twitter reaction memes

stan twitter reaction videosoh hi thanks for checking in i'm still a,piece of garbage,i'd rather fle

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Updated on Jan 16,2023

stan twitter reaction videos

oh hi thanks for checking in i'm still a,piece of garbage,i'd rather flee the ,oh country gosh help me help me help me,help me,oh my gosh oh my gosh flop,girl you have done it again constantly,lowering the bar for us,all and doing it flawlessly i'd say i'm,surprised,but i know who you are i've seen it up,close and personal,girl you make me so ashamed,cut the cameras data,um,um ciao anyway so,what the is going on in here on,this day i'm out of here,period you cannot be for real,oh my god you're for real no you for,fake,no you for real,you lying you're gonna have to laugh,but wow what a moment i will never,forget,i am so powerful my mind oh it amazes me,sometimes,oh full amount right off the top,it doesn't take much that's the warmest,part right here,i'm going to invert the spoon,cover all 9 000 taste bud,aerate it warm it up driving up,that top dope that cream pure vanilla,sweeteners,that's a 10.,that's a lot of damage how about a,little more oh that's a lot of damage,come here for a second let me smack you,across the face the the ,the ,diabetes hurricane katrina,more like hurricane tortilla all around,me,are familiar faces,stop it get some help,get the about that damn dog lock,that up lock it up,come with something new,do something different,you

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Stan Twitter Memes and Floptok Videos V2 | Reaction

Stan Twitter Memes and Floptok Videos V2 | Reaction

about to react to another video by,period sis this is a flop era Tick Tock,compilation uh y'all really like the,other flop talk uh video com from them,so we're gonna see how this one is let's,watch so I have a problem with you so as,soon as they use,period period,how are you doing,they it up though,that was everything,can I smell your armpit sure,good,I just got this,that is hilarious because every time,it's like Millie don't like dipping,I saw this already on the other video,all right,now these times,you know,the curls that's the strength that it,takes to keep the grind stop period,honor my client was simply in their,villain era and I asked the honorable,jury who Among Us can say it wasn't,low-key serving,but since my clients arrest they have,now entered their flop era and therefore,clearly pose no greater threat to,society,how many genders are there I think those,are Courtney I don't know when people,are stupid,when people do this whole gen Z and,Court videos I've just seen it done so,many times that it's just not funny in,my opinion,oh I just got it now you just got here,oh Earth ,dream oh what the was that,what Aaron here,uh hello Keisha here,um Asher,oh hair,I'm just downstairs,I bought some skates and I'll never,use them,wow,sir,no no no sir,absolutely not wait are y'all the same,person,they're repeating a lot of the same,so I've done my research on your company,and I really like how much you guys, pay a lot of money,Miami,okay that's that's not I know what's,wrong with it ain't got no gas tanks,thank you,out,why would you say that,um,this one was in the last video too or,maybe I'm thinking of another,compilation I don't know Charles,I just don't watch too many of these,but I feel like it was their compilation,well my mama doesn't get some ,tonight watch this,say something,oh my God,if y'all haven't seen that Millie Bobby,Brown video that I already said you guys,watch,oh no,come on girl,I just wanted to create a track name my,opinion and when people see me in public,they'll be like,oh,hook,you can cook,so that's right,it's just like they can't catch me cute,sexy in my rights,who got my voodoo doll and which one of,y'all is gonna finger her y'all need to,do it right now hurry up five four three,two one go,um,this looks so random they did,use a few that they use in the other,video though I will say that but most of,these were new so I'll give them a pass,that one little girl though that,pronounced it as instead of cook,that reminded me of Raven elise's,daughter I was on her Instagram one day,randomly and I thought,to show that her daughter had uh made,her own cookbook but she spelled it my,cockbook and I was like what and then,she told her like oh this is supposed to,be an oh but I guess her daughter,thought that she's supposed to add,another o and then she thought she fixed,it it was like oh look and it said my, book with an extra Oh I thought,that she was hilarious but anyway this,is a good video though y'all let me know,what y'all thought let me know what,other videos we'll be watching I'll see,on the next one

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Reaction videos out of context |Stan Twitter Memes

Reaction videos out of context |Stan Twitter Memes

let me pretend i care,okay i'm done,first reaction shock shock because,um this is how i press it,ah what the oh,out of pocket for that way out of,pocket,what do you gain from that,like we know what they sound like,yourself,what the what the stop playing,what the is that where what the,please try again later,you heard about it,and i'm honestly just so proud i can't,like i'm so proud of myself,that's it i'm done y'all won't be,hearing no more from me i'm out,nobody gives a oh nobody gives a,well i had a really great time,drink water and mind your business,drink water and mind your words your,business,i have used up every bit of my patience,i,have used up every bit of ,self-control,what the is wrong with you my god,what is that,oh my god what is that,like i'm fed the up like literally,literally i can't take this no more,no more

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Stan Twitter Memes and Floptok videos I Stole (Part 4) | Reaction

Stan Twitter Memes and Floptok videos I Stole (Part 4) | Reaction

this is four minutes of staying Twitter,and flop talk videos I stole uh so yeah,let's see how this one is let's watch,oh no,don't be afraid to hit that block button,nobody asked,foreign,yeah,no,oh my God,no no no no no lying that's right,there's only one making a stallion what,is this from,what,oh yeah,okay she's huge but she's so beautiful,she's a Mammon of course,here,I don't know Nikita,I don't know what I underwater,oh no not her again,we left her in uh in the summertime,um,community,I tried to change I heard you say these, are my sons that's because they,are what my sons,does that make me one of your sons,and can I call you Daddy Minaj,inspires me fearlessness Drive I hate,lazy people Bob stay in school don't you,ever be lazy don't you ever complain,about hard work hard,pencils,yeah it's pretty wild,I will kill for you making this,challenge,I'm gonna tell you your future with the,room no thanks,I choose my own destiny,that was a real commercial,all right girl this was uh chaotic for,sure I feel like a few of their other,ones were a bit better but you know,overall it had that crackhead flop talk,energy uh y'all let me know what y'all,thought though let me know what other,videos I'm gonna watch and I'll see you,on the next time

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Best of Stan Twitter 2021 REACTION

Best of Stan Twitter 2021 REACTION

hello everybody welcome back to our,channel my name is throughout and my,name is brendan,and today we are checking out best of,stan twitter 2021 and this is by,the fab teacher i'm definitely,interested to check this out stan so,that it's hilarious um great,great great memes um i'm not even really,on twitter so just lies,but i do know like the memes from,stan twitter and black twitter are the,best,anyway um let's get right into this,video let's watch,ladies and gentlemen,like we've been through it and you, baby girl you made it,congratulations girl okay,and i finally finally gave you the,vision,it's,socks and it is ridiculously,embarrassing to admit this but,i think i have to and that is that i am,desperate,hi what hey it's louisa,rodrigo you guys i can't wait to see all,them you guys know i love driver's,license,plug she sent a box of tissues,yes i do,i listen to it all the time,not normal,always be exposing on kim,i'm saying some on there about this,eminem,yeah on twitter,i don't know why the green eminem isn't,on,her and who everybody been fans of her,since the beginning because clearly,something was not working oh my god,mommy,mommy sorry mommy,hello,baby give it up,i feel like i have to start by asking,are you sure that you're not ariana,grande wait a minute hold on girl i mean,who doesn't love elton john i'm gonna be,shaking when i'm watching him because,he's a legend and,i'm honored to even be in the same room,him i mean it's favorite elton johnson,oh man okay um oh god you know what,i think all of them all of that you,ain't no,fangirl okay,where i used to be,oh,so this is one of my fav,okay,okay,now,what is happening,girl you are not looking at that word,you are having a seizure,britney we love you but what the ,i mean i,it just seemed super surreal everything,was,um,next level,colors i loved it i loved all the plants,never had,that beer,but i um,i like beer i like most that is a person,oh my god,these girls can't see me like the yucky,some of these,honestly,i will be just okay if i never heard,um,in the guest room because my kids,i'm sounding,mm-hmm,tammy,if you can communicate this product you,can make money off the product,cause look at gaga she's the creative,director of polaroid i like summer guy,got music i like some of the guy got,songs but what the ,this is so funny,what,what,what hold up hold up wait a minute wow,she's a really entertaining youtuber if,you don't watch her i definitely,recommend she does a lot of music,reactions,it's um aj,i just really i gotta tell you i was in,cvs,in south beach and montana has a whole,section,in cvs of stuff,and i don't care what anyone says about,this girl that is amazing,she says her face on a lip gloss it's a,good look can you guys please stop,calling me look i can't get back to my,settings,what the is this this is a barbie,movie it has to be a barbie movie,oh my gosh that mischievous inquiring,twins,okay,girl emma eat a girl she's so danger man,oh god that's the end of it i think um,listen this video was a nice little stan,um twitter video lesson like i said,before,what i got some very entertaining videos,there were some that were still on here,that i would have picked um but now i'm,thinking about a lot of ones that i've,seen um or ones that have resurfaced,throughout the years um there are some,that that are still resurfaced the ones,they still use a lot um but i still um,enjoy staying twitter um,it's pretty it's very hard it's also,gonna be very um,a tad bit a little toxic at times um,based on y'all,based on your theories that y'all be,having about people like um,sia and beyonce basement it's a whole,thread it's a whole,like thread of years in the making of,this i'm gonna go get was um yeah,it was good i mean i'm like i know that,we have a twitter account and that's,literally as much as i'm ever on twitter,so,um i don't i'm not like deep in any,twitter space but i have seen like some,of these because i think like it spreads,to like all reaches of the internet so,um they were really funny very,entertaining,uh it was great i was entertained yeah,um anyway that's all for this reaction,if you like the videos make sure you,give it a thumbs up make sure you also,hit that subscribe button and go ahead,and comment down below,what you thought,make sure to follow us on our social,medias instagram twitter and tick tock,and follow,our channels and yeah twitches and all,that jazz um but that's all for this,reaction and we're out bye,you

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STAN Twitter Memes | Reaction

STAN Twitter Memes | Reaction

hello what's up y'all what's poppin this,dude boss back to this video by alicia,this is stan twitter memes um so pretty,sure these are gonna be memes that are,exchanged amongst people who tweet often,i don't have a twitter so i'm completely,out of the loop i won't recognize these,at all i'm sure or maybe you know they,will be memes that have been in like,compilations and would not so maybe i,will recognize some of them i'm not sure,um but i'm pretty sure this is like an,inside joke type of situation but maybe,i'll still find it entertaining who,knows as well,she's just funny,i've seen a couple of her videos and i,was like she she's how are you doing,today jasmine,oh this is from kevin,but you did this for what why not,why why not,why though we are going to pretend we,didn't hear that,i've seen that a lot don't come no ma'am,no ma'am,no,this man,quite a damn minute,wait a day a minute,to say it i hope i don't sound,ridiculous i don't know who this man is,i mean he could be walking down the,street i wouldn't,i wouldn't know a thing sorry to this,man thank you,hey,hey,but that is okay damn just be who you,are,where's the news in the media,it's what she deserves,oh my god,what's happening with okay um,the flavor,oh my god it's so real like,it's so sweet what does that mean,that doesn't make no sense,another day,talented brilliant incredible amazing,show-stopping spectacular never the same,totally unique completely not ever been,done before unafraid to reference or not,reference put it in a blender on it,vomit on it eat it give birth to it,not even her music but her i like her,don't be shy put some more,put some more,come on don't be shy put some more oh a,lot of people will be scared here a lot,of people will be scared and i'll name,them,oh finally you're here you got,um,like forget about here,oh okay,what the hell,that noise is just ugly and i don't want,to hear it,i don't like it,it's giving nails on the chalkboard,when you get your damn mind you call me,oh,what's not clicking what's not clicking,here,when,okay,oh my god,hello how are you i'm under the water,please help me get too much reading,oh my god,oh my god he on x games,and i'm glad,you should never call me a fan,and who who is this,and what's happening,and she is crying laughing at this is,she hot,damn i said it again,but no she really seemed high this is,something that i would laugh,oh i'm gonna do that,either that's how i am,my bad i'm sorry,okay,okay,myself and i've always wanted that and,i've been,crazy because,lock that up lock it up come with,something new,do something different,looking at me like this,girl what was that,let's go,i cannot believe this is happening i'm,literally about to kill myself,and i'm not kidding you're gonna ,fix this right now,i literally i'm gonna die i need an,ambulance,oh my god,okay i knew a lot of these i saw quite a,few of these from like random,compilations that i've reacted to um,they you know of course include a lot of,memes but i had no idea that they were,getting them from twitter but twitter,started you know all these memes it,appears so that that's what's up twitter,be you know coming up with all the funny, and i'm glad that it gets you know,spilled over onto instagram and youtube,so i can see it cause otherwise i would,never see it because i'm just not i'm,not into twitter i can't get into it i,don't understand the appeal but sure,y'all let me know what y'all thought,though let me know what other videos,you're gonna watch and i'll see you on,the next one,you

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HasanAbi and Austin reacts to "I love twitter" | Twitter currently and memes

HasanAbi and Austin reacts to "I love twitter" | Twitter currently and memes

you have a debut in this video everyone,keeps posting this,holy is it 9k uh 9k likes goddamn,priority and replies mentioned surge,percentage of the disease man why can't,I change my name how do I change all the, you along,thank you,U.S department of breast Services they,handle enforcement we handle the regular,Regulatory Compliance of chess-based,Affairs only,we also work with a paranormal,investigation Bureau,I got 95 Theses but this ain't it,Chief Martin Luther Pope John Paul the,first interesting that none of you were,talking about how I was murdered by the,mafia and Vatican Bank maybe Google,gladio and open your third eye my,brothers in Christ this is unseemly and,so is the sin of Scandal please stop,wait is that actually him,what the ,wait is that actually wait how isn't it,pontifex wait what no it's not him,there's no way no pontifex is the actual,Pope dude,it's a fake tweet,how did they do that did he get ,trolled like what,wait go to no shot they they inspect,elemented it right like there's no, way that he actually did that,ponteflex or pontifex no it says,pontifex right here that's his real ad, get the out of here I'm in,France popping bottles getting Flex,I love it every minute,they had to have Photoshopped it which,is unfair to do I think in this,situation,they inspect elemented it,that's one of your,s,you gave me,Tony Blair,I love when he just like I'm not owned,I'm not owned LOL that's really funny,starting today we'll begin offering,Twitter gold the free subscription that,gets you yearly family vacations and,nightly dinners with me if your name is,Grimes please come back I love you,foreign,that is awesome that's fire Little Bear,uh this actually is a great segue into,our next conversation next topic of,conversation Twitter imploding,let's take a look at friend of the show,lol overruled and his uh synopsis or his,uh summarization of the accounts that or,or what happened so far Twitter's,collapse in 60 seconds and it's,hilarious by the way October 26 Elon,walks into Twitter's HQ as the new owner,October 27th Elon fires a number of,c-suite Executives tries to do so for,cause so he doesn't have to pay out,their massive bonuses he will fail at,doing this October 28th in a meeting,with Adrian declares that he wants to,fire a ton of the staff and do it before,the November first retention bonuses,also is worried that some of the people,at Twitter aren't real workers then,declares comedy is now legal on Twitter,November 1st announces a subscription,plan eight dollars a month to pay for,verification but there will be an,official badge next to actual public,figure so you can tell the difference,creates obvious problems for advertisers,and also allows Elon to be bullied in a,way never before witnessed in human,history November 4th reduces Twitter's,Workforce by 50 percent immediately one,one thing that he basically missed here,though after saying comedy is now legal,on Twitter people of course did exactly,exactly what they would do on Twitter,and started absolutely destroying Elon,Musk right other than the Tesla account,and one of the things that was uh super,common plays was people making fake Elon,accounts talking about how my wife left,me Grimes I love you or a friend of the,show Ethan Klein my co-host of the,leftovers podcast making a sequence of,funny ass uh tweets about how uh you,know Elon Musk is best friends with,Jeffrey Epstein Elon immediately turned,around and decided this is my platform,this is my ball only I get to play with,it you guys yeeded so many ,impersonation accounts uh he first,claimed it was going to be you know if,you clearly state that it's parody we,won't ban you and then he just banned,people that stated it was parody anyway,and now no a lot of people are taking,advantage of the verification process,the pay to play verification process in,the exact same way that we told,you was going to happen why do you think,for the past month I've been saying if,he does this this shit's gonna suck dick,this is going to destroy the,platform it's going to be awful for the,platform it's gonna be awful for the,platform why do you think I kept saying,it and everyone was like Hassan it's,because you're jealous other people will,be able to buy the Twitter blue,verification that you hold on to and I,literally told you I don't give a ,about the verification and I also know,how human beings work that there was,always going to be a secondary,verification process to basically,signify that someone didn't just buy the,badge but were given the badge because,they're a public figure and I was right,on that too there's and also allows Elon,to be bullied in a way never before,witnessed in human history November 4th,reduces Twitter's Workforce by 50,immediately asked some of the employees,to return when they realize they can't,run the website without them changes to,policy on parity accounts November 6th,comedy is no longer legal company,meeting November 10th says the company,is near bankruptcy the story of,Twi

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Stan Twitter: Ultimate compilation 2021 | Reaction

Stan Twitter: Ultimate compilation 2021 | Reaction

how's it going popping this dude,mother excuse me skinny things this is,stan twitter ultimate compilation 2021,um i attempted to make this video but um,i went on a tangent i'm gonna upload,that separately anyway uh yeah we're,gonna see this ultimate comp let's watch,what,that,ladies and gentlemen her,she looked good,now wendy,wow,who is this,they could have kept that why did they,release this as an episode,that was that was tragic,oh my god,what is that,stop,that clip was so funny because i've,literally done that same exact thing,many many times like,like everything she said i've said it,it's just so relatable,ain't no way to be serious,no,we are going to pretend we didn't hear,that,deadly tints on bendy prince,laura bancroft,let's focus on what we need to focus,right now i thought it was so energy you,need to get your music done,you don't need to worry about you don't,need to worry about them people you get,your work done on time i will make sure,that you get your brother oh you're,gonna make sure nothing shut up that's,what i'm here for that's right,all right,hello,untalented,to kill somebody,that's such a waste,where's the flavor where's the flavor in,this,i don't taste anything i don't taste,sugar,cinnamon nutmeg milk nothing,nothing at all it's just black truffle i,know my property you know which my yard,daddy chill,what the hell is even that,i think you're fat yeah it's just my,opinion,i'm not bullying you i'm just giving you,a man i think you're ugly i think you're,fat i think you're stupid i'm a dumbass,oh,where i used to be,so this is one of my favorite you see he,never not being gay for five seconds i'm,just like can you not be gay for five,minutes,for too many times too long,lock that up lock it up come with,something new,do something different oh shout,out to everybody with social anxiety i,kind of feel sorry for you,yeah yeah,talented brilliant incredible,amazing show-stopping spectacular never,the same totally unique completely not,ever been done before unafraid to,reference or not reference put it in a,blender on it vomit on it eat it,give birth to it and apple i love,gargano,i was like damn look what you're doing,out here with all this ass,double cheeked up oh no i saw him at uh,chocolate sundaes in la unla you know,what that is comedy show all black,people,he's hilarious as like he's,actually funny his stand up was jokes,and he was high i could tell he said,he's hot but he's really funny thursday,afternoon,that was scary my heart's going,pizza party pizza patch i feel sick like,i could throw up look at my lips why,would it be red like that really girl,anyway there was a hurricane in full,swings but lucky my house doesn't have,treat,like y'all,stop,kids be acting like that guy hey you are,six years old nobody's hating on you on,the playground what are you,talking about,you are a child,you got haters hey,what you ain't even making sense that's,weird you are a child,i see that too much,that is amazing wow oh my god,the flavor,oh my god it's so real like,wait a damn minute,damn,really want hello,what is this,don't don't don't,don't do it,don't do it,oh my god imagine someone sitting home,mumbling and cackling instead of playing,pain ain't bills,okay without mumbling and cackling,gaston and group text messages,now hold on,that statement is hilarious,am i gonna collab with peppa pig,now,big boobs,what,um shall anyway so,leave this lady alone,she's trying to walk her goddamn dog,you,that noticed not cool i hope that dog,attack your ass,leave her alone,girl that is embarrassing she's got a,point she's an icon she's a legend and,she is the moment,now come on now,what was she laughing at,me,but i'm i,i,what oh,okay how dare you mr spears you had me,fooled,and you too mrs spears,to all of them,hi guys,yes i did that and you would do it too,much hey i was an employee and i was,going to get employee out of the month,and i'm not going to yet,i hate to say it i hope i don't sound,ridiculous i don't know who this man is,i wouldn't know a thing,i'm stuttering,well,i'm still appalled that she thought,baby what you want to do,she just appears to be just a little bit,catch up to me,a little bit ghetto you know a little,bit hood,how are you doing today jasmine nene act,like she ain't good that is so confusing,that she thinks she's so classy and,so proper girl you get up,it's okay,but you did this for what why not,why why not,why though,i'm not saying that she cannot take a,break,but she took a broken,you don't tell me what to do i can tell,you what do not tell me,saturday last second she,she's been like saying all this stuff to,me she's like i'm gonna break your legs,and all this stuff break a leg is is,something that somebody says to wish you,good luck,break a leg,how about i break your legs break the,leg down what is your side of me,i said break a leg i don't want to break,the land i'm going to get the part,that's what i'm going to do,okay,scooby shaggy oh my god daphne frederick,oh my god my streaming oh whe

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