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Rick Wilson talking about Trump's Twitter executives' meeting on Al Jazeerayour consultant he's also


Updated on Jan 16,2023

Rick Wilson talking about Trump's Twitter executives' meeting on Al Jazeera

your consultant he's also the author of,everything Trump touches dies he joins,us from Tallahassee in Florida so,despite the president attacking Twitter,Jack Dorsey did take the White House,meeting presumably you can't really say,no when the president summons you sure,but you really it really is hard to say,no to an invitation to their sit in the,Oval Office with the the President of,the United States and now obviously,Twitter has been very fearful as that,all the social media platforms are right,now that they could be subjected to,regulation and this is a White House,that has been known to to do executive,order regulation so I think out of an,abundance of caution mr. Dorsey and the,rest of the Twitter executives that came,in today took the meeting well Trump,keeps insisting that Twitter is biased,against him talk us through why he might,think that well the president has an,imaginary bias,he claims Twitter has a bias against him,because he believes that he should have,more followers than the 50 million or so,he has right now,Twitter periodically eliminates tens of,thousands sometimes hundreds of,thousands sometimes millions of fake,bought accounts all the time and a,really large percentage of Donald,Trump's followers are fake accounts,they're bought there they're part of,botnets that are used to promote you,know propaganda whether it's from,advertising or political groups here in,the US or the Russians or whomever the,the number of bots that follow Donald,Trump and seek to leverage off of Donald,Trump's Twitter feed is enormous and so,Twitter periodically purges them and so,Trump believes though that that is you,know a political statement of bias,against him in fact it's just keeping,there sort of a sanitation mechanism for,their social network well despite his,complaints of bias many would argue that,Twitter helped him to win the election,and to continue now to connect with his,base I think it's one of Donald Trump's,most powerful assets it's a direct line,to his base there are a lot of folks who,are on Twitter you know who follow,Donald Trump and nobody else that's,their channel that he's established it's,an incredibly powerful channel it does,things in in terms of keeping his,bass along one set of political goals,that he sets for them and one set of,messages he drives for them very much,there's there's there's almost no,parallel to it,I mean Barack Obama has more followers,on Twitter by about a he events about a,hundred million followers but he doesn't,use his account to drive a political,movement at this point and Trump,certainly does and it has definitely,been an aspect of his communications,mechanism that has been very powerful,and hard to push back against by folks,who oppose him either on the Republican,side or the Democratic side so with,these complaints of bias and then this,meeting today is Trump trying to be,strategic here or is it more about as,you suggested earlier really about his,displeasure about his number of,followers being less than those of,others I think there's also the factor,he's trying to work the referees he's,trying to say that Twitter you know,should should allow the people that are,some of his most vociferous supporters,to stay on I think he's also unhappy,that they've purchased a lot of these,people who are very strong like all,right supporters of Trump they've gotten,rid of a lot of those folks and I think,he's unhappy with with losing any,support base that's on the that is what,he views as his primary channel and I do,think that again he's working the,referees a bit here he's trying to make,sure that Twitter doesn't you know,doesn't doesn't engage in behavior he,doesn't want which is to say you know,treats his account in ways that an,ordinary person tweeted things like the,enemies of the press and things like,that would probably run into some,trouble but Donald Trump has a sort of,protected Lane in the Twitter space Rick,Wilson a Republican strategist and media,consultant thanks for joining us on al,Jazeera well

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LPTV: The Breakdown – January 5, 2023 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

LPTV: The Breakdown – January 5, 2023 | Hosts: Tara Setmayer & Rick Wilson

oh boy oh boy we're back and what a,start to the year the breakdown Starts,Now,oh good evening everyone and welcome to,the breakdown I'm Tara setmayer this is,the Rick Wilson and it's a new year,we're back and things are off to a hell,of a freaking start Rick oh my God first,of all I missed you I'm glad I miss you,too Happy New Year happy New Year how,all that business I saw you briefly at,our meeting in Nashville yes yes that,was a brief a brief Whirlwind uh day or,two there yeah briefly productive and,productive all good yes I spent it,wasn't in the future and all that stuff,and I spent the New Year in your home,state of Florida again my husband and I,did the Space Coast thing and we got to,do something really freaking cool which,was watch a SpaceX launch from a boat in,Cape Canaveral on Tuesday it was awesome,I kind of love that it's on my Instagram,people want to see it it was so freaking,cool I've been to shuttle launches I've,mentioned that before and since they,don't exist anymore the next best thing,are rocket launches even though it's,stupid SpaceX but they're doing great,stuff and that was really neat so uh,we're all well rested I got a little tan,you look well rested Rick let's get into,it because we have a pack show tonight,because there's just so much going on I,don't even know where to start but you,know what,I think we should start before we get,into the chaos right now I think they're,on the 11th now failed vote from,417. I don't know I don't know,um there's a whole lot of losing going,on with McCarthy,um but before we get into all that and,tomorrow you know we've got the,anniversary of January 6th which just,it's hard to believe it's been two years,we have a recap those of you who are,loyal breakdown Watchers know that every,Tuesday we usually do a last week in the,Republican party which is a compilation,of all the batshit crazy stuff that,Republicans have done just in one week,well God bless our editors particularly,Jeff who has taken the time to do a last,year in the Republican party and,the joy,first we're not a cult,there is a demonic portal a satanic,portal above the White House there is,ketchup dripping down the wall and all,of a sudden I feel a shot on my back,like somebody shot me I'm not gonna,cower I'm not gonna run from you hey,we're gonna have kind of a sexual,get-together at one of our homes you,should come,out I was on crack,by the way you can pick up a butt plug,or a dildo at Target,celebrate Father's Day with the best,meat America has to offer I have never,been an escort for Senator Ted Cruz my,pronoun is kiss my ass my pronouns are,Trump one my pronouns are Reagan and,Trump my pronouns are let's go Brandon,two words for you Joe Biden is a,freaking idiot Ryan where's your build,back that a are you ready,to be called a racist white supremacy,which you know I condone I mean I,condemn tell me I'm not mad at black,people I don't care if Herschel Walker,paid to abort endangered baby eagles,stand by Herschel tonight I am with,minute police officers I have trained,with FBI that's twenty dollars for crew,thing this doesn't include the tequila,I'm gonna win the election and I will,accept that result if they win I should,get all the credit and if they lose I,should not be blamed at all should that,Democrats go ding so many people voted,on issues that weren't the issues we,thought they were voting on you think,Princess Diana's still alive absolutely,there's not a lot of job market for,queer pet literature how did you know,that you know it president Trump well,there might be somebody else I'd prefer,more the orange m m does appear very,anxious you can declassify just by,saying it's Declassified even by,thinking about it Donald Gionee boy that,can straighten it out I'll tell you that,I actually saw people trying to leave,um and people leaving early even before,he was done he's still speaking now uh,and and then they I think perhaps a,little concerned that the hallway the,hall would empty out too much they,actually started preventing people from,leaving so now they're no longer,allowing people to leave,it has been quite the year but you know,what most importantly uh democracy is,still alive,um we we were worried about how it could,have gone and but we did predictably say,that if Republicans took the house back,that it would be chaos well,there's chaos right welcome to the,welcome to the party pal you know Terry,you were one of the first people who,predicted that Kevin would never be,speaker,and and even if he was speaker that he,would be you know basically castrated,hobbled whatever and that that the,lunatics would be in charge of the,asylum,if folks haven't figured it out after,three days of this complete train wreck,and by the way and County let me,rephrase that it's not a train wreck,it's a train wreck in the nuclear waste,dump near the burning dumpster fires on,the top of rabid clown Mountain this,thing is completely out of hand at every,level Kevin does not have control of,this proce

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Jan 6th Committee Hearing & Trump's Political Future with Rick Wilson | Mooch FM

Jan 6th Committee Hearing & Trump's Political Future with Rick Wilson | Mooch FM

hi i'm anthony scaramucci and welcome to,mooch fm each week i talk to the biggest,names in politics business media and,beyond to discuss the major issues and,break down what's going on here in the,united states and around the world,this,is mooch fm,and joining us now on mooch fm rick,wilson,long-time republican political,strategist co-founder of the lincoln,project,best-selling author uh more than one,book by the way best-selling,uh and rick by the way it's great to,have you back on the show what a what a,week we've had okay these uh,january 6th select committee hearings,uh let's set the scene with last,thursday's hearing,which i thought was absolutely,cataclysmic but again most people are,numb now to this stuff what's your take,on what's going on sir,yeah look i i think i think the 1-6,commission,had a had a very great risk on the front,end of this and that was that had been,over hyped and i was very concerned i,mean i mean i've been a skeptic of the,committee i've i've sparred with them a,little bit about the fact that i thought,they weren't moving,fast enough or deep enough or hard,enough against uh the conspiracy,and i was delighted to be proven wrong,last thursday i mean i thought that,hearing,and and people who mocked it for being,produced,don't understand america's political,culture,entertainment and politics have merged,in this country and,that was a great piece of narrative,storytelling that made it clear to,people,in a lot of cases for the first time,when you have 20 million people watching,it just on cable and broadcast,we're there for the first time seeing,the story being told in a linear,narrative way,um i think it was enormously compelling,i think it was enormously dangerous for,donald and for and and for the and for,the people that were involved in this,conspiracy,and i really think that that,it enlightened and opened a lot of eyes,to the fact that,what they outlined that trump had a plot,and a plan and a conspiracy,and,to to not only hold retain power,but to do so at whatever with whatever,means necessary,i mean i think for the first time people,saw it put together in a way that really,changed the game and i,and i i've been watching today's,hearings of course,uh since when we're recording this on,monday and it is it's been equally,compelling i think that they are they're,laying out you know the stooge factor,around him you know the guys like rudy,giuliani my old boss,um and and you know sydney powell and,john eastman,they were telling what he wanted to hear,um and and they were doing it at a time,where he a wanted to hear it and he b,wanted to convert on it and make a ton,of money from it,so i think it's been i think i think the,hearings have gone very very well so far,so,very well in terms of trump being,prosecuted very well in terms of you,think the stink stank stunk of trump now,as such where he can't come back,politically okay yeah very well yeah,sure,here's here's what i here's how i look,at it i think it's important for our,democracy that america have a reckoning,about what happened,on one six and what led to it and that's,and that all comes down fundamentally to,trump who said in the spring of 2020 if,i lose this election it will be because,they cheated because of fraud just like,he was saying in 2016 when he thought he,was going to lose,because he doesn't want to be seen as,you know very well as a loser,um,look i i can't,donald trump has the luck of the devil,and i can't tell you that this will lead,to his absolute prosecution and,dismissal from american political life,because,he just has the luck of the devil,and it's always been a bad bet to say,that x or y will be the thing that puts,him in jail,um,but i do think you're seeing now the,justice department is being given a a,further set of public facts,that i think they can pursue in private,as well to roll up a lot of the people,around him and like like many many,prosecutions of conspiracies,what i think you'll end up seeing is,they will start to crack people down the,line they will break these scumbag oath,keeper proud boy boogaloo boy idiots,and they will say i was reporting to x,and then it will go to bannon and up and,up and up and up the chain um again,i also look at it as a success because,it tells a lot of our democratic friends,who would really love this election in,2022 and then in 2024 to be about issues,or you know climate change or,prescription drugs or guns or whatever,is in their you know portfolio,this guy's gonna he's gonna keep coming,back like a bad penny,like like 1979 disco herpes it's gonna,come over and over and over again,um until he is,until people realize the cost to our,lives and our country,that he represents,it's going to it's going to be tough to,take him out,of contention for 2024,unless he's dead or in jail,yeah he gets indicted rick,you know what my gut is he does not and,i'll tell you why,i think in some time in july or august,he will announce he's running for,president again,that will have a chillin

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Twitter's Dynamic Duo: My funny, profanity laced, insightful conversation with Rick Wilson and Mo...

Twitter's Dynamic Duo: My funny, profanity laced, insightful conversation with Rick Wilson and Mo...

turn to direct from our super-secret,studio hello this is Washington for,beautiful people on deep state radio and,we're broadcasting from the West left,coast and I am your host Emily brand,win' on twitter CIA spy girl and I am so,excited this is my first podcast where I,have two guests and they're my favorite,dynamic duo ever on Twitter like ever,better than like a Batman and Robin or,like I was trying to think all my,favorites like Mickey Mouse and Minnie,but they're not on Twitter they're the,best,it's Rick Wilson and Molly Chong fast,hello guys hey thanks for having me oh,my goodness oh it's it's The Velvet fog,it's Rick Wilson oh I may only I'm alive,only you're ambulatory yes very exciting,I do not read your credits but I can do,that really quickly so everybody knows,that Rick is a New York Times,bestselling author of everything Trump,touches dies the most accurate book ever,easy,it wasn't like number one it was it was,indeed and that never gets old,yeah how long was it in number one,bestseller three weeks that's pretty,impressive and exciting it doesn't,matter how long like the fact that it,ever got there is as you said 458 people,have had that designation so there you,go,oh yeah you have like I would go to my,high school reunion now like if that,happened to me I'd be like okay I'm,going I'm like I'm sorry tonight on,introduce myself I'm here times number,one best-selling author Pete Wilson I'm,The Velvet fog so feel free to use that,that's amazing and you've seen him on,CNN,MSNBC Lamar and you've read all this,work and Politico and Daily Beast and,Molly who is to me male just you know,like you were one of my favorite people,to follow ever on YouTube ik YouTube any,people know you from Twitter but you're,also you are not also but you're a,writer as well,normal girl maladjusted and the social,climbers handbook and you've written,from everything from Harpers Bazaar W,and you're now a Kalima columnist for,the forward as well you gotta get,everything right did I make you all,Satanism close what did I screw up,no no it's dead it's right I have a,question for both of you before we even,start how did you guys become connected,did you meet on Twitter or and realize,because I follow you guys on insta as,well and and I know that you are we met,on Twitter we met her machine as all as,all people do now politics used to be,filled with people who would say oh yeah,so it's was my good friend and we have,basically somebody they'd had a,handshake with one time even though I'm,in this sort of you know consulting,world where everybody said oh yeah he's,a close friend he's good buddy oh that's,a I never liked to play that game so I,was kind of shocked people they say hey,do you know so-and-so I've heard the,name I don't know who he is but Molly,and I ended up meeting in the real world,in the meet space as they say then and,struck up our struck up our strange,friendship yeah it's true we I think,just about yeah,just after the election or something,yeah and you know we're I mean we're,very it's a lot of ways were very,similar what do you mean I just I'm like,we just posed I mean it's not like I,mean I think record is funnier than I am,but we're both charismatic and very,extroverted no and yeah he's very like,disciplined and organized,I'm neither of those things I'm very,like distracted and disorganized um he's,very very he's like one of those people,I have this too I shouldn't say this,because it sounds obnoxious but he's,like one of those people where you,people meet them like you he's good I do,this to actually this doesn't sound,obnoxious this just sounds kind of bad,but um I'm very good at getting people,like me like for whatever reason I can I,mean I shouldn't say that because it,sounds like an thing to say but,no I'm extremely good at like finding it,figuring out what people like and making,them like it and Rick is also like that,I hope you're not I know I I think I,think mommy's got a good point there and,I think we're also both connectors right,we have we both have these broad,networks of people that we know and like,and and you know you you know just build,your own network you build a network of,other people's networks and so it's a,lot of a lot of the dynamic is that you,know we on the left and the right and,you know you could get a moment where,it's you know me Tom rains and Philippe,rains Philippe brain seat on the couch,telling jokes together me it might not,have normally happen but you kind of yet,you have to kind of treasure that sort,of thing in the world we live in today,well sorry no no no just say you both,would have done great in the CIA because,that's like the big skill truly I was,like as you're describing like God they,would have been recruited they would,like be really friendly and charismatic,when you meet somebody and to find we,always call it the you me same-same,which is maybe not a good technical,espionage term where you go up to,somebody you know like oh I need to find,that thing that connects

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FAFO: The Trump Ticket – September 7 | Hosts: Reed Galen & Rick Wilson

FAFO: The Trump Ticket – September 7 | Hosts: Reed Galen & Rick Wilson

it is eight o'clock in the east it is,five o'clock in the west and this is,f-a-f-o if you don't know what it means,look it up this is a family show rick,hey everybody i am lincoln project,co-founder and your host for tonight,reed galen joining me thankfully god,bless is the one the only the rick,wilson rick welcome,reed how are you buddy,good so rick just during as we're now in,full-fledged campaign season we like to,take a half an hour a week and,you know,help everybody understand that sometimes,yes karma does find the worst people in,the country oh and so we're gonna go to,some of those people,she is a magnificent visitor to the life,of steve bannon today,she's a magnificent,visitor to the life of mitch mcconnell,the last i don't know two months,and uh and she's been knocking on donald,trump's store too,well that's true so let's start with,bloody bloating mcbloatface,um,steve bannon um,you know long-time uh leninist,provocateur uh one-time senior aide to,donald trump in the white house campaign,chairman for donald trump uh in 2020 was,indicted on federal,uh i guess charges of of embezzling,money from a non-profit yeah thank you,for setting up a non-profit uh build,this wall i think it was called uh they,took 25 million dollars from people uh,he took a million of it and then spread,a whole bunch else around not,surprisingly trump pardoned him i,believe it might have even been on his,last day in office the last part,right so now the manhattan district,attorney's office uh has chosen to,arraign him tomorrow thursday as we're,recording this and he is planning to,turn himself in uh he said in his,statement among other things that he'll,continue to defend the country from,immigrants from drugs from the likes of,you and me and they he will die in the,process rick if he needs to do it,you know i think the thing that's,probably going to kill steve is not,a valiant defense of his fascist,principles but probably some guy in a,cell block who gets pissed off that,bannon's smell won't go away and even,for prison it's too much,but look he is a guy,this is a guy who who is,absolutely one of the biggest posers in,american politics,he wants to portray himself as this like,revolutionary figure who's going to be,out there guess what at the end of the,day his lawyers are going to tell him to,shut the up if he doesn't he he,will go to jail and if he does he loses,a lot of the mojo he thinks he's got but,it's important to understand too that,figures like bannon,in the in the world that trump has,broken are now increasingly sort of,believing that they are in fact above,the law,that they will get pardoned that,somebody will take care of them that,there will be some,some miracle that will will,will reduce the accountability they,should they should have in the world and,it is good to see at least something,coming out of bragg's office,in new york where they are going after a,trump person um,you know it is not as much evidence as i,thought they had against trump himself,um in the prior case that bragg sort of,punted on but i'm glad they're doing it,i mean look there's nothing more,repugnant in american politics than,steve bannon i mean nothing,so do you think well just thinking back,was that the month month and a half ago,now rick when alex jones was on trial uh,in texas for his,horrific behavior towards the sandy hook,families right um he would spend all day,acting like a freak in the courtroom and,then would go on his tv show,lambast the process lambast the judge,show these crazy images of the judge,like you know on fire discuss the trial,where the judge had specifically told,him not to do so do you think we'll see,a similar kind of circus from bannon,we might i mean bannon's gonna have good,good lawyers around him i i would,imagine,but you know he's a guy who won't take,good advice i mean we you and i both,know people who cannot shut up even when,good common sense,you know,logic and good legal advice says shut up,everybody's known people like that in,their lives and i i think though bannon,right now he's also in a kind of a weird,spot where his chinese sugar daddy is,out of the picture now,he is sort of not really getting the the,revenue he needs from breitbart anymore,um and so i think he needs to make a,play where he looks like a martyr and he,looks like you know he so he can go out,and do,the massive fundraising,um and and and to go out and say you,know the deep state's trying to put me,away because i fight for trump,right well i guess that's that was going,to be my next question because also uh,you know folks like our friends that,check my ads are systematically going,through uh you know online ad exchanges,and making sure people like bannon are,getting d platform for for their,outrageous,white nationalist you know i don't even,know what the other adjectives are rich,uh you know statements uh that are often,inflammatory often incite violence sure,um but here's one where two,you know it seems to me and this i think,will run th

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Republican strategist Rick Wilson on why Donald Trump sacked John Bolton | 7.30

Republican strategist Rick Wilson on why Donald Trump sacked John Bolton | 7.30

president Trump deployed his signature,line you're fired,against his own National Security,Adviser a West Wing change his national,security adviser John Bolton is leaving,John Bolton was hired as the president,Trump's national security adviser in,April 2018,after the departure of HR McMaster,Bolton previously worked in the George W,Bush administration as Undersecretary of,state and ambassador to the United,Nations he was known for being hawkish,and contrary Vladimir Putin looked,Donald Trump directly in the eye and,lied to it,Trump loved bolt install at first but,the two quickly disagreed about how to,handle foreign policy challenges such as,North Korea Iran Afghanistan and Russia,the regime in Iran needs to change I,think the world needs to hear this the,two even disagreed on Bolton's departure,Trump says he was sacked Bolton says he,resigned,he's the 18th cabinet-level official to,exit the administration in less than,three years Republican political,strategist Rick Wilson joins us from,Florida Rick Wilson the Bolton departure,is of course viewed in the context of,the many resignations and sackings,within the Trump administration but can,we look at it differently was John,Bolton actually any good as national,security adviser well I think it's very,difficult to make a judgement about that,because Donald Trump is his own,everything everyone in the,administration is sort of conditional or,acting or temporary or in an advisory,capacity that isn't ever you know,permanent in any capacity and I think,Bolton's you know ability to influence,Ahnold Trump was fairly minimal but I,think it's really important for,Americans and for the world to recognize,that Donald Trump fired John Bolton for,being insufficiently pro-taliban,this is a moment I think where a lot of,folks the American national security,apparatus have had their jaws come off,the floor today because they can't,believe that he got fired over,disagreeing with Trump about bringing,the Taliban to the u.s. to Camp David on,the week of 9/11 it's really quite an,astounding moment,Janice tan was one area where they,differed they also clashed on other,foreign policy challenges such as Iran,North Korea and Russia each of those has,its own individual issues but was there,any core difference between the approach,of the two men to national security that,underpinned all of those routes I don't,think that there is a real consistency,with that except that Donald Trump,believes that if he pulls off what he,believes to be negotiations and what,most would interpret his capitulations,with these countries that it will pay,off with dividends during the election,and I think john bolton as much as a lot,of people disagree with john's approach,and style and and history i don't think,john bolton put security before politics,at any politics before security at any,point and i think that he perceived that,donald trump was looking for political,uplift based on national security,compromises you mentioned Donald Trump's,interest in signing a peace deal with,the Taliban where is Trump trying to,take his foreign policy generally home,he doesn't want to be active in the,world particularly except insofar as it,benefits him personally he represents a,certain isolationist strain that pops up,in American politics rather frequently,and that isolationist strain in his case,seems to believe that you know that,America can withdraw from the world in,terms of our of our international,relationships in terms of our alliances,in terms of the diplomatic status that,we have in the world and base it purely,on what he thinks of as great trade,deals and I think there's very little to,back that up in terms of the historical,record or in terms of any sort of you,know real approach to politics in the,world as we know it but he certainly is,not a person who believes that American,interests should go above save vladimir,putin's interests right now you're a,long-time republican strategist,how would you write trump's chance of,reelection next year well Donald Trump,still has a meaningful chance of,reelection not because I want it to be,I'm opposed him from the beginning,but because incumbent presidents are,always you know given a lot of political,gifts they have the power of,agenda-setting from the White House they,have the ability to be anywhere at any,time with Air Force One,they have a lot of name ID and factors,that are very important in the campaign,the other factor why he might win in,2020 is the Democrats in this country,are historically quite bad at picking a,great candidate you know once in a while,you get a Barack Obama or Bill Clinton,but more often you get a John Kerry or a,Mike Dukakis we may end up with that on,the Democratic side this year where they,have a candidate who does not have the,star power to make this a referendum,against Donald Trump which is what they,need it to be Rick Wilson good to have,you on the program thank you absolutely,happy to be with you,hi I'm Leigh sales thanks for watching

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Where will the Republicans go from here? Interview with Rick Wilson | DW News

Where will the Republicans go from here? Interview with Rick Wilson | DW News

Rick Wilson is the co-founder of the,Lincoln project a project which actually,was founded to defeat Donald Trump on,the ballots and maybe even Beyond Rick,thank you for making time for that,thank you so much for having me on us I,mean it's uh found in the Lincoln,project in night 2019 we thought we'd,have to fight Donald Trump once but here,we are again let's talk a little bit,about the midterm,party were you surprised that the Red,Wave didn't happen the way many were,expecting,not really I thought the Redway was,overhyped I knew that there would be,pickups in the house and they would,probably take the majority,um but we were seeing different numbers,than the Republicans were putting out,there in these low quality polls,um because those those surveys were were,statistically weak but they were built,uh in order to sort of build up a sense,of momentum for the Republicans right so,the biggest message I think is that the,Trump endorsed candidates lost pretty,big what does this tell us about about,the state of the United States and we,were able to pull about 11 11 to 14,percent of Republicans in different,races this year away from the Trump,candidates because they don't embrace,the conspiracy the the cruelty the crazy,uh you know talk and they don't really,want to hear over and over again about,these weird fantasies that Donald Trump,had the elections told they understand,he was B,and so those people that that he,selected were weaker candidates by,definition the people he selected were,were unable to put together effective,campaigns right but here we are so Trump,uh endorsed candidates lost big time but,he announced uh his candidacy again why,did he do that at this very moment he,wants to get back in that Spotlight,politically because he knows there are,other people rising in the estimation of,the donor class and the media class,um like Ron DeSantis Glenn youngkin,Nikki Haley Josh Hawley Ted Cruz he sees,them coming up behind him and he does,not like what he sees so he's going to,try to to darken the sky before they can,all get in the race and and finally,you know Donald Trump the the best,business he's ever had is raising money,from Republican donors it's the most,effective profitable companies ever run,and so he needs to get back in the field,so he can claim that he needs to their,their money,um to run for president you know it's,obviously not just for president to,support his lifestyle but that's what,he's going to make the claim of and so,we're going to be in a position I think,where where those three factors are very,strongly driving Trump's uh re-entry,into the race,so many big names in the Republican,Party are really turning their back,towards Donald Trump,um what does this mean for him first,question and then second question for,the Republican party I think we're going,to see the same the same movie play out,again in 2024 where the people who,oppose him oppose him until they don't,and and I think that there's a,overestimated degree of of rejection of,trump and how long it will last because,we've seen this all before you know we,had plenty of people who came out on,January 7th like Mitch McConnell Lindsey,Graham Marco Rubio and they said Donald,Trump is unacceptable he must go and,then they wouldn't impeach him,and then they've all said Simpson,they'll vote for him again this is not a,simple,um this is not a simple path for,for the Republicans but it is one that,is entirely predictable,so you think,um they will just kind of falling back,in the old kind of habit to support him,again let's say in a year's time or so I,do I do I think they're going to fall,back,um because the the bitter reality for,all of them is very simple,the base of the Republican Party,knows Donald Trump they still like,Donald Trump and it doesn't matter if,that base is smaller than it used to be,it used to be 85 percent of the,Republican party but if Donald Trump is,running for office and he goes to Iowa,or New Hampshire or South Carolina in,the beginning of the campaign,and 15 of Republicans stick with him,he's going to win all those races he,will win the primary they will all come,home,um they will all come back to him,because they're afraid of the base they,know at some point if they oppose him,that the base will turn on them and they,will get a primary from a Maga candidate,and they will lose is there anybody who,could change this game like you just,name some descendants Jenkins what are,they going to do these are not talented,people,and and Trump for all his flaws and,evils has a kind of feral political,cunning he has a kind of,um animal sense of weakness and of,Showmanship that that he'll bring to,bear against Ron DeSantis or Glenn,younken or whomever it is,not really uh I disagree with that,because I'm a guy who's been in Florida,politics since I was a kid in 1988 was,my first big campaign here and,Florida has the best Republican Party in,the country,Ron DeSantis had an unlimited amount of,money,he had the best party in the coun

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Kevin McCarthy Is ‘The Weakest Speaker In History’ Says Rick Wilson | The Katie Phang Show

Kevin McCarthy Is ‘The Weakest Speaker In History’ Says Rick Wilson | The Katie Phang Show

so joining me now is Republican,strategist and the co-founder of the,Lincoln project and my friend Rick,Wilson Rick look after that,disappointing midterm result you know,some Republicans are publicly signaling,that they are ready to move on from,Donald Trump but really well that,Newfound courage stick or is that 30,percent Trump base still too terrifying,to the GOP to ultimately cross the,Donald,you know Katie we've got a lot of,examples in the Republican party of what,I call profiles and chicken you know,what uh in the last six seven years what,is going to happen with these guys,they're going to all say I we move on,from Trump it's time to do something,different we've got to get him in the,past and when he starts winning,primaries because he controls 15 20 25,30 of the Republican base,every single one of them including the,guys at National Review who by the way,wrote a wrote did a similar thing back,in 2015 and said no to Trump you know,never Trump,then they all bent the knee and they,said well the alternative is communism,therefore we must support him they'll do,the same thing these are cowards of the,highest order every single elected,Republican who over the years has,quietly whispered to a reporter or to a,friend or it may or anybody else I can't,stand him but I'm afraid of the base,they're afraid of the base because,they're insane people they're afraid of,the base because the base is furious all,the time and Ron DeSantis is the hot,flavor right now and everyone in the,donor Community thinks oh you know this,is great he's going to be amazing Ron,DeSantis is Jeb Bush only a foot shorter,Ron DeSantis is not going to be the guy,that comes out there and takes out,Donald Trump he could barely answer a,question from Charlie Chris in a debate,and Charlie is like a three-time loser,in Florida politics this guy is he's got,a glass jaw that all the all the huffing,and puffing about Rhonda Santos I think,is the most overpriced stock in American,politics right now,I mean Rick before we get to the Ron,DeSantis analysis review because I,obviously want to because you and I know,what a Florida man really is let's still,stay on this concept of lack of Courage,and the cowards that seem to exist in,the GOP it really seems like a monkey,paw scenario for Kevin McCarthy it looks,like he's gonna get the speakership he,has always coveted but he has to lead a,majority that's going to basically be,impossible to govern one that's being,pulled between Hardline Maga and the,more moderate Republicans who flipped,competitive seats so how do you predict,a McCarthy speakership playing out,Kevin McCarthy is what I call a Sino,speaker in name only,Marjorie Taylor green runs the,Republican caucus Matt Gates runs the,Republican caucus Andy Biggs Paul gosar,the entire mutant parade Crazy Train,Lunatic Fringe they run the Republican,caucus so no matter how many corporate,Retreats Kevin goes to and says to,wealthy donors yeah it's going to be,business as usual we're going to get,back to tax cuts and deregulation no,they're not Kevin is going to run a long,chain of conspiracy investigations about,Hunter Biden's laptop and Anthony fauci,and every other fantasy they have in,their heads from the demon closet where,all their opponents live and this is a,guy who has such a marginal degree of,control over the crazies they can kill,him off politically anytime they choose,he's the weakest speaker in history,and there's nothing about Kevin,McCarthy's day that's going to improve,by the fact that every minute he has to,look in the rearview mirror and go oh,crap it's Marjorie three toes coming to,wreck my day he's going to have to do a,million things he hates he's gonna have,to do a million things that that will,make it less likely to get to accomplish,anything that's meaningful politically,they'll pass some messaging bills but,let me tell you a billion hours of,investigating Hunter Biden's laptop,um is not going to lower gas prices it's,not going to lower inflation it's not,going to make crime that's a problem all,the things they campaigned on were were,things they knew would move voters but,the things they're going to govern on,are the things that move the lunatics,and the nut cases and The Fringe and the,and the and the mutant parade,you know Rick I'd be remiss to not ask,you about Florida our state it was one,of the few states where it looks like a,Red Wave did happen let's talk about,South Florida and specifically,Miami-Dade County it flipped red for a,gubernatorial candidate in Ron DeSantis,for the first time in two decades but,just four years ago in 2018 DeSantis,lost that County by almost 20 points you,know Florida Politics as well as anyone,what is happening in this state,I'm going to run it down with three,simple answers money money and money the,Democratic Party from Florida does not,have any money they are broke they are,incompetent they need to be burned to,the ground and rebuilt from scratch that,is a party that cannot organize a,two-car mot

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