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THE END of Roblox Twitter...okay so we need to talk about Roblox,Twitter no I don't know how many of


Updated on Jan 13,2023

THE END of Roblox Twitter...

okay so we need to talk about Roblox,Twitter no I don't know how many of you,guys are on Twitter or use Twitter,follow me on Twitter but obviously,Twitter is a big part of Roblox the,Roblox Community the channel as you all,probably remember every single time,there was a piggy update many two would,always tweet out about the update new,information new leaks new videos it was,all on Twitter like for example this is,the doors Twitter account we can scroll,down here's a bunch of new information,and tweets about the next upcoming,updates and obviously all this stuff is,very important it's really the only way,for the developers to get this,information over to us they send out,these tweets we can read them we can,make videos on them it's awesome while,making this video because all of that is,about to abruptly change because as you,have probably heard by now saw in the,news or read about it online Elon Musk,now owns Twitter he's the CEO of Twitter,he is the boss he is now in charge and,before anyone starts typing in the,comments I I know he's a very,controversial man I'm not here to talk,about the politics of it I'm here to,talk about what he's planning to do to,Twitter and how that's going to affect,this Channel me and Roblox as a whole,like the entire community so like for,example if you go to the Twitter app iOS,Android doesn't matter just scroll on,down on the page you'll see something,called version history and if you click,on that you'll see a list of all the,updates that Twitter makes and while,there's a big one right here it's,actually November 5th 2022. I believe,this actually goes live on the ninth,though I don't know when you're seeing,this video but it may already be live,but anyway it says starting today we're,adding great new features to Twitter,blue and what is Twitter blue Twitter,blue is a subscription service on,Twitter it's like Twitter plus like,Disney Plus or something like that I,guess it's basically eight dollars a,month and you get a few things for,subscribing first and foremost the check,mark So Elon Musk is changing how the,Twitter check mark Works everybody wants,the Twitter check mark I tried for years,to get the Twitter check mark a few,months ago I finally got it there it is,right there look at that beautiful thing,this account is verified because it is,notable in government news entertainment,or another category that's right on,Twitter verified it's awesome one of the,greatest days of my life and will now,anybody can just bite it you can buy it,if you want to get Twitter verified if,you want the check mark you can get that,all you got to do is pay the eight,dollars a month anybody who pays eight,dollars a month gets the check mark kind,of annoyed about it because I worked,really hard for it but that's not really,why I'm making this video who cares,about the check mark it's not a big deal,so if you subscribe to Twitter blue for,eight dollars a month you also get half,the ads okay I mean I use an ad blocker,anyway so it doesn't matter you can post,long videos on Twitter now cool okay,this is the big one though priority,ranking for Quality content your content,will get priority ranking and replies,mentions and search this helps lower the,visibility of scams spam and Bots,meaning that if you have Twitter blue if,you paid eight dollars a month then your,content your tweets your videos,everything you do on Twitter is going to,be at the top and everybody who doesn't,pay is gonna be at the bottom so like,for example if me and you tweet at the,same time nobody's really gonna see your,Tweet because I'm verified and you're,not I know that sounds harsh but that's,that's how it's going to be working now,you might be seeing where I'm going with,this so like for example in a recent,interview here it says if you don't pay,pay eight dollars in your tweets will be,suppressed by an algorithm swear word,don't don't worry about that don't worry,about the swimmer it's all good anyway,this is an interview Elon Musk did with,a bunch of like Twitter investors people,who cares anyway in that interview he,said that you won't really see what your,friends are posting even in your own,replies if they don't pay for Twitter,blue so basically just like this says,here if you don't pay the eight dollars,a month Twitter is literally going to,hide your tweets and hide your content,this is going to be somewhat of a,problem you see a lot of people in the,Roblox Community don't have eight,dollars a month eight dollars a month is,a lot even for people not in the Roblox,Community even for adults that's like,what like it's almost 100 a year and so,what that means is all these developer,Twitter accounts like doors like Piggy,like even the newer ones you know if,you're a new Roblox developer your,Twitter accounts your tweets your Roblox,games all of that they're not gonna show,up unless you pay for that subscription,like people just aren't really going to,be able to see them sure they'll be,there but you'll have to search for th

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Fake Roblox Twitter Got VERIFIED…

Fake Roblox Twitter Got VERIFIED…

usually we're talking about Roblox and,their terrible updates that they decide,to give us but today we are talking,about one of the worst updates that,Twitter has ever given to us usually I,don't really care about Twitter or to,talk about Twitter or really anything,that goes on on Twitter I don't really,use it much anymore anywhere but,apparently recently there has been,something going on that also affects the,Roblox Community hello there please make,sure to leave a like on this video And,subscribe so more people can see this,and what is currently going on and of,course please show my Discord server the,invite code is Chloe games and I talk in,there basically 24 7. I didn't actually,see any of this happening for myself,until I started searching for this but,the first time that I heard about,anything of this happening was from,bloxy news Please be aware of any fake,Roblox or Roblox news accounts that have,the verified badge that may be spreading,false information and news since anyone,who appears can get verified on Twitter,it's easier you to impersonate and trick,people so if you are somehow out of the,loop and you have no idea what is going,on on Twitter right now I would say that,you are definitely one of the lucky ones,but also one of the most recent Twitter,updates literally makes it so that you,compare and get verified like the little,blue check mark or the white check mark,or basically just the verified check,mark on Twitter if you pay eight dollars,you can get that like it's really that,easy now which is obviously a terrible,thing considering who now owns Twitter,you probably shouldn't be paying that,money to that person it's also very,funny to see people bullying people that,now appear to be verified on Twitter but,who would have thought that this would,cause problems and especially when it,comes to impersonation like I said I,didn't see any of this happening for,myself so I decided to Simply search for,Roblox on Twitter which I didn't think,would do anything I didn't think that,anything would appear I would only have,thought that the first account appear,would have been the real Roblox account,but that is not what happened when I,searched for Roblox the first account,that appeared was at ROBLOX underscore,us this one despite the verification is,not the real Roblox and this is exactly,why so many problems could arise from,this to be fair with this account their,first ever tweet was we are adding this,to Roblox obviously that's not real but,right now it does have over 100,000 likes and it is rapidly shooting up,so this has spread throughout most of,Twitter not even just at the Roblox,Community their next tweet though was a,little bit more of a problem because,this is one that people obviously just,started to believe the second they saw,it they didn't look into any of this tix,is back it's it's no surprise that,people would instantly believe this one,considering people have been begging,Roblox to bring text back since the very,second that they removed it was over six,years ago almost seven years ago it's,never coming back this toy is not real,and also this account is not real fair,enough in the description of this,account it does mention that it's a,parody which basically means that it's,not real if you couldn't quite figure,that out for yourself but once again the,problem is initially this one just looks,like the real Roblox account they have,the same profile picture they have the,same display name and then the,verification check mark which if people,don't realize right now that you can now,appear to be verified considering it's a,very new update they will probably just,assume that this is the real Roblox,because why else would they have,verification and then even even the,username Roblox underscore us that is,not that far off to be honest if I,wasn't too familiar with Roblox the,Roblox community and Twitter overall I,would probably have assumed that Roblox,underscore us was really just what they,chose to be be called the final tweet,they put out most recently is adopt me,kind of trash not gonna lie should we,delete it and the poll has like 15 000,votes right now ninety percent of which,are people saying yes I don't know how,many of those people truly think of it,this is Roblox really saying they are,going to delete adopt me but I would,imagine that out of 15 000 people some,of them at least one person probably,thinks that this is real I mean even,some of the replies are people screaming,about the pets that they spent all this,time money and effort getting thinking,that it's now just going down the drain,because obviously the official Roblox,verified account is going to delete,adopt me because they would definitely,say something like this speaking of,adopt me they also tweeted about this,and they said be careful who you trust,on Twitter always check if an account is,official or impersonating a real Source,I don't know if they tweeted this,because of that poll or they just,decided to tweet this anywhe

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Moet Je Dit Zien! (Roblox)

Moet Je Dit Zien! (Roblox)

like de video met je pink op je lip Ik,daag je uit het moment is daar Ik ga een,baby adopteren in broek Heaven en,volgens mij heb ik er één gevonden Oh,kijk hoe schattig die is met zijn,nijlpaard knuffeltje en kijk ik heb hem,geadopteerd maar nu is de vraag waar,wilt hij graag wonen Oh daar is de,schoolbus al Ik heb het allernieuwste,huis in broekheffen uitgekozen Het is,alleen op best wel laat en dit is een,baby dus we gaan naar boven Hij gaat,liggen Hij zegt wel Trusten All I is zo,klein dat ik hem bijna niet kan zien oké,Ik heb er best wel grappig idee Ik heb,deze rare bril en ik ga hem laten,schrikken daar gaan we 3 2 1 wow hij,schrikt Oké weet je wat ik doe het licht,snel weer voor hem aan Ik zeg we gaan,wat leuks doen vandaag We gaan deze,mooie auto in hij zegt wow En we gaan,kamperen dat is natuurlijk veel,gezelliger in de avond Ik hoop dat hij,er zin in heeft ik heb namelijk deze,boerderij gehuurd Ik leg alvast een,matras neer en ik zeg ik heb een cadeau,wacht hier Oké hij is heel blij wat die,namelijk niet weet is dat ik letterlijk,een paard voor hem heb gekocht oh en dat,dansen alsjeblieft Ik zeg voor jou Wat,is zijn naam hij zegt supercool dank je,Oké ik denk na over een naam patrick Dat,is een mooie naam patrick het paard Nou,hij kan natuurlijk niet zelf op het,paardrijden dus we gaan een gezellig,samen op Hij zegt gamen maar nu ben ik,benieuwd is hij ook wel goed in gamen We,gaan samen lekker dit spel spelen Oh en,hij doet hetzelfde Oh hij is er veel,beter in dan mij Hey serieuze Dat is een,baby Oh dit is zo leuk oh dit is mijn,favoriete game Oké hij heeft volgens mij,al geen zin meer ik zeg Wat wil je nog,meer doen Hij zegt een ijsje eten Oké,dan gaan we mooi ontspaart weer op en,kijk eens aan We zijn er al zo Ik heb,het ijsje en ik heb het ijsje als het,goed is adem gegeven ah kijk hoe,schattig nou Ik lust wel een Bubblegum,ijsje dan gaan we namelijk iets heel,grappigs proberen Zou je met een paard,van de glijbaan kunnen Oké daar gaan we,Oh my gosh Let's Go Let's Go oh oh we,zijn letterlijk aan het zwemmen met een,paard hij zegt Wii Oké weet je wat het,is tijd voor nieuwe kleding We zijn op,zoveel plekken geweest die kleding zal,wel stinken Hij is nieuwe kleding aan,het uitkiezen Oh dat ziet er best wel,cool uit Oké we gaan er snel weer,vandoor want zoals je kunt zien de,schoolbus staat al bij school dus ik ga,van het paard af Ik zeg je eerste,schooldag wees lief Ik haal je zo op Hij,zegt oké doei doei doei en ik ga er weer,vandoor op mijn paard oké terwijl hij op,school is ga ik naar het winkelcentrum,toe wat hij namelijk niet weet is dat ik,hier iets heel gaaf ga halen moet je,opletten Ik heb een cadeautje voor hem,gehaald en het wordt alweer dag dus als,het goed is is die heel de nacht braaf,op school geweest eens even kijken waar,is die ah kijk daar is die hij is lekker,aan het eten en hij heeft zijn eerste,vriend gemaakt Ah dat is zo schattig hij,heeft cola ik vraag hoe was je dag,Terwijl die een appel eet zegt hij we,hebben net pauze Ik zeg ik heb een,cadeau Maak maar open en kijk het is een,gloednieuwe telefoon Bel me als ik je,moet ophalen nou dan kunnen wij er weer,vandoor want voordat we hem zo meteen,ophalen heb ik eerst nog wat boodschapen,te doen kom op We hebben een baby te,verzorgen Oké eens even zien We pakken,het karretje tips dat is niet zo gezond,Weet je wat laten we een appel meenemen,een banaantje en een Groene Appel en Oké,weet je wat een stukje pizza dat moet,kunnen Nou dan hebben we natuurlijk wat,water laten we een pakje melk bij Doen,en Laten we gaan voor wat drinken Oké,daar gaan we even afrekenen want er is,niemand en dan heb ik de tas met,boodschap Nou dat zetten we even snel,thuis af oh volgens mij wordt de bank,overvallen wacht dat is een goed moment,om onze baby op te halen van school en,hem te leren dat de bank overvallen in,broek hebben niet mag Oh kijk hij is,maar aan het bellen Hij zegt Hoi op,school is klaar kijk ik ben er Ik zeg,tegen hem Ik ga je iets laten zien Kijk,dit is de Roblox bank en ik zal het,pasje even meenemen nee niet om hem te,overvallen maar om dit te laten zien Ik,zeg tegen hem dit mag niet Wat is hier,gebeurd vraagt hij nou ja ik bedoel Eh,iemand is niet aardig geweest Dit zal ik,nooit doen zegt hij nou dat is goed om,te horen het is tijd voor wat leuks en,weet je wat hij mag de kleur kiezen,lichtgroen Nou dat kunnen we regelen Let,op Bam de auto is lichtgroen en nu gaan,we wat heel leuks doen maar het is een,beetje spannend we gaan hier helemaal,naar boven Ik weet namelijk dat hij,hoogtevrees heeft maar ik ga hem laten,zien dat de hoogte in broek Heaven leuk,kan zijn Hij zegt ik ga het Oké nou 3 2,1 kom op Let's Go Kijk we vliegen samen,door,de luchthaven is prachtig als je er,boven zit oké daar gaan we en Let's Go,en ons doet hij het zelfde Ja daar is,die we hebben het nu echt wel verdiend,om even lekker wat te gaan Barbie Cube,zo Nou ik zet een beetje op mijn,telefoon Ik was even een belletje aan,het doen en wacht wat doet hij nou hij

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This New Game Is TAKINGOVER Roblox BedWars!

This New Game Is TAKINGOVER Roblox BedWars!

all right boys so in today's video we,are going to be playing a brand new game,called the survival game okay that's,what it's called and recently bro this,game's been going viral okay I mean,tankers playing it flamingo's about to,be playing it so many YouTubers have,been making videos on it okay so listen,boys as soon as we click Play We Are,Gonna spawn in and we are gonna become,the strongest Kingdom inside of the game,okay I'll play this game a little bit,and uh okay boys we've officially,spawned in and I'm gonna check uh I'm,gonna check what kingdoms are afoot oh,my God there's a kingdom with 11 members,that Kingdom literally has every person,in the server in it okay and that's the,kingdom we're gonna be attacking today,bro we need to get ready we need to set,up base somewhere and honestly I feel,like using this guy's place and what the,heck yo this guy just put down a bunch,of walls over here he's breaking a tree,hold on hold on we might have a chance,we're gonna take over this stuff right,now dude we're taking over this stuff,he's running away oh come here dude I'm,taking all those walls that you left,over there okay boss I appreciate you,building me a kingdom so far he said,Peace I'm sorry bro we don't we don't,come in peace over here okay honestly,for now we're gonna leave him unless he,tries killing me okay but we need to we,need to build a crafting table okay we,got a crafting table we need to build a,bow and then we need to build some,arrows okay there we go listen man I,would spare him but he's in a different,Kingdom and look at this guy too yo hold,on hold on I might have to kill them all,I'm taking over this place from my own I,must kill you my man I'm sorry I didn't,want to bro but I have to listen boys,it's just like Bed Wars oh my God he's,giving me the rock y'all calm down dude,you're dead yo look at him flopped on,the floor this is my kingdom kid we're,taking his Banner bro he placed one over,here we're taking over his kingdom get,this thing out of here man it does not,deserve to be here and there's another,guy up there hold on I might be able to,kill that guy I'm destroying this Banner,I'm going back to my crafting table I,need to find out what kingdom this guy's,from he's from like a purple Kingdom,hold on I'm killing him well this man's,running into the cave what are you doing,oh his base is right here yeah we,definitely need to kill him dude we,definitely need to kill him,he's so weak oh my God what is he doing,I'm just whacking him on my ax bro he's,running dude he's running for the,heavens you're not getting that ball bro,sorry,I just killed him dude he gave me so,much resources I broke his boat too dude,we're out of here dude he has an entire,base over there hold on I need to get a,little bit more geared okay I need a,sword I need some armor and then we're,taking over his base okay we're,destroying all of his banners he does,not deserve any oh yeah I forgot to,create my own kingdom Hold on we're,gonna call it the mini Mafia customize,we're gonna make it blue okay there we,go I'm the owner of the mini Mafia and,this guy's entire base just got,destroyed bro what happened to it I'll,take all the resources though hold on,wait I hear people oh my god there was a,guy over there dude he's like fighting,people hold on he put on this armor okay,we got everything on for now I need iron,armor though he's rushing he's rushing I,don't have a sword yet dude I think I'm,gonna try killing him dude I got no more,ammo okay hold on we need to build a lot,of these a lot of these a lot of these,80 arrows dude that's way more than we,need get some iron going,for now we're gonna claim this area as,our own okay we're placing down the,banner this is our area from now on okay,I'm gonna be honest boys we kind of got,a bit of a problem I made a crossbow and,everything and I'm trying to make some,armor but uh yeah we need some hide we,need to go find animals to kill and bro,what are you doing on this boat dude yo,yo yo let me ride with you bro come on,wait for me all right never mind listen,man I was gonna give you a chance I,don't know whose kingdom and this is,dude but it's not existing anymore,um you guys good I can't make a sword,either okay I need to kill animals for a,store too yeah that guy's dead this man,has a knife y'all calm down with a knife,yeah oh my God he had hide oh my God yo,whose base is That Yo that boat is crazy,hold on hold on we need to sword we need,a sword no no no I can't let them break,my base I'm not even kidding they all,pulled up on a boat boys hold up that's,like a 1v4 they're gonna take my stuff,they're gonna take my stuff we can't let,him we can't let him it's an entire clan,we gotta kill the guy with the armor,first boys,they're already getting weak they're,already getting weak,no no they're gonna close the gate oh my,God I killed one I killed one no no they,closed the gate they closed the gate,y'all open it up dead I can open it I'm,gonna kill them all I'm gonna kill them,all

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You can now use TWITTER on Roblox

You can now use TWITTER on Roblox

ah the roblox twitter community luigi,sometimes the rtc is amazing and fun,other times well not so much but did you,know that you can now use twitter,directly on,roblox what there's no way you can do,that huh yes you can check it out i,present to you row winner row winner you,mean the roblox version of twitter,that's right my fumble family today i,will be trying out the roblox version of,twitter i randomly saw this through an,ad and it piqued my interest because i,love when people recreate social,platforms on roblox it's always really,fun to mess around with them so today,we're gonna be trying roblox on twitter,or at least the closest possible thing,you can get to it as of right now let's,make some tweaks,row it or i hardly know her okay here we,are uh ignore my username which is the,biggest tanker i thought it would be,funny and it is okay so here we have an,interface that looks pretty good you can,send tweets down here you can search,through row winner and you can go,through all these other tabs over here,messages friends explore and home and i,also oh i could follow myself,yes please no,please,i'm so alone here we are on the home,page apparently i put this tweet out,hello everyone i'm new here but i don't,i don't remember doing that so i may be,having some cognitive issues all right,let's just try making our own tweet,let's see this morning i tried to take a,poop,but nothing but smelly air came out and,tweet empty content can oh sorry that's,just where the hashtags go uh hashtag,hashtag fard all right now let me tell,you guys about this this morning i woke,up to take a massive dump but all that,came out was a burst of smelly air,publish all right cool now people are,actually gonna be able to see that,and i'll show you where they see that in,the explore tab here what i actually,really like about this game that i've,noticed so far is that all these are,actual responses made by people who,joined the game and you can tell because,some of them say some pretty strange,things like this guy who's sweating,angrily and flicking us off i just gotta,give you guys a fair warning some of,these are really bad like don't don't go,on here and say terrible things it's,just it's not fun for everyone else life,be like,gotta stay safe what damage simulator,we'll give 300 chamic i don't please,play that one oh god this is so,inappropriate this game needs a filter,uh but other than that i'm having fun,apparently i don't have any friends,that's cool and i don't have any,messages either but can i send a message,okay i can't send a message and,apparently you can't actually follow,people the follow feature is broken but,that's okay let's try out the searching,feature let's search um,smelly hello,smelly i said,oh it worked what if i type in uh hello,okay it works it turns out i was the,only thing that came up when you,searched smelly big surprise it's not,okay,it's just a bunch of people saying hello,everyone i'm new here so that wasn't,exactly the best thing to search let's,try something more interesting like,adopt me as it says oh god i crashed it,says 286 results appear when you search,adopt me but then the the app froze all,right um rejoining okay we're back i,reloaded bro winner back up and now,we're gonna go through the searches,let's try to adopt me again hopefully it,doesn't crash this time all right yeah,look at that it's actually working hello,10 000 robux if you like,well don't mind if i do hey someone left,a link to a youtube video you could,leave links on here all right let's,check it out all right here's what comes,up when you go to the link they provided,it's oh it's not available,not gonna lie tomma knight that video,wasn't very funny but i'll still give,you a like um i'm new can you help me,reply to player,no,sorry,i just now realized that you can link,games from this app this is pretty cool,so i can just like click on this and,i'll be teleported to a new game i don't,know what it is but uh let's try it out,there's actually a lot that this game,can do i'm surprised okay it's working,superstar christmas eve christmas was,like five days ago this,this doesn't feel like twitter where am,i now we're on mobile real winner which,is actually pretty interesting it works,pretty much the same but you get you get,a better view of the messages they were,the teddy mama mama papa and papa papa,baby bunny huh well you know what i i,think i've seen enough real winner for,today let's hop into some more roblox,twitter games and see what those are,like okay uh we joined and my freaking,arch nemesis,luisgamercool23 is here don't know what,that's all about but i'm seething,already,just kidding i i pushed my beef aside,with luis,oh wait,this is what the other roblox twitter,games look like they're really really,bad hobbies yay,i love using twitter on roblox this is,my favorite,oh god why did that one kill me just,because it's red it doesn't they're all,just balls i thought it was just ball,jump why did i spawn in the middle of a,hobby sw

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Roblox Got Hacked Last Night

Roblox Got Hacked Last Night

yes you read the title of the video,correctly World blocks was actually,hacked last night as you can see from,the video on the screen the popular,Roblox game blocks fruits had uh quite,the problems the hackers even put jump,scares in the game that would pop up and,scare players they also managed to hack,the global announcement system and show,messages on the screen you know a,popular Roblox game being hacked is bad,in of itself but the real kicker here is,that it was actually hacked by an ex,Roblox employee yes an ex Roblox,administrator is actually behind the,hack no this isn't a tick tock video,you're hearing this correctly anyway our,story today starts with this YouTube,video here called blogs fruits gun,hacked by goodbye Dolan 1923 uploaded by,timka now apparently the person who,uploaded this video is actually friends,with the hacker because goodbye Dolan,that that guy who hacked the game he,actually shows up in this video there he,is right there goodbye Dolan well as you,can see he is causing absolute Havoc,inside of bloxfruits now if you go on,Roblox and look up his account here he,is right here are goodbye Dolan they've,actually already banned the account now,apparently goodbye Dolan is a well-known,hacker in the Roblox Community here's a,video called goodbye Dolan rc7 mini,games I apparently uploaded by goodbye,Dawn himself and in this video he's,actually hacking a bunch of different,Roblox games throughout the video as you,can see on the screen but goodbye Dolan,isn't really important here because,while he is the guy that hacked the game,the person who hired him is actually the,ex-roblox employee the X Roblox admin so,this right here is actually a screenshot,of one of the announcements that popped,up on everyone's screen during the hack,event it says an important message from,your friend lucky maxer that name's,important we'll come back to it in a,second to my game 43 robot Mega fud 10,and jug no my game 43 robot Mega flood,10 and jug over here they're actually,the developers of bloxfruits from one I,can tell and while as for Mr Lucky Max,are here this is the X Roblox admin the,Wiki page says Roblox lucky formerly,known as lucky maxer was a Roblox,administrator who joined on April 19,2008. he was actually terminated on an,unknown date in 2017 but was later,unbanned at an unknown date he worked on,scripting and fixing gears from late,2014 to early 2017 and actually coded,the egg hunt 2016 Excellent Adventure,event game yes the official Roblox,easter event of 2016. this guy right,here coded it anyway it says that he was,terminated for making inappropriate hats,from the bunny ears 2017 with module,scripts now if we click on the bunny,ears you might recognize these here they,are right here the Wiki page says that,the bunny ears 2017 item is a hat that,was published in the Avatar shop buying,Roblox on April 4 2017 specifically for,the egg hunt 2017 event during the egg,hunt 2017 event players could wear this,hat to increase their speed and jump,height significantly so basically the,idea was you could buy this item and,would help you out give you some perks,inside the egg hunt 2017 event now if we,show rolling down to the trivia section,it says lucky maxer use this hat to hack,and place a module inside of it which,would be used to add scripts he later,got fired from Roblox for it so quick,recap because I know this is a lot of,information this guy here lucky maxer,he's the guy who hired the hacker to,hack blogsfruits well he actually used,to be a former Roblox administrator as,you can see and he was terminated from,Roblox because he actually installed,hacks inside the script for this,official Roblox item that would give,players the ability who wore it well,actual hacks now I mentioned the bunny,ears because well according to his,message it's actually the reason why he,hired the hacker in the first place to,hack blocks fruits and the entire reason,he's angry at the developers it says why,did you make my bunny ears error back in,2017 and expose me on purpose so he's,alleging here and I don't know how true,this is that the developers of blogs,fruits are actually the people that told,Roblox about him they're the people that,told Roblox the Lucky Max are back when,he was an administrator was actually,using the bunny ears item to hack Roblox,games he continues and says now I had to,turn to my dear friend Gooby the famous,Fe bypasser to help me since you would,not Gooby of course being Gooby Dolan,here that's the hacker that actually,hacked the game he was the guy hired by,Lucky Max or two hack the game and like,I mentioned before now he's banned now,inside of these announcements they,actually put a link to a Discord server,I've got it censored here because you,definitely should not be going to it,which is why I joined the Discord server,so you don't have to this is it right,here welcome to the Lucky Max or fan,club here's the announcements Channel,you can see there's quite a bit of stuff,in here now the owner o

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I'm gonna become the fastest in YouTube,race watch this okay so in this game,okay look at everybody over there okay,everyone's over there while a little,digito's stuck over here,you know what I'm so bad I'm so slow at,the race I'm just gonna run back yeah,these people are running back too to,find a way to get past with the race so,here's a free Spin oh to join a group,okay fine there's a free Robux pet for a,hundred Robux okay all right we're gonna,buy this real quick all right um where's,the pets what did I get oh one thousand,speed yes we got the iron play button,okay perfect so now I guess we just have,to equip this one right and now if we,start running yeah now that we start,running look how fast we go now look at,that you guys and once we reach the next,area look we get subscribers look we got,three subscribers from that so yeah,that's how you become the fastest,YouTuber just get like a lot of,subscribers look we have four,subscribers nine subscribers guys oh and,if you guys want me to get more,subscribers guys make sure to hit the,like button and subscribe right now oh,it's insane but what type of game passes,are there so while we're running let's,check out the shop oh there's two times,click two times Subs okay we want to get,twice the subs who wouldn't want that,okay we got that and then double the,clicks oh and the ultra fast Auto,clicker okay we will take an auto,clicker I mean I mean I could just,download one but whatever,um we're gonna also get the double look,we're actually just buying every single,game pass so you guys might should hit,the like button because we're spending,way too much Robux yeah these this is a,lot this is a lot of game passes what,the heck okay there we just bought every,single game pass and oh okay now we're,back at the start,so,um we have 214 subscribers and we lose,subscribers if we buy the tag so we're,just gonna buy it see what we get we got,a common and I spent Roblox on luck Game,Pass now I'm back to 14 subscribers what,okay well the auto clicker is doing me,pretty well,um is this another free Spin oh this is,the regular free spindle can we get the,Wheel of Fortune what do I get from this,oh two time subscribers for 15 minutes I,mean already bought the game pass so,kind of pointless anyway how much would,it cost me bought like a thousand,subscribers 200 Robux okay you know what,I'm just gonna buy another egg okay guys,we're gonna buy this one come on we have,a luck now oh oh would you start the,race oh,um okay I guess I can't I can't buy any,more things no we're just gonna buy the,egg okay come on come on Judo get,something really really good okay wait,can we walk to the stereo oh we need 5,000 subscribers what come on I don't,have enough subscribers I only have 32,okay let's just equip all of our pets,and now let's try to get those,subscribers oh yeah so by the way we,were running for quite a while now which,means means I have a lot of subscribers,look at this 21 000 okay,um actually we can just reset right now,and go to the next area so we're just,gonna go unlock this 5 000 subscribers,boom welcome what's the next area 75,000. how am I supposed to afford that,okay the eggs are like three thousand um,subscribers okay we can just open up,three okay see what we get oh,I'm guessing that's supposed to be good,we don't have enough subscribers we can,only have two more so we got the silly,crab okay this is an interesting like,pet names and there's also the uh the,subscriber one so there's these ones I,can get but I'm not sure if we need them,oh we can sit down in my chair okay guys,this is this is me recording the video,right now wait and then there's tools I,don't know what this is but we're just,gonna get it okay got the Grandpa's,camera,um I'm not sure what this is but it's,gonna we're just gonna equip it and then,the best pets oh look how much better,they are these were the Roblox Pets the,1000 ones and look at this 15 000 for,the Epic okay come on digital time to go,dude you know what's funny everybody's,still in the first place because you can,see on top like it's like the little,iron one I have the little bronze one,the bronze one's the second race so I'm,literally ahead of everybody somehow I,guess I guess that's the power of pay to,win guys if you look at the teleport,area there's a lot of other places we,can go to,um I mean who's the fastest person in,the server so my max speed is 39 000.,this person Ace has 246 thousand what,why she saw the first race then okay you,know what I'm gonna buy the Robux pet I,wanna I'm just I'm just kind of,interested how,the heck okay we're gonna buy it 150,Robux down the drain okay and oh 23 000.,it's a bronze special pet okay very,interesting okay now we just have the,auto clicker on oh no wait we get gifts,oh oh we get subscribers but it's not,it's not menu okay okay whatever man,don't worry guys we'll get that 75 000,subscribers wait how much would it be if,we bought a hundred thousand subscribers,600 Robux and for a thousand i

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Doge Story! | Roblox

Doge Story! | Roblox

hey guys it's Kate and Janet welcome,video so I'm playing Doge story and in,this game we are Shiba and news and when,we own a walk to a dog park so let's hop,into one of these,dog houses this one this one much less,time look at the other one,oh yeah one minute over there this one's,only 10 seconds Doge Dory Okay looks,like we're in trapped in a fence area oh,is that me yes yeah I don't want to,spend my life in this pen let's stack on,each other's heads we can't oh it's,getting hot in here where are we I have,no idea we're like in the city or,somewhere like zoom out of the way I,want to meet other dogs because you're,you're too boring are you getting bored,of me yeah you're so mean you're just,someone's coming oh who's that really,dog sitter it's time for your walk or,walk yay yay,no I got what I put on a green leash,a drag dog sitter this way guys this way,no no back this way,the opposite way let's you know go the,opposite way that he's going he's too,strong,okay I want to go follow him,I like my orange little leash,oh the gate closed they're like,straggling with my leash listen up your,owners are on holiday oh okay on a,vacation same thing right yeah I'm,looking after you don't,know you may call me dog sitter,I knew it,I mean like his name is dogs I know,he seems like a fun dog sitter oh sure,says I love dogs I really hurt dogs no,fun,oh,let's go,oh here we are the dog park this is a,nice looking dog part,so Wow Let's go meet some other dogs I'm,so excited there ain't no other dogs dog,park Oh I thought he'd let go of our,leash but why can't I go I was gonna say,let's play a little game I invented,catch,I call it fetch I was close enough,oh wait dogs can't play catch I'm a,fetch first of all to get a prize,fudge where's the ball,oh,yeah,oh I didn't even touch it you know I,didn't touch it what what's a kepi hat,it feels so cool and confident how dare,oh I feel so cool and confident with,this kepty hat that's how you say fetch,I want to keep your head,oh are you like,a good dog yes I got a farmer and what I,like your hat better,I know I like the farmer hat I feel cool,in this Farmer's hat okay,go it's over there I want to see what,kind of Hearts I get what if you get,like all the hats good dog Chad,I was like a Mexican hat oh that one's,cool I want to get this one I'm getting,I'm getting this one no okay where are,you I can't see it this is gonna know,how I hope oh American hat veg cake,where is it it's right there just like,come on give me a better hat,60s I like my other hat better,all right I'm in the alpha doggo with,two fetches yes I got two fetches,great job okay yay wow that's enough fun,for one day,I like my other hat better oh no I,wasn't blue,oh,let's go guys I'll be the leader so but,I wanted a second hat,I wanted a third hat I actually had a,fourth hat I shouldn't have complained,about my Farmer's hat I really like that,hat actually oh yeah I almost forgot,dojos will be making a slight detour oh,we're going this way,drag me I have a bad feeling about this,which way this way,okay I guess I have to explain,the thing is I'm letting a friend of,mine borrow you for a boy,don't trust this okay we gotta run sauce,exactly,I heard that it's not sauce at all you,can understand us he's a friend I made,on the Craigslist,um okay we should play jump rope guys,remember dog research or something it'll,be fun who's still again did you at,least change colors yeah,not orange I like my orange,animal testing faculty facility oh my,God,I need money for food,the game passes what is going on I wish,I could read the sign I know I read it,wrong scientist says I mean I mean,person bark bark bark,here are the doges brought the cash,oh my one dollar bills,there's only ten dollars in there,actually oh my God I got a red leash now,well I have an orange leash yes he's,counting on oh my God it's a Shiba in,you,huh yep oh,Shiba in you but that's not is he,counting the money,I'm head of Doge research here is he,still counting,our mission,understanding of the mighty Sheba in you,maybe that's a Shiba in you spell,differently in a different language,on this previous test has not finished,yet,let's wait a bit so does it ever annoy,you how gaming YouTubers read out all,dialogue,thank you,um,what is this,don't worry I'll be monitoring from,above up there is no,at least change doing this yellow lime,looking color I don't see him the first,test will be easy but press the red,button let's go for the green I probably,says yes I got it first he got it first,do I get a hat or something yeah oh I,get the crown not fair somehow this,Crown makes me sleepy no that's not good,that's not good I just agreement I'm,gonna make it there first no I I did it,I did it no,you are smart enough to proceed I'm very,smart,tattoo is even easier just touch the,black balls okay where are they are they,gonna like fall down are you trying to,find it oh I found it guys I'm I'm ahead,of you today on my screen what you,didn't even touch it I was the fastest,do I get

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