillary Anderson BBC News,well Hillary joins us now live and,Hillary I mean it's absolutely,gut-wrenching listening to those stories,from Mario pull because it very much,symbolizes the beginning of that,conflict the horror that we saw day and,night coming out of mariopul,yes I mean it's it's harrowing stories,from start to finish when you spend six,months as my team has,um listening to what people went through,in Mario poll um the people who got out,have been able to tell us in uh detail,harrowing detail what it was actually,like to be under these buildings when,they came down on top of people when,they turned into infernos,um what it feels like to lose your,family members,um you know what it feels like to go,through immense emotional trauma whilst,you're trying to recover from sometimes,very serious injuries,um you know this is a glimpse into what,so many people went through we're,looking at images those drone images of,marayuple today I mean it is absolutely,devastated there isn't really a building,that looks like it's it's standing it's,all just crumbled,yes I mean the estimates are that 90 of,the buildings that were destroyed were,residential so they were homes and they,were apartment blocks,um,you know they were building standing so,you can't say it was 100 decimation or,flattening but if you're someone who,came from maryupole there's not much,left of that City uh your shops your,Banks your homes,um you know it's it you know it's it's,horrific and and I understand that the,situation for people there now because,the people we've been talking to are,still in touch with relative relatives,and Friends inside marry you pull,um that it's still very difficult that a,lot of people are facing winter without,um windows or doors,um and many of the people left behind,and marry the pool were old people for,whom it was too difficult to escape in,the middle of the fighting this spring,yeah and and I I remember being in,Ukraine in those early days of the war,and more hearing reports coming out of,mariopal there was no water there was no,food they were hearing about dead bodies,piled up in the streets people out of,desperation not knowing where they were,going to get their next meal and on top,of that dealing with the bombardment and,and just tell us a little bit more about,those who remain still stuck there today,do they have access to these basic,amenities now how are they living,well you know it's hard to get good,information out of marry upon now,because obviously it's under Russian,control but of course we've we've been,trying and we do have some information,um it's hard to get jobs,um it's hard to have money there is food,in the city now but a lot of people,can't afford much,um there are big problems with the water,still because the water pipes were so,heavily bombed,um there's people are stressed there's,there's definitely fear people are,scared to speak,um publicly speak to Western journalists,about what's happening about,um the mass burials t

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Has the war in Ukraine changed Russia? - BBC News

Has the war in Ukraine changed Russia? - BBC News

foreign,of communist Russia,and I lived for many years in,independent Russia but for the last 10,months or so I've been living in special,military operation Russia and this,Russia feels very different I mean,it's a strange mixture really there are,some things which feel normal,but then there are daily reminders or,just constant reminders of the Russian,invasion,and of events in Ukraine,not everyone here supports the war in,Ukraine but many Russians do buy into,the kremlin's alternative reality,According to which in Ukraine Russia is,fighting Nazis and NATO and fighting to,defend Russia,is America,alone,foreign,s of Russian citizens have been drafted,into the army and sent to Ukraine,the economy and Industry here have,virtually been put on a war footing,and uh now even the the New Year,decorations have been mobilized for the,special military operation and to,encourage a sense of patriotism,thank you,so ahead of the New Year holidays the,shops here are still pretty full,despite Western sanctions although a lot,of the international brands that used to,be on the shelves uh have disappeared,because those companies have left the,Russian Market,you know this time last year I was,wishing friends and family a happy,peaceful New Year,that worked out well didn't it,what Russia did this year invading,Ukraine has had devastating consequences,first and foremost for Ukraine of course,but also for this country,okay the buses are still running the,shops are still working Russia's still,functioning,but stability's gone,and what we're witnessing is the,militarization,of Russian Society more aggression more,oppression,and more uncertainty about Russia's,future,foreign

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Ukraine: 'No bread, water, electricity or heat' - locals on situation in Mariupol

Ukraine: 'No bread, water, electricity or heat' - locals on situation in Mariupol

это стекло быта прилетела возле дома,тепло,многому не знаю это позорище миномет это,беда,те кто тут кругом война рвутся снаряды,вот даже сейчас слышно а ты сидишь,читаешь книгу такой невозмутимый что за,книга,барьер,это за 10 дней,этой жизни уже все на столько терпела и,уже эти выстрелы что если нет никакой,реакция на них поверьте железного,человека и say просьба если вы сможете в,россии пират родственникам и друзьям что,мы живы,16 скором времени мы встретились,обязательно передадим обе занялась,а часа ночи постучались сыну сказали что,вы соусе ними повязками и сказали что мы,тут сейчас будем принимать бой но вы,скачали и ушли и все побежали его на,теннис внутрь атомистов подвала q и не,забрали не продукта ничего сейчас ваши,ребята сказали свободно дорога пройдите,на церковь,там хоть есть вообще,я занималась кроме поделиться,конечно-конечно .,я,ни хлеба у нас нет ни воды ни,электричества не тепла ничего все кашлем,у нас плохо все никакой помощи нет ни от,кого месяц не хлеба не воды по водам,убиваем под пулями вот туда вот у нас,ивушка если вы знаете или бегали еще за,церковь туда там были трупы шесть трупов,туда побоялись бегать два раза попадали,снаряды по колодцам стали бегать сюда,возле ивушки здесь более менее спокойно,здесь солдаты здесь как бы ну как бы,больше о свойстве последние 2-3 дня,а если уже военных когда подошли уже днр,мы их увидели первый раз мы их увидели,возле колодца они шли вместе с нами,подымают и только потом подошли чеченцы,подошли ребята и сегодня первый раз мы,увидели российские войска,нет ничего,нами,авы канала плотно нет нет не,у нас нету ни воды у нас нету ни газа у,нас нет вообще ничего твой бегаем в,колодец бросишься земли вообще и связи,нет куб родные из города город у нас,левый берег и город а мы не можем даже,связаться ни с кем он не мой загадали,ильича не может вас нету людей хоронят,тут во дворе,похороненные на память,ужасный,клуб каширин

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Pro-Russia & Pro-Ukraine Protesters Face Off: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

Pro-Russia & Pro-Ukraine Protesters Face Off: Russian Roulette in Ukraine

ロシア! ロシア!,ウクライナ! ウクライナ!,【ロシアンルーレット ウクライナへの侵略 7】,【2014年3月8日 シンフェロポリ クリミア自治共和国 ウクライナ】,【サイモン・オストロフスキー】 クリミアに来て約1週間になるけどー,反ロシア派の大規模集会を 初めて見たよ,ロシア編入が まだ決定してもいないのにー,警官が彼らを追い払ってる,なぜ 集会に参加を?,【スベトラーナ・アスターホバ】 私たちはクリミアの ロシア編入に反対だとー,世界に意思表示する唯一の 機会だからよ,ロシアは私たちの存在を 無視してるけどー,クリミアの住民全員が 親ロシア派のわけではないわ,この抗議集会を モスクワで行っていたらー,逮捕されて 高額な罰金が 科せられるのを知ってる?,それを知っているからこそー,【イリーナ・アントノブスカヤ】 これが最後のチャンスかもしれないと 思ってる,クリミアがロシアに編入されたら この活動は違法になるもの,- 編入したら違法に? - ええ,クリミアの首都で この集会に 参加するなんて本当に勇敢だ,対立する親ロシア派は インターネットでー,「集会を阻止するために集まれ」と 呼びかけてる,予断を許さない状態だ,ロシア編入に反対する理由は?,ウクライナ人だもの,なるほどね,単純明快だ,【アンドレイ・エゴロフ】 僕はロシアのウラル地方出身で ロシア系民族だけどー,クリミアのロシア編入には反対だ,なぜ?,ロシアに編入しても クリミアは何も得られないしー,戦争は嫌だ,ロシアの兵士が 隠れて入り込んでるけどー,プーチンは地元の自警団だと しらばっくれてみせた,親ロシア派のコサックたちが来て 警官と話をしてる,明らかに集会に不満そうだし 近くには親ロシア派の自警団もいる,- あなたは自警団の代表者? - そうだ,なぜ ここに?,市内の秩序を守るためさ,警察がいるのだから 彼らに任せては?,俺たちは警察を助けてるのさ,ソ連時代の頃から ずっとこうして警察を補佐してきた,治安維持のためにね,ウクライナ人を殺しに?,俺たちは ただの訪問者だ,訪問相手は?,君たちも含めて 街や人々を見に来ただけさ,最初の質問に答えてない,- もちろんノーだ - 本当に?,- 当然だ - ならいい,当たり前だ,即答しなかったぞ,急に変な質問をするからさ,何人のコサックが ロシアから来てるんだい?,知らないよ,ウクライナ! ウクライナ!,奴らは大した人数じゃないし クリミアの人間じゃないさ,外の奴らが挑発に来たに違いない,クリミアの意見は一致してる,今日は 集会を支援しに来たの,クリミアは これからもウクライナよ,この国の平和のために 心を強く持って共に頑張りましょう,声を上げてくれて どうもありがとう,ウクライナは1つだ! ウクライナは1つだ!,ロシア! ロシア!,ウクライナ! ウクライナ!,親ロシア派の人が続々とやって来て 集会を反対する抗議活動が始まってる,ロシア! ロシア!,ウクライナ! ウクライナ!,ロシア! ロシア!,クリミア! ウクライナ!,相反する2つのデモが クリミアの首都で行われてる,こっちが反ロシア派で 親ロシア派は建物の裏にいる,そして 大勢の自警団が 議会庁舎の前にいるよ,ロシア! ロシア!,プーチンは出ていけ! プーチンは出ていけ!,- 何て? - ロシア編入は反対だ,今まで黙ってたのに なぜ今日になって抗議を?,解決を信じて待ってたけどー,事態がよくない方向に 向かってきてるからさ,クリミアにだって ウクライナ系住民はいるしー,クリミアはウクライナだ,住民投票は違法だし このままじゃクリミアが乗っ取られる,だから声を上げたんだ,親ロシア派と戦うのかい?,戦う気はないけど 全ては相手の出方次第さ,ウクライナ! ウクライナ!,親ロシア派は議会庁舎が奪われるのを 恐れてるようでー,反ロシア派のデモ隊と ほぼ横並びで行進してる,でも ウクライナ軍基地前には 反ロシア派だけが集まってる,ウクライナ軍に栄光を! ウクライナ軍に栄光を!,よくやった! よくやった!,ようやく支援者の声が聞けて 兵士は嬉しいだろうね,しっかりね 最後まで戦い抜くのよ,ありがとうございます,ウクライナに栄光を!,【2014年3月9日 シンフェロポリ クリミア自治共和国 ウクライナ】 昨日より人が集まってる,安全だと分かって より多くの人が出てきたんだろう,おっと 黄色の風船だ,数人の反ロシア派の活動家が 親ロシア派に拉致されたとかでー,彼らが解放されるまで ここを動かないと主張してる,【親ロシア派】,たった今 ロシア系市民の自警団に 登録をしたところだ,このまま検察庁舎に行って 守衛に加わるよう指示されたよ,平和とロシアのために,- 了解 - 幸運を,登録手続きは 驚くほど簡単に済んだよ,僕の電話番号と名前と住所を 教えるだけで完了した,これは志願兵の集まりで?,違うよ,ここは検察庁舎だろ?,何の用だ?,新入りの志願兵たちを撮影したい,何を撮影する気だ?,志願兵たちへのインタビューだ,チャンネルは? テレビ局か?,そうだ,どこだ?,インターネットでニュースを流してる,我々は誰も傷つけてない,市内の治安を維持するための 手助けをしてるのさ,それが主な仕事だ,何を撮る気だ?,新しく自警団に加わった人たちに インタビューをしたいんだ,どんな任務に就くのか 特別な訓練を受ける予定なのかなどー,彼らの話を聞きたい,俺たちはデモ集会開催以前から ずっと活動してる,でも登録用のテントが用意されてた,今日のためじゃない,検察庁舎前の自警団の人たちと 話してみたけどー,最初は警戒して攻撃的な様子だった,彼らの実態を撮影したいと言ったらー,事務所で許可を もらってくるよう言われた,正直言って さっき見てきた 反ロシア派の集会より規模は小さい,騒がしいけどね,なぜ クリミアは ロシアに編入すべきだと?,【アナスタシア・サルティコバ】 「自由のため」と言いながらー,結局 キエフは荒廃して 住民は怯えて暮らしてる,別の新たな独裁者たちが 権力を得ただけにすぎないわ,ヤツェニュクたちの自宅だって ヤヌコビッチの邸宅と変わらないしー,既に大勢の死者まで出てる,ヤヌコビッチにしても あと半年待てばー,辞任していたと思うわ,ロシア! ロシア!,【ボフダン・レスキブ】 若者が死ぬのには反対だ,どちらの支持者からも 犠牲者が出ないことを願ってる,私は将校だが 虐殺が起きないか心配だよ,不要な行為だ,住民投票に賛成で?,そんなわけない なぜ投票の必要が?,なぜ必要だと?,工作員か?,違うよ,何者だ?,私はソ連軍の将校だ,すばらしい,分かったら とっとと行け,少しは頭を使って考えろ,頭は脳ミソを運ぶためのものじゃない 考えるためにある,【つづく】

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When Ukrainian refugees meet Russian tourists in Turkey | Focus on Europe

When Ukrainian refugees meet Russian tourists in Turkey | Focus on Europe

sun sand and sea,even in spring the turkish coastal city,of antalya offers everything a,vacationer's heart could desire,but tanya moskai is not in a holiday,mood,while her two children venture into the,water the ukrainian is thinking about,her homeland,when the war broke out she and her,children fled kiev for turkey via,romania,but even at the beach she still can't,relax,what bothers me is that i don't know,what kind of people are around me right,now,where do they come from,what did they think about my heritage,and my country,because antalya is a popular destination,for tourists from russia the country,that has invaded her homeland ukraine,tanya knows that the majority of,russians support putin's policies,yet most of the russians at this beach,are reluctant to talk about the war,legends,we love our country our people and our,lives in russia,but we also understand what's happening,in ukraine,you can't blame us russians for that,many people just believe it when russian,tv claims that the ukrainian army is,attacking its own targets,before the war two million ukrainians,also vacationed on the turkish riviera,every year,now they're staying away,but turkish tour operators are hoping to,attract even more russian tourists,many here are glad that turkey is not,imposing sanctions on russia,in the future the russian market can,potentially supply 50 of all our,tourists,russia has assured us that up to 30,charter flights per day could soon be,arriving here,turkey is one of the last countries in,europe still fully open to russians,including oligarchs who moor their super,yachts here safe from sanctions,turkish president recep tayyip erdogan,calls both ukraine and russia friends,he offered to mediate between the two,warring parties so far without success,tanya and her children are staying with,turkish friends,the two families got to know one another,before the war,we try to distract her so she doesn't,watch so much news,otherwise she won't stop crying,that's hard on me too,but distraction doesn't always work,tanya's husband is still in kiev helping,with the civil defense,i want to go back to my husband to my,homeland,but i'm afraid and i don't know how to,live with my fear,i hear stories about girls getting raped,many between 10 and 14 years of age,they're in hospital and quite a few are,pregnant,and so here in the hills above antalya,the ukrainian is caught up again and,again by the brutal war crimes in her,homeland,while russian tourists sun themselves on,the beaches below,you know i'm a very level-headed person,i avoid conflict and i hardly ever start,arguments,but seeing people from russia spending,their vacations here and having a good,time makes me pretty mad,tanya moskai would also have liked to,enjoy a relaxing family vacation in,antalya this year,but right now each visit to the beach is,a painful experience,you

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Russia Declares Partial Ceasefire In Kharkiv, Kyiv, Sumy & Mariupol To Evacuate Civilians

Russia Declares Partial Ceasefire In Kharkiv, Kyiv, Sumy & Mariupol To Evacuate Civilians

we have a breaking news update coming in,from russia at this point of time my,colleagues a mixture gets more on this,news break,that's right chris we know very very,important update coming in as far as the,russia ukraine border crisis is,concerned what you're learning at this,point in time is that russia has,announced ceasefire and that would take,place from 12 30 pm indian standard time,so that's the latest that you're,learning russia declaring ceasefire in,ukraine from 12 30 p.m indian standard,time in fact according to russian media,what we are also learning is that the,ceasefire is on the request of french,president emmanuel macron that is when,uh putin held telephonic conversation,with putin as well and that is uh bigger,pardon putin held conversation with,macron and discussed on the situation in,ukraine and now ceasefire operations,that will take place in ukraine from 12,30 pm indian standard time in fact we,are also getting more details as far as,the sea spiral that is concerned what,you're learning is that ceasefire would,uh facilitate humanitarian corridor for,the refugees for people uh for people uh,to evacuate from ukraine and uh the,regions where the ceasefire will happen,is kiev as well uh more important,updates coming in as far as the,situation is concerned what we are also,learning is that prime minister modi is,also,likely to hold talks with putin this,afternoon so another important update to,watch out for,we'll be getting you all the latest,updates from warton ukraine right now,with a ceasefire having been announced,there by russia this is the second,ceasefire remember announced by russia,uh by russia at this point of time,that's the latest news that we're going,to the top of this broadcast this is the,second cv cease fire to be announced now,let me take you through the visuals on,your screen right now from luhan smoke,blowing out of an oil depot in the river,held region of luhans you can see the,visuals on your screen here of smoke,blowing out of an oil depot in luhansk,region here now remember luansk is one,of the two rebel-held regions in,ukraine and the latest information as,the war enters day 12. luhansk and,ukraine is on fire we can see here an,oil depot catching fire a very crucial,infrastructure here of the advanced,region we are looking at the lpr who are,in control there chevy shelling between,the lpr and the ukrainian forces in that,region we're looking at right now an oil,depot uh being on fire the visuals on,your screen huge plumes of smoke blowing,out from that uh oil depot in luhansk we,have been tracking for you all the,latest uh updates on the broadcast my,colleagues mixture gets us more on this,that's right crispy no so the visuals,that we've accessed show how an oil,depot has uh uh put on fire in luhan's,freezing i remember just yesterday we,saw how the civilians in luhansk region,they had taken the streets they'd taken,over the tanks of the russian army as,well uh they had put out,ukrainian flags on this uh,on this particular tank that they had,captured what we're also learning is,that the situation is still grim in,luance now remember luhansk and unesco,the two regions are the rebel separatist,hell regions that were declared as,independent regions uh by vladimir putin,so even though the regions have been,declared as independent nations by,vladimir putin uh situation remains grim,because what you're learning right now,is that an oil depot has been put on,fire by the russian troops uh so,situation there very very serious uh,luhansk is the reason that we're talking,about here so these are the reasons why,situation is very very grim of course,these fire operations have been declared,by vladimir putin on the request of,macro and these regions are particularly,uh kiev mario paul kharkiv and sumi and,that is when they would be able to the,uh the officials in ukraine will be able,to facilitate evacuation operations as,far as the ceasefire that is concerned,well those are the visuals where we get,to you on your screens of that oil,dipper which is still on fire and the,operations are underway to put out those,blazing flames which by began a couple,of hours ago we're getting you all the,latest on drought from the rebel health,region of luhansk wherein shelling still,continues between both forces

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Riot brewing in Russian-occupied Mariupol & analysing Surovikin | Ukraine: The Latest | Podcast

Riot brewing in Russian-occupied Mariupol & analysing Surovikin | Ukraine: The Latest | Podcast

I'm Claire Hubble and this is Ukraine,the latest,today we discuss reports that Ukrainian,armed forces have destroyed the Wagner,group's headquarters in luhansk and,analyze the influence of Putin's new,general Armageddon Sergey sarovkin plus,the human cost of this war Grows by the,day but what about the pets ukrainians,were forced to leave behind David,Knowles speaks to the CEO of the,u-hearts foundation whose organization,cares for Animals misplaced due to the,invasion of Ukraine,these hideous and barbaric Venture of,Vladimir Putin must end in failing,Putin's war in Ukraine has destabilized,energy markets the world over nobody is,going to break us we're strong we're,ukrainians,every weekday afternoon we sit down with,leading journalists from the telegraph's,London Newsroom and our teams reporting,on the ground to bring you the latest,news and analysis on the war in Ukraine,it's Monday the 12th of December day 292,and today I'm joined by assistant,comment editor Francis darnley and our,foreign correspondent Jane Kilner,I started by asking Francis for the,latest updates on the military front,well thank you Claire and good afternoon,to all of our listeners around the world,from a snow-covered London I'm going to,start with the big news from the weekend,which I'm sure many of our listeners may,have heard from other news outlets or,our own which is about Ukraine saying,they've destroyed Wagner's HQ in lahance,of course we've spoken about the Wagner,group The Mercenary group that's working,very closely with the Russian army in,Ukraine much on this podcast but the,significance of this event is just the,scale of it um there's I should say from,the off the bat that there's quite a lot,of confused messaging around this the,Russians are claiming that this strike,on their headquarters in Lance is fairly,minimal and whilst we've seen footage,they're claiming that it's only killed,about I think about three to five people,but the ukrainians are claiming this is,an absolutely major attack which has led,to as many as 200 Wagner deaths and as I,say that is not independently verified,we're looking into it but that is the,the kind of headline that we're seeing,here,and the footage is in very very striking,indeed it shows a hotel that supposedly,the Wagner group were using in lahansk,as their headquarters and it's,essentially destroyed,completely and is rubble a pile of,rubble and there's been numerous,commentary on this over the weekend the,Ukraine's Governor has said that there,was an explicit attack on the hotel from,Ukrainian forces and the Russians had,suffered major losses in the attack as I,say Wagner have not commented this,Anonymous explicitly but Russian,officials have said that whilst the,attack did take place that the attack,was nowhere near as significant in scale,as the ukrainians are making out but I,think the the optical significance of,this is as significant perhaps as the,losses that the Russia may or may not,have suffered here it's a really,significant attack and if one looks at,footage of this you can see the scale of,the devastation as I say and the fact,that Ukraine have been able to launch,this strikes but supposedly it's been,launched by uh high miles,um on this scale on a place that clearly,was quite considerably Behind Enemy,Lines is as I say very significant,indeed and it comes off the back of,course Ukraine claiming that they,destroyed another of Wagner's bases in,the hands back in August so some people,are speculating this was the successor,headquarters and that's what's been,struck by Ukraine and effectively,destroyed uh in the last sort of 48,hours or so just in other news on the,military front Russian forces are said,to have terrorized two communities in,the eastern district of nicopol that's,in the south of Ukraine on the right,Bank of the neat Pro overnight we've,heard that there's been a volley of at,least 30 Russian shells there,um the one of the heads of the regional,and Military administrations there said,that it was a difficult night the,Russians of terrorized two communities,there and it goes on and lists some of,the uh the the the incidents that have,taken place,uh there's also been another of the,interesting mod ukmod summaries today on,the current state of the Russian army,they've talked about what they still see,as Russia's fundamental objectives in,Ukraine which of course is Shoring up,the annexed territories those,territories that of course went,underwent those sham referenda several,weeks ago now but also to take back,those territories like herzon that is,currently under Ukrainian control so the,mod still believes that is the Russian's,intention but they say that on their,current analysis they think it is very,unlikely that the Russian military is,able to generate an effective striking,Force capable of retaking these areas is,it's unlikely they unable to make,operationally significant advances,within the next several months which of,course would speak to something that we,spoke abo

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Russian invasion: 30,000 residents of Mariupol.Russia is conducting forced deportation of Ukrainians

Russian invasion: 30,000 residents of Mariupol.Russia is conducting forced deportation of Ukrainians

several tens of thousands of residents,of marupo are waiting for evacuation,they stay cold and hungry without,medicines and under fire their exact,number is unknown it varies from 100 to,130 southern it is almost impossible to,leave the city the russians killed,people right on the streets and take,pictures against the background of the,bodies trying to hide the scale of the,crimes the bodies of marupa residents,are brought to be burned in crematoria,or buried in mass graves moreover the,remaining population is massively,deported since the beginning of the,full-scale invasion they have already,taken over certainly southern residents,of the city to russia according to local,authorities they are first sent to,filtration camps in nova scotia,people are waiting for weeks for,filtration fingerprints are taken all,biometric data are taken they are forced,to sign various kinds of documents they,are especially tough on filtration of,munitions workers and those people who,were somehow connected with government,agencies after that they are taken to,remote and depressed cities in russia,such as astrahan pagan rock or tambov,according to human rights organizations,documents are forcibly taken away from,deported ukrainians,according to our information people are,deceived and told that they cannot,legally stay on the territory of the,russian federation if they do not apply,for the status status is asylum or,refugee these are two different statuses,they take ukrainian national passports,and instead they get a document like a,certificate with a photo,according to such certificates people,are required to stay in the region where,they were issued for several years they,cannot go anywhere such movements of,residents without rights to choose are,war crimes and direct violations of,humanitarian law as well as the 1949,geneva convention for the protection of,civilian persons in time of war it is,conducted for a political purpose to,show on propaganda channels that the,ukrainians are fleeing to russia and,they are allegedly being given all kinds,of help although in reality people are,even deprived of the opportunity to,contact their relatives,we need with the participation of the,international red cross to create,humanitarian corridors for the,transportation of these forcibly,deported people from the russian,federation to the territory of ukraine,human rights activists advise everyone,who is forcibly removed from ukrainian,cities to hide their documents so that,they can leave russia in future it is,also advisable to have phone numbers of,ukrainian consulates in neighboring,countries one can go there for help,it is important for relatives if they,know that their relatives are in such a,difficult situation first of all they,should call a government hotline on the,national information bureau 1648 they,receive information from relatives who,are looking for their relatives,including those who have been deported,to the territory of the russian,federation,according to the ukrainian parliament,commissioner for human rights ludmilla,denisova during the war about,four hundred thousand ukrainians were,forcibly taken to russia from ukrainian,cities,reported by pablo stelmach natalya,oceana uatv news,you

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